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10 ways to celebrate the magic of Autumn in Australia

from Cultivating Place

Join my adventures in building community, participation, social marketing, culture and a purposeful life.


Nobody Asks “Who Is Jonathan Sothcott?” Anymore

from Glow Magazine

Twitter: @TheGlowGlow

Arts and culture online 24/7, the inside story from the people who create all art, music, books, photography, films, theatre, festivals, events and things we love


‘To what extent are belief systems and religion the driving force behind change...

from Mowgli

Just a general collection of my wonderingments and poetry :-)

MK Kids Interiors

6 Stylish Childrens' Clocks

from MK Kids Interiors

Twitter: @mkkidsinteriors

Interior design for little kids and big kids.

Writing in the house of dreams

A funny thing happened on the way to the Writing Retreat

from Writing in the House of Dreams

Twitter: @jennyalexander4

I've written scores of fiction and non-fiction books for children, including 'Bullies, Bigmouths and So-called Friends' and the Peony Pinker series. I also teach adults creative dreaming and writing,...


Westley Waterless St Mary

from Stitching, sketcing and String

Sharing , artwork, medieval church graffiti, daily life, embroidery, history and other string related textile things.


Westley Waterless St Mary

from Stitching, Sketching and String

Medieval graffiti, churches, painting, textile arts and everyday life with the children

My thoughts on writing

No I'm not dead…

from My thoughts on writing

Twitter: @ElaineJeremiah

I blog about my latest writing efforts.


3 bedspreads, 4 memory quilts

from Magpies Laundry Keepsake Quilts

Twitter: @MagpiesLaundry

Where the memories caught up in precious clothes are rekindled & re-shaped into beautiful keepsake quilts


Talking yoghurt

from Quad Royal

Twitter: @QuadRoyal

Quad Royal looks at the best posters and graphic design, generally from Britain and usually post-war, but sometimes wandering off from that too. Covering everything from designers and archives to...