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I can't hate my body any more - I have a daughter
Lies, damn lies, and breastfeeding workshops


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On the threshold of africa

Crevasses, Frontier Towns and Living in the Wild West Added 10 July 13, 16:51
On The Threshold of Africa
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Watermelon Stars Added 10 July 13, 11:36
City to Sticks
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Top Secret! New TV show Added 09 July 13, 16:37
Celebrity psychologist
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Baby you're a firework (or something like that) Added 08 July 13, 10:52
Emma's Expat Adventures
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Frinton-on-Sea Added 07 July 13, 21:49
Tales of The March Hare
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The Insider Guide to How to Get Published: Writers’ & Artists’ Conference, 6th July 2013 Added 07 July 13, 20:56
Lamoglie's Blog
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Two Mummies Want a Baby

I’m still here Added 06 July 13, 21:17
Two Mummies Want A Baby
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Twitter: @itsmekatielou


5 kids and counting

Poppy Knitting Pattern Errata !!! Added 06 July 13, 08:52
Bundles of Books
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Nell Bryden, Bush Hall in Shepherd's Bush - 17 May Added 05 July 13, 11:18
Mr & Mrs Gigs
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Who's been eating my porridge

Red Velvet Cupcakes Added 05 July 13, 10:00
Road to the World
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