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Babies and Pregnancy



A day of distraction

from Cry Mamma

Twitter: @francesrbtl

This blogger's writing about baby books, recipes and ideas for fun projects. There's the odd bit about coping with PND, but mostly not.

The Hackney Doula

Messages on Nappies? I Just Need a Nap.

from The Hackney Doula

Twitter: @hackneydoula

Rebecca blogs about all things pregnancy and baby-related, from birth stories to breastpumps.

Adventures of a Cloth Bum Mum

Vegan fruity chocolate pudding

from Adventures of A Cloth Bum Mum

Twitter: @daisyclothbum

This first time mum has decided to use cloth nappies for her little boy. She blogs about this and other ecoparenting options.


Oo! Ah! Christmas Chocolat! 2014

from Dairy Free Baby and Me

This blog's about what it's like to live life with a dairy intolerant infant.


Hilarious video of Dad's interrogation of paint covered toddlers

from Nightclubs to Nightfeeds

A wordpress blog empowering women (and men!) with info on: pregnancy, labour, unnecessary medical interventions, babies and parenting - all with a pinch of humour.

Not Your Average Baby

Who are you calling “wet”?

from Not Your Average Baby

A irreverent account of my experience of first-time motherhood. A love-letter to my baby daughter. Slightly snarky, slightly funny, all me.


Adopting siblings: An adopter's guide

from theonehandman

Twitter: @theonehandman

My journey into fatherhood through infertility, IVF and adoption.


Reasons to Love Being the Mummy of a Toddler

from Just a Normal Mummy

Twitter: @WallyMummy

A frank, funny look at new parenthood through the eyes of 'just a normal mummy'. A hilarious, honest and occasionally naughty account of one mum's struggle to bring up a child!


Almost human

from So This Is Growing Up?

My ride - pregnant a couple of weeks after miscarriage.

Little One Led

Fussy Eating In Toddlers

from Little One Led

Baby Led Weaning Weaning BLW