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How To Get Kids Writing Using Frogspawn

from Loony Literature

Twitter: @loonyliterature

Loony's a collective which works to promote creative writing and reading amonst teenagers and adults. Drop by to get your creative juices flowing!


Stage play template for google docs

from Christian Darkin

A Writer of children's books blogging about life, kids, food and writing


Fun Space Facts for Children:  Why is our Galaxy called the Milky Way? And why...

from Top Five Children's Books

My blogs are the top five in children's books. They are split into different categories - by age, by genre -.


Stupid dream #1

from Joanna Bolouri

Personal blog where I write about my books, my child and more!


We're all going on a reading retreat…

from The Book Analyst

Twitter: @BookAnalyst

Cressida's an editorial consultant. In this blog she delves into all aspects of publishing and writing.

ruth jacobs new

How Was The Party?: A Year Living With Alzheimer's – Writer Laura Bridgeman...

from Ruth Jacobs - Writer and Campaigner

Twitter: @RuthFJacobs

Author and human rights campaigner, Ruth Jacobs, interviews writers, musicians, artists and filmmakers as well as fellow human rights activists, advocates and survivors of sexual exploitation and...

Mummy's to do list

My birth stories: The arrival of Little Miss

from Mummy's to do list

Twitter: @Mumstodolist

Fun-loving working mum trying to get things done. Pondering parenthood, sharing stuff I've found useful & getting things off the to do list!


Two Nights Later (a book excerpt)…

from Darci Hawxhurst - writer. speaker. health nut. brain lover.

I write about my daughter's inspiring journey from brain injury to wellness and my story of being the mom that made that happen.


Women Human Rights Defenders – Unsung Heroes

from Liz Fisher-Frank. Writer and Lawyer

Twitter: @lizfisherfrank

A children's rights/family lawyer and author of teen thrillers, I write about law, rights and fiction.


A Warm Welcome to Author Rosalind Minett

from Characterful

Writing in process. Reviews and articles about writing.