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Frequently Asked Questions

champagneWhere is it?
The event will take place at the fabulous Kings Place, 90 York Way, London N1.  The nearest tube is Kings Cross - have a look on the map.

When is it? 
Saturday, 9th November, from 9am till 7pm   

Which sessions can I attend?
Some sessions will be 'keynotes' which all delegates can attend,  and others will be offered as breakouts for delegates to choose from.  A few weeks before the conference, we'll ask you to select which sessions you would like to attend.

What if I want to change which sessions I attend?
We will do our best to make a space for you at whichever session you would like to attend.

What if I want to see 2 sessions that are scheduled against each other?
We've tried to ensure that there is as much choice as possible for delegates, and some sessions will be running twice if we anticipate they'll be in high demand. Our resident experts participating in the Blog Clinic area will be on hand to fill in any gaps you miss if you're not able to gather all the practical and technical tips you wanted from attending the Blogging Lowdown sessions.

When I can speak to the experts in the Blog Clinic?
Some experts will be on hand to answer questions throughout the day, others will just be available in the lunch and coffee breaks. We'll have a noticeboard at BlogFest to let you know of their availability on the

Is there internet access?
Yes, there is wifi access throughout the building.

Is the venue wheelchair accessible?
Yes, Kings Place is fully accessible for wheelchair users. There are fully accessible toilets on each floor. A number of wheelchair and companion spaces are available in both auditoria, and infrared hearing assistance exists in both Hall One and Hall Two.

Will there be childcare?
Alas, we're not able to provide a crèche - but babes in arms will be welcome within the main conference, a comfy area will be provided for breastfeeding, and there'll be babychange facilities.

How much will it cost?
From now until August 11th, tickets cost £75. After that they'll revert to the official price of £95. 

Why should I attend?
To hear great speakers, meet other bloggers, and get spot-on advice on making the most of your blog from cracking panellists and one-to-one advice in The Blog Clinic - and so much more! 

Do I need to be a parent to attend?
Absolutely not!  The conference is a celebration of blogging, writing, and everything that goes with that - the content will be stimulating (and useful) to anyone who's interested in those topics. 

I want to go, but <eek>, I don't know any other bloggers going...
Don't be afraid of being a wallflower - our bloggers are a superfriendly bunch, and Mumsnet staff will also be on hand to help. There will be plenty of opportunity to meet other bloggers at the sessions and during lunch and coffee breaks, and our lovely drinks reception at the end of the day will be a great opportunity to download, and share experiences with other delegates. Before the day, you can connect with fellow attendees on the BlogFest Talk thread. We're working on other ways to hook up like-minded bloggers - if you'd be interested in hearing more about this, do let us know.

Can I have a refund if I can't go?
Yes, we'll be able to offer refunds up until September 28th, which is six weeks before the event.

Will there be brands there?
BlogFest is sponsored by a select group of brands who will have a presence at the event. If you're a representative from a brand and wish to attend the event, you can purchase a brand delegate ticket by adding the promo code BrandTicket on the booking page.

What is the difference between a Blogger delegate ticket a PR/Commercial ticket?
If you're re a blogger – or are thinking of starting a blog – you should purchase a Blogger ticket (or an Earlybird blogger ticket if you purchase before August 11th).  If you're attending in a professional capacity - ie. you work for a company or agency and will be attending to connect & find out more about blogging and the blogger community for professional reasons – you must buy a PR/Commercial ticket. 

Can I be sponsored to attend?
Yes.  You can seek sponsorship from a company to cover your ticket price, but Mumsnet can't help you do this. The sponsored relationship is between you – the blogger – and your sponsor. Your personal delegate sponsorship should not be confused with the official sponsorship of Mumsnet BlogFest.  Only BlogFest official sponsors will have representation and stands at the event.

As a sponsored blogger you can:

  • Be your sponsor's ‘blogger on the ground' at the event
  • Promote your relationship with your sponsor on your blog
  • Promote your relationship with your sponsor through your own social media channel

But unfortunately, you won't be able to:

  • Hand out marketing material on behalf of your sponsor at the event.  This opportunity is only available to official event sponsors
  • Host an event on behalf of your sponsor within the venue 

If you have any queries, do email sara@mumsnet.com.


If you've got any questions that aren't answered here, don't hesitate to ask us!  Email sara@mumsnet.com with your queries. You can also discuss BlogFest with other Mumsnet Bloggers on our Talk thread.