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The One With Cupid And Herbert (or The Apprentice Candidates Flirt With Disaste...

from Oh FGS

Twitter: @ohFGS

Some of this blog's about telly. Some of it's about social media. Most of it is about something that makes people go "Oh fgs". The "g" stands for "God's", "god's&qu...


I can do hard things

from on the run from the academe

Twitter: @linzi_carlin

How to put off writing a PhD thesis by having a baby.


I'm Back !

from Obsessional Illustrator

Twitter: @tusktastic

A blog about being a freelance illustrator, mum of a teenage son and having OCD.


Inferno, by Dan Brown

from Little Book Reviews

Little book reviews - little reviews packed full of info about all kinds of books.

One Man's Mind


from One Man's Mind

Twitter: @DanielNanavati

A daily 250 words on anything that comes to mind, once a week a poem (not mine!).

typing pictures

The Story So Far

from Typing Pictures of Life

Twitter: @typingpictures

Typing Pictures illustrates and documents the life and creative processes of a first time novelist and her eventual success on publication. Or the abject failure of rejection. You never really know...

bring  back bunty

Bring Back Bunty is moving

from Bring Back Bunty

Twitter: @Ooteeny

A blog by a graphic designer with a nine-year-old daughter who loves comics, but can't find one that suits her. Join in with this blogger's rallying cry to Bring Back Bunty.


Climate is what we expect, weather is what we get!

from Kistography

Twitter: @kijolo

My life, one photo at a time! The trials and tribulations of a single mum of two teenagers.


I do like these. Might make some of my own, in fact.

from John-Paul Flintoff

If you say you want to change the world, people might think you are a bit, well... odd. But this didn't deter John-Paul Flintoff, film-maker, journalist and dad. Read his posts about Shakespeare,...


Hearts & Hills

from Celiatime

Twitter: @celiatime

Meet Celia: full time housewife, full time fictional character. This video blog delves into her most intimate concerns.