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Jojo Moyes

Me Before You film trailer and poster revealed

from Jojo Moyes

Blog from the author of Sheltering Rain, Foreign Fruit, The Last Letter From Your Lover and Me Before You.

A Life More Ordinary

Baby Broadway

from A Life More Ordinary

Twitter: @HelenLChandler

Reflections on this blogger's life as a SAHM and soon-to-be-published novelist.


A Life After Bullying. Silencing the Dominant Voice.

from Katie M. John: Dark Fairy Tales and Horror

Twitter: @KnightTrilogy

Writer of Young Adult / Teen fiction


Garden plans

from Bakes, Books & My Boys

Site full of lifestyle articles, how to's and great recipes!

Carys Bray

Win a copy of Sweet Home

from Carys Bray

Twitter: @carysbray

Short story writer Carys Bray blogs about reading, writing and raising four children.


TGI February ...

from just saying ...

About: colour and quirkiness, history, baking and books, a little boy and his dog, art, places to go, things to see, and historic pubs.


Cheese Scones from The Trouble with Goats & Sheep

from Helen Redfern

Writing about my love for food in fiction, books, baking and the countryside.


Sub piano strop – Wicked Wednesday 3 February 2016

from This Price is Usually Right

Random ramblings of a Mum of 4, wife of 1 and boss of many. Brummie Mummy not yummy Mummy.


Superfairies: A Guest Post by Janey Louise Jones

from Minerva

I am a children's book specialist (editor and writer) and I review and recommend books for children (aged between 5-13yrs).


Emotional Statistics

from Lemons, Honey, Vinegar

A few bits of life, cooking, art, reading, and general mulling over os stuff.