HotMamas - Five years on, are we fit or are we fat???

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New thread, this one WILL work!!!!

12 11 today, was 12 6 on Friday. Need to leave the cake alone blush

StrictlySazz Mon 07-Oct-13 21:13:11


Swerved a platter of sandwiches today. Man that was hard!!

creeps in, looks around, wonders if she's in the right place

I'm not sure what the joining criteria is here. I'm hoping to find a thread which isn't dedicated to a specific diet and I can dip in and out of a bit.

DD is 8 weeks old and I'm breastfeeding so I'm not dieting as such but the amount of sugar I'm eating isn't good for anyone.

waits to see if she's kicked out

luckoftheirish Tue 08-Oct-13 07:57:04

5yrs???!!! Oh my god I have been bouncing around trying to lose these 10lbs for 5 yrs!! grin

Anyway was in Dublin at the weekend, hovering around the same as last Friday dependent on where I put the scales blushgrin going to make a real effort the next few days!

StrictlySazz Tue 08-Oct-13 08:31:18

Hey Helga - nice to see you and congrats on your DD thanks

We are a small crew here (3 hardcore members lol) so a fast moving thread we are not grin. However we have other folk who pop in from time to time and we are pretty friendly.

As the title suggests we have been going on for 5 years now, so you can call us committed if nothing else

My 'story' is overweight pretty much all my life (14-16) but pretty fit. Went up to 14.3 after the dd's with little time for exercise and eating too much.

In 2009 I lost 4 stone and have managed to keep most of it off (currently battling with the summer holiday excess)

Off for school run but back later.....

Hey Helga, you are very welcome to join in but like Sazz says we have been at it a while now with not much success of late... I lost 3 stone back in 2009 and have spent the following 4 years putting on and losing the same bloody stone. Currently still at least 2 stone to lose...

Was 12 10 this morning, got period so explains my need to eat half a mars abr for my supper blushblushblush Fasting today so might wee 3 out if I'm lucky.

I'd like to hang around if you'll have me! I get lost on fast moving threads so slow is good. I'll introduce myself...

I'm 34 and DD is my first. I've hovered between 10-12 stone all my life except for a very brief period following a break up when I went down to 8.5 stone. This was my perfect weight really as I'm 5 foot 3. But then met my now DH and lots of eating out and I went back up again.

I lost a stone last year on the 5:2 diet but then discovered I was pregnant so stopped. Somehow (despite copious amounts of cream doughnuts) I'm now only 4 pounds above my pre-pregnancy weight. I was 11 stone 3.6 when I weighed myself Saturday.

DH and I have kind of decided on going to New York next May so I'd like to be a bit more in shape for that.

So that's me!

I don't think I'll ever get back to 8.5 stone. I'd be happy to be 10 stone by May and have a goal of 9

luckoftheirish Tue 08-Oct-13 10:45:57

Welcome helga smile we are a friendly bunch smile tho our motivation leaves a lot to be desired gringringrin

Are you Irish Luck? I'm in the South West.

luckoftheirish Tue 08-Oct-13 11:40:47

Yes I am smile but live in the uk smile

StrictlySazz Tue 08-Oct-13 12:03:24

Ooh I was so busy writing my life story I forgot to update grin

1 off to 10.13.5.

Helga I am 5.5 and got down to 10 at my lightest - was a size 10 for me as I seem to be of the 'heavy for size'' disposition hmm

Ideally I want to be between 10 and 10 1/2.

I have tried low carb, 5:2 and everything in between but have finally accepted that eating 1200 cals a day and 4 lots of exercise a week is the only way I lose weight. A tad dull, but effective

Congrats to you on being close to pre-preg weight; that's a great place to start from smile

Oh, and I am in the South West too....

StrictlySazz Tue 08-Oct-13 13:05:12

Level 1 shred with cardio weights <phew>

Feel even more at home with the Irish here! Not a great start - PIL called with a ham & coleslaw roll and a chocolate eclair. Was yummy though.

StrictlySazz Tue 08-Oct-13 15:04:00

Aha, I'm south west England, but love Ireland grin

Your PIL's sound fab!

I was actually a little freaked out I might run into you Strictly!

PIL ARE amazing. I'm very lucky.

StrictlySazz Wed 09-Oct-13 07:22:25

10.11.75 so almost back to Friday's weigh in <phew>

Gym today

-2 to 12 7. Bit of a groundhog day as was 12 7 last Wednesday and the Wednesday before that and the Wednesday before that... Need to NOT eat cake today. Fat club are charging 50p per sinful item scoffed so might manage to avoid overindulgence for once!

StrictlySazz Wed 09-Oct-13 09:29:31

Oh boo Fjorn. Cake avoidance vital I think grin

I just checked and down 1.75 on last weds so pleased with that.

On treadmill now.......

luckoftheirish Wed 09-Oct-13 09:29:53

Well done ladies that is great work smile

Stuck fast again <sigh>

StrictlySazz Wed 09-Oct-13 11:08:19

5k walk/run with arm weights
50 mins circuits
10 mins powerplate

Very sweaty grin

StrictlySazz Wed 09-Oct-13 12:01:42

Note to self: do not bring on freshly washed super skinnies to wear after a workout & shower, especially when you have forgotten to bring fresh pants and so are waggling a naked arse in the air and trying to jump into said jeans commando blush

Alternatively, step 4 paces to your right and use the cubicle with a curtain if such a situation should arise hmm

Numpty grin

gringrin that sounds awkward Strictly!

My dog decided to help with my healthy eating - he ate the half a chocolate eclare DH had left for me!

Today I discovered a jar of crunchy peanut butter in the press. There's significantly less of it now!

That should be grin grin

Lol Sazz you are just showing off your super skinnies... wink

Helga I am refusing to try peanut butter as used to hate it but now love peanuts and just know I will love pb too. Best to avoid the temptation grin

No buns or biscuits so far <polishes halo> grin

StrictlySazz Wed 09-Oct-13 14:36:04

Ha ha - you do know you can buy superskinnies in ANY size - doesn't mean they actually look good though especially not when a shoe horn is required grin

Peanut butter is pretty good Fjorn. I should avoid if I were you! Is our new member leading you astray? wink

Just logged food and exercise on FF. Exercise came in at 765 calories shockshock

Had a prawn noodle soup for lunch and am looking forward to a big steak for tea. I'm hoping DH has some food on the road so I don't have to share it with him <mean>

StrictlySazz Wed 09-Oct-13 21:10:42

yay, big steak grin

StrictlySazz Thu 10-Oct-13 06:28:40

Thurs 5th sept - 11.4
Thurs 12 sept - 11.0
Thurs 19 sept - 10.12.75
Thurs 26 Sept - 10.13.0
Thurs 3 Oct - 10.12
Thurs 10 Oct - 10.10.25

So 1.75 off for the week and 7.75 off over 5 weeks which I'm pleased with. 4 exersazz completed this week.

Next goal to get under double digits after the 10.

Yay Sazz you are doing really well!

I managed not to put back on yesterday, down 0.5 <phew> so my fasting today might actually lead to a real loss this week...

luckoftheirish Thu 10-Oct-13 09:29:57

Well done to u both firing at all cylinders smile maybe a new thread is what we needed!!!

Down 0.75 now if I can just keep that for the rest of the week I will be happy smile

StrictlySazz Thu 10-Oct-13 10:26:21

Well done LOTI and Fjorn. Hopefully Fjorn once your mystery illness has been treated you can start back on gentle exercise.

Mine has been good the last 2 weeks as I have done 4x exersazz. It appears that no matter how little I eat, without exercise it just doesn't shift.....

Level 3 shred done before work today smile

Oops - don't want to be a bad influence - if I did I'd start talking bout Nutella!

This is the first real week where I can see an end to DD cluster feeding 6-10 at night. If I could just get an hour I could start c25k on the treadmill again with time for a shower after. At the moment my exercise is wandering round a field with the dog with DD in a sling.

Weighed myself this morning and I'm down 2 but I think at the moment I have a lot of water weight up and down going on.

StrictlySazz Thu 10-Oct-13 22:06:34

Wandering round a field is great though - fresh air and gentle exercise is perfect smile

We are all supposed to only weigh once a week in the morning to avoid water ups and downs, but as you can see we are a bit rubbish at adhering to that grin

Had a working lunch today - managed to have cod fillet with puy lentils which was delicious and i think the healthiest thing on the menu. Tried to FF it and it came out at 866 cals so can't have been more than that i hope. Only had very light tea so have come in within 1200 <phew>

StrictlySazz Fri 11-Oct-13 07:10:19

0.5 off to 10.9.75

Broken double digit poundage......yay!

luckoftheirish Fri 11-Oct-13 08:00:48

Hurrah sazzsmile only 0.25 down but 1 down for the week so that will do smile

Brilliant work sazz to break below 10 10!

Loti well done on your bit too, better down than up smile

Helga I cna't believe you re thinking of running already shock

Somehow miraculously down 2.5 this week shock so 12 3.5 smile Let's see what the weekend brings... blushgrin

StrictlySazz Fri 11-Oct-13 11:59:03

Great work all smile

9 weeks to Xmas party <eek>

Sorry was just lurking and thought I'd drop in.
Helga, my ds was born in june. After having him I needed to lose a whopping 4st. I didn't wantany fad diets as ebf. I used my fitness pal to monitor calories and was allowed 1220 per day + 500 for bf. II've lost 3 and a half stone so far. Supply not been affected and ds a healthy big baby.

Good to know yellow. I wasn't sure how many calories I should be having.

I need to rethink the c25k idea. Ran after the dog today when he stole my shoe and I doubt there's a sports bra that would provide enough support!

luckoftheirish Sun 13-Oct-13 09:33:25


I'm thinking there's no way to make a large Chocolate milkshake, large fries and a cheese quarter pounder sound healthy is there? Forgot to take meat out of the freezer for dinner last night so DH did a McDonalds run. Was nice though and we don't have it often.

Today the weather was nice, overcast but mild so we went for a walk, DH with the dog, me with the baby. Went to near by woodland where the paths were covered in crunchy brown leaves, was a perfect autum day.

Loti you can put your blushs away, I am gonna win the post-weekend weigh of shame in the morning... Was an ace weekend though grin

StrictlySazz Mon 14-Oct-13 06:45:41

No, I'm winning......<drum roll> +7!!

So, at 11.2.75

LOTI, I'm sure you were not THAT bad. Back to it for everyone today <cracks whip>

Helga - sounds like a lovely day. Pissed it down all day here yesterday but did manage to get out for a walk on sat which was great. Clearly not enough to cancel out the wine and cheese calories though blushgrin

luckoftheirish Mon 14-Oct-13 06:58:23

Aw sounds like a truly fab and well deserved weekend smile

0k not +7 but +3.5 for me blush have managed to really hurt my foot tho not sure how and its chucking it down with rain so no walking today oops blush

So Monday is official weigh in day? I'll do that next week but for now I'll go with Sundays weigh in of 11.2.4

Pah! to your +3.5 loti and your +7 Sazz, I win with a horrifying cheese-induced +8.5 shock back to 12 12...

Needing lots of coffee today, going to try drinking loads and not eating too much and see what happens.

Noooooo Helga, official weigh-in day is Friday so we have all week to undo the weekend's excesses. we just like to upset ourselves with a Monday one too!

That makes sense Fjor!!

StrictlySazz Mon 14-Oct-13 22:17:59

Helga, you may have stumbled on the reason as to why we are here 5 years on.......grin

LOTI - how's the foot? Hope you are walking better again? Weather is supposed to be nice tomorrow so I may try and run outside (although I expect it may be a tad muddy hmm)

Just about managed to stay within calories today <phew>

luckoftheirish Tue 15-Oct-13 07:11:16

Down 1 and foot still completely buggered hmm have no idea how I did it but the dds have nicknamed me hop along grin

Oh you poor thing loti! Hope it gets better soon.

Down 2 <phew> and fasting properly today, yesterday did involve jammy dodgers and an ice cream in the end blushblushblush

StrictlySazz Tue 15-Oct-13 11:52:10

A measly 1 off this morning so I have done level one shred with cardio weights and been for a run in the glorious sunshine. Did pretty much the same route as the walk on Sat and was 4.85k. Really pleased I managed an average of 9k/hr which on these bastarding hills is pretty good for me anyway

Boo for the foot LOTI - mine is still hurting but not so bad. I have been recommended to take aloe Vera for it but keep forgetting hmm

Yay for 2 off Fjorn - obviously low cal biscuits and ice cream grin

StrictlySazz Tue 15-Oct-13 15:50:04

2hrs cleaning <phew>

2 hours??? <faints> you must have had some filthy friends to stay... wink

Nothing to eat all day until a small portion of chicken curry with cauliflower rice for tea. Hungry again so will just have a last cuppa and head to bed instead of eating. If only I could show a quarter of this restraint at the weekends I would be 10 stone!!!

StrictlySazz Tue 15-Oct-13 22:43:23

Indeed Fjorn - that was just cleaning the spare room winkgrin or alternatively the catching up of 3 weeks of no dusting

Well done on the food fjorn - I have had about 800 cals and 500 off from that on exercise, so calling it a fast day.

Seeing as I had an appalling weekend, am out having tapas Thurs, takeaway fri, friends for dinner sat and birthday lunch on Sun I think I need all the help I can get this week.......

StrictlySazz Wed 16-Oct-13 07:31:23

3 off to 10.12.75 which is in the right direction. Comes with the arrival of AF deep joy

Gym/circuits today

If I can manage to stay at 10.10 over the next few weeks I'll be very happy and then kick again for loss after half term. We have a crazy diary and i know the exercise will be the first thing to go out the window

<phew> sazz, see we left that mess just to help you tone up grin

I too am -3, to 12 7 again that's the 4th week in a row hmm, once again I am maintaining... so hopefully I can be evens on the week which will be a good result after all that cheese grin

I opened a packet if choc chip cookies yesterday afternoon and finished them last night. Not good!

StrictlySazz Wed 16-Oct-13 11:34:14

At least they are gone Helga - buy no more <stern stare> grin

4k run, 55 mins circuits, 10 mins powerplate.

Now for the supermarket run. Love my days 'off' hmm

StrictlySazz Wed 16-Oct-13 21:05:46

Managed 1200 cals today and that is before exercise calories so hopefully made some inroads into the remaining 3 excess pounds.

I have looked into re-enrolling the girls to the gym over the winter and get them swimming lessons - I think I will do this at the weekend to encourage me to go in at the same time and maintain a good exercise regime

LOTI - are you still a member at the gym or are you just using the shed now? Hope the foot is on the mend too, although the weather has been vile and walking anywhere today would have left you drenched (it did me anyway. twice hmm)

Very good work on the exercise & low cals sazz, hope it translates into more loss smile

Despite a suppertime disaster of several ginger nut biscuits blush I have managed another 1 off to 12 6. 2.5 to go... Fasting today, hungry already!

StrictlySazz Thu 17-Oct-13 07:07:52

2.5 off smile. so evens for this week which I'm happy with. out tonight for meal/drinks so am calling it this weeks weigh in.
Thurs 5th sept - 11.4
Thurs 12 sept - 11.0
Thurs 19 sept - 10.12.75
Thurs 26 Sept - 10.13.0
Thurs 3 Oct - 10.12
Thurs 10 Oct - 10.10.25
Thurs 17 Oct - 10.10.25

Hope the fast isn't too bad Fjorn - 2.5 IS possible!

luckoftheirish Thu 17-Oct-13 07:10:16

Yes still a member of the gym but never go blush need to make decision on it really as its lots of pennies. Girls are members to but only for tennis and I have to pay extra for that!

Got drenched when I had to go out walking yesterday but foot was killing me at the end. This week has been a nightmare exercise/cals so just drawing a line under it!

Starting again today <sigh>

Well done on both loosing lots of the excess you are putting me to shame blush

StrictlySazz Thu 17-Oct-13 12:07:56

It is expensive isn't it? I flounced from our gym (well kids membership, not mine, natch) when they put it up from £7 to £10. We don't really use it in the summer as have the school pool but it's useful for winter weekends.

Where does your foot hurt? Is it worth another docs trip?

Don't feel bad about not being as extreme as me - I needed to do some serious reversal this week!

StrictlySazz Thu 17-Oct-13 19:36:22

400 calories eaten so far, so 800 for this evening. I fear it may not be enough.......blush

StrictlySazz Fri 18-Oct-13 07:28:18

I've not weighed but was pretty good last night and had chicken salad washed down with wine. Had some bread and a few chilli almonds but could have been worse!

Going to try and shred this morning......

Sounds yummy Sazz, looking forward to some wine of my own tonight!

Disappointingly +1 at 12 4.5 <sigh> but this may be due to digestive issues i really need a poo... so not getting too annoyed and not seeking solace in the cake tin!

Loti hope your foot is feeling better.

Helga eat the biscuits if you want, breastfeeding cancels out many sins!

StrictlySazz Fri 18-Oct-13 10:16:09

Ah boo Fjorn, but well done on the determination front.

Level 3 shred and 2k (hilly) run done. Won't cancel out tonight's Chinese I suspect but better than not doing anything.

In negative calories so far today grin

StrictlySazz Fri 18-Oct-13 10:29:19

Ah boo Fjorn, but well done on the determination front.

Level 3 shred and 2k (hilly) run done. Won't cancel out tonight's Chinese I suspect but better than not doing anything.

In negative calories so far today grin

StrictlySazz Fri 18-Oct-13 10:29:55


So today's weigh in is 11.1.4 which is 1 down from last Sunday. Not sure how considering the amount of biscuits I ate but not complaining. I seem to be stuck at just over 11 so my (hopefully) short term goal is to be 10 something within 2 weeks.

StrictlySazz Fri 18-Oct-13 14:51:22

Helga - I know only too well the 'stuck at just over 11!'

10 something in 2 weeks will definitely be achievable smile

Strictly - not if I keep having Chinese takeaways! Been quite good today though

StrictlySazz Sat 19-Oct-13 15:54:56

I had Chinese and beer last night Helga. No cheese, even though offered <preens>

32 lengths swum today and 1/2 hour splashing around with kids in pool.

Out for dinner again tonight though....

StrictlySazz Mon 21-Oct-13 07:03:11

+4.75 to 11.1 so not so bad as last week although I'm not sure why if in honest

Back to self imposed boot camp this week and am going to try and exercise every day and stick to 1200 calories before next mini break next weekend......

luckoftheirish Mon 21-Oct-13 11:06:15

Hello all hope you are well and ploughing along smile

I am also +4 sazz I am trying to be more healthily and ditching the rubbishy food so hoping this is just a temporary gain!

Out this am at 6 for a brisk 45 mins walk with pal. Have missed it too much and got home before the rain started smile

Another +4, was worse but been struck down with kids' tummy bug <ewww> so wavering between not hungry and needing carbs!

StrictlySazz Mon 21-Oct-13 18:13:57

Walk sounds great in the morning LoTI - I your foot better? I managed to soldier through Level 1 shred this evening with the dd's after work. Not v enjoyable but ticked off smile

Fjorn, poor you sad although hope there are some silver linings grin

StrictlySazz Tue 22-Oct-13 07:10:26

Despite a fast day (after exercise), only 0.5 off. Boo.

Need to keep motivation up.....

It'll come off today Sazz I'm sure <wise face>

I am down a paltry 0.75 to 12 7.75, prob due to the chips and then treacle cake & custard I had for tea blushgrin Fasting today so might lose a couple more with a bit of luck...

StrictlySazz Tue 22-Oct-13 12:10:36

Managed to get motivation sufficient for level 2 AND level 3 shred. Pooped now!

I take it you are feeling slightly less queasy Fjorn grin

I like this thread because if I miss a day or two of posting then things haven't moved on too much!

Started using mfp again yesterday. Have used it on and off before but not since I got pregnant. Obviously have upped calories a bit (am going for 1700) and I'm not going to stress if I go over. I just need some sort of accountability.

lol Helga we are not exactly setting the boards alight are we... you should have seen us on our ante/postnatal threads though. We could fill one of those buggers in a fortnight <wistful sigh> grin

Down today so broken the Wednesday 12 7 pattern and am 12 5.5 grin So really hoping to be 12 3 or ideally lower by Friday... then it's half term and it all bloody goes back on again

StrictlySazz Wed 23-Oct-13 07:42:31

Another small loss to 10.13 although I do feel my body is toning due to the extra exercise which is great. Well done Fjorn; not sure I'll manage evens this week but am determined to be good to Friday evening.

Helga - you will generally find not a lot of posting in the school holidays - I think I didn't post for about 6 weeks in the summer blushgrin

I know what you mean about accountability - without it my portions creep up and exercise falls off and weight gradually goes up. I use Food focus but I think mfp is probably better now.

LOTI - if you are reading this, we'll miss you on here but please do concentrate on your health and I hope you find a GP who is more use than a chocolate teapot. If I ever manage to get out for an early morning walk/run, you will be my inspiration smile

StrictlySazz Wed 23-Oct-13 10:45:45

2.5k run, 1hr brutal circuits, 10 m

StrictlySazz Wed 23-Oct-13 10:46:18

Mins powerplate. Stoopid phone!

Of to sit in the sauna now....

StrictlySazz Thu 24-Oct-13 07:50:30

2.25 off to 10.10.75 which is 1/2lb more than last 2 thurs despite 5 exersazz. But definitely feel slimmer smile

Am going to try and shred tonight with dd's and tomorrow's meal is canx so a bit less temptation!

Glad to hear the exersazz is working on your wobble Sazz grin

Stupidly I ate a slice of DD's pizza last night but managed not to go carb crazy after that. Still 12 5.5 this morning, on a fast day so we'll see what happens. -3 would be brilliant grin deluded

Weighed myself this morning after 3 days of sticking to 1700 calories a day and I'm down to 10.13.2!!

And I'm not even tracking that accurately. I'm not counting butter or milk and I'm not weighing anything and just taking a guess at portion sizes.

StrictlySazz Thu 24-Oct-13 20:00:15

Well done Helga - I think tracking your food leads to more mindful eating rather than shoving it in and weighing yourself with fingers x'd and eyes closed grin

Level 1 shred done this evening, so 6 exersazz this week. Woo woo! Sadly half term will not inv

StrictlySazz Thu 24-Oct-13 20:01:47

Olve the same level of commitment I'm sure hmm

Fjorn - delusion is fine grin

bubalou Thu 24-Oct-13 22:41:27

Ds is 5 and 2months.

I am currently 10.6st
I was 11.6 after having ds 5 years ago.

About 3 years ago however I was 9.8 - I am determined to get there again!


StrictlySazz Fri 25-Oct-13 07:53:14

Hi Bubalou - was you DS born in aug 08? Both Fjorn and I have aug 08'ers smile

Are you following any plan or just eat less, move more? Helga and I are calorie counting using mfp/ff and Fjorn is 5:2 ing it.

Friday is official weigh in day.......

For me, evens at 10.10.75. Grrrrrrr.

Hello Bubalou do we know you???? Welcome smile

Helga that's excellent work, well done!!!

Sazz bugger re evens, but at least it's not up and you are well in the 10s now envy

I managed -2 yesterday to get down to 12 3.5 so it's taken two weeks to lose the cheese and wine weight from your house sazz! Bit disappointed it's taken so long but at least it's gone. Roll on half term... grin

StrictlySazz Sat 26-Oct-13 07:53:18

Evens again which is ok as had a beer out last night. Better than you I suspect Fjorn winkgrin

I have stuck to 1700 calories now for 5 days so I'm allowing myself 2000 a day over the weekend.

Hope you enjoyed your 2000 calorie days Helga!

Oh I have fallen at the weekend hurdle for the 237th week in a row blushblushblush and consequently +6.5 to 12 10 <sigh> was very nice cheese wine crisps & cake though... Hoping to break the holiday pattern though so fasting today in anticipation of pub tomorrow wish me luck!

Managed pretty well yesterday and down to 12 7.5 today. Pub cancelled as too tired thanks to DS' inability to reset his body clock <sigh> so going to drink beer and eat pizza at home instead blush

StrictlySazz Wed 30-Oct-13 07:00:16

+5.5 to 11.2.25 after 4 days of eating loads and no real exercise but had a lovely time smile. Need to get back on track ASAP but working the rest of this week so exercise harder to fit in.

Glad to keep you company on the sinners bench Fjorn grin

How was your weekend Helga?

Things are slipping a bit! Maybe week on/week off is the way to go!

StrictlySazz Wed 30-Oct-13 22:53:33

Done ok today with food, although no exercise. Thought about shredding when I got home from work and then swiftly despatched that thought.
I WILL try harder tomorrow as feeling more wibbly wobbly already <sigh>

StrictlySazz Thu 31-Oct-13 06:59:10

Back to 10.11.75 so 1lb on for the week which I'm quite frankly amazed by - element of muscle weight loss I fear hmm

Helga - I think it depends how important the loss is to you - when I lost 4 stone I had to do it ALL the time. As you can see now I am happy to go up and down a bit, hopefully with a small trend downwards.

I weighed myself this morning and I'm down .5.

When I wasn't tracking my weight was staying pretty stable. It's only since I started tracking I've lost weight. It's the fact I'm breast feeding that stops me going all out. I found it easy the first week, but this week I've struggled a bit (salted caramel Hagen Dazs is LUSH) and I've still lost a bit.

StrictlySazz Thu 31-Oct-13 21:49:56

No exercise but have stayed within 1200 cals today so hopefully have stopped any gains! Going to the gym and taking DC's swimming and will try and do similar at the weekend too now I have renewed their membership.

Well done on the loss Helga - slow and steady and you'll get there. I never lost any weight whilst breastfeeding as my body seemed to hang on to it and it was much easier once I stopped (c.12 months for both)

Fjorn - where ARE you??? Eating the leftover Halloween sweets? <tsk> grin

StrictlySazz Fri 01-Nov-13 07:01:54

Back to last Friday's official weigh in of 10.10.75. Would love to kick on and downwards again this week, but need to get my exercise mojo back.

Oh dear oh dear oh dear blushgrin

Well done on your evens week Sazz [impressed] No such commitment to weightloss luck here obv, up 5.5 on last FRiday. Oops! Did manage two days off booze and a fast day during half term so small progress! Should get it all off by next Friday....

StrictlySazz Fri 01-Nov-13 09:24:06

Sorry to hound you grin

Lol Sazz I left myself wide open for abuse grin

StrictlySazz Fri 01-Nov-13 14:08:38

7.5k walk/run with hills/sprints/arm weights and 5 min powerplate. Just about to take dd's for a swim.

Friend coming round later for wine so shall no doubt undo all the good work hmmgrin

10.12.2 today. I've not really tracked cals the last few days. I'll get back to tracking Monday and just be mindful over the weekend.

BIG non scale victory though. I have a pair of cheap Penny's wellies. It's been months since I wore them and they were really tight. I was going to chop them down and turn them into ankle wellies. Was going walking the dog today so pulled them out to try and they slipped straight on!!! Now I was only wearing leggings so nothing thick but I was delighted!

If I ever mention Penny's I mean Primark. It's called Penny's here in Ireland.

StrictlySazz Fri 01-Nov-13 16:24:27

Helga, by my reckoning that's c.5.5lbs off in 3 weeks - well done smile

Excellent news re willies - it's the small things that keep you going I think.

Logged food and wine for today and still have a few in the bank for undoubted crisp munchies later blush

strictly umm small willies aren't a problem!! wink

StrictlySazz Fri 01-Nov-13 21:19:16

FFS blush

StrictlySazz Sat 02-Nov-13 07:49:37

-2 this morn

StrictlySazz Sat 02-Nov-13 07:52:51 to 10.8.75???!!!

Don't believe it for one minute but it looked nice

StrictlySazz Sat 02-Nov-13 07:54:18

..on the scales grin

Bioomin ham fisted phone typing. Gah.

That's brilliant! Well done.

StrictlySazz Sat 02-Nov-13 14:12:27

I'm not sure i believe it tbh. Last weekend included Chinese, fish and chips, alcohol, cake and crisps and little exercise.

Maybe I should move to Scotland grin

5k run, 10 mins powerplate, 1hr Pilates. Left me wiped out! Eaten now and hangover gone do feel better.

StrictlySazz Sun 03-Nov-13 09:01:03

Found the lost 2lb grin

StrictlySazz Mon 04-Nov-13 08:09:57

Up 1.5 on Friday to 10.12.25 which is really rather good given what I have eaten! Need to get back on it today but DC are off and I'm not working, so has the potential to go wrong.....

Good work Sazz, I'm sure you have the willpower to be good despite all the distraction.

Well guess what, another half term and another massive fuck up by me. You must be bored of reading about my inability to stop eating; I am certainly bored of typing it... Back up to 12 12.5 this morning so up 9 over half term <sigh>

So, last chance saloon again, it's just over 7 weeks to Christmas and I would really like to be comfortably under 12 by then hollow laugh just 2 a week, I can do that right????

Up 1 pound from Friday to 10.13.2. Happy with that as there was half a big bag of Doritos involved late last night.

The plan for this week is to try and stick to 1700 calories per day. There isn't actually too much food in the house to tempt me. Things went wrong last week as there was Hagen daz involved!

StrictlySazz Mon 04-Nov-13 22:29:31

Never bored by you lovely smile

And I refuse to believe you have over eaten by 27,000 calories (3,000 to add one 'real' lb IIRC) so you won't have been so far derailed.

2lb a week is do-able but I think you can only have one 'bad' day/eve at the weekend. How about posting here once in the morning and once in the evening so we can kick your butt?

Are you able to do any exercise or are you still feeling poorly? Even 1/2 hr walk around at lunchtime is about 2.5k and may make you feel better with fresh air and away from office cakes?

Oops for being scuppered by the Doritos Helga. It happens to the best of us. Frequently

I've done ok today - should have made it within cals and hope to fast tomorrow. No shredding done again <sigh>

StrictlySazz Tue 05-Nov-13 07:02:14

Evens. Boo.

LOL sazz you are a sweetie smile of course it's not all actual lard, and was down 3 this morning (or 2, can't actually remember blush) plus got my period so maybe that's a bit more water retention to wee out.

Am feeling quite a bit better actually thanks, prob 90% better. Tinnitus got pretty loud again since Saturday which has usually led to a big increase in dizziness but only a bit this time so maybe it is slowly healing. Got my appt with ENT on 16th December so will maybe be cured by then grin Still not up for running or shredding though! Have walked about 3.5 miles today and will walk 2.5 on Thursday and Friday so that's an improvement on zero exercise.

Anyway hope your fasting day has good success today Sazz. My tummy is rumbling, need to ignore the marshmellows we failed to toast grin

Well done for keeping under 11 Helga, and what's a few doritos between friends??? grin

StrictlySazz Wed 06-Nov-13 07:34:50

Glad to hear you are feeling a bit better Fjorn - have you had any tinnitus counselling - it was very good.

Back to Friday's weight so hoping to shift some by this Fri. Circuits this morning so hope this will re-engergise my exercise a bit.

Happy Wednesday all smile

StrictlySazz Wed 06-Nov-13 12:57:40

2.5k run, 1hr circuits, 10 mins powerplate.

Oh and I got my hair cut too, so must be a few extra oz!

Not sure what happened! Yesterday had a kinder egg, 1.5 corned beef & coleslaw roll & 3 "big & chunky" cookies (in addition to breakfast & dinner. Weighed myself this morning and I'm 10.10.8. I really don't know how I managed that!

StrictlySazz Wed 06-Nov-13 19:49:32

Arrghhhh, computer not letting me post on MN again hmm

Helga - I think just by more mindful eating you will lose even if you have some blip days. Other weigh ins can just be WTF confused

I had better start pulling my running socks up as you are only 0.05lb behind me competitive, moi?? grin

StrictlySazz Thu 07-Nov-13 07:32:03

1.75 down to 10.9. Woo hoo smile

Just hoping it stays off for official weigh in tomorrow.....

StrictlySazz Thu 07-Nov-13 07:33:40

Oh and I'm considering Jillians 6 week 6 pack DVD (which I have but haven't really done). About 6 weeks till Xmas.

Still only considering the thought mind you grin

Woo hoo sazz you're doing brilliantly! Are you off out to the pub tonight? If so I'd claim that weight for the week!!!

Helga you are doing really well too despite all your slippages grin

I am down to 12 7 so 'only' 3.5 up on pre-half term with today's fast going well so might get closer than that with a bit of wee luck grin

No tinnitus counselling as yet, have done it a bit arse-about-face as had MRI before seeing anyone ENT. Got my first appointment on 16 Dec (4 months after first incidence of dizziness hmm) so I will probably be used to it by then...

StrictlySazz Thu 07-Nov-13 20:05:03

Thanks Fjorn - have just re-read the last thread and it's the lightest I have been all year. Not sure whether that deserves a hmm blush or smile tbh!

The t

StrictlySazz Thu 07-Nov-13 20:07:48

Feckin phone - still can't post from pooter.

Tinnitus counselling was very good as the guy explained what it was, probable causes, things which would make it worse and how to train your brain not to hear it. I accept he was probably a v good one and you might not get so lucky. Actually he was different from ent consultant.

Right, off for steak and salad tea. No pub grin

StrictlySazz Fri 08-Nov-13 06:57:23

Woo hoo. -2.75 on the week to 10.8.0. Glad I have broken the evens trend if the last couple of weeks smile

Friends for dinner tonight but pretty quiet weekend after that so shouldn't be too bad.....

That's great work and well deservered smile sadly no such success here, am down 3 but still up 2.5 on half term after a week of being pretty good. So 12 6 which is better but NOT GOOD. Can I manage a good weekend????

Reasonably good weekend so far, only up 2 this morning which is fairly miraculous for me blush and not boozing tonight so Monday morning damage may be more undoable than normal. It helps that DH has decided he is too fat too (at 6 foot 3 he weighs same as 5' 7" me shock) so he isn't tempting me with stuff grin

StrictlySazz Sun 10-Nov-13 18:18:55

This has been a terrible weekend for me. Loads of food and no exercise. Boo.

Well done on your abstinence Fjorn, fingers x'd tomorrow will be a positive result smile

Helga - how are you getting on?

StrictlySazz Mon 11-Nov-13 08:57:08

+3.5 but feels more like half a stone. Bleugh.

Isn't it funny, you are bleurghing at +3.5 and I am grin at +3! Came a bit undone with cake and homemade sausage rolls yesterday but swerved booze so starting the week relatively ok. Of course the lack of booze means there'll be nothing to wee out... Here's to another healthy week Sazz, hope you get exersazzing too smile

How's it going Helga?

Loti if you are sneaky reading this hope you are doing ok matey xxx

StrictlySazz Mon 11-Nov-13 19:45:13

Just feels more than +3.5. Maybe it was +1stone 3.5 and I missed the first bit grin

Am coming towards my period which oddly makes me generally lose so maybe that is contributing to overeating and bleugh too. Limped through today so should stay within 1200. Need to exercise tomorrow as working when I normally do circuits.

Luckoftheirish Mon 11-Nov-13 20:09:29

I am still checking in grin

Well done on last week loss sazz and am sure this week will be good too don't lose the faith smile

Fjorny fingers crossed for a good week only 44 days til Xmas don't u know!!

Battling along here tis v v hard but trying to keep the exercise up. Did really well last week but been scuppered by poorly dd1 atm hmm but hoping to get back to the gym at some point this week smile

StrictlySazz Tue 12-Nov-13 07:09:10

Hi loti, nice to see you smile

Still +3.5 here <sigh>

StrictlySazz Tue 12-Nov-13 12:51:23

8k hilly walk/jog (forgot my water bottle so couldn't exert too much energy all at once hmm) followed by 6 week, 6 pack Level 1. Didn't really get into the groove of it if I'm honest but it's 1/2hr focus on my wobbly tum so won't have been wasted.

No gym this week as working tomorrow but will try and fit something in before going away again on Friday to a hotel with lots of yummy food and wine

Was 10.10.8 yesterday but 10.12.somthing this morning. I'd like to be 10.7 for Christmas so need to stop buying choc chip&hazelnut cookies!!

Hey loti, lovely to see you smile hope it's going OK. Poor DD, she does keep you out of the gym! Hope she is feeling better soon too smile

Helga you are comfortably in the 10s though, well done! Maybe have a day off biscuits tomorrow though... grin

Sazz bugger re evens, it'll all come off tomorrow I'm sure. Your walk / run sounds sort of lovely, it's been a gorgeous day here while I have been stuck at work <sigh>

My non-catastrophic weigh in yesterday did indeed mean I didn't have loads to wee out so only down 1 this morning to 12 8. Been fasting today so might have better news in the morning. Tummy rumbling...

StrictlySazz Wed 13-Nov-13 07:04:26

Down 1 here too. I need another overnight loss of 2.75 like last week to have any hope. Tis all my own fault though....

Two off for me <phew> so back to friday's 12 6 with two days to go till weigh in. Being good today (hopefully!) and fasting again tomorrow so really hoping i can get back to pre-half term weight by Friday.

Sazz I'm sure you'll manage it! Are you gymming or running today?

StrictlySazz Wed 13-Nov-13 10:02:21

I'm in a taxi back from a meeting in London so had 5 am start today <yawn>. Not sure what that will do for my eating patterns as starving already. I am working from i

StrictlySazz Wed 13-Nov-13 10:04:18

Home this avo so might manage a quick shred later.

Congrats in 2 off Fjorn - I need to channel your weekend absteinance.....

Helga - hope you have stepped away from the biscuits!

StrictlySazz Wed 13-Nov-13 13:59:32

Level one shred with weights done followed by a Rice Krispie cake

Read a thread earlier in the chat section, was titled something like "don't want to be a fat mummy". Was people talking about binge eating and even though it's been years since I binged, it's all I can think about right now. Fuck.

StrictlySazz Wed 13-Nov-13 20:47:43

Oh Helga, sorry to hear it has been triggering sad

Just always remember it is always the first 2 or 3 mouthfuls of any food which taste delicious; the rest is mostly treating your body like a dustbin. And we are NOT dustbins. We all deserve to be healthy and happy and it IS within our ability to make that happen.

Stay strong and move forwards. Tis a better place smile

Honestly sazz you could have given us the pep talk before I ate a few biscuits blushblushblush

Fasting again tomorrow though so will undo my greed today...

StrictlySazz Wed 13-Nov-13 21:59:09


I have retreated to the bath as dh has had a shit day and opened some wine so I am hiding here to avoid temptation <weak willed>

Back hurting from the 6w6p DVD yesterday sad. Think I should stick to running and shred where I can do the moves without hurting myself.

Reasonable on food today but no fasting as u was up too early!

StrictlySazz Thu 14-Nov-13 06:43:18

-1.5 to 10.9. Period arrived today, just in time for my romantic evening away tomorrow angry

Think I need to squeeze some exercise on today if I have any hope of a loss for the week.

Well done on the wine swervage and the loss Sazz. Bugger re period but will that lead to another couple of lbs off?

Biscuits and blue cheese led to +1 from yesterday. I am such a nob <sigh> and will never get back under 12 at this rate... Fasting now, got tuna salad to look forward at teatime and hoping against hope for a -4 overnight...

Made it through the evening without a binge and today the urge has passed. Thanks for the pep talk! It really took me by surprise because it has literally been YEARS and I would never have called myself a binge eater as I didn't do it that often, maybe every few months. It was usually linked to a period in my life when I was unhappy or anxious. I'm the happiest I've ever been now and not generally anxious (besides new baby and elderly parents).

StrictlySazz Thu 14-Nov-13 19:48:51

Glad to hear you are in a happy place Helga smile. Focus on happy and healthy. That's what I tell the kids!

Fjorn - you nob cheese grin

Good luck on the -4. Stranger things have happened.....

Sadly my period arrival is not typically accompanied by loss; I lose it in the week before hmm. Done ok for food today but dh is trying to derail me with bubbles as I had some good work news today. I am back to hiding on the bath with squash but may have a celebratory G&ST later. All within cals obvs wink

StrictlySazz Fri 15-Nov-13 07:44:12

Still at 10.9 so +1 for the week. Really need to have a better weekend (same story)

So, away tonight so will have tonight off and try to get back on with it Sat. Will try and come here and post to keep me on the straight and narrow. Gym this morning so can bank a few calories for later.

Sadly -4 was beyond my ability, -2 overnight to 12 5 so down 1 on the week but still +1.5 on the Friday before half term. Bugger.

Sazz hope you have a fab weekend envy you may not be down this week but you are way down in the 10s so are nearly at your target!

Helga well done for avoiding the binge. Hope you have a lovely weekend too smile

My next task is to stop eating. Just had my cottage cheese salad lunch and finished it off with a chocolate chip cookie. Want another biscuit now despite being v full. Got to resisit...

StrictlySazz Fri 15-Nov-13 12:55:33

Where are you ladies for Friday weigh in?? <cracks whip>>

1hr brutal circuits and 10 mins powerplate. Hoping to go for a walk this avo smile

This morning I also signed myself up for a mini triathlon at the gym -2.5k run, 10k bike and 800m swim. I won't beat my time if 2 years ago but thought fuck it, can't hurt to do it even if I will be slower.

StrictlySazz Mon 18-Nov-13 06:44:34

+4 oops. Also crushed my toe which might hurt rather a lot when trying to do a triathlon. Grrrrr

Back to it today.....

Ouch Sazz what did you do to your toe? Joining in Strictly on Saturday??? Hope it feels better soon.

Am with you on the +4 too <sigh> despite no booze on Sunday again. And so far just eating cake today shock <shoots self> but it's so cold in our house that the shivering must be using up a few calories...

StrictlySazz Mon 18-Nov-13 18:15:23

I opened the airing cupboard door onto it, such that the corner gouged out the flesh around my second toe. Lots of blood and still feckin hurts <twat>

Food ok today but not brilliant. Missed lunch so got tempted by leftover sandwiches from a meeting. Will try to resolve with smaller tea.

Lots of cake in this house as dd's birthday, so will be out fur tea one night as well....

Ouch you nobber grin that's just the sort of thing i'd do hope it gets better v quick.

Not too good here either, not too bad either but quite a few wedges with tea. Tomorrow is a fasting day so hoe to get the weekend loss off then. Will be having similar cakey issues for DD's birthday at the weekend, also fish and chips for tea, yum, but countered by not much drinking on Saturday night as have DD plus four other 7 yo girls for a sleepover. Fuck what have I agreed to????

StrictlySazz Mon 18-Nov-13 22:03:52

Ha ha, I started off with 2 children staying on Sat but one bailed out when another child went home as had been arranged grin

You lucky bugger!!! I'm sure five squealing girls will be fine... <twitches>

Down 1.5 to 12 7.5 so a bit down on last Tuesday. Fasting today, well mainly drinking tea tbh. There is a box of luxury cadbury's biscuits on the cabinet next to my desk <wails>. I'm not sure I can resist the temptation grin

StrictlySazz Tue 19-Nov-13 12:30:28

Resist, resist, RESIST!!

Evens here which is not unusual for a tues so pressed on with 8k walk/run in the sunshine smile

I keep forgetting to weigh myself! Wondering if it's subconscious! Made a caramel apple cake yesterday but I'm trying not to eat it all by myself!

Mmmm caramel apple cake sounds lush Helga <drool> save me a bit!!

Managed to keep away from the biscuits today <phew>, do OK if I have the definite 'no' of a fast day; let's see how tomorrow goes hollow laugh the plan is that I am not having anything apart from my brekker yoghurt and lunch salad. It's not long to Christmas and it's just food. I CAN DO IT!!!

Sazz your exercise sounds lovely, it's looked like a gorgeous day from the grim interior of my office. Hope this means your toe is feeling better smile

StrictlySazz Wed 20-Nov-13 07:17:18

A poor -1. Need to do better......

Good luck swerving the cake today then Sazz esp if L had you up at the crack of dawn grin -1 better than nowt.

I amazingly managed -2.75 and am down to 12 4.75 grin so really not having any biscuits today and seeing if I can do a proper loss this week...

Right - finally got on the scales and I'm 10.11. I'm very happy with that considering. The cake is almost finished!

StrictlySazz Wed 20-Nov-13 15:57:27

You're lighter than me Helga, so well done on that!

3k run, 1hr circuits and 2 hrs shopping <phew>

Out for birthday curry tonight to undo it all......

StrictlySazz Wed 20-Nov-13 15:58:08

Oh, and vair envy of your -2.75 Fjorn.

Hope you enjoyed your curry Sazz smile

Well done on keeping your weight down despite cake Helga! That tends to be my downfall I'm afraid... blush

managed another 1.25 off yesterday though despite it not being a fast day shock so down to 12 3.5 which is what I weighed before half term. Will my fasting today lead to actual loss????

Another 1.5 off! Making -3 for the week and 12 2 overall gringringrin Still a loooong way to go but v relieved!

Where are you guys??? While waiting for congratulations on my loss this week i have ended up eating many many pringles...blush blush blush

Well done Fjor!!!

I'm 10.10.4 this morning. Which is -.6. We did the food shop Wednesday and have very little junk in the house (if you don't count crisps! And a tub of ben&jerrys).

After the success of my caramel apple cake I'm planning on making apple & cinnamon muffins this week or next week.

StrictlySazz Fri 22-Nov-13 23:19:18

I'm in copenhagen drinking cocktails!

+5.5 today to 12 7.5. Oops! In my defence was soooo tired after DD's birthday sleepover that I needed mucho cake just to keep going, and also Sunday evening wine to blot the memory out... Hoping for a better day today!

Sazz hope you had a brilliant weekend envy why were you in copenhagen though?

Still 10.10.4. Happy with that seeing as it involved orange marmalade & brown bread ice cream.

Jealous of Copenhagen! DH & I used to go to Frankfurt end of November the last few years. Didn't this year due to DD but hoping to start going again next year.

StrictlySazz Mon 25-Nov-13 20:17:31

Just a girls weekend away Fjorn grin

Cocktails, food and obligatory Danish pastries a plenty. Eek. Not done much better today tbh and very wobbly.

I am voting for somewhere warmer next year though. Twas very cold as I imagine Frankfurt would be too.

Mmmmm Danish pastries... <drool> I could just scoff a custardy one right now!

Yesterday ended up a write-off, finished the cake and moved onto the leftover Celebrations blush but it's all gone now so easier to be good when there is no temptation! Fasting today so should hopefully see some loss, although off to a Temple Spa sales pitch party tonight, ooh get me hmm so not sure what that will involve in terms of drinks / nibbles. Not far but driving anyway so can't really drink anyway <phew>. Still sooooo tired all I want to do is crawl into bed.

Anyway managed -1.5 yesterday so not utterly shabby, 12 6. Would love to get under 12 before Christmas, I have 3 weeks & 2 days till my work's Christmas food fest on 19th at which points all bets are off grin so that's doable right???

ServicePlease Tue 26-Nov-13 19:34:24

No chance of me stepping near the scales blush

Not bad today but also no where near a fast and no exercise as have been working all day. Back to circuits tomorrow and hope that will kick start the energy and motivation levels.

Name change as bored......

Another 2.5 off, despite a glass of wine at my friend's house! So 12 3.5 and feeling quite determined. Not fasting so the work biscuit tin will be whispering its chocolatey siren call today, I MUST RESIST!!!!

Sazz I bet you are nowhere near as bad as you think after only a couple of days off. Hope you get abck to the gym today.

Helga oooh I love brown bread icecream, haven't had it for years <drool> are you being good this week?

Just got to work and realised i have box of salad leaves but no cottage cheese so no lunch for me sad this could go either way...

ServicePlease Wed 27-Nov-13 09:29:06

+4 to 10.13. Not great for a weds but only +1 on last weds so could be worse.

Fjorn - think that's a fast day for you then! Helps with the biscuit swervage.....

Luckoftheirish Wed 27-Nov-13 09:49:11

Still lurking egging you all on smilesmilesmile

Already had a biscuit blushblush But, this was for brekker and trying to save my yog & fruit until at least 11 then that can sort of be my lunch and will keep me going till I get home from work.

+1 on last Wednesday not too bad Sazz after a massive weekend away. Have a good day today and see what happens. Is it pub night tomorrow night or do you have one more day to squeeze weightloss in before Friday's weigh in?

Wotcha loti, lovely to see you smile how's it going matey? x

ServicePlease Wed 27-Nov-13 14:06:12

Hey Lotster, thanks for the support smile

Made it to the gym despite a zillion emails from work hmm. 2.5k run, 10k bike, 1 hr circuits (although not really strenuous ones) and 5 mins powerplate.

Triathlon on Sat <eek>. Just hoping I remember how to swim grin

Still at 10.10.4.

To help motivate myself I grabbed a fitbit flex from Amazon Black Fridays deals. As far as I know I can make it sync with mfp for logging my food as well.

I'm not being too good at the moment but at least I'm staying the same weight and not going up. Might try to get to 10.7 for Christmas though!

I'm making apple & cinnamon crumb muffins this weekend though to take to in laws on Sunday! Licking the spoon while baking is the best part!

ServicePlease Wed 27-Nov-13 17:57:44

I seem to have pretty much had a fast day so far as been too busy to eat confused

Not sure whether I will continue it, but as I must have burned at least 500 cals at the gym this morning, so I think I can count it as a pretty good day whatever.

Well done on the staying even Helga - if you can do that with a little push every week i'm sure you can get to 10.7 by Xmas.

When I stepped on the scales this morning they registered 11.4 - I nearly fell off them again!!

ServicePlease Thu 28-Nov-13 07:35:11

-2.75 to 10.10.25. Really would like to get under the 10's tomorrow. No pub tonight Fjorn grin

Boo for lack of pub but yay for big loss Sazz grin hope you can get to 10 9 something by tomorrow!

I'm down 1 more despite slightly more biscuits than necessary to 12 2.5 so just 0.5 more to be levels. Fasting again today, drinking tea like it's going out of fashion & having a little bit of chicken curry with cauliflower rice for tea so fingers crossed I might even have a tiny loss despite mucho cake grin had a bit of a clothes try-on last night and stuff is starting to get a bit less tight <phew>

ServicePlease Fri 29-Nov-13 06:51:09

Evens this morning at 10.10.25. Slightly disappointed but never mind. I shall continue....

Well done in the fast day Fjorn and yay for looser clothes smile

Ended up with a mad craving for chocolate which I did indulge a bit blush so I am evens too <sigh>

I think we should be reasonably pleased though really Sazz after the weekends we had!

Still 3 weeks to go, I WILL be under 12 before Christmas...

Still stuck at 10.10.4.

I have my eye on a weighing scale on the Amazon Black Friday deals so I'll be trying to get to 10.7 for Christmas and then really up the exercise and tracking in the new year.

ServicePlease Fri 29-Nov-13 12:58:09

Lol Helga - I was wondering if your scales are actually working grin. It is a very specific weight to be stuck at!

Lol @ chocolate ambush.

Triathlon tomorrow so no wine for me tonight....

Good luck with the triathlon. I'm a bit in awe, I can't swim, can only slow jog for a minute and haven't been on a bike in 20 years!

Missed the weighing scales but might buy myself a fitbit scales as I'm getting the fitbit flex.

ServicePlease Fri 29-Nov-13 19:56:56

I won't be anywhere near as 2 years ago due to foot injury, fuck all training and a cold. If I feel really crap tomorrow I might canx.

2 years ago I think I did:

2.5k run: 11.36
10k bike: 14 mins something
400m swim: 7.40 ish

So about 33 mins all in. Likely to be well over 35 this time I would guess.

Good luck Sazz you utter nutter

ServicePlease Sat 30-Nov-13 07:20:50

Ha ha, thanks Fjorn. I do feel pretty ropey with my cold and think DH might stop me doing it.

Anyhoo, due to no Friday night excesses, am down 0.75 to 10.9.5 which is good.

Oh poor you feeling poorly sad are you wussing out or not?

Got my period which sent me scuttling to the biscuit tin last night feeble excuse although was pretty good at work, anyway am +1 so not too bad for a saturday morning. Thinking of dragging my two round town in a bit for some exercise and fresh air. Must be stupid...

ServicePlease Sat 30-Nov-13 10:29:30

2.5k run: 11.59
10k bike: 14.18
400m swim: 8.29 (rubbish, but couldn't breathe)

ServicePlease Sat 30-Nov-13 11:14:24

Sorry. Just flung it down as a log so I didn't forget. Total 34.46. Just under 35 lol.

Enjoy your wander Fjorn. Weather is beautiful here. We are just off for our first Xmas gathering. Eek.

Mil may drive me to drink.....

DoctorGilbertson Sun 01-Dec-13 19:39:31

Hello. I'm really not doing well with the weight loss. I weigh myself at my mums, but we don't go as much as we did now DH is here. And I do want to lose weight but hoping that it will happen doesn't seem to be working. sigh.

Hi Helga. I am awful at this weight loss lark. I turn up, say that I want to lose weight and disappear again. And have been doing this for the past 5 years.

On the plus side DD starts school in September - we have just applied for her place. She is quite bossy. Every now and then I look at her, me and my mum all together and get an awful feeling of deja vu. DS is into trains. And rockets. Both DD & DS, of course, very lovely in every way.

DoctorGilbertson Sun 01-Dec-13 19:41:04

And - did you just do a triathlon. Wow.

DoctorGilbertson Sun 01-Dec-13 19:41:41

Most impressive. Apologies for the disjointedness.

strictly that is AWESOME! I'm completely in awe!

Thanks for the welcome doctor. I have a feeling I might be a bit like you - pop up every now and again saying I want to lose weight and then disappear!

My scales finally moved this morning fsmile unfortunately they went up fsad 10.11.2

I went off and bought myself a set of fitbit scales. Stupid amount of money. Haven't used them yet, waiting till the morning. My fitbit flex should arrive in the next day or two and will have everything synced to my mfp account.

Sorry - service watching Strictly Come Dancing at the same time!

ServicePlease Mon 02-Dec-13 17:27:36

Didn't dare weigh this morning due to saturday buffet and Sunday lunch excesses blush

Well one back DrG, lovey to see you smile. Glad to hear dc's are still being gorgeous grin.

Boo to scales Helga but you haven't put on masses at all. Looking forward to hearing about fit thingummy. Synching stuff sounds well beyond my small brain though!

ServicePlease Tue 03-Dec-13 07:40:51

Pretty much evens from Friday at 10.10.5 but did have a poorly tummy yesterday. It will probably all go back on again once normal eating resumes.

18 days to xmas party. <eek>

Hellooooo DrG how lovely to hear from you smile Are you fully settled back in England now, how is DH handling it? And can't believe your DD is nearly ready for school shock

Sazz your triathlon efforts are amazing, well done! And yay for funny tummies and being evens grin

Bugger re your +1 Helga but that's not really much, I'm sure your new gadgets will ahve you losing soon grin

My weekend ended up fairly carby (eg pizza...) but not too bad on the scales and only +2.5 this morning with a fast today to sort most of that out I hope. Tbh I think my thyroid is going a bit wappy again so can't actually take any credit for restraint, that kind of weekend would normally be a +6 or +7...

Well just had a call from thyroid consultant, apparently my hormone levels are fine so weight loss is all my own hard work grin <phew>

ServicePlease Tue 03-Dec-13 15:55:52

Excellent news Fjorn - well done smile

When so you get sign off from the head man?

You are getting ahead of yourself a bit there sazz, haven't even been for my first appointment yet shock

ServicePlease Tue 03-Dec-13 22:24:48

Oh no, that's rubbish Fjorn angry

Good day today and tummy better smile. 2.5 mile walk and 1hr xmas shopping! Also bought new trainers which I am going to try without orthotics in tomorrow to see how my foot copes. Really hope I don't put myself back to square 1

ServicePlease Wed 04-Dec-13 07:15:41

-2.5 to 10.8 shock. I moved the scales 3 times to check so I'll take it! Probably not fully back to 'normal' weight after the bug.

Circuits today smile

Woo hoo Sazz that's brilliant grin enjoy circuits today smile

I am down 2.5 too! Back to last Friday's weight with two days left to lose some this week shock and there's hardly anyone at work so the biscuits will hopefully get left in the cupboard...

ServicePlease Wed 04-Dec-13 14:41:31

<high five Fjorn>

1k run, 1 hour circuits and 10 mins powerplate.

Hope you are still swerving the biscuit tin Fjorn

ServicePlease Thu 05-Dec-13 07:28:50

0.5 off to 10.7.5 - still glad it doesn't seem to be piling back on.

A bit cheaty as the last few weeks have been a bit rubbish with pretty much evens since mid oct but trying to motivate myself with the longer term trend.....

Thurs 5th sept - 11.4
Thurs 26 Sept - 10.13.0
Thurs 17 Oct - 10.10.25
Thurs 5 December - 10.7.5

So 9.5lbs off since September, which is never going to win me any weight loss speed prizes grin. Just hope I can keep it going....

Wow you're doing really well Sazz, obviously no cake for you!

I am back up 0.75 to 12 2.75 after a couple of biscuits (but not too many) and an opposite to your tummy trouble... Hoping my fasting today will do a bit of good and I can report a minus something tomorrow.

ServicePlease Thu 05-Dec-13 18:27:06

Thanks Fjorn. Going for a final push before Xmas. I was going to shred tonight as definitely need some arm toning, but the coach from the panto was an hour late back shock so I lost moment

ServicePlease Thu 05-Dec-13 18:28:03

Um after standing round in the cold waiting.

I did tromp round town at lunchtime so a bit of exercise has been taken.

ServicePlease Fri 06-Dec-13 06:52:53

0.5 off to 10.7 which is my upper end target. Yay!

That's 3.25 off for the week. Not sure whether abstemious Friday tri on sat or tummy bug helped there. Will try for another good Friday......

That's fantastic Sazz, very well done smile

I only managed 0.5 off for the week to 12 1.5, it'll do and better than going up! Really hope I can get two more off in next two weeks, I will have to try a couple of good Fridays myself blushgrin

ServicePlease Fri 06-Dec-13 11:54:33

A loss is a loss Fjorn!

Hoping to get to the gym tomorrow which usually helps reduce my 'oh fuck it' mentality which takes over at weekends...... hmmgrin


My fitbit flex arrived last night so been wearing it all day. So far have done 9600 steps (quite a lot of them just walking round the house with cranky DD)

Have been randomly tracking on mfp again. Need to keep it up. Just inhaled a mince pie though as really crave sugar when DD is being cranky.

ServicePlease Fri 06-Dec-13 22:20:58

Is it 10,000 a day recommended Helga?

Done ok-ish today. No blow outs (or random inhaling wink)

I really, really need to shred over the next 2 weeks. Arms are dreadful sad

ServicePlease Sat 07-Dec-13 08:34:51

+1 this morning so not too bad

Gym and Pilates planned this morning so hopefully will stay broadly on the straight and narrow.

ServicePlease Sat 07-Dec-13 11:15:43

2.5k run
3.5k bike
This was a meant to be a bit of cardio before Pilates, but went to the studio an it was Zumba. Gah! So went back to gym and did:
0.8k stepper
2.5k rowing
10 mins powerplate

500 calories all in!

Now off to take girls swimming <phew>

ServicePlease Sun 08-Dec-13 07:30:44

-0.5 to 10.7.5

Friends over for dinner later. Should be ok up until then grin

May try and do a cheeky shred before then

ServicePlease Sun 08-Dec-13 20:53:35

Oops blush

ServicePlease Mon 09-Dec-13 07:00:00

+2.5 for the weekend. Back to it today. Busy week here so not sure if I'll fit much exercise in but will try.

Lol I out-oops you with +5.5 shock blush but I am absoulutely riddled with a hideous cold and have been consoling myself with carbs all weekend. Still sneezing today but scales have scared me into knocking it off and back to healthy ways...

Luckoftheirish Mon 09-Dec-13 12:57:56

Fjorny you will get back on track smile

Well done on last week loss sp and I am sure today's weigh in is just from yest and will magically disappear!

Just over 2 weeks til Xmas so I am going to try and eat healthily til then!

ServicePlease Tue 10-Dec-13 07:08:12

Oh no, sorry to hear you are poorly Fjorn sad. I have been gargling tcp to ward of horrors.

Lovely to see you LOTI - I wonder if there will be an office biscuit tin the size of Fjorny's to tempt you! Have a brilliant day smile

-1 to 10.8.5

ServicePlease Tue 10-Dec-13 11:42:50

2.5 mile walk
Level 1 shred with weights


Hope your first day has gone well Loti and your new-job-nerves knocked off a lb or two grin

Sazz you put me to shame with all your exercise, well done matey!

I was down a measly 1 to 12 6 this morning, been fasting and weeing , just a small bowl of chilli with cauliflower rice for tea. Hungry now so going to bed and hoping for a few more off in the morning...

ServicePlease Wed 11-Dec-13 06:45:21

Well my extra exercise chucked in did nowt as v good with food yesterday and down a measly 0.25lb.

Circuits today bu heel really hurting again with new trainers/insole combo sad

How are you feeling Fjorn? Has the cold shifted?

Out for dinner tonight, I'll try to make good food choices......

Luckoftheirish Wed 11-Dec-13 07:17:16

Slowly slowly SP smile

Great first day but also seem to be full of cold!

Out tonight and tomorrow night shockshock

Have fun out Loti! Hope your cold disappears quickly smile

Sazz sorry to hear your foot is still dodgy sad hope you didn't console yourself with too much cheese last night...

Managed 3 off yesterday <phew> to 12 3, still 1.5 to go to break even. Trying really hard to keep away from the biscuit tin today .

ServicePlease Wed 11-Dec-13 10:45:37

No cheese yesterday Fjorn - I was very good hence surprise over small loss. Well done on your 3 off, that's brilliant smile

1.5k run, 1hr circuits, 10 mins powerplate. Wore old trainers and foot/shin not too sore yet

ServicePlease Wed 11-Dec-13 22:45:05

Dinner choices ok with only a few chips and one glass of red to scupper total healthy eating...

ServicePlease Thu 12-Dec-13 07:21:22

+1.25 to 10.9.5 which is annoying but hopefully temporary.

AF arrived today <deep joy>

That's not too bad though after a night out, so well done on the few chips!

Down 0.5 for me to 12 2.5 so still need another 1 off to be evens. Fasting today, let's see how that goes...

Also work Christmas 'party' has been brought forward to Tuesday which reduces my timeframe for pre-Christmas loss <eek>!

ServicePlease Thu 12-Dec-13 21:23:03

Well done Fjorn, keep going!

I have a works Xmas meal Monday but will try and keep up with a few good days between bad....

Felt rubbish when I got home but have (mostly) got through it with only a few choccie coins from the tree. Hopefully will be back to 100% tomorrow.

ServicePlease Fri 13-Dec-13 06:49:22

Still at 10.9.25 which I feel is a tad unfair! Still feel a bit crappy so shouldn't overdo it tonight as long as I can swerve comfort food during the day....

ServicePlease Fri 13-Dec-13 06:51:46

Yes, so it's +2.25 on the week hmm

Oh bugger Sazz, maybe you've fully caught up from your tummy bug? Or eaten a whole pound of Christmas chocs??? Hope you are feeling better today and manage to swerve all the goodies lying around.

I managed to lose a bit more yesterday so down 0.5 on the week to 12 1. Just 1.25 to go!!! never gonna happen Looking at my chart I have managed to lose the grand total of 2.5lb since 25 October shock which is bloody ridiculous <sigh> and no doubt to be repeated again this holiday. Maybe I can get a fast or two in plus some alcohol-free days hahahahahaha

Luckoftheirish Fri 13-Dec-13 12:08:22

Buggar sazz take it easy tho as you cannot be poorly for Xmas! It will melt off smile

Well done fjorny u can do 1.25 smile

Still full of cough and cold here hmm with poorly dd2 to boot and working from home my healthily eating has gone out the window shock

Wrote a post yesterday but managed to delete it before posting and never got the chance to come back.

10.9.8 at last weigh in so getting there very very slowly.

Doing shorter posts then I might get them posted!

DH was off all last week so have been eating more with him around and there have been a few takeaways and the weather has been really bad somedays so DH walking DDog on his own.

ServicePlease Sun 15-Dec-13 22:16:38

I've been hijacked by homemade sausage rolls and red wine tonight but hoping that the 10k at the gym yesterday will have counteracted it (2.5k run, 5k bike, 2.5k row). Jumped on the scales yesterday and was 10.8.5 but will be more tomorrow!

Hey Helga, well done on the loss. Slow but sure is our motto grin

ServicePlease Mon 16-Dec-13 06:58:06

-0.75 for the weekend to 10.8.5 hmm. I can categorically say I wasn't that good!

However Fridays weight was also hmm so I'll just see where I settle. Department Xmas do tonight so lot the best start to the week diet wise but should be fun smile

Good work showing a loss for the weekend sazz shock [impressed] have fun at your work's do tonight!

Good to see you are creeping downwards too Helga smile

I ended up +3 this morning to 12 4 but not too bad as had baileys and cheeseburger for tea last night! Having a fast day today as work Christmas fuddle tomorrow. Bit less exciting than yours I think Sazz!

ServicePlease Mon 16-Dec-13 23:37:41

I'm home! Drove so few alcohol calories. Probably made up for it in food though blush. Feel a bit sick now though hmm

Well done on a less bad weekend Fjorn grin

Was down 2 to 12 2 this morning but have been eating like a pig all afternoon and feeling a bit sick now blush think I am full enough to do another fast tomorrow though!

ServicePlease Tue 17-Dec-13 17:05:51

I'm feeling a bit coldy poorly today and had to do some work, so no exercise. Have been ok on food as long as I don't go mad tonight.

However no gym tomorrow and friends over dinner so this week is becoming a write off......

Luckoftheirish Tue 17-Dec-13 17:45:27

Echo the poorly bit sazz hmm hope you are on the mend

Fjorny remember the icky feeling you have tomorrow when u are fasting smile

Healthily eating gone out the window due to ill and mega busy, this working business is a hard juggling act grin

ServicePlease Wed 18-Dec-13 06:43:51

Down 0.25 to 10.8.25 so on a par with last weds.

Am missing out on my good exercise day today and friends staying tonight.

Someone needs to kick my ass to do some exercise tomorrow!

Hope the afternoon wasn't a complete write off Fjorn?

LOTI - can you make up a veg chilli or similar with loads of fresh spice and garlic to battle the bugs?

Was only away from my desk for an hour in the end, was a bit of a rubbish Christmas party to be honest fsad but didn't have any tea fshock well apart from a piece of chocolate log... so only +0.75 this morning <phew>. Am thinking of fasting today if I can avoid all the leftovers!

Hope you are feeling better today Sazz and enjoy your night with friends.

Hope youa re feeling better tooo Loti and work eases up. When's your last day before Christmas? I'm working today, half a day tomorrow as it's DS' nativity in the morning then Friday is my last day for TWO WHOLE WEEKS fgrin

Soooo close at 12 0.5 this morning! One more day of health health health before all bets are off. Hoping not to go too mad over Christmas but have hoped that many many times before fblush Haven't bought any luxury chocolate biscuits or sweets though (kids will hate me fgrin) so a bit less temptation I suppose. Lots of booze though fgrin

Where are you guys???? I've just eaten my cottage cheese salad lunch after no breakfast so as long as i keep away from the biscuits i might just nip in under 12 in the morning [excited]. Am already planning chocolate croissant breakfast treat if i manage it though fblushfblushfgrin

Luckoftheirish Thu 19-Dec-13 16:45:30

Go fjorny go go go you can do it smilesmilesmile

ServicePlease Thu 19-Dec-13 17:17:09

Sorry, I've been demolishing food and drink here grin

Friends over for dinner last night so cheese was involved and had lunch at a friend's today. I really need to be good for the 2 days before the work party on Sat night but I can feel my willpower slipping away......

Brilliant on your nearly under 12 Fjorny smile

Chocolate croissants are yucky so you deffo don't need that!

ServicePlease Fri 20-Dec-13 06:55:14

-0.75 to 10.8.5, more due to last Fridays odd weigh in!

Am keeping even (ish) this week which is an achievement in itself.

Catered lunch at work today.....

Wow Sazz they are really spoiling you at work with all your parties and food fenvy hope you have a yummy lunch! And well done on being down despite all the fun fsmile

Rather annoyingly down 0.25 on yesterday and a measly -0.75 for the week (hardly worth it!) so I didn't make it under 12 and am 12 0.25. I really wiggled on the scales too fgrin Partying starts tonight, well boozing in front of the fire wrapping presents, am going to try not to put 10 on this Christmas...

Loti are you feeling a bit better matey?

Helga how's it going?

Luckoftheirish Fri 20-Dec-13 09:21:06

What's a little 0.25 fjorny?? Well done lady and u too sazz smile

Got myself a horrible chest infection hmm look like hell too which is marvellous coming up to Xmas!!

Only positive thing is that although appetite not great craving health food only silver lining and all that wink

ServicePlease Fri 20-Dec-13 11:17:10

PMSL at wobbling on scales grin

I am being spoilt by loads of events but I really, really don't want to put it all back on again so am trying to be really good when not having food flung at me. I am going to try and get to the gym between now and Xmas eve. Still hoping to get to 10 1/2 for Xmas......

LOTI, poor you. Good to hear your body is craving good food.

ServicePlease Sat 21-Dec-13 10:46:58

Still evens at 10.8.5 think scales may be broken

ServicePlease Mon 23-Dec-13 07:17:26

+4 to 10.11.5

Clearly scales NOT broken blushgrin

Lol Sazz you have me fgrin. My scales aren't broken either, +5 fshock going to attempt a fast day today before the festivities kick off in earnest, and give my liver a bit of a breather...

Well I did manage a fast, give or take a chocolate biscuit, and got it back down to 12 1.5 <phew>. About to celebrate with toast & marmalade fblushfgrin

Well, lots and lots of booze and yesterday's cheese-fest have pushed me up quite a lot... 12 6.75 so +6.5 on the week which isn't ridiculously bad for Christmas week but still far from ideal! Trying to think before putting stuff in my mouth today fblush

Hope you are all having a magnificent Christmas with lots of goodies but not too much fgrin

4weeks Thu 02-Jan-14 01:35:20

Hi ladies, you seem to be the only thread that posts short messages with daily weigh-ins, any chance I can join you? I'm weighing tomorrow properly but suspect I'm about 12.5.... wanting to get down back to 10 and looking good for the various weddings and hen do's planned this year!

ServicePlease Thu 02-Jan-14 20:22:47

Hi 4weeks and welcome. please do join us - we are a bit crap, hence 5 years of posting grin

I am mainly succeeding in trying to keep off 4 stone I lost a few years ago. Holidays are always crap though as I let it go rather and then get back on the treadmill wagon for the start of term.

So, no weigh in just yet for me but will be back with a vengeance on Mon and will need it as I have been baaaaaaaad. Totally worth it though grin

Fjorny - sounds like you are being pretty restrained. Well done you!

4weeks Thu 02-Jan-14 23:49:56

Keeping 4 stone off is great, well done! After a low cal/carb day today of chicken and soup I'm feeling marginally better especially as scales were nice with 12.3 tonight so hoping for 12.2 in the morning. Going to walk to work and back (2x3miles) if I can motivate myself...

Hello 4 weeks, as SP says we are not the most motivatited but we do try a bit..

Unfortunately my restraint went completely tits up at a friend's for a few days for NYE. Mucho of everything and am fucking 12 11 this morning shockangryblushblushblush Hoping lots of it is water retention but looking down lots of it is actual real belly fat...

ServicePlease Sat 04-Jan-14 10:53:02

Braved scales this morning as you lot shaned me into it i was happy to be in oblivion till mon

So, was 10.8.5 on 20 Dec and in 2 weeks have put on <drum roll> 2.25lb to 10.10.75. WTAF????? I have eaten/drunk so much more than in previous years.

The only thing I can think is that the muscle wastage from 3 weeks of zero exercise and the time of the month are contributory factors. I have missed meals where I have been picking all day, so maybe I sub-consciously have balanced it out a bit, but I don't feel I have been that good.

Anyhoo, having a Chinese tonight before getting back to it properly on Monday.

Fjorn - hope your nye blow out has dropped off.

Does anyone have a target? Mine is back to between 10 and 10 1/2 stone, tone up belly and arms and get back to weekly Pilates to keep my body from seizing up again. Aiming for 3 lots of exercise per week.

<cracks whip>

4weeks Sat 04-Jan-14 12:40:35

Serviceplease, what a result but agree grazing will have helped albeit with naughty Christmas food. Long hours at work the last 2 days so no exercise but min

4weeks Sat 04-Jan-14 12:44:59

Hit post too soon.
...minimal food, weigh in today was 12.1.5. I'm going on holiday on the 31st so wanting to be 11.3 by then but know a stone in a month is tough, especially as out to dinner tonight and tomorrow. Wish me luck, I'm off for my first run in about 9 months, hmm.

ServicePlease Sat 04-Jan-14 14:31:31

Enjoy your run 4 weeks - I'm sure the endorphins will make you feel fab and reinvigorated smile

A stone in a month sounds ambitious, although I am hoping to get tones and fit by the 24th which is also ambitious grin

4weeks Sun 05-Jan-14 01:22:40

I agree ambitious, unlikely it will happen but the fear factor of the amount to lose in 4 weeks will hopefully have more of an impact than aiming for a couple of pounds if that makes sense. Run today was painful and not fun in any way shape or form except for the fact I liked the look of my workout gear (shame the red face and huffing/puffing gave the game away that I was a newbie)!

ServicePlease Mon 06-Jan-14 07:04:02

Ha ha my last weigh in was indeed a pile of poo!

Post Xmas weigh in at 11.0.5 so up 6lbs. Have lunch out today with a client and birthday dinner later in the week so can't see it being a great one if I'm honest. I will try though as I feel horrid in my work clothes.

Onwards and downwards in 2014 ladies smile

Luckoftheirish Mon 06-Jan-14 07:29:36

I am here smile brisk walk this am so start as I mean to go on! Hoping to do school run but will be working crazy hours this week so we shall see wink

SP a blip that's all smile

Is it bad of me to be a bit relieved you larded up too sazz??? blush sorry!

Am up a magnificent +11 to 12 11 (so actually 'only' +10.75...) but surely at least 6 of that is water. Hopefully can get a few off by Friday. Already hungry though after two weeks of shovelling it in blush

ServicePlease Mon 06-Jan-14 21:41:44

LOL, you're forgiven Fjorn grin

Ate loads of scrummy sandwiches for lunch but ok for tea. Will try and do some exercise tomorrow but I have so much work on I will probably just end up fire-fighting a deluge of emails. Hardly calorie burning stuff hmm

PMSL at being hungry; I can't switch off the sweets craving after mucho sugar and PMT. Bugger.

Hope you weren't too scuppered by your tea, and manage some exercise today. I am back at work and feeling very sad, it's really time for me to get a new job <sigh> but am not really good at anything, unless anyone needs someone to tit around on the internet
.. grin luckily the biscuits are absent today.

Did manage -3.25 to 12 7.75 so not all bad news smile

4weeks Wed 08-Jan-14 00:16:16

Fjor, -3.25 is great, good job. Job-wise are you a whizz at social media? could maybe be a media manager and look after someone's social sites? ...only thing I can think of that isn't eBay related.

"Looking forward" to weigh in tomorrow, although exercise bar the lonely run has been poor I've managed 700 calories today so that MUST have an impact tomorrow! ...fingers crossed for a solid 12, I was 12.1 today so it's possible.

Hope you all have good days tomorrow.

You are doing really well 4weeks! Hope you cross that stone barrier this morning.

I had another good fasting day and am down another 2.5 to 12 5.25 <phew>. Still v bad but much less v bad than 4 days ago blush. I know this massive loss is all water and once that's gone it'll slow right down again but would really like to be under 12 by the end of the month.

SP don't make it worse filling your face with cake you don't even really like do it with cheese instead wink

Loti hope you're making healthy choices but still managing to eat some real food smile

Helga have you run off??? grin

ServicePlease Wed 08-Jan-14 09:21:12

Still at 11 <sigh>

On treadmill now, so that's a (small) start.....

Well down on your great loss Fjorn and sounds like you are well into the loss groove 4weeks smile

ServicePlease Wed 08-Jan-14 13:29:46

2k run and 45 mins circuits (had to cut it short as my shoulder was twinging). Off for a sports massage this afternoon so fingers x'd it will start to ease up.

Trying to work out a plan to get to pilates regularly.....

4weeks Wed 08-Jan-14 23:54:42

12.0 weigh in today, excellent. Coffee, a Pret protein pot and banana was intake up to about 8pm then crisps and 2 glasses of wine "happened" in the pub... Aiming for a maintain of 12 tomorrow because of this. Keep it up ladies.

Wow 4weeks you are doing amazingly well! Congrats at making it down to 12 already smile

SP hope your massage sorted your shoulder out and you had a fab evening!

Scuppered by crisps at work again <sigh> blush and consequently back up a bit to 12 5.5. Fasting today so no succumbing to temptation although am hungry already <eek> better go and get a cup of tea instead...

4weeks Thu 09-Jan-14 21:06:32

Hope the fast day went well today Fjor! ...unlike you I ended up eating a burger and 2 glasses of wine - ooh not good.

The rest of the day was low cal though and I walked 3 miles so hopefully not too much damage; I maintained at 12 this morning so although 11.13 is what I want to see I think it's unlikely based on today!

Mmmmm burger and wine sounds good 4Weeks <drool> hopeit didn't scuppered you too much!

Fasting went mostly ok, ended up eating more chocolate after tea but not too much. Down to 12 4.5 which is brilliant considering i was 12 12 on Saturday but still v v bad as was just a whiskers over 12 stone 3 weeks ago! Hoping weekend Will contain some restraint ... grin

ServicePlease Fri 10-Jan-14 09:01:17

Fjorny, that is brilliant!

4weeks, I was diverted from plan by scampi & chips and cider grin

So, was 10.12.5 today. A relief to see 10 rather than 11 on the scales if I'm honest.

Looking to rediscover mojo soon...... hmm

4weeks Sat 11-Jan-14 15:52:08

11.13 on the scales today! With 2x birthdays outings this weekend I doubt I will see it again until at least Tuesday but I can live with that! Slowly but surely.....

ServicePlease Mon 13-Jan-14 09:13:18

10.13 <eek>

So, done with Xmas, new year, birthday an AF so no excuses now!

Downwards it will be......

Just 0.5 on for you this weekend spaff, that's pretty good! Lol @ my phone changing sp to spaff!

Not so good here, all went tits up again from Friday lunchtime and ended with pizza and ice cream last night blush so miraculous to be only up 2.5 to 12 7. Will do better this week!

4weeks hope you were not too undone with partying!

BingoWingsBeGone Mon 13-Jan-14 20:46:06

Unfortunately the 0.5 is real weight not just water retention I'm sure.

My arms are horrific shock

BingoWingsBeGone Mon 13-Jan-14 20:46:49

BTW I was going to rename myself spaff and then looked up the definition <bleugh>

Ewww sorry! I had no idea blush. But why did my phone know that word????? shock

BingoWingsBeGone Tue 14-Jan-14 08:15:46

Ha ha, no worries

10.11.5 today <phew>

Will try and get some sort of exercise in today...

BingoWingsBeGone Tue 14-Jan-14 12:52:36

2.5 mile walk, Shred Level 1 with weights. Yay, go me grin

4weeks Tue 14-Jan-14 19:24:09

Well done Bingo!

Joined a new gym Monday and did a 45 minute cycle, boring but necessary... got me back to a solid 11.13 this morning! 11.12 tomorrow would be fabulous but think that will happen on Thursday morning as long as I get another gym session in tomorrow.

BingoWingsBeGone Tue 14-Jan-14 20:20:19

Well done on the gym; I love it when I am there, it is just getting there which is an issue and I do manage to put it off a lot too

I usually go to circuits on a Weds which is brilliant but am working away tomorrow (on my day off hmm) so will miss it which is not ideal when I am trying to get back on track and into my regular routine. hey ho.

Do you work FT 4weeks? Walking to work sounds great but mine is 15 miles away so not really a viable option when I have childcare runs either end of the day.....

BingoWingsBeGone Wed 15-Jan-14 06:40:16

10.10.75. Right direction smile

Arms are like doughballs up close. Grim. hmmgrin

Good to see so much exercise going on, hope it's making you both feel good. My back still giving me gyp this is the latest in a loooong line of excuses... so still doing it via food alone. With you on the wings though bingo blush. Will try and remember to get some hand weights next time i am near argos in the car!

Going down though <phew> am 12 3.75 this morning so already a 'real' loss of 1.25. Hoping for 3 this week, just got to avoid period carb cravings. Luckily most of the sweet stuff at work atm is Christmas cake which i don't like so much easier to avoid temptation grin

BingoWingsBeGone Wed 15-Jan-14 20:51:45

Fjorny, you're doing really well smile. By my reckoning you are up 3.5 on 20 Dec and me 2.25 which isn't horrific. We CAN do this!

No exercise but done ok on food today smile

BingoWingsBeGone Thu 16-Jan-14 07:31:16

0.5 off to 10.10.25. Would love to be into the 9's tomorrow.

Great stuff bingo, I'm sure you'll make it, as long as it's not pub night tonight wink

I'm still 12 3..75 , hoping a combination of today's fast and losing some period bloating will lose me a lb or two... I'm really hungry though!

BingoWingsBeGone Thu 16-Jan-14 19:22:56

How has the fast been Fjorn? I have eaten bugger all the whole week well since Monday hmmgrin. Seems to be helping the reversal.

No pub tonight - that's next week so hoping for an ok weigh in tomorrow.

Lol Bingo I have only been good since Monday too blush

Had nothing to eat all day then scoffed a delicious tuna salad so feeling pretty virtuous if you ignore the mayo... scales not looking like they will be down too much tomorrow but they will be down some so that's OK. Wondering whether to have a last cuppa before bed or wiill that extra water come out in time for weigh in???

BingoWingsBeGone Fri 17-Jan-14 07:03:24

10.10.0. Bugger.

2.25 off for the week which is ok. Need more exercise.

That's pretty good bingo, you are pretty

Lol bingo i think my phone likes you grin i was saying... You're pretty close to your acceptable range so that's a good start

I'm down 2 to 12 2.5 , sure it could be more but fewer carbs plus fasting is causing my insides to hoard what they have, need some syrup of figs....

Anyway what i really need is a higher ratio of good days to greedy days. No biscuits or crisp for me today heard it all before

Luckoftheirish Fri 17-Jan-14 08:54:04

Well done ladies smile still here tho working pretty much full time shock so complete shock to the system! It's a grab and eat when I can need some healthy snacks!

Lovely to 'see'

Stupid phone, grrr. Lovely to see you loti ! Are you doing ok trying to eat more ?

I have miraculously avoided all treat stuff at work today shock and going to hold out till8.30 for my tea. Can i have a good weekend...?

4weeks Fri 17-Jan-14 20:15:13

A quick whizz by to say another pound down this morning. 11.12. Another boring gym session tomorrow so looking to start next week at 11.11... 2 weeks to go to holiday now, aiming for 3 pounds a week which would be 11.5 and 12 pounds since 1st Jan. I CAN DO THIS!

4weeks Sun 19-Jan-14 13:02:53

11.11 today! ....and aching all over, the class was brutal! 11.10 hopefully on Tuesday, I've got an aerobics class to go to tomorrow night but I am not very co-ordinated. Might go for a walk in the woods later but depends on what the other half is up to, I think there might be football on TV which would be perfect as I can get out and walk for an hour and relax in the pretty woods near where I live.

BingoWingsBeGone Mon 20-Jan-14 06:53:28

That's brilliant 4 weeks, well done. I'm with you in te uncoordinated aerobics bit. Tuis why I steer clear of Zumba like the plague...grin

Away for the weekend so back to 10.12.5. I think that's 9.25 lower than last Monday so I'll take it as a very very very minor achievement!

BingoWingsBeGone Mon 20-Jan-14 06:54:19

0.25. 9 would MAJOR......

Back up 5.5 to 12 8 shocksad I really wasn't that bad! Hoping it's water again, it had bloody better be, so drinking loads and hoping to flush it all out today...

BingoWingsBeGone Tue 21-Jan-14 07:18:50

Up 1.25???? Really was pretty good yesterday so not sure what happened.

Hoping to run or shred today

Luckoftheirish Tue 21-Jan-14 10:30:54

Dodgy scales SPgringringrin

BingoWingsBeGone Tue 21-Jan-14 12:41:21

I Luffs you LOTI grin

Lol loti you crawler grin

Hope you got some exercise in bingo to undo your shock

I was back down 3 to 12 5 so only 2.5 away from Friday's weight. Been fasting proerly today and hoping to have a couple more off. No exercise though, bloody back was 99% better so spent yesterday moving my bedroom furniture around and bloody spasm'd it again <sigh> so am groaning and waddling like an old woman...

Luckoftheirish Tue 21-Jan-14 19:22:19

Lol I am good crawler gringringringrin double school run walk and an impromptu early evening walk with pal. Deliberately left my phone at home but then it caught up with me when I got back hmm

All your walking sounds great loti, was a lovely day for it yesterday. What's your aim these days, just to be toned? Hope your eating is getting a bit better/easier?

It's amazing what not eating any biscuits can do, got the 2.5 off so back to Friday's weight <phew> grin. Two days left to actually lose some...

Bingo hope your scales being kinder this morning!

BingoWingsBeGone Wed 22-Jan-14 08:19:38

10.11 this morning so still 1 up on Friday. Made a vat of cabbage soup yesterday so will use that to fill up on.

No exercise yesterday as tax return called but circuits today so maybe that will get me bsck into the exercise groove..... <hopeful>

Well done Fjorn, I'm glad proper fasting is working for you.

BingoWingsBeGone Wed 22-Jan-14 13:08:15

1k run, 1hr circuits, 5 mins powerplate


Luckoftheirish Wed 22-Jan-14 18:56:30

Well done you two grin

Fjorny it's more for fresh air/brain relief from work but would like to tone smile

BingoWingsBeGone Thu 23-Jan-14 06:49:29

+0.5 hmm. I have not strayed food wise at all this week so a bit pissed off if I'm honest.

However pub tonight and out for dinner tomorrow night so no more busting a gut this week...

Luckoftheirish Thu 23-Jan-14 07:05:35

hmm Sazz you are working so hard, hoping next week all your hard work will pay off.

I know that me and the scales are not friends and should be left well alone but I agree with the frustration thing. I am useless when it comes to eating lots of different foods and tend to eat the same things/similar amounts every day. You would think therefore that my weight should remain static! However it jiggles about up and down like a yo yo with no rhyme or reason!

Guess I am trying to say, good to take a break, enjoy your night and you never no! smilesmile

BingoWingsBeGone Fri 24-Jan-14 07:34:02

Evens today after beer an chip fest, so +1.5 for the week. Oops.

Taking your advice again LOTi for another lunch and dinner out today grin

Oops sazzes but

oh god i hate my phone...

Sazz we all know the perils of weighing post-pub, sod it and stuff your face today grin

I managed a -1 on the week to 12 1.5. Just a pound to go of the Christmas lard, might actually get it all off before the end of January for once!

Loti hope you have a lovely school run walk in the crispy sunshine before it starts raining...

I am hoping the lack of action on here since Friday morning means you've all been as bad as me... started on leftover buffet by 10am then beer and burgers, fish and chips, cake, Sunday night wine and cheese, and ended the weekend +7. I really don't know what is wrong with me that once I start i just don't stop blush it can't be good for me to swing so wildly up and down but don't know what to do about it!!!

Luckoftheirish Mon 27-Jan-14 11:45:04

Equally bad weekend here. Fjorny you are so good with your fasting but would it be better to allow yourself a small treat a day so that when you get to the weekend it's the norm not a treat?

No real idea whether that would work but just throwing it out there! smile

BingoWingsBeGone Mon 27-Jan-14 22:24:31

I know the feeling Fjorny - I was back up to 11 stone today after a terrible weekend starting on Friday morning. Today was very good until I got home from work and then I ate a packet of peanut M&M's. What was THAT about???

It's getting back into the exercise regime I need but I'm not quite making it at the moment.

Never mind, we WILL get back into the groove soon I'm sure, so I'm not beating myself up just yet

Glad to hear I'm not alone but <sigh> at all of us grin

Loti nice idea re the treat a day but that's where my trouble seems to begin as am fine abstaining but once I start I can't stop blush

Sazz hope you can get in a routine with your exercise as I know you enjoy it you weirdo and you do seem to get better results. I actually got some hand weights on monday so aiming to lose the wings by age 45. 9 weeks to go...

Monday ended up as bad as the weekend, started off by eating some aldi christmas chocs that had been reduced to 9p. It's not even very nice chocolate... But fasted yest and down 3 to 12 5.5. Can I lose 5 more in 2 days??? Not likely but should get maybe 2 or 3 more back off hopefully. Then my plan is 2 weekends of being much more restrained and lose as much as poss before half term. Am feeling really fat round my middle, would love to be not overweight by my birthday but the rate I am going I'll never get there blush

BingoWingsBeGone Wed 29-Jan-14 09:26:45

Out for a curry last night with work but driving so not too bad

10.12.5 this morning

On treadmill now grin

Am having hair cut later and will wax legs etc to try and focus the mind on appearance an hope this will help getting back into toning the body mindset

If I go to the gym at the weekend this is normally enough to stop it getting out of control so will really try hard to achieve that this weekend.

BingoWingsBeGone Wed 29-Jan-14 13:32:50

1k run (well, walking whilst updating here grin)
1hr crazy circuits (only felt like vomiting once so not too bad overall!)
10 mins powerplate
20 mins sauna (bliss)

Lol @ your circuits being ok as you didn't actually spew grin good work! So far i am mainly managing to avoid all snackage ...

BingoWingsBeGone Thu 30-Jan-14 07:09:33

10.11.5 so down to last Fridays weight (albeit that was +1.5 on previous week)

Did you manage to stay on the wagon Fjorn?

Yes I did but a paltry 0.75 off so still 3.25 to go to last week's weigh <sigh>. Watched that programme on sugar v fat last night, was certainly food for thought (pardon the pun) think I need to stop relying on faddy ways to help me lose, bite the bullet and go for calories. No more cake sad

Well I have just about managed my fast, give or take a spoonful of raspberry yogurt. No way I'll get it all off by tomorrow but should be a bit nearer to last week's weight. Good luck in the morning guys smile

BingoWingsBeGone Fri 31-Jan-14 07:03:17

10.9.5 so down to 2 weeks ago. I'm up and down for no real reason at the mo, but just happy to not be significantly gaining. Arms still like cottage cheese hmm

Good work bingo smile

No such luck here, down a bit more but still +1.5 at 12 3 <sigh> trying to remember i am on a diet this weekend...

BingoWingsBeGone Fri 31-Jan-14 17:19:33



Thanks bingo grin

Did manage to swerve all treats at work today <polishes halo> having steak & chips for tea but baked chips and small steak, should just about creep in under 2K calories...

BingoWingsBeGone Fri 31-Jan-14 18:39:10

I'm at a friends and have gin in front of me already. Oops.

Lucky bugger! Have a lovely evening smile

Got one of my own now grin

BingoWingsBeGone Fri 31-Jan-14 22:10:17

Woo hoo. I have had pizza and red wine too now!

Looks like we've bored helga and 4weeks away!

Up 0.5 so pretty chuffed with that after Friday night. Just got to keep away from cakes etc today...

Luckoftheirish Sat 01-Feb-14 10:53:56

I succumbed to Chinese chips blushblushblush

BingoWingsBeGone Sat 01-Feb-14 16:31:12

It's Chinese New Year LOTI - has to be done :D

+3 to 12 6. Not good but much better than last week...

BingoWingsBeGone Mon 03-Feb-14 22:32:57

+4.5. rubbish but own fault....

DHope you had a great we ekend though! In a return to bizarre recipe experimentation i made a cauliflower pizza base shock it was actually rather yummy but not big enough so had to supplement with chips... And dh and i managed to eat an entire malt loaf in 10 minutes [blush ]

Despite this i did manage to wee out 1.5 so down to 12 4.5 with a fasting day today. Fingers crossed...

BingoWingsBeGone Tue 04-Feb-14 12:18:14

Not really Fjorn, just a bit poorly and some PMT I think so scoffed lots and then felt sick at one point hmm

Sorry to hear you have been feeling poorly matey, hope you are perking up a bit today. I'm soooo hungry, 4.5 hours till teatime <eek>

<waits for sudden influx of slightly wobbly hot-mamas who've let themselves go a bit...> grin

Luckoftheirish Tue 04-Feb-14 21:36:10

I'm still here gringringringrin

I put a link on fb loti for those who've fallen off the hot mama wagon, not like us hardcore lot grin

That didn't work then!

Down 2 to 12 2.5 so back under Friday's weight <phew>. Just got to try and keep it off and some more. Would LOVE to get down to 12 by Friday, need to keep fingers and lips crossed...

Hope you aren't in full-on carb meltdown bingo!

And loti I should have said yesterday, you are not a wobbler smile

Luckoftheirish Wed 05-Feb-14 07:46:52

Lol fjorny gringringrin well done you

I am in desperate need of some proper healthy snacks/food I am just eating such rubbish too much sugar/salt so have serious water retention hmm

Any ideas gratefully received smile

Hope u are ok bingo smile

BingoWingsBeGone Wed 05-Feb-14 09:31:43

I'm ok thanks girls - no circuits today though as I am babysitting roofers stopping them trashing my house. My bingo wings are going to have to fly off themselves at this rate grin

Still coldy and zero motivation in this shocking weather. We went for a walk on Sunday and walked to school yesterday so not all bad smile

Hurrah for your better weekend and shedding poundage this week Fjorny. Keep it up and the results will come. How is your head BTW? Are you able to do any kind of exercise or does it still make you go all funny?

LOTI, how about mushrooms or tomatoes on wholemeal toast, jacket potatoes, or bean chilli. All pretty quick or reheatable (chilli) to grab when you are busy. I love mashed banana on toast but realise I am a tad weird grin

Not so weird, i used to love sandwiches made with cold buttered toast and sliced banana. Not mashed though as only like bananas on the verge of green-ness.

Evil boss brought pringles to work and got all the biscuits & cake out from where we'd hidden thembut managed to stick to yogurt and salad with no treats so feeling v chuffed with myself. Chilli for tea, yum, then another fast day tomorrow so hope i will get a bit more off...

Luckoftheirish Thu 06-Feb-14 06:55:59

Well done on the swerving of treats fjorny smilesmilesmile

Well I was a good girl yesterday and did not eat any rubbish smile do feel better today and actually woke up hungry (tho cannot face breakfast just yet smile)

I really need to do some exercise tho, I guess I was a lot more toned than I realised but have zero motivation!!!

Hope your roof is fixed now bingo?

Just had a bit of cheese and some fresh pineapple as well as my chilli, not bad at all but am up 0.75 to 12 3.25 this morning hmmsad. Trying not to lose hope...

Sorry i missed your post yesterdy Loti! Glad you are managing healthier food, and hope you find time for some exercise. I think you're like Bingo and enjoy it once you're doing it so get busy!!!

Well adfter another fast day I am just back to 12 2. sad. Down 1 on last week but still uo 0.5 on two weeks ago. Whagt do I have to do???? don't say do some bloody exercise... Think I need to find some low cal hi fibre stuff as having major issues froma lack of carb fibre in my diet blush but don't think I can blame that for my paltry showing on the scales this morning. Bollocks. Oh well, the trick will be not to lose all my motivation and gorge on cake at work today...

Bingo have you resigned or just been blown away???

Luckoftheirish Fri 07-Feb-14 07:06:00

Hope the scales were kind to you ladies this am smile

Dd1 up half the night with sore throat, I seem to be working 12hrs a day with this job and dh is away til today, so my good intentions have gone out the window hmm

I would love to see a nutritionist who could tell me what to eat and I would!

Happy Friday xxx

Hope DD feeling better now loti and you are not so tired you are mainlining pringles wink

My colleagues have persuaded me to eat an entire tube of sugar free polos in an attempt to cure my constipation so my belly is rumbling like a demented kettle about to boil. This could go either way...

Luckoftheirish Fri 07-Feb-14 16:56:56

Eek!! Hope they relieve your constipation and not the other waysmile

There are no Pringles in my house now and am not buying anymore so trying to ease the temptation smile

I will however be having wine tonight it's been that sort of day grin

They certainly sorted me out!!! Then went on a massive carb binge in the hope it would regularise me. Result = +7.5 this morning <sigh> but insides still tending to bung up. Think I might have to go to drs blush

So with only a few days to go till half term things aren't looking good for a slim me any time before December...

Hope you guys had a healthier weekend although the tumbleweed on here leads me to suspect otherwise!!!

BingoWingsBeGone Mon 10-Feb-14 19:44:25


I have been keeping away as no dieting going on here. No massive binges but enough for me to feel the 'padding out'

I have been feeling pretty bleugh and keep convincing myself of a major illness hmm. I suspect (and hope!) in reality it is a minor cold, work stress and no exercise. I need to get the endorphins flowing but can't kick start the exercise. No time tomorrow but WILL get to circuits on weds and hope this helps.

Boo for constipation Fjorn but lol @ sugar free mint consumption grin

What can we do? Some realistic targets are needed I think, so I am going with 2 x exersazz this week. We have friends for the weekend but I might get some time on Sunday but will push myself to get them in before then.

No more sandwiches for lunch for me. Have had them the last 2 days but its a slippery slope for me.

Luckoftheirish Tue 11-Feb-14 06:53:25

Oh bingo hmm hope its just juggling a million things at once and not getting enough down time. Hope you feel better soon.

Glad the polos worked fjorny smile if you go to docs they will prob prescribe laxido which you just mix with water. They do help.

I am suffering massively with tiredness hmm I guess this is my first proper job in over 8 hrs and didn't have two dds then!

I also need to get back to proper exercise been fooling myself that the school runs walking are enough. Not even doing much of them at the mo between working/rubbish weather/laziness!

I am going to commit with you bingo for two exersazzels a week prob the shred. There I have said so it must be done wink

BingoWingsBeGone Tue 11-Feb-14 07:27:15

Yay LOTI. I am very tired too - getting old I think grin

So, braved scales. 11.2. Arse. Hopefully that is enough of a shock for me to start the reversal.

BingoWingsBeGone Wed 12-Feb-14 13:43:53

Posted this morning but phone doing odd things hmm. Back to 11.

Still have a sore midriff (above tummy??) and tight chest so feeling a bit crappola. Focussing on trying to keep a positive mental attitude and keep to warming healthy comfort foods rather than 'diet' at the mo.

Been to gym and did 1hr circuits and 10 mins powerplate, followed by a relax in the sauna which was nice.

Veggie curry (no rice) for lunch smile

Luckoftheirish Wed 12-Feb-14 14:32:14

Well done bingo tho take it easy if you are not 100% maybe I need a trip to the docs?

Forced myself to do school run home yesterday 2 miles and again this am. Weather awful but may be clearing up so if so will walk down again tho have zero motivation hmm

Trying hard not to snack but feel like I am on the go constantly hence grabbing what I can!!

How are u getting on this week fjorny? smile

Luckoftheirish Wed 12-Feb-14 18:33:28

Weather too bad so parked at supermarket so only 1 mike extra fine but that's 3 today so must count for something smile

Hey guys, good to see you back bingo but sorry you are feeling under the weather. Maybe a trip to the docs might be a good idea if you're still feeling off it by next week? Can you believe it's a year ago tomorrow since I went into hospital for the first time with palpitations?! And that turned out to be something and nothing so you probably need a vitamin shot or something grin

Evil loti forcing your girls out in this weather!!!! Hope the exercise was worth it grin I've been on the train all week so got a bit of exercise for once myself. Eating habits probably 6/10, not bad but not brilliant. Fasting tomorrow se we'll see what that does...

BingoWingsBeGone Thu 13-Feb-14 19:56:43

10.12 today. Am focussing on lots of water and wholesome food oops at the packet of quavers earlier

Midriff/chest feels better - I am wondering whether it has been caused by the mega machine the sports physio pummelled my back with last week hmm. Lets hope so!

Positive attitude working ok and managing to compartmentalise some tricky situations at work - I'm sure they will all resolve fine; I am just probe to overt honking stuff sometimes.
Well don't on school wals LOTI - we had torrential sleet here so I declined the option of a walk!

Hope the fast is holding Fjorn smile

Luckoftheirish Thu 13-Feb-14 20:12:06

I know exactly what you mean work wise bingo I am pondering about things even now hmm

School walk home today as drive them in the days I am working. Getting full on little amounts but have quit the diet coke/Pringles/peanut regime and trying to listen to proper hunger some maybe that's working ?! grin

Sorry for the lack of proper sympathy but lolololol at overt honking grin

BingoWingsBeGone Thu 13-Feb-14 21:58:38

PMSL. Overthinking FFS. Clearly not overthinking my read, check, function.......

BingoWingsBeGone Fri 14-Feb-14 07:21:52

10.11.5 so up 2 on 2 weeks ago.

Glad to be feeling better though so will focus on weight after the weekend smile

Hurrah that you are feeling better bingo smile and we'll done for not putting too much on while you were feeling poorly.

I managed -1 to 12 1 so not too bad. Cross with myself Iddidn't manage to get under 12, just gotta hope I don't undo it all during half term...

Luckoftheirish Mon 17-Feb-14 07:05:41

Well done on both being down ladies hope the weekend was not too damaging smile

Right officially fed up of feeling sluggish and flabby I used to have strong tummy muscles and legs and they have disappeared hmm

Have done a few planks/sit ups and squats not many mind at this hour of the day but I am going to try and encourage the dds to do a DVD with me today! I need to do something!!!

Well not too bad just +6.5 to 12 7.5. This is bad but 2lb less bad than last Monday!

Sorry to hear you are feeling untoned Loti, hope you manage to get some exercise in. Have you been shredding?

Bingo hope you are not too fat after the weekend wink

Luckoftheirish Mon 17-Feb-14 18:47:09

Arrghhh too busy to shred today but I managed a brisk walk and very small run ie from my friend's house home as it was chucking it down so the run was less than 1/2 mike and I was soo out of breathe lol

BingoWingsBeGone Mon 17-Feb-14 19:03:45

Feeling very bleugh after the weekend - tried on a dress which fitted beautifully before Xmas which is now tight. Arrrggghhh <own fault>

Day started well. Then had a jam doughnut. Oops. grin

Week not going quite as well as hoped, Sunday and Monday off the booze but kids went to MIL's for a sleepover on Tuesday so dh and I celebrated with beer and burgers grin Took advantage of the peace yesterday and spent several hours manhandling weeds in the front garden so had wine and pizza for a treat... Stiff as a board today! And having one last try at a fasting day before the weekend. Weight hovering around 12 7.5, could be better but could be worse I suppose. Will not take that as an excuse to stuff self with cake today grin

12 6 today, oops! Off ice skating grin

12 12 today. Fucking hell sad what is wrong with me???? Why can't I leave crappy food alone????

Doing fasting penance today and tomorrow, will see how much damage that can undo <sigh>.

Hope your half terms were less damaging than mine!

BingoWingsBeGone Mon 24-Feb-14 19:50:40

Nope. 11.4
Down to 2 outfits which fit for work.
No fast today due to catered meeting.
Full of good intentions but no follow through <sigh>

Luckoftheirish Mon 24-Feb-14 20:01:23


No more needs to be said!

Well, relieved it's not just me

Been goodish today, but not much movement on scale yet. Try again tomorrow, back to work which helps in one way but will have to confess massive holiday gain to work fat club too blush

3.5 off to 12 8.5. Hoping for that much off again today! Unlikely as first day post-binge usually the best but we'll see. No idea why I do this to myself but all post- Christmas loss undone again. FFS.

BingoWingsBeGone Tue 25-Feb-14 11:16:59

4 off here to 11. Just off out for a walk/run smile

BingoWingsBeGone Tue 25-Feb-14 18:32:52

c.6.5k walk/run. I really enjoyed it other than the torrential rain, hail and wobbly thighs

I need to bottle the feeling and make sure I do it more regularly.

Food ok so far

Luckoftheirish Tue 25-Feb-14 18:59:58

How do you two lose so much overnightenvyenvyenvy

BingoWingsBeGone Tue 25-Feb-14 20:01:21

There's plenty to lose! Plus eating crap when you haven't been doing so leads to lots of water retention hence the big 'gain' followed by the big 'loss'

Really loti you should be asking how on earth I managed to put on 6lb in 48 hours in the first place! Fasting went pretty well apart from some chocolate after tea but nothing else bad. Hope to be down a couple more tomorrow.

Sounds like you has a good run sazz and a nice pint wink hope you get properly back in the swing of exercise now smile

Luckoftheirish Wed 26-Feb-14 06:56:49

Lol ah I see ladies :-) my two love watching man v food at the moment and often the challenges involving eating 5+ lbs of food, I asked dh if that meant a 5+lbs weight gain instantly and he said yep grin

I think that is probably why I constantly hover around the same I just seems to eat the same food same quantities every day <sigh> some days slight more others slightly less...

I need bingo's motivation to exercise everything is wobbly but just cbablushblushblush

BingoWingsBeGone Wed 26-Feb-14 11:31:44

Still at 11 but felt SO much better after run yesterday. 1k run, 1hr circuits, 10 mins powerplate.

Buzzing now smile

Just need to keep it up. Just need to keep it up. Just need to keep it up.......

LOTI I have been so bad recently; you are being way too kind with your comments!

Another 2.5 off to 12 6 this morning. Have had flapjack for pud today though so not expecting much / owt off in the morning, fasting tomorrow so will see what Friday brings...

BingoWingsBeGone Thu 27-Feb-14 07:08:17

1 off to 10.13 but I may have had a glass of vino last night...

Just stay away from wine tonight before weigh in everyone grin

Bingo well done you seem to have got most of your excess gain off again ,<phew>. I was stuck at 12 6 today but been pretty good fasting-wise today so should / hope to be down a couple tomorrow and a bit nearer where I was.

BingoWingsBeGone Fri 28-Feb-14 00:02:22

Good work this week Fjorn. Twas pub night tonight and I was driving so not too bad. I appear to be having another period and I'm sure my last one was only about 2 weeks ago hmm

Luckoftheirish Fri 28-Feb-14 06:59:13

hmm Bingo that is not great for you. Fingers crossed the scales will be good for you.

Fjorny I am sure you were up all night weeing and the scales also look good for you wink

I need to get my s**t together, I am so busy during the day that never get chance to eat properly and then stuff myself silly at night time, so I need to try and eat better during the day... Must listen to myself lolgrin

12 4 today which sounds good when I was 12 12 on Monday, but still means that I am up 3 on two weeks ago despite being pretty good this week. My resolution for next few weeks is to stop snacking as think I shovel in LOADS of calories that way blush

Bingo you need to heed the snacking too grin

Bingo well at least you will have some pre-period bloating to lose... wink

BingoWingsBeGone Sat 01-Mar-14 15:56:58

Still at 11 on Fri <sigh>

Walked/ran 6k up hills and through mud today smile

Luckoftheirish Mon 03-Mar-14 07:02:24

40 minute walk this am and two school runs to do today as working from home. Not motivated in the slightest but needs must!

BingoWingsBeGone Mon 03-Mar-14 20:06:51

Hey LOTI, sounds like some nice fresh air there smile. I miss walking sad

Weeeeeeellllll. A very bad 11.5 on the scales, so did shred this avo and very good on food. Long may it last!!

I so feel better for the extra exercise over the last week or so, so that is my main goal. Just trying to keep the shin splints and plantar fasciitis at bay......

How are you Fjorny?

Ouch sazz, fingers crossed you have been weeing all day...

Well was only +3 to 12 7 this morning, mainly due to only boozing on Friday night. Been for tests re my balance today which required 48 hours alcohol - free shock. Made up for it tonight though so will be feeling like shift at work tomorrow and no doubt reaching for the consolatory carbs...

loti it's been a lovely day for walking, hope you enjoyed it smile

Luckoftheirish Tue 04-Mar-14 07:04:09

Well I only managed 1 1/2 school runs as it was chucking it down with rain on pick up. I then had to endure a two hour wacky warehouse party and then pick up dd1 from brownies. My tea consisted of wine and nibbles blushblushblush to be fair was too tired to think about making anything!

Lent starts tomorrow not that I am in any way religious however all chocolate/sweets/rubbish and wineis being banished!!!!

Bingo I am sure the scales will be a lot more favourable today smile

Hope test went ok fjorny smile

BingoWingsBeGone Tue 04-Mar-14 07:10:37

11.1.5 this morning. Will have a busy day so should steer clear of too much food temptation. Plan to walk to school this morning and maybe try and fit in a little run on my way home.

LOTI - could you batch cook some chickpea/veg curry and rice so just grab from the freezer for such evenings?

Well done on a good weekend Fjorn and stay strong at work.

Stupid phone ate my message... [grrr]

SazZaVoom Tue 04-Mar-14 11:31:34

Lol Fjorn - not hangover handfistedness??? wink

5-6k ish walk/run. That's 3 exersazz's notched up since Friday shock

I'll change name in their honour...

Luckoftheirish Tue 04-Mar-14 18:54:01

Woo hoo for big loss and exercise Sazzsmile

3 mile walk done today not a lot but something smile

BingoWingsBeGone Wed 05-Mar-14 08:29:13

Down to 10.13 today <phew>, but have lunch out today and tomorrow.....

LOTI I think a 3 mile walk a day is great and just the right amount of exercise to keep you fit and healthy. I just make it sound more by writing it in km wink

BingoWingsBeGone Wed 05-Mar-14 11:31:13

2k run, 1hr circuits, 10 mins powerplate.

Just need to make healthy choices for lunch.....

BingoWingsBeGone Wed 05-Mar-14 16:22:41

Fish soup and a small piece of bread plus a little piece of cheese for afters. Pretty good considering what the choices could have been!

You are doing very well guys smile

I was ok yesterday till after lunch, it all went a bit wrong and ended with pancakes, golden syrup and squirty cream blushblushblush

So still 12 7.5 this morning! Not too worried, have fasted today and doing it again tomorrow so hope to wee out a few. As long as down to 12 3 or so by Friday I'll be satisfied...

BingoWingsBeGone Thu 06-Mar-14 06:49:46

10.12, so 2 off from last weds and 1/2 stone off from mon shock

Feel so much better for the exercise smile

Well done on the fasting Fjorn, I hope it pays off and resets the naughty cravings

Out for lunch again today. Will try and shred later to keep up the exercise endorphins.