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Multilingual Parenting

Q&A: Is saying something in two languages a good way to teach an additional...

from Multilingual Parenting

Twitter: @RitaRosenback

Advice for parents bringing up bilingual children, stories from multilingual families.


Entry through the Hostile Turnstile - Dismaland Review

from A Slice of Lemon's Cake

Twitter: @lemonfancy

A blog about companies, reviews, books, beauty, life observations, fundraising, competitions, films and fashion.

Savidge Reads

Running A Literary Festival

from Savidge Reads

Twitter: @savidgereads

The chronicles of a book addict.


Book Blitz - Cold Mark by Scarlett Dawn

from Fiona's Book Reviews

A book review blog with books from all genres

dorky mum

September and Spring

from DorkyMum

Twitter: @dorkymum

Join Hertfordshire's DorkyMum and DorkySon as she blogs on parenting, photography and politics.

how to be a writer sally o'reilly

Five tips for autumn writing

from How to Be A Writer

Twitter: @sallyoreilly

Sally's a writer and published author who writes and knows how to sell words. This blog is about how to be a proper writer without going mad. Or being famous already. Or sleeping with everyone in...

Rainy Day Mum

Place Value Leaves: Read and Write

from Rainy Day Mum

Twitter: @rainydaymum

This blog is packed full of ideas to fill your children's rainy days - from crafts to books to activities. Drop in if you're in need of inspiration.

brian keaney profile pic

Planting Trees

from Dreaming in Text

Twitter: @brian_keaney

Children's writer Brian Keaney blogs about being a grandfather and a writer.

Hayley From Home

Feeling Adrift, Fresh Starts and Autumn Heather

from Hayley From Home

Twitter: @hayleyfromhome

My blog is a snapshot of my life as a stay at home mum, my memories and what makes me happy.


Can poetry save your life?

from Advancing poetry

A blog full of inspiration about poets and poetry