Slane girl 2013

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FrigginRexManningDay Mon 19-Aug-13 10:54:20

I became aware of this yesterday on twitter and subsequently other social networking sites. It took hours for twitter to act.

Eminem played at Slane Castle on Saturday. A girl was photographed performing a sex act there. The picture went up on twitter and Facebook basically destroying this girl. The picture was retweeted many many times often with derogatory comments. The boys involved were regarded as heroes and legends. Slut shaming at its worst.
The girl is 15/16 years old (different reports of her age). It took Twitter hours and hundreds of emails to get them to react.
She is a young girl thrown to the lions.

Boosterseat Mon 19-Aug-13 10:57:47

Heartbreaking, how long before people are slating her "technique" too?

As she is underage isn't it illegal to distribute this material?

FrigginRexManningDay Mon 19-Aug-13 11:03:39

Yes it is. I wouldn't be holding my breath over anyone being punished though.

Its just the blatant sexism couldn't be clearer. He's a legend,she's a slut. sad

Boosterseat Mon 19-Aug-13 11:08:40

I'm not on Facebook or twitter but I have popped an email out now advising anyone who sees this to report.

Poor girl, its abhorrent.

FrigginRexManningDay Mon 19-Aug-13 11:26:20

Thank you booster

OctopusPete8 Mon 19-Aug-13 14:07:32

Eminem? the Eminem having sex with a 16 year old??

OctopusPete8 Mon 19-Aug-13 14:10:44

Sorry re-read, hmmm as a parent myself I would be livid had my son or daughter had put themselves in a position to be photographed in that sit, sex is a private thing not something you do to everyone you brush up against.
However the double standards is wrong, I would probably have a low opinion of both.

YoniTime Mon 19-Aug-13 15:27:52

I know nothing about this. Was she masturbating by herself or was the sex act was performed on someone else? One or more of the boys you mention?
Since you wrote perform instead of having sex, was she doing it freely because she wanted to or not? That worries me.

Anyway, no matter what happened - how can we make sure boys stop look at girls at the other, as someone who you can use while bonding with other guys over it?
Young men are obviously being strongly taught this somehow. It's something that happens over and over again, in various forms.

mayorquimby Mon 19-Aug-13 15:30:57

The main picture that's doing the rounds is one of her giving a top less lad with his trousers atound his ankles a blow job in a crowded area (looks like the toilet area due to the fencing etc) in daylight hours.
The lad is giving some sort of thumbs up gesture but not to the camera, most likely to someone else taking a photo though.

YoniTime Mon 19-Aug-13 15:31:16

*look at girls as the Other.

mayorquimby Mon 19-Aug-13 15:34:53

While I do agree that there's been a good deal of shaming put on the girl, the mere fact it's been dubbed "slane girl" rather than anything referring to the guy involved proves that, I haven't seen anyone referring to him as a legend.
Most things I've seen wind of have been highly negative comments on his physical appearance and size of manhood.

mayorquimby Mon 19-Aug-13 15:36:26

It's all fairly depressing
They're both obviously somewhere in the 15-17 range
She has attributed various ages to herself on different social network sites so its unclear as to age.

mayorquimby Mon 19-Aug-13 15:40:18

Oh and there's nothing that would hint at unwillingness
There's photos of her with the same guy from throughout the day cropping up so it appears they were together in some sense
As to his and her alcohol or drug intake that's anyone's guess but it would be nothing more than a guess to start making those assumptions.

Boosterseat Mon 19-Aug-13 15:42:49

I still cannot for the life of me figure out why people would distribute an image of a girl who is more than likely under 18 engaging in a sexual act.

Oh well, its just "banter" hmm

Are you going to report the image mayorquimby?

YoniTime Mon 19-Aug-13 15:45:12

You must be very detached from your body and shameless if you manage to stand up and do a thumbs up at other people while having your sexual organ stimulated. Couldn't have been very good.

I have of course no idea about what sort of relationship he and the girl had and what happened. But I'm getting a "lol imgeting my dik suked by a lowly gurl highfive bros" vibe from it. Or they were caught drunk having sex and his response was to use humour.

mayorquimby Mon 19-Aug-13 15:49:30

Not sure who is report it too. It was trending on twitter last night when there was no mention of her age and they seem to have reacted since then.

Certainly not a case of being caught, it's in the middle of a crowded area. It looks like the entrance or exit to a toilet with people walking past so I presume a similar about of people would have been there when they started.

FreyaSnow Mon 19-Aug-13 17:43:47

The photos are being investigated by the police now. They haven't stated her age but they have said she is at school.

This is again the issue of sexual images of real people. You don't know that the person you are viewing the images of is an adult, that they are capable of consenting or that they did consent. The assumption that the images are legal is just that, an assumption.

OctopusPete8 Mon 19-Aug-13 19:59:15

I have seen the pic, it isn 't like a teen couple in throws of passion , this lad is topless with his shorts down, and she has his ahem in her mouth and actually looking at people walking past in a very public area, whilst half in her mouth its fucking grim tbh,
I feel more sorry for the ppl who had to witness it.
I think their parents need to talk to both of them about how sex acts in public are illegal!!!! that was a very public display.

FreyaSnow Mon 19-Aug-13 21:12:33

Whether or not either or both of the people have committed an offence at the time, that doesn't change the legality of sexual images of people who are not considered capable of consent.

working9while5 Mon 19-Aug-13 21:25:43

I've unfortunately seen it. I think there's a lot of predictable scarlet-lettering of her but it's disturbing either way. It is broad daylight and exhibitionist by both parties. I'd be deeply ashamed and worried if either my son or daughter were in this. Allegedly the upload was done by a female friend and given there are a number of photos of very public displays of different sexual acts it seems horrifyingly staged. Very worrying to see any young people involved in this and very worrying how it has done the rounds in adult groups of both sexes. I was confronted by it in a group of other mothers ffs. It's really disturbing.

WhentheRed Mon 19-Aug-13 21:29:28

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

KRITIQ Mon 19-Aug-13 22:44:45

If it is found following investigations that the young woman is below the age of consent that there will be charges laid against several of those who have possessed and distributed the image. Doesn't matter whether they were involved in creating the image, whether they were there or whether they "innocently" hmm viewed and passed the link/image to someone else. It would be easy enough to find the digital traces on computers and portable devices, providing the evidence needed to press charges. I think it will only be when a big chunk of folks get their collars felt for things like this will people start to think twice about viewing and sharing them.

Octopus, there was no need for your graphic description of the image either.

Will there be a knock at your door? Who knows.

PeriodMath Tue 20-Aug-13 01:11:47

Aren't they both behaving in a pretty disgusting way?

working9while5 Tue 20-Aug-13 08:56:19

Oh get a grip Kritiq. Describing something that went viral isn't illegal whether you agree with it being described or not.

FrigginRexManningDay Tue 20-Aug-13 08:57:59

KRIQ the age of consent is 17 in Ireland so by all probability she is underage. Her name was also revealed on twitter. Its all on her,her life is being ruined,not the boys in the photos,she will be the one this will follow.
Facebook remove photos of babies being breastfed and yet it took hundreds of reports and two days to remove these photos.
I remember some years ago photos of Jamie Lynn Spears breastfeeding were published and there was uproar as she was only 16 and underage. And then we have a girl giving oral sex and its fine to tweet and reweet and make pages about her. Breastfeeding to most men isn't sexual or provocate. To me it sounds like if a photo is appealing to men it is fine,if a photo of breasts being stuck out and nipples hard appeals that's fine,but put a baby on thoses breasts feeding its not fine.
Twitter and Facebook had the power to stop the distribution of the photo. They didn't.

Do I make sense?

OctopusPete8 Tue 20-Aug-13 12:27:10

Sorry if my description offended anyone ,

I * certain words so I don't see how its that graphic, I was trying to describe it was v. much a display.
Not much having a thread of discussion if most people don't know what it looks like.
If that warrants me for arrest Kritiq then about 60 percent of the interwebs will be arrested then will they? which as we all know is v. tame compared to outsiders.

FreyaSnow Tue 20-Aug-13 12:42:11

I think that's perhaps the point. The police cannot go out and track down the vast number of people who have chosen to download this image, or retweeted it etc because there are simply too many of them.

So many people now think it is acceptable to view child pornography that it would be impossible to deal with them all through the legal system.

Very sad.

OctopusPete8 Tue 20-Aug-13 12:57:28

I came across it on fb of all places,
theres 13 year olds that will have seen that.

OctopusPete8 Tue 20-Aug-13 12:58:34

Although I think both of them need arresting and a tap on the wrist, the pair of them.

much younger children could have witnessed that.

FreyaSnow Tue 20-Aug-13 13:04:28

Did you report it?

OctopusPete8 Tue 20-Aug-13 13:56:18

Yeah , I didn't comment on it though not inviting that window of abuse.

Its off now I bet a few people did.

Im actually more bothered about the younger teens who may have seen it, I think calling people who have seen it 'observing child pornography' is out of line, I see threads on here about people complaining there teen niece or something is uploading half naked pictures on fb, are they 'observing child pornography?'

FreyaSnow Tue 20-Aug-13 14:07:21

Whether or not something is or is not child pornography depends on the context. An image as part of an album of say, a beach holiday might not be. The same image in a collection of half naked teenagers collected and put together on somebody else's computer might well be considered as such when investigated by the police.

That is all pretty much irrelevant to the images in this case which clearly showed a sexual act involving somebody who it now seems is very likely to not be an adult. To look at such an image is to observe child pornography.

OctopusPete8 Tue 20-Aug-13 16:34:31

I think in terms of fb it shouldn't count you don't have much choice what pops up in your newsfeed, but there we go.

I would perhaps the same for twitter/tumblr tbh although I dunno.

smaths Tue 20-Aug-13 16:54:16

There is more than one photo though, of the same girl performing the same "act" on two different men at the same concert... and another photo of one of the men with his hand up her knickers. I think that is why she was being particularly derided on social media. A foolish thing to do in public no matter what age you are, but the fact she is underage and the pictures were being shared everywhere is totally unacceptable.

OctopusPete8 Tue 20-Aug-13 17:04:39

Is there? oh right.

makes you feel v. dirty though just seeing that.

I wonder what she/her parents must be going through.

StephenFrySaidSo Tue 20-Aug-13 17:14:06

I hadn't heard of this til this thread but a quick google shows him also performing a sex act on her. has there been a 'slane boy' thing? doubt it.

i'd say drink/drugs/ a dare of some sort.

FrigginRexManningDay Tue 20-Aug-13 17:30:08

Poor girl is under sedation in hospital sad .

OctopusPete8 Tue 20-Aug-13 17:38:44

really? poor lass did she attempt to kill herself.

KellyHopter Tue 20-Aug-13 17:38:44

Bloody hell, poor thing.

I don't understand why anyone is even commenting on the rights or wrongs of what she did. That is so not the point. If you walked past them with your child then of course, tell them to have a bit of bloody respect but you didn't. If you've seen this picture it's on the Internet, and more than likely have sought it out hmm
The point is that that our view of female sexuality is so utterly fucked that an image a young girl engaging in a sexual act is taken and spread and people people are falling over themselves to see it and make vile comments. Why? I highly doubt those getting all excited about it have never seen porn - it's purely about humiliation.
And that vile mix that some men have of feeling disgusted at a female engaging in sex and bitterness that its not them on the receiving end. It's fucked up.

StephenFrySaidSo Tue 20-Aug-13 17:40:14


OctopusPete8 Tue 20-Aug-13 17:40:26

I dont think anyone was making vile comments

Why are you suggesting people sought it out? is that what you did??

some transference going on here.

FrigginRexManningDay Tue 20-Aug-13 17:43:35

She's just really distraught according to reports.
I have heard back of some of the vile comments from both men and women jumping on the bandwagon to berate her.

KellyHopter Tue 20-Aug-13 17:45:16

I think you can quite clearly tell from the tone of my post that I would be highly unlikely to seek it out.

I have read about it, there's already a few good comment pieces about this which is heartening. I haven't seen the picture and won't.

And the vile comments I'm talking about are in reference to the kind mentioned in the op. sorry to have confused you Pete.

Boosterseat Tue 20-Aug-13 19:14:18

Humilation is exactly the right word Kelly, and I would be equally as angry with my child for passing it around as I would be if they were actually taking part.

If everyone was judged on their actions at 17 most of us would be red faced on a daily basis, that poor young woman.

I sincerely hope she gets through this otherwise these "sharers" also have a lot to answer for.

NiceTabard Tue 20-Aug-13 22:02:39

Have not seen any of these things on facebook and so on so going on this thread.

It shows up how things are when two young people engage in a mutual sex act and it is pictured, the reaction is humiliation for one party and thumbs up for the other. A toxic mix of slut/virgin and porn.

In an equal world both of those young people would feel / get the same for a mutual sex act which got photographed and sent around.

And even more, thinking about it, why should the person who is revealing their mouth be more vilified than the person with their genitals out? That's not normally how it works.

Oh yes because slut/virgin and porn.

I keep posting and erasing what next for her and just everyone involved. Could go on for ages. I don't want to make any assumptions as to her past/motivations/state of mind so I won't. that's just unguessable.

booster re : if cameras were there in our day, agree. awful. the prevalence of cameras is skewing people's behaviour in a really awful way

NiceTabard Tue 20-Aug-13 22:05:16

Goes without saying I hope she is OK.

Is the boy in the picture sedated in hospital? NO?

Fucking patriarchy.

(PS will eat words if he is, obviously)

SinisterSal Tue 20-Aug-13 22:09:55

Aside from the double standards -
It's troubling that it wasn't a mutual sex act, it was she performing a sexual service for him (in a sense)
It wasn't two teenagers engulfed in passion. It was someone performing and someone else accepting accolades, in more ways than one.
i am not phrasing this well, can anyone else do a better job.

KellyHopter Tue 20-Aug-13 22:13:06

No totally makes sense sal.

PeriodMath Tue 20-Aug-13 22:42:09

There's another picture Sal, might make you think differently.

SinisterSal Tue 20-Aug-13 22:49:31

Perhaps, haven't been following it closely, but the impression that's given was that it was all her performing o.s on him.

jacobsmummy20 Tue 20-Aug-13 23:46:04

The girl was confirmed to be 17, the age of consent in Ireland.
I think the whole thing is a disgrace, I think she made a really bad choice and the images were awful to see.
Don't get me wrong the boy clearly has no respect for women or that girl at all, he viewed himself as a ledgend or a 'lad' and he probably doesn't care that this has gone viral. If my son ever did such a thing...scratch that because id raise him better than to ever treat a young woman like that, but the girl....i am not on her side at all, I think she objectified herself and I as a woman am embaressed for her. Im not perfect and have made mistakes but I have not done something like that, something I consider intimate in front of an 'audience' it makes me sick. She did that and now her family are probably mortified and disgusted. The garda request that everyone respect her privacy? It didn't look like she wanted much privacy. If you give bj's out to multiple men in a crowd of people with camera phones what was supposed to happen? The bigger question I wonder is where were her friends to keep her right, to be there for her? Im sure she didn't go alone. Her life is probably ruined and I think the whole thing has gone too far. But when im super drunk I talk crap, fall about and maybe cry...i dont disrespect myself like she did. The boy? He should be shamed because he is a complete example of how the boys behave these days.

goforthejobular Tue 20-Aug-13 23:51:09

It doesn't matter what the age of consent is - irrelevant. Under 18, it's child porn.
The sex act itself may well be 'legal'.
The image isn't.

Haven't seen it myself.

KellyHopter Wed 21-Aug-13 00:02:58

Jacobsmummy - it's not really about her or her choices though. I mean how does it actually affect any of us that this happened? It's mortifying ly bad taste, but she didn't hurt anybody.
Surely the issue is the vile people who shared the picture? That was designed to hurt and humiliate and degrade.
What about those who have actively sought out the pictures? You mention they were horrible to see so maybe you are one of them, but what is their motivation? Why would anybody want to join in with the humiliation of a young girl who has hurt nobody?

LeStewpot Wed 21-Aug-13 09:42:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

scallopsrgreat Wed 21-Aug-13 09:57:51

Here is another report showing that this is a damn sight more abusive than some people on this thread seem to think.

Suggesting a child has the same agency as the adults abusing her is pretty shoddy and victim-blaming.

scallopsrgreat Wed 21-Aug-13 09:59:23

And that's before we get into the the bullying and creepiness of spreading this round the internet at the girl's expense. Because it certainly hasn't been at the man's expense. Those of you saying you blame the men as much is all very well, but they aren't getting any blame. There is barely any focus on them at all. It is all about the girl's behaviour. And that is just wrong.

DuelingFanjo Wed 21-Aug-13 10:05:34

"Her life is probably ruined"

and his life?

Surely he and the other abusers should be punished in some way?

Moln Wed 21-Aug-13 10:37:01

There are a lot of people to be held culpable here.

It's reported she approached the guarda prior to all released videos and photographs and complained of sexual harassment.

The video in question was put on YouTube and shows her, prior to the photographs, surrounded by a group of males, being groped and verbally abused, she is kissing apparently a different male. It's reported that she is very 'out of it' in the video, and that there are voices caught on the video asking who she is with and where her friends are.

Then following this there came the photographs as described already.

LeStewpot Wed 21-Aug-13 11:26:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

YoniTime Wed 21-Aug-13 11:30:13

SinisterSal 22:09 I feel the same, it was my reaction too.

LeStewpot Wed 21-Aug-13 11:31:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Mollydoggerson Wed 21-Aug-13 11:56:17

She is a child
He is most likely a child.
The other boy she gave a blow job to is probably a child.
The person who took the photo is probably a child.
All of them were probably under the influence of drink/drugs.
Many of the people reposting the photo are teenagers.

From my reading of this site the general consensus is she made a mistake, he is an abuser? He appears to be a child too.Whether he realises this or not he is also a victim of the posting of the photograph. He is recieving a pretty sharp backlash also.

Why is it so important/popular to push boundaries? We all have the same body parts, there is only so much any of us can do, why is it deemed cool to push boundaries?

FreyaSnow Wed 21-Aug-13 12:05:29

MD, the girl's complaint that she was sexually assaulted in against that boy, but concerns another incident at the same event. The complaint was made prior to the release of these photos.

Whether or not these photos were released as a consequence of her making a complaint (to discredit her complaint on the basis that she engaged in kissing and other acts with other males) is not yet known, but the YouTube video that was taken down seems to suggest she was a target of harassment by others because she was kissing somebody.

FreyaSnow Wed 21-Aug-13 12:06:10

Sorry, I meant the complaint is NOT against that boy.

Mollydoggerson Wed 21-Aug-13 12:07:22

FreyaSnow, sorry I didn't know these details, I shouldn't have posted. Thanks for filling me in.

FreyaSnow Wed 21-Aug-13 12:17:04

I have only just found that out myself from reading the link to the police's involvement, so I don't think you or people in general are to blame for not knowing stuff that is only just coming to light.

Moln Wed 21-Aug-13 12:38:45

Also check my post from early, prior to the video and photo she approached the guards (that's the Irish police in case you dont already know) about sexual harrasment.

PeriodMath Wed 21-Aug-13 12:49:13

Why is she referred to on here as a girl but the males are referred to as men? How do you know they're not all children?

Why is the male receiving the bj an abuser? But the poor sweet girl giving it is a victim?

What does this say about our warped attitudes towards female sexuality? That boys get sex of their own free will because they enjoy it but girls couldn't possibly therefore they must be being abused?

And young girls make foolish decisions but young boys are just rapey men in waiting?


FreyaSnow Wed 21-Aug-13 13:00:49

She has been referred to this thread as both a girl and a woman by different posters. He has been referred to as both a man and a boy by different posters.

The abuse issue is her complaint and the police investigation about other males, and footage of her being abused by a group of males. There is not at this point any reports of the boy making a complaint about abuse or any footage showing a group of males or females abusing him.

scallopsrgreat Wed 21-Aug-13 13:34:39

Apologies for my part I was under the misapprehension that they were adults (I haven't seen the pictures). Evidently not.

However, that does not take away from the fact that she was sexually abused both from her claims and from the fact that her pictures have been distributed without her consent. And to give her the same agency as those who are not getting blamed and shamed is wrong. Her behaviour is the primary focus of the bullying not the boys behaviour. Their part in all this appears to be an afterthought.

comingalongnicely Wed 21-Aug-13 13:47:46

I think she's going to complain of sexual abuse now whether she was or wasn't, the publicity has certainly made sure of that.

Not sure about the pictures thing, from a photography point of view (for normal pics) you can't stop someone publishing a photo of you taken in a public place -they don't need any permission from you. Obviously it's not that simple in this case as it's potentially a criminal act that pictures are being published of (not to mention bullying, malicious and in really bad taste)

One thing that is apparent is that Sex Ed and Parents really, really need to make sure that kids understand that -
a: Doing this stuff in public isn't clever
b: Letting people take pics or vids, or sending them the same is plain stupid
c: Distributing this sort of stuff isn't a "laugh", it could end up with someone's life ruined (or worse).

I'm going to be talking to my kids tonight. I don't think they'd do anything like this, but I want them to understand the ramifications for all involved.

Until kids do, this sort of crap, and the stupid attitudes that cause it, are here to stay!

scallopsrgreat Wed 21-Aug-13 14:19:47

"I think she's going to complain of sexual abuse now whether she was or wasn't, the publicity has certainly made sure of that."

What is that supposed to mean? She complained of abuse before these pictures were released.

"Letting people take pics or vids, or sending them the same is plain stupid" There doesn't appear to have been any 'letting' hmm involved, at least not on the girl's side.

SinisterSal Wed 21-Aug-13 14:21:39

Sex Ed and parents have feck all influence over kids for that couple of formative years in their teens, afaics, comingalongnicely
they really identify more with their friends, and form little subsets which are heavily influenced by media/music/pop culture/sport/whatever scenes.
It is part of forming a separate identity from parents, it's healthy I suppose, and they grow out of it.
But while you have a hypersexualised and pornified society such as ours you are going to get incidents like this. I am sure some people think it's totally fine.
Teens exploring their sexualities is of course normal and healthy and all that. (I feel like I have to state the bleedin obvious before someone brings up the pearlclutching witticism)
but they are not starting out from a place of relative 'neutrality' are they? (If ever they did, of course). They are heavily influenced by porn, and notions of service and submission, and all that goes with that.

Society ids no less fucked up about sex now as it was 100 years ago.
You still have the madonna/whore thing, sex is still something women do to please men, if you do you're a slut if you don't you are a prude.

SinisterSal Wed 21-Aug-13 14:22:36

I advise you to read the thread periodmath, it's a bit more complex than that.

comingalongnicely Wed 21-Aug-13 14:31:53

Sinister - "Sex Ed and parents have feck all influence over kids for that couple of formative years in their teens, afaics"

You must be doing it wrong then. We certainly influenced our children and instilled some morals into them, I certainly wouldn't not try to influence them because they're exploring their "sexual identity" but I agree, the huge focus on porn nowadays doesn't help.

Scallops - OK, wasn't aware that she'd complained before the pics went viral, but in regards to
"There doesn't appear to have been any 'letting' hmm involved, at least not on the girl's side"
it could be argued that, by doing the deed in a public place in front of a crowd of people, it was a fairly likely outcome, I'm not condoning it, just pointing out the bleeding obvious.

SinisterSal Wed 21-Aug-13 14:33:53

I said 'as far as I can see'. It is true that many many teens go through a period of rejecting their parents values in favour of their peers'. It's not a controversial thing to say, nor is it a slight on your parenting.

comingalongnicely Wed 21-Aug-13 14:54:24

Sorry - didn't mean to come across as defensive. Too quick to type sometimes!

SinisterSal Wed 21-Aug-13 15:06:56

no problem!

zatyaballerina Wed 21-Aug-13 15:46:42

There needs to be a law to prosecute people for publishing videos or photos on social media that are used to bully, harass, intimidate, degrade, abuse or humiliate people.

Everybody makes mistakes and ten/fifteen years ago it would have been horribly embarrassing one best forgotten, she's unfortunate enough to be growing up in the age of camera phones and the internet where your every move is documented and every mistake risks exposing you to bullying, ridicule and abuse from the entire world. There is no escape for these kids. No wonder the poor girl is under sedation in hospitalsad

OctopusPete8 Thu 22-Aug-13 10:42:53

all the kids were the same age weren't they?

OctopusPete8 Thu 22-Aug-13 10:47:10

Unfortunately she doesn't have a leg to stand on, she was very publicly performing a sexual act, the people taking the pictures are not really in the wrong here. People have the right to take pictures of public things , whether you want to is another thing.

Its also a crime, to perform sex/acts in public and as far as I know they were all the same age.

So ,yeah's I feel for the lass, is she still under sedation??

Moln Thu 22-Aug-13 11:22:13

as far as I can tell nothing is known about the boy. his age etc, though it was reported that he's thought to be from Belfast (as is the girl who apparently uploaded the picture) and that he was possible involved in a public order incident before the concert.

YoniTime Thu 22-Aug-13 11:50:45

This was posted on the Feminist board. The situation for teenage girls and boys different, I guess that was OP's point. People, I assume some men, coming on the thread and just going omg i saw the pixx omg dirrty they're both guilty just don't seem to get that. It's disturbing actually. More analysis please.

scallopsrgreat Thu 22-Aug-13 11:57:17

Thank you Yoni. My thoughts entirely.

OctopusPete8 Thu 22-Aug-13 15:40:02

If thats aimed at me , I AM NOT A MAN.

plus I don't think anyones being mean here that I have seen, but it does have to be remembered a crime has been committed here.

Moln Thu 22-Aug-13 17:39:52

well here's one major difference, nothing is kniw about the boy, except where he (possibly) is from. The other male involved absolutely nothing.

The girl however her name was all over Twitter, as was where she's from, as was her age. This is because she's female, there are people attempting to justify that it's because she's the 'common demoninator' in the pictures.

However I've a strong feeling that if it where two females one man (being the common denominator) that it would be the two females having their details sort out and passed around.

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