Look at this fixtures list, truly amazing

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LeninGoooaaall Thu 10-Jun-10 22:27:10

Can't wait, have got tomorrow afternoon off so should be able to sneak a peek at the opening game.

paisleyleaf Thu 10-Jun-10 22:25:38

ooo that's a handy little thing

PenelopePitstops Thu 10-Jun-10 22:21:06

wow thanks lenin just seen this!

I am so excited, feel in a definite minority among women though!

MmeLindt Fri 04-Jun-10 05:49:57

oooooh, that is really fantastic. It appeals to my inner (rather well hiden) geek.

And I don't even have to adjust the time <smug>

PuzzleRocks Thu 03-Jun-10 20:17:05

Ooh thanks Len.

Meglet Thu 03-Jun-10 20:10:56

hmm. does that mean the weds match against Slovenia actually starts at 3pm our time. ie: I can't even get home for the second half.

Heifer Thu 03-Jun-10 20:07:36

That's great.

Don't forget to take the hour off the start time for BST.

Spatchadoodledo Thu 03-Jun-10 19:52:47

Will show that to DH - he will love it!

Meglet Thu 03-Jun-10 19:45:19

beautiful smile. Have now scribbled it on my calendar.

Cool, I'm emailing that one out.

belgo Thu 03-Jun-10 19:35:55


LeninGoooaaaal Thu 03-Jun-10 19:34:07

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