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Newsflash: Pediatricians Rescind Female Genital “Nicking” Policy

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LeninGrad Fri 28-May-10 08:40:48

Remember how pissed off we were about this? Well, they've rescinded.

Making a fuss makes a difference.

I had no idea about this 'nicking' lark. WTF? Glad someone/people were able to make a difference.

LeninGrad Fri 28-May-10 09:03:20

Indeed, glad they've rescinded, was a very poor policy. We need to be challenging and preventing this practice not enabling and endorsing it.

I am still a bit shocked by this idea. FGM is truly the most horrible (or at least one of the most horrible) things done to women. I can remember a woman who originally came from Kenya arriving at the Gynae A+E I worked on. She was miscarrying her baby but due to being mutilated couldn't. Her husband and brother insisited that she was resutered after the procedure to remove the fetus. The consultant said she wouldn't and the man took the woman away. There was such a feeling of hopelessness on the unit when they went.

tabouleh Fri 28-May-10 14:49:01

Thank goodness!

Thanks for posting this LeninGrad.

For those of you interested in the original thread.

You are right that making a fuss makes a difference. There was a lot of internet discussion of this plus many charities/organisations came out against it.

Prolesworth Fri 28-May-10 16:22:05

Excellent news!

Phew! Thank heavens they were persuaded to rethink that policy!

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