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A Life More Ordinary

Everyone for what (s)he likes

from A Life More Ordinary

Twitter: @HelenLChandler

Reflections on this blogger's life as a SAHM and soon-to-be-published novelist.


“My husband told me to have sex with other men. Now I'm in love with one of...

from Anna Blundy

Twitter: @annablundy

Anna is currently a columnist for The Economist online and formerly Moscow correspondent for The Times. She is a prolific novelist, author of the Faith Zanetti quintet, The Oligarch's Wife and a...


Guest Blog: Wakefield Lit Fest's Children and Young People Weekend

from Book Events for Children

Twitter: @ChildBookEvents

'Book Events for Children' is all about children's books, reading and book-related events for children across the country.


I've gone over to the dark side

from Don't tell me the moon is shining...

A blog about writing, by MN author, Wendy Storer. Interviews, book reviews, writing tips, and some super deep(ish) philosophical stuff. :D

Serena Trowbridge

Exhibition Review: Swinburne at Balliol

from Culture and Anarchy

Twitter: @serena_t

Cultural things - the things that makes Serena think. Books, art, history, even TV; these are the things she needs to keep her sane!


Fun Palaces – because politics isn't only in Westminster

from Not Writing But Blogging

Twitter: @stellduffy

Writer/director/improviser/performer Stella Duffy doing this instead of writing …


Unsympathetic characterization?

from Characterful

Writing in process. Reviews and articles about writing.


Review of “The Year of the Rat” by Clare Furniss

from hellopipski


Mummy G talks parenting

EYFS weekly activity planner - Goldilocks and the three bears (includes free...

from Mummy G talks parenting

Twitter: @mummygtalks

I blog about parenting issues, activities to do with children, book reviews and family meal ideas.


Deep fried Courgette Flowers

from The Potting Shed

Twitter: @pottingshed1

I will be writing about our trials garden and everything that we are growing in it. As well as gardening shows, events that i have gone too.