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How would you define feminism?

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MercedesKing Fri 22-Mar-13 09:40:44

I just figure it out to have the chance to get the same treatment if one is qualified enough! And have the toilet places so that we do not need to wait in long lines...

babanouche Fri 22-Mar-13 09:32:35

I didn't say there's anything wrong with our biology. Our biology is awesome. We make humans inside us fgs! My point was more that childbearing has been the biggest factor in stifling our potential. We're not just baby machines after all - all of us can contribute a lot more than that. Being able to claim the space to do it is the challenge. That's why I understand when people complain about government not supporting SAHMs. By not supporting us they're confining/limiting us. Many other issues too of course.

I agree men do need to stand up more but when there are so many women who don't see the need for feminism it's a rare man who will. Easy life. Long way to go.

GardenPath Fri 22-Mar-13 04:52:22

There's nothing wrong with our biology. Surely, saying it's our biology that hinders us is a bit like saying it's being women that hinders us. It's more like the way our 'biology' is viewed and treated in a male-centric world with male defined rules. And I don't think feminism should be all about women taking on the responsibility of healing all the world's ills and woe's either; inequality, etc. That's an inequality in itself and is simply lumbering women with yet more of the same. I think it's about time men take responsibility for changing - and change. Yet, while in most cultures, (well, all actually), men have it so good in comparison to, and through the subjugation of, women, that's going to take some doing. Re Xenia's post, I've wondered whether I should call myself a Feminist - I'm only wanting what other people (men) take for granted; on principle (though perhaps not IRL) that shouldn't mean I must adopt an 'ism' in order for my rights to be observed and respected. Unfortunately, adopting and identifying with an 'ism' often attracts opposition, suspicion and sometimes fear (good!) in the popular mind which, it could be argued, is self-defeating. I suggest that perhaps we should start calling the rest of the world 'Masculinist', thereby putting the ball (for change) back in that court, much as we might say and use 'racist', as a pejorative or judgemental term. Also, (re Xenia), it's not just equality in law; social and cultural attitudes are a huge barrier for women.

BTW, what's a Zombie Thread? And why should I be alert to it? Ah, is it something to do with the dates of the messages (4 posts up, which I've just noticed)? Well, fuck it! I've written it now I'm bloody well going to post it!

KRITIQ Thu 21-Mar-13 00:21:11

Zombie Thread Alert! Muuuuussssttttt Eeeeeeeeeaaatt Brrrraaaaiiiinssss

babanouche Wed 20-Mar-13 23:13:28

For me it's about equality between the sexes, brought about by recognising that society as a whole benefits from the propagation of the species. It's about recognising and appreciating this and making sure women don't lose out through their biology. I believe it's biology that hinders us the most, in general terms.

Being able to make any life choice I wish.

Celebrating women.

banned861 Sun 17-Mar-13 11:24:48

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blinder Mon 22-Mar-10 23:03:22

Humanity (and therefore also all its endeavours) is out of balance because it has subjugated half of itself. An organism which is out of balance is sick. Feminism is the necessary restoration of balance and health to humanity. I think our survival as a species depends on feminism.

Xenia Sun 21-Mar-10 19:47:59

I don't use the word because it's become a dirty word but for me it simply means equal rights for women and men under the law (plenty of countries do not achieve that and the UK hasn't yet in all aspects) and fairness at home (the principal area where women suffer).

Few could disagree with that definition but that's all it is really.

When I am not subject to more criticism than a man for returning to full time work when a baby is 2 weeks I might think we're starting to make a bit of progress. When people don't praise their men because they do what women as a matter of course do again that would be a good.

SugarMousePink Sun 21-Mar-10 16:32:21

Aloevera - I like that and think it sums up feminism for me, perfectly.

BelleDameSansMerci Sun 21-Mar-10 15:17:09

For men and women to have equal rights and to treated as equals.

So, quite a long way to go on the treatment front...

aloevera Sun 21-Mar-10 14:58:06

I like the phrase...
Feminism is the radical notion that women are human too.

dittany Sun 21-Mar-10 14:37:59

The fight to end male oppression of women.

I used to be on the equality side (which obviously is important) but that seemed to sometimes end up being about "proving" that women can do anything as well as men or at least it did in my case. I think male violence against women is what underpins women's second class status and male violence against women is what we have to end. Once we're free of that there won't be any barrier to our equality or freedom.

SugarMousePink Sun 21-Mar-10 09:50:16

For me it is being treated as the equal of any man...we may be good at different things but that doesn't make my accomplishments any less valid or worthy than his.

Bink Sat 20-Mar-10 21:45:55

keep listening to, keep thinking about, keep learning from, other women


SugarMousePink Sat 20-Mar-10 21:40:10

How would you define feminism? What does it mean to you? I'm struck by the fact that it seeems to encompass such a wide variety of ideas and theories - not always compatible!

So if you had to explain your personal brand of feminism - what would you say?!

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