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KnottyLocks Tue 18-Jun-13 16:06:55

This is a continuation of our Little Hug and Billie's Blanket projects.

Little Hugs will continue to go to babies and children who are seriously ill in Yorkhill hospital and Billie's blankets will be sent in Billie's name, via the wonderful charity World Child Cancer, to children undergoing treatment for cancer in low and middle income countries.

Our aim with the Babettes is to make some bigger blankets for older children, both for Little Hugs and Billie's Blankets.
We will still make blankets of other sizes too.


The idea is to make a 12 x 12 inch panel, either crochet or knit, that can be added to others to create bigger blankets.
The panel can be made as one piece, or as a combination of squares, stripes or patterned. For example, a large granny square, or 4 six inch squares together, or a panel of stripes.
The design is up to you as long as it isn't too holey and will be fine stitched or hooked to others.
If you choose to use separate squares as part of your design, can we ask that they be either stitched together, hooked as you go, or hooked together with the seam on the back.

Yarn for Babettes: Stylecraft Special DK only, so we know that the blankets will wash and wear well and, unless your tension is very tight, use 4mm hooks or needles.

Colours: your choice although for practical reasons, we advise avoiding white and cream.
Some colour combinations that would work: blues/greens, purples/pinks, spring colours, primary brights, rainbow shades.

If you Google 'Babette blankets', you'll get an idea of what we have in mind once the panels are combined.


FOR WHOLE BLANKETS - Little Hugs and Billie's Blankets:

Minimum size: 18 x 18 inches for Little Hugs; 24 inches by 24 inches for Billie's Blankets.
If you would like to make a blanket that is bigger, that would be lovely.
The children we send Billie's Blankets to are aged 0 to 14 and Yorkhill treat children of a similar age so we will need bigger blankets too hence our Babettes.

Colours: Your choice.
Although again for practical reasons, we advise avoiding white and cream.

Things to avoid:
Any embellishments that could scratch delicate skin or could be swallowed.

Suggested yarn for Billies Blankets: Stylecraft Special DK, a soft, non-scratchy acrylic yarn.
If you would like to make a whole blanket, you could use a different weight and make of acrylic yarn. The essential thing is that it needs to be soft against sensitive and delicate skin and that it can be washed and dried quickly and easily.
For Little Hugs: As above, plus any of our usual Woolly Hugs woolly wool or yarn that is soft and can be machine washed.

We would also love fleece backed quilts, or edged fleece blankets if you prefer sewing.

As always, we also welcome any 6 inch squares made using the Stylecraft Special DK or any of the usual Woolly Hugs blanket wools.

If you would like to take part in this project but feel you can't due to the costs involved, please PM Pistey and we'll try to help with materials.

As ever, thanks for your support. thanks thanks

Knotty and Pistey

Website- www.woollyhugs.com
Facebook ? MNWoollyHugs
Twitter - @MNWoollyHugs

RatherBeOnThePiste Fri 21-Nov-14 20:41:29

We are really pleased to be able to announce the next phases of our Billie's Blanket project. In January we have the opportunity to send blankets to World Child Cancer's project in the Philippines, and that would be just brilliant.

We'd love to have you on board, all crafting info is on our website, linked below, but please message us if we can help you further. Last posting for whole blankets to be FRIDAY 9th JANUARY We do though understand that between now and then it is a madly busy time and this might be too big an ask. Do remember though we LOVE to receive 12 inch panels to make up group blankets, and this may be a good way to join in. Panels need to be made in Stylecraft Special DK. Any twelve inch squares please to arrive by December 31st.

WCC are also planning trips to Ghana and Bangladesh later on in the spring (provisionally April/May tbc) so as soon as we have more news about those projects, we will let you know.

As always you are stars. Thank you! xxx

RatherBeOnThePiste Fri 21-Nov-14 20:40:54


RatherBeOnThePiste Fri 21-Nov-14 20:40:12


RatherBeOnThePiste Fri 21-Nov-14 20:31:27

The Billie's Blankets are safely with WCC all ready to go to Cameroon on Monday!

RatherBeOnThePiste Thu 13-Nov-14 19:21:01

Just a gentle reminder that last posting for the collection of Billie's Blankets for Cameroon is THIS SATURDAY. Thank you so much xxx


RatherBeOnThePiste Mon 20-Oct-14 10:41:09

Thanks lovely Martha xxx

MarthaCostello Tue 14-Oct-14 20:34:20

Excellent, I shall just carry on adding more stripes for now then grin

RatherBeOnThePiste Tue 14-Oct-14 19:50:59

Hello lovely smile

WCC look after children from babies to older teens, and it is rare we get a big blanket suitable for an older girl or boy, so we would absolutely LOVE it, thank you xxxx

MarthaCostello Tue 14-Oct-14 19:46:03

Ooh, I might just have my next blanket finished by then. I've been working on it slowly for most of this year, but now I've stopped wasting time at uni I can devote more time to crocheting and watching telly so it is rapidly taking shape.

Is there a maximum size? This one is quite large and in bright pinks and purples, so I was imagining it might be suitable for an older girl.

RatherBeOnThePiste Tue 14-Oct-14 19:42:41

We are really pleased to be able to let you know that the most recent collection of Billie's Blankets (now for Ghana) are with World Child Cancer. Made and sent with love.

Huge thanks to all crafters and donors who have made this collection possible, you are stars. xx

Thinking of beautiful Billie xx

RatherBeOnThePiste Tue 14-Oct-14 19:40:18

Our next phase of the Billie's Blanket project will be to Cameroon!

Spoke with the fabulous folk at World Child Cancer yesterday, and they confirmed this trip, it had been rather up in the air. It is short notice but if anyone is able to make and send it would be just brilliant.

Last posting for Cameroon will be Saturday 15th November. (Same as Christmas Crafts)

All project details are in the OP, we welcome new crafters to the project at any time.

Thank you so much. xx

Photo from Bangladesh last December.

RatherBeOnThePiste Tue 14-Oct-14 19:39:22

Absolutely no apologies needed dinky xx

dinkystinky Thu 09-Oct-14 15:15:16

Thanks RatherBeOnThePiste - and apologies for barging on to this thread. You ladies are all lovely and doing wonderful things to bring brightness to people in dark dark times - thank you flowers

RatherBeOnThePiste Thu 09-Oct-14 14:50:41

Lovely Dinky what a fabulous friend you are, I'm so sorry to hear this sad news, bless them all. I know you've PMd, just coming there now. xxx

dinkystinky Thu 09-Oct-14 09:56:37

Hello woolly hugs crew - I wondered who I should get in touch with to ask if some little hugs/billies blankets can be sent to three boys (aged 9,5 and 1) whose mum is a MN regular on the CM boards (and my postnatal July 13) board - she's sadly in a coma and palliative care only. I think her boys could do with some love and hugs and you guys sprang to mind.

KnottyAndPistey Thu 09-Oct-14 07:48:08

Love Silk!

Thanks, you are fabulous! x

MarthaCostello Wed 08-Oct-14 18:10:45

Hi, it's RahRahRasputin but fancied a name change. I forgot to message you but I posted a Little Hug and a Billie's Blanket on Wednesday so hopefully they will be there soon if they haven't already arrived smile I'm working on another blanket so hopefully that'll be ready for the next collection of either Billie's Blankets or Little Hugs. Thanks for all your hard work organising these blankets flowers

RatherBeOnThePiste Tue 07-Oct-14 11:34:16

Last posting for the next collection of Little Hugs is Saturday 7th February 2015. Please message us for posting information. THANK YOU.


RatherBeOnThePiste Fri 03-Oct-14 08:09:39

Thank you lovely, really appreciate it thanks

The twelve inch squares are brilliant, Ninja is coming today with the latest compilation, looks just fab.

PurpleFrog Thu 02-Oct-14 14:05:34

I have just posted my Billie's blanket, along with a couple of 12" squares to help make up a Billie for a future collection. I forgot to say in my note, but the blanket has been washed.

RatherBeOnThePiste Thu 25-Sep-14 11:03:03

thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks

Beautiful Billie’s Blankets arriving from

thanks MNP
thanks a lovely but anonymous crafter
thanks Ria
thanks SirBoobAlot
thanks Helen R
thanks Tricia J
thanks macarooned
thanks Knit and Natter group from The Good Honest Food Company Cafe in Coventry
thanks Rachel Ives

Beautiful Little Hugs for Yorkhill arriving too..

thanks fan
thanks SDTGisAnEvilWolefGenius

Thank you so much EVERYONE thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks

KnottyAndPistey Tue 23-Sep-14 17:56:59

Important update for the latest Billie's Blanket collection....

We have been in contact with WCC, and very unfortunately Liz has been unable to secure transport for the collection over to Myanmar. Frustrating for us, but significantly more so for them. WCC propose that they take the collection to children at their project in Ghana instead, and we hope this was OK for all, we agreed that would be brilliant.

This gives us a little longer for blankets to arrive, so now last posting for Billie's Blankets to Ghana will be Wednesday 1st October.

Thank you everyone xxx


RatherBeOnThePiste Fri 29-Aug-14 07:45:42

Beautiful blankets have been arriving, thank you so much to the crafters, just awesome.

Billie's Blankets for Myanmar..

thanks MOS
thanks PastaBow

And Little Hugs for Yorkhill..

thanks HoggyTruffle
thanks MOS

You are stars thanks

Last posting for the next collection of Little Hugs will be Wed 1st October
Please message us for posting information. All welcome to join in, for all info, see here....

thanks thanks thanks thanks

Last date for posting whole Billie's Blankets for this phase of the project is Monday 22nd September, but if you'd like to contribute a 12 inch square in stylecraft, please send by Saturday 6th September.

All welcome to join us, details here.... it is looking likely that the phase after Myanmar will be to Ghana later this year. We will keep you updated, and huge thanks as always xx

thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks

RatherBeOnThePiste Wed 27-Aug-14 10:06:40

Oh thank you, yes, we really did, it was all rather extraordinary, am definitely going to go back! x

Dutchoma Wed 27-Aug-14 09:38:19

Did you have a good time?

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