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kim147 Mon 07-Oct-13 19:36:02

Taken from the Feminist pub.

Feel free to add your own questions - multiple choice or whatever.

So for starters:

What year did women get the vote?

And for a bonus: What criteria did these women need to have to be eligible?

KaseyM Mon 07-Oct-13 19:45:16

Are we allowed to google for this or is that considered cheating??!!!

My off the top of my head guess is: 1918 and only married women property owners over 30?!!!

Or something like that!!

It was variable depending on age and marital status, I think?

Are we allowed to add questions?

If so: when was marital rape criminalized in the UK?

kim147 Mon 07-Oct-13 19:47:18

Just off to Google it grin

You now need to ask your own question. If you want, Your choice.

happyhev Mon 07-Oct-13 19:48:07

They got the vote in 1918 but had to be aged at least 30yrs old. I think!

Next question: When did women receive the right to equal pay?

happyhev Mon 07-Oct-13 19:49:03

Sorry didn't see the marital rape question.

kim147 Mon 07-Oct-13 19:50:11

1918. Married over 30.

Who was the first women to vote in an election?


Marital rape - 1990?

kim147 Mon 07-Oct-13 19:51:00

Equal pay - 1971?

Remembers Made in Dagenham

SconeRhymesWithGone Mon 07-Oct-13 19:51:44

In the UK 1918, 30 yrs. old, minimal property ownership, but did not have to be married.

What year did women get the vote in the US?

mignonette Mon 07-Oct-13 19:52:12

What was the name of the main Female Protagonist in Marilyn French's book 'A Woman's Room?'

When did women recieve equal pay?

Aren't we still waiting on that one?!

SconeRhymesWithGone Mon 07-Oct-13 19:56:29

Marital rape: 1991 England; 1992 Scotland

ErrolTheDragon Mon 07-Oct-13 19:57:38

LRD - the question was the right to equal pay - different thing unfortunately.

kim147 Mon 07-Oct-13 19:58:11

The US right to vote looks complicated - according to Wiki. Had it. lost it. had it back. Depends on the States.

kim147 Mon 07-Oct-13 19:59:04

I think I was "one year out"

<Channels best Ken Bruce voice>

SconeRhymesWithGone Mon 07-Oct-13 19:59:15

The Women's Room: Mira

Portofino Mon 07-Oct-13 20:01:25

Mira Ward/

SconeRhymesWithGone Mon 07-Oct-13 20:01:53

Kim, yes, it's complicated, but nationally it was 1920; it took an amendment to the Constitution because some states allowed women's suffrage and some did not.

I should have said nationally. blush

ErrolTheDragon Mon 07-Oct-13 20:02:48

>The US right to vote looks complicated
yes - USA-wide, 1920 but some states earlier.

SconeRhymesWithGone Mon 07-Oct-13 20:03:58

Where was the first battered women's refuge in the UK?

Where was the first battered women's shelter in the US?

kim147 Mon 07-Oct-13 20:04:01

Name 4 female Cabinet Ministers.

And their position.

mignonette Mon 07-Oct-13 20:05:44

Well done Scone and Portofino. flowers to you both.

TheDoctrineOfSnatch Mon 07-Oct-13 20:11:44

Equal pay act 1976?

ErrolTheDragon Mon 07-Oct-13 20:12:34

Theresa May (Home secretary)
Margaret Thatcher (education
Clare Short (international development)
Yvette Cooper(work and pensions)

KaseyM Mon 07-Oct-13 20:12:54

Which promoter of equal pay for equal work said that one must always have the courage to "stand up and be counted, even when it makes one unpopular"?

ErrolTheDragon Mon 07-Oct-13 20:13:52

Which year could women first graduate from (a) University of London (b) Cambridge (c) Oxford.

kim147 Mon 07-Oct-13 20:14:49

OK - 4 current Cabinet Ministers.

There are 4 apparently.

Barbara Castle - free pay promoter?

kim147 Mon 07-Oct-13 20:16:25

When women got married, what were they usually expected to do if they had a job?

ErrolTheDragon Mon 07-Oct-13 20:16:59

Ah, you didn't say current cabinet ministers and I was only considering MPs not peers... there's Warsi (foreign and commonwealth) .... must be a couple of others, think May is the only elected one...

SconeRhymesWithGone Mon 07-Oct-13 20:17:11

Thanks mignonette. I read the book many years ago; I have just downloaded it to my kindle to re-read.

Fun thread Kim.

KaseyM Mon 07-Oct-13 20:18:06

Fill in the blanks of the following fab lyrics (bonus points for song name and band):

"I found out quickly when I knew I should,
This world is made up of a _____ of ____,
Whatever that means"

SconeRhymesWithGone Mon 07-Oct-13 20:18:30

Quit, or give their earnings to their husbands.

kim147 Mon 07-Oct-13 20:19:13

Equalities minister
International Development
Northern Ireland

All elected

ErrolTheDragon Mon 07-Oct-13 20:19:27

>When women got married, what were they usually expected to do if they had a job?


KaseyM Mon 07-Oct-13 20:19:54

Kim147: give it up, look after hubby and get preggers!!
Oh and put on pearls and have orgasms over washing powder!!!

ErrolTheDragon Mon 07-Oct-13 20:23:50

During WWI, when my granny married, because there was a shortage of teachers she was expected to work unpaid! Glad to say she persuaded the school board otherwise and retained her salary.

AutumnStar Mon 07-Oct-13 20:23:53

Maria Miller isn't equalities minister anymore. She's culture, media and sport.

Grennie Mon 07-Oct-13 20:27:15

Working class women have always worked. But yes, most middle class jobs were barred to married women.

KaseyM Mon 07-Oct-13 20:27:19

Oh no! Our first feminist pub fist fight!!

Grennie Mon 07-Oct-13 20:31:19

smile Yeah...outside!

No, I can't be bothered. I will have a half of Dworkin instead.

KaseyM Mon 07-Oct-13 20:31:39

"Working class women have always worked. But yes, most middle class jobs were barred to married"

Middle class women are always over represented in our obsession with period dramas which annoyingly skews people's perceptions of what women did.

kim147 Mon 07-Oct-13 20:32:16

Name any female TV presenter over 60

KaseyM Mon 07-Oct-13 20:35:09

Kim, these are supposed to be questions we can answer! grin!

TheDoctrineOfSnatch Mon 07-Oct-13 20:35:51

Mary Berry!

Grennie Mon 07-Oct-13 20:35:52


Grennie Mon 07-Oct-13 20:36:20

Ok, an easy one. Are feminists man haters?

YoniTime Mon 07-Oct-13 20:42:23

They hate the actions of abusive/opressive men.
Unlike sexist men, they don't irrationally hate people because of their sex.

SabrinaMulhollandJjones Mon 07-Oct-13 20:52:50

Can I just raise a wine to my wonderful late grandmother here?

She was born in 1914, was the first girl in her primary school to get to grammar school, first girl in her grammar school to get to University. She got a double first at Cambridge, which was practically unheard of for women then, went on to be an eminent academic, and has her own wikipedia entry. She's my heroine smile

Would link, but would out me. And too many trolls...

SabrinaMulhollandJjones Mon 07-Oct-13 20:53:25

Oops, probs should have gone on the pub thread. Not really a quiz...

Grennie Mon 07-Oct-13 20:59:31

But impressive none the less.

KaseyM Mon 07-Oct-13 21:12:01

Sabrina, it just so happens I'm pouring myself a glass of bubbly as we speak, so I'm raising it to your grandmother right now!

SabrinaMulhollandJjones Mon 07-Oct-13 21:15:59

wine grin

kim147 Mon 07-Oct-13 21:20:00


Back to the quiz grin

Which country is believed to be the most equal?

KaseyM Mon 07-Oct-13 21:21:16


OK, sneaking under the radar so kim doesn't come after me ... but sabrina, that's very cool.

SabrinaMulhollandJjones Mon 07-Oct-13 21:23:15

Iceland? Sweden?

Grennie Mon 07-Oct-13 21:26:56


ErrolTheDragon Mon 07-Oct-13 21:26:58

Sabrina - was she actually able to graduate? (no-one's answered my question on when various universities allowed women to do so)

Grennie Mon 07-Oct-13 21:27:45

Errol - 1940's?

kim147 Mon 07-Oct-13 21:29:16


Well Sweden is the most equal in the EU (according to Wiki)

But Iceland's not in the EU.

Back to Google. I think it's Iceland but not sure.

ErrolTheDragon Mon 07-Oct-13 21:29:32

Grennie - Cambridge was 1947

SabrinaMulhollandJjones Mon 07-Oct-13 21:30:30

As far as I know Errol - yes - Newnham College, Cambridge. But I can check with my mum for for further details? I assume her graduation would have been 1935-ish.

kim147 Mon 07-Oct-13 21:34:09

Huffington post says Iceland. Then Finland

Ireland ranks 5th, UK 18th, USA 22nd

KaseyM Mon 07-Oct-13 21:48:23

Ooooh now I'm torn cos Iceland did ban laptops and has a female PM.

But I'm a little bit neurologically challenged at the mo because I keep on toasting Grannies!

kim147 Mon 07-Oct-13 21:49:26

Ban laptops grin

KaseyM Mon 07-Oct-13 22:08:53

At least there would be no Internet porn!

SabrinaMulhollandJjones Mon 07-Oct-13 22:09:53


Grennie Mon 07-Oct-13 22:55:34

No. Don't ban laptops. Plleeaase

DanglingChillis Mon 07-Oct-13 23:06:34

Cambridge 1948
Oxford 1920
UCL 1880

An easy one: name a British female nobel prize winner.

Grennie Mon 07-Oct-13 23:09:31

Marie Curie?

DanglingChillis Mon 07-Oct-13 23:10:51

Marie Curie was Polish.

Grennie Mon 07-Oct-13 23:16:47

I can't think of one sad

ErrolTheDragon Mon 07-Oct-13 23:27:38

>An easy one: name a British female nobel prize winner.

Oh, I was going to ask that one! Dorothy Hodgkin. Nobel Prize for chemistry for elucidating the structure of vitamin B12 by x-ray crystallography.

Easy one for me, I used to be a crystallographer and have met her.

ErrolTheDragon Mon 07-Oct-13 23:30:32

(It always slightly annoys me that when people are looking for an example of a 'famous woman scientist' they nearly always come up with poor Rosalind Franklin but not Dorothy who had an extremely long and influential career)

SconeRhymesWithGone Mon 07-Oct-13 23:30:48

Dorothy Hodgkin Chemistry
Betty Williams and Mairead Corrigan Peace
Doris Lessing Literature

SconeRhymesWithGone Mon 07-Oct-13 23:34:30

Which US states are named for British women?

TheDoctrineOfSnatch Mon 07-Oct-13 23:35:13

Virginia for QE1?

ErrolTheDragon Mon 07-Oct-13 23:36:31

Carolina (north and south!)

DanglingChillis Mon 07-Oct-13 23:37:09

Errol, very jealous you met her, I think I'd have been speechless (PhD in biochemistry here, but studied in Oxford so quite a few pictures of her about the place). Interestingly she probably was the first woman to receive maternity pay in the UK.

Rosalind Franklin is mainly known because of the hatchet job Jim Watson did on her in his book, but yes, Brenda Maddox's biography of her was everywhere a few years ago but I had to seek out one about Dorothy Hodgkins.

SconeRhymesWithGone Mon 07-Oct-13 23:38:39

Yes, and West Virginia. (Maryland was named for Henrietta Maria, Charles I's wife, but she was really French.)

SconeRhymesWithGone Mon 07-Oct-13 23:40:16

Carolina is for Charles I.

ErrolTheDragon Mon 07-Oct-13 23:40:55

I just checked and seems I'm wrong about the Carolinas - I'd assumed they were named after a Queen of that ilk but wiki says CharlesII named them in honour of his father. confused

ErrolTheDragon Mon 07-Oct-13 23:50:33

Chiilis - yes, she's one of my heroines smile.

caroldecker Mon 07-Oct-13 23:59:44

What was the last European country to give women the vote and when?

ErrolTheDragon Tue 08-Oct-13 00:06:21

My guess was Switzerland - google tells me 1990 before all its cantons accepted womens suffrage which was later than I'd imagined shock

SconeRhymesWithGone Tue 08-Oct-13 00:23:43

Wow, I did not know that about Switzerland. There are some real shockers (each way) on this list.'s_suffrage

FloraFox Tue 08-Oct-13 01:13:16

scone marital rape has been a crime in Scotland since 1989

SconeRhymesWithGone Tue 08-Oct-13 13:25:56

Thanks, Flora.

grimbletart Tue 08-Oct-13 15:29:16

When could women first be elected to county and borough councils?

grimbletart Tue 08-Oct-13 15:31:41

When could (UK) women first apply for credit in their own names?

ErrolTheDragon Tue 08-Oct-13 15:42:48

1960s; equal access 1974.

I had no idea when I was growing up (born 1961) that these inequalities were still in existence.

grimbletart Tue 08-Oct-13 16:28:16

Errol - if that was to my questions, the answers are


PenguinsDontEatPancakes Tue 08-Oct-13 16:43:25

Grimble - 1981 to apply for credit in their own names? Fucking hell.

ErrolTheDragon Tue 08-Oct-13 17:34:27

Where do you get 1981 from? The source I found said that credit was equalised in 74.

Perhaps depends what you mean by 'applied for credit'. I had a credit card - a Barclaycard - IIRC from when I opened my first bank account aged 18 in 1979.

Or are we getting mixed up with the election question? confused

grimbletart Tue 08-Oct-13 19:13:27

Hi Errol: I remembered it from the Equal Opps Commission. In fact looking it up though I was a year out blush. It was actually as early as 1980 grin.

Can't find it at the mo on the equal pops site but this site has it

PenguinsDontEatPancakes Tue 08-Oct-13 19:19:24

That timeline is scary. I remember learning in my law degree that rape within marriage had only recently been criminalised (studying at the end of the 90s) and being shocked to my core. The idea that, through most of my life, if I had married I was deemed to have consented to my husband having sex whenever and whatever my views, was really shocking to me.

ErrolTheDragon Tue 08-Oct-13 19:29:40

Ah - my mistake, I'd got a US document, they were a few years ahead of us (but not that many).

It really is surprising... presumably credit cards were different to credit agreements as such. It certainly never dawned on me when I got my first car loan in about 1985 that so few years earlier this might have been a problem, and I'd have been totally outraged if I'd had to get my dad or fiancé to sign the agreement.

whatdoesittake48 Wed 09-Oct-13 10:21:50

Proud to be a NZer where the vote was given to all women in 1893! Not sure about credit though.

coldwinter Wed 09-Oct-13 10:24:55

Penguins - I remember the newspaper debates about making rape in marriage illegal. A lot of people thought it was a ridiculous notion. So the cases getting trotted out to support the new law were women who had actually left their Husbands, but not divorced yet, and their Husband raped them.

coldwinter Wed 09-Oct-13 10:26:19

And I remember in the 1990's a friend wanting a loan for a business. Every bank she went to, except Barclays, insisted her loan application was counter signed by her Husband. So may have been legal to get credit, getting it was another issue.

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