Twi-sluts, where have you gone?

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I need help from slash fans- I have stumbled across a probably very wrong thing and I need lots of other people to read it! I don't post often as I don't like my vampires sparkly, but I have posted k/s and buffy recs in the past! Anyone around to share a very guilty pleasure?

NeverFinishWhatYouStarted Wed 25-Sep-13 20:54:31

We're rebranding at the moment, but post a linky...

Ok... So I don't read rpf, I'm probably old enough to be Harry styles mum, and I certainly couldn't name the rest of one direction...but I loved this! Opinions please?! Have I gone beyond all help?!

NeverFinishWhatYouStarted Wed 25-Sep-13 23:16:53

Without even clicking, I can tell you the answer to that! grin However, our mantra is "no shame", so carry on...

Lol...what are you rebranding as?

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