The Crap Dieters Thread

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Nancery Wed 12-Feb-14 23:41:02

A place for those of us who regularly fall of the wagon, to gently ease each other back on, or at least to put the second creme egg back in the box...

Following a previous thread, it appears I am certainly not alone in not sticking to anything which will help me shift the extra blubber. Young DC's and hectic lives make quick fixes, or large glasses of wine after they've gone to bed, far more important (at the time) than sensible meal planning or finding time to devote to working out.

Howevet, I am going to Cornwall in April and want to use that as a starting point for feeling less ghastly this summer. If I don't lose much weight, at the very least I don't want to put any more on!!

YouseewhathappensLarry Thu 13-Feb-14 14:33:42

Hello thought I'd come and join you, I've started slimming world but I suspect once I stop tanking wine and eating biscuits while the kids are in bed the weight will fall off, I guess this thread can help us offload our stress too after all that's one of the biggest diet sabotagers.

noswingpark Thu 13-Feb-14 15:13:25

Can I join too? I'm afraid I fall into the category of 'crap dieter'. I tried a vlcd, was so determined but it wast to be. I'm unhappy and know that even a stone off would be brilliant and make a difference so why did I eat a whole huge toblerone last night? sad

Nancery Thu 13-Feb-14 16:27:13

Hello everyone and thank you for joining me!
I too reckon that if I stop a) finishing DS's leftovers, b) mindlessly eating things like bread, cheese and chocolate and c) drinkng so much wine it should make a difference here. However, when I have made conscious efforts before (religiously did the 5:2 for, er, two weeks but as well as fasting only had VERY healthy dinners, filled up on soup etc I lost precisely... Nothing.

I went to buy something to wear for my sisters wedding today. Failed miserably and went home and cried. Still f**ked off now but no idea what to do as the wedding is on the 22nd and nothing I have fits (or if it does, I resemble a sausage bursting out of its skin.)


Nancery Thu 13-Feb-14 16:27:56

And yes, you're right, stress is a major diet sabotager!

noswingpark Thu 13-Feb-14 18:27:37

I'm going to start religiously on Sunday, for 2 reasons mainly. Tomorrow husband has said he is making a quorn pie (I'm vegetarian). Then on Saturday night he is singing (club singer) and I'm going along to watch <or check nobody chats him up>
Its so hard though, I have a hair cut in the morning and seeing myself in the big mirror just makes me cringe.

Jinglebells99 Thu 13-Feb-14 18:29:43

I should join you too, although I just made pineapple upside down cake and eaten some, so maybe I should start tomorrow?! smile

Holliewantstobehot Thu 13-Feb-14 18:44:13

Please please can I join? Have put on about two stone this year due to a lot of stress (ds has additional needs and is not having a good year so subsequently neither am I) and I feel so unhealthy and unfit and crap about myself.
I am saving up to go to France next year and really want to go slim and happy. I just eat mindlessly because I feel so tired and worn down.
They are off to their dads for two days tomorrow so want to have a rest and start eating better. Also go through my money and see if I can afford the gym.
Have realised that ds could carry on the way he is for a long time yet and I have to find a way of dealing with the stress and tiredness without carbs grin
Waves at op from wet and windy cornwall!

Nancery Thu 13-Feb-14 21:05:27

Thank goodness you've all joined me!
I am writing this while swigging a glass of wine after eating some bread and cream cheese (I fell asleep putting DS to bed and woke up ravernous - genuinely!) and I really need to be more organised about meals (hopefully cooking things ready to re heat when I get downstairs, that kind of thing.) I find waiting for food when hungry close to impossible so end up picking, which ain't great, so need to try and get rid of that temptation.
I also, stupidly I realise, ate too much snacks stuff today after the horrible shopping experience; it was kind of like a 'fuck it, I'm fat anyway' gesture I suppose.

How much do we all want to lose? I am, I think, about 12.5 stone and want to get back down to ten. Ironically when I first hit ten stone several years ago I was mortified! My weight is largely round my middle and upwards (ie from the knees down I look fine!) and I find being very 'Apple shaped' very hard to dress in a flattering way. And don't get me started on the massive upper arms...

YouseewhathappensLarry Thu 13-Feb-14 22:13:19

I'm 12 stone 7lbs at the moment , my target is 10 stone, all my nice clothes are size 10 and desperate to get back into them again. Size14 is just fitting me at the moment.

Nancery Thu 13-Feb-14 22:21:09

Pretty much the Same as me then, apart from I was never a size 10 it was more like 12

Nancery Thu 13-Feb-14 22:22:19

I also tend to wear very loose stuff anyway, I don't like anything particularly fitted, so even though I wear a size 16 if it HAS to fit , i generally wear things like tunics

Nancery Thu 13-Feb-14 22:26:08

Yesterday I started a thread in chat about being a crap dieter and someone suggested I look at this so going to have a browse now...

GinOnTwoWheels Thu 13-Feb-14 22:32:54

I am the queen of crap dieters. If I lost 10 measly pounds, I would go from 'slightly podgy, nothing in my wardrobe fits' to 'looking fabulous, can wear it all' but can I do it? Like hell I can!

I had a couple of good days this week but then we had a load of meetings at work, which meant endless supplies of yummy buffet food and DP is working away for most of next week and half of me says I can concentrate on having just healthy food for me and then the other half thinks I will just live on crisps and prosecco hmm.

Nancery Thu 13-Feb-14 22:50:58

10 measly pounds? You lucky bugger!
I suppose a couple of stone may not seem a big deal to someone who needed to lose twice that though and I don't seem to be able to get my shit together with that either .
Until now... (Think positive, must think positive!)

LadyOnARooftop Thu 13-Feb-14 22:51:11

So in the last year I have joined Slimming World (twice), have WeightWatchers online, have tried 5:2, MFP and low carb. I have not stuck to any of them.

I have a beach holiday in June and a 5* break in Barcelona in August. I do not want to be fat for either. I currently weight 14 stone, and would be happy at ten and a half.

I sit on my backside all day, the only exercise I get is 2 hours dance classes a week, although I do love exercise so need to sort this out.

I am considering SlimFast (sob).

Nancery Thu 13-Feb-14 22:56:34

Okay, fellow Crappers, let's get our shit together - we all seem to be in the same boat and of the same ilk, and we also al know how awful we currently feel. So, let's try and crack it?! Even if it's simply improving our diets it ought to make a difference, and not just to waistlines.
Had a look at the Eat a Better thread and it us quite inspirational. I also like the idea of being healthier generally and it's very good for that. I think I need to, at least at first , get organised and stop the mindless chomping.
(If I pledge to give something up it never works, I tried with booze in Jan and saw sod all difference in anything.)

Nancery Thu 13-Feb-14 22:57:32

ladyonarooftop the prospect of a beach holiday would make me cry at the moment!

LadyOnARooftop Thu 13-Feb-14 23:07:33

You'd think I'd be super motivated as spending 11 days in a cossie is filling me with dread but no!!

Right well tomorrow I am going to aim for no mindless snacking and/or bingeing, just see if I can get through the day as this is my downfall. I have also downloaded Marissa Peer 'You Can Be Thin' to my kindle, a friend recommended it, see if it will spur me on a bit...

Holliewantstobehot Thu 13-Feb-14 23:24:49

I am 17 1/2 stone and could cry. I would like to be 11 1/2 as I am really tall so would be slim at that weight. I have also tried weightwatchers, slimming world, mfp and failed at all of them.

I am going to start tomorrow and just try to eat three healthy meals and maybe a couple healthy snacks. I think I just need to take it a day at a time.

I have paul mckennas stop emotional eating book but have not listened to it or done the dvd or finished the book. blush because ds not sleeping at night and by the time I get him off to bed and finish tidying up I am knackered! I will try and restart tomorrow.

Heres to us all having a good day tomorrow!

Nancery Fri 14-Feb-14 06:52:04

Sounds a good plan Holliewantstobehot, one day at a time and the meals thing. I find that once I've had one bad day then everything else goes totally to pot.

Good luck for today (DS up so can't write more!)

can I join you all? I used to be about 10 to 11 stone. lost my mum shortly before last Christmas and seem to have just taken comfort in snacking on shit rather than anything decent. was at the nurse yesterday for my depo and brought up the weight issues and she agreed thst it was a problem. even though I walk everywhere and often and am eating better am finding it really hard to lose any weight at all. she suggested coming off the depo to the implant but I'm really not sure have read such horror stories and get on so well with depo aside from the weight. I am around 13 and half stone and want to get back to previous weight. I like to do zumba at home but am very conscious of joining any classes at all , bit of a loner!

LadyOnARooftop Sat 15-Feb-14 18:27:36

Well yesterday and today haven't been a disaster. Less snacking, and I gave up a latte yesterday and had herbal tea instead!

Weighed myself in Boots today, a bit less than I thought, 13st 10lb, will weigh again in a week or so.

Am going to re-join the gym near work tomorrow, if I organise myself I can get a half hour workout in before I start, or go on a lunchtime if quiet. Just hoping little changes here and there are going to start adding up. Don't want to be crap anymore sad wink

LadyOnARooftop Sat 15-Feb-14 18:28:34

Sorry forgot to say hi to supermario - sorry for your loss thanks

Nancery Sat 15-Feb-14 22:10:46

Wrote a response yesterday but it didn't appear! Got friends over this weekend, will post tomorrow as can't properly now! X

nice to meet you both so to speak, I am a general wuss about any classes but walk loads, then undo it all my picking at custard creams while at the computer. have ordered pump it up ministry of sound DVD as I love to dance and a loaf tin to make up fruit loaves for snacks not much better but more so than custard creams.

Holliewantstobehot Sun 16-Feb-14 11:37:32

Well last two days were not too bad, not great but not terrible. Am feeling much more motivated today mostly because I have had a rest after exh missing last two access weekends. Am not very good when I am tired! So hoping to really get going from today. I have a wedding and hen night to go to in November so am aiming to be lower end of 14 stone by then. Baking is a good idea super - was thinking myself that if I had to bake all the sweet stuff in the house then there probably wouldn't be much for me to snack on!

DorisAllTheDay Sun 16-Feb-14 12:42:42

May I join? I am bruised to bits from decades of falling off the wagon!

My history: first diet at age 9, around the time my mum was doing WW. Yo-yo diets from then onwards (I'm in my late 40s), and a very unhealthy relationship with food. I eat secretly, and when I binge, I find it almost impossible to stop. By summer 2012 I was 15 stone 7, which at 5' 3" is a lot. Somehow I managed my most successful and sustained weight loss ever, hitting 9 stone last October. It was the lightest I'd been in all my adult life. There were short binging episodes during that year and a bit, but nothing sustained, and I thought I'd cracked it.

Since then, I seem to be back on a binge-and-diet cycle. December was a bad month and I found myself eating compulsively. By the start of January I was 10 and a half stone. I decided to try 5:2 and had three weeks of following it and feeling back in control. And then it all went again. I had three days away for work when I ate badly, a couple of days back trying to get back on the wagon, and then a week of binging last week. Pastries, cake, chocolate, all in huge amounts.

I'm now hoisting myself back on the wagon yet again. I'm on the 5:2 thread which is a lovely friendly place, but I could do with all the help I can get! I'm absolutely terrified that I will put on all the weight I lost in 2012-13 and then some. I feel so depressed at either the prospect of being significantly overweight for the rest of my life, or feeling deprived and constantly wanting to eat things I can't have.

supermario I'm a walker too - I hate gyms and so on, but I do walk loads. It's good for my head as well as my body!

Good luck to everyone, and congratulations to anyone who's got back onto the wagon in the last few days.

YouseewhathappensLarry Sun 16-Feb-14 15:18:18

Had my first slimming world weigh in and lost 6 lbs so pretty happy with that , quite liking the diet, I'm craving bread and sugar ridiculously but keep reminding myself of my thighs chaffing in the summer of I don't do something soon.

Nancery Sun 16-Feb-14 21:53:21

youseewhathappenslarry that's brilliant! Really good for keeping enthusiasm going too, I imagine.
I've had an appalling weekend food consumption wise but plan to be better behaved from Monday - one day at a time!

50KnockingonabiT Tue 18-Feb-14 21:07:00

Hello ladies, I discovered MN today. Spent may day off reading all sorts of thingssmile Just found the dieting section and this thread jumped right out at mesmile I have spent the last 10-15 doing weightwatchers on and off. Losing the same few stone time and time again. Rejoined yet again last Friday, so again I am on week 1! WI is on Friday morning. Hope to have lost something. So far so good this week, though I suspect my portion sizes are not exactly compatible with losing weight!

annielostit Thu 20-Feb-14 17:08:37

Hi ladies,
I just feel the need to say,
I've been on the diet bandwagon for 17 years now.(Sworld member at present). Sometimes I think we are looking at it all wrong.
Why are we beating ourselves up every day when other people do it for us. Shouldn't we just concentrate on making ourselves 'well' on the inside and soon it will show on the outside. I have wine/ crisps at the weekend but not mid week, I eat out twice a week but don't have takeaway as there's control over what I choose. Its taken me 18 wks to loose 9lb but have done it on my terms, a life but just making better choices.don't beat yourself up take it one day at a time.I didn't get 18lb fatter overnight and I ain't gonna get thinner that quick either.
We're not crap we're human and life gets in the way.
Good luck in your quests!x

Moanranger Thu 20-Feb-14 20:00:19

Crap dieter -that's me at the mo. Wasn't doing too bad til STBXH & I split last year, and I really took my eye off the ball fitness-wise. I really need to get a grip.
In all the rest of my life I have a simple but successful model, to wit: set goal, devise plan, execute plan (modifying as necessary), achieve goal. Where in this model am I failing in terms of diet? Somewhere around the devise & execute stage, I think.
At any rate, I am off to Spain for a week, so I will actually start on my return, 5 Mar. I am thinking something highly structured like Harcombe diet, plus the C25K programme ( I used to do Park Run 5ks 2years ago) Divorce is pants, but I cannot let it ruin my health. I will watch this space & post on my return

50KnockingonabiT Fri 21-Feb-14 15:19:19

After a brilliant start it all went at bit haywire on Wednesday and the last two days involved lots of biscuits and wine! I blame my DD for stressing me outsmile Anyhow still managed to show a 3lb weight loss this week. Determined to be on the wagon all week this week.

Nancery Sun 23-Feb-14 00:32:50

Op here.
Pissed. My sister married a dickhead. Will post properly when brain more in gear - been occupied with wedding stuff till now.
Next week, I'm on the wagon !

outtolunchagain Sun 23-Feb-14 09:56:19

So pleased to have found this thread,I am a rubbish dieter but really can't let my weight continue to climb.I just get bored by the whole dieting thing and get so depressed by it.I also find it difficult to admit I'm on a diet,I can't stand the well meaning comments ,so tend to ry and pretend I'm not on a dietconfused.

I am about 12 1/2 stone and need to lose a good couple of stone at my height.Not sure whether to go back to 5:2 (but found it difficult in the pm)or just straight calorie counting

miserywaterfall Sun 23-Feb-14 13:30:36

Hi all, mind if I join? I am so bad at sticking to diets and some fellow crap dieting friends would be appreciated grin

i'm 15st5 and have loads to lose, but I am a sugar and caffeine addict so those are the two things that always trip me up. I had a mmc recently and since then have been trying to shift some weight. I've went from 15st11 to 15st5 in a month so it's not been too bad.
Been chugging Slimfast shakes (they were on offer everywhere last month) so that has been helping. Also eating WW dinners which are suprisingly good! Excercise has been 0 other than my 2 mile round walk to college every day and back. Hate exercise!

Have been good today though, so going to try and be good for the rest of the day, lol x

Ihavemyownname Sun 23-Feb-14 13:55:43

Hello iv been trying to loose wait since ds was born 2 year ago but i am now fatter than I was just after he was born blush Iv started to eat better but fell off the wagon but I'm trying to get back on track again I have a lot of wait to lose but im going for small and hopefully achievable goals ( if I stop eating so much chocolate)
Today hasn't been to bad but could be better
I keep telling myself that fitting into a smaller outfit will fill much better than eating creme eggs that are now band from my house

Panadbois Sun 23-Feb-14 18:45:29

I wonder how much I would lose if I stop drinking wine? I'm crap at sticking to anything and have also tried loads of different plans and spending too much on books and stuff.

So depressing.

I did enough diets, and every time they drove me to crave the stuff I wasn't allowed. So by the time I came off the diet, I always wanted some food so bad I binged. After a few decades yo-yoing I've finally managed to stop.
It takes a long time to put on the weight, so it'll take a long time to come off. If the diet is too restrictive you'll stop doing it. There's no way I could do the fasting diet, I think I'd be too evil difficult to live with.

GirlFromTheNorthCountry Sun 23-Feb-14 20:38:04

Hi, mind if I join too? This sounds like exactly the thread for me. I am currently around 13st 7lb, would be happy at 11st. Like most of you I've done all the different diets for a few weeks then give up. Am currently attempting 5:2, which I actually get on well with, but my danger times are around 3pm and in the evening. At those times I almost have some sort of feeding frenzy, where I cannot stuff enough in my gob. Attractive. I think it's mostly tiredness (I have twins who do not sleep well) and boredom. Just need to work out what to do about it now...

outtolunchagain Sun 23-Feb-14 21:19:59

Northcountry those are exactly my weak times too.I get from work and school with ds3 and it's like all bets are off, then I feel awful at having failed so guess what I eat some moreangryThe mornings I can do fine .

tibni Sun 23-Feb-14 22:18:09

Hi, can I join too please?

I have approx. 2 stone to lose but just can't get myself into the mind-set. I do ok for a while, then slip. I too tend to be ok during the day but late afternoon I am just terrible, really understand the can't stuff enough into my gob sentiment.

I think tiredness plays a big part with me too. Have to be up very early for work and do additional on call till after midnight once a week. My ds has severe disability and my daughter is a teen! I seem to spend my time juggling and organising just to get through the week. Support from fellow crap dieters who understand would really be appreciated.

50KnockingonabiT Mon 24-Feb-14 10:49:23

Good Morning ladies. It's Monday, always a good day to start being on the wagon, if I'm lucky I'll last till dinner time.

How come we all know what to do to lose weight, but find it so difficult to carry it out? Personally I think I'm daunted with the thought that I'd have to be doing it forever. I'm an all or nothing kinda gal, so I'm either dieting or I'm not. Complete yoyo. When I am I'm 'perfect' when I'm not it's all biscuits, crisps wine, choc, takeaways ...... I'm sure some of you know exactly what I mean.

This time I have joined weightwatchers with a friend, hoping having personal support will keep me on the wagon long enough to see a difference and make me want to stick to it.

Here's to a good week for us all X

FourAndDone Mon 24-Feb-14 11:09:32

Placemarking, I'll be back later ladies grin

miserywaterfall Mon 24-Feb-14 11:13:14

Morning all, here's to a 'good' week!

I have started off well too, will see how long I can last! I'm getting married on Saturday but have been feeling that afterwards I am going to get serious about this weight loss/exercise thing, now I wont have a dress that must fit! Again, we'll see how long it lasts. I am such a bad comfort eater and I had a miscarriage almost 5 weeks ago, so food = my friend to deal with that pain.

Well, happy Monday and good luck guys smile

Nancery Mon 24-Feb-14 16:16:50

Hello fellow crap dieters! I've been off radar for awhile because I have been organising things my sisters wedding (she's married an absolute arse it's been grim) but now I'm back and can post more. Due to exhaustion and / or busyness I have been really bad food wise, but now the wedding is over and done with I hopefully can stick things a bit more healthily. (Me and my husband were doing all the decorations which is I have been so busy. While I didn't really want the wedding to happen, I do know that telling her that would just make her do it all the more, hence us sorting out the decorations.)
Today is my food intake has been pretty rubbish because we're waiting for a delivery from the supermarket, which is due any minute now. Once it is here I can be a bit more organised. I'm also going to make lots of soups so I can have things like that for lunch which will fill me up. I find that a lot of the time it's time that makes things difficult to not just grab sandwiches or toast all the time.
Looking at some of the wedding photos made me realise I really need to do something about it too!
Here's to a good week ladies!

Nancery Tue 25-Feb-14 21:45:01

Hmmm. Last night and today I have been revolting. A friend came over with a bottle of wine, we ended up drinking both while discussing the wedding and them I consumed lots of bread / cheese / biscuits as I was pissed. In the morning, as I was hungover I ate poached eggs on toast but not long after had some cream cheese on toast (was out with my mum and she made some supplies for the journey which were really meant to be for DS - it was a 2hr drive.) I also had sandwiches for lunch.
Soon I may turn into a loaf.

However, I had a reasonable tea and it, weirdly, has made me realise how dreadful I am when I lapse. I am also sick of being fat and feeling grim. Will write off the start of the week and, as tonight I am sober and feeling motivated, be sensible from tomorrow...

Nancery Tue 25-Feb-14 21:46:19

Misery, firstly so sorry for your miscarriage and gosh, wedding on Saturday? Congratulations!

miserywaterfall Wed 26-Feb-14 22:39:45

Thanks Nancery

Have been bad today too, but ah well, can't beat myself up about it. I enjoyed that creme egg too much wink

Let's see if we can get through tomorrow without being too bad!

RunningKatie Thu 27-Feb-14 21:32:12

Please can i join in? I had every intention of eating better this year and it's practically March already.

I am 12st12. Really i need to be a lot closer to 10st. I have stopped bf'ing ds so no more cake excuses but also means i can get to the gym.

Major sticking point for me is dh working away. I rely on sugar and caffeine to get me through and i comfort eat rubbish.

So, my initial plan is to start writing down what i eat, exercise more consistently and sleep better.

Nancery Fri 28-Feb-14 08:25:39

Hi RunningKatie, you are pretty much in the same position as me with both weight that needs to be lost and why I am not shifting it! I have been bloody awful this week as it's the week DH is away, I had flashes of good intentions and was even going to try and 5:2 it (or at least 1:6!) but a teething baby has scuppered that.

RunningKatie Fri 28-Feb-14 20:35:27

Hope the teething is over soon Nancery, my ds is awful at teething poor boy.

Is your DH away every week? Mine is off from Sunday, my mum is coming to stay which is a blessing but we'll see how it goes! smile

I did a long walk today, then am planning to go to the gym on Saturday and Sunday. I've laid off the weekend wine tonight as we've had a takeaway so am polishing my halo (for now!).

GirlFromTheNorthCountry Sat 01-Mar-14 19:22:22

Evening all, it's been weird reading your posts as my DH has also been away this week, which I am blaming for my terrible week, food-wise. It's stupid really as eating rubbish actually makes me feel worse, more tired and sluggish, but that doesn't stop me. Hey ho. Start again on mon...

Oh please can I join you?

Ok, time to face hard facts.

I'm 31, just under 5'5" (have shrunk slightly - back problems) and after Christmas I was 13stone 13. I'm down to 13 1lb.

But last night I was so tired I ate almost a whole loaf of tesco muesli bread and a ready meal blush

I'm on the verge of falling off the wagon spectacularly.

I was 9 3lbs in 2009. And I need to lose weight urgently - my sisters wedding is in May and I want to be under 12 stone.

It's not achievable, is it? sad

RunningKatie Sun 02-Mar-14 14:29:06

Welcome ohfour! When in May? Do you have an outfit for the wedding already?

My weight loss has taken an unexpected turn today as enroute from the gym to home i developed a gippy tum. sad Rather took the edge of my little run!

Thanks Katie! thanks

It's at the end of May (Sunday of the second bank holiday weekend) and I'm sodding matron of honour. So I've not only got a dress to get into but if I look a bugger then I don't want to ruin my sister's wedding photos. I've got until the beginning of April, then I've got the first fitting sad

This probably isn't going to help you feel better at all, but hopefully a gippy tum might help with weight loss! Has your mum arrived yet? Hope you're being looked after

RunningKatie Wed 05-Mar-14 08:47:09

Gippy tum contributed to a pound weight loss. wink

I have just inhaled two pancakes i made dd for breakfast as she wanted them and then refused to eat them. Grrrrr. I really didn't need them but i hate food waste. DS doesn't care for them and i can usually rely on him to hoover up excess food.

I've joined myfitnesspal to try and track calories, i know i eat too much so being honest and realistic is the first step.

Nancery Sun 09-Mar-14 22:21:19

Am feeling inspired to do a fasting day tomorrow - summer feels like it's not too far away and I don't want to be hiding under layers.
Good luck everyone for this week!

grin it's amazing how a bit of sunshine makes it feel like summer is around the corner!

Well, I've managed to break to 13 stone barrier! Please god let me keep this up!

Nancery Mon 10-Mar-14 20:13:31

Well done! Luckily this early taster of summer is giving us all a bit of a spring and hopefully enthusiasm, and the real flesh baring summer is still a while away!
Today I started a fast day and also downloaded My Fitness Pal, as I've heard it recommended. Subsequently, the fasting has been curtailed somewhat and I am now having, hopefully two, days where I try and keep cals as low as I can and also logging everything I eat on all days. This will hopefully mean I curb the mindless eating and make more of an effort not to snack on things like cheese.
I also have an incentive as I am lighter than I thought at 12.1 - I thought I was at least 12.7 or even worse, so can hopefully soon be in the, week, 11's!

RunningKatie Tue 11-Mar-14 08:12:51

Flesh baring? Oh dearie me.....

I'm using myfitnesspal too, i find it's a bit generous with exercise calories but it's helping me stay honest about what i'm eating. No weight loss yet but i'm feeling better so hoping my body will catch up soon!

I dream of being 11 stone at the mo smile still 12.11

Flesh baring? <faints>

Not sure I could manage that!

How are you both doing with mfp? I've downloaded it but haven't actually used it......crap dieter? Moi? grin

How is the fast going?

DustyDaisy Tue 11-Mar-14 08:22:19

Can I join?

Just got weighed and am officially the second heaviest I have ever been in my life sad

RunningKatie Tue 11-Mar-14 08:54:33

I love that with mfp i can zap barcodes of food packets ohfour - rather than sitting entering data. It's an eyeopener too as to how many calories things contain.

I'm not using the graphs or anything yet, but at some stage i need to look at how balanced my diet is. I suspect still carb heavy.....

RunningKatie Tue 11-Mar-14 08:55:34

PS. welcome dusty smile

tibni Tue 11-Mar-14 09:02:05

Said hello and instantly fell off wagon! I am officially crap dieter smile. I have had an exciting time and am officially working my months notice to start a new job April. So going to set myself small goal of my 4 week notice period to get a bit fitter and eat better! (Motivation also is my good work stuff is all size 10! No chance of being in it for a while but I know it is possible)

Hello to all everyone - will catch up with news after I have got off arse and been to gym - I have 2 days leave so no excuses apart from the huge to do list I have!

Eddas Tue 11-Mar-14 10:54:16

hiya, my name is Eddas and i too am a crap dieter. please may I join you all!!

I started on yet another diet last monday and am doing well so far. I seem to be following a trend on this thread, at the start 12st12 and at 5ft 4 this is not good!!

I am as of yesterday 12st 10 so going the right way, dieting just seems such a slow and dull process, no wonder we all fall off it so easily!

I am trying to stick to 3 good meals a day, and no snacking apart from fruit and to drink a lot more water. although last night I did buy some wholemeal crackers which I hope will suffice instead of crisps should the urge occur!! I'm not going to have alcohol unless i'm out for a night out too, which is not too hard for me as i'm not a massive drinker, unless i'm having a night out blush I decided I need more fibre in my diet so today started on fruit and fibre in the mornings, mmm yummy! but needs must! someone once told me that in order to lose weight you need to go to the toilet more often as it all has to come out somehow grin so this is my attempt at visiting the loo more often than a potty training toddler grin

and I have signed up to a gym, which I did 3 years ago and quickly gave up! i'm aiming for 2 or 3 times a week. I am booked in tonight for my first class and I am going to the gym afterwards for a run or if the machines are full i'll go on the bike/crosstrainer for a bit. I'm aiming to do 2 hours ish per time twice or three times a week rather than an hour 4 times a week, as I struggle to fit multiple visits in (2 dc aged 6&9, work school hours mon-fri, various kids clubs, reading etc etc, usual 'mummy' stuff! and husband v. keen cyclist so need factor that in too)

This all sounds pretty good but in reality i'm a massive chocoholic with very little willpower so I suspect, as usual, i'll still be a 'massive fattie' come summer (anyone else watch 'fat families' that guy is v. annoying!)

Nancery Tue 11-Mar-14 13:10:50

Hi everyone! Well, am on day two and found that as I started yesterday as a fast day, even though I went over the 500 cals, it meant I was nearly 300 cals under my daily allowance which was nice to see!
Am finding writing everything down is helping hugely too.
Slight minus, I thought I need to lose about 2 stone but, according to the NHS website it's actually 2 stone 10lbs. Bugger! Rather more daunting than I originally thought but will try and think of it in little stages as, as Eddas said, it's such a long and dull process.
Good luck today everyone!

Eddas Tue 11-Mar-14 21:41:53

It turns out the mirrors in the fitness studio are like those hall of mirror ones at a fair . I can't possibly look like that!! I was sat quietly doing my pilates thinking about what to have for dinner when I looked up and saw my reflection. Ewwwwe. Almost made me cancel dinner plans forever! Certainly a good motivator sad

Urgh. Vodka is my weakness.

Nothing else to add sad

RunningKatie Wed 12-Mar-14 08:14:27

Espresso vodka is good! less calories than wine too grin

I think my wakeup moment was seeing a pic of me at a friends birthday party. Helpfully tagged on facebook for all to see. I had to ask dh if it was me. I looked huge.

I'm finding using mfp is making me exercise more too, i hadn't realised quite how lazy i'd become.

This morning we're off to softplay, ds has been up a lot in the night so i need an easy activity plus coffee on tap.

Eddas Wed 12-Mar-14 16:02:23

I'm quite partial to a vodka or 2. Current fav is vanilla vodka and coke mmmm.

I just worked out I'm on day ten of my diet. I've done one evening of exercise. Surely I should've lost a stone or 2 by now grin

I almost had a blib today. I was ravenous at lunchtime to the point of feeling sick. I bought some snack a jacks and that seemed to work! Am planning a larger breakfast from tomorrow as I know I shouldn't get to that point. Fruit and fibre followed by eggs. Either boiled or scrambled. I think scrambled tomorrow with some spinach. I best get up slightly earlier. I'm not a morning person at all so that could be fun!

Nancery Wed 12-Mar-14 17:15:40

Had a semi blip! My mum came over and we went out for cake; I had a third of a brownie. However I showed restraint re the coffee and had a normal one rather than my usual latte.
Got 700ish cals left today so want as tasty but low cal a dinner as possible so I can have wine!
My fitness pal is showing me that my diet isn't quite as good as I thought blush I thought I consumed far more good stuff than it now appears when it's written down

Well, no vodka (in fact, no anything) for me tonight. I managed to scoff huge sandwiches (from a platter, including blt, egg mayo and smoked salmon with cream cheese) AND crisps today. I now feel bloated and huge and bleugh.

I've stayed at 12 13lbs since Sunday and nothing else is budging. I really do not want to resort to exercise!

Nancery Wed 12-Mar-14 20:29:16

Gosh, it's a long time till tomorrow, do you think you can last?

Am currently hiding in the lounge while DH cooks dinner. As we are both doing MFP we are having lots of lighter and more veg heavy stuff, which I'm enjoying. Tonight it's honey mustard chicken skewers, (from a 5:2 recipe book I downloaded on Kindle) and an aubergine and tomato stack (except its courgette as have no aubergine) which is from this site We have a white cabbage salad from last night to use up too. Don't normally go for quite so much veg, or rather if I do I also include something like potatoes or other carbs, but I like the idea of eating loads of low cal stuff instead of less of higher cal. I am terrible at waiting though, hence why I'm in here, and struggle not to pick when hungry - which is where something like pitta and hummus or cheese would normally come in.

I also suspect I will want to be more relaxed over the weekend but will try and create room for more calories by energetic dog walks (not possible during the week as with DS so DH walks her instead) rather than simply going over my 1507 cal limit. If I do that I suspect I will tumble off the wagon...

Denos61 Wed 12-Mar-14 20:55:56

Hi everyone, I recently finished a 9 day detox called Forever Clean9, put together by doctors and I lost 7lbs and felt amazing. Has anyone else done this?

RunningKatie Wed 12-Mar-14 20:58:43

I am watching Secret Eaters. DH can't get his head around how people kid themselves what they eat. I can! blush

Haven't exercised today, feeling a bit grumpy about it but I needed to do stuff this evening and I don't want to be sat on the laptop playing catchup at 10pm.

Nancery Wed 12-Mar-14 23:35:55

No, Denos, tell me more!

Nancery Wed 12-Mar-14 23:39:15

Just had a bit of a Google and am a bit hmm

RunningKatie Thu 13-Mar-14 12:50:22

I've not google'd it, but i'm highly suspicious!

I've had no chocolate for days, i want some. Might have to purchase a bar and share it with the bambino's when we walk to the toy shop.

Nancery Thu 13-Mar-14 15:39:35

A little bit of what you fancy Katie!

Had a nice dog walk in the sun today while DS was In nursery. I added it on to MFP but I underestimated because I kept stopping and just admiring the view, honestly wasn't because I was tired, so I didn't want it to knock off a lot of calories when I haven't probably burnt off that many. I also had a massive salad for lunch as I'm trying to cut down on the amount of bread Im eating which was great apart from the adding of a bit of chorizo and Parmesan shavings. We are due a big shop tonight so we haven't got much in, and I didn't really fancy tuna and that was all there was. I know it's only very early days but I do feel a lot better watching what I'm eating, and not eating a lot of convenient to grab stuff, such as bread and sandwiches.

How's everyone else doing? I am having a quandary about weighing myself again. Obviously not this week but wondering how often I should do it. I know if I've not lost very much I'm going to get really annoyed, so maybe I'm better not weighing at all. However if I dolose a lot, I want to know because it will keep me going! Saying that, I also think weighing yourself can lead you into a false sense of frustration or security. It's not always reflected what's really going on in your body, but I bet it does feel wonderful watching the scales go down. I say this in theory as unfortunately this has not actually happened to me yet...

RunningKatie Thu 13-Mar-14 16:48:13

I went for it, we walked to the toy shop and came back via m&s so had to go to the cafe. Dd is potty training so we needed to check their toilets wink

I had a gluten free chocolate brownie, not that i am gluten free or anything but i couldn't see much else chocolatey.

Beautiful day for a walk nancery, i don't blame you for taking it steady and enjoying it.

I might possibly have accidentally stood on the scales today, lost a pound so i'm averaging one a week which is fine and dandy. I am wearing a top and jeans combo which is particularly unflattering in the podgy tummy department blush, it's things like that i am hoping to sort. As much as i want the scales to show a loss, i also need to do a lot of toning work on the excessive wobbly bits.

Gym tonight, dh is doing dc's bedtime then hopefully cooking me a nice, healthy meal.

Nancery Thu 13-Mar-14 17:15:28

Well done Katie! I agree that a pound a week is good, and it's going in the right direction. Slow is better too anyway because it's actual fat, Rather than just water. Where do you carry most of your weight? Mine is round my middle and also my upper arms (ugh)

RunningKatie Thu 13-Mar-14 21:44:24

My weight is carried between my knees and my neck! I have large thighs, a very wobbly tum and thick waist, and then years of being pregnant and breastfeeding haven't done much for the chest area either.

I am having a takeaway tomorrow eve, it's usually chips on a friday and dd loves going with daddy as a special job. I need the least unhealthy option, probably just a pickled onion then smile

I was really good today - approximately 100 calories by 8pm, going for a mega low calorie day.

Then I got home. I have fucking had enough.

Chinese and vodka.

One more day ruined sad

Nancery Thu 13-Mar-14 22:33:06

I would guess that chips as a one off won't be too damaging? Hopefully not anyway! I am being a bit more lax already, not gone over the MFP allowance yet but not being as anal as DH who is weighing things, I'm just guessing and hoping for the best! Should still be going down rather than up I guess, certainly not any bigger, but it will probably take longer than I'd like (which realistically is about the course of an afternoon!)

My tum also has the delightful 'c section overhang' which is more pronounced on one side than the other, so subsequently I'm wonky as well as overweight! My DH is a very lucky man... wink

Nancery Thu 13-Mar-14 22:34:17

Ohfor - you mean you'd only had 100 cals all day?!

Yep. 95 calories in a salad (although I did have 3 cups of tea with a tiny drip of semi skimmed in each, so probably just over 100 calories).

But now I've fucked it up sad. I am fat and bloated and nowhere near pissed enough sad

Nancery Thu 13-Mar-14 23:16:15

I have no idea what the calorie content of a Chinese is! Did you mean to eat so little in the day or did it just work out like that?

Tomorrow's another day...?

I was really trying sad

Then I got home and read an email to DH from one of his friends (DH was pretty upset about it) and I blew a gasket and my resolve went out the window.

Based on how utterly sick and bloated I feel this morning (I've been awake for hours with heart burn) I consumed approximately 1.6 million calories last night.

Urgh. I'm never going to eat again.

On the plus side, does this make me a bona fide crap dieter?

RunningKatie Fri 14-Mar-14 08:15:18

ohfour, it sounds like the chinese was needed. You cannot have the crap dieter award until you buy all the easter eggs in tesco.

Hope you're feeling ok today. 100 calories was really low, what were you going to eat for dinner?

Nancery - your husband is indeed a lucky man, you're being positive about it and making changes.

I watched my dh carefully weigh out the rice for our dinner last night, he did far too much and still i ate it. Meal was delicious though.

I am contemplating doing a 3k fun run with a double buggy in a month's time. I miss running but i know i couldn't do the 10k on the same day as i'm not fit enough. Also dh is away so no childcare, i figured it was a gentle intro pushing toddlers and doing a short distance! Am i mad? smile

Nancery Fri 14-Mar-14 13:10:32

So far today I've been crap! Piece of toast, some leftover crunchy nut cornflakes, then half a piece of DS's fruit toast (we went to soft play) a cheese toastie and 2/3 a pack of Pom Bears (friends daughter had some, so he wanted some and I didn't want him eating a whole packet!)
I must NOT let today get any worse!!

Will reply to other posts later. Bloody knackered so snoozing while DS has his afternoon sleep

Thanks everyone blush

Well, the plan had been to have a little bit of smoked trout and salad for dinner (as I say, I was going for mega low calories!) but fuck it, I'll have that tonight. I need to compensate for yesterday!

Nancery your DH is a very lucky man - stop putting yourself down. It's so awful when we do that - we look at ourselves or think about ourselves and if we feel a bit shit we forget to pull ourselves back up again. So it gets worse because of a tendency to overlook the positives.

Kate 3km? Run? <faints> Sounds like chuffing hard work, but if you fancy it then good on you! Targets never do any harm!

Thinking about hard work, I'm contemplating starting the 30 day shred. But I don't know if I'm brave enough lazy lard arse

RunningKatie Fri 14-Mar-14 15:26:52

I am shredding ohfour, well sort of, either that or gym'ing but it works well for when dh is away. I'm on level 1 at the mo but planning on going to level 2 on monday.

There are gingerbread men cooking in my oven. dd decided she wanted to make them, i will have to quality check them before letting my little darlings eat them.

It would be irresponsible parenting NOT to sample them - quality is a hugely underrated concept IMHO!

How much does the shred hurt? Honestly?

Nancery Fri 14-Mar-14 20:11:48

Am relaxing, finally with a well needed glass of wine. DS has a horrid dry hacking cough (it's going round nursery) and every time he laid down to sleep he had a coughing fit, I also suspect it was starting to hurt him as he started an awful heart wrenching waily cry and got inconsolable. Thank god I had some Ashton & Parsons powders (they are incredible) which we mixed in Calpol and managed to get down his neck. Five mins later he's asleep in my lap and I'm breathing a sigh of relief!

Kate, the running sounds ace, snd a relatively manageable distance too - go for it!

Both me snd DH have gone through stages of Shred. I found the biggest issue with keeping motivated was not getting bored, no matter what I tried (well, replaced music) it didn't quite work and we ended up having more off days than on after a while. Bit crap considering it's only 25 mins I know! (But it's actually far more when you consider getting changed first, and showering after!)

Shred doesn't hurt exactly, it's just quite intense, but just as you think you might die she swaps to another move which is, kind of, a form of relief.

ohforfoxsake thank you for the kind words. I guess I find my current appearance leaves rather too much to be desired at the moment so it's hard not to notice things, especially when they weren't there before!

Have got 700ish cals left for today, not inc this wine. Bugger! Especially as DH has made home made burgers for tea !

RunningKatie Fri 14-Mar-14 20:45:19

I am having wine too, I have gone over calories today. I tried shredding but ds was joining in, when he decided to sit on my face whilst I was attempting stomach crunches and his nappy was ripe I stopped. wine

I'm enjoying shredding. Mind you, last time I tried I only did day 1, and this time I've managed to get to (drumroll please)... day 6.

Nancery Fri 14-Mar-14 21:46:11

Day 6?!! Impressed!
DS awake coughing so typing this in bed with him on my arms; it's tricky!

Holliewantstobehot Sat 15-Mar-14 12:24:33

Hi everyone - dropped off the radar for a bit as have had a very stressful few weeks - tac meeting for ds with sn plus other extra meetings with a teacher who couldn't seem to grasp that ds was tired because his anxiety was bad and not because I don't have a bedtime routine. Very frustrating!
Anyway despite this I have lost four pounds in last three weeks so am very happy. My mantra is 'a pound a week' repeated over and over as in the past I have had too high expectations.
I have been doing slimming world but just keeping a rough track in my head as I haven't had time to look things up. Seems to be working!
I have also realised that it would be cheaper to take out a membership at my local swimming pool for me and the kids as we are now going twice a week so am going to set that up and then I can swim a few times a week too.
Hope all of you are doing okay - feel strangely motivated at the moment, just hope it lasts.

Nancery Sat 15-Mar-14 12:53:10

Welcome back! Sorry you've had such a stressful few weeks. But well done on losing the weight. I think I'm probably going to lose it along the lines of a pound a week too, which is frustratingly slow considering I need to lose £34 in total but I suppose it is more sensible. I just wish it wasn't such a slow boring process. Swimming is excellent exercise so great news there.

In a bit I'm taking the dog out for walk but I'm going to mix it up with running. My sister, Who is quite a lot bigger than me (possibly around 14 stone) is also going to come with me. I'm thinking if we mix up walking and running we should be able to keep the dog out for long enough to meet her needs but also shift off more calories than we would if I was just walking. It would also be nice to have company. While I have weight to lose, I do actually keep quite active when I can - God knows what we'd weigh if I didn't have a dog! Since the arrival of the baby it's been a lot harder to fit these things in but I generally am the one who does the dog walking at the weekends. Plus around here it's very hilly so there are no easy walks. Hopefully this will all help!

I went over my calories by 300 yesterday but I'm hoping to get back on track today. Good luck to everyone else!

RunningKatie Sat 15-Mar-14 16:12:29

I've done a run/walk today Nancery, i covered 2.5 miles which is reasonable. I did walk 1m, run 2m.

I walked in to find the dc's were working out to the shred dvd level 2 as well! having seen it i am officially scared of monday.

Welcome back Hollie, i am going for a pound a week too. I've made little changes and it's going well, i'm also exercising more which in the sunshine seems easier.

Hi Hollie! Well done, that's really good news - weight change in the right direction is always good.

How did combining the walking/running go Nancery?

Katie, don't worry about level 2 - Monday is an age away! grin

Well I've managed, somehow, to get to 12.12. So officially I am no longer obese, I'm "just" overweight.

But today I've had a blt sandwich, plus 2 extra slices of bread and a packet of crisps blush And I'm about to have a horrible evening and am very likely to use the rest of today's allowance on alcohol blush

So, just to attempt to compensate, we've got a 4 mile walk planned for tomorrow morning. Hopefully this will mean I can limit my expected weight gain to a few pounds rather than a few stone (!) However this is of course hangover dependent.......

Nancery Sat 15-Mar-14 21:08:03

Run wasn't great as I realised I'm just not fit enough, (sister didn't come in the end), so I compromised by walking far faster than normal which I am slightly happier with.

Hangovers? They make me want to stuff myself with food! Good and bad, but mostly bad blush

About to have dinner now so signing off (healthy stir fry!)

RunningKatie Sun 16-Mar-14 08:27:53

Bother, second glass of wine put me over on calories yesterday.

Been for another run/walk this morning, round the lake near us as it's so nice out. I am off for a blowout carvery later, i love roast potatoes...... smile

Happy sunday everyone!

tibni Sun 16-Mar-14 22:10:45

I have just joined dd, 15, to my gym and she is a fantastic nag and incredibly fit (figure skater and dancer). Hope this will help me.

Still not got my food intake under control but I think I am making small improvements.

Hope this week goes well for everyone.

Nancery Mon 17-Mar-14 12:24:32

Gone over every day since Friday, oops! Still, I am definitely eating less and better so don't feel too dreadful, could be worse!
Trying to get back on track properly this week but not going to weigh myself as if I've lost nothing, or weigh more (as weight can vary from times in the month after all) I will be pissed off and unmotivated.

RunningKatie Mon 17-Mar-14 13:21:35

Another lb down so that's 3 since march 1st. Very chuffed, i feel so much better for it.

I do fancy cake though, we're going to walk to the library in a bit so might stop for a nice coffee

Nancery Mon 17-Mar-14 21:24:45

Am slipping off the wagon! Am still sort of within calorie allowance but that's largely due to some flexible recordings of my days activities (ie I accounted for EVERYTHING) - sometimes sticking to 1527 a day is so hard!!
Help me do better tomorrow, please! It's not too bad yet but I can't let it slip further!

Well done Katie!

RunningKatie Mon 17-Mar-14 21:39:57

what's your mfp name nancery? i'm as bad, i walked for 2 hours today and that's a lot of exercise cals but probably not as many as mfp thinks.

i failed to gym or shred today, grrr

Nancery Mon 17-Mar-14 22:51:11

Pm'd you! Not sure how MFP works re these things and didn't want to 'out' myself!

Nancery Mon 17-Mar-14 22:53:19

Logged cals today and am just on the nose with it, largely due to my enthusiastic exercise logging though, I suspect! Apparently in five weeks, at my current weight, I will be 11st 9.
Need to get back on it I think (easier said than done!)

RunningKatie Tue 18-Mar-14 08:18:43

In 5 weeks do you go away Nancery? I need to count weeks to my holiday, i think it's 13 now. We're going to a party on the beach that i have a dress in mind for. If I can keep losing a lb a week then there's a chance it might fit.

Gym tonight, gear out ready on the bed, dh prewarned.

Holliewantstobehot Tue 18-Mar-14 12:52:19

Also fell off the wagon yesterday and day before sad but picking myself up again today. I will do this. Glad I'm not the only one to have had a lapse.

travellingwilbury Tue 18-Mar-14 13:12:20

I am the definition of a crap dieter , I joined the gym a year ago and I have managed to put on a stone blush

I have started again today , couch 2 5 k day one done , four stone to lose .

Help !

Nancery Tue 18-Mar-14 20:35:28

Nope, you're certainly not the only lapsing one around here!

Been better today, largely due to not eating anything until half two blush Realise this is probably not recommended but oh well! I got woken up at 10 to 5 this morning because my sons nappy leaked so he was very wet and when he was up from 5 AM so wanted to go back to sleep at 10 AM, hence I ended up getting in with him and not waking up till 2 o'clock. It was bliss! With also the added bonus to keep my calorie count for half the day down! We also went to the soft play centre this afternoon and there was an accident on the way home. The bus wasn't going anywhere so we got off and I had to carry him quite a way until I met my husband who'd set off from our house two miles down the road to meet us with the buggy (don't tend to take the baby out with me because he hates it.) it was freezing cold and threatening to rain so we are walking quite quickly too so I'm very pleased that I probably burned off far more calories than I would've done otherwise. Even though it was a pain in the bum at the time.

Joining a gym and then putting on a stone did make me laugh - sorry! But very well done at doing day one couch to 5k; running is great because you start to see a difference very quickly which can keep you going

Nancery Tue 18-Mar-14 20:36:32

Katie, in answer to your question, yes we're going away on 20 April for just over a week. The rate I'm going I'm not going to have much of a visible difference but hopefully I will at least feel better!

RunningKatie Tue 18-Mar-14 21:19:02

I have been swimming, also probably gone over calories as I've just had a beer. Not had a great day today so am trying to relax and plan a fun day for tomorrow.

travellingwilbury Wed 19-Mar-14 06:29:00

Yesterday I was OK until about four , I then had French sticvk and some jelly babies . I was still under but only if I take the exercise into account . I did manage to step away from the beer last night so not a complete fail .

I am thinking the gym again today .

Good luck to everyone .

RunningKatie Wed 19-Mar-14 08:27:25

am demotivated. Going to try and get a grip today, i want to do more exercise, the wobbly bits need a lot of work.

Happy wednesday everyone smile

travellingwilbury Wed 19-Mar-14 11:42:22

You can't be demotivated , not with a name like that , get running grin

So far so good today , I have done day two of couch to 5k , I know I should have a rest day but that doesn't fit this week .

I don't know whether I should be taking exercise cals into account , what does everyone else do ?

RunningKatie Wed 19-Mar-14 17:29:16

I think mfp is a bit generous with exercise cals so try to ignore half of them.

I think i'm getting a bit bored of the sameish food every day. Need to start thinking of nice foods that are healthier.

Nancery Wed 19-Mar-14 20:04:05

So far today I've eaten three pieces toast, some giant chocolate buttons, a third chocolate brownie, some hand cooked crisps and some cheese.
Must try harder!

Katie This is lovely, and I add courgette, olives and whatever else may fit too

RunningKatie Wed 19-Mar-14 21:13:52

Giant chocolate buttons and a chocolate brownie. You are my hero Nancery. grin

We went to the park earlier and I bought the dc's a Freddo frog each, I was so tempted to snaffle it when ds put his down.

Been to the gym tonight, got a hot date with dh on friday night so am wondering what on the earth I'm going to fit into. Most of my nice clothes are at least a size smaller than I currently am.

Nancery Wed 19-Mar-14 22:13:53

Hey, thanks! I aim to please...

RunningKatie Thu 20-Mar-14 12:57:39

every time i click on this thread i remember i've not had a creme egg yet shock

Cycled at gym last night, i've quit my membership so from the end of the month i'll be an outdoors exerciser! i can go out on my proper bike although it terrifies me, i've not cycled since i was about 15.

Hope you're all having a good day

rusmum Fri 21-Mar-14 14:52:18

Can I join? I lost 3 stone 2 years ago, put one back on and have yo yo with this 7-8 lb on and off since then, tried aloe detox, juice detox, 5:2 but got no staying power and eat more when I give in than I did before. Now comsidering slim fast for a push as need a stone off in 8 weeks for holiday.

Nancery Fri 21-Mar-14 20:31:13

rusmum welcome!

My diet has been shite both yesterday and, after I've had a curry for dinner, today. Combination of working, lack of sleep and a sudden stress I won't / can't go into on here but will require wine!

I think I might be back on the wagon Monday (am hoping I've just not put any on rather than gone up, rest of the time I've been far better than usual)

RunningKatie Fri 21-Mar-14 22:00:52

I have had wine and tiramisu! grin

Hope all's ok nancery - give yourself a bit of a break if you need to deal with stuff.

Welcome rusmum- tell me, have you eaten any creme eggs yet?

rusmum Fri 21-Mar-14 22:51:42

2!!!! Agh!!!!

Morning all!

<waves> at rusmum - welcome!

Running wine and tiramisu sounds like absolute heaven. Fuck the diet, I want some!

Nancery don't be harsh on yourself. Stress can do awful things to you, and if you're tired then your body will crave calories to keep going. And there ain't no amount of brain power that will convince your body otherwise. Take a couple of days, starting again on Monday sounds reasonable but be kind to yourself.

Well, after an absolutely disastrous weekend last weekend, where I had many, many fermented grapes on the Saturday night (see I'm trying to be healthy!) and was still slightly hungover on Monday blush I have just about stayed on the wagon this week. No chocolate, no crisps, no alcohol. I've gone from 12 13lbs to 12 10lbs. But I've been stuck at 12 10lbs for the last 2 days and I'm worried that this is going to be another difficult barrier to get through.

I'm going to have to step up on the exercise, aren't i?

Trying to focus on the positives though - 13 13 to 12 10. I'm getting there!

Hope you're all well thanks

RunningKatie Sun 23-Mar-14 20:06:23

I only had half a portion of tiramisu ohfour, I did try to be good but I could still have chosen healthier options.

Not exactly stuck to my calories this weekend, I've not gone completely off the rails but mfp hasn't been celebrating, and I've put on a rogue pound which i think is due to the random bleeding. sad

Hope all's ok Nancery

I gymmed yesterday and today, will shred again tomorrow which i haven't done for a week. It's going to be messy.

Have you decided if you're going down the slimfast route rusmum?

Nancery Wed 26-Mar-14 00:25:46

Hello? Anyone still about?
Am still popping in but not posting. Extra stress is reducing calorie intake massively (silver linings, eh!) How's everyone else doing?

RunningKatie Wed 26-Mar-14 08:15:45

I am here! i have pulled a muscle in my neck so feeling sorry for myself and quite sore. Can't shred or swim, and it's miserable weather so walking is no fun. sad

Trying to stick to calories but had a carb-tastic day yesterday. Must try harder today


I'm off the wagon again, but I'll be back on probably from tomorrow night....

Running that doesn't sound good - painkillers?

RunningKatie Wed 26-Mar-14 08:40:57

I have ibuprofen and a wheat bag ohfour - frustrating that i managed to do shred level 2 fine, then injure myself rolling over in bed!

Forgot my positive news, previously i've done up my belt on the first notch. I can use the fifth notch now smile

Nancery Wed 26-Mar-14 09:29:29

Fifth notch? That's quite impressive from the first notch! Am impressed with all your exercise efforts, I tend to not be able to fit much in during the week as with DS but then do massive dog walks at the weekend. Am sort of still on the wagon myself but that's generally due to being wound up rather than calorie conscious.

ohfor good luck getting back

Nancery Wed 26-Mar-14 09:30:01

Pressed post too soon! - Good luck getting back on the wagon today!

RunningKatie Wed 26-Mar-14 19:49:26

I am on the wagon but weighing it down as I had a chocolate aero tray bake cake today, I have no idea what the calorie content was but I saw it and I needed it.

Not exercising properly today but will be at the gym tomorrow.

RunningKatie Sat 29-Mar-14 17:05:49

Where are you all? I'm anticipating a crazy sleep deprived mothers day with the clocks change. I'm going to meet a friend for a curry tonight.

Not exercised enough this week but have really reigned in the rubbish eating so doing ok. smile

Nancery Sat 29-Mar-14 20:22:57

Am here!
At PIL at stepped on their scales in the bathroom. According to these scales I have gone from 12stone 1 to... (drumroll) 12stone 7!!!
I'd like to think they're wrong! While I've been up and down a bit I've certainly not put on half a stone! Think I will ignore that result...

The scales are lying

Do you get on with your pils? Any chance that the scales have been tampered with?

RunningKatie Sun 30-Mar-14 21:04:15

Scales like that should be thrown out of the window at speed Nancery

I had my all you can eat curry last night, the scales this morning informed me I have gained 2lbs. Grrrrrr.

ColdFeetWarmHeart Mon 31-Mar-14 00:06:41

Can I join?? I haven't been able to successfully stick to any diet for a long time. I followed weight watchers about 3years ago, and dropped half a stone (still needed to lose another 3). Since then I have put that back on and more (need to lose at least 5 stone now). I didn't even manage to stick to a diet last year in the run up to my wedding, and ended up a fat bride :-(

Anyway - short term goal is going on holiday in 7 weeks and being genuinely worried about fitting in the aeroplane seat comfortably (esp as I will have DD on my lap). Mid-goal is to get back into size 12 jeans/trousers before we try for DC2. Long-term goal is to stick to a healthy diet 95% of the time, and teach my children good habits!!

headoverheels Mon 31-Mar-14 07:54:15

Hello, can I join? I'm definitely a crap dieter - the kind of person who can start a diet on Monday morning and break it by lunchtime!

I've lost 11lb in 12 weeks since the beginning of this year (13st to 12st 3lb) - slow and steady works best for me. I always find the school holidays harder, so will need all my willpower to keep going!

Nancery Mon 31-Mar-14 22:45:52

Hi fellow crap dieters! Welcome to our thread. How much do you need to lose coldfeet? Rubbish it's such a slow dull process isn't it? headover in comparison to me, your weightloss sounds quite good wink

I've not logged onto myfitnessfriend for a few days as, frankly, I didn't want to know! Will try and get back on board tomorrow. I think PILs horrid scales haven't helped - if they were mine I would have indeed chucked them out the window!

ColdFeetWarmHeart Mon 31-Mar-14 23:08:16

hi Nancery, well to make my dr happy I need to lose 5 1/2 stone!! But I think I'll be happy to lose 4 1/2- 5 st (actually at this moment in time I'd be happy to lose 7lbs!!!)
I think it's one of those things where you really get into it when you are seeing some weight loss, and you are on a roll, but it's so hard to keep sticking to when you aren't getting anywhere!!

RunningKatie Tue 01-Apr-14 08:16:11

Get back on it nancery. i guesstimated saturday nights curry, i don't think i was at all accurate.

I am being rubbish with exercising, it's grey here but we're walking to playgroup - I need the fresh air.

I've been picked for the coffee machine product trial, dh pointed out how many calories hot chocolate has so i have to give those to the dc's sad

RunningKatie Wed 02-Apr-14 15:20:49

Cake club subscription just arrived. The dc's have helped me eat it. How are you all doing?

Nancery Wed 02-Apr-14 23:26:19

Off to sleep now, will elaborate on my diet sabotaging tomorrow!

Hi Cold and Head! Welcome! grin

How is the pain now Running?

Nancery what's happened love? You were doing really well!

Well, I've managed to fuck my back up yet again. Had problems for 20+ years now (I'm only 31) - you'd think by now I'd have learned that washing windows and sofas and carpets isn't going to do it any good hmm

On the plus side, it means that I don't have the energy to keep going to the fridge......12st 7lbs! WOOHOO! grin so that's 1st 6lbs loss......and I can't fall off the wagon now! The wedding is too close!

RunningKatie Thu 03-Apr-14 12:28:42

Wow ohfour, that's brilliant loss. Not brilliant about your back though, hope you're ok soon.

Neck is still rubbish, how can rolling over in bed do this much damage? sad I'm using my bike a bit but really nervous of anything aerobic.

Talk to us nancery, today's a new day and you're going away soon.

Dh goes away on saturday, i am in denial as the last trip was hard, this is even longer. I will be turning to chocolate so got to get exercising to minimise the damage that could do.

Tonight i am having my hair cut shorter, that should help with the weight loss! grin

It's surprising what damage everyday things can do. One of my worst was sneezing whilst bending to sit on the loo - instant agony

How long is DH going to be away for Kate?

Come on Nancery, how is today going?

Nancery Thu 03-Apr-14 16:25:36

Hi all, sorry for the delay.
I guess I've been rubbish as a) it's easier and b) once you start gradually slipping it's hard not to stop! I haven't gone totally the other way, ie binging, but am struggling to maintain enthusiasm for 1500 cals a day. (Currently been more like 2000/2500 at a push and a guess.) I've also been quite stressed, although last week that meant less cals rather than more, but now I seem to be back on the bread and easy to grab stuff.

I also feel like it's such an uphill struggle and I may permanently have awful things like my stomach (delightful apron effect, but also wonky) and as I don't feel massive I kind of kid myself I don't look too bad.

I need to kick myself up the arse don't i? Fucking hell.

ohfour I am SO impressed! Well done!!

RunningKatie Thu 03-Apr-14 16:58:04

He's away saturday to saturday ohfour. Dd missed him terribly last time, it was heartbreaking telling her that we couldn't make him come home.

Have you stood on the scales nancery? With those calories you've probably stayed the same for a bit which is pretty good.

when stressed i eat huge amounts - i've never been one for going off my food. Are you managing to do your long walks too? It is a long slog, i find my motivation comes and goes through the day, especially when it's grey and miserable out, it seems so much easier on sunny days.

I think my stomach will be the last area to tone up, just because i have so much to do and i hate stomach crunches etc.

positively9something Thu 03-Apr-14 17:08:04

Hi everyone can I join please?

I started slimming world last week, I am just about to go to a weigh in and I havnt lost anything hmm I havnt followed it correctly as I've had such a stressful week.

The last weight loss thing I did was fasting 5:2 and I lost 8lbs and then put it all back on!

Now I am considering 5:2 and slimming world at the same time shock

All I can think of is biscuits at the moment!

Nancery Thu 03-Apr-14 18:55:29

Nope, not doing scales! I doubt I've put much, if any, on but don't think I've lost either. Re the long walks, that's a weekend thing; I am mainly with DS in the week but tend to be the one out with the dog walks at the weekend while DH and DS spend time together. At the weekend I am generally out on the hills for two hours or so (I have a border collie, she doesn't do strolls!) which is great (mentally too) but I can't really in the week as DS can't come so DH takes the dog and can usually sort-of work at the same time.

Hi Positively9something and welcome to our quiche! I tried the 5:2 but struggled with the second day; fasting Monday was fine but finding another day, even with the option of moving them about, proved tricky. Slimming World and 5:2 could be a good jump start, and perhaps will mean you can be a bit more flexible with the SW side of things wink

Stropzilla Thu 03-Apr-14 18:58:08

Can I join? I reckon is be really good at dieting of dh would listen to me and stop buying the sweets alcohol and icecream for me that I never buy myself and wouldn't eat if he didn't come home with it!

ColdFeetWarmHeart Thu 03-Apr-14 22:13:39

I am truly a crap dieter - I haven't dieted in any way, shape or form, all week. I've eaten 2 easter eggs, mr kiplings lemon fancies, crisps, had enchiladas for dinner etc, and not done any exercise whatsoever!!

Ho hum - one day I will find the energy to stick to something. For a few hours at least!!

RunningKatie if it makes you feel any better, I ripped a tendon in my shoulder a few years ago - by brushing my hair!! was in absolute agony with it, and ended up having to have physio! Still plays up every so often if I am at a desk for too long.

Good luck with slimming world positively - I have tried that twice in the last year, but I just don't eat enough fruit and veg to make it work!!

RunningKatie Fri 04-Apr-14 21:07:28

Good work Coldfeet.

I have had chips for tea tonight, a freddo frog chocolate and I am on my second glass of wine.

My mum did similar to her shoulder, falling off a bike which is why I feel a bit paranoid about my neck, I'm self-medicating with alcohol tonight.......

I did slimming world about 15 years ago 15 years? where the chuff did that go?, I took the whole eating unlimited amounts to extreme and did lose weight but couldn't sustain it.

Nancery Fri 04-Apr-14 21:39:19

Hi crap dieters! I'm about to have a lovely takeaway curry, one from a restaurant a few miles away, it was too good an opportunity to say no to! I am also on my first glass of wine and it will probably be one of several!

Back on the wagon on Monday?

Nancery Fri 04-Apr-14 21:39:55

runningkatie I still think the 90s were 10 years ago...!

ColdFeetWarmHeart Fri 04-Apr-14 22:02:18

I had a healthy dinner of fish in a bag, new potatoes and steamed veg. Followed by double chocolate fudge cake and double cream. I have also had a bag of milkybar mini eggs today - oops! Although my saving grace is that I am on pepsi max, not wine or baileys! haha

however, a few mums at toddler group have commented on my weight loss lately. So I must be doing something right!! lol

I couldn't take to slimming world. I need to either count everything, or count nothing. Unlimited amounts of pasta etc just doesn't work for me - I need portion control!

RunningKatie Sat 05-Apr-14 19:47:23

The 90s were more than 10 years ago? Noooooooo

I still look at the dc's and wonder where they came from, I forget I'm not about 21!

We went out for dinner before DH left, I had a burger and chips, and chocolate pudding. I really haven't quite got the hang of this healthy eating malarkey at times.

ColdFeetWarmHeart Sat 05-Apr-14 20:29:16

I haven't got the hang of it either. I think I need a personal trainer to come and make me exercise every day, and someone to cook all my meals. I might stick to it then. Failing that I shall have to be locked in a feeding clinic, where I have no way of accessing any naughty stuff!!

positively9something Sun 06-Apr-14 08:03:15

Morning everyone,

I agree the unlimited food thing can also be taken too far I ate so much food last week and was still having naughty things too hmm

Nancery Sun 06-Apr-14 08:51:44

Morning! My food yesterday was pretty crap but will try to get back on it properly tomorrow. This may sound odd but I stretched in front of the mirror yesterday and from a certain angle (ie straight on, back arched, arms up) look quite good - curvy rather than flabby and round. Will aspire to look like that when not at a funny angle!

RunningKatie Sun 06-Apr-14 09:10:10

That made me smile nancery smile

I have been up since 4.42am with ds. It's raining here but i think we're off to a park and animal farm with wellies and waterproofs. I hope the cafe opens at a civilised hour.

I was going to do a yoga dvd this morning but dd woke up. Got to increase my exercise somehow, i've not been fitting it in but the dodgy neck appears much better at last!

have been doing good but it's all gone to shit this weekend. the boys been a nightmare so ended Friday and satuarday with Malibu and lemonade x3 and half an Easter eggblush grrr went through loads of my clothes and hardly anything fits but am skint so it's either slim and fit in it or stick to the limited things that do. how are you all doing? still enjoying the lemon water and now I've run out of lemons I'm actually missing it! not doing so well with the fruit things are less structured when the dc are off school.

headoverheels Sun 06-Apr-14 15:44:44

ohfourfoxache well done - fab weight loss!

Was pleased with my weight on Fri am (another 1lb off - that's 12lb now) but have been v bad since then. School cake bake on Fri, lemon tart yesterday, hot cross buns today. Arghh.

positively the same thing happened to me on 5:2 - I lost about 8lb but then didn't lose any more (even though I was still fasting). At the moment I'm not following any particular plan, just trying to cut out snacks and reduce portion size.

RunningKatie Sun 06-Apr-14 20:58:58

12lbs is great headoverheels.

We went to the park, it did not go well. The dc's are missing dh and he's away for ages yet.

Going to login to mfp and see just how badly astray I have gone today.

ColdFeetWarmHeart Sun 06-Apr-14 23:07:48

Went out for dinner today, following a lovely spa day. I thought I made better choices for dinner, as I had jacket potato instead of pasta/pizza etc (we were in Frankie and Benny's). But it looks as though carbs are not my friend. My stomach (top of my abdomen) was swollen when we left the restaurant. I thought that this only happened to me after eating too much wheat, but obviously not. I wasn't as bad as usual today (I can swell up so much after meals sometimes that I look 6 months pregnant again!!), but most definitely swollen, only a few hours after my mum had been saying how my waist was smaller sad

So......low carb it is!!

ColdFeetWarmHeart Tue 08-Apr-14 22:57:19

Had a massive shock to the system today - I looked in the mirror! I mean I really looked in the mirror, and I was gobsmacked! I was taking my measurements, and struggling to get a waist measurement; I was trying to measure around my belly button, but I couldn't get the tape to sit right, as it appears that my "hips" are coming further and further up! shock Of course, they aren't hips, they are "love handles", and they are hideous. My frame is totally wrong, and I don't know when that happened!! I always registered that I was bigger round the belly than I should be, and obviously post baby my belly is also flabbier/looser than it used to be. But I really didn't notice the fat on my sides!!! What the hell have I been focusing on to not notice that????!!!!! blush

There is a silver lining though - I have lost my appetite a bit today! I have only eaten 1120 so far today. I may have a low cal hot chocolate / glass of milk to go to bed with, but I still shouldn't go over 1250.

5 weeks and 5 days until we go on holiday. You think there is any chance of me dropping 2 dress sizes in that time? lol hmm

RobbieRobsYumYum Wed 09-Apr-14 10:42:39

Hello ladies. I am a very crap dieter. BUT I WANT TO BE HOT.... BEFORE I'M TOO OLD....

I got down to my target weight 6 years ago after 3 kids and just as I turned 40. I had all in all gained and lost 4 stone. It took a long time including 2 months of Lighter Life (DID I REALLY ONLY SURVIVE ON SHAKES/SOUP AND WATER FOR 2 MONTHS???). Anyway put a tiny bit back on. Then the DH turned into a complete and utter b@stard and I gained some (he had been nicer when I was fatter!!). Then some more. Then DH buggered off with a friend (turns out he had a penchant for my friends - usually the vulnerable needy ones) and the weight piled on further. In a complete and utter despair my only joys were food, drink and fags. I finally joined a gym to discover his bitch was a member - not good (she's like a skinny boy in figure - seriously) but I persevered. Did Cambridge Diet for 2 weeks - lost 11lbs. Then had a hip problem which halted that. Then I gave up the fags - for my lovely kids. How I miss those cigs - hunger suppressants, escapism, talking to the fun people outside, and just shoving something in my mouth that was not food. So more weight on. I hate myself and yet I love clothes - just not the ones in my wardrobe. I would be such a clothes tart if I could and yet I am a disgusting blob. I want a nice hot man and my confidence is lost. OK I meet men who are interested in sex but I want a relationship. Started WW 3 weeks ago which I think quiet honestly is the best way to eat and lose weight. First week -6lbs, second -1lb - this week I'm not going (ok Im looking after other people's kids but I would've found another meeting if I had stuck to it) and also trying to get to gym at least twice a week. I need that inner child to get lost when I am wanting to binge and eat rubbish stuff and think about me - my health, my looks and my kids. But how?? Wow I think that rant should've burned at least one calorie.

RobbieRobsYumYum Wed 09-Apr-14 10:52:50

Coldfeetwarmheart (not sure if this actually ties to your reply as I am new and possibly quite moronic at Mumsnet).

That is all I want - a clinic. Preferably on a desert island where you have to do yoga, pilates, get shouted at in a masterful way by hot sexy gym instructors who then massage and stretch your sore mussels after that and only feed you tiny amounts of nutritious stuff whilst providing CBT and hypnotherapy to reporgramme those bad habits, so when you go home you are fitter, healthier, slimmer, toned and more mentally sorted to live the rest of your life like a goddess. So simple.

ColdFeetWarmHeart Wed 09-Apr-14 21:54:40

Hi RobbieRobs - well done for joining weight watchers! How to get rid of that inner child? Ideally we would all be offered free CBT or something. Being realistic, I think we just need to think things through and consider the consequences (yes, MUCH easier said than done!!). e.g. as we head for the biscuit tin, rather than the instant hit that we get, we need to think how about how we would feel when we step on the scales in a weeks time to see a gain, or in a years time when we are still the same size, or worse still, when our health starts failing prematurely and we can't do as much as we want to?
I think this is something that we all struggle with, and there isn't really the help out there from NHS/weight loss groups like weight watchers/slimming world. They tell us what we should be eating, what keeps us fuller for longer etc. But, in my experience, they don't really give us any tools to deal with things like binging/emotional eating and other life-long bad habits!

These clinics do exist - unfortunately I cannot afford £1000+ per week!! (And that's ones in the UK, not a desert island in sight!)

Nancery Wed 09-Apr-14 22:32:28

Hi, I've been really really rubbish so haven't even looked at our thread for a few days. I also haven't logged onto my fitness pal either. Unfortunately we are going away a week Friday which isn't great and I probably lost about 2 pounds. If that. However I really need to get myself together, even though I keep saying that, so maybe something, I don't know what, will kickstart me
In the meantime I keep slightly drunkenly browsing eBay wishing I could fit into anything below a size 16 (14 at a push)

Nancery Wed 09-Apr-14 22:33:52

By the way, has anyone else got into the habit of buying clothes that far too big on purpose just so they can put them on and feel as if they are thinner than they really are...? blush I keep doing this with size 18...

ColdFeetWarmHeart Wed 09-Apr-14 22:45:39

Hi Nancery - I'm currently a jean size 20, and I avoid buying clothes like the plague. I still have a few size 18 trousers that fit, so I am trying to get away with them as much as possible.
I don't think I could ever bring myself to buy an even larger size! If anything I am more likely to buy a smaller size to "get into".

By the way - I am dreaming of a size 16 at the moment. Don't get me wrong, I still felt I was fat (and I was!) when I was a 16, but clothes fit me much better then. I have very large boobs, a very large arse, and a small waist - I have an almost cartoonlike hourglass figure, and its mission impossible to find anything that looks nice on me!!

Nancery Wed 09-Apr-14 22:52:09

I am more apple shaped, with a midriff like a melted candle! Not easy to find middle flatteres that don't make me look pregnant either.
A waist sounds lovely....!

ColdFeetWarmHeart Wed 09-Apr-14 23:01:59

If it makes you feel any better, although I have a waist if you look at me head on, I still have this "fatty lump" at the top right of my abdomen (looks like I have a hernia or something).....god knows what strangers think - I have a bump but its too high up to be a baby!! lol

headoverheels Thu 10-Apr-14 07:36:25

Have had a rubbish few days so too scared to weigh myself this morning.

headoverheels Thu 10-Apr-14 07:40:14

Just bit the bullet and did it. Gained 3lb since Friday grrr. I can't say I'm surprised as I have been really bad. But it is beyond annoying that it is such hard work to lose a few lb and so easy to put it back on!!

LiberalLibertine Thu 10-Apr-14 08:03:38

Hi can I join your merry band?!

I'm 5'5 and 11.5 (I think, haven't been on scales for fear of break down)

My weak spots are coffee with sugar (used to use sweeteners till someone said they're just as bad hmm and alcohol!

I also find it impossible to work out, BUT! I can't face another summer like last year, so reeeeeaally want to try and make progress.

Tomorrow, I'm going to get up early and do the shred, yes I am!!

And try and not drink till Saturday night.

<<<sending we can do it vibes to all>>>

Nancery Thu 10-Apr-14 09:22:55

Hi Liberal! Did you manage to Shred...?

LiberalLibertine Thu 10-Apr-14 10:26:08

That's tomorrow nancery! Had a late night last night, so kids woke up first.

Have had three coffees already though, with two sugars each blush

Am going to have plenty of scrambled eggs now, chicken salad for tea, no snacks, and NO alcohol!

How are you doing?

RunningKatie Thu 10-Apr-14 19:50:40

Can someone wheel the wagon in please? I need to get back onto it.

DH is still away, DM has been staying and been brilliant but she loves cakeage and also is a wee bit food obsessed. I don't dare let on that I am trying to lose weight as she'll go on and on about it, so I've done my best to be sensible but failed a lot.

Nancery Thu 10-Apr-14 23:14:41

If you can wheel that waggon in, i would like to get on too please?

ColdFeetWarmHeart Fri 11-Apr-14 00:05:31

I had been good last 2 days. Then today I met DH for lunch and had cod and chips (though I did share mine with DD). Was at parents for the rest of the day, had a couple of hot chocolates, another small dinner, and then a large slice of lemon cake!! sad though I can't complain too much about the cake, as I bought the bloody thing angry!!

Hi Liberal are you managing to get enough sleep each night? I ask because I have found myself to be more tired this week. I think I have been functioning on sugar/chocolate lately - after cutting it out I am wanting/needing more sleep to make up for the lack of instant energy!

When you talk about wheeling the wagon in, I think of wagon wheels........and how nice they used to bed (new ones just aren't the same!!)

RunningKatie Fri 11-Apr-14 21:05:25

I am definitely not getting enough sleep either, DH is due back tomorrow and I need some early nights. DS doesn't entertain the idea of lie-in's.

Wagon wheels aren't my idea of a tasty snack, I bought them the other week for the babysitter, safe in the knowledge I wouldn't eat them! It worked well.

ColdFeetWarmHeart Fri 11-Apr-14 21:22:17

Quite strange - when DH isn't here/is on earlies I go to bed ridiculously late. End up staying up till 2am or later, applying for jobs, clearing the ironing or doing some other laptop-based chores while I catch up on some of my programmes. Thankfully my DD wakes about 8am.
This week, when my DH has been starting work at 8am, I have been in bed by about midnight each night, and have been doing a lot less in the evening. Less housework etc. and less bingeing! lol

Hhhhmmm.... good idea RunningKatie .... I shall have to think of snacks for DH and DD that I hate. Only thing I can think of is cheese and onion crisps, but even the smell of them make me want to throw up!!

ColdFeetWarmHeart Fri 11-Apr-14 21:22:47

Is anyone on here following a particular diet, or just trying to eat healthy etc?

RunningKatie Fri 11-Apr-14 22:02:02

I'm using mfp to monitor my calories ColdFeet and essentially really stopping eating a lot of junk that I was just mindlessly eating. I'm eating more fruit and less snacks too.

I can't stand cheese & onion crisps either, also custard creams. We have a lot of custard and rice puddings too for the dc's. Can't abide them either smile

I weigh nearly 2.5 stone more than DH, he started cycling a year ago and it's amazing the transformation. He does get up at 5am to do a 2 hour bike ride though shock

ColdFeetWarmHeart Fri 11-Apr-14 22:28:15

I am seriously racking my brains to see if there is anything else DH and DD eat that I can't stand!! Not getting very far!!

DH does no exercise, yet I still weigh a good 1.5st more than him....... he's 5ft 11 and I'm 5ft 2!!! sad

Thats what I am trying to do - really cut back on junk food. need to be a bit stricter about monitoring food though.

RunningKatie Sun 13-Apr-14 22:10:09

I have been rubbish, unable to login to chat and also eating junk.

Weather looks good for this week so hopefully more walking!

SuzySuzSuz Mon 14-Apr-14 21:52:49

Love this thread, hello! (waves)

I'm sadly the classic yo yo dieter, I really do want to take ownership and responsibility for the way I eat so have been trying (then failing) at MFP but am going to stick
with it!

I'm londonsuz if anyone wants to link with me. Would love to see some realistic food diaries from people in the same boat.

I need to lose about 4st, the first goal though is getting my BMI under 30 as want to start ttc at the end of this year.....

ColdFeetWarmHeart Mon 14-Apr-14 22:39:56

hey Suzy - I shall add you to my MFP next time I am on there - haven't filled out an online diary in a while confused

So many of us are yo-yo dieters, I'll start Monday kind of girls. In my opinion the diet industry encourages this (e.g. special offers in January).

My first goal is get my BMI under 35 - coincidentally this will bring me back down to what I weighed when I fell pregnant!

RunningKatie Wed 16-Apr-14 08:55:03

I am still aiming for my pre-pregnancy weight. sad I think i was 12st at both 8 week booking in appts. Currently 12.6 so getting sub 12 is my first goal.

Isn't the sunshine lovely? I'm going to have to find a new healthy breakfast. It doesn't seem like porridge weather any more.

Hope everyone is enjoying the school hols. wink

Nancery Wed 16-Apr-14 15:10:11

Hi everyone! Am kind of off the wagon, but pretending to be reigning things in a bit. Am away next week too, but will try and exercise some restraint at least!

ColdFeetWarmHeart Thu 17-Apr-14 10:39:17

I might have an off day today (bloody jobhunting!!)

How old are your DC's RunningKatie? Mine is 18mths now, and so far I have only lost 1st of baby weight. Still got another 1.5st to go, and then got office weight to lose!

AnnieB33 Thu 17-Apr-14 12:51:50

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

RunningKatie Thu 17-Apr-14 17:43:26

Hope you're ok nancery and the stress has eased. Enjoy your week away.

Coldfeet - mine are 3.2 and 17 months. My eldest is a lazy daisy and youngest is mountain goat on springs. smile I've been pregnant and or breast feeding for 3 summers so am plotting to fit in some lovely summer dresses this year. My pre-baby wardrobe might be a bit dressy for playgroups!

ColdFeetWarmHeart Fri 18-Apr-14 01:21:25

RunningKatie ... Mountain Goat on springs - I love that phrase! My DD is on the go all the time too - unfortunately she is quite clumsy so she is constantly hurting herself. Was in A&E with her Tuesday ..... first trip of many I am sure!
I can't remember the last time I wore nice summer dresses. I had a couple of maxi dresses that I wore when I was pregnant, and then last summer (looked better on me when I was pregnant!!) - would love to wear a nice floaty knee length dress!!

ColdFeetWarmHeart Sun 20-Apr-14 22:03:37

Anyone else majorly fallen off wagon over easter weekend?

RunningKatie Tue 22-Apr-14 20:48:53

I need a picture of a wagon! Yes, I've definitely fallen off it and then rolled right down an embankment somewhere.

I've not lost any weight in 2 weeks so have started increasing my exercise again, I also appear to be eating up all the easter eggs in the house to get rid of them and save the dc's teeth

ColdFeetWarmHeart Wed 23-Apr-14 01:28:41

I am amazed at myself. Been "off the wagon" and eaten really badly for a week, yet I have managed to stay the same!!! hurrah!!

I too am getting through rather a lot of chocolate in a small space of time. I haven't touched DD's eggs yet though. Thankfully she didn't get too many

headoverheels Wed 23-Apr-14 19:38:44

RunningKatie, we are a similar weight. I was 12st when I got pregnant with DC1, am currently 12st 4lb and would love to get below 12st as a starting point (and then hopefully lose another stone from there). My DC are older than yours though - I have three and the eldest is 8!

I am happy because I lost 1lb over Easter! Admittedly that's probably because I gained 3lb the week before...

RunningKatie Wed 23-Apr-14 21:27:06

I've just calculated today's calories on mfp. Ah, oops.

Run tomorrow morning at 6am I think.

Headoverheels - we can do this! I want to be under 12 stone before my hols so before the end of June. Do you have a target date or event in mind?

ColdFeetWarmHeart Wed 23-Apr-14 22:39:00

Oh to be 12st again!!! envy

Got to lose as much weight as I can, as quickly as I can. I need new clothes for work, and shopping trips have been unsuccessful so far!!

RunningKatie Thu 24-Apr-14 08:42:16

I failed to run, dd was having nightmares at 4.30am. Shredded instead but failed a bit as the dc's appeared for the last 5 mins. Chaos ensued.

I hate clothes shopping coldfeet, i also hate shoe shopping. I like the coffee and cake bit of shopping too much!

MysweetAudrina Thu 24-Apr-14 09:23:53

Have had 3 good days. Trying to limit sugar as its my downfall. Eating lots of lean protein, veg and fruit and also complex carbs. I was so unhappy with my weight on hold last year that I swore it would be different this year but eating a 100g bag of mini eggs every day for the past 2 months has not helped matters. I eat quite well but I eat so much crap on top of my good stuff. I exercise a bit, 5km park run on sat morn, 2 aerobics classes, swimming so underneath the fat their must be a wonderfully toned body. I think I am a sugar addict and once I start on it I don't seem to be able to break the cycle until I reach saturation point and then I get a couple of months where I am in control again and then I binge for a couple of months. So sick of it but not sure how best to manage it.

MysweetAudrina Thu 24-Apr-14 09:24:52

Have had 3 good days. Trying to limit sugar as its my downfall. Eating lots of lean protein, veg and fruit and also complex carbs. I was so unhappy with my weight on hold last year that I swore it would be different this year but eating a 100g bag of mini eggs every day for the past 2 months has not helped matters. I eat quite well but I eat so much crap on top of my good stuff. I exercise a bit, 5km park run on sat morn, 2 aerobics classes, swimming so underneath the fat their must be a wonderfully toned body. I think I am a sugar addict and once I start on it I don't seem to be able to break the cycle until I reach saturation point and then I get a couple of months where I am in control again and then I binge for a couple of months. So sick of it but not sure how best to manage it.

headoverheels Fri 25-Apr-14 16:57:10

Mysweet, I know exactly what you mean. I also eat healthily and exercise quite a bit, but then spoil it by eating loads of crap as well.

I think the key thing for me is portion size. At the beginning of the year I read Eating Less by Gillian Riley and would really recommend it. Not a diet as such, but a look at some of the reasons why we overeat and some techniques for bringing it under control.

tumbletumble Fri 25-Apr-14 16:58:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ColdFeetWarmHeart Sun 27-Apr-14 00:57:49

RunningKatie the coffee/hot chocolate and cake is often the only enjoyable bit of shopping! Actually most of the time I come back with things for DD and nothing for me!

I'm currently trying my best to shop for holiday (swimsuits / kaftans / maxi dresses) and new clothes for work ..... failing massively at the moment!!

tumbletumble Sun 27-Apr-14 20:19:47

Posted on wrong thread - sorry all.

RunningKatie Sun 27-Apr-14 21:17:37

I'm going to look that book up headoverheels.

Coldfeet - good luck with the shopping! I get paranoid that I look pregnant in maxi dresses, I need to get my stomach toned up and also stop caring quite so much what other people think.

ColdFeetWarmHeart Sun 27-Apr-14 22:13:06

yep, I feel I look fairly pregnant in most tops, and if I get a top that's too baggy/not at all fitted then I just look absolutely awful!! - frumpy and bigger than I actually am as I have quite large breasts.

I need to lose a ton of weight and/or get Gok Wan or similar to go shopping with me so I can work out what I look best in.

Nancery Mon 28-Apr-14 20:55:32

Hello...? it's me, the OP! I fell off the wagon spectacularly but am trying to get back on it. Today has been so so (basically as I was rushing about till 2 so didn't really eat till then!) but I really want to try and find the motivation as I have a wardrobe full of lovely clothes and look decidedly rotund in half of them blush

Now gong to read through the thread (been on holiday for a week so not been reading) and catch up...

RunningKatie Mon 28-Apr-14 21:11:02

Hello Nancery! Welcome back, hope you had a lovely holiday.

I have put on 2lbs this week so am well deserving of the Crap Dieter of the Week Award. I've eaten too much chocolate and just hoovered random foodstuffs up.

I've borrowed Paul McKenna's "stop emotional eating" from the library today so intending to switch off and start reading soon.

ColdFeetWarmHeart Thu 01-May-14 01:38:38

Failing terribly at the moment. My new working hrs don't help too much. I'm getting in from work at 9:30pm, and tonight I found DH had done chips (in deep fat fryer), bacon and eggs for dinner!! Brilliant!! [Hmm]

Am seriously considering just buying a load of low cal ready meals in (m&s count on us, weight watchers etc). Yes it would be better to cook a proper meal from scratch, but neither of us have the energy at the moment!! At least it would be low calorie!!

headoverheels Thu 01-May-14 07:46:10

ColdFeet, I usually have a couple of low cal ready meals in the fridge to fall back on. OK so it's not as good as cooking healthily from scratch, but I reckon compared to an unhealthy meal cooked from scratch it's the lesser of two evils!

RunningKatie Thu 01-May-14 08:13:31

Heavens, 9.30 is late, i'd like to be in bed by then! I would definitely get some low cal ping meals in, and hide the fryer! wink

Raining here today so the planned walking is out of the question. I don't mind, ds would be in the buggy but dd is under the impression she'd wash away.

Have my food under control a lot more this week so feeling chirpier.

Hairylegs47 Thu 01-May-14 08:52:16

I'm late to the wagon, but can I join too?
I have been following a low carb high protein diet, managed to lose over 3 stone BUT fell off a couple of weeks back. I'm now a size 16 - very wonderful - but the bread, the scones, the buttered mash potatoes, roast potatoes are screaming out to me.
Can I get a boost from anyone??

ColdFeetWarmHeart Fri 02-May-14 00:45:21

well, tonight I didn't even get dinner! I got home about 9:15, and DH informed me that DD had been crying and asking for me for an hour sad - it took us ages to get her to settle down (think she's teething a bit) and we were sitting quietly in the lounge while we waited for her to fall asleep. Our flat has a silly layout, with the kitchen opposite the bedroom - I daren't go into the kitchen and set her off again, so I thought I'd wait and have my dinner once she went to sleep................she finally gave in just after 11!! Too late for a proper dinner, so I have had a couple of chocolate digestives, and some pringles blush

On a more positive note, I did pop to the shops earlier, and get some low calorie ready meals for after work. Hopefully tomorrow DD will be sound asleep when I get home (doubtful - only happened once in the last fortnight!)

Hairylegs do you like roasted veg? sweet potatoes/buttnernut squash in particular - they might help to curb your carb cravings.

RunningKatie Fri 02-May-14 22:04:23

Hope you had a better evening today ColdFeet. I love pringles, my mum had some the other week but thankfully my nephew got there first and finish the tube.

DS is yelling his little head off, more teeth I fear so the next fortnight or so will be trying. DH is working on Monday too sad

I went cycling again this evening, managed to numb two fingers in the process. It's a bit chilly around here tonight.

ColdFeetWarmHeart Fri 02-May-14 22:16:21

it's a bit chilly everywhere!! I had a flask full of boiling hot chocolate to get me through an evening at work before freezing to death! sod going out for a run/cycle!!

DD still up when I got in - full of beans and running round, so better than last night when she was crying for me. I am actually getting dinner tonight, though DH has gone off to get a chinese ......... whoops.....

RunningKatie Mon 05-May-14 21:36:09

Have you worked the weekend ColdFeet? DH worked today so we've been to visit my DM.

The weight doesn't seem to be shifting at all for me at the moment, I'm feeling somewhat fed up, I know I need to exercise more and I'm eating too much chocolate too.

ColdFeetWarmHeart Tue 06-May-14 00:15:34

Not this weekend RunningKatie - I am just working evenings at the moment, and will start my normal shift patterns next Monday. From then I will be working Saturday mornings, so not too bad.

I've decided that I am going to try and follow 5:2. I've kind of been heading towards that over the past 2 weeks anyway - seen as I'm getting in from work at 9pm I am trying to have dinner about 9:30, and have obviously been trying to leave lunch until a bit later as well. First week was a bit tough, but I have found myself eating less in the last few days. Even though I was at home/my parents all day today, my first proper meal was at 7pm and before that all I had eaten was 3 go ahead slices, and a couple of hot chocolates.

ColdFeetWarmHeart Tue 06-May-14 00:16:11

Are you following any kind of eating plan/counting calories etc RunningKatie?

RunningKatie Wed 07-May-14 17:36:10

Good luck with the 5:2 coldfeet. Hope your week of evening shifts flies by.

I'm counting calories using mfp. I realised i was just eating way too much, portion control had long gone.

I've got back into it this week, i was definitely self-sabotaging with dh being away and then just eating crazy amounts of sneaky easter chocolate.

Went for a run last night and a bike ride this morning, if i can get exercise incorporated it'll help my mindset hugely.

ColdFeetWarmHeart Wed 07-May-14 23:37:26

thanks RunningKatie - working week is flying by so far, only 2 shifts left thanks to a bank holiday. Next week will seem so much longer though, as I will have to work my first saturday morning shift. And I'll be out of training, and on the contact centre floor, so no more breaks!

5:2 is going to take a bit more planning that I had thought. I had planned to just have dinner, with maybe a couple of cups of tea to see me through. But working evenings, and eating main meal at 9:30pm is a bit too difficult, to begin with at least. So I'm going to plan meals better so that I can have a small lunch before I go to work, and a small dinner when I get back. And if I'm still struggling I might work my way down from 1000 calories to 500 on a fast day.

It's been ages since I regularly exercised.....probably late 2011!!! whoops!! I'll work on that one once I have got into a good routine with work etc. I admire anyone who can actually get up and do some exercise! lol

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