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Keeping Abreast

from Sophie Duffy

Twitter: @sophiestenduffy

I blog about my novels, writing, book reviews, teenagers, feminism, popular culture and anything that gets me going.


Are You Making This Media Mistake?

from Extraordinary Character

I provide powerful and practical tips for raising children with extraordinary character.


Finding Railway Land

from The Literary Pig

Twitter: @theliterarypig

A safe haven for all those afflicted with the unbearable urge to write. Covers topics related to writing, publishing and my own development as a newbie writer.


She Who Dares Writes: Waxing Lyrical with Ruby

from She Who Dares Writes

Twitter: @joolsdares

Updates from the adventurous world of the women's outdoor pursuits group - She Who Dares and writing stuff

Keeping Up With The Family

Bloody SATS! Part 2....

from Keeping Up With The Family

Twitter: @oldpoyntz

Working Mummy of two kids, a puppy and a husband.


The Beauty of Home Fitness

from Simply Marina

A Mummy blog about parenting, healthy food, yoga and fitness, books.

Mum's The Word

Here's talkin' to you, kid

from Mum's The Word

Words glorious words – a copywriter's observations, anecdotes and musings scribbled during this latest adventure – becoming a mum...


Lambeth Libraries Letters

from Not Writing But Blogging

Twitter: @stellduffy

Writer/director/improviser/performer Stella Duffy doing this instead of writing …


Review: You by Zoran Drvenkar


Twitter: @plasticrosaries

My main interests include literature, social history, football, languages, food, politics and travel although this list is far from exhaustive and I spend my time flitting between these topics & much...

Sophie is...

Learning (loads) in Lanzarote

from Sophie is...

Twitter: @sophieblovett

A journey of (re)discovery into the brave new worlds of parenting and writing.