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Babies and Pregnancy


Two Mummies Want a Baby

I'm still here

from Two Mummies Want A Baby

Twitter: @itsmekatielou

A blog by a British couple living abroad in Germany, and their ongoing quest to bring a baby into the house. Harder than you might think, since they're both women!


Months 16-18: Running Now!

from Tara's Diary

Tales from a new mum and her baby girl (born in 2011) who live in London. Read on to find out about one mum's life with her baby.


July already?

from Lou's Leaves

This blogger started writing when she was pregnant, but just two days after beginning, her son was stillborn. These are her modern "leaves"; her pages written during my path of healing as...


from Georgie Piggy's Journal

Days in the life of Georgia, aged around 18 months, and known affectionately to her friends and family as "Georgie Piggy".


My sunbeam

from Beanstalks

Musings on life, love, the universe - and trying to become a parent.



from Mum of a Monkey

Twitter: @k8pants

A no-holds barred diary of a first-time mum, whose baby was born in June.

Colicky Baby

Getting to the bottom of your baby's tummy troubles

from Colicky Baby

Twitter: @surviving_colic

Website and blog for parents with colicky babies


The best year of our lives

from The McLean Hall Adventure

This blogger's giving an honest account of ALL the details of her first pregnancy.


Obese Women More Likely To Give Birth Prematurely

from Nurture Antenatal

Twitter: @NuturAntenatal

Nurture Antenatal's blog is to help and advice women and men throughout pregnancy by our team of midwives and nutritionists.

Motherhood and Other Misnomers

There's always something ...

from Motherhood and Other Misnomers

Twitter: @anewmother

This thirtysomething blogger's overwhelmed by her role as a New Mum. Maybe you can relate.