Career Confidence

Start date 29-Nov-2014
Duration 1 day, 10am-4pm
Location London
Price 75.00 (inc of VAT)
  • Course Description

    Confidence is a crucial building block of personal and professional success. It is an Inside Out/Outside In construct: how we think influences how we behave and vice versa.  Confidence is about asking for what we want.  It helps us to identify problems that we might have and then deal with them.  Confidence helps us to discover our own limitations, not those set by others.  

    Derived from cognitive-behavioural coaching and transactional analysis frameworks, this workshop will give you some thinking tools to help you act with more confidence at work. It is suitable for anyone returning to work after a career break, changing careers, trying to find more work or a new job, or seeking promotion. 
  • What's Included

    The course explores:

    - What is confidence and where can you get some

    - What would you do if you had more of it?

    - What’s stopping you from doing this now?

    - What is the impact of this belief on your career?

    - The relationship between thoughts/actions.

    - The difference between performance inhibiting thoughts (PITs) and performance enhancing thoughts (PETs).

    - How to be more assertive.

    - A look, (maybe, if we have time) at procrastination and how to prioritise your time more confidently.

    You will leave with an action plan, a problem-solving outlook and a strategy to achieve your goals.

  • Tutor Details

    Zena Everett has a unique combination of recruitment, entrepreneurial and coaching experience.  She started, ran then sold a recruitment business, Perriam and Everett, which recruited staff for the recruitment sector itself.  This gives her a valuable network within UK professional services search and selection firms and understanding of contemporary recruitment processes.  She then studied an MSc in Career Management and Counselling, researching effective CV writing for her dissertation.  She has further qualifications in stress management, psychological and performance coaching using cognitive behavioural techniques.  Zena now coaches individuals to develop their careers both in organisations and on the external job market, as well as running masterclasses in personal branding and career confidence.  

  • More Information

    The course will take place on 29 November at Mumsnet HQ, 6 Deane House Studios, Greenwood Place, Highgate Road, London NW5.