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Down The Slug Pub and Low Impact Test Dyeing

from The Knitting Genie

I blog about crafts, genealogy, feminism and the history of women and textiles.


Beaded Net Curtains - yes, really!

from Redclover_crochet

lots of crochet stuff and free patterns


Mild tofu curry

from Stitches and tale

Blog about being a new mother, Textiles and life in North London.


Sleepless in Salford

from At home with the joneses

Twitter: @Raynejones

Crafts, cooking and creativity with two kids in tow

Skull Mad Mama

Where to shop, eat & dance in Bath!!

from Skull Mad Mama

Twitter: @skullmadmama

Married blogger mum of 2 posting about products, life and everything inbetween.

Kooky Home

The Jurassic Coast

from Kooky Home

Twitter: @kookyhome

Sharing little bits of craziness - recipes, life hacks, crafts and fun.


Spring has sprung

from Dannythegingercat

A place for crochet, colour and mindfulness...


Kiwi (& Lime) Sorbet - Waitrose Spring Harvest 2015

from Mezzamay

Crafting, knitting, crochet, cooking... All the things I like doing


Blogtacular Meets Me

from The Dare Project

Twitter: @daresie

A light hearted and candy-coloured blog about a Texan mom and English dad raising two little boys in Ireland.


Wimpole lambing 2015

from Crazy Cambridge Mum

Drop by for recipes, crafts and child-friendly tips on Cambridge and beyond.