ONLINE COURSE: Making Money from Photography

Start date 01-Jul-2014
Duration 4 weeks
Location All
Price 145
  • Course Description

    This online photography course is for amateur photographers who are interested in generating an income from their photography. There are many extremely good amateur photographers out there, who as of yet, simply aren’t earning money from their work.  It’s also of course a great income for mums with talent – as selling your photography on the web, can be done in your own time and from the comfort of your own home.  The course is taught by acclaimed photographer David Taylor, who is also a best-selling photography author with dozens of photography books published.

  • What's Included


    The Stock Market: Selling your work through an image library
    We live in a visual culture in which photographic images are everywhere. The market for photos is immense. Companies, big and small, publishers and public organisations worldwide need a constant flow of images for their promotional and printing needs. This first lecture covers the basics principles of selling your photos through image libraries. I talk about what image libraries actually do for photographers, how to decide which image library is for you and what terms are acceptable. I also discuss how a potential buyer will find your images using the keywords you’ve added to your images. The lecture is illustrated with a variety of photos that have successfully sold and been used commercially.
    The Stock Market: Which Images sell?
    There’s more to selling your work through an image library that supplying them with everything you’ve ever shot. It’s a brutal fact that image libraries are awash with images. In this lesson I talk about the types of images that buyers are looking for. And, perhaps more importantly, images that just won’t make the grade. I discus the different genres of photography buyers are looking for: from lifestyle shots to travel images. I also cover the principles behind the microstock phenomenon and whether this is a viable option rather than placing your work with a traditional image library. During the lecture I use a wide variety of my own images to illustrate these points.
    Working to Commission: The freelance life
    Who wouldn’t want to throw off the shackles of a nine-to-five job in order to be a freelance photographer? Being your own boss, doing something that you enjoy and being paid to do it too. Unfortunately life is never that simple! This lesson covers some of the pleasures and pains of being a freelance photographer. I talk about how to market yourself as a freelance photographer and how this is an important part of finding your clients. I also discuss the correct way to deal with clients, what your rights as a freelance photographer are and how you can make money even after the end of a commission. The lecture is accompanied by images that I’ve shot for clients as a freelance photographer.
    Making an exhibition of yourself: Print sales
    It’s all very well making images and viewing them on a screen. However, there’s something special about seeing an image as a print, particularly when that print is mounted and framed. Creating prints to sell can be a hit and miss affair. In this lesson I discuss the issues you’ll face when preparing to host an exhibition and the types of people who buy prints. I also talk about selling prints online, and other ways to maximise your income during an exhibition. The lecture is illustrated with images that have successfully sold as prints at exhibitions that I’ve held.
  • Tutor Details

    David Taylor is an award-winning landscape and travel photographer, who was born and raised in Newcastle upon Tyne and now lives in the ancient market town of Hexham, Northumberland. He took his first photograph at the age of 14, when his parents gave him a Kodak Instamatic for Christmas, and he has been taking photographs ever since.

    After 18 years as a graphic artist in the computer games industry, working on titles such as Destruction Derby, the Test Drive series and L.A. Rush, David turned to professional photography full-time in 2006.
    David's work has taken him all over the world, from the sun-kissed beaches and aqua seas of Zanzibar to the bright chill of northern Sweden in the depths of winter. But his first love remains the wild countryside and rugged coastline of his home county of Northumberland, which he has photographed extensively, and which he continues to delight in exploring.
    His images from this region have been used in publicity materials by local councils and tourism organisations, as well as by the Northumberland National Park Authority in its publicity and marketing materials. These photos and many more are available from the image libraries that represent him: Alamy, Collections and Photolibrary.
    David's work has appeared in a number of national magazines. He regularly writes articles and provides photography for 'Beautiful Britain' magazine, as well as writing and illustrating a monthly regional walk for 'North East Life'. He is also a frequent contributor to 'Living North'.
  • More Information

    Course Requirements

    DSLR camera and lens
    Photoshop, Lightroom or other post processing software