Here we go! Come on England!!!!

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Portofino Sat 12-Jun-10 19:34:23

We have to beat the US! As my friend in California pointed out this morning "soccer is mainly a girl's game"!

GypsyMoth Sat 12-Jun-10 19:34:54


Portofino Sat 12-Jun-10 19:35:10

Nice one Stevie!!!! grin

FabIsGettingFit Sat 12-Jun-10 19:35:16


katycarr Sat 12-Jun-10 19:36:03

Gosh that came out of the blue.

MmeLindt Sat 12-Jun-10 19:36:03

Ooops, I was just emailing an American friend.

That was fast.

Portofino Sat 12-Jun-10 19:36:32

We have no ITV/Sky here so have Arsene Wenger in the commentary box hmm

wooo hoo <catwheels> grin

Furball Sat 12-Jun-10 19:37:24

ITV HD - kindly went to adverts for the goal, so we missed it! What fab coverage NOT

or even cartwheels but either way i spilt my beer!

spudmasher Sat 12-Jun-10 19:38:44

I think they should award the first goal to the team who sings their national antem te best. It would open up all sorts of possibilities....jazz hands..tap dancing..teeth and eyes. Much more entertaining.

RustyBear Sat 12-Jun-10 19:40:36

What the hell happened there - ITV cut to an ad and by the time they got back England had scored.....

Apparently they did something similar in a Liverpool - Everton FA cup tie a couple of years ago.

katycarr Sat 12-Jun-10 19:41:16

Is it different on HD to the normal ITV then furball?

Portofino Sat 12-Jun-10 19:42:18

Can't they wait til half time? I bet ad rates are extortionate during England matches....

Furball Sat 12-Jun-10 19:42:59

No idea Katycarr - We've only got it on HD so don't know whats going on on normal ITV

tibni Sat 12-Jun-10 19:43:07

No ad breaks on standard ITV yet.

katycarr Sat 12-Jun-10 19:44:57

We have HD IVT but don't use it, mainly because I don't know the number. Probably just as well. We saw the goal on ITV.

Furball Sat 12-Jun-10 19:45:04

Obviously an american in charge of the ad button on HD (grin)

MmeLindt Sat 12-Jun-10 19:45:24

Slight <snurk> at the irony of those who were chuffed with their snazzy HD TVs missing the goal. Bet ITV get loads of emails about that.

Furball Sat 12-Jun-10 19:45:26

Obviously an american in charge of the ad button on HD grin

RustyBear Sat 12-Jun-10 19:52:33

It wasn't really a proper ad break, just a bit of an ad & then a snippet of the Argentina game - somebody obviously pressed the wrong button at the crucial moment.

Bet there were a few ructions in the pubs when that happened!

FabIsGettingFit Sat 12-Jun-10 20:12:29


MmeLindt Sat 12-Jun-10 20:12:40

Whooops. Butterfingers

3BreastsInMyShirt Sat 12-Jun-10 20:13:20


KerryMumbles Sat 12-Jun-10 20:14:20


Nice goalkeeping there....

Furball Sat 12-Jun-10 20:16:07

this is what we saw - all in glorious HD grin

(nicked from the other thread)

weegiemum Sat 12-Jun-10 20:16:51

U. S. A.!!

(Am Scottish and friend of Expatinscotland! Can support none else!)

RustyBear Sat 12-Jun-10 20:19:56

I see someone has already updated Rob Green's wikipedia entry in a less than complimentary manner!

Portofino Sat 12-Jun-10 20:21:54

On You Tube already! Blimey!

Please let England have more possession in the second half.

ZZZenAgain Sat 12-Jun-10 20:25:21


KerryMumbles Sat 12-Jun-10 20:26:14

England has great goalkeepers

example 228

ZZZenAgain Sat 12-Jun-10 20:26:36

some nice looking lads on the American team mind. Donovan, Bocanegra is all over the place, total dynamo

c'mon England! Those hornet trumpets driving you mad?

Kerry. Fuck off.

(said in the nicest possible way)

KerryMumbles Sat 12-Jun-10 20:32:46

tee hee

katycarr Sat 12-Jun-10 20:36:25

I had to laugh at the advert for a HD TV at half time.

mumblechum Sat 12-Jun-10 20:38:30

Oh bugger I thought it didn't start till 8.30. Wots the score?

MmeLindt Sat 12-Jun-10 20:38:58

Lol, Katy. Guess they wont be selling many HD sets now.

katycarr Sat 12-Jun-10 20:39:05

1 all

mumblechum Sat 12-Jun-10 20:41:54

Is England the ones in white

I'm wondering if Fab ever looks happy. Mind you, England look very unpurposeful now.

Was Neville showing ^chest hair^ in the commentary box at half time?

roundthebend4 Sat 12-Jun-10 20:46:35

im suffering split loyalites.tonight in my house who ever wins, one will be happy .Would it be wrong to say I want usa to win , then lol ill have a good nightwink

yes mumble

FabIsGettingFit Sat 12-Jun-10 20:52:49

grin< Fab looking happy.

katycarr Sat 12-Jun-10 20:54:05

Rob Green did well then, he needed that

FabIsGettingFit Sat 12-Jun-10 20:54:55

I feel sick.

we aren't doing totally great really are we?

pity. if we lose the shops are going to have a lot of merchandise to get rid of. (might stock up for the olympics)

Watching England always makes me feel sick.

At least Rooney's getting a bit more room now - he must score soon pleeeease. He is minging tho.

FabIsGettingFit Sat 12-Jun-10 21:07:24

come on england

come on crouchy

Crouch is a very strange looking man.

oh dear.

KerryMumbles Sat 12-Jun-10 21:17:56


I can't bear this aargh

Think there might be a bollocking in the changing room now.

never mind.

Ingles2 Sat 12-Jun-10 21:24:57

that was just totally painful...completely agonising.
I can't stand weeks of this.
Blardy Robert Green and his slippy gloves

Don't worry Ingles, it will only get worse from now on in.

Portofino Sat 12-Jun-10 21:27:58


Ingles2 Sat 12-Jun-10 21:31:45

I'm sure you're right porridge..
the whole match felt like a very similar experience to watching ds1 play in his town team...sooooo close....but not quite.
Am exhausted<pours more wine>

KerryMumbles Sat 12-Jun-10 21:31:50

we're happy with that result


It is chest hair - who would've thought it? grin

Ingles2 Sat 12-Jun-10 21:32:58

bet you are kerry grin
did you win the sweepstake btw?

MmeLindt Sat 12-Jun-10 21:34:08

Watching German TV now for the analysis.

Bet the German team will sleep a bit lighter tonight.

<gives Ingles a reassuring pat and passes her the fruit n nut> I do think a return to the Keegan era of football strips is needed tho.

mrsruffallo Sat 12-Jun-10 21:36:40

Porr Rob Green..I do feel for him
Why is watching England always so frustrating?
I love Johnson though

Ingles2 Sat 12-Jun-10 22:05:03

<guzzles the choc> Ta porridge....
<slurps wine>
feeling a bit better now... a quick dance on Just dance on the Wii works a treat

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