Woolly Thank Yous

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purplepidjin Wed 31-Aug-11 20:31:56

A little thread so I can acknowledge people who have sent squares for the Blankets (Magic8ball, Whatevertheweather and Cheeseandgherkins) and also so that folk know their kindness has arrived safely!

JemimaMuddledUp [star]

Vajazzler (donor) and Rubycon (crafter) [star] [star]

CalRabbit [star]

Soupdragon [star]

Initals MB who did tell me her squares were on their way but I've forgotten the username blush possibly 100years who I know is working to a tight deadline [star]

I have 24 squares already shock which is a 3'x2' blanket all on it's own!

SoupDragon Wed 31-Aug-11 21:03:38

My donor was TimeForCake. I think. Something to do with time and cake anyway blush

100years Wed 31-Aug-11 21:15:24

I am indeed M.B smile glad they have arrived. Thanks for the thread about it. Great to know you've had a good batch so far smile

[star] to all involved

TimeForCake Wed 31-Aug-11 22:03:46

T'was me, yes, soup! Thanks for doing our squares so well. They'll look great smile. (Going to try and learn to crochet now).

purplepidjin Thu 01-Sep-11 14:32:11

Today's post brought woolly lovelies from

MumWithTheDragonTattoo [star]


RatherBeOnThePiste (or whatever random namechange you're under) [star]

I will be taking them camping with me and will make WTW's blanket in time for the funeral sad

purplepidjin Mon 05-Sep-11 11:08:57

Thank you's over the weekend to:

Coffeeandchocolateplease [star]

PurpleKnittingMum [star]

And two sent recorded I need to get into town and fetch! As I got home from a weekend camping at 1am this morning, that's likely to be tomorrow blush

purplepidjin Mon 05-Sep-11 11:48:38

Meow75 [star] just dropped through my letter box grin

KnottyLocks Mon 05-Sep-11 11:50:27

Marking my space in an attempt to keep track of things. smile

Oh sorry purple that's my fault, one of those will be mine. I didn't want them to go missing on the way so sent them recorded. There's a surprise for you as well in there so worth going to the PO. smile

purplepidjin Mon 05-Sep-11 15:51:36

Need some energy first, Bear! I'm actually contemplating an afternoon nap shock Camping always makes me tired, then DP kept stopping on the way home because i mentioned I might like to use a clean loo at some point if he was stopping anyway. The trouble was, it took 4 service stations to find one so my attempts to sleep in the car were (kindly) thwarted! Meh, collections office isn't open til tomorrow now anyway, and the bunny like it at his grandparents... zzzzzzzzzzzz

purplepidjin Tue 06-Sep-11 11:38:40

Today my poor drenched postman (yes, he was a bloke) brought me woolly lovelies from

DutchOma [star]

PuddleofPiddle [star]

Thank you!

purplepidjin Wed 07-Sep-11 11:56:03

Picked up from the sorting office this morning:

BearGryllsBra [star]

LatteLady [star]

Poor Postdude, groaning under the weight, brought woolliness from:

WhoremoaneeGranger [star]

Hulababy and Angelpantser [star] [star]

Anonymous 6 in green, pink and cream [star]

Pinkthechaffinch [star]

Georgimama and Thumbwithc [star] [star]

BatteryHen and RedHeadGal [star] [star]

Thank you, everyone! [star]

WhoremoaneeGrainger Wed 07-Sep-11 13:24:07

Think you and knotty deserve one of these (if MNHQ would let us)

\ /
/_ _\

Sort of thing..

WhoremoaneeGrainger Wed 07-Sep-11 13:26:51

Well that didnt work did it? Bloody thing!

Oh glad to see mine have arrived!

That'll be me blush Forgot to put any info in! The pink, cream and green!

gapants Wed 07-Sep-11 22:03:38

oh no, you should have mine by now I would have thought, posted on Monday...feck feck feck.

4 pale blue squares, 2 hearts, one basket weave and one a diagonal design thingy.

purplepidjin Wed 07-Sep-11 22:43:32

I'll check in the morning, gapants. I've been staring at Reed and Office Angels for the last three hours job hunting <tears out hair>

purplepidjin Thu 08-Sep-11 10:00:29

Not yet, Ga, but that doesn't mean they won't turn up today [star]

peeoffkitty Thu 08-Sep-11 10:13:29

I've done one square and am hoping to get another 2 out of my ball of wool. when is the last date for sending off?

purplepidjin Thu 08-Sep-11 10:45:37

Tomorrow to me for magic8, peeoff, and Saturday 17th to Knotty for Cheese and WTW [star]

Pinot Thu 08-Sep-11 10:55:01

Purple, the squares for Magic8 and WTW made with my wool and by Songbird are ready to be sent. I'll get on it straight away smile

purplepidjin Thu 08-Sep-11 11:06:22

Ooh, yay, nice postlady today! Here goes on the opening...

Appleblossoms [star]

Trumpton [star]

Gapants [star] (See?? See??)

MrsFred [star]

Tsil and theglove [star] [star] awesome awesome cats!! get a piccy up, missis!

Herbietea [star]

<note to self, purple/green combo must only be used for Magic's>

I promise I will do my best to remember everyone's wishes. I'll take the notes with me to meet Ivy so we can sort through [worried about screwing up emoticon]

gapants Thu 08-Sep-11 11:32:48

Oh thank goodness! So relieved. Thank you for doing this and all the joining up. (star)

trumpton Thu 08-Sep-11 11:38:58

And [star] to you too. I am back in bed with a flare up of tooth infection ( stupid tooth isn't even there any more !!) waiting for more antibiotics and feeling rubbish. sad

purplepidjin Thu 08-Sep-11 12:03:35

<hot water bottle and peace for trumpton>

KnottyLocks Fri 09-Sep-11 10:22:06

Trumpton, hoping those antibiotics work very quickly.

WTW's squares have started to arrive.

Thanks to Meow [star]

And to Sauv for the woolly parcel and lovely note [star]

WhoremoaneeGrainger Fri 09-Sep-11 11:13:55

KNotty - can you let me know who sent me the beige wool for WTW and Cheeseand gherkins? I think RL inititials maybe NL??? WOuld just like to say thanks, is all.

Have two already done from leftovers i had bought myself, will try and get two more done over the w/e and get them out to you. Can i do a stripey one??
My DD (9) is learning to knit and i have let her do a couple of stitches on each one, so she feels she has helped, bless her.

May get some more wool in and just keep on making them, as i forgot how much i enjoyed knitting blush.

KnottyLocks Fri 09-Sep-11 11:24:15

Whoremoanee, this [star] is for your DD. How very lovely of her.

Stripes, spots, whatever you like as long as it's 6" square grin.
I'll PM you your donor's name.

purplepidjin Fri 09-Sep-11 12:01:38

[star] for minimoan (I can't bring myself to call her your username)

Why not get some and make a blanket together for her bed?

purplepidjin Sat 10-Sep-11 11:15:57

Yesterday's because I was at work all day and am only just opening the post!

Anonymous pink heart square from Plymouth [star]

Prettycandles [star]

Bupcakes and Itsthawooluff [star] [star]

Nice postman just popped today's through the kitchen window

NunTheWiser all the way from OZ shock [star]

Pinot and SongBirdsKeepSinging [star] [star]

DaisySteiner [star]

Anonymous dark blue [star]

DairyBeetle [star]

LadyWellian [star]

KnottyLocks Sat 10-Sep-11 11:45:41

And at my house:

SongBird [star]

Piste [star]

Oh good glad mine arrived, was very quick only sent yesterday smile [stars to postie] [stars for knotty and pidj]

Pidj can squiffy square be saved or is there no hope for him?

KnottyLocks Sat 10-Sep-11 12:16:32

Piste, thanks also for the note and the energy booster. I hid the booster from the boys and snaffled it as soon as they went out grin

purplepidjin Sat 10-Sep-11 12:18:51

Song, squiffy square is beautiful and will most definitely be saved with a contrasting crochet border. DP agrees (I don't normally discuss wooly things with him, but this one was important!)

Disclaimer: I only keep the woolly things away from DP so that he will keep football things away from me wink

LadyWellian Sat 10-Sep-11 13:07:14

Glad mine have arrived, Pidj. I almost forgot and had to interrogate the postman as to whether he had emptied the box yet.

So our collecting postman is a good egg but I am not so sure about the delivering one, as ComeWhineWithMe posted me two balls last weekend for the WTW and C&G blankets, and they have not arrived. sad

Oh I'm glad squiffy can be saved pidj smile thanks again, and thanks to mr pidj for his input into saving squiffy.

KnottyLocks Mon 12-Sep-11 13:53:28

Today's postie has brought me wonderful squares from:

Rubycon [star]

Alibubbles [star]

purplepidjin Mon 12-Sep-11 21:39:37

Squiffy has acquired a purple border, and will probably get another layer of pink added - I have some the same shade from someone else - if I have enough of it. Or possibly blue of which I have several miles...

Today I received a slightly damp offering from PosterofaWolef [star] and an entire family of cuddly bears for the raffle from PurpleKnittingMum [star] along with squares for the blanket grin

I will post pics tomorrow if i can keep my shaking hands still before my interview

KnottyLocks Mon 12-Sep-11 22:48:01

Good luck, Pidj.

<big squidge>

purplepidjinawoollytangle Mon 12-Sep-11 22:52:18

<twirl's new name>

Thank you! bears will be making their way to you on Friday along with the raffle blanket if that's ok? Do you think I'll get funny looks sewing in the ends on the train?

KnottyLocks Mon 12-Sep-11 22:59:41

Sod 'em grin

Let me know what time you are getting in and I'll come to get you.

purplepidjinawoollytangle Mon 12-Sep-11 23:05:27

The one you said - 9:41 [star] 'tis to the big city Harbour station, yes?

KnottyLocks Mon 12-Sep-11 23:10:36

Bloody hell, I've got to do transport arrangements too? grin

KnottyLocks Mon 12-Sep-11 23:11:17

Mind you, you will be carrying a blanket. I'll consider it a blanket relay. I'll PM you.

Yey for squiffy!

Good luck with your interview!

purplepidjinawoollytangle Tue 13-Sep-11 08:59:20

A blanket, a couple of hundred squares and half a dozen teddies...

Hi purple have you got my squares yet??

purplepidjinawoollytangle Tue 13-Sep-11 11:39:59

Lydia, I just clicked on the thread to say they'd arrived! [star]

Also Skinnymuffin [star]

StickThemWithThePointyEnd Tue 13-Sep-11 12:34:27

Squares at my house for Magic8 blanket from
Lia66 [star]
Muser [star]

and all of mine, of course. even just the twelve squares I have here are almost big enough for a little pram blanket smile

KnottyLocks Tue 13-Sep-11 12:56:16

At my house today, squares from
Coffeeand chocolateplease [star]

skinnymuffin Tue 13-Sep-11 13:37:42

Ooh lovely my squares have arrived! I hope they are ok.

Good luck with sewing the blankets all together, I'm sure they are going to be beautiful smile

[Star] for all the organisers and makers.

RatherBeOnThePiste Tue 13-Sep-11 15:57:20

Wow - completely missed the existence of this thread grin but what an amazing lot of woolly squares are travelling around the country at the mo. Fab

posterofawolef Tue 13-Sep-11 16:27:30

Sorry Pidjin, it's damp here in Wales! grin

KnottyLocks Tue 13-Sep-11 16:29:38

I've had to let my postie in on it. He thinks the blankets are a marvellous thing and will tuck any parcels too big for my letterbox (which is titchy) in a safe place rather than take them back to the depot.

So a [star] for my postie too.

purplepidjinawoollytangle Tue 13-Sep-11 17:21:44

Poster, I assumed it was last-minute blocking!!

Giant [star] for Knotty's postie - if there was anywhere sensible to leave stuff round here I'm pretty sure mine would too. Unfortunately, my English speaking neighbours are twats and my trustworthy, nice neighbours don't speak much English!

Glad the ones I've done have arrived. I think I've mastered m1, so am trying to do the next one from the corner, as my attempts to knit a 6" edge have been so stressful (and unsuccessful) so far.

[star] to all donors and crafters and DOUBLE [STAR] to PurplePidjin and KnottyLocks. I am excited to see what the blankets will eventually look like.

Thumbwitch Wed 14-Sep-11 01:40:47

this star for knotty and pidjin smile

So glad it's going well - all the squares I've seen photos of look beautiful and the end products are going to be fabulous, I just know it. [star]s all round.

purplepidjinawoollytangle Wed 14-Sep-11 06:48:24

Oooooooh pweeeetty grin

KnottyLocks Wed 14-Sep-11 07:08:23

Oh that's a splendid one! Thanks, Thumb.

And for my [double star] Meow grin

posterofawolef Wed 14-Sep-11 13:30:49

more last second! i foolishly hoped they would dry in 4hours. blush

KnottyLocks Wed 14-Sep-11 13:35:03

Today's very lovely squares are from

DutchOma [star]

StitchingMoss Wed 14-Sep-11 17:23:53

purple, are you sure the family of teddy bears were from purpleknittingmum? I only ask cos I posted 5 on Friday, plus 5 squares and wondered if they'd arrived? blush

purplepidjinawoollytangle Wed 14-Sep-11 17:32:02

No not totally, I may have overlooked the name on the envelope and misremembered the name blush

StitchingMoss Wed 14-Sep-11 17:37:28

grin one of the bears had two different coloured legs and arms - does that sound familiar?

purplepidjinawoollytangle Wed 14-Sep-11 17:45:12

<Pidj is now stripped of all [star]s and Top Hooker badge>

Sorry blush

StitchingMoss Wed 14-Sep-11 17:48:45

grin I wasn't worried about not getting a thank you, just wanted to check they hadn't got lost!g

purplepidjinawoollytangle Wed 14-Sep-11 18:10:45

Yeah but if I can't even get that right how am I going to keep track of which squares are for each blanket <head explodes>

purplepidjinawoollytangle Wed 14-Sep-11 22:01:08

Today I got what is probably my last square

Lastyearsmodel [star]

I also finished Squiffy Square

And made a teddy for the raffle grin

Aww pidj squiffy square looks all grown up now! Thank you for saving him grin I will remember him fondly for always grin

Vajazzler Thu 15-Sep-11 06:35:42

Wow! I missed this thread too.
If any more wool is needed just let me know and i can donate some more. Not sure who i donated to lasted time as i was only given an address but i too think everyone deserves a [star].

prolificwillybreeder Thu 15-Sep-11 08:00:21

PM me purple if you need more wool smile
Sadly my skills are somewhat lacking in the creating sense.

KnottyLocks Thu 15-Sep-11 09:25:34

Vajazzler and Prolific , I'll need some wool to edge both Whatevertheweather's and Cheese's blankets.
Not sure what colour will be best yet: I'll need to see how the squares look together first.
Can I get back to you both once I've worked out what colours I need?

prolificwillybreeder Thu 15-Sep-11 09:35:53

Of course, no problem smile

purplepidjinawoollytangle Thu 15-Sep-11 10:23:06

I've got 2 balls of blue, that should be plenty as the edging (the one I've been doing) takes less than a ball. Might be worth checking with Ivy and Lydia to see what they've planned?

Vajazzler, yours went to Rubycon, it's ^^ up there, you've got a [star] grin

Hi! im glad my squares got there safely! I forgot to put the name of my donors in but the squares will be split betweenthe one i'm sewing up and the ones your're doing purple, any-whooooooooooooo...my donors were lewisfan, ripstheir and lavita.

For the blanket im sewing together i was just going to see what the squares are like and use the debbie bliss yarn from my shop that goes with it best to do the borders x

purplepidjinawoollytangle Thu 15-Sep-11 11:48:52

That sounds like a good idea, Lydia - and a mahooooooosive [star] for you. Please don't bankrupt yourself over this, though grin

KnottyLocks Thu 15-Sep-11 14:10:47

Postie's been grin

Today's parcels of woolly loveliness are from:

Puddleofpiddle [star]

PurpleKnittingMum [star]

Gingercurl [star]

And a parcel with no name containing 3 raspberry pink squares. [star]

LatteLady Fri 16-Sep-11 19:41:28

Mine will be at the PO in the morning...

KnottyLocks Sat 17-Sep-11 12:02:59

Parcels arriving today from:

Georgimama and Thumbwitch [star]

WhoremoaneeGrainger [star]

Whenisitmysleepytime [star]

The Glove & HairyPotter [star]

BearGryllsBra [star] (Am munching the starry treats now, ta grin )

Georgimama Sat 17-Sep-11 12:13:33

fab - if you can read my handwriting serious kudos to you.

You're welcome smile Glad it got there safe and sound Knotty, I don't envy you the task of sewing them all together though - I would be rubbish at that, I have no patience!

theglove Sat 17-Sep-11 12:20:39

Yes, good luck with all the sewing
[star] to you too smile

Thumbwitch Sat 17-Sep-11 12:43:26

Georgi - you is ver' clever, innit! grin
Have just looked at your photos and love what you've done.[star]
Thank you for being my crafter smile

Georgimama Sat 17-Sep-11 13:03:34

Thank you, I wanted to knit the initials in but ran out of time so I did a blank square and embroidered the initials on.

glad it arrived safely! smile
good luck with the sewing [star]

KnottyLocks Mon 19-Sep-11 11:47:19

Mystery solved. The parcel of pink squares are from:

Don'twantanickname [star]

Postie's not been yet if anyone's watching smile

KnottyLocks Mon 19-Sep-11 12:17:16

Two parcels full of woolly loveliness from:

LatteLady [star]

Posterofawolef [star]

Georgimama Tue 20-Sep-11 10:31:44

Any random green squares arriving in next day or two will be from my mum.

Thumbwitch Tue 20-Sep-11 12:00:21

Sorry to intrude this on this lovely thread of thankyous, I know it isn't really the right place but the other two threads have been less active so I wanted to post it somewhere people would see.

www.mumsnet.com/Talk/bereavement/1302293-My-newborn-girl-is-going-to-die-not-sure-what-to-do-now Please have a look at this and consider whether or not there might be a case for another blanket?

Thumbwitch Tue 20-Sep-11 12:26:49

Oh oh oh - am not exactly sorry that I posted that previous post but it comes out that the OP's baby is not going to die after all, which is fantastic news for her so feel free to ignore my suggestion entirely. smile

KnottyLocks Tue 20-Sep-11 12:43:11

Cheers, Thumb. We were on stand-by after reading that thread. I am so very very pleased we can stand down smile

KnottyLocks Tue 20-Sep-11 13:11:46

Today's woolly treasures are from:

GetOnYourDancingShoes [star]

AngelPantser [star]

Tsil [star]

Piste [star] And thanks for my sweeties and badge grin <munches>

And a brown envelope folded over with 3 lilac squares, including 1 moss stitch. It cost 76p to post but there's no other markings, no postmark, no postcode,no note, nowt.

<steams off stamp for future use>

KnottyLocks Wed 21-Sep-11 07:03:25

Morning all smile

I have my proper job today so won't be adding squares to the shout outs thread until later in the day.

KnottyLocks Wed 21-Sep-11 16:08:37

Woolly offerings today from:

Soupy [star]

PrettyCandles [star]

And a special delivery parcel which I'll collect when I can.

LadyWellian Wed 21-Sep-11 17:56:03

Knotty - squares dry, finished, parcelled up, addressed and in my bag but the arsebollocking post office here seems to shut early on a Wednesday (how provincial! grin) so yet another day goes by that they are not on their way. Tomorrow, I promise. [not my fault this time emoticon]

[stars] all round for all the efficient people!

KnottyLocks Wed 21-Sep-11 18:09:56

Oh those arsebollocking post offices, eh? grin

I'm sure they'll be worth the wait.

KnottyLocks Wed 21-Sep-11 18:28:14


Thought I'd post donors too.
The following donor's woolly squares are now with me.
Your knitters and crocheteers did a wonderful job for you smile

MrsDBouquet [star]
Lia66 [star]
TinyWeeTeeth [star]
Pinot [star]
Thumbwitch [star]
Hairypotter [star]
MilkNoSugar [star]
HollyGoHeavily [star]
Chazsbrilliantattitude [star]
TimeForCake [star]
HotSummerNights [star]
Coffeeismyfriend [star]
Quicklookbusy [star]
Shoulddohousework [star]
HerRoyalNotness [star]
Crazynanna [star]
Mouseface [star]

YougreatPamplemousse Wed 21-Sep-11 18:52:51

Knotty - I am not sure who my donor was or if you have any squares from it - can you check and let me know!

YougreatPamplemousse Wed 21-Sep-11 18:53:20

not my donor but my recipient - I am a donor confused

KnottyLocks Wed 21-Sep-11 22:52:39

Pamplemousse, yet again you try to confuse me grin

I think 'yours' may be here, but arrived unnamed.

I'm investigating.

<dons deerstalker>

<lights pipe>

<forgoes violin playing for fear of attracting neighbourhood cats rather than lack of talent>


YougreatPamplemousse Thu 22-Sep-11 09:42:33

Knotty - I think it is my inner crocheter trying to escape and that would not be pretty!! One day if I every master any wool craft I may well be a recipient of wool!

I posted a "square" yesterday, in double white envelope. I'm better at k2tog and ssk than m1l and m1r. I promise to keep practising

Utterly skint until payday tomorrow but I didn't want to hang onto it for any longer (I finished it on Sunday), so had to resort to multiple second class stamps to get it to you!!

KnottyLocks Thu 22-Sep-11 22:48:19

Meow, it's here! [star]

It'll go in, don't you worry. It'll be nice and snuggly in with the others smile

TinyPawz Thu 22-Sep-11 22:59:35

And a brown envelope folded over with 3 lilac squares, including 1 moss stitch. It cost 76p to post but there's no other markings, no postmark, no postcode,no note, nowt.

I think that may be mine.....now what the hell is moss stitch confused.

TinyPawz Thu 22-Sep-11 23:00:13

Oh it came from Belfast.....just in case you were wondering.

KnottyLocks Thu 22-Sep-11 23:15:20

Aha! That sounds like yours, TinyPawz.

Moss stitch looks like this

KnottyLocks Thu 22-Sep-11 23:18:35

So, we can now say:

TinyPaws [star]

Meow [star]

And the other squares today from:

OpheliaBumps [star]

TinyPawz Thu 22-Sep-11 23:23:26

See that is just knit one purl one to me (knitting neophyte) grin

KnottyLocks Thu 22-Sep-11 23:29:08

That's exactly what it is grin

I love moss stitch: it feels very snuggly.

KnottyLocks Fri 23-Sep-11 11:08:59

Morning all smile

Today's lovely woolly squares are from:

Duchess [star]

KateeTheBump [star]

Trumpton [star]

LadyWellian [star]

MoaningMinnieWhingesAgain [star]

Moanna [star]

Thank you for all the lovely notes and cards smile

KnottyLocks Fri 23-Sep-11 11:13:35

Donors, your squares have arrived!

2Tired2bewitty [star]

LilithMoon [star]

YouAreKidding [star]

ComeWhineWithMe [star]

WeNeedToTalkAboutSauvignon [star]

trumpton Fri 23-Sep-11 11:40:20

Gosh that was quick ! posted yesterday morning. I look forward to seeing photos of finished blankets.

LadyWellian Fri 23-Sep-11 11:48:01

Trumpton I posted at 4.45 yesterday afternoon! Sometimes the arsebollocking Post Office does get the job done grin

KnottyLocks Sat 24-Sep-11 12:08:59

Oh bless the arsebollocking Post Office.

Today's package is from:

Gapants [star]

Just posted another one, but forgot to say it was from me.blush

It's a horizontal stripey one in a recycled white envelope, and my favourite so far. It's the first time I've done fairly narrow stripes like that. I enjoyed the variety. smile

I wish I could knit. How do I donate wool?

KnottyLocks Sat 24-Sep-11 18:38:18

Exit, we're currently working on 5 blankets with the last of the squares coming in the next few days.

However, I will probably need some more wool to finish off the last of these, if you are happy to donate some wool for that.

As much as we hope we never have to do another blanket project, life doesn't quite work like that.

If you'd like to be involved, please PM me.

duchesse Sun 25-Sep-11 11:34:28

Glad you got them!

Ladyface Sun 25-Sep-11 21:16:44

Mine is the anonymous pink heart with a Plymouth postmark. Was on holiday in Cornwall when I finished it and didn't have anything to write a note on. I had to seal it up with one of dd's stickers as I had no sellotape! Glad it arrived safely.

KnottyLocks Mon 26-Sep-11 14:49:11

Today's arrival:

Piste [star]

The choc buttons fell into my mouth shortly after the school run grin

Knotty - I have PMd you.....

pinkthechaffinch Mon 26-Sep-11 17:15:20


these are for you thanks

KnottyLocks Mon 26-Sep-11 17:19:24

I've just posted about those on the other thread grin

MNHQ's thread about it here

thanks to all.

Can I just say I'm really touched by what you've all done, reading this thanks

KnottyLocks Mon 26-Sep-11 17:38:37

Thank you.smile
If you want to see whatelse we've been up to, have a look in the Arts and Crafts topic.

I think we've had somewhere like 400-500 people involved in these projects this year. There are some bloody wonderful people here.

OliviaMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 26-Sep-11 23:16:48

Moving this to Arts & Crafts to save the server eating it up after 90 days

crazynanna Mon 26-Sep-11 23:19:43

<coughs> it's bracket-thanks-bracket thanks like that smile

KnottyLocks Mon 26-Sep-11 23:27:58

thanks Olivia grin

[star] wink

OliviaMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 26-Sep-11 23:29:41


crazynanna Mon 26-Sep-11 23:30:21


KnottyLocks Mon 26-Sep-11 23:36:01

Nanna, behave yerself grin

Olivia, can you knit or crochet? grin

crazynanna Mon 26-Sep-11 23:39:48

Yes,Knotty. Sorry Olivia grin
It's ok. It's new. It get's some getting used too.

crazynanna Mon 26-Sep-11 23:40:53

get's? takes now I am blush

greenzebra Wed 28-Sep-11 10:33:38

I been looking through the threads of your knitters and crochet circle, it great work you are doing, can I request that pictures of the blankets be put up also would love to see what they look like after they are done.

I am a crocheter my mum taught me, Im not as good as some on here but would be happy to help in future projects.

Maybe also the knitter crocheter group should be given a name like Super Wooleys. Or something to that effect.

OliviaMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 28-Sep-11 21:39:08

I cant but I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to learn.
Any clever MN crafters near me? Herts/Essex??

KnottyLocks Wed 28-Sep-11 22:59:28

Olivia, Pidj and I may well be visiting in the near future. We'll bring our hooks grin

Meanwhile, I've had a loooooong day at work and am working again tomorrow so will update Tomorrow night.

SoupDragon Thu 29-Sep-11 08:04:01

Olivia, I taught myself in July from a book called "crochet unravelled" and haven't looked back. And I was a failed knitter as a child, much to my grandmother's disappointment.

OliviaMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 29-Sep-11 09:39:14

Soupy, do you mean this one? 
Looks quite complicated???
Or is that a pic from later in the book??
<hijack over>

Pinot Thu 29-Sep-11 09:41:15

<joins in Olivias hijack>

I'd love to learn too - what sort of things can you crochet? blush All I remember as a child is my Nans doilies and stuff - I assume it's more razzle-dazzle than that now? I love crafts and am trying to learn new stuff...if anyone can help?

SoupDragon Thu 29-Sep-11 10:07:35

Yes that's the one... and that's a page from after you've learnt all the basic stitches smile

KnottyLocks Thu 29-Sep-11 16:26:06

Olivia, don't you start that wibbling woman! Have a go smile
Like Soupy, I also taught myself to crochet this year and here I am putting together blankets.
We've had people learn to knit especially to be a part of these projects.

Reach for the [stars]


KnottyLocks Thu 29-Sep-11 16:32:40

Pinot, the world's yer lobster. Have a look to see if there are any crochet courses or 'Stitch and Bitch' evenings in your local area. It is easier if someone can show you where you are going right and wrong.

Oooooooooo, what can you make apart from blankets and toilet dollies? Hats, scarves, gloves, belts, clothing, necklaces, rings, bracelets, flowers, birds, toys, bags... and loads more. Just google crochet images and you'll get a better idea.
Also if you have a look on Etsy, there are some wonderful examples of what can be made.

Pinot Thu 29-Sep-11 16:40:00

Cheers Knotty my love

KnottyLocks Thu 29-Sep-11 18:16:27

Pinot, if you were anywhere near me, you could pop around for a spot of hooking grin

Littlefish Thu 29-Sep-11 18:30:41

Purple pidgin - I've had a quick look but can't see my name on this thread. Did you receive the 4 squares I sent about 2 weeks ago. There were 2 pink ones and 2 others <can't remember the colour>!!!!!

They all had a moss stitch border. One on each colour was a moss stitch/stocking stitch stripe. The other two had a moss stitch border and the either 1 or 3 crocheted flowers sewn on them.

KnottyLocks Thu 29-Sep-11 18:53:47

LittleFish, try PMing Pidj, you might get a quicker response. smile

KnottyLocks Fri 30-Sep-11 14:02:43

Parcels here from:

DaisySteiner [star]

Meow [star]

KnottyLocks Sat 01-Oct-11 06:36:02

There's a thread here to make woolly garlands for Cupoftea's girls.

KnottyLocks Mon 03-Oct-11 10:56:20

If any of you contributed to the blanket for Blondes, her thabk you thread is here

FontSnob Wed 05-Oct-11 22:20:18

Hello, did grownupnow's squares arrive? I can't wait to see the finished blanket, wish I didn't have 2 left thumbs. grin

KnottyLocks Thu 06-Oct-11 23:05:37

FontS, I'll Pm you smile

skinnymuffin Tue 18-Oct-11 13:04:21

Right, I have done two squares of plain knit, they both weigh 16g. I have just weighed the wool I have left and guess what?...16g!! So, I'm going in for a third, ladies, wish me luck! grin

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