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Babies and Pregnancy



If babies could talk, what would they say?

from Life's for inventing, not relenting

Twitter: @anywayupcup

Mandy's blog takes a look at inventing and business with a special focus on baby feeding. She also enjoys sharing anecdotes and tips with other mumpreneurs.

The survival guide for a teenage mother

Things you might need to think about changing – Diet

from The survival guide for a teenage mother

A positive blog of honest, practical and relevant information for young women who find themselves pregnant as teenagers. Based on personal experience.


Looking after our youngest children

from Carolyn Meggitt's Blog

Twitter: @Voyseygirl

A blog by a midwife writing who writes textbooks about issues in child development and health, who's keen on Italian and who loves to travel down the Thames in her little boat Cecilia.

The Bumpologist

Hypnobirthing doesn't reduce labour pain

from The Bumpologist

Twitter: @lindageddes

The science of bump, birth and beyond. Medical journalist and mother to two young children, Linda uses her scientific background to answer everyday questions about pregnancy, birth, and bringing up...

Eggs Over Easy

A reality check...

from Eggs Over Easy

This thirtysomething blogger was diagnosed with Premature Ovarian Failure (POF) last year, which means she and her husband can't undertake IVF. Adventures in adoption and egg donation await...


Controlled Crying: Let's Address the Stress Response

from Life Begins Lactation

Twitter: @LifeBeginsLC

In general about 'normalising birth, bonding & breastfeeding.


Pregnancy Update 29 weeks.

from Bella Clarke

Twitter: @bellaclarkemua

A "day in the life" style blog: sharing reviews, learning curves, opinions on beauty, growing up and more.


Greedy asking for another miracle? Well, so be it...

from Pin Me

This HR professional and mum of one is blogging about leaving Ireland, living with her husband and having fun.

Two under Two

Breaking the night feed habit

from Two Under Two

Twitter: @two_under_2

How to cope with having a newborn and a toddler.


365 photos day 1

from Forest Bump and Beyond

A record of this blogger's thoughts, feelings, experiences and activities through pregnancy and beyond.