School offer place from waiting list has come up but at a bad time

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moldingsunbeams Tue 05-Nov-13 05:49:35

Ok long story but we had a funded place at x school for dd to start year 4 at junior school that would meet her needs but for a variety of reasons at that time were unable to take it because of a personal situation at the time (landlord did a bunk and we were made homeless) and someone else took the place but we asked to be kept on the waiting list.

Three years down the line having given up on it a place has come up in year 6 and we have been offered it, This school has a secondary department.

The problem is this.

DD has moved a couple of times already unavoidable in primary and is finally settled and making really progress, she is as happy as she is ever going to be in school.

It would mean dd moving now in order to get the place as the school is very very oversubscribed at secondary level and its a case of if her bum is on a seat now she would automatically go through to secondary.

Its not a huge school and they tend to send the year 6 up with their class to secondary. So she either gets a new class now or in year 7 anyway if she stays put here.

However we have applied for secondaries already and this is where the issue lies.

We really loved the school she has put as first choice on the application and felt it would really suit her, its much closer than the school we now have an offer on. She would have one bus or at most a 45 minute walk. With the school we have an offer on she would have to go by train.

However if we did not get her first choice we would be really unhappy with the other options.

I would HATE to move her now then get her first choice school as an offer.

But I would hate to turn down this place and then not get her first choice.

Help and advice please.

dozily Tue 05-Nov-13 05:56:58

I think you need to work out how likely she is to get her first choice. Do you meet any special entry criteria? Or will it be purely on distance? If so, how far do you live from the school and how far away did the furthest child admitted live last year (and preferably the year or two before as well).

moldingsunbeams Tue 05-Nov-13 06:07:11

The first choice is on distance purely as its not faith school. We are right on border of catchment literally on the black line on the map.

In 2010 we would have got in.
In 2011 we would not have got in
In 2012 we would not have got in
In 2013 we would have got in.

A new free school has opened and taken around 50 of the children who would normally have gone (who live closer than us to the first choice) and it is apparently a low birth year so the school felt we would get in next year.

But for the first time its results are higher than another close faith school (which would not meet her needs) and I worry some of the children who would have gone to the school under the faith criteria (100% faith offer first) because of the faiths school results will now stay put and apply for local school because its results as just as good.

moldingsunbeams Tue 05-Nov-13 10:19:03


MILLYMOLLYMANDYMAX Tue 05-Nov-13 10:47:43

If you are happy with the year 6 place then take it. You might or might not get into your 1st choice school. If you did get in to your 1st choice school then you can make a decision whether to stay. Don't forget when children go to secondary school a lot of times they get new friendships anyway. I moved dd in year 6 to a school that automatically moved them up to the secondary part of the school. I too wondered if it was the correct decision as dd had a lot of friends at her primary school. Dd was very upset to be leaving but from day 1 in her new school she has never looked back. She has made loads of friends and her only upset is that at sometime she has to leave.

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