If you are over 50 and have lost weight - how???

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violetina Sun 11-May-14 15:16:06

My metabolism seems to have gone through the floor!

I used to be able to eat sensibly and lose a few lbs easily - but that doesn't seem to work any more.

I want to lose about 7lb and get my body fat down to about 25% from 30%.

If you're over 50 and have done this, tell me how please!

I work ft, so don't have Ioads of time to exercise, but can fit in cardio two or 3x a week for an hour a session maximum, and have a dog who needs walking.

BindiBach Sun 11-May-14 17:22:13

I do weights and find this reduces actually body fat far more than cardio plus you get a toned body and get into a smaller size . The scales don't show this though, in fact they might show an increase in weight as you gain more muscle while losing fat.

violetina Sun 11-May-14 18:19:36

Diolch Bindi! I am starting 5:2 again tomorrow. Last time I tried it, I felt cold, but intend combatting that with some exercise.

I'll ask my gym to recommend a weights programme for home use as well as the gym.

I don't mind what the scales say, I do want to lose the creeping middle age spread around my waist.

BIWI Sun 11-May-14 18:21:47

I'm almost 55. When I hit 52 I was in the same situation as you (although I wasn't doing any exercise).

I started low carbing and also hired a personal trainer. A year later, 2 stones lighter I also took up running.

It's how I came to start Bootcamp on Mumsnet! Come and join us - we only started the latest Bootcamp last week

violetina Sun 11-May-14 18:31:11

Thanks Biwi. I tried bootcamp and didn't lose anything - though I think it was because I didn't cut out dairy.

Also, we have a very busy work/social life, so I found it difficult to maintain. But if 5:2 doesn't work this time , I will try bootcamp again.

There's definitely a link between the menopause and weight gain though - I have always been able to keep very slim, but I am rapidly turning into my mother!

Nowitscleanugobshite Sun 11-May-14 18:36:02

I'm almost 50! Do I count?? I've lost 3 stone in past year or so. I was 14/16 but am now size 10 ish. It's sounds daft but I ate less and exercised more! Swapped wine for gin&slim. Didn't buy big bags of crisps-my weakness! If there were "goodies" in work if used the rule that if it was something I'd have bought- I could have some. But if I wouldn't have spent money on it-then I couldn't!! Eg I would never ever buy a cake-even a slice of cake with coffee in a cafe-but used to devour any cake that arrived!! I also had treats every week-chip shop tea was my choice! And I would have that big bag of crisps at each half term/end of term!! Being able to wear nice clothes again has been lovely-nothing looked "nice" so I lost interest . It's raised my self esteem hugely. I've kept it off relatively well but can feel a little creeping back on so I'm back on the straight and narrow now til end of term!!

BindiBach Sun 11-May-14 18:38:09

Croeso mawr! violetina. Da chi'n siarad Cymraeg?

I tend to eat much more natural now too. Sort of paleo but not too strict. I am starting to realise that although I am a foodie and love good food it is also my medicine and therefore I try to make sure whatever I put in my mouth (foodwise ha ha) is mostly fruit, veg, salad, chicken, fish, nuts, real salty butter, cream etc. I do still eat good quality chocolate in very small quantities and don't intend to give that up. I don't drink alcohol much either as I don't have the head for it anymore.

violetina Sun 11-May-14 21:14:01

Thanks for the tips.

Ydw, rydw i'n siarad Cymraeg Bindi.

Alcohol and portion sizes are my downfall I think - I can't get away with it any more. I usually drink a bottle of wine over a weekend - I will try swapping it for gin & slim.

BindiBach Sun 11-May-14 21:26:39

Tipyn bach. I think you maybe more down south than me though.

Tansie Mon 12-May-14 20:27:13

Nowits- for the record- and my education- gin'n'slim- how many fewer cals does that provide in terms of the crude measure, 'bang for bucks calories' than say dry white wine?

I absolutely don't drink-to-get-hammered (really!) but am interested in whether if I were to swap 2 glasses of pinot grigio for 2 of g'n's, is there a worthwhile calorie saving?

I do like me gin but always thought that the old 'fancy another?' meant loads of calories with gin but fewer with vino?

And yes, I know it all depends on how big your glass is!

Laska42 Mon 12-May-14 21:03:48

I lost about 1.5 stone on ; weight watchers a few years ago then it just stopped working even though i really stuck to it..

Thw i saw the michael Mosley Horizon programme in summer of 2012 on intermittent fasting and thought id give 2 days of fasts a week a go .. (this idea eventually turned into the 5:2 diet . ) and good old calorie counting . This was a revelation after forgetting it all these years in favour of counting 'points' etc - especially when I added up what the WW 'points ' actually came to each day .. then i started posting on MN and ' met up' with a lot of other people trying IF and 5:2 out on MN and lost another 25lbs.. its now fairly 'mainstream in it self 5:2 fasting Latest thread here )

Also what ever diet you do its really useful to Find out your Basal Metabolic Rate -the amount of calories you expend sitting for 24 hrs doing nothing and your average Total daily energy expenditure (TDEE) which is the number of calories burnt in a day by your level of level of activity. (This is the number of calories you need daily to maintain your current weight ) TDEE

I also recommend you read Dr John Briffa's Escape the diet trap to find out why conventional diets just dont work long term and how the food industry sets us up to fail with dieting ...

I'm 56 now and 5:2 has been the thingthat kickstarted my weightloss again and the only thing i found worked after menopause

Laska42 Mon 12-May-14 21:05:23

Also Myfitnesspal is a great resource for calorie counting and keeping track .. I couldnt have done it without it ..

BindiBach Tue 13-May-14 09:20:05

Hows the 5:2 coming along Violetina smile

BIWI Tue 13-May-14 09:25:43

Laska - am I right in thinking that if you want to lose weight (using TDEE calculations) then you should eat an amount of calories between your BMR and TDEE?

turdfairynomore Tue 13-May-14 17:56:11

A premixed can if gin&slimline tonic has 94 calories and is 250ml. Wine is just below double the calories for that for same volume I think?

Tansie Tue 13-May-14 20:11:05

OK! ooi, what's the 'units of alcohol' difference? I imagine the g'n's is lower? Or is it??!

violetina Tue 13-May-14 22:05:47

My first fast day went really well yesterday- I am tracking on MFP where my user name is busybusybee.

I read an article somewhere which said it's a good way of losing weight for over 50's - we'll see!

Weekends are my downfall, and we have friends coming this weekend - so I am trying to stick to 1200 cals on non fast days during the week.

My next fast day is Thursday.

violetina Tue 13-May-14 22:12:50

My TDEE is a measly 1407!

I put in that my life is sedentary as I have a desk job, although I do light exercise a few times a week - dodgy joints don't let me work out like I used to when younger.

violetina Tue 13-May-14 22:17:27

Laksa and Biwi - it's really good to hear from you that it is possible to beat the weight creep in your 50s!

I don't want to lose too much and risk looking haggard though.. It's that old thing about choosing between one's face and backside, but I am sure there is a happy compromise about 7lb less than I am now.

Shosha1 Tue 13-May-14 22:19:34

Myfitnesspal. Sticking to 1200 calories a day. Walking 30 mins everyday at the beginning increasing to a hour at weekends.

Lost 7 stone last year at 54.

Laska42 Tue 13-May-14 22:19:48

BIWI IThats the theory, Because I do 5:2 I usually aim for an overall calorie deficit on TDEE overthe week, and try not to go over my TDEE on 'eating days' if I can , but i have been quite relaxed and 'saved@ some of the calories for weekends. This means i can have wine at weekends , it has worked for me. but you do have to be pretty disciplined if you want to count overall calories fir the week instead of having dailiy limits as you can imagine ..

The other thing im very careful of (except wine that is!! ) is of carbs - especially bread , wheat and fruit (I know you are a LC follower) and i really think that is also the way to go .. I do eat butter, try ( not always successfully ) to limit cheese, but otherwise dont do the higher fat LC things . (cream makes me feel ill anyway ive found).

I also very rarely have potatoes these days and even rarer , rice or pasta.. sugar is easy for me because luckily I just dont have a sweet tooth..

amothersplaceisinthewrong Tue 13-May-14 22:21:00

I lost almost three stone two years ago - but it took me 8 months (I was 52 at the time). I used to be in my 20s able to lose half a stone in a week!

I calorie counted and excercised more. The weight has stayed off - I am now careful what I eat and have kept up swimming half a mile five times a week. I generally do 6: 1 now! Michael Mosley is right - the chair is the enemy.

Laska42 Tue 13-May-14 22:31:45

violetina due to ing hava 'square jaw' shaped face and lucky genes I suppose it seems to have not gone to lines..but I have lost my bum though! ,
Are you onthe 5:2 thread? I mostly post on themaintenance one.. Had slipped a bit ,a few months ago and regained a few pounds but am back on track now, .. having ebayed all my bigger clothes i wasnt going to go out and buy new ones ..

Good luck.. yes i feel so much better now.. sadly im far to lazy to do exercise also so I have low TDEE neither despite losing so much have I reduced the boobs much iin proportion..down from 38 DD to 36/34D but thats just my age I suppose..

However , I do wear a biikini on holiday now because i can (hell they dont know me and there are wors sights on the beach!)

Laska42 Tue 13-May-14 22:35:44

oh sorry , im having trouble with my wireless mouse pointer , so lots of those words above came out muddled... must get some new batteries

Shallishanti Tue 13-May-14 22:38:14

I tried 5;2 but found it no good
what worked was the hairy dieters approach- weighing carbs, otherwise all proper food, some low fat (eg low fat cheese, not low fat biscuits with loads of sugar!) cut out crap (crisps etc)- took a few months but now back to the weight I was 20+ yrs ago. I run which makes me feel good, but I don't think it helps weight loss. Am 54.

50ShadesofGreyMatter Tue 13-May-14 22:41:52

I'm 53 and I've lost 6 stone in 20 months after working out my basal metabolic rate and TDEE and using My Fitness Pal.
I've done almost no exercise blush

I try to vary the daily cals in which seems to work ok and just try to keep to the weekly amount.

Laska42 Tue 13-May-14 22:53:16

Thats utterly brilliant 50shades well done.. yes I think it is down to BMR and TDEE .. wish id known it instead of enduring all those silly weightwatcher points years.

Laska42 Tue 13-May-14 22:59:01

oh and shosha 7 stone in a year that is also amazing ( its taken me about 5 years to lose 4 stone overall)

violetina Tue 13-May-14 23:05:25

Yes, I am on the 5:2 thread.

Reading all your stories, I think I'm coming to the conclusion that I probably need to do a combination of things – Cut portions/calories, try to fit in more exercise (although that's difficult with such a busy but sedentary job), cut carbs and most of all probably give up alcohol altogether – I don't drink much now, but it may need to be even less.

storynanny2 Tue 13-May-14 23:29:13

Violetina, thats the only way I seem to be able to lose weight. I am 57 and have been trying to lose a stone and a half for ever.
10 weeks ago I decided enough is enough, no more faddy diets and I went back to calorie counting. I have kept a daily food diary and it is a real eye opener. 1000 calories is hardly anything, I must have been eating far too many calories without realising.
I am eating lots of fat free yoghurt with berries, soup and eating my main meal on a small plate as portion control seems to be a problem.
Sadly I have had to cut back seriously on carbs such as bread, rice, pasta, cake, chocolate. I dont drink so that helps. I really miss crisps, cake and biscuits but have gone cold turkey on things that I can not just have a bit of.
I have lost a stone in ten weeks, half a stone to go and this time I am determined to keep it off by experimenting with optimum calorie intake.
I dont do any formal exercise but walk a bit every day, ride my bike locally and dance occasionally.
Good luck.

IrianofWay Wed 14-May-14 11:09:37

Good question! I am reading with interest.

I'm 49 and I have put on 2.5 stone in the last 3 years. I do have a tendency to comfort eat but I have honestly been keeping that in check. I run 3 times a week (injuries permitting) but the weight just seems to creep on.

About 10 years ago after my youngest was born I was 12 stone and horrified at myself - I started lcing and lost 1 stone in a month and never really lost much more in the following year or so but I maintained and was happy with a BMI of around 22. I stopped lcing and started running seriously and lost another stone. I kept it off for about 2 years and then started suffering from anxiety and depression at around the time I entered the menopause. I have been on ADs on and off since then and am on HRT to combat the crappy symptoms. About that time I also seemed to just deflate energy wise - I simply cannot run as far or as fast so I manage approx 3 miles three times a week.

So I am fat, lazy and pissed off sad

IrianofWay Wed 14-May-14 11:11:35

BTW I have just started cutting out carbs again as my downfall is sugar and starchy foods. I feel no urgeto binge when all I can binge on is meat and salad.

storynanny2 Wed 14-May-14 12:50:42

If it helps at all I will just say that having come out on the other side of the menopause, I am beginning to get back in control of my body. Maybe it is a bit like having to get through adolescence with spots, moodiness etc, and then reverting to feeling more "normal" when the hormones settle down. Just a thought, nothing scientifically proved!

storynanny2 Wed 14-May-14 12:51:50

Cutting down on carbs seems to help most people lose weight whatever variety of diet they do so I am planning to make that a lifestyle change for good.

violetina Wed 14-May-14 13:04:53

Interesting observations here.

I am having occasional periods but hot flushes seem to have stopped thankfully, and I have regained energy after a dip which coincided with the flushes. So, definitely hormones to blame and maybe it is like adolescent changes.

It's a shock after being so in control the rest of my life - I have always either been slim or able to get back to slim easily until now.

violetina Wed 14-May-14 13:05:48

Interesting observations here.

I am having occasional periods but hot flushes seem to have stopped thankfully, and I have regained energy after a dip which coincided with the flushes. So, definitely hormones to blame and maybe it is like adolescent changes.

It's a shock after being so in control the rest of my life - I have always either been slim or able to get back to slim easily until now.

violetina Wed 14-May-14 13:08:44

I don't think I will ever eat bread or pasta regularly again - but don't think I will miss them. A big challenge is my social circle which revolves around food and drink, although with some sporting activities mixed in.

violetina Wed 14-May-14 13:11:59

Irian - I am trying to avoid HRT if possible. I wonder if juicing might help you? I did that for a while. It didn't make me lose weight, but it have me loads more energy and helped cut cravings.

Have.a look at Jason Vale's juice plan.

Cooroo Wed 14-May-14 13:19:25

I'm 54 and have been doing 5:2 for nearly 2 years. I wasn't too overweight before so have gone from 10stone 4ish to 9stone 9ish. More importantly I hope I am getting the other health benefits - reduced risk of cancer/Alzheimer's/heart disease.

Well I'm still here so it must be working!

I use MFP on fast days and am beginning to use it on normal days to monitor overall nutrition.

IrianofWay Wed 14-May-14 14:00:18

I will look into juicing, thanks violetina.

I didn't want to use HRT really but my symptoms were so savage and went on for ages. I also remember my mum just physically and emotionally collapsing as she went through it - everything seemed to go wrong healthwise and she changed from being a vibrant energetic woman to a miserable shell. I was terrified when I felt the energy begin to ebb away ...

"It's a shock after being so in control the rest of my life - I have always either been slim or able to get back to slim easily until now." Ditto - I spent all my adult life at a healthy weight - even at my heaviest I was still in the normal range and all I had to do lose enough weight was cut down a bit. And I never ran out of energy - I could walk and run for ever. A few weekend ago I did a 10 mile walk - something I did without a thought before - I was so tired when I got home I went for a sleep! I hate this!

IrianofWay Wed 14-May-14 14:01:52

Sorry to be thick but what is 5:2?

violetina Wed 14-May-14 17:27:45

Intermittent fasting. 2 days a week at 500 calories, 5 at the amount you need to maintain weight - your total daily energy expenditure, which seems to plummet as you get older.

Have a look at the other thread, which explains it all (on phone so cannot link).

I was prepared to use HRT if desperate - the insomnia almost prompted me, but have so far battled on without it. I know what you mean though Irinia - my moods can be horrendous and I wonder if it would be the thing to do.

It wouldn't tackle the weight problem though.

Cleaning up my diet has helped a lot with better sleep and more energy, as has juicing. I wonder if I may be coming out the other side of the menopause which is why the symptoms are lessening a bit, but I may be speaking too soon.

violetina Wed 14-May-14 17:30:30

Cooroo - I am busybusybee on MFP if you would like to add me.

I am trying to keep my diet fairly low carb all the time as well as limiting calories.

Cooroo Wed 14-May-14 18:57:51

Busybusybee - am I being thick? MFP will only let me add friends by Facebook or email.

Bindibach Thu 15-May-14 09:16:46

Im going through the menopause at the moment. Hot flushes come and go. Im very emotional these days but apart from that, its not too bad. Not taking anything other than St. Johns Wort tincture form which helps keep me very upbeat. Fasting wise, I have suffered from migraines since I was about 5 so going for long periods without food can induce them. Have you tried the 8 hour diet 8/14 fast. Marks Daily Apple and other paleos recommend 10/14 for women though as there have been many studies done on fasting and its impact on womans hormones. I can happily do 10/14 as it seems more natural to my body.

IrianofWay Thu 15-May-14 10:06:13

Couldn't find a thread on it on here but had a look at the fastdiet site. Looks interesting and doable. I know LC works for me although not as well as it once did but I do worry about the non-balance of the diet long-term. Not to mention it's quite expensive buying all that fresh meat and fish and bags of salad. Also running on LC can be a killer!

Anyone run on their fast days? How is it?

Bindibach Thu 15-May-14 10:27:30

By the way, I don't do 10/14 intentionally, it just seems that my body likes to eat later in the day rather than have breakfast so it often ends up being 12 to 14 hours since my last meal when I eat.

BIWI Thu 15-May-14 11:19:24

"LC works for me although not as well as it once did but I do worry about the non-balance of the diet long-term. Not to mention it's quite expensive buying all that fresh meat and fish and bags of salad. Also running on LC can be a killer!

Anyone run on their fast days? How is it?

Sorry - I know this isn't a low carb thread, but I need to answer you IrianofWay!

Why would think that LC is 'non-balanced'? All that you do on a low carb diet is to switch the ratio of nutrients that you're eating. So instead of it being 'carbs:protein:fat', it's 'fat:protein:carbs'. You're still eating carbs, just fewer of them, and better quality carbs.

And no reason why it should be any more expensive eating the LC way - it's usually the case that fattier cuts of meat, that are better on a LC diet, are cheaper anyway. It doesn't have to be fillet steak all the way! (Although that would be very lovely grin).

When I cook for the family I cook exactly the same food, but whereas they might have potatoes (actually they may not have these days, as I don't always do a carb element for them now), I'll have extra veg or salad.

And if you're properly keto-adapted, running on LC is not an issue at all. In fact there is some evidence to suggest that you can perform better. I always exercise (personal trainer) or go for my run before I've eaten and it never affects my performance. There's a brilliant book about it called "The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Performance" written for serious athletes about how it works.

IrianofWay Thu 15-May-14 11:53:58

Hi Biwi - I did LC for many years so I am quite familiar with it. I read all the books and was quite evangelical for a while It's just that I found after a while that I stopped losing weight and got bored TBH, my blood sugar never reduced while I was dieting and I found that, no matter how far into ketosis I was, I lacked energy when running. I didn't get seriously into long-distance running until after I stopped LCing and then I lost a significant amount of weight by eating low GI and running more. I think that simple cruel fact is that not everyone reacts the same way to the same diet and my success on LC is probably over sad.

Re balance, my issue is probably just mine, but I used to eat plenty of dairy and perhaps overdid it. Hence the lack of balance. I am not fond of meat so I probably tended to overuse dairy. I agree that a good LC diet is not as unhealthy as it portrayed by it's detractors.

Re the cost - I am feeding five people on a limited budget so meat doesn't factor massively. We as a family tend to eat lots of pasta. pulses, rice etc. If we do eat meat it tends to be mince or smaller amounts of meat in the slow cooker with lots of pulses and veg. Protein is from dairy and pulses mostly. I rarely buy joints of meat or chicken breast etc. So buying much more meat cuts into our budget painfully. When i did it before my kids often ate at differnt times to DH and I do it wasn't so obvious that I was eating different food to them - now they are older and always eat with us. I simply could not afford to serve all of us LC friendly meat meals on a daily basis.

IrianofWay Thu 15-May-14 11:57:03

BTW I used to be Ormirian and I think we met on LC threads in the past!

Bindibach Thu 15-May-14 12:05:50

I just don't diet in any way shape or form anymore as it will only end up in me bingeing. I have had disordered eating in the past so I have been eating without dieting for 10 years now. I love food and don't want to be deprived of any of it. The way I keep my weight steady is to only eat when Im truly hungry and stop when Im satisfied and eat any type of food I want. Im eating like a naturally slim person. I will not ever diet again.

BIWI Thu 15-May-14 13:36:54

I did wonder if it was you! We were also, I think, both on The Other Forum wink

violetina Thu 15-May-14 13:59:15

Bindi - you are how I am attempting to be, but I want to lose a few pounds with 5:2 first, then maintain.

I'd be interested to know more about fasting and women's hormones.

Biwi - I like the idea of lc, but didn't lose weight with bootcamp (I think because of dairy), but found it too tough to cut dairy too. I also worry about eating too much animal produce and actually really enjoy beans and pulses. I can understand why it works well for some people though. From reading all the lovely helpful ideas here, it seems to me that us 50-odds do need to adapt to the menopause and post-menopause in a way which suits us individually, but not easy to work out what that may be.

It's my second fast day today - so far, so good, but the weekend will be the challenge, especially as we have friends coming for a meal on Saturday.

Bindibach Thu 15-May-14 14:06:00

Have you looked into the 8/16 fast where you eat normally for eight hours a day then fast for 16 ? Although it is suggested that 14 / 10 is better for Women and those hormones. So far my menopause has been normal with light hot flushes and no periods.

IrianofWay Thu 15-May-14 14:13:56

Talking of different ways to lose weight! Mum gave me a box of green tea with pineapple. it's supposed to help you lose weight. I admit to scepticism but it's almost carbohydrate and calorie free and it also requires me to drink 1.5 litres of water, I thought I'd give it a go. Anyone tried this?

violetina Thu 15-May-14 16:08:23

Bindi - I hadn't heard of that. What does 'eat normally' mean though? Is that your TDEE? I'm not great at portion sizes, so would probably over-eat/drink for 8 hours if I didn't try to control it in some way.

Bindibach Thu 15-May-14 20:17:13

Because I don't diet eating normally means only eat when I am hungry
taste and savour food and stop as soon as I feel satisfied. Its body led calorie control I guess. Only your body knows how much it needs and it will tell you if you tune into it.

I do mindful eating (Paul McKenna type of thing) and have done it for 10 years now.

For the 8 hour diet, look it up on amazon or the internet (if you havnt already). It explains it better than me.

Sorry, I myself don't do the 8 hour diet, was just wondering if you had heard of it as it might suit you better than two days of 500 cals. Didn't mean to confuse you.

violetina Thu 15-May-14 21:04:47

I really do need to cultivate mindful eating Bindi. I am an emotional eater and also often eating in a hurry.

Bindibach Thu 15-May-14 21:59:21

Have you had a read of Paul McKenna's Emotional Book? Of course there are many on the subject out there. A lot of us on the Paul McKenna thread are reading it at the moment.

Bindibach Thu 15-May-14 22:02:33

I know you said that you want to lose the weight and then do mindful eating but you can lose weight through mindful eating too. If fasting works then great but if not and you find yourself back to square one and still at the same weight or even heavier, then maybe try Pauls method (its not his really its just that he has brought it into the mainstream). Worth a thought.

violetina Thu 15-May-14 22:59:28

Thanks - I will try that if 5:2 fails, and may do it anyway. Diolch eto

Bindibach Thu 15-May-14 23:35:12

Croeso. grin

IrianofWay Fri 16-May-14 11:37:06

I have the Paul McKenna book and I must admit it did help me eat more sensibly. But I hardly lost any weight. I think I need a 'proper' ie strict diet to get more or less where I want to be and then use mindful eating methods to stay there!

One of the ways I have coped with depression is eating! I know, I know it's not ideal. But on days when I just felt so low the idea that I could eat something nice when I got home comforted me. And of course eating 'something nice' so easily changes to two and then three! I have come off my ads to help with weight loss but I am very aware that if the depression comes back I will be tempted to eat even more. It's a balancing act for me.

Bindibach Fri 16-May-14 13:39:05

If you lost some weight on mindful eating then that is great. Its not a diet as you know so the weight loss can be quick or slow but its about ditching the diets and learning how to eat normally (as in eating whatever you want but only eating till you feel that you are satisfied). Lots of people say they will try mindful eating when they have dieted the weight off and that's fine but most people unfortunately never do get rid of the weight and end up on diet after diet and then 5,10,15 years have passed and they are still looking for the next miracle diet to help them lose the weight. Mindful eating might show slow weight loss but at least in a year you may have lost 12 lbs , which is one pound a month but you could be on diet after diet and after a year still not have lost any weight. A lot of people doing Mindful Eating do lose more than that though and eat whatever they want but they use their own body to decide on how much they need to eat rather than a "diet". It also helps with those emotions of needing to eat for reasons other than hunger which we all get. PM does some great books on emotional eating and there are exercises in the book to help you deal with bingeing to stop it in its tracks until the urge goes. But there are other books out there on the subject too if you wanted to try something different.

storynanny2 Sat 17-May-14 10:28:22

I like that phrase " mindful eating", not heard it before. I think keeping a food diary has made me more "mindful" though. I am on week 11 and slowing down a bit now so will probably need to add in a bit more exercise.
I only lost half a pound this week and didnt do anything different.

A few years ago I read that Victoria Beckham ( not that she needs to be on a diet) was a fan of edamame beans for weight control. I have just tried them for the first time and they are delicious. A small handful is about 100 calories so a good snack and very filling. They sell them in tescos and waitrose frozen as soya beans but I couldnt find them in the other supermarkets. I have started taking them as a breaktime snack when I am at work.
I am enjoying reading the get ready for summer thread and already feel better in my summer clothes than I did the last few summers. I am determined this time to find a way to maintain my target weight when I get there!

storynanny2 Sat 17-May-14 10:31:40

By the way, Re hormones. I wasnt allowed as a migraine sufferer to take HRT as apparently it increases the risk of stroke, but my doctor suggested a low dose of citalopram anti depressant to keep me " on an even keel" in his words. It has been amazing. The only menopausal symptom that was and still is troubling is insomnia. I never sleep for more than 2 hours unbroken. It drives me mad.

IrianofWay Wed 21-May-14 16:28:07

Bog-standard lc here. Have lost 5lbs in 8 days which puts my BMI back in the healthy (if not aesthetically-pleasing) range. Hurray!

fatlazymummy Thu 22-May-14 20:26:26

I lost nearly 4 stones at the age of 51. I have kept it off for 2 years now.
I basically made up my own diet. I switched to a smaller plate, reduced things like bread and pasta, cut out or severely reduced the obvious junk (cakes, crisps,biscuits, etc). No ready meals or takeaways (don't like them any way ). I made sure I ate at least 3 portions of veg and 2 of fruit every day (this really helps to fill you up). No alcohol or fizzy drink.
As far as exercise goes - very important to me. I started off doing Wii fit (the actual exercises not balance game)for 1 hour every day. After 3 months I felt able to go swimming, which is now my main form of exercise. I also walk a few miles a day and do things like pushups, squats and work with dumbbells indoors

violetina Fri 23-May-14 07:40:49

A progress report...

I have now followed 5:2 since May 12, and lost a fraction over three and a half lbs - i.e in 11 days, although I have just weighed after a fast day and before eating.

I had a very sociable weekend, lots of lovely food and wine, but then mainly ate 'clean' on the other non fast days in the week, although some alcohol at an event this week.

I am also avoiding bread and not eating carbs after 7pm.

Also exercising a bit.

It seems to be going the right way, I feel good and have plenty of energy.

violetina Fri 23-May-14 07:56:54

Well done fatlazymummy (do you need to change name now?). That's such an inspirational story.

fairywoods Fri 23-May-14 09:58:45

Hi fatlazymummy (you should have 'inspiration' as your name). That's brilliant! How long did it take to lose 4 stones? Did you feel hungry all the time? Did you have a lightbulb moment? I am struggling to lose 20lbs and keep having good days, then feel really hungry and then fall off the wagon (again!). How did you stay focused and curb the hunger and did you have any hiccups along the way. Any tips would be fab! thanks smile

fatlazymummy Fri 23-May-14 13:34:35

Thankyou violetina and fairywoods
To answer your questions, it took me about a year, though I really see it as an ongoing process.
I don't really feel hungry,because I have got used to eating smaller amounts. If I eat too much now I start to feel sick and bloated.
Yes, I did (and still do) have 'hiccups' along the way. What helps me to stick with it is being focussed on my health, rather than appearance or dress size (though they are nice bonuses of course). My dad had his 1st heart attack at 53, and was dead by 60. I don't want to follow in his footsteps.
My lightbulb moment - well I had a few. The most memorable one was being at a funeral and realising I was the only fat one out of my siblings.
My tips - find a way of eating that you like and suits you. If you have a bad day and 'pig out' then draw a line under it and move on .Tomorrow really is another day. Fit as much activity and exercise into your day as possible - walking,climbing stairs, etc. Do some form of weight training - have a look on you tube if you don't fancy the gym. Exercise is important to help prevent loose skin and tone up, which helps you feel better.
Best of luck. You can do it.

storynanny2 Sat 24-May-14 14:34:11

Can you lose weight on your feet and ankles!? I have now lost one stone 2pounds , just tried on my summer sandals and a couple of last years pairs are slipping off. Had a good look in the mirror and my cankles are less hideous. Unfortunately I haven't lost a single bit from my DD's up top. So I now have sloppy footwear and my dresses are still "snug" very unfair

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