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stroppy author

Grim and gruel

from Stroppy Author's Guide to Publishing

Twitter: @annerooney

Everything related to children's books and publishing. For anyone who wants to write for children (or others), and also useful to people who read or buy children's books - parents, guardians, librari...


Pruning bookshelves – is it possible?

from Bookstoker

In need of a good read? Bookstoker will recommend the best fiction, non-fiction and children's books out there.


Cover Story

from Emma Bennet

This blog is part of my author website and details what I'm getting up to!


Mouseguard: Fall 1152

from New readers...start here!

Introducing people to comics: superheroes, manga, kid friendly, horror, crime, steampunk and more.


Review + Giveaway for Promo blitz: The Rest of My Life by Sheryl Browne

from Brook Cottage Books

A brand new book blog with fantastic reviews, comps and author interviews.


A Ghostly Tale for a 'there was a bit of snow' week

from storyshack

Twitter: @Storyshacker

A blog all about lovely CHILDREN's books. Recommended reads, topical bits and bobs and book making to help release your imagination .


The Minimum Stress Practical Guide to coping in a medical emergency

from VirtuallyAllSorts

Virtually All Sorts of thoughts on writing and parenting. With plenty of positivity thrown in for good measure. Home of #TheZenZing .


Natural medicine – standing the test of time

from Justjulias

Personal development, inspiration, travel, theatre and random thoughts


This Past Week 5/52

from Smeethsaysfashion

Smeethsaysfashion does more than it's name suggests! We cover many topics; fashion, beauty, books, food, fitness, technology and more. There are reviews, information posts and some pleasant rambling...

Tara Hanks

Born On This Day: Monta Bell 1891-1958

from Tara Hanks

Twitter: @tarahanks

Tara's a writer who has published two books. She writes about books, culture, and Marilyn.