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Kate Dunn

Back From the Drink

from Kate Dunn Writer File

Twitter: @katedunnwriter

Hot tips for writing fiction and getting published.


And That's the Truth with Dan Pallotta

from Retro Lovely

This blogger's a school librarian and single mum of three with two cats and a new puppy. She's focusing on vintage fashion and 1940s / 1950s events. She loves rockabilly and cake as well as books.


Important Notice

from prisailurophile

Twitter: @prisailurophile

Random musings of a self-confessed bibliophile

Burning Fiction

Burning Questions: Blackbrooke author, Emma Silver, on Point Horror, role model...

from Burning Page Fiction

Twitter: @burningpage

News, reviews and interviews for the best teen/crossover fiction around.


We've moved!

from lovetoreadtomyclass

Twitter: @PrimaryEnglish

A blog from the Coventry Primary English team of Consultants. Recommending books to read to children, those loved by adults and celebrating authors and illustrators.


Discovering the real Swallowcliffe

from Swallowcliffe: Writing, reading and ramblings

Twitter: @JennieWalters

Published author blogs about favourite books, walks and places, the process of writing, discovering history, and the creative life in general!


Professional trolls and the death of journalism …

from Unemployed Hack

Twitter: @unemployedhack

The memories of a downwardly-mobile journalist. This is a political blog considering unemployment, journalism and the cost of wine and cat food.

La Jongleuse

holiday reading: old and new

from La Jongleuse

Twitter: @lajongleuse

An aspiring children’s author blogs on the myriad faces of procrastination. Dip in for creative writing tips and seat-of-your-pants mothering.

Cultural Tales of Two Cities

Taking a break

from Cultural Tales of Two Cities

Twitter: @juliacoulton

Tales of cultural adventures in Manchester and beyond. Reviews of film, theatre, gigs, books, exhibitions and much more....


Bad cop, moi? Oy vey!

from What's Happened to My Life?

A freelance journalist who was born in the USSR reports back from the cultural divide of Russia-Britain and the stress of parenting. Hop on board for thoughts, ideas and a fascinating ride.