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Art and culture



Improvised ‘cable ties' from a repurposed plastic bag!

from What I Made

Twitter: @WhatIMade

Why being an adult doesn't mean you can't play with crayons (An illustrated guide)

Cultural Tales of Two Cities

Taking a break

from Cultural Tales of Two Cities

Twitter: @juliacoulton

Tales of cultural adventures in Manchester and beyond. Reviews of film, theatre, gigs, books, exhibitions and much more....


This is happening right now

from Imperfect Pages

Twitter: @imperfectpages

Musings on motherhood, running and... iPhoneography.


I sold a photo to the Guardian

from Clare

Twitter: @clare_mansell

Photography blog and home of 50 Faces Of Moray a project to document the lives and passions of 50 individuals in the county of Moray, Northern Scotland

Life camera book

We're on Telly!

from lifecamerabook

Twitter: @photoleafonline

Discussions and thoughts around life, photography and books, based on my life as a husband, dad and entrepreneur.



from Musodad

Twitter: @musodad

A blog by a dad of two, who dropped music when his first daughter was born but has recently rediscovered his love of bands big and small. If music be the food of love, play on...


Making Connections

from Toddlers and TV

Thinking about how toddlers learn to make sense of TV and other moving-image media. Not worried about whether they're good or bad for kids.


The One With Cupid And Herbert (or The Apprentice Candidates Flirt With Disaste...

from Oh FGS

Twitter: @ohFGS

Some of this blog's about telly. Some of it's about social media. Most of it is about something that makes people go "Oh fgs". The "g" stands for "God's", "god's&qu...


I can do hard things

from on the run from the academe

Twitter: @linzi_carlin

How to put off writing a PhD thesis by having a baby.


I'm Back !

from Obsessional Illustrator

Twitter: @tusktastic

A blog about being a freelance illustrator, mum of a teenage son and having OCD.