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from Kate's Creatives Space

A blog about all things creative, packed with projects, tutorials and inspiration


Welsh childrens chocolate cake

from Crafty souls together

A home educator of 4, living on a small holding in Wales, a passion for nature and crafting.

Buttons and paint

Tips, Tools & Techniques - Homemade Sugar Scrub

from buttons and paint

Twitter: @buttonsandpaint

Two friends from Reading blog about all the crafty things they love! Sharing the things they make and what inspires them, as well as supporting local handmade products.

lucy blossom

Why you won't see Frozen or other licenced characters in my shop.

from Lucy Blossom Crafts

A weekly blog about crafting, creating and living with a toddler.

julie rose

Recipe: Spiced Christmas cookies

from Julie Rose

Twitter: @julierosestitch

This party-mad mum of two shares tips, ideas and free printables for inspirational children's parties.

Made By Tamsin

Spicy Ginger Chocolate Brownies

from Made by Tamsin

Twitter: @madebytamsin

Tamsin's adventures with a sewing machine. She's a stitcher, knitter, and general fiddler-abouter with crafty stuff...


Becoming a new parent...

from Little Flea blog

Little Flea is a curated selection of beautiful brands for children. The Little Flea blog showcases fashion, interiors, toys, parties etc.


Will try and type this diary out – Words of wisdom 1989

from darktea

Twitter: @katedavis

Topics include parenting, productivity at home and work, capturing memories through journalling and scrapbooking and house renovation.

Honey Plate

Perfect Strangers Project: Oh Comely Magazine and Me

from Honey Plate

Twitter: @HelenEmmaOvery

A blog for sweet, savoury and miscellaneous joys. Pottering, occasionally wallowing, in cookery and lifestyle goodness.


Quick and Easy Washi Tape Advent Calendar

from Let's Do Something Crafty

Every morning my little girl asks if we can 'do something crafty'. This is what we do!