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TheRealMBJ Sun 26-Feb-12 13:51:54

MrsKwazii's eldest DD has passed away today after an acident. She was 4. sad

Could we get together and do another blanket?

tribpot Sun 26-Feb-12 15:48:16

Please count me in - I assume it will be 6" squares in DK.

So very sorry to hear this sad news.

KnottyLocks Sun 26-Feb-12 15:48:40

The blanket sign up thread is [[ over here

I've started it in Chat to maximise traffic.

If you've offered on this thread, Pistey will PM you shortly. thanks

KnottyLocks Sun 26-Feb-12 15:49:13
tribpot Sun 26-Feb-12 15:49:55

Sign up link - thank you Knotty.

RatherBeOnThePiste Sun 26-Feb-12 22:07:06

I have replied to all PMs and am now going to go through this thread to make sure that no one is left behind

We are over here now


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