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Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony

from PKImage Musicfootnotes

SCOTTISH MUSIC PHOTOS & REVIEWS. Live Gigs & Festivals. FINDING THE ARTIST IN US. My journey as an artist through my musicnotes, poetrynotes

Tracey English....illustration, Life, Bits and Bobs

A week of drinks.........

from Tracey English....illustration, Life, Bits and Bobs

Twitter: @

My illustration work, creative ideas, family bits and bobs, things I love.

Supper and Syntax

Looking for Mr Write

from Supper and Syntax

Poetry and prose with a dash of literary chit-chat. And wine. Naturally.

The Intrepid Misadventurer

It's Wurst and Apfelstrudel time!

from The Intrepid Misadventurer

Twitter: @KanchanChar

A journal about my wonderful and inventive life as a mother, my love of design, literature, pop culture, movies and music!


Wedding Ring Bearer Pillows

from Magpies Laundry Keepsake Quilts

Twitter: @MagpiesLaundry

Where the memories caught up in precious clothes are rekindled & re-shaped into beautiful keepsake quilts

Slouching Towards Thatcham

Homeland trailer promises a reinvented show when it returns in October

from Slouching Towards TV

Keeping an eye on the world of TV, both past and present.

Thoughts From Short Lane

Another year

from Thoughts from Short Lane

Felted art and random rants


The joy of eating (ice cubed food)

from The Neverending Miracle

Twitter: @arjantupan

A Dad-to-be shares his wonderings and experiences and muses about the Neverending Miracle that Mom-to-be has growing in her beautiful belly.


Guest post: Where to change your baby (or maybe just their nappy)

from Museum Mum



No 50. Being a woman remains, essentially, embarrassing (and other controversie...

from Junesola

100 things I have learnt since becoming a single parent (no 1. Not to accidentally include "anus" in your blog name)