Five stone or more to lose? Sign in here

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TheOnlySevenSleighbells Thu 02-Jan-14 16:14:47

I have just worked out that to reach a healthy BMI of 22.5 I need to lose 5st 7lb. I've been fat for 20 years (I'm 27) and I've had enough of it, this is my year to stop moaning that my clothes never look nice and do something about it.

Is anyone with me?

Yep, started today. Have got loads to lose, realistically about 8 stone blush. But I'm pissed off with being me and pissed off that I used to walk everywhere and now would rather gouge out my eyes than go for a walk. Not good.

Am using My Fitness Pal and am rockbird86 on there if anyone wants to join.

PowderMum Thu 02-Jan-14 16:31:15

I'd joined the lose 52lb in a year thread, but on reflection I need to lose 5st so I'll join you.
I'm older with 2 teenage DD and have been overweight for most if their lives.
I'm going to start by using calorie counting and see how I get on, I'll be using My Fitness Pal, what about you?

TalkinPeace Thu 02-Jan-14 16:49:41

it might be worth you joining in with the "guinea pigs" thread as there are some ladies there making good progress from large numbers - they are very supportive of each other and all newcomers.

I need to lose more than 5 stone, to scared to weigh myself but am guessing about 8, am undecided on how to do it, lost loads a few ears ago on the atkins but put it all back on, cant afford the atkins now, so a thinking of the 5:2 diet.

Today i have given up the wine, that's not helping with the weight gain, tomorrow i think about healthy eating.

ikeaismylocal Thu 02-Jan-14 20:05:28

I am on day one of a diet to loose 30kg (which works out as 4.7 stone according to mr google) I should ideally loose more but I am aiming for a curvy figure to start with rather than slim.

I am breastfeeding my 1 year old and consequently I feel starving all the time! I have never felt so hungry in all my life, I have actually gained weight despite him feeding lots.

I am getting married in August so hopefully I can loose 30 kg by then which works out as 1kg a week.

I'm following weight watchers and I'm going to start the gym in the next couple of days.

Good luck to everyone!! smile

TalkinPeace Thu 02-Jan-14 20:07:21

1kg a week is a pretty stiff target.
aim for 1lb a week and then exceed it.
Also do as much toning as you physically can manage - lots of threads about ideas
because then you will "shrink" as well as losing weight.

TheOnlySevenSleighbells Thu 02-Jan-14 20:51:13

Glad I'm not alone!

powdermum I also originally joined the 52lbs thread, but once I worked out my ideal weight there's a big difference between 52lb and 77lb!

teenage definitely give up the wine, it contains a staggering number of empty calories! Though a G&T only has around 56 calories so I'm happy to just have a couple of those a week, much better than a couple of glasses of wine most nights like I was having.

ikea agreed that 1kg a week is very ambitious.

I'm starting slimming world, first group is on Tuesday. I'm using MFP in the meantime. Also ideally I'd like to run. I tried couch to 5k in September, I got as far as week 3 then had to stop because my knees were agony. Quite depressing realising you can't run because your joints can't cope with the extra strain because you're too fat sad. I had a look through DHs runners world magazine yesterday, this month there's a plan for complete beginners. It's a 21 week minimum plan rather than only 9 like the NHS one, and has 8 weeks of brisk walks before you even start running, I guess to improve fitness and get your body used to exercise first. I started tonight with a brisk 25 minute walk.

oscarthegrouch Thu 02-Jan-14 21:19:34

hi everyone, I have about 5 1/2 stone to lose. im the heaviest ive ever been in my life

MrsPnut Thu 02-Jan-14 21:29:02

I need to lose loads too. I have drifted in the right direction but very slowly over the last few years.

I need to begin low carbing again when I go back to work on Monday.

ikeaismylocal Thu 02-Jan-14 21:41:12

I think 1kg a week is probably too ambitious, I am going to be pretty flexible, most probably changing that to 1 pound. Hopefully the first couple of weeks I can do 1kg to kick start things smile

mrspunt it's great that you drift in the right direction! Your body will be good at loosing weight smile

seven The running sounds great! It sounds like a good idea to increase your fitness gradually.

Strawberrykisses Thu 02-Jan-14 21:45:48

I joined slimming world tonight, I really need to lose 6-7 stone, but I will probably feel much better after just 2 or 3. It's then that I need a kick up the bum to stop me from getting too complacent and it creeping back on.

I want to start running too. I'm too heavy at the moment though so am working on building up fitness by walking lots. I aim to start running at Easter. I tried to start running previously and just couldn't do it.

Joules68 Thu 02-Jan-14 21:50:10

Hey ladies, just popping in to say this is what I did last year... Lost 5 stone. So I'm just here cheering you all on and to say it can be done smile

MN was responsible! I low carbed/c25k. All from threads here

So good luck all!

TalkinPeace Thu 02-Jan-14 21:50:45

If you have a lot of weight to lose, PLEASE do not start with running.
You will knacker your knee joints.

Start with walking.
Stand up whenever you can in the house - so do all your internet surfing standing up at the kitchen worktop, not sat on the sofa
while waiting for the kettle to boil, march on the spot lifting your knees as high as you can
carry things up the stairs one at a time as fast as you can
park at the far corners of the car park and walk to anything
empty the dishwasher one plate at a time so you are moving and bending and stretching lots
when putting tins up on the shelf, incorporate 10 arm raises each time

it will add up far faster than you expect

mrselizabethdarcy Thu 02-Jan-14 21:57:06

Can i join too? I am 23 stone and 5ft 5in. I darent actually work out what i need to lose. I have a bad back and knee cos of my weight and gp says i cant exercise but must lose weight.

Im joining SW next week.

Would love to give and receive any support i can.

ikeaismylocal Thu 02-Jan-14 22:13:28

I had no idea running wasn't a good idea! Is there a maximum weight recommended for running?

My plan was to put ds in the gym creche and use the treadmill there, but I don't want broken knees!

TalkinPeace Thu 02-Jan-14 22:17:30

have a look at this picture
if your muscles are already strong they will hold your joints as you get back into shape
but you need to tone up as much as possible while you lose weight before running

it might be worth checking out the exercise board as there are some real experts
I'm paranoid about it because I have bad knees can cannot run more than 100 yards without pain - it gets worse with every pound I put on.

StickChildrenTwo Thu 02-Jan-14 22:27:01

Hi, can I join please?

I have 5 stone 9lbs to lose to get to my ideal weight of 10 stone 5. sad

Just sounds so depressing, doesn't it?

I have tried weight watchers, lost about half a stone in 3 weeks but I gave up due to lack of motivation and birthday parties/ temptations over Christmas etc.

My main problem is that I genuinely am hungry a lot! I seem to eat twice as much as everyone around me and will literally graze/ binge all day. A lot is through boredom and habit. I'm 29, 5 ft 8" and have been 'chunky' all my adult life but the last 2 years since DS2 was born I have packed on over 2 stone.

I suffered with PND and bad anxiety and turned to food. I need to break this cycle. I now suffer from lower back pain a lot and feel generally sluggish and crap.

I need to turn it around this year. I can not turn 30 in this state.

I have set myself a goal of this June (my 30th birthday) to have lost 2.5 stone and the rest by June 2015. So 18 months in which to lose 5 stone 9lbs.

It just sounds such a lot and such a long length of time but I have been saying 'I'll start my diet next month' for about 10 years now and I have to just bite the bullet and accept that it's not going to be easy but it needs to be done. I am so so ready to make this change.

I am cutting out the crap. No more takeaways. Also cutting down on the booze and snacks. Trying to up fruit and veg, water intake and healthy eating in general. Also going to get off my lardy bum and move more, more walking, try to work up to power walking and running.

Good luck everyone. x

TalkinPeace Thu 02-Jan-14 22:33:21

You know what you need to do.
THese threads are the right way to motivate yourself and be motivated by others who know EXACTLY how you feel.

Just think how much money you will save when you stop buying all those snack foods grin

PowderMum Thu 02-Jan-14 23:01:28

Hi, just checking in, I have a bad back and trapped nerve in my leg so was told by my Consultant not to do any impact exercise. I have a decent excercise bike and I am going to use this daily whilst the weather is bad, then add in some brisk walking in the Spring.
I had a hysterectomy in August and was unable to excercise before and have done nothing more than gentle walking since so I am really really unfit.
Today just when I thought everything was on track and after 2 days of cycling I have had some chest pains, I'm not panicking yet, it has been intermittent and I'll see what happens tomorrow.
I'm out both days at the weekend too.

thinkfast Thu 02-Jan-14 23:05:55

Signing in. In an ideal world I'd lose 7 stone, but I'd be happy if I could lose 4. Fed up with being exhausted and uncomfortable and feeling scruffy all the times

TheOnlySevenSleighbells Thu 02-Jan-14 23:07:50

Thanks joules, great to hear from someone who's done it to know it is possible. Do you have any good tips? Also thanks for the advice talkinpeace, I saw you were also giving advice on the 52lb thread.

strawberry I lost 3 stone 4 years ago, it's so easy to get complacent and slowly start eating the wrong things again. Then I had 2 DDs 17 months apart and I've put 2 stone back on again. Won't be making the same mistake again of getting into my old size 16 jeans and thinking its good enough.

I've prepared sticks of raw carrot, celery, cucumber and peppers and put in a tub in the fridge. Now there's something easy and healthy if a want a snack tomorrow, they look really good too, much more appealing than cake and biscuits!

Hi! I'm going to join too please! I need to lose 5st 10 to get back to a healthy weight and a comfortable weight for myself. I'm the heaviest I've ever been now and it's started to affect my health so I need to do something about it!

Joules68 Thu 02-Jan-14 23:23:27

My top tip is to seperate it into chunks.... Maybe a stone and half at a time. Less daunting

Lots of water!

Exercise.... Apart from anything, it makes you feel good and you are more likely to keep motivated

SouthStaffsMadam Thu 02-Jan-14 23:27:49

Can I join you all too? I would like to lose 7 stone to take me into the 10 stone bracket. I'm starting weight watchers next week. I've had a lot of success on ww before, lost 6 and a half stone but during 3 pregnancies over 6 years have put it all back on virtually!! angry So angry with myself for being back in this position. What an idiot for not taking control sooner.

I was on my fitness pal during the summer so I'll get back on.

Nice to know there are a few of us in the same boat. smile

500internalerror Thu 02-Jan-14 23:57:09

I've just totted up my food on mfp & I thought id done well today.... But I'm 1000 calories over confusedconfusedhmm. That's a wake up call; I must've been eating at least double for months. When I stop exercising I start eating, & so it goes on.

I haven't weighed myself, but I'm guessing I need to lose just under 5 stone. hmm

ARealPickle Fri 03-Jan-14 00:13:12

I need to lose 6 stone. I put 4 stone in in a year after a horrific birth and then the following year stayed the same.

I have very disordered eating so need to address that. Did well today for first time in ages.

Really frightened by prospect.

Got to week 4 of couch to 5k last summer then knackered achilles and it's still stiff. Need to somehow build fitness gently. ...

Would definitely like the support.

Want to eat healthily but not completely restrictive as it will be at least a year I need to keep it up.

TheOnlySevenSleighbells Fri 03-Jan-14 09:38:25

500 always put things into MFP as you go along. If possible plan your dinner in advance and enter it in the morning, that way you can see what's left.

Feeling very pleased with yesterday, I came in 300 calories under my allowance, and even had enough for a small piece of Christmas cake and 1 biscuit (instead of the usual 4 blush ). Looking forward to dinner tonight, salmon fishcake with potatoes and salad, yum!

SofaKing Fri 03-Jan-14 09:46:22

I will sign in, I'm restarting weight watchers on Monday.

I am 5' 4" and nearly 15 stone so have to lose about five stone.

I've had health problems which mean I may need to periodically take steroids, so I just can't afford to be this weight, I put on two stone on my last course so must lose weight in case I need another.

My doctor prescribed me Orlistat to help kick start my loss, has anyone had this? I think it will help me stick to ww as if I eat fatty food my bottom will suffer :-)

TheOnlySevenSleighbells Fri 03-Jan-14 09:59:00

I've used it. It does work but having oily farts that leave orange greasy stains really is beyond awful. Do not eat anything with a high fat content. Tbh I'd rather take longer to lose weight than use it again.

One day down.... That's an achievement in itself, I can't remember the last time I completed The First Day. Usually I've bailed by lunchtime.

TheOnlySevenSleighbells Fri 03-Jan-14 10:24:37

Well done Gwendoline smile

TalkinPeace Fri 03-Jan-14 14:44:53

As you can see from my profile pictures I do not need to lose more weight
having been posting on the 5:2 threads for 18 months I've seen what works, what does not work, and know how incredibly important motivation (both of the "cuddly" and "kick in the butt" variety is)

the realisation a few months ago that
Eating Mindfully
is the real key has helped a lot of people.

A silly thing.
When you are eating, look at every single bite / crisp / item - before you put it in your mouth - so that you eat with awareness

and if I was less partial to cheese and wine my jeans would fit at the moment!

SofaKing Fri 03-Jan-14 14:55:21

Seven not the easy option then!

I feel desperate as I was down to 13 stone and felt 'normally' fat, whereas now I am 15 stone again it feels as though that is the weight I will gravitate to forever. I don't want that, so even if I have to put up with bum issues for a few months I hope it will be worth it.

I shall probably be back on Monday to swear I'm never touching them again :-)

ikeaismylocal Fri 03-Jan-14 14:56:27

Mmm cheese and wine, my ultimate temptation!

How is everyone doing? We were invite out for dinner last night, we went to celebrate a late Christmas this lunch time and we have another dinner invitation tonight! I'm trying to be as good as possible with food choices although I have struggled to count points.

When I dieted with weight watchers previously I used tohave 1 night a week where I would drink alcohol, I think this time I might limit that to parties and special occasions as I get silly with my food choices after a couple of glasses of wine.

How is everyone else planning on limiting the calories in alcohol and the calories in the food yiu eat whilst enjoying alcohol?

PowderMum Fri 03-Jan-14 15:37:05

Hi everyone, I fell off the wagon last night when everyone else went out and had a large drink, then a bread roll, so 3 days in and I still haven't lost anything.

Started today well with a good breakfast, but bought and ate a whole chocolate bar in Tesco today, this is going to push me over my calorie limit for the day.

I try to log all my food as I consume it on MFP as at least I know where I'm at.

With the kids going back to school and me off at business meetings from Monday I feel that I will be able to get on track.

I fell off the wagon at lunchtime as I bought a panini press and the girls wanted toasted sandwiches for lunch. Anything containing bread and melted cheese is my nemesis and the smell got to me. However, whereas in the past I would have thought sod it, start again tomorrow, this time I've got back on the wagon and will adjust calories appropriately tonight and have a single lettuce leaf for dinner

2whippetsnobed Fri 03-Jan-14 16:33:06

Hi everyone. Can I join your thread. I have five stone to lose now (5'8" and 16 stone this morning)!

But I am not starting until Monday although most of the junk and alcohol have gone from the house now. The dcs are back to school and I can start exercise properly and I will log everything on mfp too.

ilovemyteddy Fri 03-Jan-14 16:42:53

Hi. I lost 5 stones in 2012 and have maintained that weightloss in 2013. I did it by low-carbing. It can be expensive (you eat a lot of meat) and goes against what we have been taught for years about the way to lose weight (you eat full-fat everything and have to restrict your veg/fruit intake.) it's worked for me, after years of trying every 'diet' under the sun. It IS strict and if you cheat this way of eating is VERY unforgiving.

There is a wonderfully supportive low-carb bootcamp on MN if you are interested.

Good luck to everyone on this thread.

TalkinPeace Fri 03-Jan-14 17:42:02

I just popped this on another thread but it stands repeating

Just start

ARealPickle Fri 03-Jan-14 21:18:51

I've done ok the last 2 days. I'm not yet trying to "limit calories" drastically or anything, just want to move away from grazing/binging to eating 3 x meals and 2 snacks. And sensible snacks. Had yoghurt and dried fruit for one snack and just one chocolate for the other.

Didn't eat all the childrens left overs.

Thia needs to be long term and I've a long way to go - so for now my goals are ...

*Stop eating children's leftovers
* Stick to eating at meal times and 2 small snacks.
* Sensible snacks.

After this starts to be normal I want to tackle the meals themselves, but I suspect a lot is in the attitude and control issues and once I no longer feel out of control hopefully I can get back to sensible eating.

BIWI Fri 03-Jan-14 21:24:19

To echo ilovemyteddy - if you're interested in low carbing, the next Bootcamp starts on 13 January (although there is an 'easing into it/soft start' thread going from Monday!)

You will all be very welcome.

Can I just say that one of the very best things about low carbing is that you really won't feel hungry when you're doing it, and you can eat decent portions or lovely food while you're doing it? No need to buy nasty low fat, artificial foods at all. Just lovely, natural, tasty food.

Here's the sign-up thread, which also has the rules of Bootcamp somewhere in it

500internalerror Fri 03-Jan-14 21:25:06

I'd have done really well today if it wasnt for the food bit at the end of ikea confused

TalkinPeace Fri 03-Jan-14 21:28:32

you are doing brilliantly - because you are starting to recognise the patterns of what and when you eat
if you can, I'd really consider cutting out the snacks completely and leaving more leeway for bigger and better family meals
snacks are a modern invention that is not good for us

ah yes, the ikea canteen
I have a pathological inability to get past the tills without buying something in the food area ....
in the cafe I always have the smallest maincourse and then LOTS of coffee :-)

marsybum Fri 03-Jan-14 21:45:30

hi ladies, I have a lot to lose, about 10 stone sad I did join slimming world in october, went 4 times and was then completely humiliated by the person running the class, so can't go back, I did make a complaint and sw refunded all the money I had paid but it knocked my already shaky confidence and I know I could never walk into a slimming club again sad
I'm starting using mfp to track my calories so will see how I get on with that. I go tap Dancing once a week but that's really about my only exercise so I want to up that, but have a medical condition that limits what I can do before I'm in pain. anyone else doing it without joining a slimming club?

TalkinPeace Fri 03-Jan-14 21:53:03

welcome to the most supportive weight loss forum there is . Full stop.
Pick a thread - welcome
see how you fit in.
Lurk on lots of others , see what fits with your mindset.
Well out of order the SW leader humiliating you.
Admitting that you need to make changes is the first and most important step.
MFP - just for tracking, rather than controlling - is a really good way to start as you begin to understand where you are and thus which direction to travel.
There are many others with long journeys ahead - the "one guinea pig at a time thread" is an example
You'll do it
MN has a good success rate (and its free!)

loveulotslikejellytots Fri 03-Jan-14 22:06:02

I've got about 8 stone to lose. I don't weigh myself anymore, but I've been going to the gym for 6 months now. I feel a lot better for it ! I've just got to sort out my food now.

Something that helped me actually came from an old sw consultant. I am an emotional eater, she suggested that before actually eating something I knew I 'shouldn't' eat, cut it into quarters. Get a note pad and for every piece write down what I'm feeling, should that be boredom, sadness, loneliness, happiness, tiredness etc. and then for every piece of my treat write down a substitute treat. E.g. Carrot sticks and hummus, yoghurt etc. then have one of each. One chunk of the doughnut etc. and one 'good' item. Bloody long winded and to be honest, the laziness in me would sometimes make me think, bugger it, I'll just have a banana.

It did however make me understand why I choose to binge on sugary or sweet foods when I'm feeling down or bored etc.

TheOnlySevenSleighbells Fri 03-Jan-14 23:26:05

Hi to our latest newcomers, so glad I started this thread. This journey is a hell of a lot less daunting now I'm not alone smile

Talkin very kind of you to stick around to advise us. How much did you lose?

ikea in terms of alcohol I was having at least one glass of wine most nights. I'm saving the wine for special occasions and just having the odd gin and slimline tonic which had much fewer calories.

pickle small starts are a great way to go. Stopping at one biscuit or not eating their leftovers is a big achievement if it's not what you'd usually do.

marsy that's awful of the SW leader angry

I really don't think I'd be capable of low-carbing. I'm happy to reduce portions and don't eat many potatoes but I don't think I could go without bread and pasta.

Had a very good day today. Ate healthy meals which meant I was able to have a G&T tonight and a kitkat, and I've still somehow come in 460kcal under my allowance.

Do we need a set day for a weekly weigh-in? How about Thursdays as that's when the thread was started? Unless anyone has any objections?

BIWI Fri 03-Jan-14 23:29:15

Can I just make a recommendation? I realise that you might not think that low carbing is for you. But please, please, please have a read of "Escape The Diet Trap" by Dr John Briffa. It's a really easy book to read, and it explains why calorie counting simply doesn't work in the long term.

500internalerror Fri 03-Jan-14 23:29:55

TalkinPeace, the canteen was fine... Salad and a roll, & free tea (which was less calorific than anticipated due to no milk in the machine confused). But yep, it's those chocs etc in the end shop!

TalkinPeace Fri 03-Jan-14 23:33:55

another option for those who don't fancy the 5:2 that I do .....

my max weight was 12:4
I lost 3 stone doing ww - but it was hard work
put a stone back on
lost it doing 5:2 and have maintained, give or take Christmas Cheese for over a year

knittedslippersx3 Fri 03-Jan-14 23:39:47

I'm in! I was on the 52lb thread but this one seems more suited to me. Not started yet and haven't weighed yet. Once dd birthday cake has all gone then I'm in. Will read whole thread tomorrow for tips/advice.

MissVic101 Sat 04-Jan-14 08:51:20

Hello. Can I sign up? I have easily 5 srone to loose. Cant see my proper weight coz the scale goes all the wsy round and back to one stone again. I am tall (5 10) and at approx 21st bigger than I have ever been. Have a 12 week old daughter and as I am breastfeeding expected it to drop off, this had not been the case. I lost 3st with a couple of years ago but going back to square one (and then some) is disheartening to say the least. was gonna start a weight loss diary to try and see what triggers me to over eat - I know I do this. Looking forward to sharing this journey with you smile

MissVic101 Sat 04-Jan-14 09:40:55

So to round up I have about 6 stone to loose to get back to a weight I am happy with, but as an initial goal I want to stop the scales going all the way round so getting under 20st, cant believe im writing that sad .
Going to try and use good old healthy eating to do it as well as increasing my activity levels, as I have ground almost completely to a halt even a little should make a difference so walking every day and 2 yoga classes a week, this should help me keep focus too. Try to cut out snacking will be a big one and leaving leftovers alone. I can be doing so well and then on autopilot help myself to what most people would consider a meal from the fridge, it cant continue!

ikeaismylocal Sat 04-Jan-14 09:53:29

missvic congratulations on your new baby!

I'm also breastfeeding and trying to loose weight, I haveleft it till my ds is 1 and I wish I'd done it earlier!

I have just done the big monthly shop, I really love that on weight watchers fruit is zero points! Mostly trolley contained fruit and nappies!

We have been doing baby led weaning with ds, I think we will have to make seperate high fat meals for for ds.

TheOnlySevenSleighbells Sat 04-Jan-14 12:47:18

Congratulations missvic. Could you I get in some digital scales? That way you'll know how much you're starting from (as well as be able to see and celebrate each lb you lose), plus they tend to be more accurate. I bought some nice new ones with my boots points.

MissVic101 Sat 04-Jan-14 14:19:34

Thanks for tge congratulations. She is amazing grin . I think digi scales maybe the way to go. As you say its good to know where you are starting from. Did someone mention weigh in on thusday? A weekly weigh in is good for me will help to keep me on track, a lighthouse to mark the way. This morning has been ok so far. Though found a couple of uneaten Christmas Tree chocs that had to be disposed of when taking the decorations down I am classing it as part of lunch. Off to the dreaded ikea in a minute, hoping to get out unscathed and cook a decent dinner smile

TheOnlySevenSleighbells Sat 04-Jan-14 15:26:26

8mo DD2 choked on a rice cake earlier, proper silent terrifying choking. I let myself have a sugary tea afterwards. It really upset me, finding it hard not to reach for the biscuits this afternoon sad

MissVic101 Sat 04-Jan-14 17:08:39

Oh no, so scary. Its ok to reach for them just remember to put them back down again. or if you do have a few too many get back on it straight away and dont let it mess up the rest of the day.

TheOnlySevenSleighbells Sun 05-Jan-14 09:16:29

I resisted the biscuits, but I did have curry for dinner rather than the grilled chicken and roasted veg I'd planned. Not too bad though, after an experience like that I'd usually eat all kinds of junk.

How's everyone getting on? I couldn't resist weighing myself this morning, I've lost half 1lb since starting the thread, that's 3lb overall so far.

Starting weight: 15st 13lb
Target weight: 9st 5lb
Total lost: 3lb

Noodles32 Sun 05-Jan-14 14:53:13

Hi Ladies, Pls can I join ?

I have about 7 Stone to loose but to be honest I'd be happy with 5, I lost 4 stone in 2003 an promised I'd never get fat again but after 2 Kids an about 10 years I've put it all back on plus another 3 stone just for good measure.
I'm so angry at myself that I'm here again with even more to loose. So I joined W.W Fri 3rd an starting again !

I just don't know how I'll ever loose that kind of weight again but on the flip-side I refuse to except I'll be this big for the rest of my life.

Feel like I'm in a last chance saloon - N.e one else here xx

BsshBossh Sun 05-Jan-14 15:21:45

Hope you all don't mind me gatecrashing your thread a bit. I just wanted to say that in February 2012 I was exactly where you all are: 5 ft 4, 42 years old, 15 stones. I knew I needed to lose weight for health reasons but I also knew that a) I couldn't exclude any foods (eg my favourite ice cream!) and b) I couldn't go too low calorie: both would have made me feel miserably deprived (food is my hobby and my entire family are foodies and love cooking) and I'd have fallen off the wagon.

With this in mind I worked out my TDEE (the amount of calories needed to maintain my 15 stones weight) then calculated my 10-15% reduction of that. I joined MyFitnessPal but refused to eat at its recommended 1200. My TDEE minus 10/15% gave me 1800-1900 cals a day to play with. Much more like it! I manually adjusted MyFitnessPal to that goal and ignored it when it kept telling me it would take me 5 weeks to lose 1 lb!!! By the end of 2012 I'd lost 3 stones on minimal exercise (just a bit of walking here and there). Still eating around 1800 cals and eating whatever I wanted (just less of it).

By the end of the 11 months I realised I didn't need to count calories any longer as I'd finally learned to "eyeball" normal, healthy portions. I was finally eating like a slim person, I guess.

In 2013 I shifted to 5:2 (eating 500 cals twice a week and average 2000 cals the rest of the time). I lost the final 3 stones. I finally have my appetite under control and physically cannot overeat too much as my tummy begins to hurt.

6 stones lost. My photos are in my profile (though my "after" shot is still BMI 24 and now I'm BMI 21 so I need to update the photo).

I hope my story can inspire you.

Good luck! And remember, it's all about patience and consistency. Keep chugging away and you'll get there!

Geckos48 Sun 05-Jan-14 15:23:50

I need to lose (whispers) 8 stone.

I am doing 4:3 and have cut out gluten.

Let's hope for the best!

MissVic101 Sun 05-Jan-14 16:47:56

Bosh - Thanks for the inspiration and encouragement. I really feel thats where I need to get too with my attitude to food if im going to stop this yoyoing. The naturally slim people I know eat pizza and cake, its not witchcraft that keeps them slim they just know when to stop. Sounds simple when written down, guess thats why I am on this thread, to keep it present in my mind. That link was interesting too. I reckon I have 2000 calories to play with and should still loose weigh. give me some idea of the scale of my over eating too. Not going to dwell, moving forward. So I'm just trying to make better choices not opting out entirely eg grilled chicken kebab and half portion of fries with loads of salad last night, scrambled eggs on toast this am chips and salad rather than a giant roast dinner this afternoon at the pub and my fella is cooking us a sheapards pie for tea tonight. All I have to do is not eat another few spoons every time I go back into the kitchen after dinner and I will be happy with today. Hope everyone else is having a good weekend?

MissVic101 Sun 05-Jan-14 16:49:29

and hello gecko and noodles grin grin

BsshBossh Sun 05-Jan-14 17:20:00

Glad to help MissVic. I still love crisps, ice cream, chocolate etc and eat them every week but as the months of losing weight and being mindful about what I ate crept by I found myself eating less of the snacky foods and much, much more of the healthy green and wholegrain foods. Today I don't snack in between meals at all except on special days/occasions and if I fancy crisps etc I tend to eat them as part of my main meal. It just all happened naturally - didn't have to force it. Give it time and it'll happen.

ikeaismylocal Sun 05-Jan-14 18:17:31

Bossh, what an inspiration you are!! Well done on your weight loss. Thank you for sharing and reminding me that it is possible. Did you say you were 42? You look 22 in the photos!

Hello gecko and noodles smile

Seven how terrifying sad I hope all is calm for you today.

I stupidly didn't eat much in the day, I had a weight watchers soup for lunch, missed breakfast as ds was up lots in the night so dp got up with him in the morning, had curry for dinner, but I have 16 points left, I am tempted to spend it on chocolate, but I know I shouldn't!

TheOnlySeven Sun 05-Jan-14 18:23:27

Wow bossh that's inspirational, well done. Also interesting to hear that you didn't do any groups, I'm starting SW next week but great to know if I don't get on with it there is hope without! You look great btw, so much healthier. My starting BMI was 36 too.

gecko no whispering here please. Your starting weight isn't important here, what matters is that you want to change it smile

TheOnlySeven Sun 05-Jan-14 18:24:57

And no you definitely don't look 42! unless I look really really old for 27

TalkinPeace Sun 05-Jan-14 18:27:46

Bssh is great - but she still has to post her latest inspiring pics wink I'm a lightweight - my max BMI was around 28
and I used WW for 9 weeks and never ever went back.

You are all doing great ladies, and supporting each oher to success is the way to go.

TheOnlySeven Sun 05-Jan-14 19:14:24

Why not talk?

TalkinPeace Sun 05-Jan-14 19:15:25

Because I worked out what I needed to do, saved my money, kept losing the weight and never put it (all) back on.

I'm also signing in ladies, me and DH are 5:2ing for a while and I have 8 stone to loseblush

Looking forward to starting our new lighter lives smile

ikeaismylocal Sun 05-Jan-14 19:34:33

I really love weight watchers! I lost 20 kgs on weight watchers, I stopped going to the actual meetings after a while but still followed the points system.

I like rules! smile

Noodles32 Sun 05-Jan-14 20:02:46

Hi all, Thanks for the welcome's xx

I to love Weight watchers, I no exactly were I am with the point system, Although they now have another plan called "simple start" which doesn't involve points or counting calories, So you can work between the two.

Also the fear of getting weighed helps me stay on track.
As I weigh in on a Friday I kind of relax a little over the weekend if need be.

One of my friends gave me a good tip...

Every time your just at home watching T.v an the ads come on get up an march on the spot just for the adverts.
A really good strong march, in one night she done over an hour of marching and it all adds up.

Yes, the kids think she's lost the plot but I'm willing to try anything xx

StickChildrenTwo Mon 06-Jan-14 12:18:26

How's everyone getting on? I have found this week has gone quite well really. Not really monitoring calories as such but definitely making smarter choices, smaller portions, not snacking in the evenings at all, drinking more water, cut out alcohol completely (this is not so much for weight loss but more just because I want to feel healthy but if I decide to have a drink over the weekend I shall allow myself to have 2 alcoholic beverages a night for 2 nights out the week. (This is a massive reduction from my Christmas drinking blush ) Anyway, I'll try this slightly relaxed approach and see what the scales say on Friday. If there's no change then I shall bump up the exercise restart on Weight Watchers!

Anyone still around?

StickChildrenTwo Mon 06-Jan-14 12:19:07

Noodles I love the marching through the ads idea!

TheOnlySeven Mon 06-Jan-14 16:06:51

I'm here, not sure where everyone else is though confused

I had Chinese last night sad. No way of working it out but I did have 1000 calories left after lunch so hopefully not too awful. Starting slimming world tomorrow night.

StickChildrenTwo Mon 06-Jan-14 16:12:01

Please tell me we've all dropped off the wagon already?? Maybe a lot of people are busy back at work today?

I am hoping there'll be some more of us on here tonight.

Well after sitting on my lardy arse all morning, I did wrap the kids up and take them on a scooter ride (with me pushing DS2 in pushchair) . Only an hour of walking but it was a breath of fresh air and I do feel a little bit more motivated.

don't worry too much about the Chinese, we can't deprive ourselves too much haha!

ikeaismylocal Mon 06-Jan-14 17:33:47

I'm here wave

It seems to be going pretty well for me so far, I have been cooking meals from scratch and eating lots of veggies and fruit.

My milk still seems to be coming as it should which was my biggest worry, so I'm happy and ds is happy smile

We also went for a walk, we saw a lady walking her pet pig, my friend was so distracted she let ho of her pram and it rolled down the path towards the lake with her tiny baby in it! She was so shaken up poor thing ( disaster was overted and the pram caught before going in the lake) who knew walking was so dangerous!

MissVic101 Mon 06-Jan-14 20:28:29

Im here and still on the wagon. No snacking, leftovers frozen not munched, food wise not a bad day. Also signed up and psid for 8 weeks of yoga classes with the baby, its dead gentle but will get me moving. Shame the weather is so crap as I am feeling motivated to walk, not got a dcent coat that fits blush and refuse to buy one as I am adamant I am going to dig myself out from under this flab! Keep going ladies we can do this!

MissVic101 Mon 06-Jan-14 20:30:51

ps pig walking! Who knew?!

Noodles32 Mon 06-Jan-14 21:22:27

Hi all - how Fab that we're all still trying !

I wouldn't worry about the Chinese either as that's just 1 meal in a whole week. That will not ruin your hard work if the other meals you choose are healthy ones.

Lol - Walking a pig, there' s a guy who lives near me an he has 5 goats, he walks them all together an it's utter chaos!
I wouldn't mind if we lived somewhere rural but we don't - madness!

Well anyway I've been sticking to my points and marching away like I'm in a brass band, so hoping I have a good weigh in on Friday. Although I am missing wine an Nacho's slightly, flavoured water an melon balls are not nearly the same.

But hey ho, gonna keep at it. I wanna b sexy by summer Lol

Wishing you all the very best xx

TalkinPeace Mon 06-Jan-14 21:29:47

I just popped this onto another thread - but it applies to this one as well ....

The main thing is to motivate each other to keep going, and be there for each other to pick up the pieces after a crap day.

The 5:2 threads vary between recipe swaps, child care woes, gym stories, taking the piss out of husbands (and wives as we have several men on those threads) but the main thing is that most people post once every couple of days

So if you feel you are slipping or need a rant or need somebody to tell you NOT to bury your head in the biscuit tin, MN is always awake, there is always a friendly ear
and if it goes really pear shaped, switch to private messages or get your post deleted after you've ranted

getting to a healthy weight this year will stand you in good stead for the rest of your life.
It matters. You matter.

TheOnlySeven Mon 06-Jan-14 22:37:22

Thanks talk smile

Thanks for your kind comments about the Chinese, it won't happen again. It was Saturday night laziness, it just need to plan in advance. I'm now on day 5 of not having wine, this is unheard other than when I've been pregnant. I'll have a glass or two of bubbly on Saturday, it'll be 10 years since me and DH got together, just keeping the wine for special occasions though. We're going to a fab 60's restaurant, it was the first restaurant we went to as a couple. Will need huge amounts of willpower as their portions are huge.

TheOnlySeven Mon 06-Jan-14 22:39:05

I'm amazed at people walking pigs and goats. DHs boss has a designer rare breed cat that they put a lead on and walk confused

ARealPickle Mon 06-Jan-14 22:40:43

I thought I was doing really well the first few days but yesterday was difficult and today spectacularly crap - massive binge.

So much for me is tied up with self esteem and all that that is far harder to "fix" isn't it?

TalkinPeace Mon 06-Jan-14 22:40:48

We're going to a fab 60's restaurant, it was the first restaurant we went to as a couple. Will need huge amounts of willpower as their portions are huge
Here's a classic thin person trick for you .....

Instead of a main course, have two starters each as a main course ....
it turns every meal into a sort of tapas thing, but you get go share food (always fun with one's better half) and starters tend to be lower fat, lower carb but higher flavour.

Noodles32 Mon 06-Jan-14 23:13:45

Hey ARealPickle It happens, we have all fallen of the wagon at times.Pls don't beat urself up about it as you had started well.

Dieting - like so many other things,is all about willpower which starts in the mind, It takes a long time to change the habits that have lead you here.

Tomorrow is another day an can be better. Pls don't give up xx

Noodles32 Mon 06-Jan-14 23:18:55


Oh gosh, walking pigs, goats and now cats !

I hate seeing the man walk his goats (I'm sure he is a very nice man) but my daughter (who's 6) is very annoyed that he can have 5 goats an yet me +her dad still won't let her have a rabbit Lol xx

TheOnlySeven Mon 06-Jan-14 23:30:56

No absolutely don't give up. We all have bad days, you certainly haven't failed. Call it a mistake, put it behind you and carry on smile

TheOnlySeven Mon 06-Jan-14 23:32:53

I've bought a book called the Beck diet, it uses CBT to change the way you think and make you think like a thin person, apparently. I saw it recommended on here somewhere, only just started reading it though.

MissVic101 Tue 07-Jan-14 00:48:19

Aw pickle its tough, I know my eating habits are really affected by mood, boredom, worry, stress, insecurity. Dont get me wrong I dont like to think I would define myself as any of these emotions but maybe binging is how I keep them at bay? Guess we need ro find new coping stratergies? Im trting to make my new one posting here! Try not to get bogged down in it, its so easy to think well thats it ive fucked it and reach for the big bag of popcorn to follow up the giant bowl of pasta (to name just 2 of my over indugance specialities). Give yourself a break, take a breath and make a different choice next time. Chop some veg and make a big oan of guilt free veg soup, post on here, join noodles marching band, but dont beat yourself up. xx

ARealPickle Tue 07-Jan-14 00:53:12

Thanks for the support. Life is tricky at the moment for lots of reasons and I was hoping this was one area of my life I could try and change/ see results/control. Feel such a failuer already!

peanutbutterandbanana Tue 07-Jan-14 11:02:48

Just see this thread and I'm in. Need to lose 5 stone. Are we weighing in on Mondays?

2whippetsnobed Tue 07-Jan-14 14:45:52

Hi everyone - I'm still here. Have to admit yesterday was a bit of a wash out two kitkats and a pint of guiness as I ate too many snacks and not enough proper meals.

So today is much improved. I know I have to eat three meals a day and no snacks. I am also not going to drink alcohol just lots of tea or water. My third rule is to make sure I walk my dogs for at least an hour a day.

TiffanyAtBreakfast Tue 07-Jan-14 16:30:30

Can I sit my sizeable rear on the band wagon please? grin

I have lots to lose and am trying to ignore the scales until I feel like I can look at my weight without sobbing and running off to Sainsbury's to buy junk food.

DH has recorded my weight as of yesterday morning and will tell me next Monday whether I've lost or not! On day 2 at the moment and feeling a bit headachey and tired, but I know I've just got to get through these few days and I'll start to feel better.

Good luck everyone!

TalkinPeace Tue 07-Jan-14 17:24:38

(((( Arealpickle ))))
A useful mental trick to bring the binges under control - as pretending they never happened does not work.

Go onto MFP and log every single bite.

That way next time you think about doing it you can log in and look at last time and decide if you really want to.

The first stage of taking control is to understand what it is that you need to control.

You'll be fine wink

MissVic101 Tue 07-Jan-14 18:27:36

Hiya all, today has been less than brilliant, had a sensible breakfast and lunch but the afternoon descended into snacking on the final bag of goodies from mil homemade Christmas hamper and delicious crackers leftover from Christmas. Tempered slightly by a walk into town and back and did a good shop, loads of fresh veg and stuff for planned meals, no rubbish. Tonight jerk pork, corn on the cob and coleslaw made with low fat yog rather than vinegar and a chunky fresh salsa. So I think the munching was pretty much boredom related as I had been in the house all day with a shouty baby, just went on autopilot and munched, stupid, why sabotage myself? Anyway back on it. Sending wishes for will power to you all smile

ARealPickle Tue 07-Jan-14 20:17:10

Much better day .

feeling over whelmed with how long it's going to take and how bag it is..... but today was good! There is hope. Now to see if I can keep this up for at least a year. ..

goldie81 Tue 07-Jan-14 21:16:13

Wow! I think I really need to jump in here please! Put off weighing right up until sun as I knew the weight had piled on! Def need to loose at least 5stone! Just started mfp - think way forward as then you have to see what eaten!

Noodles32 Tue 07-Jan-14 21:23:26

Hi all, Welcome newbie's - come join the marching band Lol.

Even though some of us have struggled at times, I think just being aware of the fact that it's been a bad day is a positive. As what I now would consider a binge a few weeks ago would have been a normal eve.

I can eat fairly normally during the day, but hubby works nights an once the kids go to bed I can be out of control.
Every evening was a binge, plus cos I am alone it was easy to pretend it had never happened - until of course I got bigger an bigger.

I don't feel I have self esteem issues, its just that my life style has changed and I have become lazy an stuck in a cycle.
I'm home on my own a lot more now and just eat.

I dislike how I now look and feel uncomfortable in my own skin. My hubby is very supportive but just dosnt understand how my size can make me so unhappy an yet I do nothing (until now) to change the habits that have lead me here.

So just by being more aware of eating habits has to be a positive step to a healthier future.

So very sorry - rant over xx

TalkinPeace Tue 07-Jan-14 21:57:40

There is a chap on the 5:2 threads called BreadandWine who had the brilliant idea of a " The kitchen is closed " sign that he put on the door of his kitchen after supper. It worked. It stopped his evening snack habit (almost) completely.
There is something about actually having to walk past a sign that makes the breain bring itself under control.

Also do your level best not to buy snack foods at all : if you want them at the weekend, buy them on Friday afternoon
as then its much harder to eat mindlessly
and easier to start eating mindfully

ikeaismylocal Tue 07-Jan-14 22:14:04

Noodles what you said really made sense, just acknowledging what I eat is a big step forward!

Evenings are also my downfall, I eat because I'm bored, I had a big portion of veggie curry for dinner ( vegetables were 0 points so it was lots of food for not lots of points) but I still wanted to snack all evening! I had a mango which was also 0 points and 3 cups of herb tea.

I'm thinking of starting to do an evening trip to the gym, I am so tired by the end of the day all I seem to manage at the moment is sitting on the sofa watching the biggest looser.

Noodles32 Tue 07-Jan-14 22:55:40

Thanks Talkin peace I'll deff check him out.

Ikeaismylocal The evening's are the worst arnt they?
Sorry if I've missed your earlier thread but I'm guessing your on Weight watchers ?

As for the exercise I do actually enjoy it but without making excuses the weather puts you off going out in the evenings, you can hardly walk the pig,goats or cat when its chucking it down. I'm going to stick to the marching an maybe a exercise d.v.d till it warms up a bit.

I'm sure I've got a d.v.d lurking in the back of the cupboard sum were, I might have to dust it off tomorrow.

Thanks all, I find this thread so helpful xx

MissVic101 Wed 08-Jan-14 08:03:00

Morning all, thought I would check in early and try abd set myself up for the day leaving yesterday's snack fest behind. Have a busier day today with baby massage in the morning and then visiting a friend, she is on the wagon also so will ve all brews and no biscuits if you see what I mean! Have stuff for a stew tonight and going to do it with mash and cabbage, the evening meals I am making are not particularly diety but im trying to use some sw principles like having at least a third of the plate fresh green veg and removing visible fat from meat. Also keeping in check in the day should give me a bitmore leeway in the evening which I think many of us are identifying as a danger zone. But as Noodles points out what counts as a binge yesterday would have been standard behaviour a week ago, so definate improvement smile now to psych myself up to qalk to baby massage!

MissVic101 Wed 08-Jan-14 08:08:29

Oh and seven hows it going with the Beck book? I had a look after you mentioned it and ordered it myself as it sounds up my street, mindful eating as talking would put it. BTW I cant for the life of me figure out how to make peoples names appear in bold, im using my phone, any pointers?

2whippetsnobed Wed 08-Jan-14 09:26:24

Aaaarrrgh! Had a sneaky weigh in this morning and I am two pounds heavier!!!! Aaaarrrgh.
But it so hard not take this as a big knock. Need to keep trying.

I can't remember who posted about logging everything on mfp when on a binge. Now I have never been brave enough to do that but I think I need to man up and log every bite instead of thinking it will be okay.

TalkinPeace Wed 08-Jan-14 11:53:01

Two pounds as a percentage is trivial.
Its one of the great myths of the weight loss industry that you will lose weight steadily and then maintain.

I "maintain" - that means that my weight fluctuates by up to 3lb either way during the week and I weigh myself once a week.
"Maintain" does not mean stay the same.

Also, unless you weigh yourself at the same time relative to bowel movements and wees and sleep your weight WILL change by anything up to 5lb - without the fat cells increasing in number.

Also, try to think about Non Scale Victories
- doing up a skirt that was too tight
- running up the stairs not walking
- a compliment from a stranger
because weight and size and leanness and health are linked but not very tightly.

Hang on in there. You'll succeed.

ikeaismylocal Wed 08-Jan-14 11:58:11

Also weight can fluctuate depending on menstrual cycle.

I weigh myself every morning blush and I have gone up and down 1.5 kg all week.

StickChildrenTwo Wed 08-Jan-14 13:36:48

Hiya all, how's everyone?

I am still puzzling over people walking pigs and goats?!

Anyway, not going too bad so far here but I've just seen Paul McKenna on Loose Women saying that 90% of diets fail and 70% end up bigger than they were before they started the diet. Figures like that have made me feel a bit deflated. I feel like I have so far to go. I don't want to feel hungry forever! I'm not starving myself in any way but I feel so hungry because I am so used to eating CONSTANTLY. Definitely some emotional eating going on with me. Food has always been the thing I turn to when I'm bored or fed up, celebrating, commiserating, you name it, I turn to food. Such a hard habit to override.

On Friday I weighed 16 stone 1. I am aiming to be under 16 stone this Friday. I need to shift this flab now.

tombakerscarf Wed 08-Jan-14 14:14:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TheOnlySeven Wed 08-Jan-14 14:19:43

Well I'm signing off the thread. Found out yesterday I'm expecting DC4 in September. I'm still doing slimming world to make sure I only have a healthy weight gain, and still expect to lose for the first few weeks. I wish you all the best of luck with what you need to lose, but it doesn't look like I'll be loosing 5 stone this year.

TalkinPeace Wed 08-Jan-14 15:13:15

Congrats theonlyseven

Actually there is nothing at all to stop you slimming while pregnant.
And certainly nothing to stop you toning.
If you try to eat healthily, the real you will lose lots of weight so that when you have the one night weight loss event you'll be a ready made skinnymalink.
There are ladies at my gym who keep exercising and eating healthily right up to ... and start again straight after.
When I had DS I was back in pre pregnancy jeans after 4 days - because I'd carried on pilates until I was overdue.

Stay with us and see how long you can keep your weight the same while the baby grows smile

MissVic101 Wed 08-Jan-14 15:13:19

Congratulations grin grin grin grin grin

TalkinPeace Wed 08-Jan-14 15:14:54

I know its aimed at older people but there are lots and lots of seated workouts on Youtube - and upper body stuff and pilates - a lot of which is done lying down.
THe baked bean tin routines are easy to pick up and will help boost your system as you shrink.

ikeaismylocal Wed 08-Jan-14 17:56:49

Awwww, congratulations theonlyseven!

Hi tombakerscaf Happy birthday, see you tuesday smile

stickchildren I have that problem too, I am not hungry, I am just used to wondering to the fridge and snacking all the time.

I just found out that 3 slices of ham is only 1 ww point, this has made me a happy person!

Is it weigh in tomorrow?

TalkinPeace Wed 08-Jan-14 18:02:21

I just found out that 3 slices of ham is only 1 ww point
That very, very much depends on the ham.

If I remember right, the maintenance WW weight loss points when I did it was 18 a day - 1800 calories ie 100 calories a point

weigh the ham and check it on the MFP list and see how many calories it actually is ....

sorry to be a killjoy but Sainsburys deli counter is often 150 a slice ...

ikeaismylocal Wed 08-Jan-14 18:20:19

It is actually pro points which we are following, that is more like 50 calories a point. I can have something ridiculous like 39 points a day (more because i'm breast feeding) but I aim to stick to 29 points.

the ham was 110 calories for 100g, the pack was 120 grams with 8 bits of ham in so 135ish calories divided by 8 x 3 is around 50 calories so I think it is right.

Very tasty too! smile

TalkinPeace Wed 08-Jan-14 18:23:02

in that case enjoy, enjoy, enjoy
shows how long ago I did WW - pro points was invented long after I stopped darkening their door
the fact that I can still remember parts of the points book 12 years later shows
a) it works
b) I'm a sad numbers muppet smile

ikeaismylocal Wed 08-Jan-14 18:24:49

It really does seem to stick! A small Ikea meatballs meal is 9 points, I think that everytime we go there, even when I am not doing ww!

Noodles32 Wed 08-Jan-14 20:35:34

Congratulations 'The only seven

What wonderful New year news xx

How is everyone else doing today ?

Noodles32 Wed 08-Jan-14 20:38:47

P.s ikeaismylocal I think you should be on approximately 34 points, check out your other thread as I've put a site where you can check xx

ikeaismylocal Wed 08-Jan-14 20:51:48

Oh thank you noodles smile I forgot I posted that!

I thought 35 too, but I seem to be doing ok on 29, I eat tons of 0 point fruit and veg, I think I might take too much advantage of those! So maybe I fill up enough on those smile

I think I will reconsider my points if and when I start to feel hungry smile

Noodles32 Wed 08-Jan-14 21:02:04

Well as I said I think its 34 but not sure what they would add on as your breastfeeding, if your content on 29 then that's fine as there's no point eating for the sake of using up points.

But if you change your mind and want to know exactly then I can ask my W.W leader when I go on Fri smile

ikeaismylocal Wed 08-Jan-14 21:05:35

Thats really kind, thanks noodle! smile

StickChildrenTwo Thu 09-Jan-14 14:40:22

Wow congratulations TheOnlySeven smile

Well things not going too badly here. Seem to be feeling hungry a lot but managed to stick to healthy snacks. Think it's just going to take time getting used to it.

6 days with no alcohol. Don't think I've gone this long without a glass of wine since I was breastfeeding DS2 blush . May have a couple of glasses tomorrow night depending on how the weigh in tomorrow goes!

ikeaismylocal Thu 09-Jan-14 15:26:12

I weighed myself today, I have lost 3kg, I know it's just the first week luck, and I hope I loose next week too!

I went to an all you can eat Chinese buffet today and had a cup of coffee(no food) previously it had been my absolute favorite place to get lunch when I met friends in town. I had a portion of vegi curry at playgrounp instead.

Geckos48 Thu 09-Jan-14 15:26:15

I'm on the third of my fasts now.

Have eaten nothing today and am just having a cup of tea to tide me over until I eat dinner around 6ish.

Banffy Thu 09-Jan-14 15:26:48

Hi all, hope you don't mind if I join in? smile

I lost 2 stone over a few months last year, thanks to another thread on here, but I totally fell off the wagon, put most of it back on and I've also just got back from an all inclusive holiday yesterday, so with Christmas etc, I'm so ready to start eating better again.

I have lots of reasons to lose weight- health, I have PCOS and want more than anything to get rid of it if possible. I am going on holiday next year with lots of family- I don't want to wear a bikini in front of any of them as I am now. I could go on with the reasons.

I will be using my fitness pal again, going to the gym (I can't remember the last time I went blush) and 3 km walks in the mornings. This is what I did last time to lose weight.

I won't be starting until I can go food shopping, which I think will be Saturday.

ikeaismylocal Thu 09-Jan-14 15:27:23

Well done gekos! How are you feeling? Is the fasting hard?

Banffy Thu 09-Jan-14 15:28:05

I forgot to say that I have at least 6 stone to lose, I'll weigh myself when I start.

Geckos48 Thu 09-Jan-14 16:01:12

fasting is not that hard, the first day was pretty tough but you just get used to being a bit hungry.

I am doing 4;3 but if it gets too hard I will take it back to 5;2

ikeaismylocal Thu 09-Jan-14 16:07:09

Hi banffy smile I also have pcos, I found that loosing weight really shortened my cycles, now I'm having 33/34+ day cycles whereas when I'm 20 kg lighter I have 27/28 day cycles. Did you notice much of a change when you lost weight last year? smile

ikeaismylocal Thu 09-Jan-14 16:08:21

Sounds like you doing fab gecko! I love the idea of the 5:2/4:3 diet!

Banffy Thu 09-Jan-14 16:11:43

Hi ikea smile I have no periods at all (I had one at 13 then a few years later after being diagnosed at 15 I started taking the pill and had some but stopped taking it a few years ago). I had one period after I'd lost the 2 stone. I was so happy so I am now gutted I put weight back on, I'm desperate to ttc. Fingers crossed I will lose enough to start them again.

Geckos48 Thu 09-Jan-14 16:12:47

Its so much easier than trying to monitor everything all the time.

yesterday I had

granola with an activia yogurt
a large latte with caramel syrup
some homemade pizza
and a tesco mousse

and thats fine because today I am on 500kcal

it also means that all the stuff I am thinking mmmmmm I could eat that' I can just eat tomorrow!

ikeaismylocal Thu 09-Jan-14 16:16:51

It's great that you know they restarted when you lost weight, what a fantastic incentive to stick to a diet!

It took a long time to get pregnant with ds, I lost weight and it happened ( the month before ivf was due tI start)

I put all tge weight back on again, so I have ttc #2 In theback of my mind smile

Banffy Thu 09-Jan-14 17:58:32

Yes, it's a great incentive.

That's brilliant that you got pregnant after losing weight and without ivf! smile

We can keep each other going towards our mutual goal smile

MissVic101 Thu 09-Jan-14 20:12:42

hiya all, its great hearing all you good news, im still on track too, again not doing anything to extreme just sticking to three proper meals a day and eating mindfully. I am starving right now, just putting little one to bed and dinner smell is wafting up the stairs, chicken and roasted veg mmmmm! Tomorrow will be a test though taking a friend to a fancy cake shop to order her partner a birthday cake - give me strength!

TalkinPeace Thu 09-Jan-14 20:13:58

STRENGTH (just for MissVic)

Noodles32 Fri 10-Jan-14 13:08:51

Hi Slimmers,

Well went to Fat club this morning (W.W) an had a loss of
4 Pound. OK I no it's not a massive amount but I am over the moon !!!

I haven't starved or really exercised, other than marching.
So am so so happy grin

It has completely motivated me for this week, deff gonna step up on the exercise.

So hope you are all having a good day xxx

StickChildrenTwo Fri 10-Jan-14 14:01:04

Woohoo! Well done Noodles . Glad to hear so many people are still on track.

Well it's Friday (weigh day!) I started at 16 stone 1 Lbs, I am now 15 stone 11 Lbs so that's 4 pounds off here too!

Really happy. Looking forward to seeing but most importantly FEELING those changes over the next few months.

Banffy Fri 10-Jan-14 14:50:31

Brilliant losses! Well done Noodles and Stick smile

I got the second Hairy Dieters book for Christmas (already have the first one) and I've just gone through it and planned my meals for next week. I'm excited! Going to go food shopping tomorrow so can start soon smile

MissVic101 Fri 10-Jan-14 15:53:53

well done loosers and planners! bought sone digi scales today so going to weigh in tomorrow morning and will see what's what. Reading the Beck diet book and finding it really useful, suggests having targets of loosing 5lb at a time to avoid that insurmountable feeling, sounds good to me. xx

Noodles32 Fri 10-Jan-14 16:13:21

Woohoo to you also Stick Its amazing how such a small amount has made such a difference to how you can feel.

I will be sexy by summer - Lol grin

Every week my friend text's me a weight loss mantra that her Weight Watcher leader shares with them (she attends a different meeting to me)
Its only meant as fun, So thought I'd share them here.

"Nothing taste as good as Slim feel's"

Pls don't all groan, it's just a bit of fun. If I don't get to many complaints I'll put up next week's, hopefully there get better !

ikeaismylocal Fri 10-Jan-14 18:04:12

Such great losses all round, well done!

I am using some of my weekly points this evening, twister ice creams are only one point! It's snowing outside, but never too cold for low calorie ice cream ;)

DisappointedHorse Fri 10-Jan-14 20:30:16

I just wanted to wish you all luck. I lost 77lbs with WW, reached goal in 2008 and have never regained it. Well, I've regained a bit but a few weeks of points sorts it back out.

I think the method you choose is far less important than finding one that works for you. It gets easier the longer you keep it up too, it just becomes habit.

Well done for taking control.

moldingsunbeams Fri 10-Jan-14 20:35:10

Yep was slim until emergency hysterectomy piles of weight put on, gone from a size 8 to a 16 sad also an emotional eater.

MissVic101 Sat 11-Jan-14 11:21:14

mmm, mini twister ice cream 2 syns on sw, mini feast arnt bad either at 5 syns I think. No bacon butties for me this am, stuck to my fruit and fiber, gonna have to get out of the house before hungover other half drags himself out of bed and starts craving grease. So weighed in this morning with my new scales and its much as I thought. Got a long way to go but the book im reading, the brck diet suggests setting goals 5 lb at a time, seems more manageable, might it be to much to hope for 5 lb in a week? Probably but we can try grin

fudgesmummy Sat 11-Jan-14 13:38:04

Hallo everyone,

I would like to join in with you all please.

I am desperate to loose weight.

Up to about 10 years ago I had dieted on and off since I was about 13 (I'm now 47) I lost and then put back on a couple of stone after each of my 2 pregnancies, and then again a few years later, with a bit more in interest!

10 years ago weighing 17.5 stone I lost 3 stone in 6 months and felt comfortable (ish) with how I looked for the first time in years, then had a serious fall braking my ankle resulting in having to have it pinned and 8 weeks in plaster. Over the next year I put the weight back on plus a lot more.

Over the last 10 years I have had many occasions when I've wished I had lost weight so I didn't feel so disgusted and ashamed with my self when I look at the photos-my children's confirmations, 18th's, 21st's birthdays and their graduations from uni and family weddings.

My ds is getting married next year-my future daughter in law, her 2 sisters and her mum are all under 5ft and weigh less than 9 stone.

I am 5ft 2 ins tall and weigh 19 stone. shock

The thought of what I will look like in the photos has taken away the delight I felt when they announced their engagement just before Christmas. I truly hate my self right now. sad

I work from home as a childminder and my main problems are portion control and habit. (And the fact that I love food!!)

My dh lost 3 stone in 4 months last year (he is bi-polar and very obsessional about every thing he does) doing pro points with the weight-watchers app so I am going to try this.

I battle with depression and low self-esteem and find being hungry makes me feel worse so I'm not looking forward to the next few months. I hope I will be able to encourage and support you all as well as getting it back.

Noodles32 Sat 11-Jan-14 21:23:14

Welcome fudgesmummy just think the wedding is not until next year - you will have plenty of time to get to a weight were you feel happy, you have made the 1st step already.

I am currently on Weight watchers an honestly have not felt hungry, as I feel I eat more now than I did before but its just different things. Snacking was an still is a big problem for me.
I have always been overweight, I was always the fat kid - an was teased throughout school.

I tried lots of diets an they worked but I have trouble maintaining any weight I loose, I have ended up bigger and bigger. I have a young family and was determined to loose weight before my eldest started school full time, as I didn't want to be the 'fat' mum in the playground.

But I am just that !
I feel I have set myself up time an time again at goals that realistically I won't achieve.
So each time I feel like a failure, and you carn't help but let it get to you and making you feel down.

So I'm now changing my game plan, I don't have a goal weight or size, I'm aiming to loose approximately 5 stone's. Its sounds terrifying but I'm now trying for myself, without sounding selfish I'm not dieting for the kids, my partner or anyone else, this time its for me. This is the only thing I am doing just for myself.

I would like to be healthier and also for my own vanity. I want to look in the mirror and be happy with who I see.
I feel that is were true happiness is for me.

I hope we all get to a place were we are happy regardless of the scales xxx

Noodles32 Sat 11-Jan-14 21:48:40

Can anyone tell me if there is a best time of day to exercise?

Geckos48 Sat 11-Jan-14 23:06:12

I think general consensus is the morning... That's when I am busiest though so no way for me!

Banffy Mon 13-Jan-14 07:49:09

Morning all smile It's day one for me and I was pleasantly surprised when I weighed myself this morning. As I said before, I'd lost 2 stone last year. Well before Christmas, I went mad and ate whatever I wanted, when I wanted. I put on 8lb! Then we had Christmas and a week in an all inclusive hotel and I've just weighed in and I've lost 4lb of that 8lb I'd put on smile that's given me a great boost to go for it!

Hope everyone else is getting on ok smile

StickChildrenTwo Mon 13-Jan-14 12:49:43

Wow Banffy that's amazing. Keep going.

Not going too badly here. Went on an hour long powerwalk with DS2 in the the pushchair earlier which was nice. Weather was bright but cool so I didn't get too hot or cold so was great just having time to chat with DS and it got me looking forward to Summer! Hopefully by summer we'll all have new bodies.

Does anyone know roughly how much you have to lose before you start feeling and looking slimmer? I am hoping when I see changes it will keep me on track!

MiserableJanuaryJerseySpud Tue 14-Jan-14 16:02:20

I have about 6 stone to lose

TalkinPeace Tue 14-Jan-14 18:25:14

without wanting to sound depressing, you mighbe one of the people who just is big
fit big people can massively reduce their health risks so exercise is definitely worth it

best time of day?
depends on you
I like morning, some people like afternoon, some like the crack of dawn
you have to listen to your body and pick the time that lets you do the most

Noodles32 Tue 14-Jan-14 19:09:35

Thanks TalkinPeace

No offence taken, you are so right. As even at my lowest weight I was still a size 16 - but I felt great and my body was in fairly good shape but curvy.

I used to do a lot of exercise and dancing, but were I now have less time its all stopped, and I feel like a slob.

I have no energy an walking a flight of stairs kills me.
I have been really trying with the exercise an normally do it when kids are at school as it stops me wanting to snack in the eve, as I feel like I've ruined my hard work if I do.

But just wasn't sure if there was a best time of day,or before or after food. But I suppose as long as you do it, that's the main thing.

I've been really hungry today so that has made today difficult but I'm not doing to badly.

How is everyone else getting on? Also have you told family members your dieting or have you kept it to yourself?

Hope your all doing well xxx

RunRabbit Tue 14-Jan-14 19:12:36

Newbie here!

Just joined as I'm sick of being fat but too embarrassed to go to the gym or weight loss clubs sad

So I thought I'd turn to MN for support instead.

Noodles32 Tue 14-Jan-14 20:03:44

Welcome RunRabbit

More the merrier xxx

RunRabbit Wed 15-Jan-14 11:44:34

Thanks Noodles smile

Soooo I weighed myself this morning and I need to lose 6 st. sad

Think my body needs to get used to smaller portions. Just had some special K, 5 minutes later I'm starving!

MiserableJanuaryJerseySpud Wed 15-Jan-14 11:53:46

I'm new here too. Im 16st 10lb and looking to start slimming world but having to do it from home

TalkinPeace Wed 15-Jan-14 14:09:24

)))))Special K((((( in fact the same goes for all breakfast cereals - nasty sugary things that kick your appetite off at the start of the day.
If you can, skip breakfast, or at least try to have no sugar at the start of the day
2 scrambled eggs on a slice of ham is a really good option

RunRabbit Wed 15-Jan-14 14:24:10

TalkinPeace Oh dear, I thought Special K/certain cereals were good for you? sad

What about Weetabix?

Hi JerseySpud, I'm 16 st. too. I want to make it down to 10 st. What's your goal weight?

I didn't know you could do slimming world from home. I'm too embarrassed to go to the clubs. If you can do it from home I might look into it.

StickChildrenTwo Wed 15-Jan-14 14:37:10

I would avoid all cereal and go for something like yogurt and fruit or eggs/ omelettes etc. Something with more protein and no added sugars.

Well I joined slimming world last week. It's my first week of following it. Found it pretty easy really but it's not my weigh day til tomorrow so time will tell whether this week has been a success or not. Ideally I'd like to have lost 4lbs to have matched last week when I was just cutting down on my own. Any loss is good though, I must remember that!

How's everyone getting on?

RunRabbit Wed 15-Jan-14 14:46:04

No carbs, no cereals. At this rate I wont have anything to eat.

StickChildren Are there certain kind of yogurts I should eat/avoid, like low fat, Bio, etc.?

I've been tricked into thinking cereals are good, don't want the same to happen with yogurts wink

Banffy Wed 15-Jan-14 14:52:03

Thanks Stick. It's not been so great so far this week tbh! I've gone over my target of 1450 cals by about 100 a day, so not too bad but still not good enough for me.

I weighed in on monday at 16st 3. When I started last year I was 17st 9. I'm just glad I've not put it all back on. So I have about 6 stones to lose too.

For me, I need to exercise to feel good and give myself the motivation to eat healthier. So I'm going to start going back to the gym when I get chance from this weekend.

I hope everyone else is doing ok?

TalkinPeace Wed 15-Jan-14 14:56:53

simple rule of thumb
- anything labelled "low fat" will have added sugar to improve the flavour
- anything labelled "low sugar" will either have fat or sweeteners that confuse your insulin system
- look at the side of the packet and read the ingredients. If there are any things there that you do not know what they mean, put it back on the shelf

yogurt - simple, natural plain yogurt .... two big spoonfuls with fresh fruit or jam or honey stirred in is a yummy breakfast

carbs are lovely things BUT at the start of the day they make you more hungry - that is why the food industry push them as then they get to sell you more snacks

Michael Mosely did a really interesting programme about the types of food that make you hungry (long before all the 5:2 kicked off)
it is well worth watching right through

Noodles32 Wed 15-Jan-14 18:35:47

Hi all, hope you've all been having a good day.

I hate to go against the grain here, but I don't believe any food is a 'bad' food, its all about moderation.
If you only have a few pound or a stone or so to loose then I understand you can cut a lot of things from your diet as you will only be cutting them out for a short time, but when you have a lot of weight to loose like myself (I'm aiming for 5 stone) you carn't possibly cut everything out an expect to maintain that for years.

I am following Weight watchers, were you have a point system and you can eat whatever you want as long as you stay within your point allowance.
Therefore as you loose weight and your points are reduced you gradually make healthier choices.

I strongly recommend joining a group such as W.W or slimmers world as they both offer a online service were you will not have to attend meetings if you don't want to.
If I had been told No sugar, No carbs,ect on my 1st meeting I would of walked straight out. I eat Special K red berries or toast most mornings an still have a coffee an chocolate biscuits before bed.
Its all about making changes that I can maintain, OK it might take a little longer but for most of us on this thread it was never gonna be an over night thing anyway.

My skinny friends still have a meal out or a Mac Donalds or a chocolate bar, its not magic its all things in moderation.

To RunRabbit I would have the cereal if you enjoy it and if your hungry after fill up on fruit until lunch (most fruit an veg have a zero point value)
Its all about making changes that you can maintain. I knew loosing this weight was gonna be hard work but surly I don't have to be miserable also.

Good luck to all with whateva way they choose to do it xxx

fudgesmummy Thu 16-Jan-14 00:59:45

hi all, I am finding the weight watchers app really "usable" I can log what I'm eating as I go along and earn extra points for exercise, I have been swimming twice this week for the first time in years. I am very hungry all the time though but I think that's because I'm eating about half what I have been over the last few months.i hope I have lost something when I weigh myself on Saturday.i know I will be gutted if I haven't

TalkinPeace Thu 16-Jan-14 12:44:36

i hope I have lost something when I weigh myself on Saturday.i know I will be gutted if I haven't
please don't think that way ....
even if the scales do not move right away, you are setting up the patterns for longer term weight loss
its how the graph moves over a year not day to day or even week to week that matters
you do not want to gain, but staying the same while being more active is still a success

ikeaismylocal Thu 16-Jan-14 15:47:43

I'm sorry I havn't posted this week, I somehow lost my subscription to this thread.

I weighed in today.

Starting weight 103.5kg
Weight lost this week 1.1kg
( total weight loss 4.1kg)
Weight now 99.4kg

Noodles32 Thu 16-Jan-14 17:24:54

Well done Ikea What a great start smile

fudgesmummy Thu 16-Jan-14 19:46:41

I'm a very impatient person talkinpeace as you can probably tell grin

Well done ikea what a great start are you doing weight watchers or anything?

StickChildrenTwo Fri 17-Jan-14 12:39:25

Well I got weighed this morning. 15 stone 6 now so 5lbs loss this week! Don't really see a difference yet but that's 9lbs in 2 weeks. Happy with that. Just hope it continues. I am struggling to resist the left over Christmas choccys today...hmm.

Noodles32 Fri 17-Jan-14 14:04:15

Well done Stick

I got weighed this morning an have lost 2 pound, that's a total of 6 in 2weeks.
I'm not sure how I feel about today's weigh in, part of me is happy that 2 off is not 2 on,an that it all adds up, blah blah blah !!!

The other part is thinking 2! Bloody 2!
Is that it for all my hard work, confused

Anyway well done to all who have had a good week, gonna relax a bit tonight with a big wine an get marching in the morning. Happy Friday Slimmers xxx

RunRabbit Fri 17-Jan-14 23:11:18

Well done Noodles. Every pound counts towards your goal. Better off than on wink

I have yet to weigh myself so not much to report. I've decided to weigh myself once a week, which will be Wednesday next so I don't drive myself crazy everyday with the fluctuations.

I'm staying strong with my diet. I can't wait till my next grocery shop. I've been surfing a lot and looking up meal plans and healthier versions of what I have.

I'm really surprised so many cereals, even the ones that claim to be good for you like Weetabix have sugar in them. Are there any that don't?

Hope everyone has a good weekend smile

Dyrne Sat 18-Jan-14 18:43:41

Hi all, taking a deep breath and jumping on. I've known I've been overweight for years - have crept up 4 dress sizes in the last two years alone and I knew I was pretty podgy before that! I downloaded the myfitnesspal app months ago but was terrified of weighing myself so never even got past the first registration page!

I decided tonight that enough was enough. I was sitting on the sofa having just scoffed an entire 'share' (yeah, right) bag of buttons and feeling sick, and wondered why on earth I eat so much crap when it doesn't even make me feel good any more!

I've just weighed myself, and I'm even more overweight than I kidded myself - my BMI puts me firmly in the Obese category. In a way, this is good. I can stop making excuses and admit I need to lose weight. It's not about vanity any more, I'm putting my health at risk - I have a family history of diabetes and high blood pressure as it is. I've started getting heartburn and back pain and I need to stop this weight gain and get some control back. I've registered with myfitnesspal and put today's food in the diary and it's a bit of a shock to see it all laid out like that and how much those snacks add up! It's also made me really look at the 'recommended portion size and I've seen that I'm eating over twice the recommended amount!

Anyway, sorry for the long post. I've been a mumsnet lurker for ages now but tonight I've been motivated to sign up and start posting. My dp is very skinny and fit so although he'll support me it's not quite the same as he has impeccable self control with his portions and I think I'll need the support of people who have the same issues with food as me, in order to get through this. Does that make sense?

ikeaismylocal Sat 18-Jan-14 19:16:35

Hello dyrne smile Welcome!

Well done on the losses noodles and stick smile

Fudges mummy I am following weight watchers, although not going to the meetings as I went for a couple of years before I got pregnant and now I can't really justify the expense. Dp is dieting with me so we are keeping each other on track!

We have so far been eating what we usually eat but counting the points, tonight we had roast pork with roast potatos, wild mushroom sauce and green beans, We had lots of beans and a normal portion of posk and potatos, it still felt like a nice meal and it was only 9 points. I have been batch cooking so we have lots of "ready meals" in the freezer, I find the weight watchers ready meals too small, we tend to bulk out meals with vegies so you feel fuller.

fudgesmummy Sat 18-Jan-14 21:27:01

I went to the ww meetings years ago but this time I'm doing the on line app. I'm still getting used to the whole more veg and less meat and pots thing.....!!!! We don't eat any ready meals,all cooked from scratch.

I had my first weigh-in this morning and have lost 6lb-I know that more weight is lost in the first couple of weeks but it has given me a boost

Hope everyone else is doing ok x

TalkinPeace Sat 18-Jan-14 21:53:39

Well done on taking the first, and most important, step on the journey
the one that says you want to change for yourself, not anybody else.
Well done.
Yes, posting all of your food to MFP can be a bit scary at first but its essential to be utterly honest with yourself, because then changes you make will work.

Also remember that this journey will not go smoothly.
There wil be crap days
and days where the bastarding scales move in the wrong direction
but if you focus on the good bits and learn to feel good about them, they will accumulate.

One really important thing :
take a series of selfies tonight, in the tightest fitting clothes you have
and measure your waist, hips, bust, thighs, arms and neck

because only then will you really be able to prove in 6 months time how much you will have schieved

but you have already succeeded in taking the first step
and from now on .....*no snacking and drink more water*

RunRabbit Sat 18-Jan-14 22:03:26

Hi Dyrne. I've just started this week too. Taking the first step is the hardest. I need to lose 6 st. So hard to think how I let me self get to this stage. I'm on MFP you can add me if you like. My UN is RabbitingOn. There's also a MFP thread with other MN users you could add smile

You have to eat less meat with WW? I definitely wont do well with that. I'm too much of a carnivore grin

Well done on the weight loss Fudge!

I hope I'll be in the losers club when I have my first weigh in on Wednesday.

RunRabbit Sat 18-Jan-14 22:06:18

Oh I forgot to ask does any have creaky knees? And are there any foods/drinks/tablets that would help?

TalkinPeace Sat 18-Jan-14 22:24:21

put it this way, I can tell my weight to within half a pound by how much more my knees hurt .....
glucosamine will help
but getting tones and reducing the pressure will work wonders
another reason to be strong ....

Dyrne Sat 18-Jan-14 23:00:11

Thanks for the welcome guys smile

I'm with you, Rabbit - I don't think I could do WW as I'm definitely a steak-and-potatoes kind of girl! I've also been scared at the potential for a public weigh in! I know a lot of people find that very motivating though - I'd like to treat mumsnet as my 'public' weigh in to try and keep me on track! Ikea, it's great that your partner is motivated to do WW with you - it must be helping a lot!

Thank you for the kind words of motivation, TalkinPeace, I've followed your advice and taken some excruciatingly bad photos and measurements, but it has given me an odd sort of boost - I'm a science/maths geek and love the idea of being able to track my weight loss with hard data and evidence from the very start of my journey - I think I'll hold myself more accountable that way (There's no way these photos are seeing the light of day though any time soon!)

Am I right in reading correctly back through the thread that you follow 5:2? I've been doing a lot of reading on it and I think I could do well on it, but I think at the moment maybe I should concentrate on just managing normal sized portions and building up exercise - I think there's too much potential for me to just binge on my non-fasting days at the moment!

TalkinPeace Sat 18-Jan-14 23:11:26

I am indeed a 5:2 fan, because it has worked for me
I'm like Michael Mosely - I've never had an eating disorder and my max BMI was around 28

on the other hand having been kicking bottoms on the 5:2 threads for the last 18 months I've got a pretty good handle on the mental patterns that lead to people "falling off the wagon"

hence my presence on threads like this
I really, really want you all to succeed rather than give up by mid February - as most have done year after year after years

if you are a numbers geek, there are lots of little challenges you can set yourself wink

katykuns Sat 18-Jan-14 23:31:33

So happy to find a weight loss thread like this. I've been put off contributing to others as I feel like a human blimp compared to others trying to shift a couple of pounds. I need to lose 8 stone or so. Have been monitoring my weight since October, gained a fair bit over Xmas. I am using myfitnesspal and avoiding diets altogether.
I can relate to many posts on here, I am an emotional eater. Stressed, bored, upset... or just as a 'reward' for working hard.

Anyway, I have lost 5lbs over this last week, just by changing a few habits. My aim over the next month or two is to bulk my portions with vegetables, drink more water, and stop/limit snacks, alcohol, and takeaways.

One of the big motivators is like others here, I have creaky knees and prone to back pain. I am also ALWAYbS TIRED. I hate it. I just want energy.

I also think it will help my other mission... to save money!

Start weight: 22.2 st
Goal Weight: 12 st
Weight now: 21.8 st

TalkinPeace Sat 18-Jan-14 23:38:52

your result will be far, far better than mine

but when I lost 3 stone in 6 months with WW
on the day I "hit target" I loaded 3 stone of food tins into a rucksack and carried it for ten minutes
putting it down was the greatest relief / motivator ever

because you are going to put down a 100lb army rucksack over the coming months - quite a thing to aim for

Noodles32 Sat 18-Jan-14 23:46:43

Welcome to the thread katykuns & Dyrne & Good luck on your weight loss journey's xxx

RunRabbit Sun 19-Jan-14 00:07:58

Welcome katy. I know what you mean about thinking negatively when comparing yourself with others.

I always try to avoid the running threads, everyone on there is so fit and fab. Whereas I cannot run to save my life and look a little like Phoebe from Friends when I do. Ha!

Peace I've heard of that. Is there a form which is better than the rest, like tablets, liquid etc.?

I know it'll take the strain off my knees when I lose weight. But it's so disturbing when they creak when I'm trying to do squats. I'm worried they're going to give out.

Also, anyone have a favourite dark chocolate?

I'm not a big fan of it but I'm hoping the odd square will help take the edge of my chocolate/junk cravings.

I know the healthy ones are 85%+ Cacao and some aren't so great because they are processed with Alkali like Lindt.

FannyFifer Sun 19-Jan-14 00:11:26

Bloody hell, a weight loss thread I can join.
I'm fat & greedy but I've finally reached the point where I will not spend another year fat.
I need to lose around 6 stone.

ikeaismylocal Sun 19-Jan-14 09:21:41

Welcome fanny and Katy smile

Well done on loosing 6 pounds fudgesmummy, what a fab start!!

I find when following weight watchers I eat more meat than usual, chicken ( without skin is pretty low in points, as is ham. We have also eaten salmon and pork this week, I tend to cut my potatoes up small so I still feel like I have 4-5 potatoes when actually I have 1.5 potatoes cut into little bits. The thing I'm avoiding almost completely is bread.

Off out for a walk in the snow now, ds is enjoying our more active lifestyle smile

Dyrne Sun 19-Jan-14 10:03:25

Sounds like I need to do a bit more reasearch, Peace, I'll do some reading about BMIs etc in relation to the 5:2. I love the idea of comparing dragging all this extra weight around as a heavy backpack I will eventually be able to put down!

Katy, Fanny , great to see people starting at the same time as me! Thanks for the welcome, Noodle .

I completely relate to feeling inadequate with others who have less to lose - at lot of my friends are on fitness kicks (my own DP happily cycles 70 miles at a time!) but in a way that makes it harder as they're already so motivated and fit and I feel even more fat and blobby as a result!

Rabbit It's so frustrating now we've got this motivation to lose weight our own bodies are holding us back on exercising too much! I've got creaky knees as well - I've listened through to a C25K podcast and I'm looking forward to trying it but I think I need to lose a few pounds before I try so my knees aren't crying! I'm going to start with a few gentle cycle rides (<10 miles) as it seems to be less impact on my joints (doesn't half make my bum sore though!)

Interesting how different people seem to use Weight Watchers, Ikea , it's good that its so flexible and open to interpretation - that must be how it works so well! I'm just not sure I can justify paying for meetings/books etc at the moment - I'm terrified it'll end up like last year's gym membership where I was too embarrassed to go and wasted a ridiculous amount of money.

I'm going away for work today and am nervous - this has been where I fall over in the past with eating healthily. When I'm away working it's non stop and rarely time for proper meals so I just eat rubbish all the time, trying to justify it as I'm keeping active... Unfortunately this seems to spill over into when I'm back in the office and sitting at my desk all day. I've made a game plan though and am going to buy lots of fruit instead of snacks - there's not much I can do about making time for proper sit down meals but I'm determined to stop making excuses - grapes are just as easy to grab on the go as chocolate!

katykuns Sun 19-Jan-14 11:22:50

Thanks so much for the warm welcomesmile

Have planned my meals for the day on the MFP app, which should set me in good stead. Also planning an early night to avoid snack binging and ruining my hard work! I can literally eat like a Saint all day, then come 7pm I am shoving everything in my mouth!

TalkinPeace you are so lovely, its great to see someone just wanting to provide support to others smile

If anyone on MFP wants to add me, I'm katykuns smile

UnderThePink Sun 19-Jan-14 11:26:29

Hi everyone smile

Hope I'm not too late to join! You all seem to be doing brilliantly - a lovely supportive environment.

I'm 5'11" and currently 16st 11lb - started low calorie (1400 per day) about 3 weeks ago and have lost 9lb so very happy.

Tried 5:2 for 6 months last year and lost zilch (tho maintained my weight over this period which I was happy about as under lots of stress at work) so switching to low calorie which has been great in the past.

Technically need to lose about 4-5 stone to be in normal BMI range but tbh last time I was a normal BMI my periods stopped and I got a bit furry so I'd be happy to lose about 3stone, seems to be healthier for me (plus I'm a nurse and feel BMI all a bit outdated and inaccurate) Partner and I considering trying for our first baby in couple of years (I'm 29) and want to be a better weight before that!

Good luck everyone smile

TalkinPeace Sun 19-Jan-14 13:07:06

fruit can clock up the calories because of the sugars.
One of the very best things if you are habituated to munching is to peel and chop into big chunks a carrot or two
then if you need to munch, the carrotis stuff all calories, lots of good nutrients and even at full blast it takes around 20 minutes to chew a whole carrot ...
(one of my tricks for fasting days when I'm at a client who will get twitchy if they do not see me eating lunch grin

BMI is still a really good measure, don't knock it. Even the amended versions are only moving the boundaries by 5% - downwards.

The killer stat is that your waist should be less than half your height as that measures for visceral fat - the most dangerous.

Its sunny. Go out and get some Vitamin D - that will help with depression / feeling hacked off
smile TiP

UnderThePink Sun 19-Jan-14 13:19:27

Thanks TalkinPeace smile

I agree that BMI is a pretty good indicator, just maybe not everything smile Really interested about the waist/height ratio and visceral fat...I'm off to get a tape measure.

It's a beautiful day here too - enjoy!

katykuns Mon 20-Jan-14 22:43:24

How's everyone doing? Keeping up with a couple of you on MFP app... its nice to have some company on there smile

Had a pretty fat laden day with unhealthy food, but staying positive! I will try again tomorrow!
Anyone got any recommendations for exercise dvds? I had a wii fit years ago which was great for getting active, but sold it when it was gathering dust... kinda want something to distract and guide me.

Hope you are all well smile

katykuns Mon 20-Jan-14 22:45:11

Also, welcome UnderThePink smile

Banffy Tue 21-Jan-14 08:43:20

Welcome new people smile

Well done on all the fabulous losses.

Last week was a total fail, my heart just wasn't in it and I put on weight sad

I decided enough is enough yesterday. I went to the gym for the first time since September blush and I didn't go over my calorie allowance. Day one (always the hardest for me) is done smile

I'm on MFP too if anyone wants to add me pm me. I have a few people already on from last summer.

Noodles32 Thu 23-Jan-14 00:16:36

Hi all, hope things have been going well for you all.

I have had a completely shit week sad I had a good weekend but on Monday I fell off the wagon.

I saw some chocolate in the fridge that hubby had left in there for later, an ate the whole bloody thing - all of it!

An instead of making up for it Tuesday, I didn't and still haven't !

I do this every time, have a good week or so an then sabotage my hard work, I'm ment to be weighing in on Friday - I really want to stick to my diet an feel so much better when I do. Im stuck in this cycle.

I'm soooo angry & frustrated with myself, I've let myself down. I have to get things back on track tomorrow.

I no exactly what I need to do, but I don't maintain anything long enough to make a significant change.

So sorry to be so depressing, I feel under so much pressure to loose weight.
I can't say anything to anyone in RL, they just don't get it sad xxx

RunRabbit Thu 23-Jan-14 00:39:56

Oh Noodles I know what's it's like to fall off the wagon. It's so discouraging.

Don't think of making it up and don't dwell on the bad day. Draw a line under it and mark tomorrow as a new day.

One chocolate bar doesn't undo all your hard work. It was just one bar and one day.

Look ahead to all the days coming up when you will stick to your diet plan. You will get to your goal. And that bar and that day will be insignificant x smile

MissVic101 Thu 23-Jan-14 23:08:01

Hello there. I am back with my tail between my chubby thighs. it was all going so well and then husband bought pizza for tea one Saturday and the digi scsles I bought were faulty and had to go back and excuses, excuses, excuses. Anyway all hell broke loose. Stopped reading and posting here. Stopped reading the beck diet (which I think is really going to help in the long term btw). Binged a bit. Felt really guilty. The whole cycle it seems we are all pretty familiar with. Crazy isn't it?! Anyway Im back if you will have me smile I have read back and sounds like there has been some great progress and honestly reading about other peoples wobbles makes me think im not alone. We are in this together. I really like the idea of next year being able to pick up the weight I have lost in a rucksack carry it up a hill and just leave it there. Ive been carrying it for so long. Its only going to get heavier if I don't do something.
So plan as before 3 healthy meals no snacking. increase my activity levels. Also on mfp as missvic101 if anyone wants to add me.
Good luck one and all, keeping my (double) chin up and heading bravely into tomorrow grin

katykuns Fri 24-Jan-14 01:03:23

Noodles I am feeling the same as you. I had a good day today and then binged on a mountain of crisps. Hang in there, we will have another good week!
I gained 1lb this week :/

BsshBossh Fri 24-Jan-14 12:03:34

Those of you binging please don't see it all as failing. When I was calorie counting I regularly had 3000 calorie Saturdays and/or Sundays (not really due to binging per se, just that we eat out a lot on weekends). I simply adjusted my calories during the working week. Nowadays I intentionally undereat during the week so I can enjoy my weekends. Take the weekly view and adjust accordingly; that way you will not fail.

[Those that don't know me, I lurk, and have posted upthread about my story; 6 stones gone and now 0.8 lbs away from goal].

FannyFifer Fri 24-Jan-14 13:01:34

I'm doing good. 6lb down in 11 days.
I will not be fat for another year. grin

TalkinPeace Fri 24-Jan-14 13:11:10

Good to see people coming back and trying again.
Never give up
The wagon will wait for you

BsshBossh's profile pictures will show you why its worth the effort.

Tomorrow is another day
and even if you only manage to control your eating for a few days a week, it will have a positive effect.

Eyes on the prize.
What do you want to do when you are leaner?
One lady on another thread plans to windsurf.
What will you do when you succeed?

BsshBossh Fri 24-Jan-14 13:32:02

Thanks TiP blush.

Dyrne Fri 24-Jan-14 19:14:34

Looks like a couple of us have had bad weeks, makes me feel a little less shitty for going over my calories twice this week! Monday I ended up working an insane day, and 15 hours in I caved and scoffed 2 mars bars and a packet of crisps sad Then yesterday I had a works do, first time I've actually totted up the calories of a night out drinking, and it was shocking this morning putting it all into MFP and realising I'd consumed 800 calories on booze alone! I was really proud of myself for turning down (free!) dessert as well... :/

I've jumped straight back on it today and resisted the temptation to scoff on pasta and bacon (my usual hangover cure); and I've kept under my calorie allowance for today. Baby steps, but I'm not holding out much hope for weigh day tomorrow!

Well done Fanny for losing 6lbs! And thanks for the snacking advice, TiP, I think I may need to change tactics for when I'm working away - I work on boats so they're not great for preparing food, might need to start pre-preparing stuff to bring with me?

MissVic101 Fri 24-Jan-14 20:11:49

Good work resisting hangover food. Always does for me. As if the booze wasn't bad enough it makes you crave carbs and grease. Cruel and unusual punishment I say.

FannyFifer Fri 24-Jan-14 20:30:07

I want to do a parachute jump toward the end of the summer. grin

I have cut down big style on food, no snacking at all.

Porridge fir breakfast with skimmed milk, homemade soup for lunch & fish /chicken with salad for dinner.

I'm a night owl so have supper later which is a wholemeal crackerbread with lightest Philadelphia on it.

Aiming to do Cambridge in a month or so.

FannyFifer Fri 24-Jan-14 20:33:23

No idea if I'm going about it correctly but tried and failed with weight watchers before.

Really struggle with numbers so anything involving points, counting things etc just stresses me out.

Lost 3 stone on Cambridge a few years ago, but then pregnancy ruined all my hard work.

MissVic101 Sat 25-Jan-14 19:03:07

Hiya Fanny, if you can't be bothered with numbers have you looked at slimming world? Once you get your head round it then weighing and measuring is minimal really coz the bulk of what you eat is unlimited, fruit and veg, lean meat or quorn, pasta rice and cous cous, very low fat dairy products like cottage cheese or muller light all only limited by your appetite. I found it good coz there is always something you can eat.

Question for the mfp users out there. Anyone reckon they dramatically overestimate the calories burned through exercise? it reckons I have burned 600 cals pushing the buggy for 2hrs and 300 for a yoga class. Also I have added breastfeeding as an exercise. Do you reckon ebf a 15 week old 400 cals is about right? im not planning to eat all these cals back but I am liking keeping track. Good weekend for me so far. Hope your all on track. Still reading the beck diet day by day and the thing today was to make a commitment to only eat sitting down - this may change my life! it has stopped me snacking twice today smile

katykuns Sat 25-Jan-14 23:32:11

MissVic - I thought it overestimated rhe calories lost... losing 250 cals on heavy cleaning seemed unlikely to me...

I am struggling a bit after gaining 1lb... I don't know why. On a night shift tonight and feeling unhappy, which is just making me want to eat. I am putting today down as a mistake and I will do better tomorrow. I deliberately avoided buying crisps in this week's shop, so that's a good start smile I practically inhale a multipack!

Hunnyangel80 Sat 25-Jan-14 23:35:57

Me too sad

Hunnyangel80 Sat 25-Jan-14 23:38:35

Sorry just read beggining I have about 5stone to loose too sad can I join u plz

TalkinPeace Sat 25-Jan-14 23:44:48

for Fanny and all those who hate numbers

the basic rules of weight loss eating ....
- no snacking, ever, for the rest of your life you will only chew two or three times a day
- no "diet" foods ; much less of the old fashioned products are better for you
- if you think you are hungry, you are probably thirsty first so drink a pint of water befire eating anything
- breakfast is for the food industry, not you : if you can, hold off eating till as late in the day as possible

and as for measuring success ...
tie a ribbon round your waist.
it will tell you all you really need to know

Banffy Mon 27-Jan-14 09:13:51

Morning all.

Sorry to read lots of you are struggling. Draw a line under it and start again. You can do it smile

After a rubbish week last week where I gained, I weighed in this morning and have lost 4lb. Really happy with that as I usually lose 1-2lb a week.

Hope everyone has a great week.

Racheyg Mon 27-Jan-14 10:02:08

Hi not sure if I joined this thread. I don't have 5 stone to lose but I have about 3 1/2. It sounds like there was something in the air as I lost 3lb last week (weigh day is Friday) but on Saturday we went for a walk and it started to rain so jumped into the pub (nice family orientated pub) and had a few beers got home put little man to bed and we drank wine and spirits sad had a very bad hangover yesterday so eat like a pig feel very guilty. It was my 1st hangover in over a year and a half.

Now this week I am playing catch up. Fingers crossed. Good luck everyone xx

MissVic101 Mon 27-Jan-14 11:32:18

well done bafney! I am half dreading half excited about weigh in Wednesday. Though I definitely feel less bloated a sneak peek the other day showed no loss grrrr. Making a beef and ale stew for tea tonight, husband will be rooting for beef and ale PIE but its like an extra 1000 cals!!!! Crazy. Think this is the only way I am safe to consume booze. The hangovers seems to be scuppering everyone!

Banffy Mon 27-Jan-14 11:37:58

Thanks MissVic smile

Feeling less bloated is great. Good luck for Wednesday!

If I want a pie, I use a Hairy Dieters recipe which uses filo pastry and it's so good.

I've had to cut wine out totally, or else I'd end up having a glass of empty calories almost everyday blush I'm saving alcohol for special occasions now.

FannyFifer Mon 27-Jan-14 14:33:38

Talkin that's basically what I'm doing. grin
I'm 8lb down when I weighed this morning. Seems to have mostly come off my stomach which is definitely not as bloated looking.

Porridge this morning, though I had bought those specialK ones as on offer and it was pretty rank.
Had carrot soup for lunch and having a homemade spicy bean burger and salad for dinner.
I want to get a couple of stone off before I up the exercise, though walking a lot more I'm not ready for gym or classes yet.

MissVic101 Mon 27-Jan-14 17:19:31

Fanny thats fantastic! Well done you!!! grin
Banffy thats a really good idea with the filo. wish I had seen it before I went (walked - Brownie points grin ) to the shops. Have heard good things about the hairy dieters books might have to treat myself to a book seeing as I am staying on track. But gonna stick to the stew with slimming world style roast potatoes to appease the man in my life snd broccoli. just waiting for my mum to turn up and take over cooing at this baby and I can get it in the oven! !

RunRabbit Mon 27-Jan-14 22:17:46

Bad food week. Dreading Wednesday weigh in sad

Over did it with the food and it's only the second week!

Who knew 4 Fish Fingers were 700 odd calories confused

Tomorrows going to be a hardcore workout day and me going easy on the food.

Dyrne Mon 27-Jan-14 22:20:41

Hello to Hunny and Rachey, and Great news on the losses, Fanny and Banfy!

missVic , I thought that about MFP calories burned as well, I don't quite trust it!

Just weighed myself, 2 days later than I should have due to a busy week/end. I weigh exactly the same as last week, which to be honest I'm taking as a win after two(!) nights out in a week consuming 700+ calories on booze alone each night! I'm not a regular drinker and I don't have any big nights out planned for a while now so hopefully I'll start to lose weight from this week.

fudgesmummy Mon 27-Jan-14 22:31:54

Hello all,
Feeling a bit fed up with it all only lost 1lb last week all that effort and hunger for 1 bloody pound. I would mind if I had eaten things I shouldn't but didn't go over my points limit once all week. sad

MissVic101 Tue 28-Jan-14 00:32:30

hey fudge, your a lb lighter than last week, go weigh it out and feel it, its not insignificant. 1lb a week and you will be nearly 3st lighter by the end of the year. And its not all on the scales, that can vary with time of the month, even time of day. How do you feel? Less bloated? More in control? Maybe take some measurements? Your going in the right direction xx

katykuns Tue 28-Jan-14 08:11:00

Well done to people who have lost.

I haven't been monitoring myself as heavily this week, and a lot if night shifts mean I am tired... which means I eat more. I am going to try one of the exercise videos today and hopefully that will set me in better stead for my Thurs weigh in.

4 fish fingers are 700 calories?! shock surely there isn't enough of them to make that many calories?! I am glad for MFP sometimes, I have been really shocked by how calorific foods I thought weren't too bad are!

FannyFifer Tue 28-Jan-14 10:14:36

How the feck can 4 fish fingers be 700 cals, that's bloody mental.

alphablock Tue 28-Jan-14 10:51:16

Fishfingers should only be about 50-60 calories each, so 700 calories is definitely not right.

Racheyg Tue 28-Jan-14 11:40:25

Dryne, I use my fitness pal and I don't trust the calories burned either. I use a nike fuel band which will tell me how many calories I'm burning. Although they are not totally accurate as it is worn on your wrist. I think the fitbit is meant be be good esp at measuring calories, and they are cheaper than the fuel band which is a huge plus smile x

RunRabbit Tue 28-Jan-14 14:31:58

Haha! I think you're all right. Stupid mistake on my part. I picked the first fish fingers on the list which was 180 cals for 3! not 1.

Stupid brain.

MissVic101 Tue 28-Jan-14 16:37:11

Just been shopping for the week and got some meals planned.
Kedgeree tonight. Vegi fajitas, turkey meatballs, stirfry with lean pork and rice. Also going to do that cauliflower pizza I spotted on another thread, its either going to be amazing or utterly rank. At the moment I am managing to keep eating in yhe day to a minimum with the promise of a decent dinner.

Whats on every one elses plates this week?

RunRabbit Wed 29-Jan-14 11:53:31

Second week weigh-in. Lost 3 lbs.

I think I might start focusing on losing a st. at a time instead of my end goal weight since I have so far to go to achieve that.

Going food shopping today so hopefully get some nicer, healthier stuff in.

MissVic101 Wed 29-Jan-14 18:21:23

Weighed in this morning and 3.5lb down. Would have liked more if I am honest but its going in the right direction. My planned meal is out too as had 2 large glasses of wine with lunch, the food wasn't very dietey eith so salad for tea.
Well done rabbit, weight in Wednesday is done!

ikeaismylocal Wed 29-Jan-14 20:05:22

hello smile It's been ages again since I posted, I'm sorry!

I am glad to hear 3 fish fingers are not 700 calories!

Well done for all the losses! A pound is a good loss, at least the weight is going in the right direction smile

Missvic, your food sounds really yummy! We have been making batches of food and freezing "ready meals" so we have quick to grab meals, we have spag bol, chicken and lemon rissoto, beef stew, chicken and fennel korma, vegie curry, pork with roast vegies and wild mushroom sauce (my fave) salmon with green beans and potatos.

I have lost 5.8 kg so far wish is nearly 13 pounds, tomorrow is weigh in day I hope to have lost 1.3 pounds as then I will have lost a stone since I started at new year.

MissVic101 Wed 29-Jan-14 20:37:14

Ikea that's fantastic! ! im keeping fingers crossed for your lb and a bit, im sure you will get it. Your meals sound great too. Risotto is one I have not done for ages and quite a good one for healthy eating. We do a roasted butternut sqaush one or chicken and pea with roast chicken leftovers. Aw yum its going on the list for next week. When I was pregnant I got very organised (read very bored on mat leave) and froze a load of batch cooking and most of it is still in the freezer, we got stuck into the take away instead, ah those days are behind me now!

Dyrne Wed 29-Jan-14 22:07:31

Well done on the losses, everyone! Fingers crossed you'll get to the stone mark this week, ikea.

Rachey, a friend of mine has the Nike bracelet. I'm debating on whether to get a pedometer to try and increase my walking, does anyone have any (cheapish) recommendations?

All these meals sound delicious, I had pasta and meatballs for dinner which was yummy. Was good to stick to the recommended portion and actually weigh out my pasta, and i realised when I was done I wasnt even hungry!

It's weird though, I finished logging for the day on MFP, and it warned me I had eaten too little calories today and was in danger of putting my body into 'starvation mode' and said I should be eating at least 1200 calories a day to avoid this... hmm

Does anyone have any insight? I wouldn't call beans on toast for lunch and pasta/meatballs for dinner 'starving myself'... Ah well, I've got leftover pasta for lunch tomorrow so that should please MFP at least!

Racheyg Thu 30-Jan-14 10:02:03

Hi dryne,
I have an old weight watchers pedometer which works out how many miles/steps you have walked but doesn't give calories burnt. I have heard that the omron are good here is the link

fudgesmummy Sun 02-Feb-14 22:01:20

Thank you missvic101 for your kind words. I have lost another 2 pounds this week so 9 in total now. I am still very hungry all the time but I do feel more in control. Well done everyone else for your losses. I have to say that cauliflower pizza sounds vile-I think I would rather go hungry!!!!!! grin

MissVic101 Mon 03-Feb-14 17:50:51

I can confirm that the cauliflower pizza was NOT good. Deeply weird infact and a massive PITA to make. would have a go at th cauliflower rice thing though, my adventures in cauliflower are not over yet! Glad you had another loss fudge. As psrt of this beck diet book im reading it asks you to try and differentiate between hunger, desire for food and cravings. I have found it a really interesting exercise. I find I get quite panicked when im hungry, im just not used to it! Its getting better though and I am finding that where before giving in to the craving and eating would relieve the stress I felt I can also get that stress relieving kick saying no to food now, knowing I will have what I planned later. Feel pretty on it this week, loving mfp. not expecting a massive loss on Wednesday but my period is due so we will see. smile

Dyrne Sat 08-Feb-14 10:37:12

Feeling utterly depressed. I stayed under my calorie limit ALL week last week, turned down all the usual snacks and cakes in the office, to much comment from work colleagues... Weighed myself this morning and I have not lost a single pound since last week. In fact, I have actually gained 0.2kgs!!! Currently resisting the urge to go to the shops and buy copious amounts of chocolate and crisps since clearly I am destined to be a fat cow forever...

Right, moan over, time to plan how to get more exercise in my routine as clearly calorie counting alone is doing buggar all...

katykuns Sat 08-Feb-14 22:32:30

Sorry to hear that Dyrne. I think my body is the same, restricting diet alone just isn't going to cut it! But I hate exercise... and sweating... and being witnessed exercising by other people... grin

I haven't lost any weight for 2 weeks... but on the plus side, I haven't gained either. I have fallen off the wagon somewhat anyway, so I was just relieved I hadn't gained any lbs tbh!
I am also on my period and ill... so that has hardly helped!

Iwilldothisnoexcuses Sun 09-Feb-14 17:18:50

Hi! I'm coming to join in!

I'm 5ft 4 and weigh 14st 9. I'm aiming to lose around 5 stone and depending on how I look and feel after that, maybe another stone to get back down to prebaby, predepression weight. But I was younger than so not sure if I will look healthy or not! So I think my aim will be 9st 7.

I've tried before to do it but I've always had excuses. I've actually put 2 stone on since then! I don't want to be a fat mum and I don't want to be a slave to my food addiction anymore. So this time it has to work and I'll make sure it will!

I hope! grin

TheOnlySeven Sun 09-Feb-14 17:30:22

<waves> the thread came up in active conversations.

Hope you're all doing well, glad to see the losses and lots of new names.

I've not been at all careful since I found out I was pregnant. Got on the scales yesterday and I've still managed to lose 1lb so I'm really pleased. I gave up SLimming world, was made to feel really crap about maintaining in my first week even though she knew I was pregnant, of course rest of the group didn't know so I couldn't even argue.

legofansmum Sun 09-Feb-14 18:53:36

Hello hope you dont mind me joining. Im 5ft10 and in December weighed 16 stone 2,was a huge shock even though i knew i was overweight. When i last weighed myself 8 days ago i was 15st 2 so a stone lost. I want to get to about 11 stone if possible. Ive cut right down on full fat coke. I was really it and could easily drink 2 litres a day. I also used to go into the local bakery after work a cake or pasty 4 days a week. I suffer from depression and am a single mum so had been in the cycle of gorging on biscuits,cakes,cheesecakes etc.. when DS was in bed.
Ive had quite an unhealthy week this week so am going to wait until next weekend to weigh myself in the machine at Boots. Have had two mcdonalds.this week, a meal out fri night with lots of wine ,popcorn ,.chocolates and a full fat coke at the cinema yesterday plus 2x sausage rolls on weds! Really hope i havent gained much. Ive been good today and had, a couple of slices of granary toast ,2 sachet made cappuchinos. (Sp)
My next goal is to weigh under 15 stone as it should take me from an obese BMI to overweight. I would love to have a holiday abroad this summer and not hide away in a huge granny costume and sarong whilst everyone is in skimpy bikinis. My stomach and.chin are my worst areas,people have often thought i was pregnant.
Well done to you all for losing weight. BsshBossh's photos are.inspirational. if i get to under 12 stone id love to go to one of those make over and photograph sessions and have some nice pica of myself and DS together. I have lots of lovely pics of DS but barely none of me as im so down about my weight.
Hope this is a good week for everyone,good luck smile

theQuibbler Sun 09-Feb-14 22:06:38

Hello - I'd like to join as well. This came up in active convos and it was most welcome to see smile

I've got a lot of weight to lose - 100lbs easily and I'm feeling somewhat overwhelmed by it all today.

I started in January and have lost 21lbs so far on Bootcamp. I should be pleased but I think I'm focusing on the wrong things. I feel defeated by how much there is still to go instead of staying in the here and now.

Has anyone managed to conquer or, at least, manage those feelings?
I'm just so annoyed at myself for getting here - what was I thinking being so careless with my health and wellbeing?

Sorry - this is a ranty first post. Am usually determined to be more positive and I can see the benefits already but I'm struggling today. Not enough to go off the rails though - and that's good, right? smile

RunRabbit Mon 10-Feb-14 00:46:17

Hey theQuibbler! Welcome. I've been having those thoughts today. I have about 6 stones to lose. It's very disheartening to think about it like that. So I'm trying to focus on 1 st. at a time. I'm at 15.7 st. now so trying to shift the 7 lbs. Try making small goals and achieving those.

Good luck! smile

theQuibbler Mon 10-Feb-14 11:29:53

Thanks RunRabbit - I think that's very sensible advice. It's too much to look at the bigger picture. 10lbs or even 7lbs a time is the way to go. Small goals: How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. smile

legofansmum Mon 10-Feb-14 14:29:20

Gave in and weighed today in Boots. Was certain I'd gained after a bad week last week but surprisingly 1lb off. Am now 15st 1. Next goal to be under 15 and shift BMI from obese to overweight. Just over one stone gone and another 4 to go. Think it's going to get harder to shift now but am determined to do it and keep it off this time. I've been a yoyo dieter for over a decade but was at my heaviest ever late last year.
Welcome to thequibbler, 21lbs is impressive, well done!

theQuibbler Mon 10-Feb-14 20:26:38

Thanks legofansmum and welcome to you, too smile That shift is a real milestone (to me, anyway) - you're going to feel fabulous when you do it!

Iwilldothisnoexcuses Mon 10-Feb-14 20:49:14

I know this is nothing compared to the weight some of you have lost but I am feeling really proud today! For the first time, I've managed to stick to it for a day. A day is nothing compared to how much I have to lose but I usually give in around the evening time and stuff my face and then go to the supermarket the next day and buy loads of biscuits and eat them all. I've made it to evening number 2 and haven't binged and haven't dashed to the shop to stock up on biscuits and chocolates and crisps. Maybe this means this will finally be the time I manage to stick to it! grin

legofansmum Mon 10-Feb-14 22:29:49

Well done Iwilldothis , it's a big hurdle. I'm finding it hard. I really miss eating junk when DS is in bed. I bought him some milky ways and bacon waffle crisps today and it has taken a lot of will power not to have eaten a few bags of the crisps which I would have washed down with lots of coke and probably some biscuits or chocolate. I watched a lot of telly tonight and sipped a couple of small low fat lattes instead. I've started watching Eastenders on YouTube from 1985 in spare time to divert my attention from food. I'm hoping to start using an exercise bike I recently bought but haven't had enough motivation yet! One step at a time lol!
We will all have to support each other.

Dyrne Mon 10-Feb-14 22:33:03

Hello all the new people!

Katykuns good news on not gaining, I think there should be some law about dieting when ill anyway :D completely agree about exercising - at the moment I'm so embarrassed about being out in public exercising - went up a hill cycling the other day and needed to stop red faced at the top gasping for water as other people gaily quizzed by! I've been looking at investing in an exercise bike so I can get my fitness up at home, and then hopefully by the time lovely summer weather comes I'll be happier out on the roads!

Noexcuses Well done on going a full day without snacking! The first day is always the hardest!

legofan well done on the loss! I've got a similar first goal to you - I'll be so happy when I hit the 'overweight' mark rather than obese! What a lovely idea of celebrating eventually by a photoshoot with DS.

Quibbler that's a fantastic loss already! Completely agree with you thou - now that I am actually focusing on my weight I'm so much more aware of just how much I need to lose! In a way, I was happier stuffing my face in denial of my size.

Dyrne Mon 10-Feb-14 22:33:47

Ugh, *whizzed, not quizzed!

Iwilldothisnoexcuses Mon 10-Feb-14 22:38:02

Thank you Lego smile that's what I think I will find hard too. I always snack and eat biscuits, cups of tea, chocolates. Dds bedtime is like my cue for snacks. I felt a bit lost tonight when I couldn't go raid the cupboards! Ooh I hadn't thought of exercise beyond walking. I might look into getting a bike too. I bet that would be good to do in front of tv grin

And well done to you too not eating the snacks! Every night we beat those hours of temptation is great!

fudgesmummy Tue 11-Feb-14 21:18:21

Hello all, I didn't loose any at all last week so a bit dispondent but sticking with it-well untill dd made chocolate orange brownies...yum!
Just got back from a swim which always makes me feel good

Pompbear Tue 11-Feb-14 21:45:47

Can I join?
5'2. 5 stone to lose. I've lost 12lbs since Boxing Day so just over 4 stone to go. I'm struggling these past few days. I want to eat everything in sight and I'm fed up constantly being on a diet (my weight has been up and down forever).

The one thing that seems to be working is my goal to exercise every week. without fail. usually I go crazy and plan to exercise 5 times a week, fail. give up. this time my goal is quite easy and actually I'm enjoying it and going to a spin or pump class 3 times a week.

good luck everyone. I can't face another new year like this! its got to happen this year!

legofansmum Wed 12-Feb-14 20:08:38

Hi fudges mummy and pomobear, well done on the exercise. I'm not really doing any yet except walking to work and back. Need to get motivated and on the exercise bike but not managed yet. Have been fairly healthy. Eating this week. Keep trying to focus on the thought of going from 15stone 1 to under 15.

Racheyg Thu 13-Feb-14 17:23:19

Dreading tomorrow, hope I have done enough this week to lose some weight. Fingers crossed smile

Racheyg Fri 14-Feb-14 10:47:37

As I thought stayed the same, very disappointed. sad

legofansmum Fri 14-Feb-14 20:38:50

Ah , it's horrible when that happens. Better than a gain though. Well done for persevering, you may notice more of a difference next week.

fudgesmummy Sun 16-Feb-14 09:18:53

Another 1lb down this week-that's 12lb off in total still feeling hungry all the time which I'm finding hard. Any one who remembers my op will know that my ds's wedding next year prompted me wanting to loose weight. My dd has just got engaged as well with the wedding planned for 2016!!! At this rate with having to save up to help pay for them I will deffently loose weight as I won't be able to afford to eat..... grin

Place marking because I am off out the door in a minute but I have just booked my holiday!! I go 35 weeks tomorrow, 2lbs a week till then would be 70lbs. That would be an amazing feeling.....

Dyrne Sun 23-Feb-14 09:46:57

Stayed the same this week, feeling annoyed but I have been a bit naughty with snacks so I guess I should just be grateful that I haven't gained anything! Am still nearly 7lbs down after 5 weeks though so trying to focus on that and keep positive.

Fudgesmummy - congratulations! Weddings are a great motivation to lose weight. I know the feeling about being hungry all the time though - I've been a bit snappish recently with poor DP, bless him though - he understands!

legofansmum Walking to work and back is a great start, that's a few hundred additional calories burned already surely? I wish I lived close enough to work to be able to walk/cycle but it takes me an hour and a half in the car each way as it is!

Hello to the new people! Pompbear, well done on the exercise, that's going to help so much - I feel I need to be a lot stricter on my eating habits because I'm just not exercising a lot at the moment, so the fact that you're doing a manageable amount and actually enjoying it should do wonders! Blueandwhitelover, where are you going on holiday? It's great that you're looking so far ahead - usually I leave it until just before the holiday, panic that I'm going to look like a fat blob in my holiday photos, realise it's too late to do anything, and feel slightly depressed.

legofansmum Sun 23-Feb-14 16:36:58

Have weighed twice this week, tues was up to 15.3 -pms bloating sad , Friday down to 15.1. Am hoping in a couple of days to be under 15 as can def feeling bloating going down, have eating lots of veg and salad ,drank lots of water and green tea. Also done lots of walking. Felt a bit down over weight increase as have really been sticking to dieting. I'm certain it was Pre menstrual bloating though as could feel it.
Well done to fudges mummy and dyrne, at least you didn't gain smile we will get there!!

legofansmum Sun 23-Feb-14 16:42:52

I've also started taking Berocca and another vitamin which is a comp,ex b vitamin that you melt on the tongue so it's absorbed quickly into the bloodstream. I've felt lethargic for years and have read that it could be fit B12 deficiency. I've definitely had more spark In past few days. People have even noticed and a few have noticed weightloss which was a big morale boost !

We're going to Turkey, I do make this resolution every year though!

katykuns Mon 24-Feb-14 00:27:15

I have kept pretty much the same weight wise, only lost 1lb last week. Thinking about doing a fast day like I did on 5:2. Either way I am gradually gathering some motivation again... especially after adding some groups on facebook.

Hope everyone manages to lose weight this week!

legofansmum Mon 24-Feb-14 22:08:15

Well done on keeping the motivation up Katy , I think after a little while it becomes easier. I can honestly say I'm feeling better than I have in years. Kicking the cola habit has worked wonders. I'm getting used to the green teas etc..
Weighed in Boots this morning and was down to 14st 12 smile delighted as last tues was 15st 3lb. A lot of the loss was water retention I think though as came on last Tues. am so happy to be under 15 stone at last and the machine put my BMI at 29.5. Although this is the too end of the overweight section it's a real goal met as I've shifted from obese to overweight.
Hope you all have good weigh ins.
Blue Turkey sounds lovely. I really want to book a nice hot holiday this summer and am hoping to be proud in swim wear rather than hiding away in sarongs etc...

Dyrne Sat 01-Mar-14 19:20:18

Weighed in today - lost about 2lbs this week - really happy with that as I have been a bit frivolous on the snacking front! Got to regain my discipline at work and get my arse in gear on the exercise front.

Well done on the losses, Katykuns and legofansmum - well done on getting under 30 BMI, Lego! Am hoping to hit that target myself in the next couple of weeks.

Turkey sounds like it'll be awesome, Blueandwhitelover. I really hope you hit your weight loss target.

rubyshoes3 Sat 01-Mar-14 22:28:42

Can I also join please?
Weigh 15 stone 2 lbs, need to lose 5 stones. I just don't know where to start I am always saying i'm going on a diet but with teenage boys in the house I seem to be forever feeding them and eating myself.
My motivation is a family holiday we having in July, I don't want to hide from the camera this year.

legofansmum Sun 02-Mar-14 18:16:58

Well done dyrne, 2lbs is great smile I'm trying to get to Boots tomorrow to weigh after my driving lesson. Fingers crossed I've lost, if I haven't I hope I'm still under 15stone still as that was so hard to achieve. I've tried hard this week but not sure if I've lost. Went out for lunch test and had a lovely Thai beef salad. In the past I'd have had steak and chips, also had fruit tea to drink whereas the old me would've had a pint of coke! Did have a skinny latte in afternoon but fingers crossed all the walking I did helped lol!
Today DS and I walked up a local hill in a country park. We had a picnic there and I had a small Greek yogurt with a little granola and a huge fruit salad! Came back and cooked us separate meals. I had a tin of plum tomatoes which I put garlic and pepper in to flavour, I roasted aubergines, peppers and courgettes then baked in oven. It was delicious and so filling.
Welcome Rubyshoes. Looking forward to posting with you and wish you lots of luck. I was 16 stone 2 in December,I think I weighed more than that in autumn but never weighed. Last mon I was 14 stone 12lb which took my bmi down from obese to overweight. That really motivated me. I'm determined now to get from overweight to normal. It's going to be a long process but I'm determined to do it this time.
I used to be addicted to full fat cola and have stopped drinking it. I drank 1-2 litres of it a day. I'm now drinking herbal teas such as green and pepper mint and Redbush. I've cut right down on bread, potatoes, pasta, cakes etc..l I'm eating lots more fruit, veg and salads. I've suffered from depression for years and it's really helped me. I feel happier and more energetic than I can last remember. I've also started taking a melt on the tongue complex b vitamin and occasionally berocca.
Look forward to reading your posts

fudgesmummy Sun 02-Mar-14 21:22:45

Hi all and welcome to the newbies! I lost 2 lb this week making my total loss 16 lb in 7 weeks. It was my birthday yesterday and made a yummy baked lime cheese cake out of my weight watchers cookbook to take with me to dinner at some friends. The banoffie pie I made and took up to my ds for pudding was not from the ww cookbook...!! I hope everyone has a good week x

rubyshoes3 Sun 02-Mar-14 21:30:38

Thanks for the words of encouragement legomum, I will start fresh from tomorrow as today I have been home with the boys so ate far too much. I don't know why I do it I eat then I feel so guilty about it.
Good tips about cutting down on bread, potatoes, pasta and cakes as these are what I mainly eat.

I lost 2 lbs!!!
34 weeks to holiday now, just got to do that every week :-)

rosieposey Mon 03-Mar-14 10:09:00

Hello can i join in too? I have read back across the last couple of pages and see you have some new members and i have started ( or hope i have) a new way of eating as of today.

I cannot believe i have 8 stone to lose - it seems like such a lot. before i was pregnant it was only about 5 and then after i had DS2 we moved a couple of times and i have put on about two and a half stone - i must be the only person who has put on weight since they had a baby sad and he is only 14 months.

I feel really out of control and its making me very depressed - i have some hypnotherapy booked in a week today to help i hope and i have bought Paul McKennas book and CD so i hope that will help kick start things for me today as its the first day.

I really wanted to join this thread a while back and be with likeminded people with quite a lot of weight to lose - i just hope it works for me today and i dont feel too hungry! Hope you all had a good weekend smile

legofansmum Mon 03-Mar-14 13:50:15

We'll done blue that's great, makes it all worthwhile when you see the scales change smile
Welcome Rosie, not at all, believe me I've gained lots of weight since I had DS and he is now six! It's lovely to have you join and wishing you lots of luck. I promise it becomes easier. I actually have more energy than I did before.

I weighed today in Boots and am now 14lb 9 so a 3lb loss since last week. Really happy with that as have worked hard at it.
Bought lots of veg in town. Just cooked a huge lunch which consisted of roasted cherry vine ripened tomatoes and courgettes, leeks, mushrooms and asparagus. It was my largest plate and I ate the lot and enjoyed it. Feel really full now. Normally on my day off id have had a mcdonalds or similar and then felt hungry and eaten cake and biscuits washed down by coke! Just made a green tea. smile

Hope everyone's doing well smile

legofansmum Mon 03-Mar-14 14:02:08

14 st 9lb rather'

rosieposey Mon 03-Mar-14 19:22:05

Congrats on your loss legofansmum smile I would love to be that weight again - its been a few years!

I'm looking forwards to having some more energy as well - i have been pretty hungry today but i know that gets easier over time as my body has been used to a much higher intake.

What are you doing to lose weight? Calorie counting, Diet Club? I am going the hypnotherapy route ( i was using Paul McKenna today and for this coming week then i am having a proper one to one session with a hypnotherapist in a week from now ) I sure hope it works as it seems like if i don't do something i'll just keep gaining.

Well hope everybody has had a good day and later on this evening i will try and read back a few pages so i can see how everybody is doing.

rubyshoes3 Wed 05-Mar-14 14:44:17

3 days in and i already feel a change, i have replaced my constant eating with green tea. I have also noticed that as i live in house with only males i was eating the same portion sizes as them, also i was eating with them when ever they ate. So know i have cut my portions and also i eat when i am hungry.

Hope everyone is doing ok, I lost 2lbs this week which skimmed me (just) under the 17 stones mark.
I really need to get my activity levels up

Sparklefairy83 Sat 08-Mar-14 11:43:46

Hi everyone

I hope it's ok if i can join in! I have about 7 stone to lose :/ embarrassed to even say that! But on the plus side i have lost just over a stone by doing Juice Plus and i am over the moon smile Looking forward to losing more.
Well done to everyone you's are all doing well smile Hope you have a good weekend.

spababe Sun 09-Mar-14 09:51:28

joining in - I have 6-7 stone to loose. I have given up sugar for lent and joined a gym which I am really enjoying. I am going the gym 1 day a week, Pilates 1 day and Aqua 1 day. I am the fattest there but I AM there and I'm quite enjoying it. Meals wise - I don't eat meat so I am eating Slimming world meals which I make from scratch with a few extra bits to keep myself happy which I am hoping will be OK with the exercise.

rubyshoes3 Sun 09-Mar-14 11:49:23

just weighed myself i am 14 stone 8lbs grin, all I have really done is controlled my portion size and stopped snacking.
So pleased with myself.

spababe Sun 09-Mar-14 15:39:25

8lb in 8 days ruby?? wow that's amazing

rubyshoes3 Sun 09-Mar-14 16:01:19

i think some of it was due to my period as i retain so much water before my period that my clothes always feel very tight.
so i think it must be the water lose and hopefully a few pounds lost also.
Or my scales are not accurateblush

birdybirdy21 Sat 15-Mar-14 13:04:45

I feel so so hopeless at the moment. In April 2007 aged 23 I got on the scales and weighed 19st 4lbs. It shocked me into
action. A year later I had lost 6st 10lbs. I'm 5'9 and was 12st 8lbs. I was still a size 16 nearly a 14 on the bottom but could live with that. I'm never going to be a size 8.

Fast forward to now, three pregnancies in 3.5 years, two csections and I'm 18 stone. Put on 2 stone in my last pregnancy. Youngest DD is 12 weeks. To lose all the weight last time I was doing some serious exercise, swimming, gym and hill walking. I can't do that level or intensity of exercise now with two little kids, useless hands off partner. Food is my crutch and I know I can't lose weight dieting alone. Any words of wisdom. I've got to do this I'm so bloody depressed and feel so bad all the time. I'm 30 and I ache so much my knees, hips, back.

I've had a horrid week foodwise and have just finished off the last most of a black cherry cheesecake.
Drawing a line under it now and starting again.

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