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Beccie77 Fri 04-Oct-13 22:42:24

Hello all Alizonners out there, starting a new thread as the old one is full to bursting, and I still want to know how everyone is doing and any tips.

Beccie77 Fri 04-Oct-13 22:49:48

Week one done and dusted and half a stone gone!

Not bad considering I bought all assortment packs of food and hated all the savoury and all the desserts. Week 2 I have gone for cappuccinos (fabulous, just like starbucks!) Hot chocolate (also like the real thing) and oatmeal to make rhubarb into crumble (actually not bad at all).

I'm trying caramel drinks instead of the orange ones which I found to be a bit sherbet-y and creating an odd foam when they mixed up, and strawberry milkshakes for when I'm out and about and can't get near to a microwave. Not much in the Liverpool swap selection this week, so still holding on to some horrid omelettes, but I shall persevere and take them back each week and steadily palm them off on the rest of you!

Not feeling hungry at all, and not finding it too hard. The hovering was a bit more aggressive this week, but the machine had had a new filter and was on top form! no fat cells left in me this week!

Let me know how you are getting on!

NUFC69 Sat 05-Oct-13 13:19:24

Well done, Beccie and also Easter!

I go on Monday for my review; I have to fast for four hours beforehand, so I think this is where they tell me how many calories I need to eat a day to maintain my weight. I am totally a different person to who I was in March and it feels so good. We had visitors this week and I managed to walk over three miles, which would have been a complete no-no earlier this year.

Beccie77 Sun 06-Oct-13 10:06:55

Fab news NUFC! Can't wait to be planning my exit.
The treatments really seem to do the job, the day after I have mine I lose a good three lbs in one go!
Week two should be easy, lots of places I can prepare sachets in between meetings, but next week has nine hours of driving and three nights in hotels - I'm not looking forward to service station shakes and hotel chef/side order veg negotiations... Being high maintenance not fitting in with my normal comfort zone, but it will be worth it in the end.

NUFC69 Thu 10-Oct-13 14:16:41

So Monday was my review day - and I was under my target weight by 600 gr! They tested my metabolic rate and I was given a target of between 1200 and 1400 to maintain my weight at its current level - no wonder I was putting on weight continuously as that is not a large amount. The clinic advised that I joined Myfitnesspal and log everything on there and I have been doing that. Interestingly enough I am having a bit of difficulty in getting to 1200 calories a day, particularly if I do some exercise. I will keep you up to date with how I get on, but so far so good.

Good luck with everything.

Beccie77 Sat 12-Oct-13 20:44:07

So week 2 the clinic reckons only -2lbs, but my scales say -5 ?.. I am deciding to go with mine. Hotel all this week so bulk cooking. Getting really bored with the salads though, any tips people?

NUFC69 Sat 12-Oct-13 21:05:29

Beccie - my weight can vary quite a lot from day to day or even hour to hour - you'll probably find that the clinic catches up with you at some time. Can't help with the salads, I am afraid; I get very fed up with them as well, you just have to hang on in there.

Zazzi65 Thu 17-Oct-13 21:47:10

Hi there all! I can't believe I have only just found this discussion as have been doing Alizonne (successfully) for quite some time and am right at the end now having hit my target weight and maintained for a while.

I lost 2.5 st over 3 months but have been very happy with progress and although I didn't always enjoy every sachet, I tried to be creative and find different ways of using them. I can really sympathise with people who are struggling... It's hard at times but you have to stick with it.. It is sooooooo worth it in the end.

I would be delighted to help with recipes, tips etc and if anyone wants to buy some sachets, I am going to get rid of everything as I intend to keep up my exercise and eat healthily for ever.

I have the following available:
14 sachets Margherita Pizza
13 sachets Cheese Omelette
6 sachets Mushroom Soup
6 Sachets Hot Chocolate
24 sachets Orange & Pineapple drink
2 sachets Chocolate Cereal Dessert
1 sachet Tomato soup
These were all bought fairly recently value in total £185, I will accept £90 for the lot (and will throw in 2 shakers - hardly used) or will sell all separately - please message me...

Also - set of supplements available - again only had a few out of some of them, some are brand new... Total value £84, will accept £35

Good luck to all and I hope you are as successful as me... I am very happy with my journey!!! X

Beccie77 Fri 18-Oct-13 10:50:15

Hi Zazzi,
Good to hear from someone who has gone through and come out the other side!
I'm getting bored at the min, week 3 has been the worst (as everyone had told me it would be) but the scales are still going in the right direction and I have designed a few nice teas to look forward to. I have abandoned salad at lunch in favour of rhubarb crumble, which is making the days more fun. A stone and a bit has gone, two more to go. I am at the plateau I normally hit on other diets, so I will be much happier next week once I've gone through it. Old demons die hard!
I've just bought a load of sachets from someone who has finished, it's a great way of giving you some variety without a huge expense.

Zazzi65 Fri 18-Oct-13 11:08:12

Hi Beccie

Congratulations on sticking with it... It's not easy but definitely worth it. Look forward to hearing how you are getting on. Best of luck for next week - as you say its a real milestone!

Beccie77 Sun 20-Oct-13 12:46:51

Right, sulking today.
Made three sachets into a 'millionaires shortbread' recipe and they taste like play dough. Got too excited at the thought of eating something crunchy and bitterly disappointed now
I can't find anything solid I can bear the taste of, looks like the next four weeks will be hot choc breakfast, tomato soup tea and caramel drink with cold rhubarb for lunch. Not a great prospect, but the fact that I lost another 4lbs is keeping me from jacking it in. I knew week three was the worst but I am properly in a sulk planning weeks four and five which isn't helping.
The day after the treatment I am always emotionally wrought over the whole thing, thought the release of stored oestrogen in fat cells would have dissipated by now, I must have about two years PMS locked up in there!

Zazzi65 Sun 20-Oct-13 17:46:25

Hang in there Beccie. Just try a few more recipes... some are downright awful, but some are good! It is such a personal thing - you have to keep trying until you find things you like!

You are doing so well! Just keep thinking of the end goal.. it makes it all worth it! x

Beccie77 Sat 26-Oct-13 14:21:17

Well half way and it's feeling like I can actually do it.
Clinic scales still not up to speed, at home I'm weighing -1st 5, clinic thinks I'm still not at a stone. Not to worry though, it's all going and soon I'll be on phase 2 and having a steak with tea! Feels like Christmas is really coming! Was disappointed with the losses this week and last, but apparently I'm still within target to be done for December, so pushing on.

Beccie77 Tue 29-Oct-13 19:18:41

Oh me oh my swede chips are the future! Boil your 200g chopped into chip shapes for ten minutes or so, then roast in the oven shaken in a sprinkle of olive oil and then sprinkle with salt. Almost the real thing, practically better as it's only about 50calories even counting the oil!
My new treat!

Beccie77 Fri 01-Nov-13 20:50:57

Tried the Thai green curry.... Far too sweet sad it's going to have to be swede chips and mushrooms for the rest oh phase 1.

Clinic today and I'm behind schedule, only lost 3 lbs a week for a couple of weeks now. Phase 2 was due for next week, but doesn't look likely. Therapist also said 5 weeks on phase 2 at this loss rate! Not likely, phase 2 for Xmas? I don't think so. Having massive trouble trying to get hold of the doctor at Liverpool though, only in clinic once every three weeks - just not enough. So no interim for me, first time I'll see the doc after initial consult will be the day I am due to end p1. Will negotiate an end plan so I'm all done for Xmas. No way am I having a protein shake for Xmas!

NatC2 Mon 04-Nov-13 19:12:17

Hiya girlies.

I am on day 3 of Phase 1 of Alizonne. Finding it ok so far. Finding a few sachets which I actually quite like and made a lovely veggie chilli last night, split it into 3 meals and eating it til it runs out!! I then just have a dessert right after with rhubarb. Don't feel hungry at all. How are you all getting on and what do you think of the treatments? I've got my first session on Saturday smile I'm 13.10 and going down to 9.8 and sooo looking forward to buying size 8/10's again, quite excited really! Bit disappointed with a few posts I read on the Alizonne forum tonight about people still getting saggy skin....hope I'm one of the lucky ones.

Nice to chat to peeps going through the same. Hopefully share some recipes too


NatC2 Tue 05-Nov-13 21:51:25

Spicy Vegetable Curry

Hi all

Thought I'd share this recipe that I've made using the basics of a recipe I used to make a lot whilst on another well known diet (the one which encourages you make meals from scratch with lots of spices).

This meal should be split and eaten across 3 days.

400g tin chopped tomatoes (allowance over 3 days)
200g chopped portobello mushrooms (allowance over 3 days)

green pepper
spring onion tops
green beans
+ anything else you want to add

Add 1 tablespoon of garlic infused olive oil (or normal if you don't have it) to a large pot and saute the veg (don't add aubergine and mushrooms until last). Add a sprinkle of salt and pepper.

Add spices:
2 tablespoon garam masalla or medium curry powder (I used 1 of each)
1 tablespoon of hot chilli powder (optional)
1 teaspoon of cinnamon
1 tablespoon onion powder

Mix around veg for a wee bit and then add the chopped tomatoes and some boiling water. Blend a large handful of fresh spinach (or use a few frozen blocks) and add to mixture. Bring to the boil. Add more garlic, onion powder, salt etc to suit your taste.

Lovely jubbly (quite spicy hot though so adjust spices to taste).

Beccie77 Fri 08-Nov-13 13:43:30

Feeling pretty fed up this week, week 6 and only 1 1/2 lbs loss, despite sticking like glue. Better have a better week next week or my willpower will not hold out much longer sad

Beccie77 Sun 17-Nov-13 09:46:35

Better week 7, back on track and added another three weeks of phase 1 then jumping to phase three for Xmas do's and Xmas/new year weeks so I'll still be on target, finishing a couple of weeks into the new year now, but at least at target rather than on time and not reaching the magic final weight. In 7 weeks I'm at roughly -25lbs which is pretty good by any standards. Can't say I'm not getting bored though, I don't know how people do it for months on end!

Beccie77 Sun 01-Dec-13 21:22:08

Well, week 8 was a revelation. Apparently the paddles needed to be moved as there was no more stored fat where we had them so things should speed up - I've doubled my potassium too and have enough energy to go swimming too now which is great.
Sadly, I had a gain this week 9 (0.2) which could be due to weighing later in the day to fit in a doctor visit, or could be due to readjusting to exercising again, I don't know. Last week of P1 this week so it's not going to speed up after that! I'll have to work out how to get through Christmas and then afterwards maybe go back a few steps to knock off any gains. Not sure about length now, supposedly another four weeks, but who knows... Still 18lbs off target which seems a long way off.

Beccie77 Sat 07-Dec-13 14:23:23

Week 10 and a 3.5lbs loss which is great, considering I was almost off the wagon. Went to a hotel and because of Christmas menu had to go onto phase two for a couple of days. Frankly the meat was a blessing and appears to have kick started the weight loss again. One week left before phase three for Xmas! Probably won't hit the three stone mark but not far off - within three or four pounds by my reckoning. Fingers crossed I won't come off the rails totally over Xmas break...

Beccie77 Wed 08-Jan-14 13:40:26

Post Xmas gain of 6lbs lost in one week back on phase 2, really pleased, just phasing off to do now, and replacing my wardrobe! Still stocking up on sachets though, almost by default... don't trust myself to be totally off the wagon yet. Mind change going to take longer than size change. Met some people this week I hadn't seen for 6 months and they didn't recognise me! Loving the celebrity of being skinny!

Mattie03 Wed 19-Feb-14 20:35:43

Hi, I read almost all existing posts about Alizonne! Now, I decided to start with it myself, 3days ago! I went to 2 clinics and have to say they are very disorganized and you have to run after info and products...absolutely NOT good enough for the very high price! I think the therapy is good though! I'm 67kg and want to lose about 14kg, so down to 53kg! I was most of my adult life about 50kg, now 2 kids later, I can't get the wight off even though I'm eating very healthily, but my metabolism is very very low! Anyway, I'd love to stay motivated and maybe exchange my experiences with somebody else on Alizonne! Hope to be successful and get back to my old myself!

Mattie03 Wed 19-Feb-14 20:38:43

Hi Beccie77,

Well done on your success!
I'm wondering why your weight loss was so inconsistent? What does the doc say???

And, I think it's very interesting to know your metabolism, how many cal/day? Me only 1270, so very slow metab!

Mattie03 Wed 19-Feb-14 20:41:44

Hi NatC2,

Any update in your Progress??

Mattie03 Fri 21-Feb-14 20:33:45

Day 5
Had my 1st treatment, Hate the ultrasound, very waere don the head ��, loved the suction though = Like a good massage!
Results after 4 days of dieting: lost 2.5kg (5.5lbs)! Very surprised but happy about it as my metab is low!

lovesliterature Thu 27-Feb-14 10:46:50

Hello all, I've enjoyed reading about your Alizonne experiences. I love the idea of it but have a few reservations and wonder if anyone can help me here. A colleague did Lighter Life and lost three stones very quickly; however, I was shocked at how...unhealthy she looked. She is delighted with the result and feels she still has up to a stone to go but, without being mean or wanting to diminish her hard work, she looks a bit like an empty bag and this is what worries me about embarking upon Alizonne. I carry all my weight on lower abdomen and hate it but the thought of this becoming an empty sack seems even worse. Can anyone advise?

JojoM76 Sat 01-Mar-14 19:20:38

Hi all how are you getting on? I've lost lbs in week one so am delighted smile not as hard as some I have done like lighter life as at least you can eat veg. Hope you are all doing well x

Mattie03 Sat 01-Mar-14 22:13:37

Hi livesliterature,
I dont have do much to loose that my skin will sag - I hope at least - but that's why you do this suction treatment! But, I can imagine the skin will be a problem if you have a lot to lose!

On my progress: I completed 13d and have lost 4kg! Was hoping for more but still happy!

About the clinics: I do not like the way they approach! Get your bill printed and check what you are paying, there might be things on you shouldn't pay... Also, you are not being told that the scrub and cream are optional! They give it to you, charge you £90! It's almost criminal! I gave mine back! Very unprofessional!

Still I'll go through it for my own goal and will try to ignore the rest!

Good luck!

JojoM76 Tue 04-Mar-14 08:32:06

I have done Lighter Life and compared to this it is HARD you only eat 3 packs per day and I lost weight (3 stone plus in about 14 wks) but it made me really ill. It's about a third of the price of Alizonne as not medically mgd and no treatments but as a quick weight loss solution it does work. I find this one much easier as at least there is some real food too. Have lost 9lbs in wk 1 and hoping another 4-5 off this wk. The baby gro is interesting and the quinton is horrid. Am at the London clinic and they are lovely and have not tried to make me buy creams or anything??
Hope you all doing well x

Mattie03 Sun 16-Mar-14 23:34:18

After 4 weeks: -7kg :-)
Possible that I'll be ready for phase 2 after one more week :-) can't wait to feel real food between my teeth ;-)
Does anyone know do you replace the breakfast if dinner with real food in phase 2?

Good luck to all

Dolores1980 Sun 06-Apr-14 21:06:14

Mattie03, so you started alizonne in the end and have lost 7kg. now?
Tell me about your experience.

jafojo Wed 09-Apr-14 15:48:04

Hello everyone, i have been reading the reviews about Alizonne with keen interest and have decied to give it a try, I have booked with the Glasgow clinic and will be having consultancy next week, good thing is they do not have a waiting list so i should be able to start soon.

I reckon I will have to lose at least at least 7 stones to get into the 24.9 BMI rating, it is going to be one long journey, it remains to be seen how long I will last but i am encouraged by the many success stories and since men are likely to lose at a faster rate , I hope it wont be long before i get to my desired goal

Dolores1980 Wed 09-Apr-14 17:29:24

I am seeing the doctor for the first time on April 17. I feel I need to lose about 3 stones. I'm glad I'll be sharing my experience with you jafojo.

jafojo Wed 09-Apr-14 18:54:42

Dolores, that's very good, my appointment with the consultant is also on the 17th, I will keep you updated, it is nice to have support


jafojo Thu 10-Apr-14 09:32:10

i was told the starter pack is �375 and �95 for the blood test, it seems there isnt a standard price

Dolores1980 Thu 10-Apr-14 14:36:05

I was told to take 95 for the blood test, I've paid 85 prior to the consultation and I should take about 220/250 for the first session + sachets on May 26.
I will let you know if these figures vary.

jafojo Thu 17-Apr-14 16:21:15

i went to the clinic today an had a blood test done, i was told the blood test will be back next week and i could start next week if i wanted, paid �95 for the blood test and i will have to pay �378 for the starter pack when i start next week (includes first treatment). and I weigh 130kg, i need to lose 36kg (about 6 stones) in 16 weeks. I have this long weekend to get myself in the right frame of mind to start next week.

Dolores1980 Thu 17-Apr-14 21:19:32

I went to the clinic today to see the doc for the first time and had the blood test, I paid 95 and I had already paid 85 two weeks ago when I went for a consultation with a member of Alizonne. My first treatment is on April 27 (Yes.. on a Sunday!!) and I really forgot to ask how much I have to take with me ... oops!!! I have to lose 22 kgs in "18 weeks", probably less (I hope) Did they tell you what the starter pack includes and why it's so expensive?

jafojo Thu 17-Apr-14 21:33:00

Starter Pack £85 (purchased at first treatment)
(This includes your Metabolic rate test, treatment suit, Information folder, and Nutritional Shaker)
Supplements £84 (purchased at first treatment, then replaceable throughout programme)
Quinton Hypertonic (14 day supply) £18.95
Multivitamins (60 tablets, 8 weeks supply) £19
Magnesium (60 tablets, 8 weeks supply) £15.00
Sodium Chloride (60 tablets 4 week supply) £8.00
Potassium (20 tablets, 3 week supply) £3.00
Calcichew D3 Forte (100 tablets, 12 week supply) £19

jafojo Thu 17-Apr-14 21:34:58

I guess it is for the weekly fee of 210 pounds (food and treatment) , supplements of 84 pounds and the starter pack which is 85 pounds

jafojo Thu 17-Apr-14 21:36:11

I am expected to lose 10kg in the first 4 weeks

Dolores1980 Thu 17-Apr-14 21:53:00

Thanks for that info.So up to now you've only paid £95 and will hand in 378 next week. I wonder why I had to pay £85 in advance.
Anyway, did you have your metabolic test today or one with a peg in your nose and a device in your mouth?

jafojo Thu 17-Apr-14 22:03:49

I had already paid 85 pounds in advance for consultancy before to day's appointment, yes I had the funny clip on my nose and the device in my mouth, I had a high reading of 2400

Dolores1980 Thu 17-Apr-14 22:15:50

OK! So I hope money will grow in the trees of my garden so I can save £400 for my first treatment within 10 days. The clip thing didn't work for me sad I'll try next time I guess,it was really frustrating though. I was not able to breathe with the clip on my nose so I am really looking forward to trying again soon because it gives accurate info on how many calories we need and what our ideal weight should be. I'd never seen something like that before!

jafojo Thu 17-Apr-14 22:26:19

It is not a very comfortable device, it didn't give any reading the first time, what you are advised to get on the first day differs depending on the clinic, so you might not need to pay 378 when you go in next week

jafojo Thu 24-Apr-14 12:31:49

Hi Dolores,

How have you been, i started the diet yesterday, i received the food and supplements but will have to wait till next week to have my first treatment, I got 6 boxes of food, each is about �18 pounds, so in total i paid �275 including the supplements. Day 1 was alright although i felt a bit weak in the night.

I havent yet gotten used to the mixing as i noticed a lot of lumps, i have tried the chocolate and orange and pineapple drink which are quite nice. let me know how you get on

Dolores1980 Thu 24-Apr-14 12:44:49

Thanks for the update.. what do you mean you received it yesterday? Do they do deliveries? Why do you have to wait for the treatment?
When you say boxes of food, do you mean pre-cooked food or something like that? Sorry for so many questions, I'm puzzled now!

I am having my first treatment on Sunday I hope so I assume I will be given the sachets on that day and I will complement lunch and dinner with salad & veggies. I hope they have a wide range of flavours because I am not fond of chocolate sad

jafojo Thu 24-Apr-14 13:18:44

I went to the clinic yesterday and got the sachets in boxes, all the food are in sachets, 7 in a box, so you get 5 boxes for a week. I didnt have my treatment done because they didnt have a slot for me until next week and since i had already prepared my mind to start this week, i didnt want to wait another week, so i opted to start the food diet and have my treatment next week. The food arent pre-cooked, they are all in powdery form in a sachet. there are various flavours for cold drink apart from chocolate and you have a list of veg and salad to choose from, you are also allowed 3 sugarfree chewing gum a cucumber and lettuce are unlimited. half way through day 2 and i do feel different, best of luck for sunday, am sure you will be fine

Dolores1980 Thu 24-Apr-14 13:45:35

Vital info! 3 sugarfree chewing gum a day.. that'll be a lot of fun!!!
I will get back to you on Sunday night. I'm attending the clinic in Birmingham but I'm based in Wales so it will take me ages to get back homesad

jafojo Thu 24-Apr-14 15:10:02

Wow, thats a distance, will you be able to do the trip every week?, there is an option to buy your sachets for up to 2 weeks, if you cant make the weekly visit, although you miss out on the weekly treatments

Dolores1980 Thu 24-Apr-14 15:35:24

Well, I'm willing to make that great effort until the first week in July. After that I will be working in Oxford on a temporary basis so I guess I will be attending the clinic every two weeks as long as I am in phase 2. It's all about being healthy and fit !!!! And NO CHEATS after all the investment we are making.

jafojo Thu 24-Apr-14 15:50:24

Very true, It is worth the effort

Dolores1980 Sun 27-Apr-14 22:12:45

I had a wondeful session at Alizonne today. The ultrasound was completely different to what I had seen before. It was 20 minutes and it was focused on the 'fattest' part of my body, my belly actually. Endermologie was good too, I felt more sensitive when it was on the legs probably because there's less fat than in my belly. All in all, it must have taken about 1 hour. I was also given the starter's pack: sachets + supplements. I picked Vegetable soup, vanilla dessert, Fruits of forest youghurt, Orange and pinapple drink and exotic fruits drinks. I was supposed to start off on Monday but I didn't know what to eat for supper tonight so I tried the vanilla dessert sachet + spinach. I loved it, I will have one tomorrow but I'll leave it in the fridge a couple of hours so it may become more consistent. I've just realised how organised we have to be so as not to skip a single meal and take the supplements in time, drink enough water... blah blah blah... I'll definitely stick to everything especially after handing in £370!!! Any idea about the recipes at the back of the blue folder? Have you tried any? Tell me how you are getting on after a week? Have you weighed yourself? Have a nice start of the week smile

jafojo Mon 28-Apr-14 07:56:16

Hi Dolores,

welcome on board , am gkad you enjoyed your first treatment, I will have mine on Wednesday, I tried the recipe for the veg soup and smoked bacon omelette and it was fine. I am enjoying the meals now or rather my taste buds have adjusted to the new regime. I can feel the impact immediately, according to my scale I have dropped 3kg (130 to 127) but will have a weigh in on Wednesday. I agree it requires a lot of organisation, I have decided to prepare a weekly timetable of what I need to eat and at what time, I sometimes struggle to fit the 5 sachets in a day and yet to eat beyond 8pm. I was advised to drink 3 litres of water and not 2 as this will help increase the rate of weight loss.

jafojo Mon 28-Apr-14 07:57:25

Hi Dolores,

welcome on board , am gkad you enjoyed your first treatment, I will have mine on Wednesday, I tried the recipe for the veg soup and smoked bacon omelette and it was fine. I am enjoying the meals now or rather my taste buds have adjusted to the new regime. I can feel the impact immediately, according to my scale I have dropped 3kg (130 to 127) but will have a weigh in on Wednesday. I agree it requires a lot of organisation, I have decided to prepare a weekly timetable of what I need to eat and at what time, I sometimes struggle to fit the 5 sachets in a day and yet to eat beyond 8pm. I was advised to drink 3 litres of water and not 2 as this will help increase the rate of weight loss.

jafojo Wed 30-Apr-14 14:48:04

Hi Dolores, how are you getting on, i went for my first treatment today, i managed to lose 4.2 kg in the first week, so am down to 125.8kg. Hope to hear from you soon

Dolores1980 Wed 30-Apr-14 17:37:36

Congrats! That's a good start. How was the endermologie session?

My headaches stopped today (3rd day living on sachets and boring salads) I am feeling so tempted to real food and not because I feel hungry, actually I feel really full...I've just got pictures of food in my mind ... next time I'll have to pick those sachets that you can bake so as to feel I'm eating REAL FOOD.

I'll go for my 2nd treatment on Saturday and I've already booked a docs appointment for June 4th. If you can recommend some sachets, that will be reall welcome.

I haven't weighed yet hmm

lourop Wed 30-Apr-14 23:08:36

Hi hope u don't mind me joining in... I'm on day 5 of alizone.
Have had my first treatment and have tried loads if the recipes already. I love the curry and the Aubergine lasagne.
Tbf the week has gone ok tho I do struggle getting 5 meals in so I'm going to have to get more drinks or deserts for next week. My weigh in is fri so I'll let you know if it's all paid off n if I've been doing properly then! Fingers crossed

Dolores1980 Wed 30-Apr-14 23:29:57

Welcome Lourop!
I'm happy to have someone else to share my experience with.
Is it the aubergine and the curry lasagne one sachet to bake?
I'm fed up with the drinks and the vegetable soup is not as nice as I thought it'd be. The drinks are not bad, it's just that my salads are really poor.
Have you experienced headaches?
Good luck on Friday!

jafojo Sun 04-May-14 08:37:23

Hi Dolores, I havent had any headaches yet but I have had a few days when I have gotten tired of brainstorming on how to put together a good meal

I havent tried any of the curries yet b6t I tend to prepare spinach veg soup with chopped tomatoes, aubergine, green pepper, spring onions and mushroom, then spices up to taste almost like the real

the endermologie session was quite intense, with all the hoovering and that strange noise going through your head, I quite enjoyed it but I do not like the suit, I feel it is a very awkward costume for a guy but at that point I just focus on the anticipated result.
Lourop, welcome on board it is good to have you around, the more the merrier.

I dont think I have been dropping the weight in this second week as I did in week 1, although the therapist told me I wont lose as much as my body gets used to the diet. My week 4 target is 120kg, which is 19 stones, I am about 19.8 as of this morning.

I will try the curry when I go for treatment next week

Dolores1980 Sun 04-May-14 13:47:25

Hi Jafojo, you'll look so sexy in that suit in a couple of weeks!

I attended the clinic yesterday, Saturday 3. I lost 3 kilos in five days because I started the diet on Monday 28. I know we are prone to lose more weight in the first weeks because of the liquid and water so why do you think you haven't been losing anything the second week? To be honest, I don't think 3 kilos is that much but I feel my legs are lighter. My belly bump looks slightly "smaller"... not flat as it used to be sad

As for the food, this week I am going for the cheese omelette, pizza, mango and peach drink, lemon flan and vanilla dessert. I've already tried the lemon flan and I loved it! Have you logged in the Alizonne Forum?

I find it hard to drink 3 litres of water a day!! Been feeling tempted to have 1 biscuit with my brew but I HAVEN'T CHEATED AT ALL

Jafojo, you still have 2 weeks for your target in week 4, right?
I'm considering going for a 20 minute walk at a fast speed every day.

Lourop, how are you getting on?

jafojo Mon 05-May-14 08:35:45

Hi Dolores,
I am in week two and my target my target of 120kg (19 stones) is for week 4, it is quite difficult to drink 3 litres of water in a day, I drink atleast half a litre immediately I wake up in the morning and make sure I have drank a litre by noon , a litre during work and a litre before Igo to bed. I believe exercise will help but I read somewhere about the possibility of your bodyconverting fat to muscle, will ask the therapist on Wednesday. I went for a short tennis knock about on Saturday and it felt good.

welldone on losing 3kg in just 5 days , that is a big step, I havent cheated yet, if I feel peckish Igo for the chewing

jafojo Mon 05-May-14 08:47:04

I logged into the alizonne forum briefly but didnt participate in any discussion

jafojo Wed 07-May-14 22:31:28

Hi Dolores and Lourop, how are you getting on, I had my second treatment today and am now down to 122.5kg (19 stones 4 ). I am beginning to notice a change in my shape

Dolores1980 Thu 08-May-14 00:55:15

That's awesome wink
Please correct me if wrong, you have lost about 7.5 kilos so far, right?
I am so getting used to the sachets now. I feel REALLY REALLY full. I'm doing my best to work out the hours between meals and carrying my lunch and snacks everywhere. I'm really enjoying the food now, I had pizza today and I added some slices of tomato. I loved it!!! Been feeling really strong especially at work where I was offererd a tray full of muffins, sandwiches and pastries. Feeling so proud grin I said 'NO' and I really meant it. I'll go for my 3rd treatment on Saturday 10 and we will see...
By the way, I will have to buy sachets for two weeks because I will be missing my treatment on Saturday 17. Any suggestions?

jafojo Thu 08-May-14 22:32:30

Yew I have lost 7.5kg in 2 weeks, I was at a workshop today and they brought sandwiches and fruits and I was able to ignore it and go for just black coffee, I weigh myself everyday and I notice the weight drop of, I am looking forward to entering 18 stone range, that willl be so cool.

My favorite sachets are the chocolate and vanilla because they are easy to prepare as I live in London but have to stay in the hotel in Glasgow a couple of nights aweek and it can be a struggle to prepare a meal, I went for 4 drink sachets and bacon omelette this week
you need to share your pizza recipe with me because I havent the hang of it

goodluck for your treatment on Saturday, am sure you willl have dropped a lot of weight

Dolores1980 Fri 09-May-14 11:04:30

Jafojo, I completely empathise with you.
I work as a tutor and I spend long hours in different venues on diff days. I'm also attending a training a course on Thursdays and I see everybody enjoying the chocolate biscuits in the coffee-break!
The drinks are so useful when we are away or we don't count on facilities.
Pizza sachet is very easy, just mix it with 40 ml of water, leave 5' to rest and bake it for 15' in a silicone tray. As I was having it for lunch, I just put some slices of tomato and enjoyed my 'napolitana' It also comes with an extra sachet that it's to garnish the pizza and it looks like dried tomato sauce. I'm visiting the clinic tomorrow so I will get the chicken nuggets this time. Have a nice weekend!!

lourop Mon 12-May-14 08:57:08

Hi week 1 101/2 lbs off over the moon.
Week 2 another 31/2 so a stone in 2weeks!!!
Feeling great no headaches.
The au refine lasagne is the re pie aubergine parmagiliano
I cook and serve it in a smallish dish with salad on the side.
Turnip chips are amazing too with 2 spoonfuls of yoghurt chilli st n pepper as a dip.
Looking forward to week 3, I find it easier to do dro ja and deserts during the day with a salad at lunch followed by a desert. Them a cooked meal either stir fry, lasagne or curry for tea.
And rhubarb is in season with vanilla sachet it actually is rhubarb and custard.
So last night tea was 150g if turnip chips with dip
Stir fry using free and 50g if restricted veg (red pepper n courgette) then rhubarb n "custard"
3 course meal 1 satchets 200g of restricted veg n some free veg....couldn't eat it all!!

Dolores1980 Mon 12-May-14 10:40:15

lourop, congrats!! That's really motivating.
You seem to be getting on with the sachets and being creative in the kitchen!!
As for my week 2, I only lost 1.5 kg not as much as I was expecting. So I'm now doing my planning with time/sachets and work.
lourop, how many kilos do you have to lose?
Jafojo, what are you up to?grin
I'm off to enjoy my pancake cake

jafojo Mon 12-May-14 21:08:58

Dolores and Lourop,

nice to hear you are both progressing well, I have been fine and getting used to not getting hungry at all, thats a lot of weight both of younhave dropped welldone, the second week lossIis always lower for some reason, I have my treatment on wednesday and hope I can get under 19 stone into the 18s as that will be a great motivator.

I have a party in two weeks time and that will be a great test of strength, I wish I am as innovative as Lourop with the sachets.

Summerslim2014 Mon 12-May-14 22:02:12

I'm glad I have found an up to date forum for alizonne. I have just been for my consultation and hope to start the diet next month! Everyone seems to be doing really well so I hope to have similar results.

Dolores1980 Mon 12-May-14 22:13:07

Welcome on board Summerslim2014!
Which clinic are you attending?
How did your first consultation go?

Summerslim2014 Mon 12-May-14 22:56:27

The clinic in watford, which one do you attend?
I am Excited to start now, but trying to make sure I don't get ahead of myself. I have read some really encouraging stories. How is your progress?


Dolores1980 Mon 12-May-14 23:31:58

I'm attending the clinic in Birmigham (it's about 2 hours by bike train from my place, Mid-Wales)
First week I lost 3 kilos and 1.5 in week 2. Endermologie can really shape your body and leave your skin soft.
I have to lose about 18-20 kilos in 16 weeks according to the doc and I was hoping to lose 2 - 2.5 kg a week hmm
Week 3 now, I'm really used to the sachets and I'm doing my best to be creative...
To be honest, it's the testimonials that keep me alive, too!

Summerslim2014 Tue 13-May-14 22:01:15

Well done! I have booked in for my blood test ect for 10th June. I would have liked to have started sooner but they can't fit me in.

Keep me updated on your progress :-)

jafojo Thu 15-May-14 13:05:43

Hi All,
I went for my treatment and 3rd weigh in yesterday, I lost another 3.5lbs, taking total loss to about 20lbs. I am now down to 120.8kg from 130kg.

I wasnt too pleased as the loss had been on he downside wk 1=9.5lbs, wk2=7.5lbs and wk3 =3.5lbs

I took a gamble and chose the coconut drink, tried it last night but couldnt drink it some strange reason, just wouldnt go down.

My target for wk 4 is 120kg, so I guess I am still within range, I might also incorporate some form of exercise into the regime to speed things up.

My belly has reduced and i have started wearing some old cloths and on my last hole in my belt, which is quite encouraging.

The testimonials keep me going as well and i find myself reading old posts on Alizonne to keep me going, it is still a struggle to fit in 5 sachets within my work schedule and find myself forgetting to take a meal simply because i am never hungry.

I hope you are all doing well with the programme, cant wait for summerslim to start
Dolores, now i believe you when you say i will soon look sexy in that strange grey

Lourop please share some of your wonderful recipe with us, i am running out of

jafojo Thu 22-May-14 13:43:43


Just got back from my treatment, today was my week for and i now weigh about 117.7kg, I have lost just over 12kg in 4 weeks

Lourop, Dolores and Summerslim, I hope you are all fine

Bigant Sat 24-May-14 11:51:16

Hi all.

I started the diet 7 weeks ago, I'm due my weigh in on Tuesday which will be 7 full weeks.

So far (up to last Monday) I'd lost 42lbs (3stone) I have 19kgs more to go before I hit phase 2.

I've done all sorts of diets in the past which is what mess your metabolism up and means you put more weight back on so I'd got up to the biggest I'd ever been, i done Cambridge, Dukan, slimming work, weight watchers... This diet just fits best for me, I just have the drinks now, I didn't like the soups omelette pizza or deserts but after 3 days I couldn't actually stomach eating anything anyway.

I am getting bored of just water and black tea though, does anyone know if you can have infused water? Like lemon or lime in a glass to add some taste?

sandyxblog Sun 25-May-14 22:30:57

Hi everyone!!

I'm not a parent but joined because I wanted to participate in the discussion and because one day, i'd like to become a parent but if I stay at the weight I am now, i seriously doubt that will happen sad

I'm super excited about joining Alizonne! I visited the Birmingham Clinic a few days ago and i totally think this is for me! I've got my consultation with the doctor booked in in 10 days time!

Wish it was sooner!!!

Hope you are all well,

Sandy x

sandyxblog Sun 25-May-14 22:32:12


Bigant - Congratulations! That's an amazing weight loss!

Sandy x

jafojo Sun 25-May-14 22:46:24

Congratulations Bigant, thats a big weight loss, I am sure we are allowed lemon or lime in water, I definitely use it for my tea

sandyxblog Sun 25-May-14 23:02:45

I was reading the alizonne recipe book online and it says you can add lemon slices to water but not lime. But definitely check with your clinic as maybe is different for teas or maybe i'm reading an old version confused ???

Sandy x

Dolores1980 Mon 02-Jun-14 21:29:19

Hello everyone, long time no see!!!
Just to brief you...
29/4 to 29/5 I've lost 6 kilos. Not bad, huh? My average is 1 kilo a week - not what I was expecting but my metabolism rate seems to be slow. I tried the BMR test for the second time last week and it didn't know sad
I can see the difference in my body and my face...and I feel more energetic especially because I feel my legs are a bit lighter. Anyway, I still have a long way to go through. Just getting a bit concerned because July is a busy month in terms of work so I won't be able to attend the clinic every week.
Bigant, you rock!!
Jafojo, how is it going?
By the way, does it everybody find it difficult to find the peach and mango drink in stock?
sandyxblog, I'm also attending the Clinic in Birmingham!

jafojo Tue 03-Jun-14 10:46:06

Hi Dolores, nice to hear from you, i was getting worried i had been abandoned on the battle

6 kg is very good especially with a low metabolism, i went for my 5th treatment last wednesday and i have lost 14kg in 5 weeks, saw the doctor for about 10 mins and had another blood test done.

my whole body has changed and I am starting to run out of clothes, might need to visit the loft for old clothes as i dont want to start buying new clothes, had to change to an old belt as i had exhausted all the holes but it is a good feeling, i feel very light but i still have 22kg to lose so it is still early days.

i will visit the the clinic on Thursday.

They have never had the Mango and Peach in stock at my clinic, will ask again when i visit

sandyxblog Tue 03-Jun-14 13:46:26

@ Dolores1980 -Ooo yay a fellow Birmingham Alizonner!

I've got my initial consultation with the doctor tomorrow so hopefully I will be able to start soon! I'm so excited yet so nervous :S

You guys are all doing so well!! I'll be well chuffed if I can achieve what you guys are achieving!

Sandy x

voiceofgodot Tue 03-Jun-14 16:19:27

I've just made an appointment for an introductory consultation with the London clinic - eek.

So nervous, particularly regarding the fact I have two holidays coming up. I know if I don't do it now, I never will..... but eek!

jafojo Thu 05-Jun-14 13:31:00

Hi ,

I have just got back from my weigh-in and now weigh 113kg, which was a surprise as I cheated with some feta cheese in my salad at the restaurant, so I have lost a total of 17kg in 6 weeks, cant wait to lose another 9kg so that I can move into phase 2, I had to get 2 weeks worth of food as my therapist is off next week and I dont want another therapist to hoover

I have gone for mostly drinks, banana, chocolate, peach and mango and i got a box of the plain bread for the first time, am hoping it tastes nice,although i can only have it 3 times a week

How are you all, I hope you are doing well, cant wait for voice and sandy to start the diet, the more the

I am going home this evening after 3 days in Glasgow, so i can cook some good hot aubergine meal, staying away from home helps as you are restricted to salad and there isnt much temptation

sandyxblog Thu 05-Jun-14 15:06:08

@ Jafojo - Congratulations sweet!! Thats fantasic!! happy dance Do you go to the Birmingham Clinic too?

I had my initial consultation yesterday. Weighed in at 120.70kg. The doctor has set my goal to be at 12 stone by Dec 28th - Might get to see the new year in as a new me. It means I will be in phase one for 18 weeks and phase 2 for 10 weeks. Doc says having PCOS might make it harder to lose weight but then again I apparently have a high metabolic rate (2140kcal) so I'm hoping that'll help! Just waiting for my blood test results to come through. I'm going back next sat (14th to collect my starter pack, food etc) ready to start on sunday :D

Can't wait!

Sandy x

P.S. I don't know if any of you blog but i'm using one as like my online diary and tracker .. feel free to check it our on

I'm hoping it makes me feel more accountable for my progress and actions etc : ) x

voiceofgodot Thu 05-Jun-14 23:01:44

Well done jafo! Is it easier away from home??! I am worried about a week's camping trip I have lined up in July and then two weeks at my mum's in August. But I just have to get started, I have never been as fat as I am at the moment.

sandy - I had a read of your blog, well done you - you seem very well set up to get going with it all!

I am a bit worried about the money side of it, but am planning to cut back massively in other areas and obviously will spend nothing on going out/wine/food. It still feels very extravagant but I am determined to shift this weight. My life kind of feels on hold at the moment and I want that to change.

Dolores1980 Sat 07-Jun-14 13:43:01

WOW.. Jafojo, that is so great news!!!
It shows we are all a bit concerned about the same things, being away from home, going camping and the money side!
Sandy, I love the idea of a blog! Well done!!!
Voiceofgodot, if you feel money is an issue try going to the clinic every 2 weeks. I feel I've spent millions up to now but it's worth all the way...even when I have only lost 7 kilos in 40 days.

By the way, has anyone tried the potato pie? I just mixed with 90 ml of water, put it in the over for 15 min...and I CAN'T EAT IT sad
Chocolate brownie is awesome, a pity we can only have 3 times a week!

Lots of kisses, everyone!

Liverpoollady Sat 07-Jun-14 15:26:39

Hope I am okay to join this discussion I have been doing Alizone for 4 days and according to my own scales I have lost 9lbs which is great but I feel dreadful: terrible headache, shaky and spaced out. Please tell me it gets better or is it like this all the way through?
I am really struggling with the salad every day as I am not a fan. Does anyone know if I can have vegetables at lunch as well as dinner? Also, what about breakfast?
I really like the veg soup and am okay with the chocolate and orange and pineapple drinks. Today is first day off work so I am looking up recipes but many of them seem to mention sachets that are not on my list such as the strawberry shake and bread mix? Also lourop you mention lasagne could you tell me where I can find the recipe?
As my name suggests I am attending the Liverpool clinic is anyone else out there?

Dolores1980 Sun 08-Jun-14 10:26:12

Hi Liverpoollady,

I had terrible headaches for the first two days...felt awful, I thought I wouldn't make it through...but it got much better on day 4. BE STRONG!

There is a book with recipes
Every time you visit your clinic for treatment you also buy 5 boxex with 7 sachets each. There's plenty of variety, just make sure you get the right ones as some of them are allowed only 3 times a week.

These are my Sunday meals (pretty plain - no creativity at all)

Breakfast: Pancake w/chocolate ( sachet 1 -only 3 times a week) + a cup of coffee
Mid-morning: 1 capuccino (sachet 2)
Lunch: Cheese omelette (sachet 3) + broccoli and other veggies
Afternoon: Capuccino or Mango and peach drink or lemon flan (sachet 4)
Diner: Pizza (sachet 5) with slices of tomato and mushroom

I drink a lot of mineral water and mate (Uruguayan drink w/herbs) so as not to drink so much coffee and tea along the day.

Hope this helps!

Liverpoollady Sun 08-Jun-14 12:49:44

Thank you Dolores I am feeling a little better today and seem to have shed another pound! although I think it is all water.

This is really helpful, thank you. Have just sent hubby out armed with a shopping list and am going to try a few of the recipes later.

Hope your weight loss journey is still going well. I am desperate to lose in time for my daughter's wedding at the end of September.

Bigant Wed 11-Jun-14 12:54:45

Hello All.

I am also a Birmingham Clinic patient, and no, they never have the peach and mango.. its my favourite too.

I was weighed on Monday at the end of week 9 and I have lost 57lb. Or 4stone 1lb if its easier.

I still have 12kgs to go before I hit phase two but with over 2kgs a week coming off I hope its only a matter of 6 more weeks before I can taste some chicken!!

keep up the good work guys smile

jafojo Wed 11-Jun-14 16:35:28

Thanks all

@ Bigant, wonderful news, it is just a matter of time and you will be in phase2

@Sandy, I attend the Glasgow clinic

@Voice, I feel it is easier away from home as there is no temptation of the kids wanting to share their biscuits or pack of walkers with

Since I do not have any cooking facility, I just get a pack of salad

@ Dolores, I was lucky to get Peach and Mango last week, although i am yet to try it, I am still being occupied by my ever dependable hot chocolate and banana.
@Liverpoollady, I hope you feel much better, September is a long way away, you would have lost so much by then

I have a treatment free week and so I am hoping I have dropped some more weight, I like the weekly weigh-in

sandyxblog Sun 15-Jun-14 15:50:11

Finally started Alizonne today. It wasn't the best start....the first sachet I had was tropical drink and it was revolting but the hot choc was lovely and so was the smoked bacon omlette which i had with mushrooms, spring onion and tomato so that was yum too. I've got vanilla dessert and mushroom soup for later. I dont know whether to try the orange drink tomorrow or just swap the whole box for something else?!

Sandy x

Bigant Sun 15-Jun-14 16:06:30

Tropical drink isn't the best, I stick with Orange & Grapefruit, Peach and Mango and Exotic

Dolores1980 Sun 15-Jun-14 20:51:55

Sandy, I suggest the peach and mango drink (which is never in stock) so I am sticking to capuccino.

I will be away next weekend, could anyone suggest what salads I should buy at the supermarket?

Have a great week!

Brigidwasp Sun 15-Jun-14 21:23:57

Hello everyone! I'm new to the forum. Omg so glad I found a recent thread for Alizonners, all I could find out there were from ages ago.
I've been reading all your posts smile

So I'm very new, just started last Wednesday. I have to shed 19kg.

My first weigh in day (+2nd set of treatments) is next Tuesday. I've checked this morning and after 4 days I lost 2,5kg. That should keep me very motivated and happy, but the truth is that today I've had a really bad day, feeling emotional and discouraged by the fact that most of the sachets I've tried make me seriously nauseated. And same happens with having to drink so much water. During the whole day I don't feel hungry at all because of the water, (i didn't drink much before this) and I have to force myself to eat every sachet, and the fact that I don't like any isn't helping. Sometimes it takes me like one hour to finish one! feels a bit like a torture.

Today I wanted to try the swede chips, but believe it or not, I went to ALL the supermarkets within walking distance of my flat, which are 5! and some of them are not small, and None of them had any :/ I guess I will stick to mushrooms today again.

So far I've tried:
-peach tea (absolutely hate it)
-herbs omelette (edible but not great)
-pizza margherita. (find the base really really bland and weird, no matter how I vary it or cook it different ways)
-chocolate drink (this one is actually very nice)
-chicken nuggets (okay)
-pear and chocolate dessert (hate it!)

By the way I had my first set of treatments last Thursday and it was okay, I was worried about the ultrasounds because I'm prone to tinnitus, but it didn't affect me much. The skin tightening was also okay, just a little bit painful in some areas of my thighs, but I was expecting that. To be honest I found it quite relaxing. Today I still have a couple of bruises left though, haha.

Well I'm finding it really difficult but I'm sure it's because I haven't found the right sachets for me. Next time I will buy a few extra boxes and will try some recipes.

(sorry for the long post!)

sandyxblog Sun 15-Jun-14 22:40:44

@ Brigidwasp

I had the tropical sachet which was disgusting, ended up washing it down with half a litre of water lol which helped towards my water content! However I have had the vanilla desert, hot chocolate, smoked bacon omelette and mushroom soup all of which I found pleasantly edible. Have you tried making any curries or any of the recipes from the recipe book?

I am determined to make this work but I too am struggling. Today was my first day and I stuck to the plan but I found myself thinking about food. I felt nauseous this morning but that was mainly due to the tropical sachet. Up until yesterday I found myself thinking about how amazing it will be to reach my goal weight but today my thinking has changed. Instead of thinking about the end, I'm just thinking about surviving the day! Hopefully as the days and weeks go on it will improve.

But the main thing is I survived day ONE! Whoop whoop!

I started the diet today but don't have my first set of treatments until Thursday. This sounds so silly but whats most nerve racking is the thought of having my photo's taken! I do my best to avoid looking at my own body so the thought of showing a strange is a wee bit scary! I keep telling myself they are all lovely and profession and do this every day lol! But I think my mind has a tendency to work overtime!

Sandy x

Dolores1980 Sun 15-Jun-14 22:46:54

Welcome on board Brigidwasp!

You seem to be doing really well... it took me two weeks to lose 2.5 kg so you should be proud.

Which clinic are you attending?

Brigidwasp Mon 16-Jun-14 00:55:36

Hello @Dolores1980, thank you! I know I should be proud, I guess I'm finding it so hard that I forget how awesome is that. Hopefully it will get better after a few more days, and more experimenting with the sachets.

I am attending the Edinburgh clinic.

Brigidwasp Mon 16-Jun-14 01:04:32

@sandyxblog, well done! the first day is quite difficult, I was in for a shock the first time I took all the supplements!! how are you coping with that?

I also feel nauseous most of the time, and I hate that, but I didn't get any headaches or anything else, so I guess it will pass in a few days. We have to get used to it and stick to the plan, it's going to be so much worth it.

In my clinic they didn't ask me to have my photo taken, thankfully.. I do think it's mostly to show you the big change you made, and .i don't think they will show anyone unless you give your permission. Hope it goes well and you don't find the treatments painful.

Thanks for recommending those sachets, will definitely give them a go. (and avoid the tropical!) Oh and I am planning to try the curries this week.

Brigidwasp Mon 16-Jun-14 12:49:54

Hey thought I will share what I just discoverd. I was trying to make the chocolate biscuit in the recipe book (which states that you can use any chocolate sachet) but the only one I had available was the dreaded pear and chocolate dessert, I struggle so much to eat that one. So I decided to give it a go. Added the 100ml of water, mixed it and placed in a baking tray forming 6 or 7 blobs. Now I don't know if it's because this sachet is different (not a choc drink, but a dessert) or if it's because I didn't leave enough space inbetween them (I think I did), but the blobs got much bigger and morphed into a massive single one. I baked for 10 mins, then let it cool. And The result was a bic g chocolate crepe. I sprinkled a tiny bit of sweetener, and rolled it. I swear it's the first time I feel I'm eating the real thing! the flavour I didn't like changed into a perfect chocolate crepe with perfect texture. Let me know if you give it a go.

I thought I will purchase a vanilla sachet or similar for the filling, and will eat in 2 servings.

Feeling way more positive today, will start experimenting a lot more with the sachets and mixing them. It will take a while to find out what works best, but this is a whole new prespective. Yay! smile

Brigidwasp Mon 16-Jun-14 12:53:13

Forgot to mention, This morning I was down another 0.6kg! a nice boost to start the week.

Ginnywhizz Mon 16-Jun-14 20:30:11

Hi I'm on day 12 and have lost 12lbs... I'm still amazed!

Ginnywhizz Mon 16-Jun-14 20:35:35

Sandy I know what you mean about the tropical drink it's vile... I went on a night out with work wasn't bothered about not having wine but didn't want to drink fizzy water all night is I took out the tropical drink.... It was revolting, worst thing was I had to finish it lol! I'll never criticise fizzy water again grin)

nicketynack Tue 17-Jun-14 08:10:39


I've just finished my first week of the diet (London clinic) and did my weigh in last night and have lost 2kg. Quite happy, hope it continues! The first few days were tough but I do think that your taste buds genuinely change and you start to weirdly enjoy some of the sachets. The oatmeal has grown on me. I think the mushroom soup and hot chocolate remain the clear winners though. Picked up some new sachets yesterday to try some other things and see what I can come up with.

Good to have some other people to chat to who are going through the same!

Brigidwasp Tue 17-Jun-14 11:30:42

@Ginnywhizz wow that's a really good loss is 12 days, well done!

@nicketynack hello! 2kg the first week is awesome. I also had a few tough days, specially last Sunday, but mainly because I only bought 5 food boxes and I didn't like a few, but had to eat them anyway, it was a bit of a torture. I bought the mushroom soup today after reading your post. Will try it soon.

I had my first weigh in today and I lost 2.6kg in 6 days. Although I always check at home before breakfast since day #1, and it was 3kg down today.
I've been exercising 30 minutes a day x5 a week, maybe that speeds it up a wee bit?

Does anyone else feel nauseated for a while after taking the supplements? it lasts about a hour.

Brigidwasp Tue 17-Jun-14 14:54:57

By the way I was very pleased to find out that in only 6 days my blood pressure is much closer to normal. (still a bit high).

nicketynack Tue 17-Jun-14 17:38:56

Well done Brigidwasp! That's really good. Great to see weight loss and also an improvement to your blood pressure! I don't have any scales at home which I think is helping me to not think about the weight too much / compare my own scales with those at the clinic. Throw them away!

I haven't experienced any nausea. Have you told them at the clinic? Maybe you're having a bad reaction to one of them in particular? Do you get it in the evening as well? If not, that might rule out the salt and the quinton.

They advised me to buy 7 boxes for my first week in case I didn't like a couple. I bought 6 for the second week so I can experiment a bit.

I'm starting a new job in a couple of weeks so all my colleagues want to throw me a big send off next Friday. How to not drink?! Would one glass of champagne really hurt?!

Brigidwasp Tue 17-Jun-14 17:56:26

Hey @nicketynack thanks! smile Yes I was really happy about the blood pressure. I can't wait to see the next blood test results in about 2 weeks. I hope my liver levels are better too. That worries me a bit.

I told them about the nausea, the therapist wrote it down, probably will need to discuss it with the GP in my next appointment soon if it's still happening. (it doesn't happen in the evening.)

Today after the last few bad days hating my sachets and not having many options, I went a bit over the top and bought 9!!! bit expensive but I guess next week I will only need a couple more, it will be easier once I figure out what I like the most.

Hmmm about that, I understand how tempting it may be, but I honestly think you should completely avoid it. I am not sure how bad it would be, but I would maybe ring the clinic to ask what bad effects could one glass of champagne do.

Yeah you're right, after the first week (which ends tomorrow for me) I plan not to weigh myself at home anymore and wait for the weekly weigh in. Because I am aware weight loss is going to slow down a lot and I don't want it to demotivate me.

nicketynack Tue 17-Jun-14 23:05:54

@bridigwasp if the nausea is bad I'd leave a message for the GP and ask them to give you a quick call so that you don't have to wait. They could be aware that some people sometimes have a funny reaction to a certain supplement and might be able to suggest an alternative.

I think it's better to have too many sachets than to end up stuck with things you don't like! I ended up getting two boxes of the hot chocolate yesterday so I can have them twice a day as my snack. They actually taste good and don't make me look too abnormal at work! I think the mushroom soup + salad is pretty much going to be my lunch staple too. Will try to vary the dinners a bit more as slightly over-reliant on the omelettes at the moment. They don't taste too great on their own but smothering them in vegetables seems to make them quite tasty and the texture is quite good.

I think you're right about the booze. Just had a weak mental moment! I went to the pub this evening and didn't touch a drop. Just fizzy water and lemon, and it was fine.

Brigidwasp Wed 18-Jun-14 09:16:05

@nicketynack I also bought 2 boxes of the chocolate one, but now I make a choc crepe with it, and I fill them with home cooked rhubarb. Or vanilla dessert made a bit thicker. Big improvement, and real crepe texture. Makes me forget I'm on a diet! I also tried making the chocolate eclairs and the bounty delight in the recipe book. They're not too time consuming, and it's more fun than eating them as they are.

By the way I loved the cream of mushroom soup, thanks!

I did the same in the pub last weekend with the water and lemon, it's not too bad, if you avoid it you will feel very proud afterwards. smile

How is everyone doing by the way?

Dolores1980 Wed 18-Jun-14 10:13:03

Great ideas Brigidwasp!wink

I am 'going slow' just losing 1 kg a week. Due to time and facilities I've been drinking 3 capuccinos a day brew
Did you also cook the vainilla dessert?
I will be away at the weekend and was wondering which 'supermarket salads' everybody could suggest as I won't be able to cook for 3 days.

Brigidwasp Wed 18-Jun-14 10:43:10

@Dolores1980 I oven bake the chocolate dessert for 10 minutes at 200degrees (i add only 100ml of cold water to the mix and spread it on baking paper) and then for the vanilla, I add very little cold water at a time, until I get a thick cream texture. Then when the crepe has cooled down, I spread it inside and roll it. Cut it in two and you have 2 portions. Sprinkle a little bit of sweetener right before eating makes it better too. Or maybe add a bit of cinnamon.

I don't know about specific supermarket salads, I just grab the green ones with mixed rocket, watercress, baby leaf, spinach etc, and then another bag of crunchy mix like lettuce. I don't buy the ready made salads because most of them come with things we can't eat, so I find it easier to prepare them at home. Maybe you can just prepare several salads in resealable bags or tuppers with a little bit of towel paper inside to keep the salad from getting soggy too quickly. Don't add spices or oil until right before serving. Bring some diced tomatoes from allowance, and spring onions and or cucumber with you in a separate tupperware so you can improve the salads too. I like adding a few diced gherkins too.

I can't wait for phase 2 to be honest...

Brigidwasp Wed 18-Jun-14 10:48:14

@Dolores1980 but 1 kg a week is not so bad! they say that usually it should be more or less 1 stone a month. That is 6kg. 4kg is not too far away from that. And anyway a slow progress is better than no progress smile keep going and you will get there! how many more you have to lose?

Dolores1980 Wed 18-Jun-14 11:56:24

Thanks for your support Brigidwasp smile

10 kilos to lose to jump to phase 2 (I have already lost 8) What worries me is that I will be working in summer school for 5 weeks in July/August and won't be able to attend the clinic on a weekly basis...I won't be able to cook and have to stick to the veggies served at the canteen and will have to choose my sachets thoughtfully because of timetables and kitchen facilities confused

On the other hand, I am really happy with the results and it is worth the effort.

Brigidwasp Wed 18-Jun-14 12:15:18

@Dolores1980 Hey! I've also got lose 10kg for phase 2.

If I had to skip several weekly sessions what I would do is to buy a good cream, anti-cellulite or similar would work, and twice a week massage vigorously (before the cream) the areas you're more worried about. I would use one of these massagers (3options for different budgets. The more expensive one has this vacuum effect too). It's not very pleasant, but in a way it would replace the treatment. Not as effective, and you wouldn't have the ultrasound, but probably better than nothing. Why din't you ask your clinic if they think this would be a good idea for the weeks you are away?

Yes I believe it's worth the effort. And we still haven't seen much as we have a lot to lose, so it can only get better!

nicketynack Wed 18-Jun-14 15:02:43

I'm liking the sound of the crepe idea! Maybe I could treat it like an omelette and put less water in and stick it straight in the pan...

I bought a few bread-based things this week as I hoped I might be able to use them to help things from the book which make me feel vaguely normal, but they all take ages to make. Might have to make up a few sachets in advance as I don't usually have 20-25 mins in the morning / after getting in from work (at risk of keeling over at that point) to spend. Anyone done this? Do they keep ok?

I've got loads of rhubarb in the fridge. Going to make it up tonight. Thinking of trying the giant mushroom take on a burger this evening...I'd recommend the aubergine dip from the book. It's delicious with some chili and garlic powder. I could smother it on just about anything.

Brigidwasp Wed 18-Jun-14 16:10:03

@nicketynack I tried to make pancakes using the chocolate mix and it didn't work for some reason. Not sure if it's just me maybe doing something wrong or maybe just added too much water that time, but it was a total liquid disaster. And instead of solidifying it started to melt and boil. Weird.
Maybe it could work though if you make 50%chocolate 50% bread or pizza mix? just an idea, might not work

Yes I'm doing that, preparing several things so I don't waste too much time during the day, but I only prepare breakfast and 2 snacks for the day after. For lunch, making the soup and salad is quick, and then when I have more time in the evening, I make the dinner, plus next day breakfast and 2 snacks again. They always keep ok. Haven't tried to keep them for longer than one day though. I must say they need to be in the fridge, otherwise they start getting weird.

I made ice lollies using the Peach and mango drink, and they are lovely! :D

You can cook all the rhubarb, because it's ok to freeze it if you make too much.

Thanks! I will try the aubergine dip, probably this evening! I'm making the swede chips and nuggets so it will go well together. yay. Can't believe how things have changed, the first days I was dreading the next meal because I hated most of them, and now I'm really enjoying this!

jafojo Thu 19-Jun-14 14:32:59

Hello all,

Wow a lot is happening on this thread, i will definitely try the chocolate biscuits.

I have just come back from my week 8 treatment and i am now down to 110kg from 130k, it is a good feeling to lose 20kg which is bang on target based on my chart.

I am getting a bit impatient as I long to get to 104.8kg (phase 2) so that i can taste some meat, it has been a good journey so far, the only down side is the clinic not having my favorite banana drink.

Dolores,Sandyxblog, Ginnywhizz, Bigant and Brigidwasp, keep up the good work and thanks for all the advice and tips

I got a free treatment today, i was told it is for being consistent over 7 weeks (i dont know if it is standard or just my clinic but it was a good feeling) , i only had to pay for food and supplements

20kg down, 16kg to go

Brigidwasp Thu 19-Jun-14 15:11:46

@jafojo Hello there! It's amazing isn't it, 20kg in 7 weeks!! You must be feeling so excited! how long did they tell you it would take to get to phase 2? Not much I guess as you're about to reach the target!

Free treatment! that's really nice! I hope it's a standard thing, hehe

I also miss the meat/fish and this is only my second week, but it gets better as you experiment in the kitchen and find the right sachets. Right now my fav ones are the potato pie (mixing it either with veg or with the goats cheese sachet), chicken nuggets, cream of mushroom soup, chocolate drink (to make it into a thick pudding, or chocolate crepe), and the peach and mango drink (ice lollies). I think I will stick to these for a while. I also like using the pizza mix but for sweet dishes mixed with the chocolate and vanilla ones. I never managed to make a nice normal pizza out of it. wayyy too bland.

jafojo Thu 19-Jun-14 15:36:24

Thanks Brigidswap

It is actually my 8th week,didnt attend the clinic last week because my therapist was off, I am on my way back home do I should be able to play around with some menu. I have been on drinks and salad for 3 days while in Glasgow

Brigidwasp Thu 19-Jun-14 15:41:53

@jafojo well 7-8 weeks, it's a real good weight loss anyway : )

Drinks and salad for three days? I would've struggled, I am a chewer, hehe also 2-3 litres of water a day for me is way too much liquids already. Do you manage with the 3 litres? I'm still struggling to finish the 2nd one. (I do though)

jafojo Thu 19-Jun-14 15:56:35

Lol, I manage 3 litres a day, my formular is 1 litre before 12 noon, 1 before 6pm and another 1 or 0
5 before I go to bed . I guess my system has adjusted, on a good day I could down half a litre in one minute while standing, I could never finish a cup before I started Alizonne
It is the water that helps in losing weight so I try to have minimum 3 litres, especially now that I keep checking the weight of chicken breast and fish at the supermarket in anticipation to the 120g of chicken allowed in Phase 2

Brigidwasp Thu 19-Jun-14 16:30:31

@jafojo I will try harder with the water! See it's 16:28 and I'm still finishing my first litre. Not good! Hehe you really are excited about the chicken breast, I would too, but it's still several weeks before I will taste any. :S

Before Alizonne I think I was dinking so little that I wouldn't be surprised if I was dehydrated all the time. So I believe this will also teach me good habits.

sandyxblog Fri 20-Jun-14 11:56:43

Aww congratulations everyone on the amazing weight losses!!! This sunday will be my week one weigh in so i'll post it on here as well as on my blog!

Had my very first endermology yesterday and I found it really hurt. They had to turn it down for me in some areas which is a bummer because it's not going to work as well on the lower settings. My next session is on tuesday so I will knock back some ibuprofen and/or paracetamol first. Any other tips???

I easily drink my three litres, some days I have more. Before starting Alizonne I used to have 1 litre a day but now I can't keep away from the stuff. I used to drink a lot of coke or pepsi max before and I was expecting to crave it but I don't!

I also discovered pizza which tasted delicious and I actually forgot it was a diet meal. I make up the base as directed. For the tomato topping I don't mix it with water but with tinned tomato (from 200g allowance) so it makes a thing tomatoey sauce. I then added spring onions, mushrooms and green peppers! Could happily eat this every day smile

Hope everyone is having a lovely day

Sandy x

Brigidwasp Fri 20-Jun-14 17:40:37

@sandyxblog it's so good that you can easily drink over 3litres! I am trying hard and today it may be the first day I manage to go to 3 litres, or almost!

Let us know about the first weigh in, good luck!

About the skin tightening treatment, the second time I found it hurt more than the first time, but I think it's because my skin is super sensitive and bruises easy, and the day of my second treatment I still had some bruises going on. I wouldn't worry about having the first few sessions at a lower settings because I'm pretty sure your body will get used to it and it will get better.

Yeah I am also surprised I don't crave my diet coke! and I recently crave healthy food, which is great.

How do you prepare the pizza base? do you add anything in particular to the mix? I tried to make it several times but it tasted so weird and bland. Any suggestions? Good idea about the tomato, thanks for the tip.

Have a great weekend everyone!

sandyxblog Sun 22-Jun-14 12:18:15

First Week Weigh In: -8lbs !!!!! (or -3.64 kg) I'm well chuffed!!!

happy dance

Sandy x

P.S. I have uploaded my tracker of what meals/sachets I had this week and added a few other bits and bobs if anyone is interested. I didn't want to clog this chat up!!

Brigidwasp Mon 23-Jun-14 10:57:08

@sandyxblog that's a great Week#1 result! you seem to be doing really really well.

Your tracker is very useful btw, thanks for sharing : )

nicketynack Mon 23-Jun-14 12:04:32

I've got my next weigh in tomorrow. I'm really hoping it's going to be a good one! I spent about 6 hours with a bunch of drunk people (my family) stuffing their faces with carb-filled buffet food on Saturday night and stuck to water and a salad I'd brought with me. I have suffered greatly and need it to translate into pound loss! My mum has just finished her first week of slimming world and has lost 11lbs so I am super jealous of that too!!!

Brigidwasp Mon 23-Jun-14 12:12:41

@nicketynack I also have my next weigh in tomorrow. I am sure it will be much less than the first week of course, but also hoping for a good one. Good luck with yours!

It's so difficult to go through these delicious meals where everyone is enjoying so much and you're stuck with the salad and water! sad but we have to be proud of how strong we are to avoid cheating. It's for our own good (and pockets)

sandyxblog Mon 23-Jun-14 14:20:30

What I've read of other peoples posts in many discussions is that peoples weight loss can fluctuate despite sticking to Alizonne 100%. However over a period of a month it seems to average out so they still reach their goals and targets. I wonder if the ultrasound has a part to play?? Surely the more you use it on a particular body part, the less fat there is to release? I suppose fluctuations in hormone levels for women may also play their part.

I just made this half pancake half panini thing for lunch and it was yum!! I ended up with a sachet from the swap box which I thought was plain bread but it turns out it was a plain pancake. I used that, with a spare tomato sachet from my pizza and some veg (mushrooms, spinach and spring onion). I've tried to put a picture on here but I think the file is too big but it is on my blog page if anyone is interested. First thing I've eaten where I ate it and didn't think I was on a diet!

Hope everyone is well,

Sandy x

nicketynack Mon 23-Jun-14 16:00:56

A colleague is visiting from the US and has put a huge bag of Reese's pieces next to my desk...I should get a medal...

Brigidwasp Mon 23-Jun-14 16:14:44

@nicketynack oh noooo!!! throw them awayy!! haha

@sandyxblog thanks! I will try the pancake if I have the chance. Actually tomorrow I will visit the swap box for the first time, let's see what's available.

Today I've been feeling light headed and there was just a moment after my previous post, when I thought I would faint. I worried a bit, but I'm feeling ok now. And I am having the 3L a day now, all supplements, all sachets, etc Also I haven't exercised for the last 3 days so it can't be that either. Will have to ask tomorrow.

bettybrighton Tue 24-Jun-14 09:38:52

hello everyone, well done on all your loses. I am on day 2 of alizonne and am finding it really hard. i hate all the drinks and puddings i have tried so far and am just forcing myself to drink them. hopefully it will get easier, i am definitely going to try the chocolate pancake - can you keep it in the fridge?
betty smile

nicketynack Tue 24-Jun-14 14:21:20

@bettybrighton - it'll get better, honest! Once you find what works for you, it's much easier.

I decided to experiment this week and got the sheep's cheese. Just had it now. It's sooooooo salty though, I could hardly eat it! Back to the drawing board with that one I think. Hot chocolate is still my favourite, though I think the mushroom soup and the smoked bacon omelette are also going to be staples. The oatmeal has also grown on me in a strange way, which I didn't expect given it's odd sweetness. The vanilla dessert is also good.

I'd like to find a cold drink that I like. I have the peach and mango, but am not a fan. I've been told the orange and pineapple is actually nice?

Brigidwasp Tue 24-Jun-14 15:00:28

@bettybrighton Hello! The first week is hard until you get used to the water and supplements, but it can be really bad if you made a bad choice with the sachets. It happened to me and I thought I wouldn't be able to go on with this diet if I hated the food so much. But keep trying new ones until you find the ones that are right for you and it will improve a LOT.
Which ones you have tried so far?
I believe you can keep the pancakes in the fridge yes, I would keep it just until the next day though.

@nicketynack - Yes the sheep's cheese is not great on it's own, I usually have it mixed with the potato pie. I pour the 2 sachets in one bowl, add water, chili powder or curry, and then I form 6 balls and I fry them in the pan with the oil allowance. You will have 2 servings. Since it's a yellow sachet, I still prefer the nuggets + curry instead of this one though.
I do like the peach and mango, I don't love it though. Someone said the exotic one was good. I haven't tried the orange and pineapple ones.

Brigidwasp Tue 24-Jun-14 15:01:56

@bettybrighton by the way, forgot to say, if you live close to your clinic, you should maybe go there to swap the ones you like for different ones. Don't wait the whole week eating things you hate as it's such a struggle after a few days.

Brigidwasp Tue 24-Jun-14 15:02:17

to swap the ones you "DON'T" like, sorry

bettybrighton Tue 24-Jun-14 15:41:30

thanks @bridgidwasp and @nicketynack I have had the pot pie both lunches with salad and it is doable if i add loads of curry powder and spices. i really struggle with drinks in general which makes the milkshakes so terrible i am trying to make some kind of pitta bread out of the pizza base which i tried and couldn't get through. I have done one swap and will go back again tomorrow. it means alot to me to hear from people in my situation and to know i can get through it. smile

Brigidwasp Tue 24-Jun-14 16:18:26

@Bettybrighton Glad to help! On the 5th day I seriously thought I would have to quit, I was tired of feeling nauseated by the food and taking one hour or so to manage to finish my plate. Now I'm on day 14th and I'm kind of enjoying it! It does get a bit boring even if you find the sachets you like, but if you get a bit creative in the kitchen it's more fun.

I also hate most of the drinks I've tried. Until now I only really like the plain chocolate drink, and tolerate the peach and mango drink (better if you make ice lollies with it).

I just returned a whole box of pizza mix today, I just give up on this one, can't make it taste good. Maybe I'm too demanding but I can't eat it.

If you still have to go through some of those drinks, try to make them into ice lollies with 1tsp of canderel, sometimes it improves a lot

What I can recommend (based on my taste) is:

* Cream of mushroom soup, just add a bit of garlic powder (not too much) and it's delicious! I only add 200ml of water.
* Chicken nuggets (only 3xweek). I add salt, 1tsp of olive oil and mild curry to the mix. I make them a bit crunchy in the oven and dip them in the 1 tsp of fat free yoghurt we are allowed.
* Chocolate drink: I have this one 3 ways. 1# as a crepe in the oven (adding just a bit of water), 2# as a regular hot or cold drink 3#as a thick pudding - add just a tiny bit of water, press it into a small cup or glass, and leave it to cool in the fridge. Usually best if you eat it the next day.
* Vanilla sachet - just adding a bit of water, to get a custard-like texture or a bit thicker, and add home cooked rhubarb on top
* Potatoe pie - I find this one a bit bland, but if you mix it with the goats cheese sachet it's not bad! (2 servings)

These are my favourites so far. I'm experimenting with new ones these days, but I always have some of the above just in case. Had to bin several sachets by now!

I totally hated:
* coconut drink (tastes artificial and weird, and too sweet for curries)
* ice peach tea (makes me physically sick)
* pizza mix (a lot of people love this one but not me)

Sorry for the long post! thought it would help.

nicketynack Tue 24-Jun-14 21:41:07

Another 4lbs gone!

Brigidwasp Tue 24-Jun-14 21:49:13

@nickerynack awesome! I didn't even manage to lose 3 (2.6lbs) a bit disappointed this week!!! :/ but it's something.

bettybrighton Wed 25-Jun-14 09:12:46

thanks for all that @Bridgidwasp yesterday I managed to make some spicy cripsy pitta bread type things out of the pizza mix which was the first full sachet i was able to eat so I gave myself a high five in the kitchen! try not to be disappointed with small loses as each loss is one step closer to the 'end'. I will definitely be trying the chocolate sachet. i am getting some conflicting information from forum vs clinic. for example on the forum some people have posted that their clinic allows 1-3 diet cokes a week, and 1tsp of yog a day but mine says no diet coke and yog once a week (which hardly seems worth it). p.s i am totally addicted to diet coke so this is a big deal to me smile

Brigidwasp Wed 25-Jun-14 09:50:05

@bettybrighton I know I have to be patient with the weight loss, but they told me in the clinic I was losing it a bit slowly and asked me lots of questions. Apparently I'm not doing anything wrong, so could be my PCOS, or that I might be in that time of the month again. I'm so irregular that I can't tell when. Next week it's GP time again so maybe she can give me some tips. They did tell me to avoid aubergine, as some people who weren't losing or very slowly, started to lose again after banning the aubergine. A bit strange but will try.

In my clinic they said absolutely no other drinks that are not water, coffee or tea. : ( I was also addicted to diet coke but I don't miss it any more.

Brigidwasp Wed 25-Jun-14 21:16:32

Had the cheese and bacon pancake today (one of the yellow ones) and thought I would share here, that is was actually really really nice. Had it with spring onions, and spinach and it was so good. Of course the best ones are always yellow!!

CXGAMBLE Wed 25-Jun-14 23:50:51

Hi everyone,

I'm new to this and have my consultation booked at Maidenhead on 2 July. It's definitely encouraging seeing so many success stories and can't wait to start.

I'm 5'7 and 13st 11lbs (sorry I'm old fashioned and can't do kilos). So roughly 3.5-4st to lose.

I'm also someone who's tried everything and failed miserably.

So as and when I get my starting numbers I'll post them here to blog my results along with you guys if that's ok?

I'm also keen not to just be driven by numbers, but also would just like to fit into a beautiful size 12 dress I have but then part of me says why stop there, why not go for a 10 lol but I think I'd look too thin that size.

bettybrighton Thu 26-Jun-14 10:48:04

Hi @cxgamble i know what you mean about worrying about being 'too thin' when i saw the gp she was really great about saying that not everyone is a number and that towards the end we could change the 'goal' we have set depending on how i look and feel. I was 90k at first weigh in and my goal is 65k which will put me in the normal range of BMI. I also only understand lbs but have decided to track my kilo's this time as it will be totally different to all other diets I have done. yesterday I made a chart of all the kilo's I have to lose and I am going to tick off each one as i lose it. I have also put 'treats' next to every 3rd kilo so after three I am giving myself a necklace i bought at the weekend from a market. on 9 kilo's i get a pair of fancy shoes smile really good luck. My mantra this week is "I can eat whatever I like but I am choosing to eat in this way" it is getting me through the first week

Brigidwasp Thu 26-Jun-14 11:30:45

@CXGAMBLE Welcome! hope your first day goes well and motivates you even more.

I also wanted to go a bit further with the weight loss, but the doctor set a reasonable goal for me according to the tests etc, and once the target weight is really close, we will take a look and see if we can go on a bit more or if my body has had enough. I also started a bit over 3stone overwheight.

Looking forward to following your journey.

Brigidwasp Thu 26-Jun-14 11:33:00

@bettybrighton hey! I like the "treats" idea. Maybe I will do it too : )

Brigidwasp Thu 26-Jun-14 11:38:11

Experimenting with the swap box.

So I've been trying a few random new sachets, because I had 14 sachets to replace, and I made a few discoveries.

* bacon and cheese pancake (yellow - now one of my favs)
* beef and onion soup (mushroom soup is better, but this one is close after)

* potato and leek soup (had to bin it, YUCK!)
* Banana dessert (only tried it as a frozen lollie and it was vile. Will give it another chance as a pudding)

CXGAMBLE Thu 26-Jun-14 20:49:11

Thanks everyone for the encouragement. I'll obviously post my actual starting results once I have them

That treats idea sounds really good. Definitely loving that.

How's everyone finding the endermologie treatment? Dies everyone find that it's working? Another concern I have is if this weight does come off rapidly it would leave bad looking skin behind.

Cheers. Xx

sandyxblog Sun 29-Jun-14 12:45:09

Another week finished and another 4lbs lost (12 lbs lost in two weeks)- i'll take that! I was a bit worried this week as I drank less water (always over 2L but last week I was nearly always at or near 3L). Also I was much less adventurous with sachets this week. Mainly stuck to chocolate, vanilla, orange and pizza. I love these but I need to be careful that I don't get sick of them! Might try some cheese sachets this week if they have some and start having some omelettes again. FYI the fine herb omelettes aren't nice at all : (

Sandy x

P.S. Week two Alizonne tracker and reflection is on my blog now x

sandyxblog Sun 29-Jun-14 12:51:19

@ CXGAMBLE - Loose skin is a problem with rapid weight loss. Endermologie will help to reduce it but I have 100lbs to lose so I know endermologie alone won't be enough to tighten everything! I've seen others on Alizonne who have lost this much and their loose skin is much less than you would expect without endermologie but they do still have some. The things I'm doing include:

* Having endermology and having it regularly - always at a high intensity
* Drinking plenty of water
* Dry body brushing daily before showering - this is something I'm trialing - only started it yesterday. It is supposed to help release toxins, encourage lymphatic draining and encourage blood flow to skin surface to boost natural collagen. I thought this would help to tighten skin along with endermologie.

Does anyone have any more tips?

Sandy x

CXGAMBLE Sun 29-Jun-14 19:36:03

Thanks Sandy. Nearly a stone in 2 weeks, that's amazing. Well done you!!!

I have about half of that to lose, just over 50lbs so fingers crossed the endermologie will do the trick, but mainly I'm worried about my bust as I'm a FF at the mo, and don't want boobs on my knees as a result lol ��

Brigidwasp Mon 30-Jun-14 11:39:30

Hello everyone

@Sandyxblog you're doing really well! I've lost the same as you but in 3 weeks instead. But my weight loss totally stalled (even gained a bit) during my menstrual cycle, maybe that's why? Anyway pretty happy with this loss! - I don't like the fine herb omelettes either! And it's very easy to get bored of the sachets you like if you don't vary a bit more, I'm finishing my 3rd week and now I'm starting to get really tired of some. Will need to visit the swap box and pick a few new flavours to experiment.

@CXGAMBLE I have to lose more or less like you in total, around 42lbs and they recommended me using a very good firming cream for my bust twice a day to prevent that. The cream they recommended was super expensive though (I think around £90)

sandyxblog Mon 30-Jun-14 17:53:20

@Brigidwasp - Awww thanks! I think your body naturally keeps hold of water when aunt flo comes to visit but its weight that gets lost after as your body gets rid of the water its holding. You're doing really well too!

Sandy x

Brigidwasp Mon 30-Jun-14 19:56:32

@Sandyxblog thanks smile x

jafojo Tue 01-Jul-14 09:30:22

Hello everyone and welldone, I am in my week 10 of a 16 week programme, as at last wednesday i have lost 22kg, hoping to hvae lost 24kg when i visit the clinic tomorrow, when i lose 25.2kg then i get into phase 2.

One aspect of the diet I dont think I was ready for, was the drastic change in my physique, I sometimes look like a stranger to myself in the mirror.

I always stick to my, chocolate, banana and peach mango drink as i am now used to them.

Good luck to everyone as we continue the marathon race towards a new body, like someone said every little lose counts and no 2 weeks are the same.

Brigidwasp Tue 01-Jul-14 10:01:55

Hello @Jafojo, hey! you're almost there on Phase 1, good for you! smile

I understand what you mean, I still haven't lost as much weight to see a stranger in the mirror. But I am really looking forward to it! Hello to new me! : )

The banana drink you mention is it the same as banana dessert sachet? or it's a different one?

I start week 4 tomorrow!

Brigidwasp Tue 01-Jul-14 10:02:16

@jafojo Phase 2

jafojo Tue 01-Jul-14 10:15:07

Thanks Brigidwasp,

It is the same as the banana dessert, but i take it anytime with hot water or cold water depending on my mood, it is quite handy as it doesnt congeal and it is easy to just pour into a bottle of water and shake

Phase 2 knocking, but I have been told my dream of having tuna salad for lunch will have to wait as the intake of chicken/fish /meat will have to be the last meal of the day, a replacement for the 5th sachet

You will soon see the stranger, you will first notice it when you start finding it easy to wear the grey suit

Brigidwasp Tue 01-Jul-14 10:39:02

@Jafojo thanks, I think I wouldn't like it then. I hated the banana dessert, which was so disappointing because I love bananas and I miss the flavour. :/ I thought this was going to be one of my favs.

I will let you guys know when I see the stranger then hehehe

Aww sorry about that. Yeah I knew it was the 5th sachet. I would also kill for a tuna salad lunch at the moment, haha. But I'm strong enough to prepare my boyfriend's lunch and he's had a few tuna/avocado salads, etc. A bit hard to resist!

jafojo Wed 02-Jul-14 14:30:04

Hello everyone

Just got back from my week 10 treatment, I have lost another 2kg, so I am now down to 106kg from 130kg, I will enter phase 2 next week when I should have hit the golden 104.8 mark. I had an interesting discussion with my therapist about how I look, according to my program I still have 2 stones to lose before I hit my target of 94kg, she wasnt sure I could lose that much and not look sickly, she advise we have another check in 2 weeks and that there might be a need to adjust my target upwards. While I want to lose weight I dont necesarilly want to be thin as I am tall, so there is a likelyhood my target might be adjusted to 100kg....fingers crossed. I like the way I look now apart from some unfinished work in progress business in the stomach area. I have been advised its time for some exercise to keep fit

Dolores1980 Wed 02-Jul-14 17:11:24

Congratulations Jafojo!

Brigidwasp & Sandy, I've been reading all your threads and I get really useful information.

I am really stuck now, which is rather disappointing, I started on June 27 and so far I have only lost 8 kg. There were times when I visited the clinic every 2 weeks for my treatment but so far I've had more than 8 sessions. I cheated two weeks ago when I visited Stonehenge and I had a veggie burger, which I didn't enjoy at all. The doctor said today: 'You lost 2 weeks' (apart from lots of money!!)
The good thing is that we can all see it works if we really stick to the rules..
Unfortunately for my diet programme, I am going to be working in a summer school in Oxford and there might not be a great variety of veggies and salad so I have to think of plan B.

Keep posting (that really puts my hopes up)

Brigidwasp Wed 02-Jul-14 20:17:42

Back from my 4th treatment. I lost 2,1kg this week, which is awesome considering last week I lost only 1kg. I'm down almost one stone now, which is already 1/3 of the total. Dr. told me I'm exactly where I need to be to meet the target for Phase 2 which made me really happy!

@jafojo, from what you tell us it sound like probably you just have to keep going a few more weeks and that's it! specially if they adjust the target. smile

@Dolores1980 Glad you found the posts useful! Yes, sadly I also believe that this diet works wonders only if you stick to it 100%. It must be a bit frustrating to be told you lost two weeks, as that's a lot of money and it puts 2 extra weeks on your diet.
While you're in that summer school, will you be staying somewhere with cooking facilities? fridge? what will you have available?

Brigidwasp Wed 02-Jul-14 20:21:05

@sandyxblog thanks for all the reward tips in your blog. Thanks to that I took the idea of the pandora bracelet and I'm going to add one new charm every time I lose a stone. Great idea, and it looks really nice smile I got two charms already, because before Alizonne I lost one stone on my own too. I will have 4 charms when I finish!

sandyxblog Thu 03-Jul-14 09:35:00

I'm on my way into birmingham for my ultrasound and endermologie and doctors appointment but I was too excited I couldn't wait to share!

I'VE LOST OVER ONE STONE :D I weighed in this morning (as I always do before clinic) and I was down -15lbs in 18 days :D :D :D :D Whoop whoop time to treat myself to a Pandora Charm!

@ Brigidwasp - Aww thanks! I'm continually looking for ways to keep myself motivated because as bad as it sounds...if it was just me and the diet, at some point I would likely give in to temptation! I think it's why I love chatting about it and reading peoples post because you realise you are not alone. On other diets I've done in the past, its always been with a friend or family member so we motivated each other, but this is me on my own.

@ Dolores1980 - I normally chop up all my veg (mushrooms, swede, courgettes, aubergines etc) and store in 100g portions so when it comes to stir fry time I'm pretty much ready to go. Sometimes I even wash and freeze spinach and spring onion otherwise I would spend ages each day weighing and chopping veg! Would you be able to freeze veg so you could whip up stir frys whilst away? Sounds extreme buy maybe get a mini fridge if you havent got access to one in the kitchens. So you can keep fresh food in your room. Maybe there's a supermarket nearby where you could order online from your phone and they will deliver?

@ Jafojo - congratulations on your success so far! you are an inspiration to the rest of us :D

Hope everyone is well!

Sandy x

Brigidwasp Thu 03-Jul-14 12:15:44

@Sandyxblog congrats!!!! it will be a well deserved charm smile

I know it's hard to do it on your own, same here! but the forums/blogs are really useful for motivation and support. We're not alone!

CXGAMBLE Thu 03-Jul-14 17:35:31

Well I had my 'free' consultation yesterday, which pretty much amounted to a lady reading out what is already read within the literature they sent me, so seemed to be an hour wasted.

I mentioned about having a large bust and she said there's not a lot they can do except recommend a surgeon angry!!!

Back next week to actually meet the doctor and get some useful information and have bloods done x

@jafogo congratulations. Bet you're over the moon. You're an inspiration!!

sandyxblog Fri 04-Jul-14 21:05:40

@CXGAMBLE - I found the initial consultation helpful because it was with a lady who had done Alizonne herself. The information about the diet wasn't new as I had read about it significantly online (I literally scoured every website and chat discussion I could find!!). But I found it useful asking things like what sachets they liked and didn't like, how they worked out their routine, things they learn't to minimise side effects, what they found most challenging, how they worked exercise into the programme etc. Then again I'm the kind of person who likes to question things lol!!!

I was quite impressed with myself yesterday! I was in town with my brother when he decided he was hungry and fancied Japanese curry with sushi.

I actually went with him and resisted eating anything!! I just enjoyed a cup of green tea with mint smile It sounds strange but I was happy just smelling the food! I didn’t have the urge to eat it, just enjoyed the waft of nice smells! I did the same on the way out when we walked past a stand selling fresh hot doughnuts!

Bottomlesspurse Sat 05-Jul-14 20:29:32

Hi, I am on day 2 of Alizonne and surviving so far! I'm using the oatmeal sachet for breakfast and really not keen. Has anyone found another way of using this sachet that would make it more palatable? The recommended water amount is really low so it comes out like thick paste, and sticks to the mouth. I might try with more water but I'm funny about texture and I think it might be a bit slimy and smooth. I wondered if I could bake it and have an oatmeal biscuit?

sandyxblog Sun 06-Jul-14 13:56:54

I've just had my proper week three weigh in and I've lost 4 lbs again this week :D That makes -16 lbs in 3 weeks :D Whoop Whoop!!

@ Bottomlesspurse - Aww welcome, it's always fab to hear from those Alizonne. Unfortunately I've never tried that particular sachet sad

Sandy x

Bottomlesspurse Sun 06-Jul-14 16:20:25

Well done, that is fantastic progress! smile

Brigidwasp Mon 07-Jul-14 15:20:53

Hey everyone, haven't been posting for a few days. I'm still following the diet 100% and very motivated! I will start my 5th week this Wednesday.
I start Phase 2 in 4 to 6 weeks, so more or less half way there. Weight loss is close to 7kg now.

@sandyxblog you're losing the weight so fast, it's great! smile congrats!

@Bottomlesspurse Welcome! I haven't tried that sachet either so can't help you either. Have you tried adding a bit of sweetener or cooked rhubarb?

@cxgamble Let us know how your first visit with the Doctor goes. Are you going to start the diet then? or you're not sure about it?

Bottomlesspurse Mon 07-Jul-14 20:26:45

Thanks for the lovely welcome!
Brigidwasp - 7kg is gret, how do you feel?
Will buy some rhubarb to try the oatmeal with, maybe that will help smile

Brigidwasp Tue 08-Jul-14 07:59:29

@Bottomlesspurse Thanks! well After 7kg, clothes are definitely less tight, and I'm starting to feel more comfortable in my own skin. I still have 12kgo go. smile

jafojo Tue 08-Jul-14 08:20:32

Brigidwasp, thats good news, phase 2 is round the corner

Bottomlesspurse, nice to have you onboard , I tried the oatmeal at the very beginning but didn't really get the hang of it, so I stopped ordering it. I am sure as time goes on you will be able to identify your favorite (top 5).

Brigidwasp Tue 08-Jul-14 14:52:35

@Jafojo hey how is it going? you must be almost there! I still have 7 kg to lose before I hit Phase 2, so I guess I'm half way there!

The Dr. has replaced my calcium chewable pills for a different one that is effervescent and tastes like orange. No more gagging every morning, yay!! I don't know what's the deal with those chewable ones, everyone seems to like them, but I just can't deal with them anymore. Ewww

I tried to Hazelnut-praline and cereal sachet today for a change. I'm still not sure if I like it or not. It's a bit strange but it's not bad. Will experiment with more and less water.

And also introduced the curry soup, now I have 3 different soups so it doesn't get too boring.

Bottomlesspurse Wed 09-Jul-14 08:56:24

I dropped in to the clinic yesterday and bought another couple of boxes so that I didn't have to use the oatmeal. Both are lovely - the peach and mango drink and the hot chocolate smile
Brigidwasp, I have to take my calcium tablet at night?
It's great having people to share this all with! smile

Bottomlesspurse Wed 09-Jul-14 08:59:39

Forgot to say, I dreamed I ate a chocolate by accident last night and was really, really upset that I had messed up my Alizonne. When I woke up, I wasn't sure if it was true at first!

Brigidwasp Wed 09-Jul-14 10:54:05

@bottomlesspurse good choice, Both the peach and mango drink and the chocolate ones are very nice.
The calcium tablet in the morning along with the potassium, quinton, sodium and multivitamin. Then sodium and quinton again by dinner time, and the magnesium before going to bed.
It's good that you woke up and still got to have the chocolate drink without messing with the diet smile

I decided I don't like the hazelnut-praline with cereal sachet, today I even mixed it with the chocolate dessert one, but it still tastes odd to me. I really want to find another option so I don't have to stick only to the chocolate, vanilla, or peach and mango ones for breakfast/snacks. Anyone recommends me one?

jafojo Wed 09-Jul-14 15:00:17

Hello everyone, stepped into phase 2 today after weighing 104.2kg. It is a good feeling but i am also a bit scared that my lose might reduce as i start consuming meat and fish, will review the first week, if i notice a signigicant drop then i will have to stagger my steak.

Going out with colleagues at work tonight, so should be fun, i remember climbing the scale and wishing it to display 104.8 or

Dolores, how are you getting on, hope you are doing well

Brigidwasp and bottomlesspurse my top 3 are hot chocolate, banana and peach and mango drink.

I went to the gym this morning and just took it easy walking for about 40 mins on the treadmill, since i havent been on one for years.

Cxgamble, dont worry about any negative vibes, just take it a step at a time , the body is an amazing machine and has a way of adjusting itself

Sandyxblog...good job.

Sometimes we all forget that to lose a pound is a very big deal, i cant remember losing 2kg at any point in my life let alone losing 26kg, lets celeberate every pound off our weight, every inch off our waist and more importantly the strong will it takes to stay on course, so no matter how much you are losing, it is a good step in a wonderful direction

CXGAMBLE Wed 09-Jul-14 15:16:59

Hi all,

Had the docs appointment today where he took my bloods, BPS, medgem test and photos.

£208 for 20 mins work lol.

Got to go back on Tuesday for results and hopefully I'll start!!! Seems to take ages just to start on it lol

C xx

Brigidwasp Thu 10-Jul-14 09:48:01

@jafojo great news! how long did they said Phase 2 would take for you? The final target weight is 100kg now right? it must be so exciting being so close to the target. I also worry about losing weight super slow when I introduce fish/meat. Be interesting to know how it goes.

I'm in trouble because the peach and mango and chocolate drink are both out of stock in my clinic this week :S

@Cxgamble Expect to pay the same or more on Tuesday when you get your supplements bodysuit and food, and again later the same week for the first two treatments. It's certainly not a good idea to think too much about the price once you start, because this is so expensive, that it could give you a reason to quit at some point. Did they give you an estimate of how long you will be on the diet to reach the target, and what you're going to spend? it seems to be around £1000 a month or slightly more, specially the first month. You should be very commited about the diet and the investment once you start if you want to succeed. Positivity is key.

jafojo Thu 10-Jul-14 10:17:19

@Brigidwasp, i am still working to my original target of 94kg, I will have a review with the doctor next week and i will se what he says, i should be on phase 2 until I get to 97.8kg, apparently you his your target in phase 3, phase 4-8 is after you have hit the target, so i guess these are the stages where you are phase of the sachets completely while maintaining your target weight
I guess i will have to see how i look and feel at 100kg before deciding on if i want to adjust the target, the doctor will have to make that call

Went out with colleagues last night and had to go off menu and ask for spinach, tomotoes and grilled chicken, it was a real treat but i almost made the mistake of taking a sachet at night as i am so used to it.

Brigidwasp Thu 10-Jul-14 11:36:00

@jafojo I wasn't sure at which phase you hit the target, thanks for the info! That's right, it's better to see how you feel when you reach 100kg.

Glad you could enjoy a night out with colleagues, even if you had to go off the menu. Oops I also take the sachets almost without thinking now, so it's good to keep that in mind for Phase 2. hehe

bettybrighton Fri 11-Jul-14 14:05:55

hello everyone, I am now at the start of week 4 and I am really struggling TBH. week 3 was really hard and i only lost 1.8kg and i feel like all that misery was for nothing. I felt a bit fobbed off by the clinic who were saying its all normal but i'm not paying £200+ a week for 'normal'! ha ha ha also its my husbands 40th BBQ tomorrow with food and cocktails which I have to make and not eat sad ahhhhhhh sorry for all the moaning but that's how it is today

jafojo Fri 11-Jul-14 14:41:36

@ Betty, I understand your frustrations but honestly you are doing very well at 1.8kg a week, you tend to lose a lot at the beginning but as your body adjusts to the new regime,you will lose less comparatively. You will have to be strong to go during the party, although it is easier said than done. Good luck with the party and make sure you have some bbq mushrooms

Brigidwasp Fri 11-Jul-14 16:46:09

@Bettybrighton I agree with Jafojo, 1,8kg a week is really good! I wish I was losing that x week. But they say the average is 6kg a month, and even some weeks I've had losses of between 0,9kg (!!) and 2,1kg, just today I start my second month and I've lost a bit over 7kg during the first month which is pretty good.
Don't pay too much attention to the weekly weigh in, you should look at it as part of a bigger goal, you will get there! I get it that it's really hard to go through social events without feeling a bit less motivated though, but after all the effort and money you've invested already, think about why you started and probably you will get a bit more motivated.
Good luck in the party!

bettybrighton Fri 11-Jul-14 19:10:09

Thanks you @Jafojo and @Brigidwasp. you are both right, i need to look at the big picture and think about what it will be like when i get to the 'end' At the start I said I would have a drink and some chicken at the BBQ but now I'm not too sure. I have bought a load of veg to make kebabs and i'm going to trial a veggie burger made from potato cake and courgette.

Brigidwasp Fri 11-Jul-14 19:20:07

Just remember that if you cheat but still want to go ahead with the diet, you will probably lose about a week worth of diet and money.

Home made veggie burger sounds good!

Bottomlesspurse Sat 12-Jul-14 14:57:07

Hi everyone, had my first weigh in today and have lost 2.9kg! Delighted with that, we'll see if it slows down next week. Finding the diet easy if I'm organised, and the water drinking is easier than I thought. I haven't been hungry at all but I have almost fallen for picking up a biscuit or a packet of crisps when in the kitchen, purely out of habit, and have had to stop myself lol. Hope everyone is getting on well. Let us know how the BBQ was Bettybrighton smile Brigidwasp, I agree with you - if you cheat you're throwing away a week's worth of money, I definitely couldn't afford that. Jafojo, are you enjoying phase 2? smile Can't wait to get there!

sandyxblog Sat 12-Jul-14 22:41:14

@Bottomlesspurse: Congratulations that’s a fantastic loss!! I’m with you, the diet is easy if you are organised. I’ve been a bit lazy the last week or so by relying mainly on drinks as they are quick and easy to prepare but this week I’m going to get back into cooking proper meals and stir-frys again

@ Brigidwasp – totally agree! Cheating isn’t worth it. Is one cheat meal worth the approx. £220 quid. More importantly, if you cheat once, how do you know you’ll be able to get back on track again? For me this isn’t the first time I’ve tried to lose weight. Every time I’ve piled the pounds back on, it started with one cheat/treat meal.

@ Betty Brighton – Your veggie kebabs and burger sound delicious! Did you try them? How did they turn out? There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a 1.8kg loss, I think it's fab! Every loss should be celebrated!!!

Sandy x

sandyxblog Sun 13-Jul-14 13:57:57

Just had my week 4 weigh in and I've lost another 4lbs :D which makes -20lbs to date!! I've consistently had -4lbs for the last three weeks lol!! I've posted my week 4 reflection on my blog so feel free to check it out if you are interested!

Sandy x

bettybrighton Sun 13-Jul-14 14:50:51

Hi everyone, I got through the BBQ smile the veggie kebabs and burgers I made were really nice and I had some asparagus too. Despite making homemade mojitos (my absolute favourite) I didnt drink any alchohol. I did cheat a bit by having a few bites of chicken and a small glass of diet coke so we'll have to wAit and see what happens at next weeks weigh in :{. It's a massive change this diet and sometimes I get cross that I have to do it, but ultimately I will be much healthier at the end of it snd that can only be a good thing. Just got to survive a big friends party and a weekend festival now smile

bettybrighton Sun 13-Jul-14 14:52:02

P.s well done sandy, I enjoy reading your blog smile

Bottomlesspurse Sun 13-Jul-14 16:21:23

Well done Sandy, you're really on a roll smile Glad you enjoyed the BBQ Bettybrighton, good luck for your weigh in. I know what you mean about getting annoyed. Today I've been a bit down, wondering if I'll ever be allowed to enjoy nice food again without the fear of weight gain. Aah well, tomorrow is another day smile

nicketynack Sun 13-Jul-14 17:42:30

I know what you mean about feeling cross bettybrighton. I'm having one of those days today! I went on holiday last week so the diet slipped quite a bit. I was infinitely better behaved than I usually am on holiday, but wasn't able to resist all the delicious food while I was there. I put on 2lbs, which wasn't too bad really. I'd considered starting the diet after the holiday, knowing that I'd struggle, but decided to get started anyway as even if I slipped a bit I'd still be better off for having started earlier. As it happens I'm still 9lbs better off, and hopefully have made good progress this week!

I reeeeeeeally love food though and having eaten some just last week, I'm feeling a bit sorry for myself this week! I went to a local festival today and it was full of the most beautiful local food producers, and seriously tempting. Must. Stay. Strong.

Thingirlinfatbody Sun 13-Jul-14 20:53:15

So lovely to read all your threads. I have just been for my consultation and start next thurs. So excited. Got 5 stone to lose and reading this forum is really giving me loads of fabulous ideas and information.

Brigidwasp Mon 14-Jul-14 12:10:48

hi everyone! for some reason my weight loss is slowing down, it will be my second week only losing just under a kg, it's disappointing but it's still a loss. I admit I didn't have time to exercise though and my water consumption has been a bit worse, just 2 L (or almost), instead of 3L. So I reckon I am to blame. I will exercise again this week and drink more and see if that makes a big difference for the next weigh in or not.

@nicketynack sorry to hear you slipped with the diet, but it's good to know you're back on track now. Stay strong! smile

@Bottomlesspurse I know what you mean, I wondered about that at some point as well. But I think once you hit your target and you're back to eating normal, if you know the calories you're allowed per day, it should be easier to keep things under control. I think my main problem was portion control. Now when I see my boyfriend snacking all the time, or having huge meals, (which I was probably doing before with him) I can't help but think "whoa! how can he eat that much? was I eating like this before?" For me this has been an eye opener.

@Thingirlinfatbody Welcome! can't wait to hear about your progress.

nicketynack Mon 14-Jul-14 21:07:23

Back on track now! 2.5kg down this week so slightly ahead of where I was before I went on holiday. Phew!

CXGAMBLE Mon 14-Jul-14 23:18:44

Sorry guys and girls for not being on last few days; just had a read catch up and so chuffed that everyone's doing so well. A loss no matter how small is always a step in the right direction.

Had my blood test and medgem test done, and got an appointment tomorrow, which I assume they give me the results then? I therefore assume I start tomorrow or Wednesday? They're not really forthcoming with a lot of information.

Will check back in soon. Stay strong peeps xx

Brigidwasp Tue 15-Jul-14 11:53:02

Right, 0,5kg loss this week. The worst I've had so far. It's not making me feel very motivated tbh.. also was hoping to do exercise every day this week but had a biopsy done on my cheek today for a dermatitis problem I've got and they said no exercise for a few days either. sad
I certainly hope next week gets better!

bettybrighton Tue 15-Jul-14 21:05:55

Hi Everyone, thought I would share that i just made turnip chips and they were AMAZING!
@brigidwasp i totally understand how you feel. Go to a shop and pick up 0.5 kg of sugar or flour or something. I did this when I was feeling down earlier and it really perked me up. i reaised that even small loses are actually a big deal. The kg have got to come off and they will slowly but surely

CXGAMBLE Tue 15-Jul-14 22:42:58

Had the meeting with the actual doc today. Decided on 10st.7lbs as a target, but my gut feeling tells me 11st is going to be more realistic for me but will see how I go. So target is 3 1/2 stone weight loss. Couldn't tell you what that is in kilos as that's alien to me lol.

Another £313 spent on starter pack, 6 boxes of sachets abs all the supplements etc. £22 for multivitamins I thought was a bit steep, and once the creams are used up I think I'll go back to my No 7 as that works.

Opted for vegetable soup, asparagus soup, oatmeal, fruitsof firest yoghurt, peach drink, and orange and pineapple drink.

Bought a 6 pack of 1 litre water bottles so know I have to fill it up at least once then I'll know I've had my quota.

Also made sure I got my chewing gum lol.

So fingers crossed and here goes nothing!! Gonna keep a little running total thing below and see how it goes xxx

Start Date: 16th July 2014
Weight Lost in week: 0
Total weight loss to date: 0
Money spent: £521.00

Would be interested in the recipe for turnip or swede chips @bettybrighton

@brudgetwasp it's still a loss. Half a kilo is still 1 lb of fat. If you put a pound of fat in your hand it would be mounded up. It's all good!!! Xx

Bottomlesspurse Tue 15-Jul-14 23:38:18

Good luck with it, CX Gamble smile Sorry you're feeling down Brigidwasp xx
Panicking a little as I have two flights and a business meeting tomorrow, not sure how I'm going to manage the sachets.

CXGAMBLE Wed 16-Jul-14 07:26:42

How are people finding the best way to take the Quinton?

CXGAMBLE Wed 16-Jul-14 07:28:46

@bottomlesspurse sadly maybe it's going to be a case of drinks only unless you can find some time beforehand to make up one of the pizza type meals (that create two or three portions) and take those with you. X

jafojo Wed 16-Jul-14 09:32:31

@Bottomlesspurse, i agree with CXGAMBLE you will have to have some col drink option for such situations, i have found myself in that position many times and my peach and orange or banana drink always comes handy, all i do is buy a bottle of water and pour the contents of the sachets in and drink before going through security or if the timing isnt right, just get water on the plane and mix onboard.

I tend to only go for drinks nowadays as it is convenient if you ten to travel a lot.

@CXGAMBLE, Quinton doesnt have the best of tastes and i know you can mix it with a drink of your choice e.g. water or your shake but i just pour it directly into my mouth and have a drink of water. Its good to know you have started , the good news will start rolling in by next week, if you can manage 3 litres a day it will increase your weight loss.
@Nicketynack, nice to know you are back on track

@Brigidwasp, am sure your will soon start losing more, were you advised to exercise as i didnt do any exercise until i was a week away from Phase 2, as they do not want any fat converted to muscle at the early stage, my advise is to increase your water intake.

@Thingirlinfatbody, nice to have you on board

@Sandy and Dolores, I hope you are doing very well

Will be going for my treatment later today to see if my first week of phase 2 has affected my weight loss, in the last 2 days I only had egg as I was scared eating chicken every night will affect my weight loss.........who would have thought a former Nandos ambassador will be scared of 120g of

Brigidwasp Wed 16-Jul-14 12:08:33

Hi, thanks everyone for the support. I also try to think positively about any loss even it's small, but being the third bad week in a row, (and each of them worse than the one before) it makes me wonder what's going on. It's not only the motivation, but also the fact that this diet is so expensive, so going so slow it's only going to add several more weeks to my diet. :S
But yeah, I will try not to think about all that, and just keep going. Hopefully next week will be better.

@jafojo will follow your advice and increase my water intake. Will go for 3L this week and see what happens. Let us know how you do in your first weigh in of Phase 2. Hope it's all good! Ohhh Nandos is good, haha

@bottomlesspurse I agree with the drinks, but I would also try to prepare something solid in advance and take it with me. Probably I would make the potato pie, or nuggets, and put them in a small tupper with grilled aubergine or something like that, it holds better than a salad.

@cxgamble good luck with first week! hope you like the food you bought smile

@bettybrighton I did that thanks! I had a 0,5kg bag of flour in the cupboard ! you're right, it's not that bad.

Brigidwasp Wed 16-Jul-14 12:12:20

@jafojo forgot to answer about the exercise. They recommended me to exercise a little every day, maybe just 20-30 minutes of cardio, nothing too crazy, but they said that would help too. (and to avoid weights of course)
Anyway I can't exercise until I get the stitches removed next week so that's not an option this week either. (and I haven't been able to exercise for a while either, so it can't be the reason for the slow weight loss)

dinoscales Wed 16-Jul-14 14:10:19

Hi everyone,

I have been skirting around this message board for a while. Its great to hear its working for so many people. I'm just starting week 3 at the Sheffield clinic. Is anyone else at the Sheffield clinic?

Bottomlesspurse Wed 16-Jul-14 20:39:23

It's great to read how everyone is doing, I hope you get a good week that will motivate you Brigidwasp xx I took my sachets today and mixed them into bottles of water throughout the day and it all went quite well. How did your first week of phase 2 go, Jafojo? I'm going to the Glasgow clinic, Dinoscales, how are you finding things? Cxgamble, I just drink the quinton quickly and take a drink of water after it. Good to hear that you're back on track now Nicketynak.
I got into a suit today that I've had in the wardrobe for 5 years and never worn :D

Thingirlinfatbody Wed 16-Jul-14 21:04:12

Had my consultation last week and assuming blood tests come back ok have appointment tomorrow. Can't wait to get started. Under no illusions it's going to be hard reading all your posts but i am fully up for it. Love hearing all your stories good or bad as I am sure I am going to go through every emotion going. Got 5 stone to lose been through hard times and let myself go a bit (well a lot really!) but I want to get married so need to get back to the real me. So lucky my fiancé loves me just the way I am.

Bottomlesspurse Thu 17-Jul-14 09:31:30

All the very best Thingirlfatbody. I can honestly say I've not felt hungry and it's made me realise how much I eat through habit or boredom or just not being able to walk past the biscuit tin!

Brigidwasp Thu 17-Jul-14 10:17:14

@dinoscales I'm in Edinburgh smile

@Bottomlesspurse Thanks! I think I am fully motivated again, just had a bad day, need to be more patient and positive, even if next week I only lose 0,5kg again.
Congratulations for the suit, that is one of the best things!!

@Thingirlinfatbody Yes it's a bit of a roller-coaster but once you find the foods you like and get used to the supplements it gets easier (with a few bad days, but so far I've only had 3 or 4 bad days in 5 weeks)
I'm sorry to hear you went through hard times! so if you plan to get married after this that's such a nice motivation! all the best for your weight loss journey.

@Bottomlesspurse yes right!! same here! not feeling hungry after just eating so little makes you think about how we're not able to distinguish between boredom, real hunger, or just eating because we enjoy it. I feel like this diet will help me change this and create new habits.

sandyxblog Thu 17-Jul-14 14:03:07

@dinoscales – welcome to the group! How are you getting on with Alizonne?

@ Bdrigidwasp – You are doing really well! The clinic is always telling me to ignore the weekly results and to focus on the monthly loss. When I saw the doctor her said he has clients who lose very little or nothing for a week or two at a time but their monthly loss is still in line with other months. Sometimes it takes a while for your body to catch up 

@bottomlesspurse – Oddly enough I did feel hungry during week three but then I suppose that week I was more active than normal. I’ve also noticed that if I chew gum in the day, I end up feeling hungry at some point so I tend to avoid it. I think I’m a strange one lol!

@Thingirlinfatbody – I’m actually finding the diet easy to stick to (with the exception of when you taste a horrible sachet!). It’s the emotional part that poses challenges for me. I’ve not been tempted to eat or drink anything off plan. But it’s times when your friends want to go out for a meal etc when I feel restrained. Or if you stick to it 100% and don’t lose what you wanted to, it can be emotionally draining.

Hope everyone is well! I just had a yummy omelette with tandoori flavored stir fry! Yum - there's a picture on my blog if you wanna see how it turned out!

Sandy x

Thingirlinfatbody Thu 17-Jul-14 20:18:38

Hi All
Love all your stories and advice and looking forward to going through this together with you all. So I have been this afternoon had my first treatments. Was a bit apprehensive as some people said it was uncomfortable but I didn't think it was that bad and just kept thinking it was doing me good so don't think that's going to be a problem for me. Loved the outfit. Haha. I have picked a mix of assorted sachets till I find what I like. Luckily I'm not a fussy eater so I am really hoping that most will be ok so that I can get some variety. Now just going to sit down and read all the info and work out what I am going to eat tomorrow as that's when I start. So proud of you all. Keep at it

dinoscales Fri 18-Jul-14 09:48:34

@bottomlesspurse and @sandyxblog the diet is going well, i am trying not to concentrate on the weight loss, just fitting in to my clothes comfortably :-) is a big plus. I got on the scales this morning though and it appears I have lost a stone since July 3rd so I am over the moon.
@bottomlesspurse, i find drinking a lot of fizzy water keeps you fuller for longer and you still get to chew the gum.

Something I found this week which I have eaten pretty much every night is the spicy potato patties - with mild curry powder (pg38) with the aubergine dip (pg14 of the recipe book)

I slightly adapted the burger heaven (pg16) recipe too. In with the tomato from the 200g allowance add some of your olive oil allowance and season well with salt and pepper and garlic powder, then add half a green pepper chopped up really small and 4 spring onions, then add a teaspoon of red wine vinegar, and blitz it once its cooked and its the closest I have gotten to ketchup since starting.

loving reading all your stories and motivational comments :-)

Thingirlinfatbody Sat 19-Jul-14 09:40:55

Hi All
So day one over and really quite easy. Just needs a bit of organisation. Easier as I was off work yesterday so hoping by Monday I will be in the swing of it. Even the vitamins etc are not as bad as I expected. Just had pancake for breakfast. I ate it but was a bit like eating chewy soggy sponge. I love cooking so going to have to find another way of using that one. Any ideas? At the moment I bought some assortment packs so giving me the opportunity to try lots of things. Have a good day everyone .

sandyxblog Sat 19-Jul-14 15:26:18

@ Thingirlinfatbody - well done! I don't find the vitamins hard either. I don't like the taste of the multivitamin so I just knock it back in the middle of my breakfast drink so I don't taste it. I've had pancakes before. A general tip I go for is always use 10-15mL less water than the recipe states (i do this for pizza, bread, nuggets - most solid foods lol!) If the consistency seems thick then add a little. I made mine with about 15mL less and they weren't soggy smile

Just got my exercise by lugging two big bags of clothes 2.5miles to the charity shop. Anything big or that I don't wear will get donated as quick as I can. I have no intention on gaining weight therefore I don't need to keep loose clothes! :D My wardrobes are starting to look so much emptier!!

Sandy x

Thingirlinfatbody Sat 19-Jul-14 17:47:23

Hi sandy. I'm looking forward to making some space in the wardrobe as well. Thanks for the advice will try that next time. I just seem to be permanently eating but hey if it works then all good.

sandyxblog Sun 20-Jul-14 12:40:54

Another week done and another 4 lbs lost! 4 lbs seems to be my magic number, have lost that much each week for the last four weeks! Hopefully by next week my BMI will be out of the 40's and into the 30's!

Sandy x

Have posted my reflection and trackers on my blog now

Thingirlinfatbody Sun 20-Jul-14 15:35:52

Well done Sandy. That's absolutely fantastic. Didn't realise you had a blog where do I find that?

sandyxblog Sun 20-Jul-14 17:44:43

Its just a wordpress one where I ramble on lol! You cam find it at

Sandy x

CXGAMBLE Sun 20-Jul-14 21:49:45

Hey everyone. So pleased everyone's doing so well.

So, it's Sunday and started on Wednesday so on day 5. I've found a couple of days whereby I've struggled to fit all 5 sachets in before 8pm, as I finish work at half 5 and can sometimes get stuck in traffic on my way home. I seem to find myself leaning towards the drinks and desserts as I'm struggling to 'cook' things. Such as i tried to cook the pizza, but it blew up in the middle like a soufflé!! Cooked really unevenly and was still soggy underneath. Tried it again and this time turn it over, but gets stuck to the baking sheet and comes apart. Grrrr. Like the oatmeal for brekkie, and have cooked that tonight in cookie format to feel like I'm actually eating something solid.

I really thought I was a veggie lover until I read the list of 'can haves', and it transpires I obviously am not as veggie as I thought. So therefore cannot find any salad to eat at lunchtime as already bored of lettuce and tomato with no dressing, and sticking to leafy greens, broccoli etc in the evening.

No problems with the multivitamins. Quinton I'm struggling with as makes me feel sick. The creams I think are an expensive waste of money as I think boots no.7 range leaves a much nicer feel toy skin than their stuff.

Just can't wait to eat some nice chicken or a banana again!!!

That said, I went for my first treatment on Friday, and even though it had only been 54 hours since starting they weighed me anyway, and had lost 4.5lbs.

Speak soon xx

bettybrighton Mon 21-Jul-14 13:23:10

Hi @cxgamble I agree with you about the pizza. I make really small ones by pressing them flat into a muffin tin, baking for 10 mins then taking them out, brush with oil and herbs and spices then put then back in the oven in a baking tin. They do end up kind of crispy and I either have then like this with curry (fake naan bread) or top them with roasted veg and some Sheeps cheese (if you use the cheese make sure you only use half the pizza base and half the cheese)

I am now on week 5 and have lost 11kg which I happy about. I have a couple of phase 2 days recently to deal with big events and am going to have a phase 2 weekend as I going to a music festival this weekend so I hope I don't gain this week. Good luck everyone I really enjoy reading about everyone's losses.
Here are my mini pizza's they weren't too bad smile

Pollyanna7 Mon 21-Jul-14 14:32:04

Hi everyone, new to this site/forum but finding all the Alizonne chat fascinating. I did it 3 years ago, lost 3 stones in 12 weeks and felt fabulous, better then I ever had before. BUT...I was sufficiently arrogant to think 'done it, can go it alone now'. Big mistake. Now 3 years later I've put the 3 stones back, plus an extra stone as I had a knee op last year which went wrong so I haven't been able to exercise properly. So, I've picked myself up, dusted myself down as they say, and started last Wed all over again, so I'm at exactly the same stage as you @cxgamble!! I don't mind the foods actually( even though I normally never eat packet/convenience food) as I find you can tart them up quite a lot! Just been looking through the recipe sheets as well and there's lots of great ideas. Last time I did Alizonne, I tried the potato pie and gipped, but now I bake it and sprinkle it over my salad like couscous. So I'll have my 1st weigh-in & treatment on Wed, we'll see how we go but I am determined to go thro' to the last phase this time WHATEVER! 4 stones to go, but I'm motivated and happy- just can't wait to watch the weight droop off like last time and fit all the suitcases full of smaller clothes. smile smile

Pollyanna7 Mon 21-Jul-14 14:34:29

** drop off, I obviously meant to say, although this time much more bits might just droop!! smile

Thingirlinfatbody Mon 21-Jul-14 19:45:23

Well done Sandy. That's absolutely fantastic. Didn't realise you had a blog where do I find that?

Brigidwasp Tue 22-Jul-14 11:55:27

Hi all!

Just back from the clinic, finally my weight loss is starting to speed up again, this week 2kg, so I'm pretty happy today!

@Sandyxblog - I've been eating the cheese omelette for 2 or 3 weeks now, and I'm loving it too. (hated the herbs one). Good idea I will have to start emptying my cupboards as well.

Today I tried 2 new sachets, chocolate brownie and caramel drink. *Caramel drink I use about 1/2 the water making it yoghurt-like, and it's really good. Nice to have a different option, was getting a bit tired of always the choc + vanilla ones. It will help having some more variety.
*Chocolate brownie is not bad! would need some sweetener in my opinion but I didn't add any. I was told in the clinic that the Aspartame slows down the metabolism, so I'm scared of using it now :S

@Thingirlinfatbody how is it going? did you find your favourite sachets from the assortment packs already? any of them you hate?

Does anyone know if it's ok to eat any bubblegum that is sweetened 100% Xylitol, or it has to be only the mint ones? Do you know if the fruity flavours are also good? forgot to ask in the clinic today.

@Dinoscales, I also eat the potato patties very often for dinner. I use garlic powder on them though, and I eat them with a whole sliced fried fennel.

How is everyone else going?

Brigidwasp Tue 22-Jul-14 12:00:41

Welcome @Pollyanna7 : )

switchback Tue 22-Jul-14 17:52:31

Hi Guys
Just read through this whole thread smile I'm 80% convinced I'll start the alizonne course this November (the delay is due to a planned holiday & waiting for my pay rise to 'kick-in' lol). I wanted to say well done to everyone, the stories have been quite inspiring smile

Just for info, I'm a 35 year guy with a son (so a parent but not a mum lol). I started weight training when I was in my early teens (not a good idea). I became quite stocky in the true sense - I wasn't Mr Olympus freaky big, but was in good shape. I had a bad break-up in my early twenties, after which I stopped training for a year or so. But as you know, effective weight training comes with eating large amounts of proteins, unfortunately I didn't stop this sad My weight ballooned. Since then I haven’t been able to get my weight back down So I'm hoping Alizonne will help.

I mentioned the above, because as a result of my weight training, things like BMI were inaccurate as they didn't take into account muscle mass. And because I now have a naturally stocky physique, and because it double the metabolism for 12 hours (or more) I intend to use weight training as part of my weight loss program. Due to this, the traditional measurements (weight level, BMI, etc.) will not will not be a good indication of whether I meet my target. Instead, I will be looking at my Waist-to-Chest ratio & Waist-to-Hip ratio ( I’m looking to reduce my Waist from 54” to 40” & my Chest from 52” to 46”. However, I will of course keep an eye on my weight and BMI 

So that’s my rambling-on intro. I do have a few questions about the Alizonne treatment I hope you guys can help answer. I will be looking to join the London Clinic, near Bond Street. So if anyone could has experience of the prices/service from this clinic it would help alot.

From what I gather, the process is as follows:
Initial Consultation (usually free)
Doctors visit (aprox £85)
Blood Test (aprox £95)
Phase 1 – Diet Plan consisting of 35 sachets per week & supplements
Phase 1 – weekly Ultrasound & Dermalogica sessions
Phase 1 – 4 weekly doctor checkup
Phase 2, 3 & 4 decided by doctor during checkups.
Is this correct?

I understand some of the things in the starter pack can sometimes be found cheaper elsewhere (eg. the bodysuit, shaker, supplements, etc.) like on forums and fleabay, would Alizonne allow this, to reduce the cost of the starter pack & ongoing sachets purchases?

I noticed people mentioning special ‘yellow sachets’. What are these?
I noticed people mentioning creams in starter packs. Are these just standard moisturising creams?
Does the water used to make the sachet food count towards the daily water amount?

Apologies for the many questions (I will probably have more later lol).
Thanks and keep up the good work smile

Brigidwasp Tue 22-Jul-14 21:11:59

Hello @switchback will be glad to answer your questions if I know the answer smile

They told me it would cost more or less £1000 per month. But at least for me, it's been more expensive than that. I'm not in London clinic though, I'm not sure if every clinic costs the same.

Keep in mind you will be buying more sachets per week so you have more variety or you will get bored of eating exactly the same every day (every box is £18), some weeks I buy 5, some weeks I buy 8. Then you will run out of supplements every now and again.

Yellow sachets - these are usually the ones that taste better. Also slightly more caloric, so in phase one and two they're only allowed 3 times per week. In the form they give you to select the food, they're highlighted in yellow, that's why.

Can't tell if you can make the starter pack cheaper by buying some items on your own. The supplements though, if you want to buy them yourself, you should check with the Dr. if the ones you will get are compatible with the diet, some aren't.

The creams I believe are optional. They didn't include them in my started pack, and they offered them to me during the first treatment. In my case it was a firming lotion. Very pricey by the way.

Unfortunately, the water used to make the sachet food does NOT count towards the daily water intake.

sandyxblog Wed 23-Jul-14 17:45:13


* I've kept all my receipts and by the end of week 8 i will have spent �2200 so for me it averages out at �1100 per month. I tend to buy 6 boxes each week for variety...its not fun having the same thing each day.

* You'll need 2-3L of water on top of your sachet content

* I haven't ever been offerred firming creams or anything lol! Definitely not a compulsory thing.

* Yellow sachets have higher calorie intake therefore you can only have them three times a week in total (not 3 times a week each lol). Examples include feta cheese and chicken nuggets.

* I'm not sure I understood correctly. Are you planning on starting or continuing weight training whilst on Alizonne? If your doing more than 45 mins of mod to high intensity exercise or weights, i've been advised to check in with the clinic first. As this type of exercise builds muscle, generally the number of sachets you consume each day increases therefore so will your cost.

Sandy x

sandyxblog Wed 23-Jul-14 17:47:06

@brigidwasp - congrats, glad ur getting back on track!!

Sandy x

Thingirlinfatbody Wed 23-Jul-14 21:26:30

Hi all. Just thought I would post an update. Have been for my first weigh in. So five days since I started and I have lost 5lb. Really chuffed. Bought a load more sachets as well so I can carry on experimenting but so far so good. Roll on next week...

Brigidwasp Thu 24-Jul-14 12:41:51

@sandyxblog, thanks! I'm 100% motivated again. This has also helped me to be prepared in case it happens again, I know I just have to keep going and my body will catch up with the weight loss eventually.

Today I managed to fully zip one dress I've never been able to wear, one of those "love it, will buy it for when I lose some weight" and it's been in my closet for a couple of years now. And now it fits like a glove, not tight anywhere. It got me really excited! Probably when I finish this, this dress will be too big though, haha better hurry up and wear it a few times before that happens!

@Thingirlinfatbody congrats! nice 1st week weight loss smile When you start it seems like it's going to take forever to get there, but you're going to notice the changes in your body pretty fast!

Bottomlesspurse Thu 24-Jul-14 13:20:27

Just popped in to catch up with how everyone is doing, have been working away from home last couple of weeks so not getting a chance to spend any time on here. I've now lost 12lbs in 2 weeks and will be weighed in again on Sat - highly delighted smile
Sending much love xx

Brigidwasp Thu 24-Jul-14 15:41:25

@bottomlesspurse that is wonderful well done! smile

Thingirlinfatbody Thu 24-Jul-14 17:48:53

Hi guys. I have been invited to a BBQ at some friends over the weekend. Said I would take my own food. Was going to do some vegetable kebabs but kind of fancied something like a burger. Has anyone got any recipes/ideas would really appreciate your help.

Pollyanna7 Fri 25-Jul-14 22:42:43

Hi, started on wed 16th July and had my first weigh-in on wed this week and was absolutely delighted that I'd lost 10 lbs! I suspect much of it is fluid but it's given me a real boost. Just discovered the sheeps cheese mousse and made the aubergine lasagne. OMG it was actually delish. Made a normal lasagne for the family and wasn't even envious! Also loving the cheese omelette (and I hate fake cheesey tastes like Quavers) but the sheeps cheese mousse reminds me of Dairylea Also tried the turnip chips which are good as long as you eat them piping hot. Tried the banana dessert but wasn't too impressed. Anyone discovered a way of tarting it up? I'm really enjoying playing around with the sachets. I also have a big jug of lemon tea in the fridge, so tonight I put a couple of inches in a wine glass and topped it up with ice and sparkling water. It's a long shot I know but I did convince myself I was drinking sparkling wine!!(make sure you add canderel) . Well Friday night is wine night smile

sandyxblog Sun 27-Jul-14 15:15:01

Wahay!! Lost 5lb this week! Takes it to 2 stone 1 lb lost in six weeks!! Time to treat myself to a new charm for my Pandora bracelet! My BMI is finally under 40 and I'm now under 17 stones. Fingers crossed I never see 17 again!!!

@pollyanna7 - congrats on the weigh in, thats fantastic!!

Sandy x

Bottomlesspurse Sun 27-Jul-14 18:15:00

Wonderful news Sandyxblog, well done! And what a result Pollyanna7 smile I'm sorry Thingirlfatbody, I don't know any recipes (I'm a terrible cook and rely on the drinks sachets lol), hope you found one smile
Had my weigh in on Sat, 3lb down this time, bit disappointing but was told that it slows down the less you have to lose. I am 15lbs lighter than before so very pleased about that. We moved my target by half a stone too, because the therapist thought I might look too gaunt as I'm older. Happy with that.
All the best to you all xx

lokijet Mon 28-Jul-14 23:35:09

hi I am looking at starting this but was wondering how you manage to fit in around the rest of your life - family meals, work etc Do you start by emptying anything tempting out of the house??

Pollyanna7 Mon 28-Jul-14 23:39:17

Thankyou @sandyxblog and @Bottomlesspurse- must admit I was chuffed as they say!! smile. Just want to say that I did the raspberry clafoutis recipe from the recipe book, which makes 'cherry muffins'. If you want something to chew on its really good and the rhubarb perks the flavour up. I'm not a cake and pud person but you do get the urge for sweetness sometimes. I was thinking of eating half of the 3 buns with half a sachet of vanilla dessert - may feel like school puds! Not expecting a wonderful weight loss this week as I've been on antibiotics and cough medicine, Yuk. Already getting into trousers that didn't fit well last week though. Onward and upward! smile smile

Pollyanna7 Mon 28-Jul-14 23:47:51

Hi @ lokijet - I have found it easy to fit round my family because the sachets are so quick to prepare, you can make your own meal and then you don't feel hungry as they have theirs. In week 1 I couldn't cook for my husband- far too tempting, but tonight I made fish pie and didn't even lick the sauce spoon! My daughter is very health/weight conscious after years of seeing me yo-yo diet, so she prepares her own, so, easy for me. However I did Alizonne before some years ago when the children were younger and you do get in the zone very easily and are able to resist because of the rapid weight loss results AND the outgoing £££££££££!! Hope you decide to give it a try smile

Brigidwasp Tue 29-Jul-14 11:53:03

@lokijet Week 1 & 2 I didn't want to see anything tempting around the house, and couldn't cook anything for my boyfriend. But now I am able to even make him a home made pizza without having a bad time. You get used to it and you start missing more the healthy stuff that is banned than junk food. At least in my case.

HillyK Fri 01-Aug-14 12:31:01

Hi all, just started yesterday at Glasgow clinic. Very impressed with them. Loving this thread. Going to Commonwealth Games tonight and about to make choc drop thingies to take with me :-)
Nearly 4 stone to lose but am on a mission!

HillyK Sat 02-Aug-14 12:45:59

Day 3 and feeling not that great. A bit like a horrible hangover... headache, tummy a bit upset, nausea, lethargic... The thought of anything sweet and particularly chocolatey is making me heave!
Days 3/4 of any diet is always the worst so am hoping this is only short term.
Chocolate 'buns' I made yesterday were more like chocolate Yorkshire puddings... ok in a crisis but couldn't live on them. Made 2 small garlic and herb flat breads with the pizza base that weren't bad at all. Used garlic salt and lots of fresh sea salt on top. Going to make them with fresh basil today and again plenty of sea salt.
Blood pressure 103/60 so am hoping it doesn't fall any further. Am sure it will go up a bit when I get back to work.
Anyone wishing to chat please shout! smile

Pollyanna7 Sat 02-Aug-14 14:34:40

Hi @HillyK, I know what you mean about the chocolatey and other sweet drinks. I'm not a chocolate or pud person, just crave crisps and cheese! So I use the sheeps mousse (fab) with celery or Baba ganoush, or even better in the aubergine lasagne. I make chips from my white turnip allowance and use the potato pie as a couscous with veg chilli or veg curry. You do feel a bit horrid at first but it's the same with any weight management proramme isn't it? The raspberry clafoutis makes decent 'buns' if you mix it with rhubarb- sweetish without being chocolatey. I find the strawberry milkshake and the coconut drink ok, with lots of ice for mid-morning or afternoon. I haven't tried the pizza base but the nan with extra garlic and coriander was passable. Good luck- keep going. I lost another 6lbs this week so feel very empowered at the mo!!! Hope it lasts! Even made the family bacon, eggs and sausage this morning and didn't feel tempted!!smile Polish that halo....wink wink

Brigidwasp Sat 02-Aug-14 15:07:32

Hi all! This has been a bit quiet the last few days, hope everyone is doing great!

@HillyK, the first week or two are the hardest ones. Hang in there and you'll see it's going to bet much better. Your body is probably missing the sugar if you were used to it. If you still feel so rough after a few days let them know in your clinic as maybe you will need to adjust your supplements. I agree about the chocolate buns, it's not great that one is it.

@Pollyanna7 it's funny how different we all are, how some of us will love some sachets and some others will totally hate them. I'm also a cheese and crisps type of person, and I find the sheeps mouse unedible, along with the coconut drink and strawberry shake. Hat to swap them because I couldn't have them at all. Well done with the weight loss smile

I'm stuck again with my weight loss, probably again it's that time of the month.. so annoying. But at least now I know it will be back to normal in a few days.

Chrissypresent Sun 03-Aug-14 10:23:38

Hi, my first time on here. I have read many comments which confirms how very different we all are. I started the Alizonne on Monday 28th July and on Thursday 31st July after my first weigh-in I had lost 6 lbs in 4 days, whoop whoop! I am 53 with 3 + stones to lose. My metabolic rate is 1740, which I was pleased about. I attend the Wilmslow clinic and I have to say, so far, very positive, no headaches, nausea, just feeling great! I am type 2 diabetic and every day my readings have reduced. The doctor advises that I reduce my medication from 2 metformin twice a day to 1 twice a day, when my levels are within the average levels. Love the chocolate, caramel, vanilla (I make it quite thick and have the stewed rhubarb with powdered canderel at the bottom yum yum). Thank you for suggestions with recipes, I had the spicy veg. curry last night with cauliflower rice with plenty of spice, whilst the rest of my family had their normal Saturday night Indian take away. By the way, the Quinton issue...I empty mine into a shot glass and imagine it is vodka, works for me! Staying positive and hope you are all successful in your individual journeys.

HillyK Sun 03-Aug-14 13:29:22

Hi all and thanks @Pollyanna7 and @Brigidwasp for getting back to me. Hugely appreciated.
Feeling a little better today but still have nausea and some stomach cramps :-(
I started my diet the day after coming back from a 6* all inclusive cruise so it's no wonder I feel like I've been hit by a sledge hammer shock I was determined not to go mad so was quite chuffed when I found out I'd only gained a kilo or so. Had a sneaky weigh this morning and back to where I was at my consultation smile
Think I've mastered the omelettes with, from allowance, red pepper and mushroom and lots of green spring onion. The hot chocolate makes me heave... like you Pollyanna7 I'm just not a chocolate or pud person but would kill you for a glass of Chablis and some great cheese! grin Going to make a wee aubergine curry this afternoon and will have it with grated cauliflower. Can't wait!
Am finding the vitamin K the worst so need a big glass of water at hand afterwards. The ampoule of sea water is just like swimming in the sea and taking a gulp by mistake! I've added it to soups and omelettes which makes taking it dead easy.
Am finding my 1st pack of the day hard as I'm just not up for eating that early in the morning. After that I'm fine.
Please tell me your favourite 'recipes'... anyone out there... I think the recipe book I was given could do with some serious updating as it looks like it was produced on 2010!!
Many thanks again and will keep you all posted. xx

HillyK Sun 03-Aug-14 14:21:00

Forgot to ask... I've read in my folder I can use freshly squeezed lemon juice... does anyone know if there is a limit? I've been squeezing 2 small lemons and adding it to my 3 litres of water.

sandyxblog Sun 03-Aug-14 18:38:33

For those of you struggling with quinton vials, you do realise you don't have to drink them neat? I've never tasted one because from day one i've mixed it into one of my sachets. You can add them to any sachet that you have to make it and it becomes completely tasteless and doesn't affect the texture or consistency of your sachet. I was given this tip by my clinic before I started hence why I don't know what they taste like as I've always done it this way!

Glad to see there's so many new people on Alizonne!

Had my weigh in today - seven weeks down and a total of 33lbs lost!! (lost another four in the last seven days). I've hit a phase where I'm becoming really unimaginative with my sachets. Pretty much living off the same two sachets lol! Need to snap out of this!!

Hope you are all well,

Sandy x

sandyxblog Sun 03-Aug-14 18:40:45

@HillyK - As far as I'm aware, there's no limit on lemon. The cookbook just says 'lemon slices are ok to add to water' for flavour.

Munchkinbug Sun 03-Aug-14 22:23:28

Hello everyone, just found this thread. Been doing AZ for 5 weeks now. Lost 9.6kg so far, which I'm quite happy with. I've got a LONG way to go. Need to lose 33kg in total. I've been tested to the limit so far...BBQs, burgers, doughnuts, birthday cakes, and now my daughter's nursery have asked me to make cupcakes for the summer fun day!!! Aaarrrggghhh. But I've done well, and have resisted everything so far. I'm a very fussy eater, and there aren't many sachets I like, but it's not forever! Hope you're all well smile

Pollyanna7 Sun 03-Aug-14 22:26:08

Ooops, hope there is no limit on lemons, I slice 4/5 and put them in a huge jug of boiling water. Cool it, leave it in the fridge then put a third in a glass with ice cubes and top up with sparkling water. At least it feels like a fruity drink! Having also said I'm not a chocolate fan, I made the 'bounty' dessert as I do like bountys (love coconut). It really is lovely.
Well done @sandyxblog - 33lbs-brilliant- if you need to stick to 2 fave sachets what's wrong with that? You'll probably have 2 new faves
Also well done @Hillyk- 6* cruise? Wow- shall we all treat ourselves to another one when we've reached target? Btw, I tried the chilli cheese fritters tonight from the recipe book and they were tasty. Next time I'll just use potato pie and veg as I felt it wasted my precious sheep's cheese. That's perfect as a sauce, with aubergines and courgettes.
Oh and @chrissypresent... I applaud you. The fact that you can imagine that disgusting fizzy tablet as a shot is great- wish I could. I dissolve it in my lemon drink now which makes it slightly more palatable.
Managed to cycle 4 miles today so I'm beginning to feel the real benefits of the weight loss and just feeling SO much better about smile

HillyK Mon 04-Aug-14 12:14:39

Me again... day 5. Feeling a lot brighter, less nausea and just the odd tummy cramp. My son says I have classic withdrawal symptoms which is really making me think about what I've been shoveling into my body.
@Pollyanna7... will take your advice and get the sachets to make the bounty type dessert and the fritters. Thank you!
To everyone out there, being able to talk to others on the plan is a great support and motivator. Not sure I could do this on my own at the moment but I know it will get better and I cannot wait to get into my size 12's again! smile
I made a fab aubergine curry last night if anyone would like the recipe. I love hot food and this was bursting with flavour. Makes 2 huge portions so looking forward to dins tonight.
Well done to everyone on the plan and a sincere thanks for being there. xx

Brigidwasp Mon 04-Aug-14 14:51:39

@HillyK Glad to know you're feeling better! Yes this diet makes you realise how badly we've been treating our body and also teaches you portion control. I think if I could go back to eating normal straight away, I would eat much healthier now.
Let us know what you think about the bounty dessert, I had high expectations for that one but I couldn't even eat half of it. I think because I found the coconut flavour and texture to be too fake and plastic-like.

@Sandyxblog I'm getting tired of most of the sachets now, I believe I will be just sticking to 2 or 3 of them too, probably mushroom soup most of the time and nuggets or bacon/cheese pancake 3x week. Glad I'm going to hit Phase 2 soon!! 33lbs is awesome! I think we started more or less at the same time and I've lost 23lbs. I believe the speed also varies depending on the total you need to lose, but I'm pretty happy with my weight loss too smile I'm

Also glad to see so many new people in the forum. Hope your weight loss journey goes as planned! : )

jafojo Wed 06-Aug-14 15:16:37

Hello everyone, sorry I have been off for a while due to work. I had my treatment today after a 3 week layoff, I am now down to 100kg and in phase 3, I have been on phase 2 for 4 weeks and lost an average of 1kg/week.

In total I have lost 30kg (66lbs) and I like the way I look and feel at the moment and I have adjusted my target upwards from 94 to 98 as I do not want to look skinny as I am tall. so I am now allowed breakfast (1 slice of bread and lean meat). it has been a nice long journey from the 23rd of April and it has been worth every dime and time.

My suit size has dropped from 52R to 42R, shirt from 20 to 16, waist from 44 to 36 and my BMI from 42 to 32. it has been an astonishing transformation. I had deliberately kept myself from everyone to avoid having to answer questions, until I attended a black tie event on Saturday, as a friend said "there is no better way to announce the new you than in dinner suit and a nice bow tie". If I have learnt anything from my experience, it is the fact that where there is a will, there is a way.

Every little weight lost is a move in the right direction

I have enjoyed reading all your comments

HillyK Wed 06-Aug-14 17:24:05

Hi all, had my 1st weigh-in today... @jafojo... I think you may have been in front of me! grin Losing 66lbs is incredible! You must be chuffed to bits! smile
My first week has been hard... headaches, nausea, dreadful stomach cramps and generally feeling like I'd been hit by a bus! However, today actually feeling quite human, if a little weak. In my 1st weigh in have lost just over 6lbs. My target for the month is about 19lbs if I remember correctly so 13lbs to go over the next 3 weeks... which is no mean feat.
Have given up anything chocolatey as it is making me heave. Just had a cappuccino from the swap box with a teaspoon of coffee added to it and quite enjoyed it. Got a chicken nugget from the swap box too and a praline thing... worth a try!
Am loving my aubergine and spinach curry and going to have a bash at an aubergine and veg chilli.
When food is so limited you really find out what your priorities are and mine seem to be savoury food full of flavour.
Have got mostly new sachets this week and going to incorporate them in 'food'. I think that's the best way forward for me as I love to cook... and eat of course! grin Hence my presence here! Lol!
Everyone out there, keep up the great work and thank you all or being there the last 7 (very hard), days!

jafojo Thu 07-Aug-14 12:09:11

Hi Hilly, I think you may have been the one at the reception when I was leaving smile, It is an experience and am sure you will enjoy it, I had the Alizonne chocolate bar yesterday and it was heavenly, I had to take so many little bites hoping the feeling will last longer (reminds me of school days), had a slice of toast and yogurt this morning and was full, that wont have happened in my former life, I guess the stomach has shrunk. I have to realise my body has changed and adjust my expectations accordingly, I had 2 sticks of carrot which normally wont mean anything but I had stomach pains for over 2 hours, so I have learnt my lessons the hard way.

Brigidwasp Thu 07-Aug-14 17:12:57

@jafojo hi there, glad to know you're doing so well! already in Phase 3!!! (envyyyy :P) I just can NOT wait for phase 2, let alone phase 3 smile I believe I have just a couple weeks left for phase 2 now. I seriously miss eating some normal food, just the tuna salad will do!! How small are the chicken and steak portions in Phase 2?
Oh I also wanted to ask, are you allowed the "yellow" sachets without restriction on phase 3? or it's still only 3 x day?
It's great you feel full sooner now that you're allowed to eat more normal food! I guess it's all about new habits now. Is carrot not allowed? how bizarre that it gave you such a bad stomach pain!

Something really strange happened yesterday afternoon. I suddenly couldn't drink my favourite sachet "mushroom soup" I didn't like it at all! it suddenly tasted really bad! I thought it must have been that particular sachet that maybe was bad, and later in the evening I had another one and same thing happened. Today I tried again and even worse, like I can't even stand the smell now. I just visited the clinic to swap a full box I had and got the chicken curry soup. I told them what happened and they said they heard that happened to many people, with this diet the taste buds suddenly change and you don't like something any more. Has anyone else experienced this?

Brigidwasp Thu 07-Aug-14 17:13:39

correction - (3 x week)

HillyK Thu 07-Aug-14 18:54:18

Yep! That was me! smile
Glad you're loving your chocoate bars jafojo. I can remember nibbling away at a fudge when I was little hoping it would never end... sounds like the same thing! You've done amazingly well and you still sound very positive and upbeat which is a fantastic place to be. Keep up the good work.
Tried my swap box chicken nuggets last night...mmmmm... don't think I'll be ordering them! Tried the vanilla dessert today but made it into a drink with 350ml water. Loving it in a pint glass with ice. It's like drinking Ambrosia custard smile
Thankfully feeling so much better every day now and had a sneaky jump on the scales... just over 7lbs in a week. Chuffed to bits.
Keep up the good work everyone!

Thingirlinfatbody Thu 07-Aug-14 19:35:34

Sorry it been a while but so glad to hear everyone is doing so well. So 19 days in and I've lost 14.5lb. Absolutely amazed. Even went out with friends the other evening but stuck to grilled chicken and salad. Just another 4 stone to go!

Pollyanna7 Thu 07-Aug-14 21:49:32

Oh @Brigidwasp, you and I seem to be like the little weathermen who go in and out of the house!! In other words we complement each other, what you like , I don't and vice versa!! I had exactly the same reaction with the chicken curry soup- find it hard to stomach now, so I got mushroom instead!!grin. Had my third weigh in today,lost 3.7 lbs (yes the numbers after the point do countwink, so thats 19.7lbs in 3 weeks so I am more than delighted and have 1 stone 6lbs to go to phase 2. I am craving a piece of thick fish which just falls into layers. My current obsession is still aubergine lasagne and choc and coconut pud. I made mushroom pakoras the other evening and they were filling and quite 'tasty'. I swapped a sachet today for a chicken nuggets, @Hillyk! Something I would normally never eat but you have to keep searching for the most satisfying sachet don't you- I'll try it tmrw, but your post has made me wary. Well done with the 7lbs btw, I'll bet that has spurred you on- that's all you need isn't it, just to know that it works for you, not just everyone else. smile. Well done too @thingirlinafatbody- did you have real chicken on your night out?? @jafojo, brilliant, phase 3! I am also curious to know what weight of real protein you can have- will my chunk of fish be worth the wait (or worth the weight?wink). Keep going everyone, this forum is a big help to all of us I think. PS- how does everyone cope now the rhubarb season is passing by- I have it everyday- anyone found frozen rhubarb in any supermarkets?

Brigidwasp Thu 07-Aug-14 23:28:56

@Pollyanna that's funny! :D
About the chicken nuggets, I find them really nice if you add plenty of mild curry powder to the mix, and toast them a bit in the oven.
I cooked a huge amount of rhubarb and froze it in individual portions, and that should last me a while. I have it every other day or so.

Brigidwasp Fri 08-Aug-14 14:27:39

2,4 kg to reach Phase 2. yayyy!!!

HillyK Fri 08-Aug-14 18:06:00

Pollyanna... fresh rhubarb freezes well. Just cut it up into big chunks, put in a freezer bag and that's it. You can then cook it from frozen without adding water smile
Loving my vanilla dessert as a drink and amazing with rhubarb when made up thickly. Tastes just like Ambrosia!
Tried another swap box sachet... praline/hazelnut thing... ooft! Awful!
It's incredible how some people's idea of hell with these sachets are other people's heaven. When I took my hot chocolate back the clinic was amazed as it's their most popular pack... eugh! grin
Bizzarely and feeling really hungry today so am really looking forward to dins.
As ever, keep up the amazing work folks and thanks for being there!

Pollyanna7 Fri 08-Aug-14 18:36:15

Whoa..well done @Brigidwasp- you'll be there in quickstickssmile- which clinic do you go to?

Pollyanna7 Fri 08-Aug-14 21:23:15

Just realised ,I've brought my trial sachet of 'chicken nuggets' home and there's no cooking instructions anywhere, or have I missed it in the recipe book? Anyone got a good recipe for it- do you bake them or fry them? Have been phoning supermarkets today about rhubarb and no-one has any and I've completely worked through my frozen supplies!! Can't manage without it.sad

Brigidwasp Sun 10-Aug-14 22:31:52

Hey! just posted a message but it disappeared, sorry if you get this twice.

@Pollyanna I go to Edinburgh clinic : )

About the chicken nuggets, it's 50ml of water, and I mix it manually, and add a bit of salt and pepper, and a generous amount of mild chicken curry (it makes such a difference), let it sit for 5 mins so it's thicker and easier to form the little balls, and then cook it in the oven for 10-15 minutes (200C)

And the rhubarb, have you tried online?, I just ordered a bunch of it in Sainsburys online.

@HillyK I also hated the praline sachet, such a strange flavour..!

Yesterday I had a special dinner that I had booked months ago, even before I even knew I would be doing Alizonne. So I asked them what to do with it, and they recommended me to go on with it but just ask them to adapt to my diet requirements (but for phase 2 for one night, since I'm so close to it). I'm glad the restaurant was happy to help with this. It was a bit hard to go through a big selection of Scottish best dishes and whisky tasting..., not to mention the dessert, meanwhile eating a green salad (without dressing) and a small chicken breast with oven baked courgette. It was quite nice though, first time eating chicken since June 10th and I wouldn't be full with that before the diet, but I ended up feeling very full which was a nice surprise.
I checked this morning and I was still in ketosis, so it's all good!

Pollyanna7 Sun 10-Aug-14 23:05:29

Well done Brigidwasp, bet that chicken tasted SO good! Btw how do you know you were still in ketosis? I'm intrigued.

HillyK Mon 11-Aug-14 10:14:44

Like you Brigidwasp I ordered a huge batch of rhubarb from Asda online. Am stocking up for the winter!! grin Maybe it's because we're in Scotland that we can still get it and due to its abundance up here?

Day 12 and feeling pretty normal so am hugely relieved as back to school on Thursday sad Jumped on scales... bit sneaky... but that's nearly 11bs off so am amazed. It could get quite addictive as you see the pounds falling off but I'm sure after this week things must start to slow down as my body realises what I'm up to grin

Am loving my vanilla as a drink... with 400ml water now... mushroom soup, my aubergine & spinach currry and veggie chilli. Made the chilli and feta fritters the other night which were great with my chilli. Still prefer a bowl of rhubarb and custard afterwards though. I actually felt like I'd been naughty last night having my chilli then my rhubarb and custard for dessert so you really don't have to deprive yourself on this.

Pollyanna7... hope you njoyed your nuggets wink I did mine with garam masala and some cumin seeds and had them with my curry. They were ok I suppose but maybe where I went wrong was making them into 2 giant ones?

Ketosis... I was under the impression this was not a ketosis based diet? Brigidwasp... I'd be really interested to hear what you've been told.

Thanks everyone again for being out there! Onwards and downwards!

jafojo Mon 11-Aug-14 11:32:30

@Brigid, congratulations as you move closer to phase 2, I forgot to answer your question about the portion of chicken allowed, its 120g of chicken/steak, 140g of fish (list will be provided) or 2 eggs

@HillyK,Pollyanna,Munchkinbug and Thingirlinfatbody, good to know you are alldoing well

Brigidwasp Mon 11-Aug-14 11:46:28

@Pollyanna7 I use ketostix to check that I'm still in ketosis

@Hillyk Glad you're feeling well now!
Alizonne puts you in Ketosis constantly from start to finish. You're told to strictly not deviate from the diet because you would break the ketosis mode, and you would need a few days to get back into it. (wasting time and money).
Yes maybe in Scotland rhubarb is easier to find? not sure, but I'm glad I bought a big batch this time.

@jafojo Thanks for the info! that sounds like a small meat portion, will check, thanks!

Pollyanna7 Mon 11-Aug-14 12:11:04

Mmmm Hilly k, think I'll try the aubergine and spinach curry too. I am loving the aubergine. I do it as a starter by slicing into rings, quick spray of 1 cal spray then a sprinkle of salt and black pepper and further sprinkle with paprika. Cook till brown and crispy on the outside. They're also nice sitting on top of a blini with a little blob of mustard mixed with yogurt and a sprinkle of canderel in it- I also use the yogurt/mustard mix as a dip for my asparagus spears. Mada a complete hash of the nuggets btw! Added too much water and ended up with a mushy type of masked potato pancake but it actually tasted ok strangely enough. I suppose that's how new recipes are discovered! smile

Pollyanna7 Mon 11-Aug-14 12:11:55

potato pancake

Moanranger Mon 11-Aug-14 15:28:48

Have read this thread with interest as have booked an initial appointment with the Brighton centre for late in August. I need to lose around 3 - 31/2 st. I did Lighter Life in 2008 and successfully lost 4+ stone, getting down to 10 st. I kept my weight to between 11 to just under 12 stone, but in 2013 my 24 yr marriage broke down and I went through a nasty divorce. All my little strategies for keeping my weight under control went out the window, and while I did not put all the original weight back on, I am as heavy now as I have been since 2008.

Alizonne seems to use a similar strategy to LL in foodpacks etc, but there are some differences, like lots of vegetables and more food packs. I was always hungry on LL (their packs are not particularly high protein and I think the sugar content stimulated my appetite.) I think where LL falls down is in maintenance, which I think hadn't been well designed. An awful lot of people put at least some of the weight back on fairly soon, including my counsellor, who eventually dropped out of the programme.
So I am thinking of giving it a go - it is painfully expensive, but I am used to the food pack routine, am pretty disciplined. I reckon it would be in the range of 15-16 weeks.

Can anyone explain how maintenance works?

Pollyanna7 Mon 11-Aug-14 21:50:31

Just realised I've probably made a massive booboo! Only really started to use the yellow sachets this week and, of course, read that only 3 a week are allowed. I thought this meant you could have 3 breads in a week and 3 clafoutis, 3 nuggets- whatever else, instead of what I now realise must mean ONLY 3 yellow sachets (whatever flavour)in total per week. I am correct aren't I? Anyway, the upshot is I've had 6 this week so not expecting a good result!! Oops! blush

Brigidwasp Tue 12-Aug-14 08:50:36

@Pollyanna7 Oops! that's correct, only 3 yellow sachets a week in total. I wish it was 3 of each though! these are the best ones! Let us know how it goes!

Munchkinbug Tue 12-Aug-14 10:34:42

I've done 6 weeks now, and I've lost 11.5kg (25lbs)!! Woo hoo!!! Very pleased with that. Only another 21.5kg to go (feels like a mountain still to climb). 1/3 of the way there already, can't be bad really.

I have no idea how everyone manages to drink their quota of water each day. Before this diet, I was MAYBE getting about 1/2 litre of fluid a day, including the water in my morning cuppa. 2-3ltrs is killing me. I never manage it, ever.

I only made it to the gym once last week - was ill and then too busy, and will struggle going this week because of OH working late shift, and me looking after our LO. I'm going to nip out at lunch-time today to do the cross-trainer for 30 mins, but it's not the same as a class. I love the Les Mills classes - obviously I don't do the Body Pump class as that will keep the weight up (even though inches will still come off), but I don't want to be on phase 1 longer than necessary! I think I will wait for phase 3 before doing Body Pump again.

Is anybody else doing exercise as well? If so, what are you doing, and are you finding it's helping with weight-loss?

Satellite905 Tue 12-Aug-14 22:13:31

Hello there,
Hello JAFAJO well done, it's very impressive.

I am new to this site, and would like to know how people are doing on this diet.
Does the weight come back once you finish the diet?
How are you getting on now, how difficult is it to keep the weight off ?
Any info will be great full from anybody .


Pollyanna7 Wed 13-Aug-14 16:58:36

Phew! seem to have got away with my 'yellow sachet mistake' thank goodness. Just been to the clinic and have lost another 3lbs so that's just over a stone and a half in 4 weeks. My immediate goal is to lose the full 2 stones before school starts again in 2 weeks- will any of my colleagues notice I wonder? Anyway, whether they do or don't I am more than overjoyed and do really feel remarkably better in every respect. If I see something tempting, I just think 'Nothing tastes as good as thinner feels', although I think when you're on Alizonne you don't feel tempted, because you're full and you see such incredibly quick results. Got my ketosticks today too Brigidwasp so will start monitoring ketosis- how often do you do it? Btw, hi to Moanranger and Satellite905 and welcome aboard. Moanranger I know several people who did LL and it worked so well, but then they did pit it all back on, so maybe maintenance is the issue. Also, Satellite905, with regard to regaining weight on Alizonne, if you saw my earlier post, I did exactly that last time I did it, but it was ABSOLUTELY my own fault. I lost 4 stones and then thought I could go it alone and not work through the maintenance phases. How wrong was I. This time I'm in it for the long haul and intend NEVER to put the weight back on again. Good luck to both of you and to all the others on here who are doing greatgrin

Brigidwasp Wed 13-Aug-14 18:05:24

@Pollyanna7 I used them twice a day the first couple of weeks as I wanted to make sure I was doing it right, but now I only use them from time to time, or when I do something out of order like that dinner out.

Pollyanna7 Fri 15-Aug-14 20:25:09

Just as a matter of interest, has anyone cooked a batch of omelettes or pancakes and taken them away for a few days and if so, did they last/taste ok? May be going away for 3/4 days where I won't have access to oven/hob or microwave!

Munchkinbug Fri 15-Aug-14 20:33:11

Official weigh in today - 2 stone exactly in 7 weeks!!! Absolutely thrilled. Just about to tick into my Friday-night chicken nuggets smile

Pollyanna7 Sat 16-Aug-14 17:58:24

Well done Munchkinbug- those nuggets will taste even better now! smile

Munchkinbug Fri 22-Aug-14 16:14:53

Not quite as good this week sad. 1.3kg. Kind of disappointed as I really busted my pan in at the gym. Been to four classes this week, so was hoping for a little more than that. Oh well, onwards and upwards. At least I've now lost 14kg in total in 8 weeks. We'll see what this next week brings...

Moanranger Fri 22-Aug-14 22:21:59

Pollyana, Munchkin,Brigid sounds like you are doing well. Munchkin maybe the gym is the problem -I think workouts can cause water retention IME.
I have my first appt next Tues - will be asking lots of questions

Brigidwasp Tue 26-Aug-14 12:24:06

Hey everyone! I've been quite a while without posting. I've had a bad week! So I was only 0,5kg from Phase 2 and at the clinic they told me I could start phase 2 already. So I started and I was very careful checking the exact weights of everything, buying only lean meat and good quality tuna in water. And only 4 days later I was 1kg heavier! and also worth mentioning that during 3 of the 4 days I was in Phase 2 I felt very nauseous and dizzy the whole day. Bit disappointed and worried that my body is not adapting to the change. Tomorrow I have the doctor review again so hopefully she will know what to do next. 2 days ago I decided to go back to phase 1, and I managed to undo part of the damage. So it will be one full week without any weight loss whatsoever. Expensive week!!! sad

Now I'm kind of scared to get into phase 2 again.

Pollyanna7 Tue 26-Aug-14 19:37:50

Mmmmm...that does sound a bit scary Brigidwasp- I'll be interested to hear what the doctor says about it as that's what we're all aiming for, phase 2. Takes the edge off a bit doesn't it if you start to put on again!!! Interesting that you felt dizzy too-wonder why? I've just come back from Edinburgh so my thursday weigh in will be after 2 weeks away from Alizonne. Took all my powders and potions with me and stuck to it really well except for 2 evenings when it was really cold and I NEEDED hot cooked food (had nowhere to do blinis, pancakes anything, so it was all shakes and salads)great in hot weather but Edinburgh was freezing.So on those 2 nights I had a veg curry- asked them to use only spinach,green pepper, cauli and mushrooms and it was great. I know there were probably lots of extra fats and spices in the sauce, but when I got back I had still lost weight, although the old ketostix were very pale! They seem to be darkening now so that's a good sign, but I feel as if my weight loss has slowed down (only weigh myself once a week ). However the proof of the pudding will be on the Alizonne scales on Thurs.......more to follow smile. Still feeling very positive though, helped along by all on this forum, although HOW I resisited a glass of wine on holiday, I will never know. I am missing a drink of something other than water/tea/coffee more than food, just for the element of relaxation I think. Has anyone devised an exciting drink? Even my iced lemon tea and fizzy water 'prosecco' is wearing a bit thin now! wine wine wine

Moanranger Tue 26-Aug-14 21:28:21

Hi, all, glad to see some activity on this thread. I went today to meet doc & have bloods taken. We agreed 16-17 kilos as my goal & doc reckons that will be 6-8 weeks in Phase 1. Very matter of fact & no hocus-pocus, which I like.
Bloods will be analysed & all being well, I go back on Fri for sachets & first treatment (as well as eye-watering bill!) They are very up-front about the cost.
I discussed issue of business conference about 10 days in, doc said have a Phase 2 meal on the one or two nights where I have a sit down dinner.
As I have done Lighter Life I can probably cope ok with this. While I do drink, I often undertake long abstinances - this year I was dry from late Jan to 1 April. Looking forward to starting, not the regime so much as shifting this weight!

Brigidwasp Wed 27-Aug-14 13:49:26

Hey Pollyanna7, yes it is scary. But also in Phase 2 I was losing weight slower than I expected so maybe they will need to adjust it a bit with me for phase 2 and let me have just a certain type of meat or fish, we'll see. Will let you know how it goes.
I also struggles a bit going through summer holidays without a pub or restaurant meal, a glass of wine, a cocktail etc.. it was hard!

@Moanranger welcome! well it's not a 100% fact that you reach phase 2 on a certain date. Mine delayed 1 week from the latest date she told me (she said 8-10 weeks) For me it was 11 weeks, plus an extra week for the kg I strangely gained during the 4 days in Phase 2. (total of 12 weeks) So make sure you save a little extra money just in case, as Phase 1 is the most expensive one.

Brigidwasp Wed 27-Aug-14 13:50:04

Correction - In Phase "1" I was losing weight slower (not phase 2)

Brigidwasp Wed 27-Aug-14 19:21:49

Just back from my review, the doctor told me that a lot of people gain a bit of weight when starting phase 2, the first week (I wish she would have told me that beforehand though) And she said that I should go on with Phase 2 now, and if next weigh in I am still putting weight on, she will quickly put me in Phase 3, as it looks like when you introduce the breakfast, it's somehow easier to lose weight again. A bit strange but she's seen so many cases like mine and told me not to worry as it's normal. At least I know wha's going on.

Also it's normal to feel slightly light headed and nauseated for a few days as it's a big change. Should pass soon.

Missmoneypenny9 Wed 27-Aug-14 23:30:59

Evening All... A newbie joining the thread.
First weigh in is due tomorrow and quite excited as have lost (according to my slightly dodgy scales) 9lbs!
Been a challenging week for number of reasons; trying to find sachets I like, fitting all sachets in around hectic work schedule, and eating out... God only knows how I got thru lunchtime watching the kids tuck into antipasto and pizza's sad
Not to worry... I am focused on a slimmer healthier me by my birthday in November. This thread has definitely helped me, thanks! Losing weight as an experience can be as lonely as it is challenging!

Moanranger Thu 28-Aug-14 08:28:13

I have my v expensive appointment tomorrow - must remember to eat nothing in morning. So today is my last day on normal food. Not interested in a pig out, though I am having friends over for dinner. May do steak. Definitely wine!

sandyxblog Thu 28-Aug-14 14:33:33

Hi All!!

I haven't posted on here for a while so I thought I'd post an update! 24/08/2014 was my 10 week weigh in and I've lost 45 lbs!! :D Still plodding my way through Phase One but I'm still on track!

@Missmoneypenny9 - Eating out can be challenging. Over last few weeks, I've ended up going to sushi bars, Chinese buffets for birthdays etc. I've always gone, had some sparkly water and not eaten. I've not actually felt tempted but I think that's because I keep focused on how far I've come and how I don't want to jeopardize it at all smile You'll get there hun but I totally get what you mean! Dieting can be lonely, especially Alizonne because most people have never heard of it!! Posting here and blogging has been my way of venting and communicating with fellow Alizonners as another support network!

@ Moanranger - Let us know how your appointment goes...any idea's what sachet etc you might want. I'm with you, I didn't have a pig out session. I can't actually remember what my least meal was, it was just another day for me lol!

Hope you are all doing well!!

Sandy x

Missmoneypenny9 Thu 28-Aug-14 22:24:32

Thanks Sandy...
Great week one... 9.5lbs gone! Another 24 to go. Totally motivated and chosen lots of different meals for this week. Planning is key I think.

Pollyanna7 Fri 29-Aug-14 00:38:12

Had my first weigh-in after a fortnight today and thankfully had lost 7lbs, so I'm delighted having had the 2 emergency curries in Edinburgh!! Wanted to have lost 2 stones in the school 6 week hols and have lost 2 stones 1 lb so I'm even more determined. 10lbs to go to phase 2- roll on!
Welcome Missmoneypennny and well done. You're so right, planning and cooking exciting meals is vital or it becomes boring and that's when you jack it in. Moanranger, don't think of today as your last meal or it smacks of deprivation in your head from tmrw. Just think of different kinds of food for a while now and always remember, 'nothing tastes as good as thinner feels'. Good luck smile

Munchkinbug Fri 29-Aug-14 16:16:54

Official weigh-in today. lost another 1.8, so 15.8kg in total! 8 weeks and five days to lose just shy of 2 and a half stone. Very pleased. Size 16 jeans are now getting baggy - 14 fit but are still a little tight, so perhaps in another couple of weeks they'll fit properly.

Moanranger Fri 29-Aug-14 17:43:58

I finished my first session today. It took awhile. My basal metabolism is 1450kcal, which she thought was low, but that's about what it's always been when I have had it tested. I had my treatments including the v painful vacuum, but it felt strangely pleasant after. I started immediately, so a drink pack on the train& a quite yummy cheese omelette with a salad at home. The omelette puffed up nicely.
I got assortment packs so I could try lots. Lunch has kept me satisfied through to 5 pm; now I should go have a snack. All go so far. The ditch packaging is strange, though.

suzi1704 Sat 30-Aug-14 17:07:14

Hello everyone. I've just started my Alizonne therapy and I'm a little confused with the amount of salad and vegetables you can have. I'm under the impression that it's only 200g MAX a day but when I read my book it looks like the salad column is unlimited but the right hand side column is 200g max. Please can someone help me? confused

Brigidwasp Sat 30-Aug-14 19:41:56

Hi @suzi1704, what they told me is that you're allowed as much as you want of the unlimited column, and only 200g of the other one. I was also told that you should eat your salad or veg only with the lunch and dinner meals. And better if you eat salad for lunch and vegetables for dinner.

Hope this helps!

Moanranger Sat 30-Aug-14 23:21:58

So, I have just finished day two. The morning heap of supplements is tough going - I stand at the bathroom sink grimacing whilst chucking down the pills. Favourite food so far is the cheese omelette, choc & pear pudding was pretty good, and the lemon flan was nice. I ate the fruits of the forest yogurt but would avoid it. The cheese soufflé was really not nice and difficult to cook.
The apple & hazelnut porridge very good. Overall compared to Lighter Life sachets much tastier. I have a lot still to try and haven't really dipped into the recipe book.
I am hungry on this diet; I explained to the doc that I was chronically hungry on Lighter Life and I am finding this similar. My metabolism is not high (1450) - it just must be me. I had to do quite a bit of driving today and spent most of it thinking of food. Hope this improves. I am committed.

Pollyanna7 Sun 31-Aug-14 01:48:35

Why did no-one ever mention how good the chocolate brownies are!? I've started making them mixed with stewed rhubarb and a little water and cook them in a silicon muffin tray for about 3 mins in the microwave. They're great for mid-morning/mid-afternoon snacks and aren't yellow packs like the raspberry clafoutis muffins. Well done Moanranger-you will feel hungry for the first few days until your body starts munching away at itself! Keep at it-it's so worth it. Good luck Suzi1704- hope it goes well for you

Brigidwasp Sun 31-Aug-14 03:03:33

Hey @Pollyanna7 The brownies are not too bad, I have them from time to time, but I have half a brownie sachet and half a chocolate drink, I put very little water to the chocolate one, and then heat it in the microwave, so it's a thick chocolate sauce to eat along with the brownie. And you get to eat this twice or save it for next breakfast.

But careful because it definitely is a yellow sachet. At least in my clinic it's marked yellow.

@Moanranger are you drinking between 2 or 3 litres of water per day? That really helps not to feel so hungry. I am sure you will get used to it though. Your body will get used to small portions soon.

Moanranger Sun 31-Aug-14 14:52:46

Finding it difficult to eat regularly - today I had first sachet at 9 & then busy, busy (yard work, moving furniture & sorting & 40 min dog walk) so did not eat again til 2. Big mistake, though normally I would go this long without eating - no problem.
I had leek & potato soup, a bit watery & for lunch potato pie, which I rather liked.
A technical question - what do you cook meals in? I'm ok with omelettes & pancakes as I have a small non-stick sauté pan, but how about oven baking? Most of mine too big for our meals - what do you use?

suzi1704 Sun 31-Aug-14 15:35:04

Hi Brigidwasp. Thank you so much for the clarification - that has helped me Heep's x

suzi1704 Sun 31-Aug-14 15:37:38

Hello me again! Can someone please confirm which of the sachets are yellow? My food order sheet is in black and white!

Munchkinbug Sun 31-Aug-14 22:20:03

@moanranger - for my oven baking (chicken nuggets, cinnamon balls, etc) I use a teflon-coated cooking sheet. Best thing I ever bought! It only cost a couple of pounds from Tesco! I found that EVERYTHING stuck to baking paper, and was rubbish.

@suzi - here are the yellow ones:
Cream of asparagus soup
Cheese souffle
Chicken nuggets
Bacon and cheese pancake
Pasta with tomato and carbonara sauce
Sheeps cheese
Raspberry clafoutis
Pancake with apricot jelly
Pancake with chocolate spread
Plain bread with apricot jelly
Chocolate brownie

Oatmeal with apple/cinnamon/hazelnut is red, so is not to be taken on same day as a yellow sachet.

Oh, and moanranger - I've just finished 9 weeks and I'm still always hungry - especially at night. I doubt it will get better for me!

Brigidwasp Sun 31-Aug-14 23:28:22

Hey guys just wanted to share with you what I just been up to the last couple of days, as it might make your dieting life better as well hehe

So I'm making my own home made cream cheese (taste and flavour is something in between goats cheese and Philadelphia cheese) And it's so easy to make it's unbelievable. (pic of my own first cheese attached)

Home made cream cheese

- 500g natural yoghurt 0% fat
- 1 teaspoon sea salt
- spices and herbs to taste
- (finely woven 100% cotton muslin)
I got this one:

So you just mix in a bowl the yoghurt and the salt, mix very well. Then pour it on another bowl that is covered with the cotton muslin and roll it like so (internet sourced picture)

After that, you just need to let it rest in the fridge for 2 days, either over a strainer (with a deeper bowl underneath to hold the liquids as the cheese forms) or you can hang it in a tall jar, or tall Tupperware. The cotton muslin is thin enough to allow you to fully close the lid trapping the cloth so the cheese will be hanging.

One day would be enough to have it done, but if you want a bit stonger flavour and thicker consistence then 2 days is better.

When you remove the cloth, you can add some other spices and herbs to taste. I will be experimenting with this for a while. Enjoy!!!!


For phase one, they allow a tablespoon of fat free yoghurt on the salad, well I use this instead. Improves the salad so much!!

Phase 2, you are allowed a bigger amount of fat free yoghurt, so you can have for example grilled aubergines covered with this cheese instead of the fat free yoghurt, but consuming the same calories, isn't it wonderful?

Phase 3, I can't wait to spread this on the breakfast toast smile

Actually I might be preparing this cheese forever from now! don't think I can find a lower calorie cheese than this.

Let me know if you try, I'm sure if you're a cheese lover you'll love it.

(Sorry for long post!)

Brigidwasp Sun 31-Aug-14 23:32:52

Correction (Taste + TEXTURE) is like goats cheese/Philadelphia cheese

Moanranger Mon 01-Sep-14 18:40:49

Munchkin Thanks for letting me know, re hunger. I was on Lighter Life 5 mo & was hungry most of the time.
Today was better & I felt a bit better, not so tired & wrung out feeling, IYKWIM. I made the aubergine dip yesterday & had it two days running -I love baba ganoush & this just lacks the sesame - I put in some garlic powder. also I found a silicon baking sheet so I am now all set.
I had swede chips tonight - very good & I like the slightly sweetish flavour.
Also had chicken nuggets - unimpressed - & for my snack today I had the chocolate cereals - minging!
So far I like the potato "pie" (really a sort of pancake) and the cheese omlette. Pancake & blinis not great. Puddings I liked chocolate & pear & lemon. Haven't had too many of the drinks. I want to see if the vanilla dessert is any good, as I like good vanilla.
I am staying 100% on it! though - too expensive to cheat!

Brigidwasp Tue 02-Sep-14 12:25:25

Had my weigh in today and it's been only 6 days since last one and I am back on track losing well over 1kg. Phase 2 started working for me after the first weird week.

Today I tried "Oatmeal with apple/cinnamon/hazelnut" for breakfast for the first time and I quite liked it! Thought I wouldn't discover any new favourite sachets by now! smile

I'm only 2/3 weeks for phase 3. Exciting!! smile

Moanranger Wed 03-Sep-14 21:51:48

Brigid that's great - it sounds like it just took a bit of time for your body to adjust. It's nice to follow the stories of those ahead of me, so I know what I can look forward to. I will try making the cheese at some point.
Re hunger, it's getting a bit better as I get used to less food. Today I had two of the cold drinks, not bad & I think the orange juice is the best. I cooked the bacon omlette, but no discernible bacon taste.
My plan at weigh in on Fri is to get a box of cheese omelettes, a box of potato cakes, a box of lemon flan, & a box of banana pudding, & one other.

Brigidwasp Thu 04-Sep-14 11:36:02

@Moanranger - Thanks! and hope you enjoy the cheese.

I'm glad to know you're starting to feel less hungry! that's great. Right now I feel full with amounts of food that pre-Alizonne I wouldn't believe I would. And I don't get anxious about food if I don't have what I crave, nor I feel like grazing all the time. It's really good.

I prefer the cheese omelette. Much better than the bacon one (for me). I use it as a crepe and fill it with chopped tomatoes and spinach and a tablespoon of that 0% cheese. (Was also nice with yoghurt). The potato cakes are a bit bland and dry in my opinion, but if you find a combination of spices and herbs that work for you it will improve. I use parsley and a bit of lemon juice.

@Munchkin - With the nuggets, if you try again, make sure you put a lot of mild curry powder in the mix, it gets much better. Also for me it's important to have some dip for the nuggets as they are a bit dry. I use 0% yoghurt with added herbs. Yes you're right this is too expensive to cheat!

Munchkinbug Fri 05-Sep-14 12:54:28

Weigh-in today - only lost 0.6kg this week! Worst week ever!! Not sure I understand why it's so low. I did the same as I always do...all sachets, gym a few times, no cheating. Oh well, next week will be better.

suzi1704 Fri 05-Sep-14 18:35:08

Thank you so much @Moanranger! That's helped me tons. I had my first weigh in on Tuesday (only been on it really since last Thursday) and lost 6lbs!!! Was so impressed and surprised because I've just turned 50 and have an underactive thyroid! I'm finding this so much easier than any of all the diets I've been trying since I was about 11 years old!!! smile

suzi1704 Fri 05-Sep-14 18:42:07

Hi Moonranger. I've just finished my first week and have also tried lighter life. I lost 6lbs in my first weigh in. My metabolic rate is around 1200! I found the first 3 days a bit testing with headaches and feeling hungry but once the third day had passed it's soooo easy and you just don't feel hungry at all. Keep with it - it's defo worth it. x

Moanranger Fri 05-Sep-14 18:57:27

So first weigh in & I have lost 8lbs! Very pleased. I am starting to feel a bit better & energetic. Also, the suction thingy wasn't quite so painful, so I must be getting used to it. I got 1 pizza to try out of the swap box (noted lots of the goat cheese soufflé sachets in there) & had it for lunch, topped with chopped tomatoes & fresh herbs & it was quite nice.
The nice thing about the big initial loss is that it means I have only a little more than 2 st to lose. Very glad I started when I did as I don't want to br on this at Xmas.
Susi I am also a Lighter Life veteran. At least it means you know how to cope with the food packs in public & the effect on your social life. Since LL, I have no problem standing around at parties - well away from the buffet table - with my glass of sparkling mineral water.

Brigidwasp Fri 05-Sep-14 20:18:16

Hey @munchkinbug I also had a few of those weeks and I know it feels disappointing, specially when you know you're following the diet 100% and not cheating etc. But usually the week after a small loss I have a bigger one over a kg. So I guess our body compensates it somehow.

Munchkinbug Fri 05-Sep-14 22:22:55

Thanks @brigidwasp, I'll keep trying to think like that. I've still lost 16.4kg in 10 weeks, which is unheard of for me! People are starting to notice as well, which is nice. It's a hard diet to stick to when the losses are small, though! I shall eagerly await next week ��

Brigidwasp Fri 05-Sep-14 23:19:28

Yeah I know, I struggle a bit with motivation when I have such a small loss, because it looks like it's going to last forever and it's so expensive! but then again being so expensive it's also a reason to stick to it after all the effort and money we've put in. 16,4kg in 10 weeks is great! you must be feeling really good! how long until phase 2 for you?

Munchkinbug Sat 06-Sep-14 13:17:59

They said 14-16 weeks on phase 1, so I guess another 4-6 weeks. I've got 6.6kg to go!

Brigidwasp Sat 06-Sep-14 21:09:45

That's not long then, great! smile

Pollyanna7 Tue 09-Sep-14 20:38:00

Hi all, been a bit out of the loop as I'm back to work now but all still going well. Have just clocked up 7 weeks and have lost 35lbs so I'm really pleased. Won't be officially weighing next weekend as I'm taking my daughter back to uni so this will be a 2 week stint. The doctor has 'moved the goalposts' for my phase 2 as she thinks I can easily lose another 2.5 stones as opposed to the further 1.5 I was targeted to lose! However I will stop at my chosen weight if I think I'm going wrinkly!! Also delighted to discover that the chocolate brownies are NOT actually yellow sachets! Checked with my doctor and clinic staff and they are fine to eat every day apparently if you choose. Not that you probably would though! They said that they were going to make them yellow initially but that there wasn't enough in them for them to qualify for 'yellow', so hope I'm the bringer of good news. Btw, thanks for sharing the yogurt/cheese recipe Brigidwasp- will definitely be making that one. I SO miss cheese. Good luck everyone.

Brigidwasp Tue 09-Sep-14 21:35:10

Hey Pollyanna it's good to know you're going well and keeping motivated.

It's so strange about the brownie, as I asked in my clinic and they said they were yellow as they are marked in the food forms they give me every time I go. Isn't it weird? Just in case I will still consider them yellow. I am losing weight slow enough to add something that will slow me down even more.

Hope you like the cheese! I tried making one adding lots of garlic powder and dried parsley in the mix (when you mix the yoghurt and salt) and it ended up tasting and smelling quite similar to Philladelphia Garlic and herbs. smile

Today I tried the lemon flan and totally hated it. Reminded me of Fairy liquid soup for the dishes.. :S Another bad choice. But on the bright side I discovered another one I love, the pancake with apricot jelly. It's actually quite nice if you add a bit of sweetener on top. (yellow sachet too though)

Pollyanna7 Tue 09-Sep-14 22:47:39

Hey there's one we agree on Brigidwasp- the lemon flan-Yuk! I also feel the same about the banana dessert, the caramel drink and the disgusting peach mango drink actually. Btw, it would be good if you asked your clinic to ring the Leeds one to confirm about the brownies-it seems weird that different clinics are giving different advice doesn't it? I certainly don't want to find Leeds were wrong- not after a brownie-fest!!wink

Brigidwasp Tue 09-Sep-14 23:36:21

Omg same with the banana dessert and peach mango drink!! caramel drink it's yuk too, but I managed to eat my box adding a tiny bit of water only like a thick pudding. Won't be buying again though!

I will ask them again on my next visit and see if they can find out. hehehe

Moanranger Wed 10-Sep-14 20:39:47

Polly, that's awesome-well done!
Funny, I quite like the lemon flan & the banana pudding, especially with blac coffee.
I am at a conference for two days - have brought lots of drinks & pudding & a hand blender, also celery & aubergine dip. I have ordered a Phase 2 meal for tomorrow night's banquet, and I stand around with my glass of fizzy water at the receptions. Determined to stick with it.

Pollyanna7 Wed 10-Sep-14 22:26:53

Well done Moanranger- it's so hard when your not in your 'own place'- concentrating on your goal is so much more difficult, so good luck. Stick with it!smile

Moanranger Thu 11-Sep-14 17:56:54

Have a need to post at the mo - challenges of being at a conference. I am rather faint with hunger, maybe because I went swimming? Also only had a sachet for lunch - not my usual salad. There was a buffet, but I didn't go in case I got tempted. Free drink is flowing EVERYWHERE buy I am staying in my room having my late afternoon sachet & a couple of celery sticks. I think if I can stick to this 100% during this conference I will feel a great sense of accomplishment.

Pollyanna7 Thu 11-Sep-14 23:11:51

You can do it Moanranger! We're all with you willing you to stay on the straight and narrow - just keep chanting that mantra, 'Nothing tastes as good as thinner feels'. True, true true!grin Just picture those scales next week!

Baloo2635 Sat 13-Sep-14 13:11:54

Hello everyone! I just started the Alizonne therapy after reading these threads for a while and thought I would give it a shot! I've got 5 stone to lose, they've estimated 24 weeks and my metabolism was 1680 (thought it would be lower as have an underactive thyroid), I don't know how these figures compare to others? I guess it's all personalised?
Started the sachets and supplements etc this morning, gah the capsule that tastes like seawater is awful and I'm downing water like a fish to try and get the 2-2 litres in but apart from that not bad so far, just feeling a bit weird/weak? I'm guessing the first week is the hardest?
I (stupidly) weighed myself earlier and it said I had put on 4lbs from my weigh in yesterday!! Really hoping that is all the liquid/water? The ultrasound yesterday was actually ok but the hoovering machine thing hurt a bit - I thought it would be the opposite after reading peoples posts?
Anyway just wanted to say hello and you've all inspired me with how well everyone has done so hoping I can do the same (as I've got to go wedding dress shopping in a few months!)

sandyxblog Sun 14-Sep-14 13:33:57

Hi guys!!

Thought I'd log back in to update you all smile Had my weigh in today and I've lost 4 stones in 13 weeks!!! I'm still in phase ONE as I want to lose 7-8 stones in total but I'm getting there! :D Time to treat myself to a new Pandora Charm :D I'm glad because at this rate I'll be in phase two before xmas which will help :D

Sandy x

Moanranger Sun 14-Sep-14 19:12:35

Hi, all,
Made it through conference fine. On my table there were two men that had pre-ordered custom meals, so definitely not alone in this. Meal was fine, nicely cooked although a little bland. The menu meal wasn't actually very nice, & one woman commented that she would have preferred my salad.
Weighed in yesterday & lost a further 4 lbs - so that's 12 lbs in two weeks. All in all, I feel fine.
Baloo welcome z& good luck!
Sandy great job & I read your blog!

Munchkinbug Mon 15-Sep-14 09:06:30

My weight-loss seems to have slowed down for no reason I can think of sad. Still losing a bit, which is obviously nice. My weigh-in was Friday and I'd lost 1.6kg, so a total of 18kg (39.6lbs) in 11 weeks. I always weigh myself on a Monday morning as well (as I started the diet on a Monday, so it gives me a true idea of what I've lost for an actual week, if that makes sense). I've only lost 0.1kg since Friday, and only 0.7kg since last Monday morning!! What is going on??

I was hoping to have lost 3 stone by now. I'm almost there, though. Over the last four weeks, I've lost an average of 1.2kg, which I feel is quite low for someone still in phase 1.

Still, I must keep looking on the bright side - I'm now in my size 14 jeans.

I'm in London with work this week, which will be tough, but hopefully the stress of it all (work-wise) will kick start my weight loss again - fingers crossed!!

Baloo2635 Mon 15-Sep-14 16:43:05

Thanks Moanranger for your welcome smile
@Sandy that's amazing! I'll have a look at your blog too.
@ Munchkinbug, at least you're still losing weight but I can imagine it's v frustrating when it's not as big a loss as you hope for. Have u tried drinking more water/exercising more/having larger salads to stop your metabolism slowing too much? Sorry you've probably tried all these, I'm a complete novice at this so far but fingers crossed for you.

Have to say the first few days of this diet have been pretty grim, probably because I know I used to just live off carbs most of the time. Have been having trouble concentrating and feeling nauseous, (and spent most of last night running to the loo - not sure why, sorry if TMI!). Seem to be losing weight already but serious kudos to you guys who have been on this for weeks and weeks, I really hope it gets easier. Was a bit over optimistic on my first day and went riding, all was fine until I dismounted and my legs gave way = landed on my bum in the middle of the ménage blush first time I've fallen off in 24 years of riding so had to laugh. Yesterday also noticed my legs were trembling whenever I was bending down to put shoes on etc, don't know if this means my stubborn body still isn't in ketosis yet.

Phoned the clinic also on the first day after reading the nutritional info on the packets and being a bit alarmed as to how few calories they are... I (probably naively) thought this diet/therapy plan was designed so your metabolism is fairly maintained, I was wrong! It slows your metabolism down less COMPARED to other low calorie diet plans - the therapist corrected me. Hmmm they didn't put that last snippet on the info pack they gave me! Also was rather alarmed by aspartame(!) being used in all the packets I have (no idea what quantity), and some packets even have two or more artificial sweeteners! They're going in the swap box/the bin for sure. I'm not a food hippie and know it's all controversial but I thought they'd at least be using a more natural sweetener, or maybe less sweet food that don't promote psychological dependence on sweet foods? I can cope with one possibly carcinogenic sweetener per sachet but not three shock I've always stayed away from diet drinks etc for this reason but I know there's bad bits in every packaged food. My personal trainer/nutritionist was a bit aghast that they recommend stir frying using olive oil when it's well known apparently that heating olive oil turns it into a rather unhelpful fat. So I've bought some coconut oil instead confused.

Has anyone else noticed this or been a bit alarmed by it? I know I should just probably chill out and get on with it so trying to do that now and will try and pick the sachets with the least amount of artificial sweeteners I think.

Sorry I've ranted on, probably my bad mood cos of it still being early days and being a bit disillusioned that Alizonne haven't done their nutritional homework properly but fingers crossed sad

wawa90 Mon 15-Sep-14 21:50:17

Hi everyone,
Congratulations to everyone with this diet. All of your comment do give me some hope.

I have an appointment at the London clinic on Wednesday 17/09/2014. At the moment I'm at 186 lbs ( for 5 feet 4 inches) and I've always been in that range regarding my weight.
How long do you think it will take me to lose 2.5 stones with Alizonne? Please let me know according to your experience smile

Allydb Tue 16-Sep-14 11:25:18

Hi all, it's my first day on here and on the Alizonne programme. Just had half the leek and potato soup which i'm afraid is absolutely vile. Managed about half, and feeling slightly like i'm on 'I'm a Celebrity' with their horrible concoctions! Also not liking the vitamins and i'm only on day 1. Please tell me it gets better! Swallowing those tablets makes me sick! I put the salty water one in my morning orange and pinapple (i think thats what i was) and that was actually OK. Got a hot chocolate for my next meal in about 3 hours! good luck everyone.

Also a note to @Baloo2635 my personal trainer has coconut oil in his coffee! it's the latest thing to do, and i used to have it in normal hot chocolate, so that's my oil for today in my new alizonne drink! I'm also having to limit the aspartame as in high doses it gives me migraines

Baloo2635 Tue 16-Sep-14 12:39:24

@wawa90 and @Allydb - good luck with your diets and I do really hope it works out for you - it seems to for a lot of people.

I've stopped the diet, and phoning the clinic today, unless I can speak to the doctor about this diet there's no way I'm continuing. Managed 3 days on it, 2 of which mostly spent on the loo and I couldn't function at all. I followed the diet plan exactly. I'm meant to be starting a PHD next week so god knows how I would have managed.

It's not that though, I don't want to be the negative one but my fiancée and I spent all of last night trying to find one piece of research into this diet, which is essentially a low calorie, high protein, low carb, no fat diet. There is tons of research on ketogenic diets but all of those talk about replacing your usual carbs with healthy fats, not consuming 5 sachets with salad and veg which hardly makes it up to the 800 calorie per day limit (750 per day is classed as starvation). I could find absolutely nothing on any form of ketogenic diet that doesn't include any fat. I know they say the treatments release the fat into your system but I clearly didn't have any floating around my system as the horrible diarrhoea I was experiencing is apparently a quite well known thing known about for centuries called "rabbit starvation" - when people eat pure protein only with minimal carbs and no fat. Fat is my enemy and always felt like it but apparently that's how ketogenic diets are meant to work and you burn fat by eating fat (healthy fat).

I re-read all the Alizonne info after all of this and noticed how it still said stuff like your metabolism won't be surpressed at all - not what the Alizonne therapist said to me, and I know for a fact eating less than 1000 calories is a sure way to surpress your metabolism as well as immune system. It talks about how normal calorie controlled diets put people into starvation mode - erm that is exactly what Alizonne is doing. The reason people aren't hungry is nothing to do with "eating" regularly or the intake of protein, it is that you naturally stop feeling hunger 3/4 days into a fast (this is scientifically-backed and I know this from stupidly having done a short fast myself). And the sweetners, aspartame (if I leave out most of the controversial stuff on it and focus on this diet), aspartame is well known to easily knock people out of ketosis and in some people makes them release insulin to store fat (seems a bit counter efficient?) oh and it increases appetite. As does fructalose which is included as well as aspartame in some of the packets. It's well known that your taste buds detecting sweet things in your mouth lead to a whole host of chemical reactions that result in insulin spikes and hunger.

I hope somebody reads this and just doesn't dismiss it all as the ramblings of a skeptic. I work for the NHS and my friend who's a (very experienced) GP who I spoke to last night about it all backed up everything I've just said and was appalled. And the real reason they require medical supervision (they advertise it as some sort of bonus), it's actually because the nutritional supplements can't be classed as meal replacements because the sachets don't conform to the FDA (and a whole lot of other organisation) standards, so they HAVE to be medically supervised. My GP friend could think of a whole load of reasons why they state they don't advertise this diet...and she advocates ketogenic, proper ketogenic, diets for obese patients.

Please be careful if you're doing this diet and if you want to avoid the horrible artificial sweetners the more savoury sachets seem to have less in them. The chewing gym they recommend also contains one that is really not good for diabetics. I know I'm disillusioned but I've just tried to put across the main facts in the most unbiased way (backed up by scientific research - Alizonne doesn't have any - have a look for yourselves sad) so people can at least know some facts in doing this "diet".

I'm going to start a proper evidence-based ketogenic diet now with real foods, healthy fats (avocado, nuts etc), and find myself a nutritionist in it, which will also be a lot cheaper and with all the research it seems I'll lose weight/fat just as fast and not suppress my metabolic rate like Alizonne does/would have....wish me luck sad

Moanranger Tue 16-Sep-14 23:24:51

Sorry baloo but we will have to agree to disagree on this. THE most effective diet (&I have the scientific, peer-reviewed paper) is called the milk diet, which replaced all food with around 500 kcal of milk/soup. Participants lost weight quickly & complied well. This diet forms the basis of Cambridge, Lighter Life & all other VLC regimes.
As to aspartame, yeah, there is a lot of internet hysteria about it, but poison it ain't. I prefer sucralose, stevia & truvia myself, but can live with it if it gets the weight off. I think the coconut oil craze is just that, and having looked at the olive oil issue myself, it has to be heated to much higher temperatures than you can achieve in a kitchen to de-nature. I am a biologist with plenty of chemistry training BTW.
Good luck with you natural food diet -hope it works for you.

Pollyanna7 Wed 17-Sep-14 10:32:31

Oh dear Baloo, you seem to have had a traumatic 3 day stint which is a shame! I can honestly say I have never felt fitter or healthier and my self esteem is 100% now. Being on Alizonne has helped me in SO many ways and I too know that when I 'bow out' after phase 8 that I will also follow a ketogenic diet, which I have already been researching. But I do know I would never have even had that thought without having experienced the Alizonne regime, nor would I have lost so much weight because it's the slow progress which thwarts all of us who have large amounts to lose. We need results quickly to prove there is a smaller person still waiting to get out and when that happens it's the best feeling in the world. We all have to find the right method for ourselves don't we and this is definitely mine, but I totally understand your misgivings, especially as far as the aspartame is concerned. I'm not happy about it either but I see it as a short term solution and maybe it's not as bad for me as being 6 stones overweight, which I'm not now, thankfully smile. Good luck Baloo 2635- hope it all works out for you - let us know how you get on with the ketogenic diet and we'll maybe all use yours as a follow

Brigidwasp Wed 17-Sep-14 12:40:35

@baloo With Alizonne I got rid of bad unhealthy eating habits, learned portion control, broke my bad habit of feeling like I needed to reward myself with food every time I had to celebrate something or I was feeling down (comfort eating), and discovered a new love for healthy eating, many new kinds of vegetables I wouldn't have tried otherwise, and I am 100% sure I won't go back to my old ways when I finish. Yes it might not be ideal with the aspartame thing, etc, but it's only for a few months, they give lots of supplements to make sure you don't lack anything, and they do monthly blood tests and weekly controls to make sure you're not experiencing anything bad. My Alizonne GP has phoned me a few times to alter my supplements slightly after my blood tests, and so far everything is good and under control.

Never felt healthier or more excited about healthy food and lifestyle, got my confidence back, and I don't find fast food appealing in the slightest now. And I will stay away from Aspartame as soon as I finish, but being a new healthy self.

I'm sorry you went through a bad experience though, and hope you find what you were looking for.

Moanranger Fri 19-Sep-14 20:37:58

So weigh in No 3 - the dreaded plateau! Lost slightly less than 1 lb. I am not particularly concerned as I was 100%. It's just an inevitable adjustment. In three weeks I have lost nearly a stone. I more week & I should be half way through Phase 1.

Munchkinbug Sat 20-Sep-14 15:09:02

I had my week 12 weigh in and lost another 2kgs. That's 20 in total, or 44lbs. So far I've lost a stone a month, which is wonderful! Another 3kg to go then I'm phase 2. This week I'm able to get back into my motorbike leathers. Honestly they're a little tight, but still delighted. They're size 14, but leathers are notoriously smaller than high street sizing. grin

Pollyanna7 Sat 20-Sep-14 22:24:14

Weigh-in today after 2 weeks and have lost 5lbs, so that's 41lbs in 9 weeks. I always leave the clinic feeling on top of the world after the treatments so I went to M and S to try on some clothes (not buying yet though as they'll be too big soon smile. Does anyone find M and S sizing strange? I have size 18s (BHS)at home which are fine but in M and S some 18s were ok but a couple of size 22 sweaters were tight. Left me slightly despondent but in a few weeks time all will be well I'm sure. Also does anyone find their mirrors SO unflattering, or is my mirror at home just 'on my side'?
Well done btw Moanranger and Munchkinbug- VERY positive posts- good on ya, keep it up. smile

sandyxblog Sun 21-Sep-14 12:59:10

Well done on the progress guys :D :D I'm happy for you all!!

@ Polyanna7 - I think it depends on body shape hun. I find that for me M+S clothes are made to more tailored sizing and fit me at the size I think I am but that BHS items come up loose. But every woman carries weight in different areas so that could be why as I'm losing more weight off my waist and slower on my hips. I totally agree with you about the unflattering mirrors!!

@ Baloo - sorry to hear about your bad experience. My GP (my normal NHS one not my Alizonne doctor) is totally supportive of me doing Alizonne! For him, at this stage, the health benefit of me losing the weight I need to lose outweighs any potential side effects and I totally agree! Obviously that would be reassessed if my situation changes. Personally I've had no side effects or problems with Alizonne.

I think it depends on your practitioners understanding of the diet and the support involved. No treatment for any condition will suit everyone and treatment needs to be put in perspective in terms of the patient's level of health and what they need/want to achieve.

From the discussion I had with my therapist, this is how I understood the metabolism part. If you have your 5 sachets on time, with the salad, the veg and oil AND combine in some regular exercise, your metabolism won't be suppressed. However your metabolic rate will decrease as your weight decreases...that will happen to anyone on any diet involving weight loss. If you weigh less, you need fewer calories to maintain yourself. If you skip sachets, don't exercise etc, then Alizonne will suppress your metabolism which is why at every appointment they check in if you have stuck to the routine.

I agree there is Aspartame in a lot of the sweeter sachets. It's not a huge concern for me as I do not intend on being on Alizonne forever! There was bigger health risks in my original level of obesity (risks of developing heart disease , high cholesterol, high blood pressure etc) then there is in short term consumption of aspartame. However, this situation could be different for someone only needing to lose a stone or two. Plus patients could have fewer sweeter sachets smile I've been testing myself using ketosticks and I've been in ketosis since day two of the diet. Its never fluctuated despite there being some weeks where I've had more sweeter sachets than other weeks. Also I've been told that any sugar free mint gum is okay, so long as its no more than 3 pieces per day so I don't stick to a particular make.

Since when did Alizonne not advertise? I've seen adverts in magazines and on busses! If it wasn't for advertising, I wouldn't have found Alizonne?!

The problem with treating obesity is the lack of 'facts' in general in terms of treating it. There are so many physical, emotional and psychological elements to it, there is no 'one cure' for everyone. I would say to anyone considering Alizonne to do your own research, keeping in mind your own health and your own goals. Research online but talk to an Alizonne therapist and then take that information to your own GP so they can help you assess the benefits against the risks.

I work for the NHS too. Would I recommend Alizonne to every person who comes to me for support losing weight? No as there's no need for this level of intensity for everyone. Many people out there are capable of losing it more naturally. But some people, like me, who have a lot of weight to lose and a lot of health to regain, it's worth it. It's all about perspective

I do agree with Ketogenic diets being the way to go for me too! Once I have reached my target weight, I intend on maintaining my weight using a naturally ketogenic diet and I hope such a ketogenic diet helps you lose weight successfully hun.

Keep us up to date with how it goes!

Sandy x

Moanranger Sun 21-Sep-14 19:45:54

Good post Sandy! Well, my boyfriend is losing weight as well - no surprises, as I am not cooking much. He hopes to lose another six lbs by Xmas. Just cutting out the"cakes & ale" should do it for him.
Am eating the aubergine melansana from the recipe book. Tasty use of the sheeps cheese.
Feeling rather washed out & running on empty & wanting more actual food today, but I stuck with it. Every time I ruminate on cheating, I think, "the cost, the cost!"

Pollyanna7 Sun 21-Sep-14 20:57:15

Recently bought ketostix sandyxblog. What is the ideal reading which shows good ketosis?

sandyxblog Mon 22-Sep-14 19:59:24

@ Pollyanna7 - There's no reading for ideal ketosis hun. So long as it is pink/purple, you are in ketosis. Personally my readings are always 'moderate' on the colour scale. I have noticed that if I eat a lot of suede in one week then it reduces to between small/moderate so that has a small impact on my level of ketosis.

So long as you are in the pink/purple range and losing weight you are fine. The main thing is consistency, staying the same shade will give you regular stable weight loss. Don't obsess about what the actually shade is! Just because someone has a dark ketone reading, doesn't mean they will lose more than someone with a lighter one. Too dark is generally bad and it highlights dehydration etc.

I just use ketostix to check for patterns. Eg...when i eat more of this food...this happens lol!

Hope that helps

Sandy x

sandyxblog Mon 22-Sep-14 20:05:36

@ Moanranger - Thanks hun! I'm sure he'll hit the 6lb mark smile Feeling washed out isn't good though hun! I find that sometimes I need to eat more than 5 times to keep my energy levels up. What I do is use my veg allowance to make a curry and treat the curry as like my sixth sachet. So I eat six times a day. Keeps me feeling more energized. I used to snack on cucumber sticks too when I first started tho I don't need to do that anymore. The doctor said he was happy for me to do this as it clearly wasn't affecting my weight loss.


Moanranger Tue 23-Sep-14 21:17:53

Sandy Thanks for the tip. Must prepare more allowed snacks. My favourite is cucumber/celery with puréed aubergine as a dip.

Munchkinbug Fri 26-Sep-14 00:38:36

Slightly early weigh in this week as it was my review yestetday. I've lost 21.2kg in total after 12.5 weeks. I've only got another 1.8kg to go until phase 2, but I've decided to do another 4 weeks on phase 1. I'm unsure if my original target was enough, so I'll do 17 weeks on phase 1 and take it from there.

Does anyone do resistance training as part of their exercise? I love Body Pump, but was advised to stay away from weights as it slows down weight loss (but not fat loss). However just been told by the doctor in my review that it balances out as muscle burns fat. So just wondering if anyone else does weights?

Munchkinbug Fri 26-Sep-14 16:10:14

So very upset - my blood results have come back and my liver is not looking good, so I've been told to stop Alizonne immediately. I have an appointment next Saturday, where they'll discuss my options, but it doesn't look like I'll be able to carry on with any of it. So, so, so upset. I thought I'd finally found a diet that worked for me. I now feel as though I'll never reach my target.

Moanranger Fri 26-Sep-14 17:21:47

Munchkin Sorry you are so upset - but maybe you can do some sort of modified low-carb Phase 2? What is the issue with liver? Enzymes? Cholesterol? Hope that you find a solution. Too close to give up - keep us posted.
Weigh-in 4 & I lost 3lbs, so I am happy! I had a different technician-therapist (whom I liked better TBH) & she said I could go on Phase 2 when I lost 4 more kilos, which to me seems too soon - that would be 5k from my goal & I thought you went to Phase 2 after losing 90% of the weight, which would be more like 2k from my goal. She also thought I could do this in 2 weeks, which is pretty optimistic. I figure the best average weight loss I can achieve would be 3lbs a week, so more like 3 weeks. At any rate, I will defo be in Phase 2 by end of Oct, so I can look forward to that. Onward to week 5 & on the downhill run to goal.

Brigidwasp Mon 29-Sep-14 19:06:51

@Munchkinbug That's really bad news! sorry about that sad
So what are you supposed to do until Saturday regarding the food? just go back to eating 100% normal? Did they tell you if that would reverse the weight loss you've achieved to date? Hope they give you a good plan, maybe a phase off that will work well for your liver. But most important is to get your liver back on track. Let us know how it goes!

@Moanranger well done! maybe that Therapist is a bit too optimistic but even if it's a bit slower than what she said, it's still good!

I am now in phase 3 since a week ago. And it happened the same thing as when I progressed from Phase 1 to 2. I gained one kg the first 4 days, and during the last 3 days I lost it again, so weight loss this week will probably be 0kg-0,2kg. So it seems like for me, changing phase makes me lose a whole week. But this time I was already prepared for this, so it didn't come as a bad surprise.
I'm really enjoying my breakfasts now, but I feel like I'm more hungry during the day than Phase 1 or 2. I think I will need to increase the size of my salad and veggies.

Moanranger Mon 29-Sep-14 20:44:26

Hmm...I notice less action on this thread, maybe not the time of year when most people start a diet? My plan is to be completely done by Christmas. If I go on Phase 2 by mid-October, then the rest of the phases by mid-December, that would work.
Feeling pesky today, though I did a 5k run this morning. I almost felt like I was going to faint in Lidl. Not a day to try to do too much. Bridgid I envy you a real food breakfast! I kind of like the Alizonne "porridge" though.

Ruth297 Tue 30-Sep-14 15:57:40

Hi Zazzi
Do you still have your sachets up for sale? :-)

Shraddhafaith81 Tue 30-Sep-14 18:44:11

Hi, I only came across this thread just today and am so pleased to have found it. I am three weeks into my programme and although my loss has been very slow but pleased that it is still dropping off. Lost 4.1 kgs in three weeks so although not massive but i guess it differs with different people. I have so far enjoyed all the recipes I found on the Alizonne website by lots of inovative ideas.

Munchkinbug Wed 01-Oct-14 17:40:48

@brigidwasp, I have no idea what I'm supposed to do. Feel a bit abandoned to be honest!! All I got told was to eat as healthy as possible, high protein and avoid carbs. That's it! I was in shock so didn't ask any questions. I have no idea what to do now. If losing weight on my own was easy, I wouldn't have been doing Alizonne in the first place. But if I have no choice, I shall simply have to persevere.

Moanranger Thu 02-Oct-14 15:44:08

Munchkin So they didn't tell you what exactly was wrong with your liver results? That's pretty bad - my sympathies.
Had a great moment yesterday morning. Got up , and my thighs weren't rubbing together. Only a fat bird can appreciate the joy of this.
On a slightly odd & possibly TMI issue, my urine was smelling really odd for a couple of days, but it has stopped. It may have been due to too much aubergine, as I was eating a whole one every night with the sheep's cheese, making their parmigiana. Got a bit sick of it so stopped. Weigh in tomorrow.

Brigidwasp Thu 02-Oct-14 21:31:52

@Munchkinbug - I don't think it's right to have you waiting the whole week while you're worried about what to do. Did they not tell you what was wrong with your liver though? I hope you find out this Saturday and they give you a good food plan to at least not gain it all back.

@moanranger I am eating a whole aubergine every night too, (no goats cheese) hehe but didn't notice anything strange. I can't get enough aubergine! I think I'll carry on eating it very often after alizonne as well.

Anne1963 Sat 04-Oct-14 22:39:08

I am really disappointed with myself, I am on week 4 just starting went for treatment today and the girl was so gentle with the suction part I felt I had wasted my money and I only lost 1.5lb I was gutted I stuck to the diet to the letter sad then we had to go to a wedding I requested just a green salad I received chicken and veg I was gutted again but did not want to draw attention to myself and I ate it, will it have ruined another week if I only do 1.5 when struck do you think I will gain SOso upset

Moanranger Mon 06-Oct-14 20:15:40

Annie I have been following it to the letter too & have had 2 weeks where I have only lost 1-1/2 lb. This is normal & you will have a big loss the next week. They oversell the rapid weight loss angle TBH. Chin up - & keep at it - it works!

Munchkinbug Tue 07-Oct-14 10:08:14

Well I had my appointment on Saturday and I felt a lot better afterwards. I didn't see the usual doctor, but a different lady and she was very nice and thorough. First thing she did was apologise for the way I've been treated in this. She said that I should never have been left to my own devices, and shouldn't have been told by the lady who owns the clinic (but should have been told by the doctor). I should have been put straight on to phase 4 so that I could maintain my weight - simply being told to stop Alizonne completely wasn't correct. She also told me that the doctor I've had up to now has left. She didn't say why, nor did she go into any details - I got the feeling that they weren't happy with my original doctor, but that's just a feeling I got - the new doctor certainly didn't say anything to that end.

The doctor told me on Saturday that my liver has been working too hard, and it could be something like gallstones causing a blockage. She was happy that I'd not been experiencing any symptoms at all, and felt fine. She was also happy that going back to a "normal" diet hadn't affected me at all in terms of how I was feeling - all good signs. She mentioned that if it was something like gallstones, then it may be nothing serious at all, and I just need to let my liver relax for a while. If my blood tests still showed no improvement, or was worse, then it could be an indication of something more serious and she'd have to give me an eating plan and refer me to my GP. I'll be honest, I was a bit of a basket case in the appointment and actually cried (what a spanner!). She examined my abdomen and couldn't feel any enlargement of my liver. It was tender only in one spot when she pressed a certain way. She told me that she should have my blood test results back by Monday (yesterday) but that she'd phone me either way, but it would be late in the day.

Yesterday was very stressful waiting to hear back. She phoned at 6:45pm to tell me that my liver had improved massively - still not 100% but far better than it had been, so having a rest is working. This indicates it's nothing serious (fingers crossed). However, she's not too sure on where we go from here - she's going to speak to some of the other doctors in the Alizonne network to see if they've got experience of this. I'm going to do phase 4 for the next couple of weeks, and I have to wait to see what happens next. It may be the case that I can go back on to phase 1 again, or perhaps go straight to phase 2. I was only a couple of kgs away from phase 2 anyway (if I go by my original target), so she was saying perhaps I could do phase 2 for longer to meet the same weight-loss goal. She was also doing some research and investigation, as she is thinking perhaps the ultrasound may not be helping my liver, as it breaks down the fat-cells, and directs the fat towards the liver. If this is the case, I'll only do the deep-tissue massage part, and will forgo the ultrasound. I'm okay with that to be honest, because I find it itchy as hell!! And the beep is REALLY loud in my ears! lol.

So all in all I'm feeling much better about things. I'm very happy with how the new doctor is treating me - I feel like I'm in good hands again. I still have no idea what the outcome will be - there's always the possibility that Alizonne won't be the best approach for me, but hopefully this won't be the case. If it is, then I just have to keep telling myself that I have two more stone to lose by myself, and 2 stone solo is WAY better than if I'd never found Alizonne, and had the full 5 stone to lose by myself.

Sorry for the long post!! I shall keep you posted smile

Brigidwasp Tue 07-Oct-14 16:33:41

@Munchkinbug thanks for letting us know. I'm really glad that you're feeling much better now. I am glad they accepted they shouldn't have left you go through the whole week without knowing what to do. Did you have a weigh in on Saturday? Do you know if you've gained any kgs back during this week off Alizonne?

I understand you were worried, and in a situation like that and not knowing what to expect regarding your liver, I think it's normal to feel a bit emotional. This new doctor that you've got seems to care more about her patients, that's good!

It's great news that your liver is improving so fast. Fingers crossed it only gets better.

And if you end up having to phase off completely, 2 stones are really doable on your own. I actually managed to lose 2 stones on my own before Alizonne, it took me a whole year though, but it's definitely doable. smile

Munchkinbug Tue 07-Oct-14 17:12:24

Thanks Brigidwasp smile

I didn't have a weigh in on Saturday, and the doctor recommended that I don't weigh myself at home either, but I couldn't resist. In my head I'd put on loads - I was feeling blobby so I jumped on and was pleased. I've put on half a kg from my last weigh-in, which is completely manageable. I thought it would be a lot more than that, so I'm very happy.

Munchkinbug Wed 08-Oct-14 11:49:03

Even better news this morning. I can resume Phase 1 immediately!! Woo hooo!!!! My doctor phoned a few others in the Alizonne network, as she said she would. In particular the doctor in Leeds has given her a wealth of information. He was very happy with my liver results, and said he sees this a lot in patients. Some patients simply struggle more than others in terms of their liver working hard, but as soon as they start the maintenance phase, it calms right down fairly quickly. The fact that my liver improved so much after just one week demonstrates that my liver is not "damaged" as such, just working hard and will recover once the diet is finished. He's given my doctor some statistics and has said at what levels she needs to worry - but right now my liver is nowhere near the levels where he would worry.

So great news. Obviously it would have been nicer if all doctors in the Alizonne network knew this to start with, as I wouldn't have lost two weeks, but I'm still very happy considering how I thought this would end!

jafojo Wed 08-Oct-14 17:19:49

Hello all,

Munchkinbud, good to know you are feeling much better.

I have been offline for a longtime due to work schedules, I finished my alizonne treatment 3 weeks ago and I am now back to normal or rather sensible eating patterns, I eventually stopped at 98kg after losing 32kg, it has been quite an experience and I am now trying to maintain the weight by choosing what I eat and going to the gym once a week, I have also started morning walks twice a week. I was given a food bible with calorie breakdown of all the meals you can think of down to menus for the likes of macdonald, pizza hut, nandos etc.

I do miss the alizonne regime, the weekly weight loss, the treatment and body suit, I guess the only thing I dont miss is swiping my

Please do keep up the hard work, it can be inconvenient but it is worth every effort.

Every inch or gram lost is a loss in the right direction and a reason to celebrate

Brigidwasp Thu 09-Oct-14 00:17:30

@munchkinbug - that's the best news you could get then, excellent! you lost two weeks but only putting 0,5kg back on is almost nothing, you'll get back on track in no time smile

@jafojo - good to hear from you! so you're totally done and eating normal again, so jealous! hehe :P well done by the way!!
The other day I also thought I would miss my weekly treatments and I'm quite used to the timing of the meals and so on. But after several months, it's starting to hurt spending money like this!

I'm now kind of stuck in phase 3. It's been 2 very bad weeks, first week I didn't lose anything, second week only lost 0,3kg, so it's starting to get frustrating, specially knowing I am sticking to it 100%. I only have a few kg left now though, so if next week I still don't lose anything or next to nothing, I'm considering asking them to start phase 4 straight away. I'm pretty happy with how I look now, but not happy spending all this money every week with no weight loss whatsoever. If next week I lose about a kg, then I will wait another week to try to reach my target.

Has anyone experienced this in phase 3?

Munchkinbug Fri 10-Oct-14 19:56:18

Great news. Went for my first weigh in again after resuming phase 1 and I'm actually 1.3g lighter than my last weigh in over two weeks ago. Feeling very positive. I've lost 22kg in total.

Munchkinbug Fri 10-Oct-14 19:57:08

1.3g!!! Hahaha typo, 1.3kg. I wouldn't be please about a gram!

Munchkinbug Sat 11-Oct-14 23:18:32

I have a question for those of you who have done phase 2 - how did your average weekly weight loss compare with phase 1? Was it a lot less, or was it not too bad?

sandyxblog Sun 12-Oct-14 14:26:44

Hi guys!! Guess what??? I've finally under 200 lbs :D :D 197 to be precise. So after 17 weeks I've lost 69 lbs!! I'm so chuffed!!!

@ Munchkinbug - I'm so happy for you! You did so well during your Alizonne free time as well!! I asked the clinic about changing phases and they said an approximate way of looking at it is that you will lose roughly 40% less per week in phase two than phase one. Then when you step down to phase three your lose around 40% less than what you lost in phase two.

@ Brigidwasp - It's definitely worth talking to your clinic hun smile Are you exercising with the diet too? Its not a case of your losing fat but putting on muscle??

Sandy x

Brigidwasp Sun 12-Oct-14 18:09:54

@Munchkinbug That's great :D

@Sandyxblog Under 200lbs that's a big achievement, congrats! : )
No I'm not exercising, I was waiting to start phase 4 to start exercising.

Well the thing is that I already talked with them, asking what would be the problem, and if it's possible that my body has had enough, because I remember my doctor (who is not there any more by the way) told me that maybe we would have to modify the goal weight as some times there is just as much you can lose. And I've been asking for the last 3 weeks, but they just say "oh I don't know, why don't you try reducing the snack bars and drinking more?" and another week goes on, 0kg lost, and me swiping my card. Not very happy atm. Next Tuesday I believe it will still be 0kg lost again, (as I haven't lost yet since last weigh in and my scales always give same weight as in the clinic). So if they don't give me any solution or I feel like they're doing something to help, I will just ask to go straight into phase 4.

Munchkinbug Tue 14-Oct-14 22:14:51

@brigidwasp, just wondering how you went on?

Moanranger Wed 15-Oct-14 05:46:46

Hi, all, haven't posted for awhile -quite busy at the mo. Well done Sandy & good news Munchkin !
I lost 3lb at last weigh in, so a pattern emerging of a big loss followed by a small loss. I have 2 kg to Phase 2 which should be the end of next week. Even if I am slightly less than this, I will still go on it then as I am more than ready for real protein.
I went to dinner with friends last night - very easy, ate my sachet food beforehand & had 2 side orders of allowed veg & mineral water to drink & peppermint tea for pudding. But I was AMAZED at the quantity my friends ate & they are not fat! The good thing about Alizonne is you get so used to filling up on veg & I intend for that to stay with me after I finish.
I hope to stay on Phase 2 one month & lose 10 lbs. We shall see.
So far have lost a stone & a half & have been getting into many of my old clothes which is highly gratifying. Weigh in Friday - I expect this to be a small loss week, but will wait & see.

Brigidwasp Wed 15-Oct-14 22:40:46

@Munchkinbug I asked to start phasing off as I was tired of wasting time and money after 3 weeks with no loss, but they said that as a last try to boost my weight loss, they would put me back in phase 2 for a week. Next week I also have doctor review so let's see what happens. I really miss the breakfast now, amd the snack bars too! I'm starting to feel really tired of eating always the same thing and I can't wait to finish this now, but I decided to give it a go for the last time before phasing off.

@Moanranger it's such a good feeling to fit into old clothes isn't it! At the moment even my oldest/smallest clothes are too big for me already, I'm quite pleased with that!

suzanneforrester Thu 16-Oct-14 12:21:30

Hello! i've just started Alizonne, i'm on day 2! would love to chat with others on the diet! Any tips for making it easier to take the suppliments or any ideas for nice tasting food would be great! i look forward to hearing from you! x

Munchkinbug Thu 16-Oct-14 22:34:54

moanranger, please keep us posted. Hope you lose a bit more. It's a horrible diet when you don't lose a damn thing!

@Suzanne, I think I've been chatting with you on the other forum! Lol, I have the same username in each.

Well another weigh in today and I lost 2kg this week! I can officially start phase 2. I'm very nervous. Because of my bizarre tendencies, I'd like to finish off this week on phase 1. I started on a Monday, and I'd like to move to the next phase on Monday too. Plus it uses up my sachets that I keep for evenings.

Had more bloods taken today, so hopefully it's good news.

I have 9kgs left in total, and I'm really hoping to be finished with phase 3 before Christmas, but I guess it all depends on how well I do on phases 2 and 3! Did I mention I'm very nervous?

Munchkinbug Thu 16-Oct-14 22:35:49

Edit: I meant brigidwasp, but typed moanranger! You probably figured that out.

Brigidwasp Fri 17-Oct-14 15:26:28

@munchkinbug Congrats for making it to phase 2! smile what makes you nervous of phase 2? I'm sure you will enjoy the dinners a lot more now. By the way, if your weight loss stops for one week or even if you gain a kg or so, don't worry, as they said it happens to many people when they switch phase, it lasts only a few days and then you keep losing weight again.
If you are as unlucky as me with phase 2 and 3, it's a bit tight to be done by Christmas. But hopefully that won't happen! Good luck!

For me phase 3 doesn't work. Let's see what happens this week while I'm back in phase 2 again, will let you know how it goes smile

Brigidwasp Fri 17-Oct-14 15:29:52

@suzanne welcome and all the best for your Alizonne journey!
Which supplements do you find harder to deal with? In my case I just couldn't stand the calcium chewable one, and my doctor swapped it for an effervescent one with orange flavour. So what I do is I also add the potassium and quinton in there and drink it all in one, it just tastes of orange. It's so much better. It will get better as you get used to them. Now I can even take the quinton on its own with just a sip of water and I don't mind the flavour anymore. But I must confess I will be very happy to stop this supplement craziness every morning!

Kdaisy Sun 19-Oct-14 21:49:18

Hi guys, I've found it really interesting reading through this, I have had my bloods and medgem test and I'm due to start my alizonne on 28th of this month currently 18 stone 2 And I'm aiming for 10 stone 5, I'm going to be at the Wilmslow clinic,

I was wondering if any body could give me some info regarding the vitamins, how much are they and how often do you need to buy them etc? Does everybody take the same ones and can you only buy them from the clinic?
Also my medgem reading is 1800 roughly how does that compare to you guys is it low or high?
Any help would be super appreciated xx

Moanranger Sun 19-Oct-14 23:06:59

I had my weigh in on Fri & lost another 1kg; 1 more kg this week & it's Phase 2. Really ready for it. My clinic is really busy which I find surprising as I would assume most people would have to be on Phase 1 over Xmas, which would be tough.
I actually think it is going to be very difficult adding in normal food.
Suzanne re making food nicer - first try a wide variety of sachets & figure out which ones you like best. Get very creative with veg: I grill quite a few on a Geo Forman, using spray olive oil, pepper, dried herbs. If you like any of the dessert puddings, make them with a bit more water than indicated & let them sit for an hour or so, and they taste much nicer. My basic meals are pizza & cheese omlette as I can dress these up with a variety of veg & herbs. Recipe book not great, but there is an aubergine dish using the sheeps cheese that is quite yummy and a sort of baba ganoush that I eat with celery to fill up. Good luck!

sandyxblog Tue 21-Oct-14 12:07:51

@ Moanranger - Congrats on your progress!! I know what you mean about being ready for phase two. I'm in my 19th week of Phase One! I've got to stay in Phase one for twenty weeks!! So just a week and a half left hopefully!!

@ Kdaisy - Regarding vitamins
Each day you take:
1 x effervescent sando-k (potassium salt) - get 20 in each tube (lasts 20 days)
1 x alizonne NaCl tablet (sodium salt) - get 60 in each bottle (lasts 60 days)
1 x alizonne Magnesium tablets - get 60 in each bottle (lasts 60 days)
1 x Calcichew D3 Forte tablets (chewable calcium and vitamin D) - get 100 in each pot (lasts 100 days)
2 x Quinton Hypertonic Vials - get 30 per pack - lasts 15 days

Everyone takes this as standard but if your blood tests show you are deficient in a particular salt or vitamin then they may alter what you take. For example, for while my blood pressure dropped rather low so I had to double the sando-k salt tablets to increase it again.

You can buy sando-K and Calcichew D3 from a pharmacy but its pointless as you only save pennies (each is about 30p cheaper) - it'll cost you more to get to get to the pharmacy!! Plus a pharmacy can only sell you sando-K in packs of 100 (5 tubes of 20) and not just 20. So you would have less excess at the end of Alizonne if you buy from the clinic which saves you money. Quinton you can get direct from manufacturer but by the time you pay postage and packaging its more expensive than the clinic.

I can't remember off the top of my head what the prices are but there should be a price list in your starter pack hun.

My medgem was 2140 kcals. The clinic said the average reading is 1800kcals, people under that take a little longer to shift weight, people over that lose it a bit quicker.

Hope that helps

Sandy x

Kdaisy Wed 22-Oct-14 12:39:18

Thanks Sandy that's a big help. (we have spoken on your blog too) your doing so well!

Im due to start next week just trying as best as i can to sort out my finances and make sure i can afford to pay rather than run out of money for it part way through!! I think that is what is worrying me more than anything i cant think of anything worse than finances forcing me to stop.

That sounds like a whole lot of vitamins!

Kayleigh x

Brigidwasp Thu 23-Oct-14 21:48:03

So after 3 weeks in phase 3 and no weight loss whatsoever, they put me back to phase 2 for a week. And during this week, I've lost the last 2kg!! Biggest loss ever after first week!! I'm now on my exact target weight finally. Yay!!!
I was getting so frustrated but I'm so pleased now to start phasing off. It's been worth being a little extra patient.
I will have to do one week phase 3 again first so it's all progressive. Then 1x week phase 4, 2x phase 5, 2x phase 6 and 2x phase 7. Phewww I will finish phase 7 just on December 18th. Just on time for Christmas : )

Hope everyone is doing great!

Munchkinbug Fri 24-Oct-14 08:27:32

Brigidwasp, that's brilliant! I must say, I'm very jealous that you'll be completely done by Christmas, lol! What an achievement!! So are you happy with your final results? How much have you lost in total, how long have you been on Alizonne? If you don't mind me asking, how many dress sizes did you lose? Sorry for all the questions!

I have my first Phase 2 weigh-in this afternoon. Very nervous about how much I've lost, hopefully a reasonable amount.

Brigidwasp Fri 24-Oct-14 09:43:26

Hey Munchkinbug smile Yeah I feel really proud of myself now, and also very happy with the results. Good luck for your first Phase 2 weigh in! I didn't lose anything on that one, but started losing normal again the week after. So don't worry if this happens. smile

I reckon maybe with 2 kg less I would look better, but probably is more a matter of toning my body now rather than losing any more kg. I have a liiiittle bit of loose skin in the belly area (as it was my main problem area), but I'm doing 25 mins of abs every evening + brushing + firming creams, and of course the lipomassage, and it's improving a lot lately.
I'm in better shape than when I was a teenager (less toned though hehe) and smaller size I've ever been since I'm an adult!

I started Alizonne June 11th this year. I've (very slowly) lost a total of 3 stones and 3,5-4 dress sizes (4,5 stones and 5,5-6 dress sizes if I also count when I started my weight loss journey a year before Alizonne). And with Alizonne alone I also lost: 23cm belly / 24cm waist (hello waist!) / 14cm hips / 13cm chest (eeek!! :/) / 8cm thigh / 7cm arm.

I'm still getting used to the new reflection in the mirror, and I finally really enjoy shopping for clothes. It's a new confident me! For those that still have a long way to go, don't give up! this is the best thing I've ever done. Stick to it as much as you can until the end, totally worth the effort and the price.

Munchkinbug Fri 24-Oct-14 20:43:41

Weigh in today and very pleased. 1.4kg, so that's a total of 25.4kg in 17 weeks, or 4 stone in old money!

Brigidwasp that's amazing. I've only gone down 3 dress sizes, which is a bit disappointing, as you're not the first person I've heard say that they've gone down more sizes for the same weight. But I guess we're all different, so hey-ho - I'm sure I'll get there eventually!

I second Brigidwasp's sentiments - all those just starting out, it really does work if you keep at it. Xxx

Brigidwasp Fri 24-Oct-14 21:09:50

@Munchkinbug congrats! amazing loss!
Well but I believe this is because my body was not in a nice proportion as I had a massive belly/waist area compared to my legs etc, like most of my weight was in that area, so I believe losing most of the volume in this area makes you go down more sizes faster, for the same kgs, but if your weight is evenly distributed it makes sense that you're going down dress sizes a bit more slowly. The end result is what will really matter smile

Moanranger Sat 25-Oct-14 08:59:55

Munchkin, Brigid Well done & very helpful to hear your results. Motivational for newbies! I had my weigh-in yesterday, and with another 1.2k loss, I am now in Phase 2, with 5kg more to lose. I am right
on target, apparently. My first Phase 1 meal I had scallops. I have lost 13kg since end of August and it has been relatively easy, although no getting around the expense.

12ga34pa Mon 27-Oct-14 18:25:51

hi every one, I started my diet a week past Sunday. My job is a cook so I'm surrounded by loads of food every day and boy some days are hard. The first day on it I found myself putting (or rather was going to put) food in my mouth at one point I put a piece of cheese cake in my mouth and had to spit it out, so it just shows you how you can eat mindlessly,
As for the sachet I suppose I'm getting used to them slowly but surely, it's true when you see your weight loss it spurs you on to do better the following week. My first week I lost 5.5Lb so that was a good result. I get weight next Saturday so fingers and toes crossed for then I will up date after that good luck every 1 xxxx

Brigidwasp Mon 27-Oct-14 19:59:33

@moanranger are you enjoying phase 2? for me that was the best part being able to eat proper protein!

@12ga34pa hi there! well you have to be really motivated to be able to work in a kitchen and go through Alizonne, I'm impressed!
I also had to spit out a few pieces of food while cooking dinner for my boyfriend when I first started Alizonne, it's amazing how we can eat without thinking while we cook! Good luck for the weigh in.

Moanranger Mon 27-Oct-14 23:02:08

Brigid yes! enjoying but it needs some getting used to. I am having to work on distributing 4 packs across the day. I have porridge for breakfast & usually an omelette + salad for lunch. My other two sachets are puddings ( pear & choc, banana or lemon) but I often find myself eating one at about 5 pm, so not really eating regularly enough.
But it is good having actual protein.
At the moment I am having lots of peppermint tea as I got a ginormous bag for £1!

Munchkinbug Fri 31-Oct-14 15:32:05

Another weigh in at the clinic and lost another 1.5kg! Very pleased.

So I've lost 26.9kg in total (in 18 weeks!). I have another 3.1kg left on Phase 2, and another 6.1kg altogether.

I fit into my size 12 jeans, which is nice. I have a LOT of baggy skin on my tummy which is not so nice. Obviously the combination of being a chubber, pregnancy and a c-section did not go so well for my poor tummy. Oh well, worse things happen at sea, as they say!

I've also just completely week 2 of couch to 5K, as well as keeping up with gym classes. An instructor at the gym came to talk to me to say I was doing really well, and that she's seeing a difference each week. She's given me a programme to follow to tone up, and has suggested I do meta-fit and insanity classes!!! They scare me, but she said that if I can do Body Attack and Body Combat, then I can do the other classes too. Onwards and upwards!!

Hope you're all having a good week smile xx

P.S. I see the proper Alizonne forum is up and running (FINALLY) yet I don't have a password, and it seems really quiet.

Kdaisy Fri 31-Oct-14 22:26:14

Hi guys, sorry to but in but I've just started alizonne and I'm a little concerned that I've messed up, I've just made veg curry using allowed ingredients but used tandoori spice mix and mild curry powder, now I'm not sure they are allowed sue to possible extra sugar or salt?? Please can anybody advise me??
I hope these first few days haven't been a waste xx

12ga34pa Sat 01-Nov-14 16:09:50

Hi every one went for second weigh in not as good as expected only lost 2.2LB It could be because I've not managed all my packets I'll have to try harder I'm getting on better with the food as other say you do get used to it and I'm experimenting with it all as well making some lovely soups some curry's etc.
The treatment I find no bother now as well and I'm only into my 3rd week
In my self I feel so much better I hardly have a headache now and I used to have them every day if not all day.
Well I will up date next week happy dieting for the next week

Moanranger Sat 01-Nov-14 23:38:50

Kdaisy curry powder ok, mix might be a problem, but v. Minor, just don't use again - make your own with no added sugar.
First week of Phase 2 complete; 4.5 kg to goal. 14kg lost since end of Aug.

Kdaisy Sun 02-Nov-14 12:52:09

Thanks so much Moanranger for the reply. I will be careful not to make that mistake again, i had used a lot too, You guys all seem to be doing very well. I am on week one and i have my first weigh in on Tuesday, lets hope my little accident doesn't make too much of an impact!!

Kdaisy Tue 04-Nov-14 20:50:16

Hi everyone.

I had my first weigh in today and 2nd treatment. Officially started the sachets on Wednesday so 6 days in total and I have lost 11.5 pounds!!!
I'm sooooo happy grin

I don't think ill be able to lose that much again as no doubt the majority of it is water but fingers crossed and I'm going to keep at it 100 percent!!
Hope your all having a good week


M4rn3y Wed 05-Nov-14 16:20:12


This thread seems to have gone quiet, any alizonners still out there?


M4rn3y Wed 05-Nov-14 16:26:14

Hi Kdaisy

Well done on your first week's loss that's amazing! Sometimes the major change to the diet can have a big impact on week 1 but you should get good results each week if you can stick it out.

I'm on week 3 (10lbs loss in total, 25 to go) had a bad day yesterday, wasnt hungry just really had to stump up the will power not to eat 'normal' food. I can't wait to get on to Phase 2.

Looking at going back to gym/exercise of some form too (hurt my back a couple of weeks ago sad)

Be interested to know if anyone else had these will power battles and how they overcome them?


dinoscales Wed 05-Nov-14 16:54:59

Hi there,
I haven't posted anything for a few months, but there seems to be a lot of new people joined which is great to see and read all your progress stories.

I am on phase 2 at the moment as I want to get under my target weight (which as of today I am 400g off reaching) quite excited.

M4rn3y I have definitely had a lot of battles with my will power. I try to make sure my hands are busy, so I have taken up knitting again and I have been sewing christmas decorations too out of felt. It takes your mind off food and focuses you on something fun.

Hope this helps :-)

M4rn3y Thu 06-Nov-14 09:43:22

Thanks for the tip dinoscales, have plenty to keep me occupied with a recent house move!

Well done on the target, I will be over the moon if I get there. It still doesn't seem to be a reality for me yet.

Had a better couple of days, but the cravings are kicking in for me now, and it's for meat!

Munchkinbug Thu 06-Nov-14 20:16:10

Third weigh in on phase 2, and this week I've lost a whopping 0.1kg!! That's right, 100g!! Oh well, next week will be better. I've got 3kg left on P2,6kg in total. Needless to say, I haven't noticed my clothes getting looser over this last week hahaha!!!

Darklegend Sat 08-Nov-14 16:05:17

Hi everyone. I started Alizonne on Tuesday. Had my first treatment today. Lost 4 kg. really happy. Still have a long way to go.

M4rn3y Sat 08-Nov-14 16:37:05

Hey munchkinbug any loss is a loss! Can I ask though how many weeks in are you? I wondered if my weight loss would slow down at all.

Well done dark legend great first weigh in!
Week 3 weighin was -1.5kgs but it totm for me too. So total now at 13.7lbs! So close to my first stone! Very pleased but a way to go yet. Defo going to push exercise this week.

Need to find some more veggie recipes any ideas would be welcomed smile

Munchkinbug Sat 08-Nov-14 17:18:28

Hey M4rn3y I'm coming to the end of week 18. I have 33kg to lose in total, and I've lost 27kg so far. It could be hormonal I guess. The Dr seemed to think so. I'm not too worried. Although this is by far my lowest loss, I've had poor weeks followed by good ones so fingers crossed for next Friday!!

I found an old dress today that I bought years ago but never wore (it was slightly too small). I tried it on and it fits really nicely!!! So excited!

sandyxblog Sun 09-Nov-14 00:44:24

Hi All!

I'm finally in phase two and it's really weird because I'm losing more weight in Phase 2 than I was in the last few months of Phase 1!!

I've been in phase two for exactly three weeks today and according to the scales at the clinic I've lost 14.3lbs, just a tad over a stone in that time! I'm waiting to weigh in on my own scales in the morning to know exactly how much I have lost as there is always a slight difference in values. Feels like I'm starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel :D I'm planning on lowering my weight to 11 stones and 10 lbs on Alizonne (from the 19 stones I started at!) and then losing the final stone through a fitness plan in the 4-6 months after finishing Alizonne!! I think my weight is currently just under 13 stones but I'll find out properly tomorrow smile

kdaisy and Darklegend- congratulations on the progress, its fab!!

Munchkinbug - congratulations you've come so far it's amazing!! I wouldn't worry, everyone has little blips and like you said, they are normally followed by big losses!! I love when you can fit into clothes you couldn't before. I actually have unworn clothes I bought years ago! I bought them thinking I would lose into them and fit into them, only took me 7 years to do that lol!! :D Better late than never!!

Sandy x

Kdaisy Sun 09-Nov-14 12:35:34

Hi all

Sandyxblog, well done again, your doing fantastic, I love reading your blog it gives me lots of motivation!!

weigh in on Tuesday, I've stuck to it completely but its time of the month and also im so full of cold, i have avoided taking any medication whatsoever as id read that so many have added sugar etc that we cant have on the program so im battling through it, lol

I think Christmas will be a huge struggle, but fingers crossed another decent loss on Tuesday will keep me motivated.

Thanks M4rn3y how are you getting on?

and well done darklegend, when did you begin and what is your weight/target? it seems like we have started at pretty much the same time?


Darklegend Sun 09-Nov-14 14:27:57

Hi all

Thanks M4rn3y, Sandy and Kdaisy.
I absolutely love reading Sandys blog too.

Kdaisy - I started on the 4th of November. Start weight was 129kg. So losing 4 kg in 5 days was a shock before my first treatment.
My target weight is 77kg. So it is going to be a long ride . I'm also working out 3 times a week with a personal trainer (started that 4 weeks ago) so hopefully this will help speed weight loss too.
I am worried about how to stay motivated and not give in. I have struggled with my weight for years.
Lots if people say they don't feel hungry but I must admit during the day I'm fine but the evenings I struggle. I miss having some form of carb - bagel pasta or rice. As a result I find my self going to bed much earlier than I would to avoid the temptation of cheating.

Has anyone had similar struggles ?


Kdaisy Sun 09-Nov-14 16:21:51

Darklegend, i think we have a similar amount to lose ive started at 18 stone 6 and want to get to 10 stone 5, i cant get my head around all of these kg measurements i have to keep converting back to stone as it s the only one i know! lol

in terms of carbs of a night i know exactly what you mean that's when i try to have my veggie pizza, its gonna be a long hard process to stay motivated but should be worth it in the end.

What clinic are you at?

Darklegend Sun 09-Nov-14 17:37:12

Hi Kdaisy I'm at the maidenhead clinic. And you?
Thanks for the tip on the pizza. On my next weigh in I will get a pack. My current packs are the cheese omelette, chicken and beef soup, exotic drinks and desserts assortments.
I'm glad we can give each other motivation.


Kdaisy Sun 09-Nov-14 18:07:14

I love the vanilla one too, rhubarb it tastes just like custard. I Tend to have oatmeal for breckfast, hot chocolate, vanilla and rhubarb for lunch a drink in the afternoon and omelette or pizza for tea,

I think it defiantly teaches you to think ahead and prepare what you are eating which should hopefully train us later on.

I'm at the wilmslow clinic


12ga34pa Mon 10-Nov-14 16:34:23

Hi every one,
Yes I find it hard to keep motivated especially at night(to much time on my hands) I find the fact that a lot of the food is liquid I miss having something in my mouth to chew, but it is getting better. I have the hot chocolate drink at night as I was a chocaholic be4 I went on this diet so that really helps me. This week I lost 5Lb which I'm very pleased with so all in all over 3 weeks I/v lost 12.1/2 Lb and that also keeps me motivated seeing the weight come off. This diet is not for the faint hearted but I know we can ALL do it xxx

M4rn3y Tue 11-Nov-14 09:32:15

Hi guys

Munchkinbug well done on the loss that's great! Getting into clothes is always a great feeling.

I'm getting married in June so testing myself to stick to target for 6 months once I get there!

Went to my first sober gig on Sunday and was tempted for a little wine but didn't go for it and was nice not to have the hangover!

I don't feel very motivated this week so need to focus on something constructive this week!

Kdaisy Tue 11-Nov-14 15:37:24

Hi guys

I had my second weigh in today and I've lost another 4pounds so 1 stone 2lbs in two weeks.

Pleased with that

Hoping for a bit more next week x

Darklegend Tue 11-Nov-14 21:14:45

Well done kdaisy I'm so happy for you. Losing a stone in 2 weeks is amazing.

This programme is not for the faint hearted. Colleagues in the office were commenting today on my lunches being pretty much lettuce and cucumber and wondering why I'm not going out for lunches. I have not told people at work I'm on Alizonne to save myself from listening to the critics.

Does anyone face questions from colleagues at work?


Beck813 Wed 12-Nov-14 22:43:05

Hiya all

Well done on all of your fantastic weight losses! Amazing!!!

Just wondered if there any cheaper ways of going about Alizonne? It's quite expensive and looking to cut down the cost? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

dinoscales Thu 13-Nov-14 10:34:41

Hi Beck813

There is a cheaper alternative but you have to be very organised, regimented and count calories like there is no tomorrow.
Basically the diet works by your body going into ketosis and so burns the stored fat down quickly. This is interrupted when you introduce carbohydrates, as your body will always want to burn the carbs first. For your body to stay in ketosis you have to consume less than 20g of carbs per day. And for the calories to be pretty much equal to the Alizonne diet you only consume 550-600kcals per day spread across 5 small meals at 2-4 hour intervals) - it is extreme which is why it is great to have a Dr as part of the Alizonne plan. So you could do something similar to the atkins diet or the palaeo diet (minus the carb stuff) and switch to using full fat everything (sounds counter intuitive - but the replacement for the good fats are carbs - so low fat alternative are not always that good for you). However the problem with going it alone is that you wouldn't have access to the Dr, or either of the treatments - ultrasound to empty the fat cells or the LPG to tighten any loose skin.
However you can make it slightly cheaper for your self on the vitamin front. I have found the quinton solution you are meant to take twice a day horrible and i didn't notice it was doing anything for my hair and nails, so i started to take perfectil - much better alternative (asda have them on offer at the moment) the multivits, magnesium, potassium and calcium tablets are also cheaper either purchased online or at the supermarket. the only ones i buy at the Dr are the salt tablets - as i haven't found them anywhere else. You need to make sure that the mg of the tablets are the equivalent of those from the Dr though and they have all the right stuff in (multivits in particular).
All in all, if you want to loose weight and want the support network to help you through I could not recommend Alizonne highly enough. It has taught me how to eat properly and even highlighted food which i am allergic to. I am on phase three at the moment with only 400g left to loose to achieve my target weight. In total I have lost just over 2 stones since July 3rd and I have never been happier or healthier (I haven't taken my inhaler since starting Alizonne and I have (had :-)) bad asthma). If you are still unsure about giving it a go after reading all these motivational and inspirational messages, just go along to your closest Alizonne clinic for a free consultation and talk to the Dr.

Hope this helps :-)

Beck813 Thu 13-Nov-14 18:40:10

Hi Dinoscales!

Thanks so much for your reply! Really appreciated and defo going to look into Alizonne! Would you recommend the LPG and the ultrasound? Do you think they work or is one better than the other?

Thanks smile

dinoscales Fri 14-Nov-14 09:21:28

Hi Beck813
I would definitely recommend both treatments. I notice a big difference on the scales the following day after the ultrasound and the LPG is great for getting rid of cellulite :-) it is also great for tightening your skin as you loose the weight so you don't end up with excessive skin folds. They are both worth every penny :-)

Munchkinbug Fri 14-Nov-14 15:44:25

Another weigh in at the clinic today and I've lost 1.8kg this week. That was nice to hear after last weeks' 0.1kg! So I'm now 1.2kg away from phase 3, and 4.2 kg away from final target. With any luck, I only have one more week on phase 2!! I believe that in phase 3 I can have a slice of bread and carrots! CARROTS! So excited. Words don't do it justice.

For all those new people who've just joined, I'd like to say I whole-heartedly agree with the posters advocating Alizonne. I definitely couldn't have achieved this weight loss on my own. I needed something as strict and prescriptive as this diet to see me through. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure if you have will-power then something like Slimming World or Weight Watchers would be great, but I need to see quick results. For the amount of weight I needed to lose, going the traditional route would have taken me so long I'd have packed it in.

Obviously the hardest part of this diet will be maintenance - but that's true for every weight loss programme out there.

Stick to it, don't cheat, and in a few short months you'll feel amazing. Worth every penny! xx

Pollyanna7 Sun 16-Nov-14 21:23:02

Just a quick update. Just finished 4 months on Alizonne and have hit my target of 4 stones, infact I've lost 4sts 3lbs, YAY! So, I've decided to go on to lose another stone which I can hopefully do by Xmas. I've even booked an appointment on Dec 27th, is that brave or stupid??!! I am SOOOOO happy-it is changing my life totally. My tips would be 1. Drink lots of fizzy water 2. Be really inventive with your recipes- there are some I am already missing! I'm stashing certain sachets already for later-can't manage without Vanilla dessert/choc brownies/ mushroom pakoras/choc and coconut pudding. Good luck to everyone who is just starting- just stick to it and in only a few months you'll be

Darklegend Mon 17-Nov-14 21:17:09

Hello everyone

Quick update. Had my second treatment and weigh in today. Down by 2.25 kg. so have lost a stone in 2 weeks. Hurrrayyyyyyy
Next hurdle will be to lose another stone within two weeks.


Munchkinbug Fri 21-Nov-14 18:46:58

Well done Pollyanna and dark legend. Brilliant results.

I've just had another weigh in today and I lost 2.1kg!! So I'm now in phase 3 and only have another 2.1kg to go!! With any luck I'll make my target before Christmas. Very happy.

Just back from London and everyone there was astonished at my weight loss. Heaps of compliments which was lovely. Even peoplei never speak to came up to me to say how well I look. Put a real spring in my step! smile

Soniadutt Sat 22-Nov-14 14:42:09

Hi everyone, really glad to have found this thread - I started Alizonne 3 weeks ago and lost 6kg (13.2lbs) in week 1, 3kg (9lbs) in week 2 and 2kg (5.4lbs) in week 3. So have lost 11kg in 3 weeks which I am over the moon about - but I am finding it very hard and the 1st week can only be described as vile!!!! Had my first major temptation this week when I was at my cousins wedding but had pre cleared it with the clinic what food to stick to (measured amount of pork and green beans) so am nervous as to what the scales will say on Monday at week 4 weigh in.

Been lovely to read how well everyone is doing and I'll definitely be checking in for some recipe ideas as I'm not adventurous at all with my sachets or cooking in general sad

Munchkinbug Sat 22-Nov-14 15:35:11

Hi Sonia, well done! Temptation gets easier to deal with, I find. Once you say no to everything you're not allowed, then it gives you determination to keep at it.

How much longer did they estimate it will take you?

I'm at the end of week 21. I feel like I've been on this diet forever, but at the same time it's flown by! Good luck xx

Darklegend Thu 27-Nov-14 20:11:38

Hello ladies hope your all doing well.

Well done Soniadutt

Had my third weigh in today and have lost 3.25kg So total of 9kg in three weeks.

Munchkinbug Fri 28-Nov-14 20:06:30

Wow darklegend you're doing brilliantly!!

I had another weigh-in today - lost 0.2kg! Sigh. I seem to have poor weeks every now and again. Mind you, it's not my worst week!! Next week will be better!

Munchkinbug Fri 05-Dec-14 15:28:43

This is a very quiet board recently - where's everyone gone??

Just wanted to share the good news - I've reached my target, and am now officially on Phase 4!!!! I have lost 33.4kg in total, or 5 and 1/4 stone in old money! SOOOOOOOO pleased!

I have a couple of size 10 tops, and tried on a jacket from Next which was size 10 and it fit!! Bottom half is still size 12, but I'm a loose 12, which is great. And the even better news is that I've reached my goal ahead of schedule, which is now going to save me some money - that I can spend on new clothes! woo hoooooooo!!!!

Moanranger Wed 10-Dec-14 23:30:52

Taking a break, having lost 2 stone, 10 more lbs to go. Will do this in Jan, probably on Cambridge. ALizonne got me on track, so maintaining & eating correctly, but pricey. Good luck & merry Xmas one & all!

Beck813 Fri 12-Dec-14 11:18:59

Hi All - so I took part in the Alizonne therapy and unfortunately did not work out for me. I have quite a lot of food and supplements (which I have only used a couple) and around 19 sachets of food: peach and mango drink (4) smoked bacon omelette (4), beef soup with onions (4) chocolate drink (3) and oatmeal with hazlenut and cinnamon (4). I have nearly 3/4 packs full of quinton and also the supplements. Please let me know if you wish to purchase smile I don't want all this food to go to waste when someone else could make better use smile

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