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Vicky Myers

how does your garden grow?

from Vicky Myers Creations

Twitter: @vickymcreations

I am a sewer and crafter. I have been experimenting lately with sewing and pattern making focussing on recycled bags.I am interested in the environment, the concept of self-sufficiency and green...


Knitted Together

from Women for Refugee Women Blog

Twitter: @4refugeewomen

Read the stories of women from far and wide in this blog by Natasha Walter. Natasha's a journalist and campaigner who founded Women for Refugee Women to support women seeking asylum in the UK.


Kids with Asthma? Hiring A Nanny?

from SevenCanaries

Committed to creating non toxic, safe and healthy environments without compromising on function and design for mums and kids.

The Owl and the Accordion

bloggers at home: kat got the cream

from The Owl and the Accordion

Twitter: @OwlandAccordion

Arts, crafts, parenting, activism, ethical living and thrifting.

Karen Ingala Smith

Can you give me a link to ‘Counting Dead Men'?

from Karen Ingala Smith

Twitter: @K_IngalaSmith

Feminism, male violence against women and children, infertility.


Why I should be the Tory poster gal (but I'm not).

from EmsyBlog

Twitter: @elphiemcdork

Loony lefty feminist talks about everything that falls out her brain.


Six design schemes to improve children's lives | Analysis | Design Week

from The Knee High Project

A scrap book of how the Knee High Project is developing.

A Boat With No Engine

The Tools To Rescue Myself

from A Boat With No Engine

Twitter: @mirzamarching

Feminism, Activism, Music, Mental Health & Boats.


I had a little weep the other day …

from Diary of a Charity Chick

Mum of two, solicitor and charity volunteer writing about charity campaigns and fundraising.


Estimates and Equanimity

from Life After Debt

Twitter: @lifeafterdebts

This blogger's locked in a battle with the banks. She's documenting her ongoing fight to secure her family's financial future after discovering that her husband's business has gone bust.