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Friday 29th June

from Luce Cannon

Twitter: @lucecannon

A blog about television, the media and daily life by a well-established journalist mum living in Somerset.

ariel aural

Here Again!

from Ariel Aural

This blogger's using her blog to rant and let off steam about the stuff that gets her goat - hopefully she'll save her relationships and Facebook friends that way.


Are we nearly there yet?

from Mills & Boon Wannabe

The day-to-day creative journey of a stay-at-home dad writing a romance novel with his sister and wondering if he can possibly take it seriously.


Review: Harry Potter Studio Tour

from 40 Not So Single

A former corporate lawyer finds herself 40, married with three kids and a stay-at-home mum. Whatever happened to her Gucci handbag and Prada high heels?


How to get my new blog emailed to you...

from Juggle Juggle Toil and Trouble

Twitter: @mandajjennings

A writer with her first book out this year blogs about her chaotic live, her three gorgeous girls, and her writing habits. Join her for a muse about life...


Writers Block and Other Stumbling Block Confessions.

from Count Only Sunny Hours

Twitter: @sarahkoblow

This blog is about resilience, how to bounce back even when you're in a foreign country, and thriving not just surviving. This blogger's a writer and has been an expat in America, Bahrain, Qatar,...


I wonder...

from Milly's Blog

Twitter: @MillyAngel5

This blog is full of fiction writing, and the truth about mummyhood with no sugar added...


Me and Meryl Streep

from Kirsty Lang's Arthouse

Twitter: @bbckirstylang

BBC arts broadcaster Kirsty gets paid to go to films, see plays, art exhibitions and read books. This is her diary of the behind-the-scenes stuff that doesn't go on the radio.


The Zen of Being a Football Mum

from Goddess of Small Things

Twitter: @ruthiegledhill

Religion Correspondent of The Times tweeting about being a working mum and a multitude of other things besides!


Am I The Only One Awake?

from The Mother of Reinvention

Twitter: @dianaappleyard

It’s rather hard to stop behaving like a mother, but novelist Diana is taking a deep breath and learning to perfect the art of non-parenting parenting of her daughters aged 23 and 18.