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New things

from WoollyBudgie

A mum to two young boys loves knitting and crocheting. Her blog is a little glimpse into her life and makes.

Make Time

Tah-Dah: Nose Item Removal

from Make Time

A working mother of two who's not naturally crafty shares her ideas for creative activities with children. Expect cooking, sticking, painting, and occasional weeping.

let's go make

An Aboriginal Style Painting

from Let's Go Make

Twitter: @letsgomake

A blog full of creative activities for kids to make and do. Lots of ideas, video clips and templates.


The Gallery…sky

from Chez Spud

Twitter: @spudballoo

A blog by the mother of two small boys who's interested in parenting, photography and crochet. This blogger lives in the country - take a peek at the huge restoration project of her new home.


Shorts, kites and trains

from Rubies and Tigers

Twitter: @rubiesandtigers

A blog about sewing, quilting and crafting interspersed with family life.


Posting Buttons

from Mummykins

Twitter: @mummykins82

A mother and former teacher turns her hand to living green and knitting.

Geeky Sweetheart

Fixing a Broken Thread on a Woven Wrap - Photo Tutorial!

from Geeky Sweetheart

Twitter: @GeekySweetheart

A blog about sewing, upcycling, embroidery and geek culture by a first-time mum with a young baby. Crafts, tips, tutorials and how-tos come thick and fast on this blogger's site.

mom not mum

Ain't no cure for the summertime blues?

from Mom Not Mum

Twitter: @NeumsyPeddie

Expat American SAHM of twins plus a bonus kid, blogging about life, the pursuit of crafts, good food, vintage, self-awareness and having depth in a shallow world.

Activity Tree

Banana muffins

from Activity Tree

This blogger's writing a new activity every day which readers can do with their little ones.



from Cloudy with A Chance of Crochet

Twitter: @catemelia

This mum of three loves crocheting. So knit as your life depends on it, and drop by.