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The typewriter revolutionary & National Poetry Month

from Baroque in Hackney

Twitter: @KatyEvansBush

This blogger's a poet and political commentator holed up in Hackney. She's been shortlisted for the Orwell prize and she's raring to go. Read on for some well-written insights into current affairs...


Hugh's Weekly Photo Challenge: Week 20 – Solitude #Photography

from BetweenTheLines

Book reviews, bookish quotes, general ramblings

Mums Write

Play Doh Doctor Drill N Fill:  Decent Play Value, but no Educational Bite

from Mums Write!

Twitter: @MumsWrite

Encouraging parents and fellow travellers to write for and about the children in their lives.


Mermaid Talk #comedy #mermaids #flashfiction

from Blondewritemore

Twitter: @Blondewritemore

A funny blog about a blonde, middle aged, mother of two who sets out on a mission to be a writer


The Baltic

from Book Snob

This London blogger's busting out book reviews for the discerning reader. Dip in to find out about books that are a little off the beaten path, written mainly by women and a while ago.


Slug Needs A Hug

from Monkeys All Say Boo

A blog about bedtime reading with my 2 and a bit year old. We read 3 books a day and I write our opinions on them plus related nonsense.

sally jenkins

Lancashire Authors' Association Open Competition 2016

from The Writing Blog of Sally Jenkins

Sally entertains, informs and promotes discussion among writers.

mango bubbles

How to Capture an Invisible Cat – Paul Tobin. Reviewed by Mango Bubbles Boy (10)

from Mango Bubbles Books

Twitter: @MangoBBZ

A book review site - where all reviews are written by kids. Set up by young Mango Bubbles Boy, with a bit of grown-up help. Follows and contributions very welcome!

Practical Creative Writing

Breaking a leg

from Practical Creative Writing

Practical Creative Writing – packed with tips, information, exercises and a warmhearted welcome to anyone who really wants to write.


Week 1 with #FitBit

from CoffeeCurls

Twitter: @CoffeeCurls

This blogger's writing about family, customer service, books, coffee, charity, cakes and the ups and downs of life in general. She's mum of two who used to be production director of a family magazine.