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ShirleyKnot Wed 23-Jun-10 14:55:56

I am at work and the Lord and Masters have graciously allowed me the great privilage of watching the match via i-player (while they all go the the pub bastards) and it keeps STICKING and going PIXELLY and I am going to CRY.

GypsyMoth Wed 23-Jun-10 14:57:51

german referree....not a good start!!

Saltire Wed 23-Jun-10 14:58:20

Why is a german ref not good?

GypsyMoth Wed 23-Jun-10 14:59:42

i'm sure he'll be finegrin....

ShirleyKnot Wed 23-Jun-10 15:00:02

<bites nails>
<prays to internet Gods to keep the connection>

GypsyMoth Wed 23-Jun-10 15:00:23

how are your pixels??

ShirleyKnot Wed 23-Jun-10 15:02:49


I'm going to go on a rampage in a minute. A dirty big shreiking RAMPAGE

that is verrrry frustrating.
the ball is in the middle of the field now.

free kick by beaser

its on the lhs now.

every one said 'ooooor' ikn a disappointing way.

tis on rhs now.

noddyholder Wed 23-Jun-10 15:11:06

Too stressy to watch am watching tennis and flicking!

red chap kicked it then a header and white t-shirt has it.

red chaps playing it a lot now.

fruitshootsandheaves Wed 23-Jun-10 15:11:47

Has anyone scored yet?

can't watch

Am watching wimbledon instead

white one got it.

no scores.

ball went loooong way from left to right.

MmeLindt Wed 23-Jun-10 15:12:52

Oi, the German ref will be good.

eveyone - booooooooo

ShirleyKnot Wed 23-Jun-10 15:13:35



I am on an industrial estate which is utterly deserted. I'm going to go an pee in someone's skip, carve a big willy in a tree and do a big naked streak.

red chap on his bum.

ShirleyKnot Wed 23-Jun-10 15:14:07


<sniff> I was being all helpful.

ShirleyKnot Wed 23-Jun-10 15:14:43


I just fished a little green caterpillar out of my bra.

ShirleyKnot Wed 23-Jun-10 15:15:15

sad sorry.

ShirleyKnot Wed 23-Jun-10 15:15:56

I've just shredded the boss' driving license.

oh dont be!!!!!!!!!!

stupid mn crashed for me.

red chap picked over the middle.
gerard cole rooney lampard gerard

ShirleyKnot Wed 23-Jun-10 15:17:26

The fottball is breaking the internets. sad

rooney went for goal and missed

england corner
now another

terry pulling up socks

ref being stern with rooney and white chap

fruitshootsandheaves Wed 23-Jun-10 15:18:54

ooh Roddick only has to win this game and he will be in the next round

oh dear, very poor serve

MmeLindt Wed 23-Jun-10 15:19:03

rooney went for goal and missed

OYBBK just keep posting that for the whole match. from what I have seen it is his football style

england def have ball more than t'others

barret on rhs johnson tried again

rule britannia being sung

ShirleyKnot Wed 23-Jun-10 15:20:03

I just kicked the wastepaper bin

mmelindt -good idea to put it into copy

DANGER!!!!!! good save terry lanes

Saltire Wed 23-Jun-10 15:20:49

Rule Britannia? Is it a British team then?grin

fruitshootsandheaves Wed 23-Jun-10 15:21:08

the tennis is a bit boring

noddyholder Wed 23-Jun-10 15:21:10

fruitshoots its a great match Am waiting for hewitt

ShirleyKnot Wed 23-Jun-10 15:21:32

Yes Saltire. Yes it is.

you are going to get sacked for going on a mad rampage

what about putting 5live onto streaming? (not that I'm not doing an excellent job)

goal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!


susitwoshoes Wed 23-Jun-10 15:22:36


ShirleyKnot Wed 23-Jun-10 15:22:46

I think I prefer yours!


It came back on for the goal - thankyou INTERNETGODS

think it was defoe?

Saltire Wed 23-Jun-10 15:23:00

Shirley - is it, I thought it was England, not Britain.

yay for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

rule england england rule the waves not the same

free kick us

ShirleyKnot Wed 23-Jun-10 15:24:29

There isn't an English National Anthem in the same way as there is a Welshy and Scottish one is there?

Don't see the point in getting all het about about stuff like that. England is in Britain after all...

(I'm Welsh by blood BTW)

fruitshootsandheaves Wed 23-Jun-10 15:24:46

the tennis is lovely and calming

england goalie kicking it

ShirleyKnot Wed 23-Jun-10 15:25:04

I love you Kitten.

whites ones next to our goal

Saltire Wed 23-Jun-10 15:25:53

I'm not getting het up. I'm quite mellow with my saltire round my shoulders in the garden with a bottle glass of wine

gerard terry

StarOfValkyrie Wed 23-Jun-10 15:26:18

Don't geddit. With their money, why don't they just buy themselves a ball each and go home?

oooo another shot at the goal - missed

ShirleyKnot Wed 23-Jun-10 15:27:00

A big bit of tumbleweed just rolled past our door.

StarOfValkyrie Wed 23-Jun-10 15:27:15

I only came on here to say that kids are asleep, tv off, radio off and yet, before coming on this thread I still know that we just scored hmm


lol shirley!! manic random typing helps time pass

you'll never escape Star - was manic screeching of cars arriving down our street at 2:55

fruitshootsandheaves Wed 23-Jun-10 15:28:26

oh no tennis has gone to a tie break...could go on for hours...

boss chap looks concerned

on lhs

ooooooooo defoe
ooooo gerard


white chap goalie verrry o
good save

ShirleyKnot Wed 23-Jun-10 15:30:28

ooooh - it froze then. BLOODY I-PLAYER

bran Wed 23-Jun-10 15:30:37

Yes, I heard that too SoV. grin

There has also been a fair bit of yelling that I guess indicates either a near miss by England or a goal by the other side. hmm

rooney lost possesion ball is ?

some of audience dresses as knights

fruitshootsandheaves Wed 23-Jun-10 15:31:41


ShirleyKnot Wed 23-Jun-10 15:31:56

Ha - wonder if I can get MN to change the title to include _ **WARNING! ENGLAND GAME SPOILERS ENCLOSED**

sloveni kicked ball down field

oh yes shirley.... oops...

mind you they wouldnt learn much from this!

fruitshootsandheaves Wed 23-Jun-10 15:33:19


ref looks stern.


ShirleyKnot Wed 23-Jun-10 15:33:53

Saltiere - missed you post up there. Not fair to tease about drinking wine.

<rips up boss' certificates>

fruitshootsandheaves Wed 23-Jun-10 15:34:01

Roddick wins

now what do I watch?

all standing still

slovenia is a tall team hmm

noddyholder Wed 23-Jun-10 15:34:55

watch the footie until hewitt he is meant to be on fire this year My all time fave player apart from Boris!

fruitshootsandheaves Wed 23-Jun-10 15:35:17

they'd be good at tennis then

gpassing the ball about

slovenia goalie frowns

ShirleyKnot Wed 23-Jun-10 15:35:43

Er - get your filthy tennis rubbish OFF my lovely shiny footbally thread please.

fruitshootsandheaves Wed 23-Jun-10 15:35:53

I might jinx it if I watch now

and spits

oooh - meant goalie spits!!!

noddyholder Wed 23-Jun-10 15:36:58

Tennis?filthy?How very dare you.............

ball went out

fruitshootsandheaves Wed 23-Jun-10 15:37:30

well it wasn't titled "football comments only"

so I think I can still crash in with tennis comments.....well actually I can't now as the match I was watching has finished

cloudspotter Wed 23-Jun-10 15:37:44

Why is it still so nail-biting? We have scored one, but I am on the edge here.

ShirleyKnot Wed 23-Jun-10 15:38:08

GPWM fruitshoots - don't do it.

(I like tennis really - just not on my FOOTBALL THREAD. Typical bloody middle class tennis watching barger inners. [wink)

white is not a good colour for grass stains

ref whistling a bit
gerchoos throw

fruitshootsandheaves Wed 23-Jun-10 15:39:09


number 10 spits - why do they spit so much?

ShirleyKnot Wed 23-Jun-10 15:39:38

<points at topic thread sits in>

Does football make people aggressive do you think?!


fruitshootsandheaves Wed 23-Jun-10 15:40:33

Wimbledon is a world cup isn't it?


18 has yellow card

Hulababy Wed 23-Jun-10 15:40:58

Star - same here; sat outside working on laptop, no TV on, no radio - however, can still hear people from their houses so know that we have scored

ShirleyKnot Wed 23-Jun-10 15:41:01

I think it's nervous spitting


goalie kick it


ooooof that was a close one

ShirleyKnot Wed 23-Jun-10 15:42:53

I just want the ref to blow the whistle for half ime now (So that I can get my Streak on outside)

fruitshootsandheaves Wed 23-Jun-10 15:42:58


Hewitt and.....other guy both wearing white caps...very confusing. Ohhh he's taken his top off....<faints>

free kick

ShirleyKnot Wed 23-Jun-10 15:43:51

<shoves fruitshoot HARD into bush>

That's right - that bush has got THORNS as well.

<folds arms>

dd just home - iplayer kept freezing at school too

cloudspotter Wed 23-Jun-10 15:44:50

the pitch is a mess

dd ddd ddddd england

fruitshootsandheaves Wed 23-Jun-10 15:45:01

<finds lost tennis ball in bush>

half time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ShirleyKnot Wed 23-Jun-10 15:45:43


<gets undressed>

See you in the second half all...

EnglandAllenPoe Wed 23-Jun-10 15:46:33

phew we made it to half time without mucking it up!

well done Defoe - makes a difference not having a donkey like heskey less brilliant player up front.

how exciting shirley - I hope you take pics!

'k everyone is standinbg on pitch waggling from foot to foot

yorkitch made mistake


ref blow whistle

ShirleyKnot Wed 23-Jun-10 16:01:41

<rushes back in picking pallet splinters out of norks>

Right - what have I missed?!

free kick to us

Oblomov Wed 23-Jun-10 16:02:27

can someone give details please. i am at work.

have they changed the formation? is rooney lone striker ? is cole playing ? are they playing with zip and gusto ?

yellow to johnson!!!!!!


ShirleyKnot Wed 23-Jun-10 16:03:35


Playing better - one could almost say they were playing with VIM and VIGOUR.

Rooney and Defoe up front. Some others also on the pitch.

cole playing tis 4-2-2 formation some gusto not so much zip

ShirleyKnot Wed 23-Jun-10 16:04:13

What was that all about?

alienbump Wed 23-Jun-10 16:04:37

still 442, plenty of v&v!

ShirleyKnot Wed 23-Jun-10 16:04:38


ShirleyKnot Wed 23-Jun-10 16:04:51


and we are clealry too short

flag up

goal discounted cos of off player.

boooo silly rules

dambusters plaing

10 did a roly-poly

white man down

Oblomov Wed 23-Jun-10 16:06:44

am loving commentary.

but no 18 got a yellow card ? who is number 18 ???

and cole and defoe are there ?

ShirleyKnot Wed 23-Jun-10 16:06:48

What about the vuvuvuvuvuvuvuvlzellallvuuuuu's? they seem quiet.

cover goolies time

ShirleyKnot Wed 23-Jun-10 16:07:36

Johnson got the yellow card - don't know why, he didn't do anything wrong

I dunno which player=which number sorry


there only seem to be 3 players whos names get said.

free kick for slovenia

good catch

EnglandAllenPoe Wed 23-Jun-10 16:10:12

johnson just possibly did a bit of diving

alienbump Wed 23-Jun-10 16:10:24

Johnson got yellow card for nothing - but he did get away with a tackle in first half that probably deserved one, so a of good karma bad karma methinks

get the ball back lads!!!!!


corner for us

ShirleyKnot Wed 23-Jun-10 16:12:17


<shakes fist impotently>

oooo nother close one

EnglandAllenPoe Wed 23-Jun-10 16:13:00


<kicks shirleys pc>
ooooooooo no woodwork aaaargh.

ShirleyKnot Wed 23-Jun-10 16:13:21


rooney went for it and it hit the post


williewalshsballs Wed 23-Jun-10 16:13:55

back from school run..not sure can stomache this

ShirleyKnot Wed 23-Jun-10 16:14:33

Back on...<wipes sweat>

Bloody hell. And the phone just rang...stupid woman wanting help.

coach looks saaaad

stupid woman why would she want help now? doenst she know something Important is happening?

ShirleyKnot Wed 23-Jun-10 16:15:48

<holds hands with WWBall's>
<wipes hands a lot>

EnglandAllenPoe Wed 23-Jun-10 16:15:54

wrong wayyyyyyyy!

EldritchCleavage Wed 23-Jun-10 16:15:58

My old Etonian colleague is braying at telly trying to be all football. Vair funny.

hopefully work

0-0 for praetoria and usa

fruitshootsandheaves Wed 23-Jun-10 16:16:20

watch Wimbledon its much calmer...20 games to 19 between wristband man and someone else

williewalshsballs Wed 23-Jun-10 16:16:33


noddyholder Wed 23-Jun-10 16:16:49




williewalshsballs Wed 23-Jun-10 16:17:21


ShirleyKnot Wed 23-Jun-10 16:17:28

Innit? I just said "Sorry!! ShirleyKnot is out of the office at the moment, I'll take a message..." and then I wrote down her number and flushed it down the loo.

That'll learn 'er

God Save thge Queeeeeeeen. long to reign oooooooooover uuuuus

williewalshsballs Wed 23-Jun-10 16:17:50

ffs shirley grin

lol Shirley!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

cover goolies

ShirleyKnot Wed 23-Jun-10 16:18:32

<peeks through fingers>

corner on rhs

to many slovenians!!!

williewalshsballs Wed 23-Jun-10 16:19:26

dd standing infront of me insisting on telling me s'thing important hmm
buzz off dd grin

fruitshootsandheaves Wed 23-Jun-10 16:19:44

oh they've both got wristbands confusing, why can't they wear team colours like footballers

goooo away wwb dd!!!!

mine is doing a bit of farming for me.

williewalshsballs Wed 23-Jun-10 16:20:33

wittering on about bfruit in her rice pudding at school hmm hmm

someone limping


williewalshsballs Wed 23-Jun-10 16:21:39

go and pick your nose dd. there's a dear

alienbump Wed 23-Jun-10 16:22:04

Rooney limping

come on chaps just bloody score.

williewalshsballs Wed 23-Jun-10 16:22:10

feel a goal coming on

williewalshsballs Wed 23-Jun-10 16:22:30

maybe not

Oblomov Wed 23-Jun-10 16:22:43

please stop. am sniggering at my desk at your commentary. is f**k funny.

ShirleyKnot Wed 23-Jun-10 16:22:54

Bloody hell

given it away and they have an extra man

blooody others nealry got a goal 3 times.

alienbump Wed 23-Jun-10 16:23:00

feel sick now

EnglandAllenPoe Wed 23-Jun-10 16:23:45

man, look at John Terry put his body on the line!

ShirleyKnot Wed 23-Jun-10 16:24:02



speculation that englland make a change


williewalshsballs Wed 23-Jun-10 16:24:51

ds (5 months) first words may be ffs after all thishmm

alienbump Wed 23-Jun-10 16:24:57

less said about where John Terry puts his body the better!

ShirleyKnot Wed 23-Jun-10 16:25:08


See what is the point? What is the bloody point of bloody stupid bloody WORK?

john terry chucked himself down back then - good rt

williewalshsballs Wed 23-Jun-10 16:25:42


alienbump Wed 23-Jun-10 16:25:46

who's coming on?

birsa spat - must have heard about your bloody work shirley

I am sure they have more ment than us.

alienbump - someone cole?

ShirleyKnot Wed 23-Jun-10 16:27:05

Whoa....Calm down Ashley, Old Bean.

Joe Cole coming on..Rooney off. hmmmmmmmm

alienbump Wed 23-Jun-10 16:27:07

Joe Cole coming on for Rooney

3&2 had a cuddle on floor

rooney off

joe cole on

williewalshsballs Wed 23-Jun-10 16:27:15

joe cole?

drums going dumdum dum de dum ENGLAND

fruitshootsandheaves Wed 23-Jun-10 16:28:04

grief this tennis match is boring...its almost beaten the record for the longest ever match.

yup wwb

ShirleyKnot Wed 23-Jun-10 16:28:32

haha! Kitten! Haha - aw it was a nice little cuddle as well wasn't it. I bet Ashley said "It's only a game...don't be upset"

williewalshsballs Wed 23-Jun-10 16:28:44

oh...just noticed i'm a few mins behind you all [eye roll] rewound before i left for school

white man down ref blow whistle

lol wwb!!!!!!!

ShirleyKnot Wed 23-Jun-10 16:29:51

5 second delay between Sky and the beeb apparantly.

barry limped

where ball ?

williewalshsballs Wed 23-Jun-10 16:30:19

roo just going off, cole coming on

ShirleyKnot Wed 23-Jun-10 16:30:43

haha WWB - FForward it - it's a shame we couldn't do that Friday to give them a bit of speed.

teery germainder and back again

williewalshsballs Wed 23-Jun-10 16:31:18

throw in for england

fruitshootsandheaves Wed 23-Jun-10 16:31:32

how many minutes left of the football? DD2 is watching it on big screen at school and I have to collect her when it finishes.

all standing still

14 mins plus a bit

alienbump Wed 23-Jun-10 16:32:21

You know when m'aam pops her clogs, what does the anthem change to - we won't have a "gracious" king will we?

fruitshootsandheaves Wed 23-Jun-10 16:32:30

oh ok thank you

ball in middle

ShirleyKnot Wed 23-Jun-10 16:32:40


We need another goal

cole threw it behind his head on side <puzzled>

coach open mouthed

EnglandAllenPoe Wed 23-Jun-10 16:34:08

come on England!!!!!!!!!!!

We Want 2-0!!!!!!

hand ball yellow card

ShirleyKnot Wed 23-Jun-10 16:34:31

Yeah it stays as Gracious King.

get the ball baaaaack!!!!!

8 down free kick to us
got up again
yellow card for debbitch

ShirleyKnot Wed 23-Jun-10 16:36:02

Don't start all this stupid long passing fruiting about in defense being stupid bollocks.


alienbump Wed 23-Jun-10 16:36:13

Oh - thought a king would be valiant or something manly

kick it!!!!!

williewalshsballs Wed 23-Jun-10 16:36:28

why the fuck aren't my posts coming thru?????

not that way!!!!!!

ShirleyKnot Wed 23-Jun-10 16:37:04

Seriously, what is Lampard FOR?


williewalshsballs Wed 23-Jun-10 16:37:23

with you again. was frantic there

yellow flag at our end

williewalshsballs Wed 23-Jun-10 16:37:51

capello might EXPLODE

ShirleyKnot Wed 23-Jun-10 16:37:54

Hello WWB - I can see you!

(or was it their end?)

19 down

19 up

williewalshsballs Wed 23-Jun-10 16:38:42

when will this end ??? gawd

fruitshootsandheaves Wed 23-Jun-10 16:39:00

23 - 23 now this tennis match...I think they will die of old age before it finishes. they have broken the 1989 record for the longest match and the record for the longest ever set, shame no one has heard of them!

slovenian trying it on

frre kick for them

ShirleyKnot Wed 23-Jun-10 16:39:36

This is horrific.

alienbump Wed 23-Jun-10 16:39:38

goodness me, just hoof it England

keepit out

williewalshsballs Wed 23-Jun-10 16:39:46

turned the volume off. can't bear it

kept it out

19 off

ShirleyKnot Wed 23-Jun-10 16:40:43

(I love fruitshoots attempts to get us interested in the tennis)

My JAW is aching from the tension.

williewalshsballs Wed 23-Jun-10 16:40:44


21 on

alienbump Wed 23-Jun-10 16:40:58

Dear lord, here comes the lump of lard Heskey

EnglandAllenPoe Wed 23-Jun-10 16:41:05

wrong end of the field!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

defoe for Crouch?


slovenians playing rugby

wwb - he was a bit tired.

DS - Emily Heskey is coming on - PMSLgrin

ShirleyKnot Wed 23-Jun-10 16:41:25


Oh no.




just kick it in you idiots

williewalshsballs Wed 23-Jun-10 16:42:17

i mean heskey. why
i'm a tennis nut but your valliant efforts not getting thru here fsh

ShirleyKnot Wed 23-Jun-10 16:42:30


EnglandAllenPoe Wed 23-Jun-10 16:42:34


3 mins to go

try it EAP!

williewalshsballs Wed 23-Jun-10 16:43:13


need a wee

ShirleyKnot Wed 23-Jun-10 16:43:24

I'd suggest going for a long poo.

That usually works.

alienbump Wed 23-Jun-10 16:43:34

feel sicker now

williewalshsballs Wed 23-Jun-10 16:43:37

go eap

goalie on right kicked it to goalie on left

goalie on left kicked it back

noddyholder Wed 23-Jun-10 16:44:48

God they need a stretcher for capello!he's about to crack

ShirleyKnot Wed 23-Jun-10 16:44:50



goalie on left making secret signs

fruitshootsandheaves Wed 23-Jun-10 16:45:20

hey look the unknown tennis guy whose name starts with I has just retied his laces*

other guy has 3 balls in his hand!

just bloody kick it you wallies

alienbump Wed 23-Jun-10 16:45:57

3 mins added on - still 0-0 usa algeria

3 mins.

fruitshoots, he sounds deformed and perhaps a little inappropriate on daytime telly

williewalshsballs Wed 23-Jun-10 16:46:21


ShirleyKnot Wed 23-Jun-10 16:46:24

3 minutes,

3 minutes,
3 minutes, Dougie Fresh you're on, o-o-on.

(sorry pressure has got to me)


stop danicng and kick it!

williewalshsballs Wed 23-Jun-10 16:47:26

the stress this lot have put us through

fruitshootsandheaves Wed 23-Jun-10 16:47:33

I'd better go and collect dd now more tennis comments...I bet you're missing me already!

alienbump Wed 23-Jun-10 16:47:36

1 min left

cole scratching head

williewalshsballs Wed 23-Jun-10 16:47:58

waste mor time.....have a biscuit

free kick slovenia

ShirleyKnot Wed 23-Jun-10 16:48:13



HouseofCrazy Wed 23-Jun-10 16:48:27

LOL at this thread!! I can feel the tension and hear you guys shouting. grin

<<is an Aussie and we have no hope lol>>

<<but have bought the dcs England flags grin They are half british, after all!>>


williewalshsballs Wed 23-Jun-10 16:48:46


ShirleyKnot Wed 23-Jun-10 16:48:49


<dances round room>

<dashes for wee>

EnglandAllenPoe Wed 23-Jun-10 16:49:35


fruitshootsandheaves Wed 23-Jun-10 16:49:38

tennis match is still going if anyone is interested.....its a record breaker

<runs away>

Portofino Wed 23-Jun-10 16:49:40

Yeeessss!I am crying!

ShirleyKnot Wed 23-Jun-10 16:49:46

Lets all take our shirts off and swap?


Oh C'mon....

williewalshsballs Wed 23-Jun-10 16:49:47


Portofino Wed 23-Jun-10 16:51:25

Not the Germans = please not the Germans!

williewalshsballs Wed 23-Jun-10 16:51:38

well played lads. well played. i love capello

you can have my shirt shirley - tis a bit raggedy but hey ho!!!!!

wwb - hang on

EldritchCleavage Wed 23-Jun-10 16:52:27

Please the Germans! My other team is Ghana and I can't stand a Ghana/England match (unless it's the final).

So what does it mean that USA win their game and so the group? Will England havd to play someone scary?

williewalshsballs Wed 23-Jun-10 16:52:43

actually don't think it matters who we play. germany lost to switzerland... not scared of them hmm

so Sunday....
ghana, germany or did he say bolivia?

noddyholder Wed 23-Jun-10 16:53:04


ShirleyKnot Wed 23-Jun-10 16:54:32

I've got my fingers crossed for the Gilllingham Under 12's.

What fun that was - thanks kitten. I am forever in your debt.

weather for sunday night for potential bbqs - heavy showers breaking out hmm

ShirleyKnot Wed 23-Jun-10 16:57:50

Going home now.

<shakes hands manfully with all members of thread>

williewalshsballs Wed 23-Jun-10 16:57:57

what happened to roo?

He got all limpy wwb

<shakes hands> you are very welcome Shirley - it was fun!

(got distracted with rl)

williewalshsballs Wed 23-Jun-10 17:25:34

see you all sunday

fruitshootsandheaves Wed 23-Jun-10 17:32:59


tennis match still going 30 games all

it will probably still be going on Sunday

lol fruitshoots - is it still going on?

fruitshootsandheaves Thu 24-Jun-10 11:07:42

guess what...

Tennis match still going....grin

has the football finished yet?

I've got to go in a few minutes
truely astonishing - wish I could sit and watch it.

what time will they start?

fruitshootsandheaves Thu 24-Jun-10 13:03:02

not sure when they start. They are 3rd on court 18, matches started at 12.

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