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Wow I can buy a girl for £135 + VAT!

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StickEmUp Wed 06-Mar-13 12:48:46

Okay sorry, maybe an amusing thread title isnt very appropriate.

Well I only joined this side of MN recently and I asked what feminism meant a few weeks ago.

Well now all I keep doing is noticing inequality. It's everywhere, I am 30 soon and it's taken me this long.

So anyway reason for thread was as work I get the emails from people who sontact the generical sales@ email address on our site. We get alot of ads/spam.
Yesterday one stood out.

It was a branding agency offering ... how to put. Girls for events. First it did say girls, not women. They also offered men but I looked on the site and they were hard to find IE went through a few links to get there.

I don't think 2 months ago I would have batted an eyelid over this, when I got it yesterday I was shocked.

Am I shocked at the advert, or the fact that eother these have only just been invented or I've been living under a rock.

I sent it on to a female colleage who didn't really get my problem.

Am I allowed to link to it and if so would anyone like to look and see if I am taking all this the wrong way!?

racingheart Wed 06-Mar-13 19:45:44

No you're not taking it the wrong way, and as you know, they haven't just been invented. I think it's like getting pregnant for the first time and suddenly noticing other pregnant women, or types of buggies. Your awareness has been awakened. That's a brilliant thing. I remember 'converting' a friend to feminism at uni. She's now, 30 years on, far more aware and ardent than I have ever been. At first she was really resistant. Even if your colleagues start by thinking it's an over reaction, they might end up realising what you are pointing out is worth thinking about.

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