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not big in japan

off your face(book): what not to do when you're drunk on social media

from Not Big in Japan

A clever, quick blog that's bursting with pop culture, entertainment and humour with a brain.

viola in case

Music exams: just for kids?

from Reopening The Case

Twitter: @thecasereopened

What it's like to come back to music as an adult: musings, motivation and practical information about learning to play an instrument.

just before bed

20 Powerful Openings in Black Literature

from Just Before Bed

Twitter: @TheShadyFiles

A blog bursting with book reviews for people who read in colour.


All My Own Work

from Mynd And Mist

Twitter: @Ninth_Wave

This blog is a place to catalogue and detail love of British folklore and Mythology, from a non-academic point of view, in the hope of creating a resource that will be useful and interesting for...


Life in the Bus Lane

from How To Be a Happy Housewife

Twitter: @MaeveBradbury

With her trademark wit and irreverent humour, author and mother of five, Maeve Bradbury, chronicles everywoman's battle to assert dominion over her house, her family, her career and her spreading...


Big Book Little Book has moved!

from Big Book Little Book

Twitter: @BBookLBook

A book blog dedicated to the big books we enjoy as adults and the little books we share wih our children...

sugar tails


from Sugar, Spice and Puppydog Tails?

Twitter: @lisa_b79

The life of a wife and mum of two young ones who likes to read, cook, and generally have fun with her family.


Friday 29th June

from Luce Cannon

Twitter: @lucecannon

A blog about television, the media and daily life by a well-established journalist mum living in Somerset.

ariel aural

Here Again!

from Ariel Aural

This blogger's using her blog to rant and let off steam about the stuff that gets her goat - hopefully she'll save her relationships and Facebook friends that way.


Are we nearly there yet?

from Mills & Boon Wannabe

The day-to-day creative journey of a stay-at-home dad writing a romance novel with his sister and wondering if he can possibly take it seriously.