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Practical baby name tips

Baby name

After the shortlist comes the tricky part - working out how your chosen name goes with middle names, surnames and how it might be shortened. Decisions, decisions...

Baby name finder


Amelia or Ava? Jacob or Joshua? Browse the most popular and unusual baby names, read Mumsnetters' prejudices predictions about your child's future and add your own to our baby name finder.

Most popular baby names


Check the latest list to see whether or not you're following the flock.

Dos and don'ts


Don't even think about announcing your baby's name before you mug up on your fellow Mumsnetters' wise (and occasionally wacky) strictures about baby-naming things to consider.

Baby names meanings

Baby bump

Think you've found the perfect monicker? Wait!! Have you considered what it means in Swedish? Or which daytime soap star recently picked it for her baby?

Celebrity baby names


Who would want their child to be a Jack or Ella when they could rejoice in being called Lark Song or Pilot Inspektor? Come and have a chortle at the, erm, inventive names 'slebs bestow on their children.

Pregnancy: The Mumsnet Guide

Pregnancy: The Mumsnet Guide cover

Arm yourself with our pregnancy guide, and draw on the wit and wisdom of Mumsnetters at every hormone-sodden stage.

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