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BOOK WEEK-again...any ideas for characters....

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binker Tue 08-Nov-05 17:40:27

...for ds,aged 8,to go as ? I was thinking of Charlie Bucket as he just wears ordinary clothes but can have a special chocolate bar with a golden ticket I'm sure I can make ! We've exhausted other favoutite characters in previous years,plus they were more suitable for a younger child -ie. Slinky Malinky...

AuntyQuated Tue 08-Nov-05 17:42:53

i was going to post exactly the same....

ds has dennis the menace outfit

dd - nearly 10 --- i need ideas for. she doesn't want harry potter characs nor disney.

btw it is this friday!!

geogteach Tue 08-Nov-05 17:45:44

We had this before half term, took advantage of halloween stuff in the shops and sent him as a witch as in meg and mog

stitch Tue 08-Nov-05 17:46:43

angua, from the city watch?

JenumGeranium Tue 08-Nov-05 17:48:43

Percy the park keeper for a boy.

Dorothy from wizard of oz for a girl.

PrincessSmartyPants Tue 08-Nov-05 18:33:34

The cat who likes to live in boxes is a good one- own clothes on for walking to school and then box with bottom cut out and 2 string braces to go over shoulders. Cat ears. The book is by Lynley Dodd.
Burglar Bill? Mask. swag bag and stripey T shirt.
Any of the skeletons from Funny Bones with white bones pinned onto black to and T shirt.
Any of the Allberg Happy Families charcaters- Mr Brick the Builder/ Mr Money the Millionaire
Th jolly Postman

Enid Tue 08-Nov-05 18:34:39


bunches, book

Enid Tue 08-Nov-05 18:34:51

sorry a boy

Charlee Tue 08-Nov-05 18:37:09

What about Oliver Twist? then all you need is some ragged clothes and some dirt on his face!

PrincessSmartyPants Tue 08-Nov-05 20:16:59

Dennis the Menace.. Horrid Henry... Just William?

binker Wed 09-Nov-05 11:58:56

thanks guys ! he said he didn't want to be Horrid Henry (or Perfect Peter) !! and was worried about being Flat Stanley because he wasn't flat...

serendipity3 Wed 22-Sep-10 19:23:26

Cat in the hat - stripey tee shirt, black tail safety pinned onto trousers (made out of stuffed balck tight). Tall hat made out of card and painted. Then any siblings going to school on the school run can wear a red tee shirt with 'thing 1' and 'thing 2' written on the front!

FromGirders Wed 22-Sep-10 19:31:18

Well, I've been told what my.two want to be . . .

Fearno the fire dragon (from beastquest) hmm and Bambi hmm hmm

Well, that'll be dead easy then hmm

DandyDan Thu 23-Sep-10 11:57:17

I had an 8 yr old who went as Ron Weasley one year; as Frodo another; and as Joris the Demon-Hunter from The Homeward Bounders when he was 10.

Cat in the Hat is a good one.

serendipity3 Thu 23-Sep-10 22:43:04

The fire dragon and bambi is a difficult one....what about dressing in the relevant colour (ie: red for dragon or brown for bambi) and then making a simple card headband and cardboard shaped dragon/bambi head silouhette and let the kids paint and add on the features etc...could cut black card for cuffs and feet for hooves and safety pin on her bottom a white scrumpled up teeshirt/vest for the white fluffy tail!

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