A rare chance to own a MN Woolly Hug and other gorgeous things.

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KnottyLocks Fri 21-Sep-12 16:56:59

As we have done in the past for Anthony Nolan, we have put together a blanket from squares made by Mumsnetters to help raise funds for SANDS, The Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Charity.

The blanket seen here on the Woolly Hugs' website is one lot (number 80) in an auction which starts at 8pm Friday 21st September and ends 8pm 30th September.

During the course of the auction, 153 families will lose a baby at birth or shortly after. sad

The auction itself has been organised by our own MrsY, in memory of her son Benedict and the SANDS auction site can be found here

Along with the Woolly Hug there are some really lovely things, large and small, being auctioned.

It?s really worth a look and all done for such a worthy cause.


RatherBeOnThePiste Fri 21-Sep-12 17:05:06

<flexes card>

Such an amazing variety of beautiful and very lovely things to bid for!

Wishing MrsY every success with this auction, and here's hoping she raises a huuuuuuuuge amount to help this charity's vital work , because the statistic you give Knots is quite frankly terrifying sad

Love to MrsY and thinking of Benedict Xx

KnottyLocks Fri 21-Sep-12 17:20:52

I am going into battle for the rabbit smile

RatherBeOnThePiste Fri 21-Sep-12 17:40:49

With me!


RatherBeOnThePiste Fri 21-Sep-12 17:44:55

I am actually all ready, and very excited grin Will miss the start <sigh> but will be checking in asap when we get home!

KnottyLocks Fri 21-Sep-12 17:48:12

Liking the sound of custom hand knitted socks too...

KnottyLocks Fri 21-Sep-12 17:48:39

So you can forget them, Pistey smile

RatherBeOnThePiste Fri 21-Sep-12 17:49:37

Go snuggly with your jim jams Knots grin

RatherBeOnThePiste Fri 21-Sep-12 17:52:39

I really like the big green painting smile
And the knitted rabbit
Obv the Woolly Hug.....

All the foody things, the dinners for 7 nights is verrrrrrrry appealing
The socks...... <arf>

PurplePidjin Fri 21-Sep-12 18:11:16

I want 2, 4, 13, 16, 19, 20, 29, 30, 32, 38, 39, 40, 42, 47, 48, 55, 59, 61, 68, 70, 71, 72, 74, 77, 78 and 80.

I may end up bankrupt...

lisad123 Fri 21-Sep-12 18:20:34

I have wanted one of these for a long time so will be bidding, but do worry that the girls will fight over it confused

Marking me place, back later.

prettybird Fri 21-Sep-12 18:38:09

You definitely need to bid on the 7 nights of dinners one Pistey hmm - but be careful, you might end up bidding against your own dh! grin

PurplePidjin Fri 21-Sep-12 18:39:32

Mr Piste has a list at the Chinese Takeaway that looks remarkably similar to my auction wish list wink

SirGOLDBoobs Fri 21-Sep-12 18:44:40

Amazing auction, I'm sharing on facebook! Hope it raises a lot of money.

I've always wanted to get involved with the Woolly Hugs as think they are amazing. But my crocheting abilities are limited to a very basic stitch and don't want to take away from the beauty!!

RatherBeOnThePiste Fri 21-Sep-12 18:46:00

I'm off out now, back a bit later, wine

DH and I have just agreed on the things we are going for [thumbsup]

Note I said things


EdgarAllanPond Fri 21-Sep-12 18:47:14

i think i have seen DH's birthday present in there (and no, it isn't the binoviewer he linked me ever-so-subtly)

I might get competitive though, so i'm not saying which one it is.

KnottyLocks Fri 21-Sep-12 18:51:31

As long as you step away from the socks ,Eggy , bid away smile

PurplePidjin Fri 21-Sep-12 18:54:38

SirGOLD, you don't have to be able to knit/crochet to an exceptional level to be involved!

Plain squares made with love are absolutely vital (there is nothing Knotty and i can't use), as are people who can spare a couple of quid to buy wool. Ideally, we match two people up - the donor buys a ball of wool online and has it sent directly to their crafter, meaning the square(s) are a real team effort. Or, we buy wool to use for joining and edging


KnottyLocks Fri 21-Sep-12 18:58:15

There's a week in A Florida voila up for grabs!

<rattles piggy bank>

KnottyLocks Fri 21-Sep-12 18:58:42

Utter auto-correct fail grin

RatherBeOnThePiste Fri 21-Sep-12 19:00:48

But brilliant grin

EdgarAllanPond Fri 21-Sep-12 19:02:15

the thing i really like about this, is you don't need to be organised, or talented, you just need to spend in order to join in and contribute.

playing to my special skill there smile

Arf @ Florida Voila. I imagine it has a big cover on it that is whisked off dramatically as you drive up to it grin

JugglingWithPossibilities Fri 21-Sep-12 19:09:19

Such a beautiful description of Woolly Hugs by MrsY on the auction site, and such a generous thing to do from everyone, especially Mrs Y x

prettybird Fri 21-Sep-12 19:32:51

Does "7 Nights of Meals cooked for you" count as "things" ? hmm

KnottyLocks Fri 21-Sep-12 19:51:54

Prettybird, yes they do. Nouns innit.

EdgarAllanPond Fri 21-Sep-12 20:02:10

i could use the satnav

because currently, when someone tells me to get lost, there is every possibility of that happening...

JugglingWithPossibilities Fri 21-Sep-12 20:09:53

Ooh, I need the satnav to save my marriage Edgar smile

And all the money to such a good cause ....

I love a good Win/Win - reminds me of when I worked in an Oxfam shop - recycling clothes, making money for such a good cause, making friends etc. etc.
What's not to like ? grin

PS. Can someone talk me through the process a little more ? ... I'm only just learning about internet stuff. Thanks !

EdgarAllanPond Fri 21-Sep-12 20:16:14

I think i have just placed a bid! OOH!

and i have my beady eye on the 'A days labour' listing - though i don't live close enough.

Mother could use her rear sorting out.

KnottyLocks Fri 21-Sep-12 20:19:56

The auction is now live. smile

If you want to bid on an item:

(Copied from the auction site)

'All you need to is post a comment on that post with your bid.

The bids will be seen by everyone, so if you are bidding on an item as a gift, feel free to use a clever pseudonym, but it would make life a lot easier for us if you use your real name where possible. You can then subscribe to that post, so that you will be notified by email if anyone else posts a comment on that lot.

If someone outbids you, you can bid again up until 7:59pm on Sunday 30th September. Any bids with a time stamp of 8:00pm or later will be discounted.

With so many lots, it may take us a while to double check all the comments, but we will then post a confirmation of the winning bid on each lot. At this point, please visit our Virgin Money Giving page and donate the relevant amount and Contact Us with your full contact and postal details. We will then forward this information to the person/business who donated each lot and they will contact you to arrange details and/or confirm dispatch. Unless otherwise specified, postage will be 2nd class recorded.'

EdgarAllanPond Fri 21-Sep-12 20:25:42

this lot has appeal!!

if only because i haven't had a night out in AGES!!

i'm not within 30 miles of Maidstone though...someone out there must be..

KnottyLocks Fri 21-Sep-12 20:28:31

Ok, 3 bids down....

I may need to recount the funds grin

EdgarAllanPond Fri 21-Sep-12 20:30:34

question on this one - would i be able to visit nice massage lady? i am out of area but not by much??

KnottyLocks Fri 21-Sep-12 20:32:38

You could ask in the comments section.

I'm bidding! But I'm not telling on what, I don't want gazzumping at the last minute!!

Beautiful things on offer. I wish I had a wee girlie to dress up! Ds would probably love wearing a dress but DH might have something to say!

EdgarAllanPond Fri 21-Sep-12 20:54:26


PurplePidjin Fri 21-Sep-12 21:02:25

Hurrah! Pistey's and my joint donation has bids! Plural!

KnottyLocks Fri 21-Sep-12 21:04:43

I saw that grin

What number is it? <nosey>

Pidj are you going for the camper van?

Nagoo Fri 21-Sep-12 21:19:57

oooh things smile

PurplePidjin Fri 21-Sep-12 21:20:04

#2, Fizzy

I have time but no dosh,so will stick to donating wink


I like the dolly mix painting, it would go in my lounge, but there are no bids yet so don't really know where to start!!

RatherBeOnThePiste Fri 21-Sep-12 22:03:54

Yes there are Fizzy - tis on £30 -

RatherBeOnThePiste Fri 21-Sep-12 22:04:32

Maybe that was you?!!

Ooh! Is there! I might show dh first. We have differing opinions on "art" as in he doesn't know what he is talking about!

I'm top bidder on my other 2 things though!

RatherBeOnThePiste Fri 21-Sep-12 22:20:03

I'm going to look smile

Ach I forgot you know my name!! There is one thing I really want

PurplePidjin Sat 22-Sep-12 08:39:46

Whoop, £100 for the woolly hug already!!

And £30 on Pistey's/my little one.

Spectacular grinthanks

RatherBeOnThePiste Sat 22-Sep-12 09:48:11

I've been outbid! Twice!

Shakes piggy bank

Tis a great start, so pleased smile

Thinking of Benedict, sending much love to MrsY and her family X

Milliways Sat 22-Sep-12 10:42:21

I need Sniper software as will be out at the Harry Potter tour tomorrow evening sad

It's next Sunday it finishes is it not?

pixiestix Sat 22-Sep-12 11:24:06

That confused me too. It says the 23rd on the Welcome post.

Such a good idea and so many beautiful things.

KnottyLocks Sat 22-Sep-12 11:24:06

Yes, the auction ends at 8pm on Sunday 30th September.

KnottyLocks Sat 22-Sep-12 11:26:08

Originally, the auction was going to run for a shorter period of time but partly because of the number of donations, I think they decided to extend it.

Milliways Sat 22-Sep-12 11:26:37

Oh great! (But it gives too many people too many chances to outbid my wallet.....).

KnottyLocks Sat 22-Sep-12 11:28:44

Mine too, Milli!

Yep me too. I am now waiting until later before bidding anymore. I have an upper limit for the dolly mix painting. Dh actually likes it!! So I'll wait and see where it goes. It might go way above it through the week!

RatherBeOnThePiste Sat 22-Sep-12 13:55:01

Oooo Milliways - got your envelope today, have put it in a safe place thanks

EdgarAllanPond Sat 22-Sep-12 13:59:05

OOh! i've been outbid lots

now i need to really decide which items i really want...

hmm...chocolates - 64 is 4 layers of 16 ...4 yummy layers....

or the hotel night....a romantic getaway in Tunbridge Wells has lots of appeal...only ever been there for weddings...

RatherBeOnThePiste Sat 22-Sep-12 14:03:27

Eggy - I am playing it cool on the chocs front, that was on our list.... And the hotel night - I was won over by the champagne and the lie in grin

EdgarAllanPond Sat 22-Sep-12 14:25:39

i'd be taking 3mo Shortstuff with me, so less of a lie in...but still nice smile

I don't really know where tunbridge wells is. Engerlandshire somewhere!

I think the dolly mix will go out of reach sad but it should raise lots for Sands. Which is the point.

Milliways Sat 22-Sep-12 19:11:15

Glad the envelope arrived Knotty (That was quick service!)

Ingles2 Sat 22-Sep-12 20:08:11

i've bid! yay!....

LaVitaBellissima Sat 22-Sep-12 22:00:33

I'm just about to have a look at the auction site smile

EdgarAllanPond Sat 22-Sep-12 22:03:54

Lovely to see bids on almost everything!!

it's going great smile

EdgarAllanPond Sat 22-Sep-12 22:04:42

Tunbridge Wells - go to London, then fly to sunrise....

I've put in a bid for the wonderful Woolly Hug. Fingers crossed x

shock at the current bid on the woolly hug. It's amazing! We are just a bunch of mums/grans/ladies (and maybe men) and together we can create something so beautiful people want to buy it!

<sentimental disclaimer> I have had lots of wine just drinking the requires 2 pints of water before heading to bed

MrsY Sun 23-Sep-12 08:48:23

I think the abstract (which I see as a wildflower field, yet both my husband and daughter think is a fishtank/underwater scene) should get at least £250, and the Dolly Mix is likely to get quite a bit more.

EdgarAllanPond Sun 23-Sep-12 09:05:14

this one is a lovely shade of purple - knitters, about what sort of item could be knitted up are we talking a naice cardi for a woman, or more baby size stuff??

that is a nice colour.

EdgarAllanPond Sun 23-Sep-12 09:05:31

i see the abstract as a poppy field.

EdgarAllanPond Sun 23-Sep-12 09:06:14

Wooly Hugs of course, are priceless smile

JugglingWithPossibilities Sun 23-Sep-12 09:22:34

Ooh, I just succeeded in putting in a bid for the SatNav, which I need as always getting lost, and also bad rows with (D)H in car when we lose our way.
So, don't bid against me !! Just joking ! Love that everything to such a good cause x
Now I've worked out how to do it - just put your message in empty box at top where it says "submit" including your bid, your name, and follow with your email address, and you should be there (except then there's also one of those fiendish spam things to do grin)
Now, I've cracked it I could get really carried away with so many lovely things on offer .... Cute knitted bunny for example .... smile

JugglingWithPossibilities Sun 23-Sep-12 09:27:17

Oh sad I had a message to say my bid was accepted but it hasn't been added to the list ? Might it come up later ? Or did it go wrong somehow ?

EdgarAllanPond Sun 23-Sep-12 09:29:08

my bids have come up straight away...

JugglingWithPossibilities Sun 23-Sep-12 09:31:50

OK, hopeful again as remembered there was something about an email - checked those - and have now "activated" some email account or something !
Going back to check if my message is there now .....

JugglingWithPossibilities Sun 23-Sep-12 09:41:10

Yay ! I've done it !

MrsY the dolly mix is beautiful it deserves to get that amount for it.

EdgarAllanPond Sun 23-Sep-12 10:16:15

i'm thinking this

would be nice smile

though this would be taking the piss probably ....

good quality knitwear is so hard to come by (unless you want it in 'various shades of mud', or with Per Una bells and whistles)

RatherBeOnThePiste Sun 23-Sep-12 10:16:40

So pleased it is going so well MrsY, even though I am outbid on everything. At the moment! grin

KnottyLocks Sun 23-Sep-12 13:59:21

It's got off to a great start. smile

EdgarAllanPond Sun 23-Sep-12 15:04:51


That Woolly Hug is on a roll smile

As proud owner of another woolly Hug I have to say they are very very special things, mine smells lovely, is a poem to the sense of touch, looks beautiful as a whole and always presents a new and interesting detail close up.

You just can't buy something like that. Except here ...you can bid on one...

lisad123 Sun 23-Sep-12 15:36:14

I love the fact that wooly hugs has a great bid on it, I'm just very envy

PurplePidjin Sun 23-Sep-12 19:42:22

Wonder if we'll get it to four figures, how cool would that be? grin

<psst, Pistey, we're at £40!!!>

EdgarAllanPond Sun 23-Sep-12 19:56:05

i wonder what the current total is on the auction - must be well over a grand now..... 80 lots with bids all over it like icing...

EdgarAllanPond Sun 23-Sep-12 20:00:13

ah, i see you've outbid me juggling smile

i need to tot up everything i've bid on to get a bearing on how high can go on my one Preferred Lot.

MrsY Sun 23-Sep-12 21:10:56

I'm with you Edgar!

With the purple yarn, there's probably enough for a shrug, or a hat and scarf set.

If you want a particular thing, I would go for one of the other custom knitted lots, which is a you choose yarn, you choose item thing. I can recommend the knitter (my mummy, she's a-miz-in!) If you want to check if she can do something, feel free to message me and I can check.

EdgarAllanPond Sun 23-Sep-12 21:23:41

Thanks mrsY i was looking at that lot too!!

i thought it had amazing potential smile is something like a simple cardi in a lovely colour/wool possible? the rainbow yarn looks great in the picture for a baby item if not.

though i wouldn't want to expect something unreasonably time consuming (and have no idea how time consuming these things can be)

JugglingWithPossibilities Sun 23-Sep-12 21:27:52

Sorry about that Edgar - but I do really need to get a SatNav - and this way it would be almost like getting one for free, with the money all going to such an important charity.

- It really warms the heart in fact to see everyone working together in this way on this project - And MrsY you are an amazing woman to do this in memory of Benedict x

EdgarAllanPond Sun 23-Sep-12 21:32:52

DH has 'Edgarnav'

this is where he reaches a turning, asks me which way and i look up from the map saying 'Sorry? What?'

and then he gets grumpy.

or alternatively, i'm driving, i ask him, and he says something like 'That way'

pointing forwards in no particular direction.

So far this has not caused an accident, or divorce....

MrsY Sun 23-Sep-12 21:32:57

Yes, that would be more than possible. She's very clever! She did blanch a little when she saw I'd suggested a lace shawl! but she's always up for trying something.

How about this?

MrsY Sun 23-Sep-12 21:39:45

Thanks Juggling. I'm feeling totally crappy today, a) because I start back at work tomorrow and feel like it's last day of summer holidays tonight, and b) because for the first time in ages I went to church today, and it was a bloody baptism - a 5 month old boy. I nearly walked out again. I feel bowled over by how generous people are.

Feel a bit of a fraud, everyone keeps telling me how strong and amazing I am, and I'm not at all, I cry myself to sleep at night, but I'm obviously giving an Oscar winning performance during the day.

MrsY Sun 23-Sep-12 21:42:06

Sorry, that sounds terribly self-pitying and woe is me.

Back to talking about the lots. Pistey, how serious are you about the painting?

JugglingWithPossibilities Sun 23-Sep-12 22:03:58

I'm sorry you're having a bad day MrsY, and that church was difficult and not as encouraging and supportive as you might hope. Never feel a fraud for people telling you you are amazing to be doing this - it is a wonderful thing to do x
I always hate that "back to school/ work" feeling at the end of the holidays too - I'm sure lots of people can relate to that.

I was just trying to place a bid for the Maidstone haircut as a pressie for my sister, but having troubles again as there doesn't seem to be a box under current bids for me to add mine (like I did for the SatNav bid) ?

RatherBeOnThePiste Sun 23-Sep-12 22:05:32

Oi you! <gives MrsY a great big hug> Crying yourself to sleep is totally understandable, but that doesn't detract from the fact you are amazing, you are definitely not a fraud. X

I wish I had the words to make you feel better, but of course I don't, but know that we are here for you, we really are XX

And the painting? DH and I have decided to channel our efforts into one thing, and it is that. smile

PurplePidjin Sun 23-Sep-12 22:07:13

<<<squidge>>> and wine

Ime, grieving is not a smooth curve. There will be spikes and jagged edges waiting to poke you along the way. It doesn't get easier so much as you get more able to cope with the gaping chasm that has been ripped in your soul.

Up, dressed and fed every day is an achievement in itself.

Absolutely not MrsY. What you are doing is amazing.

I love the wooden rainbow and the name bunting. I'll keep my eye on those.

RatherBeOnThePiste Sun 23-Sep-12 22:11:41

Hello Fizzy, are you outbid on your lovely things?

I do really like the custom knit one, but have no idea what I'd have made, I just really like the idea of someone making something for me iyswim?

And I am chuckling at Eggy's EdgarNav grin

PurplePidjin Sun 23-Sep-12 22:16:47

A onesie of course, Pistey, duh wink

JugglingWithPossibilities Sun 23-Sep-12 22:26:31

I'd like to try for the cute hand-knitted bunny too - £31 could be next bid and that's my lucky number smile - but can't work out how to bid, though have got one bid in successfully for SatNav

Only on the rainbow, still in there for the name banner! But I'm not out yet!!

EdgarAllanPond Mon 24-Sep-12 12:40:52

big hug for Mrs Y []]

don't apologise for being sad, - back to work is a tough one, hope it is ok.

EdgarAllanPond Mon 24-Sep-12 13:40:27

and having had a think and look at your link - something like this as a knitted item?

MmeLindor Mon 24-Sep-12 13:41:18

Glad to see so many bids going in. Am off to have a browse and have shared on Twitter.

Well done, MrsY. Don't feel that you can't have a day off being strong. Its ok to have a rant and a scream about the fecking unfairness of it all. (((hugs)))

MmeLindor Mon 24-Sep-12 13:57:54

Can I ask about Lot 47 - the hand knitted item - what could be made with that much wool? I love the colour, but have no idea if that is enough wool for a hat, a scarf, a pair of gloves... or any of the above?

MmeLindor Mon 24-Sep-12 13:59:13

oh, sorry. Read the thread and saw that you already answered that question. Thanks.

RatherBeOnThePiste Mon 24-Sep-12 14:08:37

Thanks for the share on Twitter MmeL, much appreciated X

KnottyLocks Mon 24-Sep-12 15:12:08

MrsY, you Lovely lady , have a big hug x

I shall hear no more about you thinking you aren't amazing, because you are. <stern>

We'll save the arguing for Strictly smile wink

EdgarAllanPond Mon 24-Sep-12 15:44:54

actually, looking at ravelry, it tells you the rough amount of wool required for each project...

KnottyLocks Mon 24-Sep-12 20:18:13

We'll have you crafting in no time smile

EdgarAllanPond Mon 24-Sep-12 20:20:58

>looks at two left hands<

Wetthemogwai Tue 25-Sep-12 22:43:06

What a great idea! I REALLY want that crochet blanket (no2) it's beautiful!
I've sent the link to everyone I know, fingers crossed people can bid far more than me apart from the blanket

Either way you should be incredibly proud thanks

PurplePidjin Tue 25-Sep-12 22:51:59


EdgarAllanPond Wed 26-Sep-12 17:59:44

i notice many of the lots haven't got near their possible limit - the satnav (which would be more bought still, even without extras)), rose & rebellion carrier set, the recording sessions etc are cheaper than cost still (or I imagine they are) ..

would it be cheeky to start another thread in AIBU to promote it? or possibly in Kent Mumsnet local for the local ones? maybe on saturday, just to make sure everything gets the best possible bid? (even though this would be massively shooting myself in the foot on ones i am bidding on!)

JugglingWithPossibilities Wed 26-Sep-12 18:28:36

Not at all, Edgar.

I messaged MNHQ to see what they might be able to do to promote this further, as I love this auction. As I said to them it's kinda humanity and Mumsnet at it's best don't you think ? smile - especially all those beautifully hand-made items, like the wooley hug

RatherBeOnThePiste Wed 26-Sep-12 19:09:24

Certainly is marvellous Juggling..

And so polite, every time I've been outbid, the person apologises smile

RatherBeOnThePiste Wed 26-Sep-12 20:27:54

Arse, we seem to have lost our sticky sad

We could just keep this bumped then pistey.

I tend to ignore the stickies on active convos. smile

RowanMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 26-Sep-12 22:17:57

Sorry about de-stickying - we had a pile-up today with webchats and Q+As and whatnot.

We will try to put it back when things are quieter.


KnottyLocks Wed 26-Sep-12 22:22:30

Hola, Rowan.

Many thanks for keeping us posted.

EdgarAllanPond Wed 26-Sep-12 22:23:15

this blanket?

bloody gorgeous. Rainbow is my favourite colour, and i haven't seen anything similar in the shops.

good luck to the current highest bidder smile

PurplePidjin Thu 27-Sep-12 14:27:00

Yay we're back in the stickies. Thanks, Rowan thanks

So which of you had outbid me on the flapjacks?

EdgarAllanPond Thu 27-Sep-12 21:00:09

Not guilty!

though i seem to be a thorn in knottys side bidding up her want-items!

tis the nature of the beast, and 'ids fur charidee!'

I'm still top bidder for my item!

KnottyLocks Thu 27-Sep-12 22:10:17

The thorn has been noted!

<scribbles in Little black book>

lisad123 Thu 27-Sep-12 22:52:00

I hope who ever wins the blanket knows how much love goes into those, and how many of us could do with a woolly hug grin
Well done for this OP it's great smile

SaraBellumHertz Fri 28-Sep-12 07:30:30

Amazing - I have spread the word via Facebook. I hope you raise every penny that you deserve too

MOSagain Fri 28-Sep-12 16:06:59

woo hoo, still in the lead with my bid grin

RatherBeOnThePiste Fri 28-Sep-12 18:00:29

I am outbid on everything. <sigh>

I have one more bid to go and am doing that on Sunday, and that will be that

<fingers crossed>

MOSagain Fri 28-Sep-12 18:04:38

well if you ever want lot number 26 I'll give you mates rates wink

EdgarAllanPond Sat 29-Sep-12 17:11:54

can't take the tension till tomorrow!!


it's just like ebay...any bid could get sniped at the last moment...

nickeldaisical Sat 29-Sep-12 17:23:31

ooh, i wasn't going to bid on anything, but I've bid for one of the nappies smile

PurplePidjin Sat 29-Sep-12 18:13:06

I want them too, Nickel, but am holding off pretties until i know what fits envy

MrsY Sun 30-Sep-12 08:52:39

It's the last day today - Just about 11 hours to go!

MOSagain Sun 30-Sep-12 08:53:56

<bites nails and massages Mrs Y's tense shoulders>

PurplePidjin Sun 30-Sep-12 09:25:46


RatherBeOnThePiste Sun 30-Sep-12 14:02:46

One last bid for us, then that will be that. Hope it will be enough smile

EdgarAllanPond Sun 30-Sep-12 14:04:24

i need to check, otherwise i have no time at all to get DH a different pressie!

MOSagain Sun 30-Sep-12 16:07:06

some bugger outbid me. Wish it was like ebay where you could just put in your highest bid and it would increase it for you when outbid. We are off for dinner tonight for DD2's birthday and worried we won't be back in time.

EdgarAllanPond Sun 30-Sep-12 16:34:27

i just hope i don't forget when 8pm comes round....

MOSagain Sun 30-Sep-12 17:06:13

I think I might be skipping dessert (that I'm not allowed anyway) to rush back and bid again if I need to

PurplePidjin Sun 30-Sep-12 18:01:11

MOS, no internet on your phone??

EdgarAllanPond Sun 30-Sep-12 18:02:49

and here''s me thinking i'm the only one left who isn't mobile MNing.

KnottyLocks Sun 30-Sep-12 18:25:02

90 mins to go!

Ooooohhh! I'm still in there!! grin

prettybird Sun 30-Sep-12 18:34:51

Have now bid on two things smile.

Most things had already gone out of my price range sad

RatherBeOnThePiste Sun 30-Sep-12 18:35:57

Whoop whoop!

Am still in front, but have very little left to play with.

JugglingWithPossibilities Sun 30-Sep-12 18:38:09

Perhaps I'll be lucky with my bid ...

Am tempted to bid for more nice things now ...

RatherBeOnThePiste Sun 30-Sep-12 18:40:03

Not the socks Juggling, stay away from the socks

RatherBeOnThePiste Sun 30-Sep-12 18:40:20

and the large abstract painting

RatherBeOnThePiste Sun 30-Sep-12 18:40:28


JugglingWithPossibilities Sun 30-Sep-12 18:40:44

Flagrantly trying to get this into most active for the last hour or so ...

and probably shoot myself in the foot re. my bid !

JugglingWithPossibilities Sun 30-Sep-12 18:43:08

Ooh, woolly socks - they'd keep my tootsies warm all winter long grin

- and look very fetching I'm sure with my trusty cardi - as seen on Saturday night at the Shindig grin

I am focussing on one item now. So I have a little bit more to play with! Eek!

RatherBeOnThePiste Sun 30-Sep-12 18:52:24

You'd hate them Juggling, they really wouldn't go with your cardi

KnottyLocks Sun 30-Sep-12 18:56:34

Step away from my socks!

Only an hour, it's quite exciting isn't it, even if nothing I've bid for is the highest amount. smile

Ooh I need some socks .......

RatherBeOnThePiste Sun 30-Sep-12 19:05:11

Fizzy, was just thinking that, my feet are quite chilly you know.....

I'm much further north than you. Socks are a must have essential!

RatherBeOnThePiste Sun 30-Sep-12 19:08:20

Fizzy - I think you will find I have bigger feet so there is greater potential to get chilly, so I need the socks more.


True my titchy trotters still fit in kids socks!

Plus I'm used to the cold <hardy beast> unlike you softie southerners!

RatherBeOnThePiste Sun 30-Sep-12 19:13:06

I made that up, I had no idea of the size of your trotters FizzyOne, but clearly it makes sense.

prettybird Sun 30-Sep-12 19:15:19

My two bids are still holding! smile

RatherBeOnThePiste Sun 30-Sep-12 19:26:21

Am outbid again

One last snipe bid at two mins to eight, not holding out hope here

Oh no, it wasn't me

prettybird Sun 30-Sep-12 19:30:42

Shouldn't have mentioned it - have now been outbid on both. Need to have a serious think..... hmm

RatherBeOnThePiste Sun 30-Sep-12 19:31:35

I think there will be a lot of bidding in the next 30 mins tbh

RatherBeOnThePiste Sun 30-Sep-12 19:31:53

And that is fab for the auction!

KnottyLocks Sun 30-Sep-12 19:39:15

My Socks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

EdgarAllanPond Sun 30-Sep-12 19:41:03

20 mins

>nervous fiddle<

Is there a page where all the current bids are displayed, or do we have to go onto each page individually?

RatherBeOnThePiste Sun 30-Sep-12 19:47:22

Think it is each page individually

MOSagain Sun 30-Sep-12 19:48:41

Thank god, stuffed down dessert and home in time grin
purple no, bloody internet on phone is a bit like DH, works very occasionally but never really when needed.
Thankfully still in lead grin

MOSagain Sun 30-Sep-12 19:49:18

<chews nails>

RatherBeOnThePiste Sun 30-Sep-12 19:49:38

Pay attention MOS, we've all been outbid!

EdgarAllanPond Sun 30-Sep-12 19:50:16


no-ones sniped me yet...

Squeaky bum time!

RatherBeOnThePiste Sun 30-Sep-12 19:54:01

not sniping time Eggy

Between this and the Ryder cup tonight I might have a heart attack!

MrsY Sun 30-Sep-12 19:55:17

Five minutes - eeep!

EdgarAllanPond Sun 30-Sep-12 19:56:24

5 minutes!!! wahhhhh !

Ok my best and final bid is in. I need a beta blocker or something!

MrsY Sun 30-Sep-12 20:01:22

Success, Pistey!

MrsY what happens whe. 2 people make the same bid in the last minute?? <anxious>

Wetthemogwai Sun 30-Sep-12 20:05:07

Did I win?! Did I win?! <runs to check>

Wetthemogwai Sun 30-Sep-12 20:06:00

I woooooooon!!!

Wetthemogwai Sun 30-Sep-12 20:06:17

Now what?

Having a calming profiteroles stack to recover!

KnottyLocks Sun 30-Sep-12 20:24:08

Bah to me socks sad

I think I won my lot. Will just have to wait it out.

The last bid on the Woolly hug was an amazing £250!!

prettybird Sun 30-Sep-12 20:41:48

The lady bidding against me for the scarf, which is what I really wanted seemed to have more money than sense really serious as she had also put in impressive bids on quite a few other things, so I gave up.

Lots of lovely lolly for Sands though smile which is the important thing.


RatherBeOnThePiste Sun 30-Sep-12 20:50:12

smile too

KnottyLocks Sun 30-Sep-12 20:52:54

Very smile

KnottyLocks Sun 30-Sep-12 20:53:25

And grin because The socks are mine!

Well done Knotty!

Solo Sun 30-Sep-12 20:57:54

<secret smile!>

PurplePidjin Sun 30-Sep-12 20:58:59

Sorry, missed the excitement while helping a sleep-deprived friend with her 14mo...

Fantastic results grin

MrsY Sun 30-Sep-12 21:12:52

prettybird, said lady is Benedict's aunt - think she got a bit carried away!

RatherBeOnThePiste Sun 30-Sep-12 21:12:53

I won!

RatherBeOnThePiste Sun 30-Sep-12 21:13:01

and I have paid!

prettybird Sun 30-Sep-12 21:15:29

Then I'm really glad she got the scarf smile MrsY.

EdgarAllanPond Sun 30-Sep-12 21:15:36

hurray for the socks!!

Yay! I won the name banner! Will take pride of place in DSs bedroom!

Well done everyone who won their lots. The totalizer is already at nearly £1000! Wow.

MmeLindor Sun 30-Sep-12 21:34:31

oooh, who snapped the lovely Three Irish Girls wool away from me then?

Well done, what a fab result.

RatherBeOnThePiste Sun 30-Sep-12 21:36:29

Fizzy! I am so delighted for you, huzzah!

I won, and I have paid. smile

KnottyLocks Sun 30-Sep-12 22:14:24

Huge thanks to everyone who has supported this in any way. Big [stars] to you all. smile

JugglingWithPossibilities Sun 30-Sep-12 22:16:10

Yay ! I got the SatNav grin

Thanks to all .... no more getting lost, or arguments with DH smile

A WIN win ! (the little one is for the babies xxx)

MrsY Sun 30-Sep-12 23:08:57

Juggling and DutchOma, don't forget to message me in some way/shape/form with your details so I can pass them on to the relevent peeps...

yani Sun 30-Sep-12 23:26:19

Brilliant auction. What did the wooly hug go for in the end?
Mrs Y Can't tell you how much I admire you for doing this.
Congratulations to all the winners x

MrsY Sun 30-Sep-12 23:30:03

Thanks yani

Woolly Hug raised £25o, and is going to a very deserving home. thanks

Wetthemogwai Sun 30-Sep-12 23:32:35

How do I pay for it? Is it on the donation link?

Wetthemogwai Sun 30-Sep-12 23:33:16

Never mind, found the bumf. Blonde moment!

KnottyLocks Mon 01-Oct-12 07:32:05

The totaliser has hit £1900 smile

MrsY, so delighted for you. x

PurplePidjin Mon 01-Oct-12 07:35:15

Wow shock

MOSagain Mon 01-Oct-12 07:49:57

grin fabulous result. Will get the little darlings to school then work out how to pay.
Don't suppose anyone in the Maidstone area needs a babysitte? blush

MOSagain Mon 01-Oct-12 07:50:34

Arse! babysitter even blush

Not Maidstone, but not that far away ..... Edinburgh? grin

Could you sell a kidney?

PurplePidjin Mon 01-Oct-12 10:12:13

Lymington close enough? I have a friend in need wink

nickeldaisical Mon 01-Oct-12 10:23:59

I won the orange stripey nappy! grin


Pidj - It said it was a one-size, and I'm happy to take my chances for a good cause!

nickeldaisical Mon 01-Oct-12 10:31:49

ah, bugger.
I used my paypal account, but DH has agreed to pay for it so that he can do Gift Aid.
But it comes up as my name, because it's my PayPal account, and now I'll have to pay the Gift Aid in my tax return.


<opens Tax return spreadsheet to mark it on otherwise that won't be remembered in April next year>

PurplePidjin Mon 01-Oct-12 10:36:53

OSFM means you can guarantee it won't fit mine grin Congratulations thanks

nickeldaisical Mon 01-Oct-12 11:55:05

hope it does fit!

JugglingWithPossibilities Mon 01-Oct-12 12:02:30

Hi MOS - My sister lives near Maidstone and I could give her the babysitter offer as a present ? PM me perhaps ? What was the bid ?

MOSagain Mon 01-Oct-12 12:17:12

LOL, If she wants it she is welcome, am just paying now. I just thought it would be a nice little pressie for our lovely MrsY and her hubby who have worked so hard and organised all this and thought they could do with a night out. Of course, I should have read the small print! blush
RL kicking in at moment, baking a cake for DDs birthday and trying to find/wrap presents but will PM later x

JugglingWithPossibilities Mon 01-Oct-12 14:12:45

Ah, that was a nice idea MOS.

Would be nice for my sister too - she could do with a night out I think. My niece has recently had some treatment at GOSH, but/and is now doing well smile

MOSagain Mon 01-Oct-12 16:18:38

oh your poor DS. Well, she can have the babysitter and taxi for a night out as I'm guessing MrsY doesn't need it grin GOSH is one of the two main charities I support as my brother was treated there for some time before he died sad
Will PM you later ref details and sort out how you can book it.

JugglingWithPossibilities Mon 01-Oct-12 16:55:37

Thanks MOS thanks
Will discuss details through PM.
Hope the cake came out well and DD has a Happy Birthday !
Sorry to hear about your brother sad

MOSagain Mon 01-Oct-12 17:17:55

cake was lovely thanks, DD and the rest of them loved it and I was a bit naughty and had a teeny weeny bit (for quality control purposes only) wink
Have paid for my lots and will let Mrs Y know that you will have it. Are you on her FB?

JugglingWithPossibilities Mon 01-Oct-12 17:27:12

No, not on her FB. Have tried to contact via PM but my "message poster" didn't seem to be working today. Perhaps I'll try it again in a mo ...
I was imagining paying for the baby-sitting night, though not quite sure how ....
Perhaps if I made a donation to the account, and we could just double donate on that item ? How does that sound ? Or of course I could re-imburse you ?
(Sounds like you do give to charity quite regularly though, which is why I mention the double donate idea ?)

MOSagain Tue 02-Oct-12 07:58:47

Hi Juggling, honestly, you don't need to pay me anything, I've already paid and am quite happy for your sister to have the babysitting night, assuming MrsY is sure she doesn't want it wink
If PM is working ok, let me have your name/sisters name and I'll pass it onto her so she knows who is having it.
If you'd like to make a donation that would be a lovely idea but only if you are able.

I'm so pleased MrsY has raised so much money in memory of her darling Benedict who will never be forgotten x

JugglingWithPossibilities Tue 02-Oct-12 13:20:14

Oh you're just lovely MOS. Thanks so much thanks

(I need someone to be nice to me today as a lot of hassle at work about crazy stuff arghhhh !)

I'll see if I'm any luckier with PM today ...

Remembering Benedict x

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