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Tealady mumbles

One Wish In Manhatten by Mandy Baggot Book Review

from Tealady Mumbles

Twitter: @emilytealady

First time mum mumbling her way through motherhood

Coffee Bookshelves

What I'm reading this week

from Coffee Bookshelves

A book blog that aims to promote black writers, not just the Booker-shortlisted authors that make national headlines, but the writers who produce the bread and butter books we actually read.

Blethering Boys

Doing it for the kids

from Blethering Boys

Twitter: @Bletheringboys

A parenting blog, focused on family life with my two blethering nonsense-makers. Including craft, cooking and family activities


This Award Winning Artist Is Making Their Debut Art Fair Showing

from Glow Magazine

Twitter: @TheGlowGlow

Arts and culture online 24/7, the inside story from the people who create all art, music, books, photography, films, theatre, festivals, events and things we love


Five Fab NaNoWriMo posts to get you in the groove

from Head Above Water

Twitter: @alisonwells

A mother and writer of novels, short stories and flash fiction. She blogs about writing, creativity, books, short stories and publishing, including self-publishing.


Quote of the Day

from 40again

Twitter: @40again

Follow the adventures of this business owner, wife and mother, who loves food, red wine, chocolate and writing.


Fun Space Facts for Children: Uranus, the Lone Side Spinner

from Top Five Children's Books

My blogs are the top five in children's books. They are split into different categories - by age, by genre -.


So, I Went Vegetarian (And Why I Love It)

from Smange

Twitter: @smange

My rants about life, often including parenting ideas.


Let's Treat Our Children to the Sugar Tax

from The Mummyfesto

Blog of Linda Green, author of ‘The Mummyfesto' and ‘The Resolution'.


7 Building Blocks for Suspense

from Don't tell me the moon is shining...

A blog about writing, by MN author, Wendy Storer. Interviews, book reviews, writing tips, and some super deep(ish) philosophical stuff. :D