Rape apologism (not a real word, sorry) on a MN thread!

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Sorry - a thread about a thread, but I feel that input is needed from as many people as possible, to counter some of the ridiculous things one particular poster is saying. The woman the thread is about was so drunk she was blacking out, can't remember what happened, but is sore, so is pretty sure she had sex - and someone is saying this doesn't mean she was raped!


BuffytheElfSquisher Wed 11-Dec-13 15:15:32

Well I can only tell you why I mentioned a trial.

I mentioned it because when I've participated in other discussions about rape, the notion that the default mode should be belief in what the woman is saying (firstly, because who would put themselves through the horror of an investigation if they didn't have to, and secondly because the rates of malicious accusation seem to be on a par - or slightly lower - than that of other crimes) the next stage in the discussion is to accuse feminism and feminists of wanting the law changed so that men are guilty until proven innocent.

I was just pre-empting that argument.

Mitchy1nge Wed 11-Dec-13 21:29:09

I didn't mean that sort of thing, but from the very outset of this thread people weighing up the probability of the man facing any sort of prosecution and if so the probability of its success - a peculiarly inhumane initial response isn't it

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