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Babies and Pregnancy



9 Baby Groups and Classes to do in Cardiff (or wherever you are really!)

from Yummy Blogger

30-something, Cardiff-based about to become a first-time mummy (due May 2014)


On Mothers' Day

from The Flickerings

Twitter: @theflickerings

A feminist talking about pregnancy, miscarriage, and trying again.


An Open Letter to Preemie Parents From a Micro Preemie Mom

from From Hope to Joy

I had a micro preemie at 23 weeks last year and now want to give back and share my experiences with others


The day starts in an unlikely vein: by 8am, I'm not only up, but...

from The Sam Binnie Diaries

Twitter: @pantherbinn

A blog looking mainly at weddings and pregnancy/children, but also everyday life.

Little Bird's Mama

From Norway: Bla Fre

from Little Bird's Mama

Twitter: @LittleBirdsMama

A curly mom's view on fashion, lifestyle and green beauty. With love from Amsterdam.

Adventures of a Cloth Bum Mum

Durham Isis Infant Sleep Information – how to allay cosleeping fears! 

from Adventures of A Cloth Bum Mum

Twitter: @daisyclothbum

This first time mum has decided to use cloth nappies for her little boy. She blogs about this and other ecoparenting options.



from karismaticlife

Twitter: @KarismaticLife

Blog about children and food.


Cat video confessional – Cats V Husbands

from LeeLeeLoves

Twitter: @LeeLee_Loves

LeeLeeLoves is all about the things I love and want to share from books & cats to my new pregnancy/baby adventure!


Public and Patient Involvement in Research

from Ben's Blog

Blog about everything but with particular focus on issues around premature babies and their families

After Annabelle

A New Kind of Mother's Day

from After Anabelle

Twitter: @cazem

A mother's moving diary of the realities of stillbirth.