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Writing lessons from trekking in the Pyrenees

from Literary Lightbox

Whether you're a reader or writer, if you love books, you'll enjoy Literary Lightbox! Book reviews. Inspiration. Support for writers.


Reflections on Swanwick

from The Girl Behind

Twitter: @girlbehind

Pictures and ponderings on the road to 40.


The Evangelical Writer: Why you need to believe in yourself

from Head Above Water

Twitter: @alisonwells

A mother and writer of novels, short stories and flash fiction. She blogs about writing, creativity, books, short stories and publishing, including self-publishing.


Genre? Striking a new note.

from The Characterful Writer

Twitter: @jrminett

The process and progress of writing. Writing and reviewing.


It's not about anything other than control

from Confirm Status Here

Mother, Feminist, Woman, Music living thirty somethings poetry musings and mild ramblings

A Discount Ticket to Everywhere

Translating in Cambridge:Fun, Food, Friends and all things French

from A Discount Ticket to Everywhere

Twitter: @fwdtranslations

Musings of a freelance translator on reading, rereading, books and translation.


Facing Fear with Fear

from The Reading Mum

An adult's appreciation of the lovely books I come across as I teach my daughter to love reading and books as much as I do.


What's Your Story?

from Extraordinary Character

I provide powerful and practical tips for raising children with extraordinary character.


The journey was worth the wait

from Mummy Loves Books

Book reviews on a variety of genre's and musings of my own on recent releases, tv shows and general mum chat


Write a #BOOKREVIEW in August! A great post from Terry Tyler to encourage us...

from Jenny Worstall

Twitter: @jennyworstall

My blog is about music, teaching, writing and family.I also review books.