Chiefs Randalling on to svelteness

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Lizzylou Fri 02-Aug-13 17:42:20

Thought we needed a new thread grin
Last day at work for me grin grin grin

Well done Bssh on only gaining 1lb holiday weight, am hoping to emulate this!

buzzybuzzybeeshoes Fri 02-Aug-13 20:35:37

<Parks ample arse on thread> New thread, good work Lizzy

Bssh well done on the 1lb weight gain, great for a holiday! Let alone with TOM and returning to exercise. Especially as it sounds like you've not held back on the treats - this must be the fabled sense of balance that I hear some people can develop wink - never had it myself...

Randall you fecking rock Dude.

I luffs you all Chiefs and miss the chatting.

<marks place so can catch up with thread properly when the computer is free next week>

Lizzylou Sat 03-Aug-13 10:11:47

Au revoir mes petites grin
Off to undo all my hard work. I gave oacjed gym kit and we are taking the bikes, so hopefully won't be too bad.

Have fun losers smile

Lizzylou Sat 03-Aug-13 10:12:31

I have packed gym kit, not done things in Flemish or whatever that language was confused

Have a wonderful time Lizzy and I hope you are going somewhere where you can use your excellent Flemish skills.

SylviaDaisyPouncer Sat 03-Aug-13 14:17:41

I am oacjed too, ready to come home. Fly early hours of the morning.

Ready to do some serious hard Chiefing when I get back.

Have a lovely time lizzy

RandallPinkFloyd Sat 03-Aug-13 20:02:02

Found you! I've never been in a thread title before, I'm oddly proud grin although it's possible not going to be a globally successful dieting technique!

Very jel of all the holidays, have fabulous times. Eat, drink and be merry. (And that means actually food Lizzy not flipping juice!)

I have Randalled. Again. And I don't even feel guilty, I had too much fun! (One person even called me tiny! A huge exaggeration admittedly but I was still chuffed to mint balls)

The main thing for me is that I felt good. For the first time in I don't know how long I actually felt like I looked nice and wasn't paranoid about people looking at me. It was a lovely feeling.

That's the last of the hen nights now though, just one more wedding to go.

BsshBossh Sat 03-Aug-13 23:35:54

Have a great holiday Lizzy and thanks for the new, very aptly titled thread.

I bet you looked blooming lovely Randall and now I've read through the last bit of the previous thread I doff my cap to you.

70lbs is a feck of a lot of lbs to shift.

Inspired by an earlier thread ... that's seven six-foot aluminium step ladders or four 19inch flat screen tvs and five pineapples or 70 guinea pigs or one single lonesome Irish Setter or, perhaps my favourite, one elephant's penis and an adult Maltese dog. So congrats on the loss of your elephant's penis and dog grin

That BMI is very impressive too. I'm hovering over 22 so am vair impressed with your 21.7.

And reading about the work you've put in. You deserve it. You have worked hard. You've made sacrifices. Please do not tie yourself up in knots about it. I'm suffering from the .... "you look amazing, but you weren't big before" even though I've been obese and overweight for three years. I think I'm one of those people that people just think of being small ... perhaps my height or the fact I'm surrounded by five chaps who are all very tall. BTW You might find your friends decide to join you. Over the last three weeks a number of my RL friends have started with the exercise and the MFP saying they want to have a go too.

I'm with you Lizzy ... I look good for my age now but you know what I just want to be that little bit lighter!

Lego but it's a chance for new clothes ... and the AW 2013/2014 is full of lovely, special trends .... like grunge. It's back. Oh .... I wish I'd kept my clothes too.

buzzy do you think your parents would like to add another little one to their brood? I love the Highlands and they seem to have stocked up on all my favourite things. Your hols sounds just the ticket.

Bssh what you've done is amazing. I seem to have put on 3lbs and have no idea why and I haven't even thought about oacjing yet.

SDP LOLed at you updating from your holidays, welcome back to the wet SW. Hope you had a lovely time.

Interesting this thing about pictures. My DH records everything with a camera but I too have avoided his lens. I have found one photo of me at six months pregnant which kind of shows what I was because my bump didn't really ping until 8months. However, interestingly I'm still avoiding photos. I don't have any of me now except the occasional selfie on FB to ask whether my frock works or not! It seems I still run out of shot or hide behind one of the kids. I will see what I can do as we're off on hols in a couple of weeks but no-one be holding your breath!

Now Buzzy what this sense of balance that you speak of?

SylviaDaisyPouncer Sun 04-Aug-13 13:41:06

Found the nice new thread!

Back home but exhausted....not sure a 4am flight was a good idea. Meant leaving for the airport at midnight and no sleep for me and dh then the drive back from Gatwick. Can't wait for bedtime (of course the dc slept so are not wanting their beds yet). Was a little traumatic leaving the in laws as Bil and his family had arrived the day before so lots of tears from all the children when they had to say goodbye.

I'm pleased I logged all through my holiday, though I guess it looks a bit sad. I just knew if I didn't log I would take another week or so to get back into it. Will be having a lean day tomorrow and then get on the scales, I know I'm a few pounds up but will get back on track.

And thanks to you guys I know I can do it.....4 months and I hope to be at goal smile

BsshBossh Sun 04-Aug-13 20:17:24

Tea I've become so vain that I keep asking people to take my photo because I think I look great blush. My DD has so few photos of me because of years of camera avoidance that I feel I am making up for lost time (when I'm gone I want her to have photo memories of me!). Morbid, I know. Also I still can't believe I can fit into the same clothes that feature in my favourite trendy mags like Monocle, Gentlewoman, AnOther. I've always been into clothes but could never fit into the brands I liked. This weekend I fitted into Oliver Spencer, Folk and Humanoid - not every day names, but well respected and 100% my style. Finally I can wear my style and I kind of want to make up for lost time regarding dressing up and not shying away from my DH's camera.

Sorry for the ramble blush it's just my vain and show-off side has really come out since I've lost all this weight.

Hey SDP I'm going to be doing the same hence me LOLing at you doing it. I like a good log now. Food isn't quite so enjoyable if I can't consider exactly what I ate and how heavy it was, it makes me really think about whether I enjoy something now [saddo emoticon too]

Oh God I haven't thought about what happens when I'm deeeeeed <channels inner glaswegian> .... nope still not feeling the love of being in a camera.

Those are a whole bunch of names I've never heard of and I love, love, love clothes so you've given me a little task to tear me away from GoT. I'm a topshop type of girl myself. My little smug moment came last week when I picked up something in a size 10 and a size 8 on the sale rail and the shop assistant thought they might be too big. Unfortunately, rather like the time I was carded buying booze in M&S four years ago, I was not cool and may have hugged the poor teenage girl who was trying to help me put together an outfit.

BTW I feel the need to mention I ran 13.5 miles today. And I'm now clutching booze!

RandallPinkFloyd Sun 04-Aug-13 21:08:25

Well done logging through your holiday SPD, nothing sad about it, I'd probably do the same!

Bssh, bloody good for you, enjoy the feeling, you worked bloody hard for it. You deserve to show off a bit.

Topshop size 8 shock 13.5 miles shock <faints>

TheTigerDidntComeToTea Tue 06-Aug-13 13:11:14

Afternoon chiefs, so glad I found the new thread!
I was lost and!!

I cannot get back into the healthy eating thing since I came back from holiday (weeks ago sad) but I think I have finally kicked the 2lbs I put on then and I am back to my pre holiday weight. I have stuck with the gym though and last night dug out my yogalates DVD so its not all bad. I think being out off the school routine isn't helping!

I always find it funny when our kids (in Scotland) are getting ready to go back to school (next Wed) and all the rest of the UK are just going away!

DD starts nursery next week too so I'll have a couple of hours to myself on Wed and Thurs. I won't know what to do with myself grin

Tea 13.5 miles smile<impressed>

Randall you are definitely the chief of chiefs, obviously why the thread is named after you!grin And I'm glad you've lost the elephant's penis!!

Hope everyone's having a nice Tuesday, I'm off out to find something healthy to eat for lunch.

RandallPinkFloyd Tue 06-Aug-13 15:24:10

Of you've lost the 2lb then you're obviously doing something right, stop being so hard on yourself!

All that gyming certainly doesn't sound lazy to me. Onwards and downwards chief smile

TheTigerDidntComeToTea Tue 06-Aug-13 15:31:03

Yeah thanks Randall, but it's taken weeks! It just feels like I still have so far to go, just one of those days I think! How's your day?

Keeping up the gym is great though Tiger. I'm having the same school holiday problem. Fasting is a thing of the past in my house at the moment. I am noticing I am making better choices that previous holidays though. So not so much cake, not so much beer and noticing when I'm full so as you say not all bad.

Wow .... school grin

<starts dreaming about selling the house and moving to Scotland before next Wednesday>

Tell you what that's one huge knob. I've been telling everyone I meet that an elephants penis weighs 60lbs all week. People have started to avoid me.

RandallPinkFloyd Tue 06-Aug-13 17:53:00

I still haven't got a clue how I'm going to go about maintaining my knob-loss. I've altered my MFP goal to 'maintain' and had a bit of a google and all sources seem to agree that 1700 a day is about right. That seems an awful lot. All I can do is take it one week at a time I think. Then see how it goes and tweak it as I go.

I've had to do some fasting last week and this week as I Randalled last weekend for the hen night plus I'll be Randalling on and off this week for mine and DS's birthdays too, so it's all a bit of a muddle.

I'm determined that tomorrow's birthday weigh-in will still be at my goal weight grin

SylviaDaisyPouncer Wed 07-Aug-13 10:50:51

flowers HAPPY BIRTHDAY Randall flowers

Have a fab day!

Not a lot to report here. Back to work tomorrow so my first fast day for a while. Will be nice to get into a routine again and work days seem to be easier to fast on.

Next week and the one after I'm working full time so hoping to get some good Chiefing in. Then have a 1920's party plus our friends coming to stay before they move to Qatar. After that my social life returns to normal. Really need to set some little goals as I have been very lazy.

Tea 13.8 miles is totally fantastic smile
I am still talking about C25k but realistically it isn't going to happen until dd is at Pre School in Spetember. Then I will have 3 mornings each week to get on it. Please feel free to kick my ass if I still haven't started next month!

RandallPinkFloyd Wed 07-Aug-13 16:18:06

1.4lb off, happy birthday to me!

My goal was 140lb so I'm now sat at 138.2lb. If I can get to 135lb that would be ideal as it gives me a nice 5lb buffer in case of randalling and for fluctuations whilst I work out how to maintain. Tbh though, as long as I stay under 140 I'm more than pleased.

1920's party sounds fab Sylv! You'll be back on the horse in no time once you're back in work. No harm - no foul!

BsshBossh Wed 07-Aug-13 16:47:37

Happy birthday to you indeed Randall the Super Chief!

Tea that's an amazing distance to run, well done Super Woman!

dinkydoos Wed 07-Aug-13 19:59:39

Quick one from an overnight stop in Arras, France after a pile of steak frites ...., think these 18 days won't be v chiefly...

Anyway congrats Randall!!!! Skinny birthday girl!

Happy Skinny Birthday you marvellous Chief you from a train somewhere between Swindon and Chippenham. May there be champers, cider and cheese grin

BsshBossh Fri 09-Aug-13 07:23:25

Weigh in this morning and 0.4 lbs lost. So slow but I've been on this weightloss journey for so long now that I know this is okay.

buzzybuzzybeeshoes Fri 09-Aug-13 08:22:06

Very quick update, 9 days at my parents' house resulted in 1lb gain. Really pleased as I have been known to gain 5lb in 6 days there. Tried to keep within 1800-2000 cals and do some running. Haven't been good at logging consistently as last few days were a massive rush - came home tues, PIL visiting, all washing to turn round and packing to do for hols in France from tonight.

Taking running kit, cossie and goggles to France - to try and keep a lid on it! Would it be ridiculous to take my kitchen scales too? Definitely the quantities of bread and cheese in France that gets me - veggies don't get the long relaxed restaurant meals there! (You will 'ave zese chips and sink yourself lucky I do not throw you out, Madame)

Will try and catch up properly later and happy belated birthday Randall!

RandallPinkFloyd Fri 09-Aug-13 08:48:15

1lb gain is very restrained indeed. Have a fabulous holiday, I am am simmering with jealousy over all the impending bread and cheese!

Bssh a loss is a loss. Especially when you're at the stage you're at! Well done.

BsshBossh Fri 09-Aug-13 09:06:03

Thanks Randall, yes at this stage in my game I'm quite content with small losses. It's definitely getting harder for me to lose larger amounts these days, especially as I'm not logging at all.

buzzy a lb gain is excellent. I think you intuitively know now how to control excess eating even whilst not logging. What an achievement, cause that's what will help you in the longterm when you are no longer thinking "diet".

DoubleMum Sun 11-Aug-13 20:28:13

Hello Chiefs, am back after 16 days in France, land of bread and cheese and creamy moules sauce. Oops! Have put on weight for sure, as my trousers are tight, but it is SOO coming off again. I will weigh tomorrow to find out the bad news.
Well done Super Randall, rewarded with your own thread title! You have done so amazingly well.
I need to catch up on everything, and this week it probably isn't going to happen as I have lots of new work stuff going on as well as it being school hols (not an ideal mix when you work from home), but I shall be back properly soon.

SylviaDaisyPouncer Sun 11-Aug-13 21:17:08

Welcome back double hope the holiday was fab. I will join you in the tight trouser feeling!

Very quiet on here, I guess between holidays and children we are all busy elsewhere. We have 3 weeks ish left of school hols and I have been broken....ds can play Minecraft whenever he likes (I was trying to limit it but it has failed). Whenever my dc are in a room together they seem to argue and dd turns into a little biting machine. She is a true delight!

Still I have been so vair good these last few days, might have something to do with the 5 extra pounds I have gained sad. In fairness I can't blame my holiday, I had a bad few weeks before I went away, couldn't exercise as I'd hurt my foot and kind of went into holiday mode a bit early. I think I've lost 3 of them (sneaky weigh in) but am so cross I have to re lose.

However I am motivated grin

Going to fast 3 times this week and again next week. That should sort me out and get me down to the low 160lbs (at last). I'm having doubts of reaching goal by December, but will sit down and think of a goal to reach by October 19th when I have a wedding to go to (and new frock smile), then think about December.

Anyhow, I hope everyone is doing well. Happy times to those with school hols ending this week. For the rest of us, we are halfway through, the end isn't in sight yet but it's coming!!!!

RandallPinkFloyd Mon 12-Aug-13 08:37:44

Welcome back Double, glad you had a good time. If I were you I'd wait until next week to weigh. Give it a week of hardcore cheifing and most of the holiday bloat will be gone.

Well done on losing 3lb already sylv, that's really good going. The other 2 lb will be off in no time! Once I got close-ish to my goal I found it really helpful to break it down into weekly losses. When I worked out how much I needed to lose each week it actually wasn't as much as I thought so it made it seem far more achievable. It also made sure I was being realistic. If I was consistently losing less than I needed to then I knew my goal was too much and I was setting myself up for disappointment and I needed a reality check! You've got 5 months until December, what is your target loss?

That's a great loss Sylv ..... well done. And so pleased to hear that you've got your motivation and a plan for the next couple of weeks. Minecrafting has been used this morning for a couple of hours too so I could get some exercise in. I leave the older ones to play in costa! [slack parenting emoticon]

And Double welcome back. Great that you've had a lovely holiday with the bread and the cheese and the creamy sauces. And it might just be that the clothes were washed too hot? I'd be leaving it a week too.

We are on a count down to our holidays now. Six chaps. Me. And a luggage allowance of one small shopping bag each. I'll be in a different room to DH. We're not even going anywhere with special food that I can plan for. This is not likely to be my best holiday ever but I think I'm going to smuggle a bottle of gin into my luggage and download Shredding onto my iPad so when I'm consigned to my regulation YHA quarters with DS4 in the evening I can naked shred (because there's no room for exercise clothes!) and swig gin. I am a classy bird. DS4 may be traumatised for life!

I am still maintaining. I wish for 2lbs off but I shall be happy with maintaining.

LaundryLegoLunch Mon 12-Aug-13 15:06:39

Tea Naked shred?! shock seriously I'm impressed you're even contemplating it under such circumstances. Good call on the gin though.

Double welcome back! I do believe that holidays (like Christmas and birthdays) should always result in extra lbs or what's the point? grin

SDP my technology-limits defences have taken a battering these holidays with my resorting to iPad parenting many more times than I'd like to admit.

We go on holiday on Wednesday. I'm 1lb off my 10 stone target. If I can do really well tonight and tomorrow then when I do my final pre-hols weigh in at 5am on Weds I'll hopefully have done it. I will then proceed to eat my and my children's weight in pastries and cheese for a week. Bravo!

SylviaDaisyPouncer Tue 13-Aug-13 21:08:24

Have a great holiday lego

Your upcoming holiday sounds like it could be interesting tea, shock at naked shred!!

randall my final goal is 136.7lb (so let's say 137 ish). I'm currently 30lb away. I just need to keep going like I have done this week. I have been tough on myself food wise but its paying off. Just need to stay focused and work out how many weeks I have until December and what I would have to lose. If it isn't realistic then that's okay but I do need a plan.

In fact that's what I'm off to do now! Be back later.

SylviaDaisyPouncer Tue 13-Aug-13 21:21:14

16 weeks until dec 3rd
1.9 lb per week

Does that sound doable?

To me it does IF I crack on and work hard. It's only 16 weeks right? 16 weeks of hard work and I COULD be there!

Gotta be worth my best shot I reckongrin

RandallPinkFloyd Tue 13-Aug-13 21:37:14

Definitely doable. Definitely.

Keep your focus, stay really strict on logging and you can definitely do it. It's going to all hinge on the food though so no sneaky treats and no "ooh, no need to log that it was only a tiny bit" and all the other little things we do to sabotage ourselves! Just serious hard ass chiefing and 1.9lb per week is definitely achievable.

You go chief!

SylviaDaisyPouncer Tue 13-Aug-13 22:07:05

Exactly what I thought randall

If I eat it, log it.

16 weeks of hard ass chiefing here I come...

RandallPinkFloyd Tue 13-Aug-13 23:53:54

<flexes chiefly muscles>

Of course you can. And even if you don't get there, it'll be by a margin and you'll be miles away from where you are now which will be the result of the effort you're putting in. And you'll look amazing.

Go Slyv grin

NeedChoos Thu 15-Aug-13 21:25:50

Chiefs - I need some 101 classes on my fitness pal. I have been doing weight watchers (26 points) for the last 3 weeks and have lost 2.5lb. The last 2weeks I've been to 2 body pump classes, ran 2.5k x3, body combat and swam 40lengths.

Why the fucking hell have I only lost that and I've not exceeded my weekly allowance?

Any clues??

Hello Choos.

Erm. Not sure. I'm the same. I'm under my calorie goal consistently, running 8 miles plus three times a week, doing strength training and playing hockey and I've not lost a single lb in 8 weeks. I have lost in the past. A lot. But at the moment I'm eating a higher proportion of my calories as carbs (and cake and bread ones too) rather than protein, my BMI is below midpoint in healthy, i'm hungry more frequently now i'm running longer distances so fasting is harder, I'm a lady of a certain age that feels hot easily. Do any of these apply to you? This is what I think is keeping me hovering around the same 4lb range.

I also need more choos. And a handbag. And more luggage space for my holiday <wails>

Oh. WW. I know bugger all about that. Do you have a coach person to ask? Muscle does weigh more than fat so if you've got stiff muscles a lot you are building muscles. Measure you waist, bum and thighs too. If you're exercising that's often a good way of tracking progress on top of weight.

SylviaDaisyPouncer Thu 15-Aug-13 23:32:36

What tea said Choossmile

Sorry I don't know anything about Weight Watchers, but I'm sure there's some far more wise Chiefs out there who can advise.

Just an update on dh extra's coming off tomorrow! Will let you know what happens.

Weighing tomorrow, have done 2 good fasts and a just over 500 cals one. Hoping I can be down at pre hols weight.

RandallPinkFloyd Thu 15-Aug-13 23:38:16

Tbh I don't think exercise is what will make you lose weight. In fact I've often seen it actually slow down weight-loss. I don't know the scientific facts but I think the more energy you burn on a regular basis the more fuel your body will hang on to iyswim.

What exercise does do is improve your overall health and fitness, and of course tone everything up so you look fabulous! I definitely think it's the healthiest way to do it, but I'd go for measuring rather than weighing to monitor your results. I think it will be more motivating and also a truer reflection of your progress.

Think of all that toning you're doing. You'll be pert. Pert, for crying out loud! And I can guarantee you that 11 pert stones look a damn sight better than 10 saggy stones wink

RandallPinkFloyd Thu 15-Aug-13 23:39:30

Ooh, the toe-thing-ectomy! Exciting times. We really do need before and after pics though.

SylviaDaisyPouncer Thu 15-Aug-13 23:43:12

Pert and toned

<sighs wistfully>

Randall I have purchased meringue nests! Sadly I made chocolate brownies today and opted for a very small square as a little treat. Hmmm

SylviaDaisyPouncer Thu 15-Aug-13 23:44:51

I will take pics tomorrow before the dr saws it off.

grin grin grin

RandallPinkFloyd Thu 15-Aug-13 23:53:43

Mmmm, chocolate brownies. I'm not a massive cakey person but I'd punch George Clooney in the face for a home made brownie.

I had more meringue for tea. Made a kind of Eton mess type thing with half fat creme fraiche and fromage frais instead of cream. It was bloody lovely!

Toe pictures? Damn it Sylv you could make my journey ooop norf with six blokes, and their slightly moldy gaters, bearable tomorrow. But a saw? shock Poor bugger.

I'd like to be pert. I'm quite toned. If tone is that bloke down the pub - the one who rests his arse on the stool.

Fingers crossed for the weigh in.

Erm. Randall I think you're right about the exercise. It's that and that fact I did punch George Clooney in the face - not just for brownies. There was cake. I also elbowed him in the nads for booze!

NeedChoos Fri 16-Aug-13 07:38:31

Thanks chiefs. I'll will do the measuring thing. I have to say my skinny jeans are not cutting me in half any more.

Pert and toned - like your work.

I'm 10 st 4lb and 5ft7' and 41. TEA ????[sobs] 8 weeks .....

I entered what I eat in to mfp and I eat mostly protein - who knew that activia yoghurt a were so full of sugar???

SylviaDaisyPouncer Fri 16-Aug-13 12:05:28

Sounds like you are doing great choos

2.9lb off for me, that's an amazing 6lb this week. Bloody chuffed with myself grin

I haven't been logging exercise on mfp, just want to concentrate on food for the time being. Currently 11stone 8lb, so 2 more stone to go! When I weighed back in November I was 14st 2lb. Goal seems more realistic now.

Sadly I have no before pics of dh toe, he was in a bit of a state this morning. But will take some after pics, sounds a bit grim as he is at work and its bleeding lots. He was told it shouldn't bleed so he may be back at dr. May have some great bleeding infected toe images! (Unless he is exaggerating then we will all be disappointed!!

When are you off on your hols tea?

Right, have to go and split ds and dd up, is it bad to say I don't like either of them very much at the moment angry

Lizzylou Mon 19-Aug-13 10:44:37

Bonjour/Hola Chiefs.
I have had a fab holiday full of cycling, badminton, swimming and even a few runs (it was flat, how much easier is it to run on the flat?!) unfortunately my humongous consumption of cheese, pate, bread and lovely, lovely wine sees me 7lbs up this morning shock shock shock blush blush blush
So I agree with Randall, exercise tones but for me I need to watch my diet more.
The main part of our holiday we were in sw France and almost everyone was slim and toned, very much so. Felt about 1 stone over what I should be. Then we went to n spain and there were lots more normal looking people, actual tummy rolls instead of 6 pack abs. Felt better!

Soo, back on it like Sonic, holiday excess will be gone by weekend and a stone off thereafter.

How is everyone? You maintaining well Randall?
Tea grin at naked shredding whilst drinking gin. SPD you sound all focused, well done on this last week.

RandallPinkFloyd Mon 19-Aug-13 13:28:51

Glad you had a fab time Lizzy, sounds like my idea of heaven (minus the cycling, badminton and running obvs).

You'll drop the 7lbs really quickly. Easy on easy off remember.

I'm maintaining ok so far considering all the Randalling I've been doing! Especially this weekend. blush Just over 1lb up when I weighed to morning but still under the magic 140lb so I'm happy.

You're machine-like ways will have you svelte again in no time smile

Lizzylou Tue 20-Aug-13 07:45:25

4lbs down this morning, 3lbs to go to get to pre-hols weight smile
Fasted yesterday and found it relatively easy to be honest, could be my way forward.
Can't juice as juicer has blown up hmm , but I only ever do it during summer anyway.
Trying to eat cleaner and upping protein.
Body combat nearly killed me last night, abs are feeling it today. And I am back at work today confused angry

You are doing so well, Randall, you just seem to have the right attitude for the loss and then the maintenance. You should be so chuffed with yourself.

Glad your holiday was fab Double.

RandallPinkFloyd Tue 20-Aug-13 08:59:47

4lb down already! Huzzah! See! Holiday weight isn't real weight wink

I'm not surprised your juicer's given up the ghost, you worked the poor thing awfully hard before your holiday. It's probably blown a gasket.

Haven't got any more fun planned for a while now so going to be a bit good and see if I can drop just a couple of pounds to give me some lee-way. As long as I stay under 10 stone I'll be happy so ideally I'd like a buffer of 5lb ish. Some Randalling-room if you will! Between 135lb and 140lb shall henceforth be known as The Randall Zone. smile

RandallPinkFloyd Wed 21-Aug-13 11:08:40

Big relief, after a full weekend I'd randalling I'm actually 0.2lb down on last week.

I haven't fasted this week just did 1200 a day. Purely because I've found fasting a lot harder recently, it's started to make me feel really faint at times and I've noticed I've been crabbier than usual. So I thought now I'm at my goal and im just wanting to not gain rather than actually lose I'd just give it a try and it worked. Very very happy grin

Plus I've been having a nightmare trying to buy new clothes as nothing fits me. Turns out my size 12 jeans are too big and I've just bought another 2 things in size 8 <faints> I bloody love vanity sizing I do!

RandallPinkFloyd Wed 21-Aug-13 11:11:30

(What I mean is I randalled for 3 days and did 1200 a day for two days either side rather than 500.)

DoubleMum Wed 21-Aug-13 15:54:07

I need more toe-related news.
In non-weight loss news, I have 2 giant rabbits! They were a rescue emergency, arrived Saturday. Things have been hectic. I may have eaten kitkats.

RandallPinkFloyd Wed 21-Aug-13 16:19:24

Giant rabbits shock
Well jel envy

Lizzylou Wed 21-Aug-13 19:57:04

Get you size 8 Randall grin

Double, how giant are these rabbits? Have visions of horse size mutant bunnies now grin

DoubleMum Wed 21-Aug-13 20:31:10

This is they -

They are only 6 months old, and don't stop growing until they are 2. They can grow to 20 lbs.

DoubleMum Wed 21-Aug-13 20:31:31

So not horse size luckily!

Lizzylou Wed 21-Aug-13 20:32:12

They are so cute! But very big already shock

RandallPinkFloyd Wed 21-Aug-13 20:58:58

Holy crap they're cute!

DoubleMum Thu 22-Aug-13 07:14:26

This is why they need their own shed and big run, it should be done by the end of next week. At the moment they are in an 8 ft chicken coop, I can't wait to get them out of it.

Lovely bunnies.

I had a giant rabbit when I was a girl. He was huge, bigger than a large Tom cat. He wasn't cute. He was fierce. He once fought a fox and won! He wouldn't allow any of us to touch him and terrorised us when we cleaned him out. I seem to remember him leaving on the back of a flat bed truck. Ahhhh. He was called Little Bunny FooFoo by me, Thumper by my sister, and That Bloody Rabbit by my Mum. Perhaps he didn't like having a lot of names and it made him grumpy.

Welcome back Lizzy.

Size 8 Randall grin

Excellent loss Sylv

I am on holiday but at home for the day, washing our climbing stuff before going sailing. I seem to have put on 5lbs in a week shock so will fast today. In some ways I can understand - youth hostels and veg don't seem to be closely acquainted - but we've been very active. Hell on Sunday I burnt almost 3000 calories hiking up and around fells! In fact, no naked shredding required. Oh well. Holiday weight seems to be easy to loose.

I can fit my running kit into my bag for holiday stage 2. So all exercise will be fully clothed. Phew!

Lizzylou Fri 23-Aug-13 19:44:58

Have fun Tea, sounds active grin

I have just got in from lovely meal out with dh and boys, pudding and everything. I am now on he wine.

Do I feel bad? No sirree. We just had an offer accepted on dream house grin grin grin grin grin

RandallPinkFloyd Fri 23-Aug-13 20:00:01

That's fantastic new Lizzy. In fact I wish I could grow another pair of arms so I could give it 4 thumbs up! Enjoy your lovely day.

Tea, you are bonkers. It sounds like my idea of holiday hell but as long as you're having a good time that's all that matters. Don't worry about the holiday weight, we have established it isn't really fat, it's special holiday fat that fecks of the week after you get back. Enjoy the rest of your torture grin

LaundryLegoLunch Mon 26-Aug-13 20:08:03

Hello all!

I've missed too much to catch up with everything but I hope all chiefs are enjoying their significantly thinner selves grin

I bloody finally hit my sub-10 stone today! The day before I went on hols I was 0.25lb over which was infuriating. I put on 4lbs on hols but miraculously have lost 5lb since being back confused

It felt so incredible to see a weight starting with 9 - I'm reckon I've not been 9 something in over 10 years.... As always, I owe it all to the original and subsequent chief threads.

I'm assuming lots of you are away, maybe once term starts we'll all be on it with a vengeance!

RandallPinkFloyd Mon 26-Aug-13 23:51:18

Well done Lego!!!!

Single digits is the best feeling ever isn't it grin

Bloody well done you.

DoubleMum Tue 27-Aug-13 09:31:21

Well done Lego, brilliant Chiefing!

buzzybuzzybeeshoes Tue 27-Aug-13 17:14:20

Yo, chiefs. I'm back and 2lb heavier - not too depressed about that as with the Scotland holiday that means I've been away for 27 days (most of August) and gained 3lb. I didn't get a chance to run as the holiday cottage was on a main road with tractors coming round blind bends and all sorts, and there was no pavement so I was too chicken! But tbf I could have taken DVDs or done press ups or summat. I just... didn't wink

Congrats on the bunnies Double we are overrun with rescue beasts too - we pick up our sixth rescue cat this weekend!

Size 8 omfg Randall!! In the 9s gorblimey Lego!

Well done on the house Lizzy. Have you got an idea of when you move?

Well done all losers, I haven't really caught up with the whole thread but SDP you sound like you are on it like a car bonnet post-hols! Will do my best to join you.

RandallPinkFloyd Tue 27-Aug-13 17:46:41

Blimey, well done Buzzy. A month away and only a 3lb gain, why 'tis merely a large crap. Excellent work smile

To go with my size 8 tops I have now bitten the bullet and bought some size 10 jeans. They fit! And with minimal muffin top! Fuck you skinny jeans grin grin grin

dinkydoos Thu 29-Aug-13 17:05:40

Yo chiefs!
Am back and wait for it..... After 2 and half weeks in France managed to put on a wholly impressive 10 lb!! Aren't I clever....
By lost three pounds of it within a day, and am fasting today so will see if managed to reduce further by tomorrow. Sigh
Size 8 randall good god that's cool! And sub 10 lego, we were twins for all while on the old 10 stone goal but I'm a bit off that after my hol!
Lovely bunnies double and tea that sounds crazy but know that you will be tempering all that good excercise with gin, so prob not as grim as it sounds. Impressive loss sdp , can't think I have ever done a 6lb in a week, apart from giving birth grin
lizzy spill the beans, we need house porn!

dinkydoos Thu 29-Aug-13 17:06:41

Ooh and buzzy your holiday gains are a whole lot better than mine!

BsshBossh Fri 30-Aug-13 07:27:05

Hello Chiefs! Summer holidays have kept me busy so haven't been around much. Haven't fasted at all and haven't really been watching my food intake or managing much exercise. Result - 4 lb gain since school broke up.

Not too bad, considering (I'm a glass half full person smile ).

But school and work begins next Tuesday and I am on it!

See you next week.

RandallPinkFloyd Fri 30-Aug-13 19:27:16

4lbs isn't much Bssh you'll get that off in no time.

Dinky, respect. You are my sister in cheese! I honestly can't think of a better way to gain 19lb than a summer of French cheese and pâté and bread and wine. It'll come off quick enough though, it's only holiday weight after all, not proper weight wink

I dropped another 1lb this week, no idea how, I was not good over the bank holiday. I'm not complaining though, it's nice to be getting a little buffer between me and the double digits. It's also making maintaining seem a bit less scary. At first I couldn't believe that 1700 a day wouldn't be too much but it obviously isn't. Well not yet anyway!

RandallPinkFloyd Fri 30-Aug-13 19:27:59

*10lbs not 19lbs, blimey, I'm a feeder!

Morning Chiefs.

Back from holiday and the pre-season rugby training starts today. Summer is over. hmm

Got back on Friday and promptly weighed self. Damage was a 7lb increase shock but seem to have lost it all plus another lb over the weekend with a fast, an eight mile run and serious Paula Radcliffe incident. So I'm 9 stone on the nose this morning shockshock

My aim of getting into the 8st zone could be achievable - though not for next couple of weeks as I'm still thinking about doing the Bristol half in a couple of weeks.

Fluctuations are just odd. I don't get them.

I am really impressed with your maintaining Randall. I fluctuate a lot more. I feel like I'm constantly fighting my weight.

RandallPinkFloyd Sun 01-Sep-13 11:55:51

You're 9 stone shock holy cow that's impressive. As is losing 8lb in one weekend!!!! You go Paula grin

BsshBossh Mon 02-Sep-13 08:13:53

Tea fantastic!

School returns tomorrow when I will resume Chiefing with gusto!

Lizzylou Mon 02-Sep-13 16:46:34

You clever, clever bunch.

Dinky, respect on cheese and pate gain, I was same.

Bssh and Buzzy, easy on, easy off.

Tea! You bloody superstar grin

and big grin for Randall's size 10 skinnies.

I have had a few weeks post holiday/I've just bought a house wine and food frenzy (not all the time, but few bingey days) so am on it like Sonic again.

Body Pump then Body Combat tonight, am mixing up my exercise routine and shaking up my diet. Feel bloated so am (loosely) following a plan, no sugar, no wheat, no dairy, no carbs (save veggies) after 6pm and no alcohol (except for Saturday night!). Just feel sluggish and have read that this will sort me out a bit.

BsshBossh Wed 04-Sep-13 09:33:36

Lizzy congrats on the house move smile I'm intrigued by your diet - can you share some of the breakfasts, lunches and dinners you're having?

Had a successful fast day yesterday (first in weeks) - no eating until 8pm. Felt great - really light and energetic. It's good to get back to a dieting routine. Also exercised for 1.5 hours - only 30 minutes of that at the gym, the rest just walking.

How's everyone doing now school's back?

Lizzylou Wed 04-Sep-13 09:44:20

Hi Bssh, it is the Anna Richardson Body Blitz plan or somesuch. I already had the book and as I had overdosed on cheese, wine and bread on holiday, I figured a complete break from these things would be good!

Today I am having:
lunch is rye bread smeared with avocado (this really fills you up and is totally lush) and chicken salad
Dinner is a butternut squash and coconut soup

Snack is a soya yoghurt.

Last night I made a kind of ratatouille with aubergine and red pepper and added bacon, have also had smoked salmon on the aforementioned rye bread and avocado which was heavenly.

There are lots of recipes in the book which I will make for next week. Am planning on a moroccan lamb thing, a beef casserole and some more soup. It is surprisingly easy to be honest, once you plan and I have not felt hungry one bit. I tend to eat a large lunch anyway.

BsshBossh Wed 04-Sep-13 10:36:43

Lizzy thanks for sharing (God, that sounds cheesy!). Like you, I'm not averse to carbs and rich foods but I'd like to eat healthier just to feel lighter/better so I'll check that book out for meal ideas. Thanks again.

Where do you get your rye bread from and is it the really dark kind?

BsshBossh Wed 04-Sep-13 10:38:33
Lizzylou Wed 04-Sep-13 10:59:18

Just from the healthy bit of Tescos, This brand, I've tried linseed this week , it is very dense and so filling. One slice fills you right up.

I am really finding it easy and I do feel nice and light 4 days in.

OOh, will check that thread out, thanks! smile

BsshBossh Wed 04-Sep-13 11:03:58

Fab, will look out for the bread. I won't be following "the plan" but I will definitely be swapping in some of her healthy choices for meals. Had a look on Amazon and her recipes look fantastic (and easy).

Lizzylou Wed 04-Sep-13 11:05:07

They are!
That was what made me buy the book ages ago (and then not follow it! Doh!).
The butternut squash and coconut soup is totally gorgeous.

SylviaDaisyPouncer Wed 04-Sep-13 21:33:42

I am still here though had a disastrous last week...too many friends staying and an amazing party at the weekend (not such an amazing 2 day hangover however)!

Had my first day without children today. Dd went off to pre school without a second look at me and had a great time. Ds didn't want to go to school but he is always the same, likes the hols too much.

Have planned a couple of running routes near the village, looks like they are about 3 miles so a good start. Just got to do it now. First proper fast tomorrow too.

Sounds like everyone is getting on it again after all our summer breaks. Great work all!

I have a wedding in 6 weeks so aiming to be a stone lighter by then...with all this child free time it should be a breeze. Exercise is my new best friend grin

Hmmmm. I'm catching up on Chief news eating Nutella straight from a jar! shock

I am not meant to be so pure filthy on this lovely thread but I am powerless to resist. I am craving carbs, cakes and chocolate. And am just eating anything in sight. Bastard half marathon training.

My kids were all at school today. TFFT! Unfortunately DS4 has a non nursery day tomorrow. Booooo.

But tomorrow evening I start training with a proper hockey team not just a bunch of ladies of a certain age. I may make friends who are teenagers grin

Anyway, I ate my first baked sweet potato today. It looked like a turd, one with foreign objects in it, when I got it out of the oven. Did I cook it right? Does everyone's look like this? And surely one does not eat the skin?

BsshBossh Wed 04-Sep-13 23:08:21

Tea yep, sweet potatoes do look rather turd-like but taste heavenly with chilli butter (butter with a few chilli flakes or some freshly diced chilli mashed in). And I love the skin (so long as the butter has seeped into it).

RandallPinkFloyd Thu 05-Sep-13 09:33:56

I lurve sweet potato, in any form! Yy to the chilli butter. God I'm hungry.

Running, hockey, body blitzing. You're all so good, you put me to shame.

I may have accidentally Randalled. We were only meant to be having a meal. We ended up in the pub. I do not feel well today.

It's the wedding tomorrow too. I'm awfully glad I have that 5lb buffer between me and double digits, I think I'm going to need it!

Lizzylou Thu 05-Sep-13 13:33:55

I have never ever had baked sweet potato, only wedges.

Randall you lithe lovely, what are you wearing to the Randalling wedding?

RandallPinkFloyd Thu 05-Sep-13 18:18:05

I think I'm going to wear this. That's if I don't bloat myself out of it!

Lizzylou Thu 05-Sep-13 21:05:45

Swit woo!

Oh that is so very pretty. I love it.

I have forgot that I too am Randalling at a wedding on Saturday.

I will be sneaking looks around the service to see if I can see a tall, slim bird wearing it. If a short, loud lairy woman grabs you tis merely me. I will be carrying gin.

Thanks for all the sweet potato tips. wedges Lizzy? yum. Skin? Hmmm. I may have to work my way up to it. Chilli butter though. I had it plain. I like your idea better Bssh

I seem to have regained about half a stone. I'm fluctuating like a .... Well I can't think of ought that fluctuates as much as I. It's really difficult to motivate myself to Chief like this. I've not done any weights for three weeks as all my time and efforts going into cardio. I think my aim at the moment is to try and keep the fluctuations such that I'm on the lighter end of one for the days I'm running otherwise it's harder work. Oh well. Ten more sleeps and my lengthy runs will be over and I'll be 41

BsshBossh Thu 05-Sep-13 22:43:32

Agreed, such a pretty dress!

Tea your weight will settle when the intense runs are over. Approx 7 lbs gain is nothing in the grand scheme of what you've lost! Keep your perspective smile

I've gone back to my normal routine of cardio, weights and 5:2 this week. Hurrah! Yep, feeling stronger and leaner (though the scales may not reflect that now I'm a healthy BMI) but have realised that now I'm edging towards mid-forties I need to focus also on flexibility. So tonight I did my first ever yoga session (via a truly fab yoga app on the iPad - Yoga Studio by Modern Lotus). They do beginners 15 minute session video that I can easily do after DD goes to bed. I'm going to try to do it each night before dinner.

SylviaDaisyPouncer Thu 05-Sep-13 23:08:55

Lovely dress Randall, you will look fab I'm sure.

I managed a fast today but it was tough and I was hungry even after my dinner. Just had a 40 cal hot chocolate then bed. I would have that jar of Nutella off you in a flash tea, but unlike you skinnies I still have major work to do! Time to start making soup again...have loads of beetroot ready in the garden and have a rather interesting recipe to try out. hmm

Okay I am still hungry so must get to bed or I will be raiding the fridge. Willpower is lacking a little.

BsshBossh Fri 06-Sep-13 07:19:29

Phew, one week back on 5:2 and 2.6 lbs down. Still 2 lbs above my lowest pre-summer weight but feeling good about it.

3 days of normal eating now. Yipppeee!

RandallPinkFloyd Fri 06-Sep-13 07:56:36

2.6lb down in your first week! Fab work chief.

I'm glad the dress is ok, it was a last-minute panic but yesterday as the one I was going to wear (which I wore for the mega-wedding) is too big.

I keep looking at this one on its hanger and thinking how small it looks. I still can't get my head around something so dainty looking actually fitting me!

RandallPinkFloyd Fri 06-Sep-13 07:57:31

Panic but?? Panic buy obviously!

BsshBossh Fri 06-Sep-13 08:25:57

Randall can we see a photo of youin the dress? It does look dainty and I bet you look dainty too! Has your head caught up with the reality of your size yet? Mine hasn't. I still think I am bigger than I actually look and still surprised when others comment otherwise. I look at the new smaller clothes I've bought recently and wonder, "Surely I won't fit into those"! Bonkers.

RandallPinkFloyd Fri 06-Sep-13 08:31:01

That's exactly it! All I seem to do at the moment is buy clothes then return the because they're too big. I pick something up, it looks about right, them I get it home and it's a tent. I only ended up buying the dress because I had XDH with me so I could actually try it on.

It looks far too flimsy for clunky old me grin

I'll put it on in a bit and see if I'm feeling brave enough for pics.

Lizzylou Fri 06-Sep-13 08:36:12

OOh pics, yes please! Bet you look fab.

Well done Bssh!

Well, all of the holiday weight is now gone, back down to pre-hols weight, the last 4lbs was seemingly stuck on with glue.

Have had to come into work for a few hours but will hopefully be able to fit some exercise in at some point today.

buzzybuzzybeeshoes Sat 07-Sep-13 11:29:06

Another one wanting to see pics of Randall you must look fab. That's a lovely dress, I'm going to go to DP and see how it looks on my lardy bum - usually I find that sort of dress comes in pastels and brights which don't suit me. Got my eye on that with opaques, boots and a cardie for autumn.

Tea extremely impressed with the half marathon and your general speed. Agree with Bssh that your weight must settle - you're running half marathons FGS!

SDP a big well done on getting started with the running and the fasting.

Looks like we're all getting back into chiefing after the hols - I initially put another 3lb on after my 3lb gain but it seems to be off now after a giant poo that broke the waterline. Is that TMI? yes it's TMI and sneaky peek last night showed 1lb below hols, so fingers crossed for a chiefly weekend some chance and a loss on Tuesday.

buzzybuzzybeeshoes Sat 07-Sep-13 11:39:08

Oh, also well done on the brill clean eating Lizzy - I need some of that.

Hope all other chiefs are chiefing away happily. Double how are the huge bunnies?

buzzybuzzybeeshoes Sat 07-Sep-13 11:53:22

How's operation pâté-be-gone going Dinky? Bet your hols were fun! It's only 'cos you have less to lose now. I'm still in the 14s so of course will gain less as I'm lardy to start off with wink

Thepursuitofhappiness Sat 07-Sep-13 16:30:28

Chiefs... Can I join your club?? I'm on MFP and need some extra motivation.

I had a baby 6 months ago....and although the 'baby' weight has gone, my weight from all the cakes I ate whilst pregnant is still stubbornly clinging on. I've got 10 pound to lose to get into my old jeans, I'm going for 1lb a week. I've never dieted before so it's all new to me.

If you'd like to add me on MFP let me know and I can PM you details and ill reciprocate.

I'm having lots of mini milks this week, at 30 calories a go they seem a passable alternative to ice cream cravings!

buzzybuzzybeeshoes Sat 07-Sep-13 16:58:32

Pursuit I'm shrewvole on MFP. Welcome!

I'm also still losing the baby weight but my kids are 2 and 5

Lizzylou Sat 07-Sep-13 17:06:29

Welcome Pursuit smile
I am LizzylouM on MFP.

You are doing really well!

BsshBossh Sat 07-Sep-13 18:19:22

Pursuit welcome! I don't log or use MFP these days so no point you "friending" me there but it's truly a brilliant tool. Good luck!

Thepursuitofhappiness Sat 07-Sep-13 18:32:30

Thanks Lizzie and Buzzy! I've sent invites, thank you!

I realised two weeks ago that my weight had stabilised for the past 2 months that I was actually going to put in conscious effort into this losing weight malarkey rather than expect it to fall off...

My top half looks fine, it's all the classic legs, bum and Tum combo on me. I'm only 5'2 so although not a massive amount to lose (my target weight will be size 8-10), it's noticeable (my Gran kindly informed last week I was looking well padded...thanks Gran!)

How accurate do people think MFP is at tracking weight (if food/exercise is recorded honestly!?)

SylviaDaisyPouncer Sat 07-Sep-13 20:57:17

pursuit welcome to Chiefing! It's totally fab here, you will love itgrin. I am SDPouncer on mfp but have been absent for a bit from there. Still logging but Internet here is once again shite (curse of living in the backwaters!)

In answer to your question, mfp is great as long as you are honest and log everything you eat, even the teeny tiny sneaky bits! As to the whole "if every day was like this you would weigh ...." I don't take a lot of notice and try to set my own little goals. It is a total eye opener as to how much I over ate before starting mfp. I think it helps towards the whole maintaining thing once the weight has gone. For me it has re trained my brain towards food.

Been busy making Chutney today, my only worry is the vast amounts of cheese that will be accompanying it!!

RandallPinkFloyd Sun 08-Sep-13 11:23:52

Hello there! New chiefs always welcome. I shall call you Happiness though, it has a much nicer ring to it wink. I'm RandallFloyd on MFP, feel free to add me although in all honestly, I'm not a good example to follow!

I have Randalled my arse off all week. Like proper Randalled. It was an awful lot of fun but I have a horrible feeling I've used up all of my 5lb buffer!

I tried to add some pics of the dress but gave up in the end. They kept coming out blurry and sideways confused. So there are now several wonky pictures of me looking like they were taken underwater.

Big well done to all the holiday weight losers. Onwards and downwards chiefs smile

happylass Sun 08-Sep-13 12:27:32

Hello all do you mind if I join? I've been invited over here by the lovely Randall. Just started using MFP properly and lost 3lbs in the first week. Not got a massive amount to lose just maybe 1-1.5 stone before my wedding next August. MFP has given me an allowance of 1700 so has been pretty easy to come in under that. Got the lurgy at the moment though so can't see me keeping up the exercise this week sad. Would love it if any of you would like to add me on MFP? Username is the same as on here with a 14 on the end. Good luck to you all!

Hi chiefs, can I join in?
I was about 10/12kg overweight when I fell pregnant last year. DD is 6weeks old today and I'm about 1kg over my pre-pregnancy weight (gotta love breast feeding) but I'm determined to maintain that or slowly shed the extra. I'm eating a LOT of biscuits and flapjacks during 3/5am feeds and worried I'm going to start gaining again.

Hoping to get signed off by the doc on Tues so I can start exercising. I'm on mfp but crap at keeping on top of it. Can you help me keep on the straight and narrow? If you would like to be my mfp friend I'll pm you my name.

RandallPinkFloyd Sun 08-Sep-13 12:45:58

Welcome welcome. Have a look round, settle yourselves in.

<pats sofa cushion>

Now tell us all about yourselves.

I'm RandallFloyd on MFP but please, for the love of god, ignore my diaries for the past week!

Congrats on the new baby, be careful dieting whilst your BFing though, and especially so soon. If I were you I'd aim to keep the cals high-ish and go for the slow and steady approach.

Hark at me talking like I've got a clue!

MollyBerry Sun 08-Sep-13 13:02:09

Hi everyone,
Can I join too? I'm on mfp but towards the end of the day logging definitely goes downhill...
I can pm you my name - but my diaries are seriously rubbish at the moment!
I've put on 20lbs in the past 9 months.... Don't quite know how that happened but I seriously need to stop gaining and start losing it now!

Thanks for the welcome Randall. I can't see in the app how to add someone from their NN. Will pm you my name if you could add me?

I'm 40yo and a short arse who loves---too much-- food! In 2012 my Mum passed away and I decided enough is enough and started running - did the GNR in memory of her (raised £6k, lost 6kg grin) then got pg with DD. gained >20kg and lost 15 the weekend I gave birth. Lost 4kg since then without trying. Birth was bad with 3rd degree tear so can't run til Jan sad

I'm not going to diet but sticking to 'maintain weight' intake of calories and hope that Bf'ing will take care of the weight loss. I am eating too much crap (flapjacks, chocolate etc) at the moment so need to track it or ill start piling it on!

I'm ploughing through the thread - sounds like you've done amazingly!

Lizzylou Sun 08-Sep-13 13:03:03

Hello Happy and Remembering smile
Randall is too modest, she is star dieter! She is right about taking it steady, 6 weeks is no time!
I am LizzylouM on mfp.
I have a mahoosive hangover after a bottle of dry white last night, the gym was loud and I was rubbish. I must be getting old.

Lizzylou Sun 08-Sep-13 13:04:03

Hi Molly grin
Remembering, ouch at birth, poor you.

Found how to add from website, can't do it in app sad
Thanks for the welcomes...

RandallPinkFloyd Sun 08-Sep-13 13:09:00

Hi Molly!

To add someone just go to 'add friends from email' then put their NN in the email box.

Ouchy indeed PFE, definitely no running for you! I reckon your plan sounds great.

I have lost a fair bit of weight but it really has been a by-the-seat-of-your-pants affair. I have no clue what I'm doing!

BsshBossh Sun 08-Sep-13 13:45:59

Randall is living proof that you can have your cake and eat it... so long as you balance it out over the week.

Welcome new Chiefs :-) I lost 46 lbs last year using MFP. That tool is such an eye opener for gauging normal portion sizes (I had no idea before). Since then I've lost another 24 lbs doing 5:2 fasting which some of the other Chiefs also do.

Stick around here and you'll get terrific support of the most Chiefly order smile

MollyBerry Sun 08-Sep-13 15:24:02

Thanks for all the welcomes smile

I'm doing a bit of running but I have a half marathon next week AH! so am tapering down the running this week so as to be all set for it (I am so not ready!)

I literally have no will power - if cake profiteroles and apple crumble in the last two days too are there, they don't stay out of my stomach. I've been reading the thread with tips but I don't think I know when I'm full.

I'm amazed at how much all of you have lost already and hope I can match you.

I'm thatlittlebit on mfp if you want to add me, I'll see if I can add people now

SylviaDaisyPouncer Sun 08-Sep-13 20:03:52

Welcome more new Chiefs grin

Feel free to add me on mfp (SDPouncer), lovely to have some new faces around!

This group has been a godsend to me, I would never have lost this much and still be motivated to get to goal. Bssh, randall and tea have all done so well and are true inspirations. I started off just doing mfp but then gave 5:2 a go and found its great for me. It actually makes me believe my goal (9st 8) is totally achievable.

Not much to report from this week, I maintained but after last weekends extreme drinking I'm not surprised. I couldn't fast on the Monday (still felt half cut tbh), so only managed the Thursday fast. Back to normal this week plus I may sneak an extra fast in to hopefully get me out of the 160 lbs. then I'm back on track for hitting the goal in December. I may need some serious ass kicking along the way though!

PuddingAndHotMilk Mon 09-Sep-13 06:35:24

I know I just joined the thread but I name changed. was rememberingmypfes.

Thanks to everyone who accepted me on mfp. Please do feel free to kick me if I stop logging...

RandallPinkFloyd Mon 09-Sep-13 13:01:10

Excellent new name pudding grin

dinkydoos Mon 09-Sep-13 13:46:05

Hello all, I've been missing in action...
However I did fast twice last week so think at least 5 of the big fat 10 pounds of pâté/cheese/wine gut has now gone.
Hello all newbies, we are all muddling on doing different stuff... I don't mfp anymore as too lazy, but basically gone from around 11 9 ish to 10 2 (but currently 10 7 after big fat French hols) mainly by 5:2 ing. But mfp certainly concentrates your mind in the beginning!
Got a lovely pair of REiss black skinnies at weekend, as was out with friend, felt all racy! Wore with gorgeous whistles blouse ( took second mortgage out to afford both, but kept repeating ' price per wear' mantra to myself over and over)
Lovely dress randall!

Welcome new Chiefs. It's lovely to have you here. I'm called WillStillNeedTeaAndGin on MFP. Friend away or send me your NN's and I'll do the job.

Congratulations to all of you on your new babies. Lovely. And dieting for a wedding. Brilliant objective.

I managed to lose some of my baby weight by increasing exercising and watching how many cakes carbs I ate. I think, from memory, there were two things to watch out for. Firstly, you are still very flexible due to hormones so it is quite easy to injure yourself so being careful is really important (I started with pilates to get my core strength into some sort of shape before moving to the gym) and, secondly, carbs ... you still need them (I increased protein and cut carbs at breakfast and lunch but had them with dinner).

Molly Half marathon training. Brilliant. Are you doing the Bristol Half?

Oh Chiefs WTF have I done? It's Monday I'm still hungover! And I seem to have sprained my ankle though I'm not entirely clear how I did it!

Saturday was a bit eventful to say the least .... I ran 12.5 miles before 9am had to stop because I may have had a crapping incident, legged it into London, got glammed up in Paddington toilets, attended wedding and ate lovely food, drank wonderful booze and danced and laughed with many funny family members. Then I have no idea what happened but there are photos of me on fb with a pal from uni at a dark and dingy club. All rather odd as he was not at the wedding wink Anyway, dancing in heels seems to have aggravated what I think is a fractured toe on my left foot serves me right for shouting at the kids and not looking where I was going and I also have a swollen and bruised ankle. So my chances of doing the Bristol Half on Sunday are looking slim sad. I am resting today and tomorrow and will try to run on Wednesday to make a final decision. I am a little gutted right now and feel a right arse. I'm not sure what happened. I suspect it was mixing drink on an empty stomach. Anyway, on the bright side we know that DH's ankle is much recovered as he danced and then carried me through the City in a fireman's lift [classy northern bird emoticon]

New Chiefs. Despite this update I am a grown up lady of 40 with four children and do make a respectable contribution to society. Unfortunately, I like Randalling as much as Randall. blush

Sylv well done on getting back on it, I shall use you as inspiration this week as my hangover goes!

BsshBossh Mon 09-Sep-13 14:50:19

Your post made me laugh Tea, sounds like you had a lot of fun!

PuddingAndHotMilk Mon 09-Sep-13 15:04:52

Hi Tea! I've added you too, thanks smile Sorry to hear about your toe, sounds painful!

I'm starting post-natal yoga from tomorrow (assuming I get the green light from the quack) and going to try to get out walking a bit more. Hoping to be back in shape for next years Bristol half marathon and beat my GNR time from last year.

dinkydoos Mon 09-Sep-13 15:52:40

Respect tea!!! That sounds like a great day out. Think it does you good to have major blow outs like that, to remind ourselves of our misspent youth grin. And a CLUB, with a dark, handsome stranger ( ok I know I'm exaggerating.. But still) you vixen you!

RandallPinkFloyd Mon 09-Sep-13 16:06:40

Tea you rock hard dude. We really need to have a chiefly meet-up grin

MollyBerry Mon 09-Sep-13 16:09:06

hi tea your weekend sounds really good!

I am doing the BRistol half, but I've actually never run more than 12 miles.... I know the last bit is through the centre though so I can't stop there with everyone watching can I!

I've just added you on mfp

Lizzylou Mon 09-Sep-13 16:13:17

Oh Tea, well done, you didn't disappoint at all grin Sounds fabulous and right up my street

Dinky, swit woo on foxy new outfit.

I am menstrual, bloated and my colleagues have all deserted me with sickness/holidays. I am grumpy as hell. More than a normal Monday!

<passes Lizzy a cuppa>

Ahhh feck it lovely, it's almost Tuesday already. And they're all feckers with their holidays and sickness.

Molly you'll be fine. If you can do
12 then 13 is ok. Bristol seems like a good un as it's quite flat well the 10k was though I pissed myself then. I though am worrying about that last two miles through the city on account of the crapping myself at 12.5 miles incident. I'm imagining passing through the crowds of the harbour and sharting and I might know someone. God I might know you! wink

We should chief meet-up. I suspect I would spend the night honking like a goose!

happylass Mon 09-Sep-13 17:13:24

Hi Tea sounds like you had a great weekend! I' ll add you on MFP too.

Randall saw on MFP that you've lost over 5 stone shock. That's amazing. Well done you!

Very jealous of all you active types with your half marathons! I'm fairly fit but nowhere near up to doing that!!

All going well here so far with week 2 of dieting healthy eating. Plan is just to eat normal meals (which are always quite healthy anyway) but to avoid the junk I usually binge on when I get in from work. Boring but effective.

MollyBerry Mon 09-Sep-13 17:19:38

Tea I'm sure you will be finishing way ahead of me (I'm in the pink colour band - so the slowest time band!) but I will keep a look out for anyone that does a Paula Radcliffe ++ and I shall know :P

Happy - this is the thing, I'm not active at all. I'm doing this half marathon as a feature for something (very elusive wording there and sounding more mysterious that I really am) I don't run normally!

PuddingAndHotMilk Mon 09-Sep-13 17:21:25

Molly you'll be fine - I did the Great North Run last year and had only done 11 miles before the day. Finished in 2.5 hours and felt terrific. Best of luck and enjoy thanksthanks

Are you Bristol half marathoners local to Bristol?

MollyBerry Mon 09-Sep-13 17:24:49

Thank you Pudding smile

I am local to Bristol at times - I split living between Bristol and London

RandallPinkFloyd Mon 09-Sep-13 17:46:56

No good can possibly come from any activity that makes you crap your pants. None. (Apart from the obvious health benefits, weight loss, and sense of personal achievement)

Good luck with the races though, I shall send continent vibes from deepest Wales.

Lizzy my lovely, fuck 'em. Drink some wine, it's medicinal, helps with the bloating <sage nod>

I missed the new outfit dink, sounds very classy. Fuck you skinny jeans grin

I have indeed lost 5 stone happylass, 74lb to be exact. I was a right porker back in January!

Started at 15 stone, BMI of 32.3 blush
Now 9 stone 9lb, BMI 20.9lb.
(I'm 5'8" that's why the weight still sound a bit heavy)

It's all thanks to these fabulous Chiefs, couldn't have done any of it without them.

RandallPinkFloyd Mon 09-Sep-13 17:52:42

Ok, in a fit of bravery I have posted a picture of me in the dress. It's not a very good one and you can't see all the dress but it was the best I could find.

It's not staying up long!

MollyBerry Mon 09-Sep-13 17:53:25

Randall you look ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!

PuddingAndHotMilk Mon 09-Sep-13 18:01:26

Molly - I moved from London to Bristol (well, N Somerset) last year... I luff Bristol!
Randall - you look fab!!

My BMI is now 31, want to get to 25 so 33lb/15kg to lose. Is that reasonable in 1year with a newborn or am I setting my sights too high?

BsshBossh Mon 09-Sep-13 18:26:27

Wow Randall you look fabulous! I am so glad you were brave enough to post because you definitely have nothing to worry about smile

Wow! Randall you look lovely. Lovely. Lovely. Fwoooorrraggggghhhhhhh. You look so happy grin

I'm a B&NES girl myself so quite close to Brizzel.

Pudding it's perfectly possible. I went from BMI of 35 to 26 in the 9 months after DS4 was born. I BF exclusively for 10 months. I've then chiefed from a BMI of about 27 to 22.3.

That said it's easier to break it into smaller/shorter goals. So getting into the next stone bracket, going from overweight to healthy. Also add in some non-scale victories (sizing, MBI and inches).

happylass Mon 09-Sep-13 18:57:37

Randall you look fabulous! And well done again on the amazing weight loss!!
PS - I'm in Wales too but down South.

dinkydoos Mon 09-Sep-13 19:14:51

Phwoar randall ! Honestly you look amazing, and skinny. And I am serious, skinny is the correct word! And you and your swishy blond locks.
Will you reveal all about who you cop off with << reverts back to 14 year old self>>

As we're sharing I've gone with before-ish and after-ish photos too. They too will remain in place for a short time.

I have put normal after-Chiefing me in and wearing a frock after-Chiefing me. And shame on me in my before photo using a 3day old baby to try and hide behind. My norks were so massive though much of me wasn't hidden.

dinkydoos Mon 09-Sep-13 19:22:20

Flipping heck tea! You look gorgeous and skinny too! Is this thread suddenly the gorgeous models thread grin And fabulous dress darling!

Lizzylou Mon 09-Sep-13 19:31:59

Nooo! I can't see profiles on my tablet! you buggers!

<snort at Lizzy>

MollyBerry Mon 09-Sep-13 19:37:41

tea you look really good. I am envious of your very flat sotmach

RandallPinkFloyd Mon 09-Sep-13 19:39:17

Oh behave you lot, there's no need to take the piss! (Swishy blonde locks indeed!)

Tea, you look a right fox in that dress, all leggy and lovely. Very classy.

Lizzy you should still be able to see profiles on a tablet but you'll have to use the normal site rather that the app.

RandallPinkFloyd Mon 09-Sep-13 19:41:03

(I too am totes jealous of Tea's abs, you could bounce a ball of those bad boys!)

Lizzylou Mon 09-Sep-13 19:41:36

Haha! I went on the non-mobile site, you are two hot, svelte , slinky sex goddessses!

God. I was only thinking how I still look like a fricking male shotputter in the mirror at bodypump!
I am a giant compared to you waifs envy

RandallPinkFloyd Mon 09-Sep-13 19:47:42

You're not a giant you loon. You're a health and fitness machine! (Plus I've seen that MFP pic you sly minx you.)

Body pump? I'd struggle to pump up a beach ball.

Is that everyone now? Can I take it down? If I ever find a 'before' shot I'll put it up, promise. However it seems I'm a ninja when it comes it avoiding the camera grin

BsshBossh Mon 09-Sep-13 20:00:27

Tea what a stunner you are! And I would kill for your abs!

Carikube Mon 09-Sep-13 21:48:33

Hello, can I join too please?

Been on MFP for ages without actually logging anything (username there is also Carikube) until I joined WW in August and decided to take up the C25k as well. Have lost 7lbs so far of the 20 or so that I need to lose and have made it in to week 4 of C25k but am feeling a bit friendless on MFP sad.

PuddingAndHotMilk Mon 09-Sep-13 22:11:04

I've added you on MFP. Good work on C25k smile
I really can't wait to get signed off to run again. Stupid labour, stupid tears confused
GP tomorrow for 6 week check so should get green light for normal exercise I hope...

Erm. Thanks <blushes>

Lizzy You complete nut my friend. I would bet that we look similar in RL as you've been doing a similar amount and type of exercise to me. And honestly, I'm not tiny really, I'm just far away and I think that t-shirt is flattering but WTF at my odd shaped boobs?

That frock cost me a tenner from a second-hand shop. Love it.

Hellooooooooo Carikube friend away .........

RandallPinkFloyd Tue 10-Sep-13 00:07:18

Odd shaped boobs? I didn't even notice that. Let me go and have another look......

Only joking wink

And you really are tiny, you look properly toned. Well jel.

Hi carikube, I'll get on to MFP in the morning and add you. Sounds like you're doing great so far.

(Soz for being a tad ungracious earlier. You're all so very lovely. I'm not good at taking compliments, can you tell?)

Carikube Tue 10-Sep-13 07:41:24

Thanks for the welcome...will try to find some usernames from this thread to add on MFP otherwise please feel free to find me!

buzzybuzzybeeshoes Tue 10-Sep-13 10:22:39

Wooooo! Loads of new chiefs grin - welcome all!

Randall and Tea you look amazing in your after pics. Really, really amazing. So slender and healthy - you both radiate it! And, along with Lizzy and Bssh you just show how weight loss gives you an amazing youthful radiance. Just gorgeous all of you.

OK, I've not had the best few days - been scarfing choc like there's no tomorrow - I brought about a kilo of the stuff back from France "to ration it out" FFS when will I learn ?

Cals have been - well not exactly ok but within my tolerances for a weekend or a bad week, I mean I've not binged or anything despite intense provocation from 5 year old DD1 But I've really noticed that the sugar is not doing my energy levels ANY good at all - I went back to my swimming club (Monday is club, Thursday is a lesson, which is easier) last night after 5 weeks away and couldn't seem to get any power or speed through the water not that I get much anyway

Also haven't been for a run in 5 weeks - planning to address that this weekend. [kicks own arse into gear emoticon]

I may stick pics of Tea, Randall, Bssh and Lizzy all over my fridge and workout stuff!!

RandallPinkFloyd Tue 10-Sep-13 10:51:35

Rationing out French chocolates! Pah haaa ha ha grin

You've done well to make them last any time at all. I'd have been face down in a truffle induced coma on day one! Clearly you have more self-control than you give yourself credit for.

I fear I may have given an inaccurate impression with my photo. I think maybe it's more flattering than I thought it was. I really am a very plain looking 34yo in RL. I'll swap it for a different one I think!

Carikube Tue 10-Sep-13 11:00:35

Having seen what some of you are doing in the way of exercise etc on MFP I am seriously impressed - my 30 mins of C25k 3 times a week pales in to insignificance.
Fortunately I live on a hill so I am trying to walk the DDs to school/pre-school as often as possible (doesn't work when they have to be in different places at the same time) so that I get a bit of exercise that way. I have a Fitbit and it keeps telling MFP that I have done lots of calorie burning that I'm not really aware of, so MFP ups my allowance for the day. I'm ignoring it (so MFP keeps telling me I'm under my calorie goal) but does anyone else use one of these and have the same problem? I've hardly done anything this morning apart from a teeny bit of gardening and according to MFP I have earned another 127 calories confused

RandallPinkFloyd Tue 10-Sep-13 11:25:35

Some of these Chiefs are hardcore when it comes to exercise. Tea and Lizzy especially. Although there are others who have their moments!

I really want a fit bit just to see how active I am in a normal day, but I'm a bit scared it would shout at me (I don't exercise properly at all). How much are they?

SylviaDaisyPouncer Tue 10-Sep-13 11:25:43

This thread is moving so quick what with our new chiefs and photos!

tea and randall you look fantastic. What with the pics of bssh a while ago I fear I am so unglam next to you beauties. <sobs a little>

I promise to post photos when I get to December and have my posh frock for the Christmas do. That in itself is motivation to push a bit harder.

Impressed by all the running action going on here! I'm limiting myself to the 3 or so miles that mapmyrun has given me. Would prefer no crapping incidents around the village here, everyone would know about it before I got home!!

Well impressed with the randalling tea, glad it's not just me still trying to recover on a Monday. grin

BsshBossh Tue 10-Sep-13 11:32:11

Hi Carikube. I think you'll find the hill walking you're doing is very beneficial. I have much better overall stamina and endurance when I exercise on hills. Okay, so in my immediate vicinity it's quie flat but I power-walk up steep inclines on the treadmill three times a week; combined with some weight training it leads to nice, strong, sleek blatantly ignoring the wobbly bits I am legs and bum.

RandallPinkFloyd Tue 10-Sep-13 11:48:45

Very much looking forward to seeing you in your slinky Christmas dress sylv wink, well done on the running.

Carikube Tue 10-Sep-13 12:10:39

Randall I've got a Fitbit One which cost me about £70 I think. MIL gave me some money for my 40th this summer and as I decided it was time to sort out my weight & shape, I've so far invested it in the Fitbit, an iPod Shuffle (so I can have the C25k podcasts) and will shortly be going out to buy some cold weather running gear.

The Fitbit is great and although it posts messages on its screen, I never see them as I wear it on my bra so I have no idea if it is shouting at me when I don't do anything. It's definitely helped me try to be more active, but I think I'm possibly being mean with it as the DDs are only 4 & 3 and so all the walking up and down hills is actually pretty tough for them (I've recently ditched the buggy) and they are exhausted. Once DD1 is in school full time (she's still doing half days at the moment) there won't be quite so much to-ing and fro-ing so it will be a bit easier for them.

Bssh when we moved in to this house last year I suddenly realised that if I was ever going to go out without the car, I would end up with buns of steel as our house is on the steepest part of the road and the whole area is rather hilly (which has made finding a route for C25k interesting). Still some way to go before I am actually toned but I'm hoping that a few more weeks and we'll be getting there.

BsshBossh Tue 10-Sep-13 13:44:39

A NSV (no scale victory, for the newbies) today, Chiefs. I've made it into the "men's gym"! For context, my gym keeps all the heavy dumbells and barbells in a section that is 99.9% filled with men. Moreover, this section of the gym is right in the middle of the room overlooked by all the cardio machines - so, in others words: highly visible. I've always been intimidated by it, which is rationally quite silly as the men there are not Neanderthals but quite friendly. By hey-ho, I'e always stuck to the ladies-only section, which has a good selection of free weights.

But last week I reached my max weight for dumbells there and the only way to progress is to move over to the dark side. Which I did today! Fortunately the gym was quiet and I tucked myself into a little corner and did my routine. It was completely fine. I got looked at, yes, but then everyone checks everyone out don't they...

Hurrah! Now I've done it, I can do it again tomorrow.

PuddingAndHotMilk Tue 10-Sep-13 16:37:57

My GP has signed me off for exercise and said I can start running again c8-10 weeks post partum so end of the month I can start again gringrin

Hoping DH can keep up his end of bargain and take DD 3-4 x per week while I get out for a run...
I have a Jawbone UP but haven't worn it since DD arrived, I may have to unearth it!

You chiefs are an inspiration! thanks

LaundryLegoLunch Tue 10-Sep-13 17:50:05

Hi all and big welcome to new folk! I'm HeyHeySaturday on mfp, feel free to add me although I am hopeless at logging at the moment

Thanks to the chiefs I've lost 3 stone since Jan. Yet I still feel fat, I'm a size 12 with a bmi of 24 but can't seem to get it into my head hmm

Great photos, it's really nice to see what you chiefs look like! I have NO fat photos at all which is a shame as in future years it will appear that my children were motherless for their early years. I've got a friend's 40th coming up, I might be brave and post a photo when I'm dolled up.

I am really in awe of the running. Yet again I have failed to start c25k. No wonder I still feel like a blob grin

HeyHeySaturday Tue 10-Sep-13 17:51:15

Ooh I didn't know you could switch names do easily - I like it!

Lizzylou Tue 10-Sep-13 17:56:26

SDP, you will rock a slinky party dress smile
Bssh, that's fab, you have faced my fear! I am hoping to go this week, would I look daft with a print off of weight exercises? I want to make sure I do all the exercises and not get flummoxed in front of others! I have been enjoying bodypump and already moving onto heavier weights, so am keen to give it a bash!
Carikube, I was 40 this year and I too live in a very hilly area. Currently live at bottom of big hill, moving to top of another confused
Woohoo at getting signed off for exercise.

Soo, am shattered after busy day and sleepless night (painful stomach). Really struggling to get enthusiasm up for any exercise once Dh gets home hmm

buzzybuzzybeeshoes Tue 10-Sep-13 18:16:49

Lego that is fab I hadn't realised that you'd lost so much! Just sent you a friend request on MFP.

I see that Randall has changed the pic in an attempt to convince us all that the other one was ridiculously flattering - it is NO USE Randall, you still look fab! You'll have to come to terms with that, chief grin SDP looking forward to you glam pics too.

Carikube and pudding well done on the fitbitting/jawboning and being signed off for exercise. And Bssh well done on the men's gym! When I was a bit fitter I used to love getting onto the men's ladder on the rowing machine. Haven't been on the rowing machine for ages actually, may have to give it a go.

RandallPinkFloyd Tue 10-Sep-13 18:56:11

£70's not too bad is it. I thought they'd be more than that, thanks cari. I may start saving up or perhaps an idea for Christmas. (Exciting life I lead.)

Bloody well done Bssh, lifting with the boys, you go chief!

Good news getting signed off pudding, just remember to take it slowly <stern>

Lego 3 stone loss and a size 12 is far from fat. Get some pics up slinky!

Your machine-like ways never cease to amaze me Lizzy. I bet you still get out and do it despite how tired and unmotivated you're feeling. You always do. If it was me I'd be on the couch with a biscuit. Maybe that's why you're all toned and lithe whilst I have gangly limbs and a jelly belly. <sexy>

You are too kind buzzy. In fairness, when I looked at the photo I'd put up the lighting did have a slightly 'Disney princess' air about it so I've changed it for one that looks a bit more slight-pissed-welsh-gal-at-a-wedding grin

MollyBerry Tue 10-Sep-13 20:04:58

Carikube I have the same issue with the overestimation of calories. I have downed my calorie limit on mfp to even if out if that makes sense?

BsshBossh Tue 10-Sep-13 20:19:52

Lizzy I have an iPhone app called Full Fitness that I take in with me. It lists all my exercises with pictures and video. I've seen guys (and gals) there with workout sheets. Ooooo, lifting heavy and working with the "big boys" - go for it Lizzy!

MollyBerry Tue 10-Sep-13 21:59:42

Ohh talking about exercise type (not at all but I'm using it when exercising) does anyone have any good mp3 type players, are ipod shuffles really over priced and i should just get a bog standard player or are they acutally good and convenient? I will mainly be running and x trainer at the gym

At the moment i use my phone but it is a little heavy

Carikube Wed 11-Sep-13 11:52:54

Molly I have a normal-sized ipod, but when I started running I didn't have anywhere to put it and I decided that if I was going to do the C25k properly, I should have something more convenient (I already run holding my phone as I use MapMyRun at the same time to see how far I have gone). The Shuffle cost £37 and at the moment I only have the C25k podcasts on it but I am slowly building up a running playlist on iTunes that I can put on there for when I have finished the programme and will (hopefully) still be going out running. It's great as I just clip it on to my tracksuit bottoms and can then forget about it.
I've just been to buy a couple of long-sleeved exercise tops so that I will be a bit warmer now the mornings are a bit fresher and I also bought a little bum-bag thing so now I won't have to carry my phone in my hands anymore. I was going to buy a hat and gloves as I understand that they are the most useful bit of cold weather running gear to have, but DD1 told me I looked silly which put me off a bit (quite why I'm influenced by a 4 year old, I don't know grin)

BsshBossh Wed 11-Sep-13 12:05:15

Molly the previous generation Nano (still available some places?) is tiny and can hold loads of music, playlists and podcasts. It clips on easily.

Hello all can I join in? I'm FabulousOscar on MFP. I've only been on it a couple of weeks and haven't lost anything (second weigh in tomorrow), but am giving it a go.

BsshBossh Wed 11-Sep-13 20:23:58

Welcome Sunshine! Good luck with tomorrow's weigh-in. Sometimes it takes a while to shift the weight - especially if you don't have much to lose.

I no longer use MFP as I no longer calorie count (I now just do 5:2 but don't log my eating) but I hang around this thread for the superb motivation of the other Chiefs.

Lizzylou Wed 11-Sep-13 21:13:31

Hello Sunshine smile
Good luck for tomorrow!

I have done some weights, but chickened out and did them in the ladies section as main gym was heaving and ladies room is next to spin class. I will get some bssh courage up and go into the big boys gym soon grin

Feeling less hormonal and murderous today, which is good for those around me grin

Lizzylou Wed 11-Sep-13 21:17:06

Sunshine, I can't find you on mfp?

Whoops Lizzy wrong cat name! I'm FabulousJasper.

BsshBossh Thu 12-Sep-13 07:18:08

Lizzy it's taken me many months to get out of the ladies gym and only because I'd exhausted the max weights there so have had no choice. There's no rush smile

Carikube Thu 12-Sep-13 09:36:57

Sunshine I've added you on MFP.

Impressed by the idea of exhausting the max weights in the ladies' gym! DH and I joined the local gym last year and I had a good phase of going but never got anywhere near anything heavy as I don't think I went for long enough to build up. It's only a small gym so there is no ladies' section or anything but it was never that busy when I went. I'm finding the C25k more convenient at the moment as I can do that before everyone gets up but maybe when the school/pre-school routine settles down I will get the chance to go back to the gym as well. Last day of DD1 on half days in reception today thank god as it has been really difficult to get anything done this past two weeks...

BsshBossh Thu 12-Sep-13 10:23:17

Sometimes I think the only reason I go so regularly to the gym is because of how much it costs <weeps>. I hate the idea of thinking they are getting my well-earned cash for nowt.

Lizzylou Thu 12-Sep-13 11:03:53

Carikube, mine is only a local authority membership, so £30 per mth, but it does give me classes in 3 sports centres, 3 gyms and 2 swimming pools to choose from. Which gives me NO excuse not to go! There is always something I could be doing grin

Carikube Thu 12-Sep-13 12:19:53

Lizzy, you're making me feel bad now as mine is also local authority and I have a dreadful feeling that I have access to 10 centres and swimming pools round the city! I only really use my local centre and have never been to one of their classes - partly because I find I only have the motivation to exercise first thing and partly as most of the classes are at an awkward time as DH often gets home from work late. Excuses, excuses grin

Welcome new new Chief ......

Yee Gods Lego ... where the feck have you been hiding such a-maze-in progress? That is brilliant. Suggest you make up for all that modesty by making a personal announcement in The Times. Well done. Size 12 is a great size. And YY to photos.

The men's gym Bssh? OMG all those muscles. It's enough to send me into a hot flush!

Molly I use my phone for music and tracking my exercise - I use runtastic when I'm running and walking to keep a track of my routes etc. I invested in a belt band that carries said device so I don't notice the weight/size. I did have one of those arm bands things but I managed to velcro off the skin on my right top arm. Just in case any of you are GoT geeks, I looked like I'd been visited by Ramsay Bolton .... my name is tea, it rhymes with pee whilst I'm running

And yey to getting the doctor's sign off for "project move more' to commence. Honestly, your keenness, at this stage, Pud is a really good sign that progress will be made!

And all you gymmers are putting me to shame. I have done no exercise this week at all. My "pissed dancing in heels" injury appears to be a proper one. I haven't even felt up to the training run to see whether I can do the half .... which isn't good. The nutter bit of my head is thinking I'm going to play hockey this evening to test it out. I will see. The thing that's really hard is that I'm feeling really down due to not exercising, and another hard slog of trying to find a new job coming to nothing, so I am comfort eating big time which is making me feel bad too. I'm aware I need to break the cycle so either I find the job, stop the comfort eating or get back on the exercise endorphins but it seems so very hard at the moment. Oh FFS I bore myself.

<goes off to look at whether slightly-pissed-welsh-gal looks like pissed-northern-bird grin>

Oh Randall I think you are so pretty. How come you look so glamorous? There are photos of me on Saturday where I'm grinning so much I look like Wallace when he's just spotted a mountain of Wensleydale! You can see the inside of my lips FFS!

happylass Thu 12-Sep-13 17:01:21

Afternoon Chiefs. So impressed by all your exercise efforts - men's gym shock.
My Pilates class this eve has been cancelled so do I a) Be good and take myself off to the gym instead b) Chill on the sofa with rare access to the remote whilst DP is working late which is what I really want to do

RandallPinkFloyd Thu 12-Sep-13 18:23:42

Hi sunshine, always room for more chiefs, pull up a pew and settle in.
I'm RandallFloyd on MFP. I still log every day but I'm at my goal now so maintaining rather than losing. (I'm also a terrible example!)

Hope today was a little better Lizzy. And I wouldn't worry, you certainly get your money's worth out of that gym membership!

And Bssh, you exhausted the lady weighs? Dear lord woman, you are so impressive.

Tea you really are too kind. I think it helped that the photo was taken at 'tipsy' rather than full blown pissed. Approximately 4 hours after that picture was taken we discovered that walking and pointing in time to the music is actually far easier and classier than dancing. I'd wager I'm not looking quite as good in those pictures! Sorry you're feeling down in the dumps, I think you sound so healthy though. I can't imagine feeling down because I can't exercise.

I somehow managed to maintain this week so I'm very happy with that considering I Randalled hard several times.

RandallPinkFloyd Thu 12-Sep-13 18:24:42

Happylass I wouldn't ask my advice on that one if I were you grin

I've lost 5lb since last week smile I thought these jeans were feeling loser.
Only another 90lb to go...

RandallPinkFloyd Thu 12-Sep-13 19:01:08

Fantastic work, well done you!

Lizzylou Thu 12-Sep-13 19:45:26

Go Sunshine! grin
I am having a rest day exercise wise, run tomorrow morning.
Randall, you are gorgeous, truly. Being semi pissed suits you grin
Tea! You are injured, be kind to yourself, however the injury was sustained! You look amazing so just take a break, mend and recoup. And wire your jaws? wink

Can I ask a question? Could a 40 yr old wear a black lace top, fairly sheer, with just a black bra under? Or do I need some sort of vest? It's for a girls weekend away in 2 weeks, would be wearing with black jeans so the old tits or legs rule would not be broken? Don't want to be mutton, but also not look like a granny either.

BsshBossh Thu 12-Sep-13 20:37:46

Sunshine woohoo! Tea take it easy <stern look>. Lizzy I wouldn't wear a vest, but as I'm very shy I'd personally stash a vest in my bag in case I chickened out (or get really pissed so I wouldn't care either way!).

Lizzylou Thu 12-Sep-13 20:41:45

I do think I will be v pissed Bssh!

RandallPinkFloyd Thu 12-Sep-13 20:41:45

Lizzy stop being a wuss! With all that toning and weight lifting you must be looking proper slinky. All firm and everything, I bet you don't even wobble.

Flaunt what you've got, you've worked hard enough to get it!

happylass Thu 12-Sep-13 20:51:30

Ugh epic fail on the gym front. Fell asleep on the sofa and woke up too late to go. Must do better next time!

Lizzy another vote for flaunting it. Strongly believe its got nothing to do with age but how you look and feel. Judging by your exercise and food diary you must look and feel amazing, so you go girl!

buzzybuzzybeeshoes Thu 12-Sep-13 22:24:36

Chiiiiiieeeefs, I may have been out and drunk 4 wines, 4 malibus (classy, me) and a couple of shots. And then eaten a Mexican bean wrap at the station on the way home. I may have done that instead of going to my shwimming lesson wink

I might catch up with my MFP diary tomorrow...

Welcome Sinshine and well done in the 5lb loss! I'm a bit too pissed to register much more wink

gringringringrin < This is me on codeine having managed 90 minutes on a hockey pitch. That is good enough for me to run for a couple of hours on Sunday. gringringringringrin

Sunshine that is amazing. Well done Chief dude. I am WillStillNeedTeaAndGin.

Excellent maintaining Randall. Maintaining and Randalling. Just perfect. And you are right it is easier to do the pointy dance. There are pictures of me doing this too along with a very pointy elbowed Gay Gordon with my kilted brethren

Lizzy Now I may not be the person to ask on account of being 40 and happily wearing a yellow camisole top that one's nipples may be visible through. To be fair I didn't notice until DH pointed it out. He was vair disappointed when I reached for my matronly cardy. However .... so very yes to just the bra.... or if you get the fear I have a delicate yellow camisole you could borrow if you bend over in it your norks fall out.

Buzzy grin


Now i'm fancying being posh and having a Malibu.

BsshBossh Fri 13-Sep-13 07:10:59

Woohoo, 1.8 lbs lost this week smile

Good Chiefing Bssh. Very well done. smile

buzzybuzzybeeshoes Fri 13-Sep-13 09:42:38

envy bleeeeee... Not fun taking on the school and nursery run this morning (usually DH does it on a Friday but he's away with work, the swine).

Bssh that must be more than the holiday lbs now surely? Impressive work.

Lizzy go for the bra, defo.

Tea good to see you're back on your feet chief. DH has the same thing (although acquired in a more manly way - playing football rather than dancing in heels) and is desperately trying to get fit for Windsor half at the end of the month. You sounded so hard on yourself earlier pet, don't be! I'm a firm believer that you can have it all, but rarely all at the same time. So I've got a job and I exercise a bit, but barely see DH in the week, eat a bit too much easy crap and don't spend as much time with the kids as I'd like. While you're looking (and my big ole fat fingers are crossed that you find something) try not to beat yourself up - it is really not you. You are doing amazingly and achieving loads in so many areas of your life chief.

Well done Bssh

Lizzylou Fri 13-Sep-13 11:16:09

Tea, totally agree with Buzzy, who is very wise, you completely rock grin
Yellow isn't my colour, but I may try the camisole yet.

Tits out it is. Is Belfast ready?

Well done Bssh. Nothing off for me yet, but am a menstrual bloated hormone so not fussed. I feel trimmer and lighter so sticking to my plan.

Run done, shop done now quick shower and off to meet dh in the big city for bank appointment then red hot buffet. MFP may shout at me later grin

Dinkydoos Sun 15-Sep-13 18:34:54

Hello all, thought I would catch up after huge Sunday dinner.... Resting the iPad on my gut..
yy lizzy def bra only, I always think its awful on those sort of nights if you feel even a tiny bit safe/mumsy so much better to go va va voom!
tea glad about the return to your excercise form, you can eat your cake in peace now, but even if you hadn't you are still v glam and gorgeous as we have all seen those photos!
Well done bssh! I have now lost 7 of the big 10 pate pounds as I have lovingly named them. Almost there...
Major randall on Friday night, think I ended up dancing round a living room at 1am. Wasn't a happy bunny yesterday, and may have had to stuff crisps and toast in a desperate bid to feel better. It's not big and it's not clever. When will I learn?
Mmm, Malibu, now that's a last from the past grin

Whoooooop Dinks that's an amazing loss of pate pounds. Well done. Love a good dance in the living room, you sound like a woman after my own heart.

bssh excellent loss on the top of brilliant, amazing loss. I continue to be impressed with your focus. You go girl.

Thank you Chiefs for the kind words. Tomorrow I gird myself for a continued job search. I seem to have two problems. Firstly, I'm trying to get a job local to me, I want to do a job that isn't all consuming but I'm being rejected for everything because I've got too much experience and I look too senior. I am going to talk to a few recruitment consultants tomorrow to see what they can do to assist. Secondly, if I do get through to interview and I come across a silly question I seem to be highlighting it rather than fudging my way through it. blush

Today I did not crap or pee myself in public though I did take the opportunity of a toilet at 9 miles. I did the Bristol Half. Managed it in 1.54.23 so very pleased because my ankle was sore for the first couple of miles, then I had trouble with my asthma and of course my bowels and bladder didn't really want to co-operate. So back to normal for me now. Back to chiefing, fasting, exercising. Whoooooooop. Until March when I'm going to do the Bath Half.

And in other news .... my DH got me a long pearl necklace for my birthday. I am having to practice saying this so when I'm asked by my parents I don't snigger like a 14 YO boy <sigh> [oh to be a grown up emoticon].

SylviaDaisyPouncer Mon 16-Sep-13 20:49:53

Well done tea, sounds like a fab time to do a half plus the added bonus of no accidents along the way. You are a star!
Feet up now, maybe have a Gin or two grin

Lizzylou Mon 16-Sep-13 20:57:29

grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin <pearl necklace>
Amazing run, Tea. Truly fabulous. So proud of you for not soiling yourself as well.

Have done bodypump, went up in weights again. I may not be anle to wash my hair tomorrow grin

Hope everyone is good and doing ok smile

Well done Dude. I'll pop round and wash it for you Lizzy, ask you about where you're going at the weekend and about your holiday.

I think it was about 39 years since someone was proud of my ability to control my bodily functions. I feel strangely pleased. Thanks Chiefs.

BsshBossh Mon 16-Sep-13 22:57:08

Oooh, pearl necklace envy. Good luck with job hunt Tea. It makes such a difference getting a good recruitment consultant on your side.

Lizzy hurray for upping the weights! I'm seeing a PT tomorrow to check my form and teach me to properly deadlift, squat and press heavier weights. I really don't want to injure myself through lack of knowledge.

RandallPinkFloyd Tue 17-Sep-13 11:34:32

Wow, lots of chiefly action to catch up with!

Well done on the loss Bssh you are most definitely back on it!

Buzzy sound like you had my kind of night.

More weights for LizzyTheMachine, you defo need to be rocking the tits out look on your weekend away.

Excellent progress on the shedding of the Pâté Pounds Dinky, although I suspect they're not as much fun to lose as they were to gain sad. Why does good food have to be so bad for you <shakes fist at the unfairness>

Tea a pearl necklace <snigger> lucky you! Bloody well done on running the half marathon, and extra kudos for not crapping your pants too. I don't run. I don't think I've ^ever ^run. Is running fun? It doesn't look like fun. It's very good for you though isn't it. Maybe I should run. I have friends who run. They did the great north run on Sunday. It didn't look like fun.

PuddingAndHotMilk Tue 17-Sep-13 14:17:45

I lost the thread after a few tough days with DD. weight is steady so at least I'm not piling it on with all the crap I eat while Bf'ing. Hope you're all doing well thanks

PuddingAndHotMilk Tue 17-Sep-13 14:19:43

Awesome time for the Bristol half tea!! I'm hoping to do it next year... I did GNR last year in 2:32 so I'm truly in awe of your time!!

Lizzylou Tue 17-Sep-13 21:02:34

Go Dinky, I feel your pain re pate and cheese weight hanging around, was fun though grin

First Metafit tonight in around 6 weeks. Nearly vommed, but didn't so all good.

Bodypump and weights must be working as 3 seperate people commented on my slimmer arms today shock Mind you, I was (am still in all honesty) bingowingtastic.

RandallPinkFloyd Tue 17-Sep-13 23:32:57

Not a chance are you 'bingo-wing-tastic', I don't believe it for a second. You lift bad-boy weights for crying out loud! (I don't know what metafit is but it sounds grim.)

One of my friends once told me I have 'lunch-lady arms'. I'm not entirely sure what that means but I'm pretty sure it's not a compliment. I don't wave in short sleeves put it that way sad

I'm still maintaining somehow. Managed to get down to 135.6lb at one point and have been hovering at 135.8lb since then so happy enough with that. My goal was 140lb so I wanted a nice 5lb buffer which seems to be working so far. It makes my BMI 21 exactly and puts me at a size 8-10 so that's good enough for me for now.

I do really need to get my arse in gear and get exercising though. All you action women make me feel very lazy!

PuddingAndHotMilk Wed 18-Sep-13 04:30:35

I'm very jealous of all your exercise regimes but I guess lugging a 12.5lb baby around all day is good exercise, right?

Lizzylou Wed 18-Sep-13 06:38:28

Pudding, yes a 12.5lb baby is a good workout! Awww, I want to squish a baybeeeee! My boys are growing too fast.

Randall, I am definitely toning up but the scales aren't moving confused May be the extra weights? or the all you can eat buffet? Must be supergood this week.

RandallPinkFloyd Wed 18-Sep-13 10:48:58

Oi, anotetofollowso, stop lurking and start posting!

Make yourself comfortable and tell us all about yourself grin

Erm. A lady what lunches has lovely arms ... she goes to the gym in the morning and then has a salad for lunch with her friends and then champers and shopping. I think Randall your friend was complimenting you. And excellent maintaining. Really is brilliant I'm still between 2-5lbs up on my lightest weight

Lizzy I bet you have lovely arms too from all that exercise. I just don't think your head's caught up with what you look like. The reason being, I think my arms are bingoy still too, and my arse is large and so is my stomach. Photos sometimes suggest otherwise, and looking in the mirror I mostly look normal, but I am uber-self critical having spent years being bigger and looking at every fault I have. Are you still measuring inches as well as lbs? The reason I ask is I'm in the same position as you. Whatever I do I don't seem to get any lighter but the inches are still going very slowly, the clothes get a bit looser except around my arse and thighs and my %body fat is still reducing. I do think the exercise makes it harder to loose lbs but I really like the feeling of being strong and being able to "compete" with the boys even though their getting older.

And Pudding yes. Having just lunged and squatted with an 8 lb weight ... 12.5lbs is a hefty weight to be carrying and pushing around. Walking with the baby either in the pram or a sling burns loads of calories which is probably why you're so hungry. Well done on maintaining. I managed to put another stone on when BFing my first! And it was only the fact I was getting married with the last that motivated me to put down the cakes and wine and stuffed myself with protein and gin instead!

Back today doing gym work after a month's break. Feck it's hard. I almost sat-up my innards out. Actually I only did sets of 12 three times but it hurt and I ended up grunting in the gym like a pig! I sweated so much I could smell ammonia [mmmmmm attractive emoticon]

helloooooooo anote is that you?

Dinkydoos Thu 19-Sep-13 10:43:46

Hello hello!
Someone shout at me to get my backside to the gym today. It's rainy and can't be arsed, but am fasting so should go from work in my lunch hour.
Re arms. Have ALWAYS hated my arms, always avoid sleeveless dresses. Weights at the gym have slightly helped but they are still crap. My sister always calls good arms, baguette arms... I want those elegant slightly tanned baguette arms. But without gym. Sigh. << shuffles off muttering>>

BsshBossh Thu 19-Sep-13 10:48:18

Oi Dinky GO TO THE GYM! It won't be raining inside the gym will it? Besides, imagine how great you'll feel afterwards. I expect a full report from you afterwards!

Carikube Thu 19-Sep-13 13:21:09

Hello...not been on this thread for a few days but I see that there has been lots of physical activity going on...great stuff.

Having completed the 20 min run of the C25k yesterday and therefore decided that I am obviously a runner (even though I still don't particularly enjoy it, but it seems to be toning me up a bit), I have just gone and blown the last of my birthday money on some ridiculously priced running shoes. I had my gait analysis thingy done and I've now worked out that I have got to keep running so that I actually get my money's worth out of the blessed things...

happylass Thu 19-Sep-13 22:02:53

Evening Chiefs. I too am very impressed with all the exercise going on, what an active bunch you are! I however need a good boot up the derrière at the moment as, 3 weeks in, I've lost the will! A combination of coming down with the lurgy and exhaustion through work being manic has seen me dodging any exercise and eating rubbish. Think I'll have to write the rest of this week off as we're going to stay with some of DPs mates at the weekend and we're off to a food festival. Will start afresh on Monday - honest. and I haven't just ordered a Domino's with a side of wedges

Dinkydoos Thu 19-Sep-13 23:00:07

I went! Hooray. Can I get a gold star bssh? And fasted like a good un too.
Wine and nice food for 3 days ahead yippee! grin
carikube I have heard those push trainer things are fab, you will be 4 minute miling this weekend then!
happylass just start again next week, all,of us chiefs have little breaks here and there
Have a good weekend all

Lizzylou Fri 20-Sep-13 06:24:47

Yay Dinky, well done for not phoning it.

Cari, well jell of the running shoes. Though like you I am not feeling the love of running. Maybe fancy pants running shoes would inspire me?

Up early, busy day off. Speed awareness course blush

Lizzylou Fri 20-Sep-13 06:27:43

Happy, it is a narathon, not a sprint! Perhaps write down why you want to lose weight to keep you focused? You can do this, believe in yourself and stop scoffing pizza! Unless of course it is still within allowed calories on mfp wink

BsshBossh Fri 20-Sep-13 06:57:46

Weigh-in Friday for me and 1 lb down. Happy with that cause it's been TOM week and I also haven't done any exercise all week. Also very happy because I am officially the lowest weight I've ever been (since my teens) smile

Lizzylou Fri 20-Sep-13 07:45:37

Well done bssh! Not one solitary lb off here! But can see difference from weights so all good.

anotetofollowso Fri 20-Sep-13 14:20:27

Hellooo - new round here. But just re-joined MFP and very keen to have and give a bit of support.

Currently trying to work out how many calories to allow myself. 1200 is a joke as far I'm concered but maybe that's how I got this big in the first place.

How many cals do you all eat a day?

anotetofollowso Fri 20-Sep-13 14:21:21

Hellooo - new round here. But just re-joined MFP and very keen to have and give a bit of support.

Currently trying to work out how many calories to allow myself. 1200 is a joke as far I'm concered but maybe that's how I got this big in the first place.

How many cals do you all eat a day?

BsshBossh Fri 20-Sep-13 15:16:22

Welcome anoteso! We've all found different calorie amounts to suit us - some eat 1200 cals and are fine, others need a bit more, most of us cycle through low and high calories across the week (eg lowish on the weekdays and high on the weekends [we like to call this Randalling smile]).

I lost 3 stones last year by working out my TDEE (calories required to maintain current weight) then eating at around 15% less. It gave me a bit more than 1800 cals a day which worked really well for me. I used this calculator:

Then I manually adjusted my daily calorie goal in MFP. I didn't eat back my exercise cals (not that I did any last year blush) as TDEE takes activity levels into account.

This year I've lost a further 2 stones doing 5:2 fasting and eating roughly 2000 cals on my non-fasting days (though I no longer log on MFP). I do alot more exercise nowadays.

I want to lose another stone to get to BMI 21 (currently BMI 23, started at BMI 36).

There's great support (and a load of laughs) on here so WELCOME smile

Lizzylou Fri 20-Sep-13 16:41:26

anote, hello! smile
Bssh has described it all very well. Randall eats tiny morsels of lush M&S foods during the week, then feasts and boozes it up all weekend wink It's bloody worked a treat as well envy

I tend to just try and stick to 1200 a day and exercise lots. I am currently doing heavier weights and less cardio so no loss on scales but everything is getting firmer and tighter.

Just find what works for you. One thing I will say is don't try and cut out all of your favourite foods/drink, find a way of still having a little of what you fancy. You will soon get to grips with mfp and it's not hard to quickly see what goods will keep you full for longer and not eat up your allowance.

RandallPinkFloyd Fri 20-Sep-13 17:40:34

Anote helllooooo, very glad you have emerged from lurkdom!

I would love to say I am very offended by the way Lizzy has described my dieting ethos but unfortunately she is totally right blush. I can't stop eating my favourite foods. Well that's a lie, I could but I'd be bloody miserable! So basically, I haven't.

I've taken a rather by-the-seat-of-my-pants approach and basically made it up as I went along. I set my MFP goal at 1200 a day but looked at it as a weekly rather than daily goal. So I could have a really fat day but I'd have to take my punishment in the chin and have a shitty salad-only day to compensate for it. Kind of a combination of ordinary calorie counting and 5:2 I suppose. A hybrid if you will. Basically as long as I came in below my total calorie goal by the end of the week I was happy.

It's definitely worked for me, I've lost 74lb and gone from a BMI of 32.3 to 20.9. I'm at the maintaining stage now but it's early days so I'm still logging everything, I'm way too scared to stop just yet. That way chocolate lies (or cheese in my case).

Lizzy, you will see, is a machine. Her food diaries are just fab and she works out like a bad ass. She is a far better example to follow.

Our Bssh is also a great example, she's lost a shed load of weight and done it really healthily. Well done, another fab loss this week.

You'll meet everyone else soon enough! Onwards and downwards Chiefs smile

happylass Fri 20-Sep-13 17:46:09

Well done bssh and welcome anote. Feel free to add me on mfp. My username is the same just with 14 on the end. I'm only aiming to lose 0.5lbs a week (definitely going for the marathon option Lizzy!!) so my calorie allowance is a generous 1700. I usually come in a bit under this though and I lost 4lbs in the first 2 weeks on there.
Managed to get my pizza in to my calorie allowance yesterday and I'm off to the gym tonight so feeling more positive today. Back on it properly next week though after a bit of Randalling this weekend!

RandallPinkFloyd Fri 20-Sep-13 19:32:50

You go Happylass good losses and Randalling. Excellent work!

Forgot to say, I'm RandallFloyd on MFP so feel free to add me.

ShadeofViolet Sat 21-Sep-13 19:29:25

Am I allowed to join this thread smile

I am currently about 1.5 stone overweight. I am going on holiday next year and would love to be able to feel confident about my body in a bikini and summer dresses.

I am 11 st. 2lb and would like to get down to 9st 10lb. I plan to increase the amount of walking I do. Although I do quite a bit I would like to do about 5 miles more a week. I also plan on swimming about 50 lengths, 4 times a week.

Lizzylou Sat 21-Sep-13 20:29:49

Hi shade smile
Sounds a good plan!

ShadeofViolet Sat 21-Sep-13 22:59:28

I hope so. I have found a bikini that I love so I am hoping that it will be my inspiration.

BsshBossh Sun 22-Sep-13 00:02:25

Welcome Violet. The walking sounds great. What's your food/diet plan?

anotetofollowso Sun 22-Sep-13 11:03:30

Hello and thank you for the welcome messages. I'm thrilled to have discovered you all. MFP really feels like a new start for me - somehow I am responding to the sense of control that logging my food gives me. But I know, I know, I will give it all up soon unless I have some support (I have tried MFP before) so I am hoping that the combination of MFP and you lot will really add up to a new beginning.

Thank you VERY much for that calories info. It's extremely useful. I'm going to start out at 1500 calories, without allowing myself extra for exercise, and aim to exercise 4 to 5 times a week. Okay, 5. I know 1500 is quite generous (I am only 5.3) but I want to lose slowly and steadily. And I used to have a superb metabolism that allowed to scoff more or less what I wanted without getting too porky, but I am afraid that is no longer the case. So I want to experiment a bit and see what I can get away with and still lose weight. I hadn't considered Randalling though - I've tended to see each day in isolation so I was very interested to read about that - especially as weekends tend to be calorie tsunamis for me.

Feelin' good this Sunday am because I have just done a gym session. Going out for a Thai lunch with friends (I know, I know .... Tsunami warning) so I just had an egg for brekkie to try and save myself some calories.

Do we weigh in on this thread? If so, how often? I wouldn't mind checking in from time to time.

See you all here and on MFP.

RandallPinkFloyd Mon 23-Sep-13 12:30:57

Welcome welcome ShadesofViolet. (lovely NN btw, what was the inspiration?) A very realistic goal and a fab motivation too. Good luck!

Your plan sounds great anote. Totally doable but should get you some good results too. As regards weighing in, we have no rules here, you can weigh or not weigh whenever you like, someone will always be here to either congratulate or commiserate!

When I was losing I weighed weekly on a Wednesday because that was my first day of chiefing do I just stuck with it. It also worked well for me because it was half way between weekends so more likely to be a true weight iyswim.

I'm still weighing weekly for now just to make sure I stay on track but there isn't anything to log as I'm fluctuating by less than a lb so far so there doesn't seem to be much point in recording every tiny fluctuation.

I wouldn't recommend weighing any more than once a week because it won't be accurate and you can end up a bit obsessed. I know Bssh used to only weigh every 2-4 weeks and that really worked for her so just go with whatever you think is best for you.

Can I join you all?

I'm on MFP (Charlee1003) I am always so good at logging for a few weeks then fall of the wagon into a sea of pie.

DP is doing it to, we're helping each other.

I want to lose the weight over a very long period of time before we start thinking of DC4.

I'm 11st exactly today, at 5ft that is no good, although I'm 6lbs down since last time I dived from the mfp wagon.

I always add quite a few recipes if anyone at you add me and feel like poaching them, smile

I'm on 1200 cals a day which I find easy although I always go over for Sugar.

RandallPinkFloyd Mon 23-Sep-13 13:16:01

Hi tits, welcome aboard!

I'm RandallFloyd on MFP if any if the new recruits wants to add me, I'm not a good example but my diaries might at least make you feel better about your own!

BsshBossh Mon 23-Sep-13 14:11:23

Welcome Tits. Hopefully you're more likely to stick with it if your DP's doing it too, but don't get disheartened if he loses more quickly as men seem to have a pesky habit of doing that envy.

anoteto I used to weigh in every few months but now, for some reason, it suits me to weigh in weekly. I weigh in every Friday morning as that's the end of my second 5:2 fast and I like to be at my guaranteed lightest. I think we all generally weigh in on different days?

BsshBossh Mon 23-Sep-13 14:12:08

Apologies Tits, I've assumed your DP is male blush.

Hehe it's ok he is very much a man ... He has quite a bit more to lose than me so I expect him to lose quicker.

I will add people in a mo.

I'm not able to do a lot in the way of fitness, my pelvis completely separated and both hips dislocated during my last pregnancy so any workouts are quite painful. I do a little bit of walking and all the house work though so I'm not completely immobile.

I'm size 12 at the moment, I'd like to be a comfortable 10 and about 9st.

Lizzylou Mon 23-Sep-13 20:35:44

Hello Tits, recipes would be fab, I seem to be stuck in a rut foodwise!
Anote, 1500 is fine I think, it's got to be doable!

I am LizzylouM on mfp, I may be going to bed soon as I have just done 1 hours bodypump and 45 minutes body combat as I can't go spinning on Wednesday as DH is away and then will be Randalling in Belfast this weekend.

I had lucky charms for breakfast blush they are my weakness.

RandallPinkFloyd Tue 24-Sep-13 10:48:41

Well, after a slightly shall we say 'indulgent' week I did a couple of fast days Sun/Mon and I'm somehow down 2.4lb. I mean I'm not complaining or anything, far from it, but the dieting is a funny old business isn't it? confused

Oh well, it puts me at almost 7lb under my goal weight so that'll do for me!

Randalling in Belfast Lizzy? Well jel envy

Not so jel of the lucky charms, they ming hard.

BsshBossh Tue 24-Sep-13 11:13:19

Woohoo Randall you've got a bigger buffer now smile (oh, that sounds rude!).

RandallPinkFloyd Tue 24-Sep-13 11:29:07

Ooh, nothing like a big buffer eh? wink

ShadeofViolet Tue 24-Sep-13 14:22:41

Thanks for the lovely welcome.

Managed to walk 2 miles today and swim 25 lengths so feeling oaky. Eating isnt going so well blush but according to MPL I am still under calories (although that does include the extra I have earned from the exercise]

Am going to try harder tomorrow on the eating front.

anotetofollowso Tue 24-Sep-13 15:47:15

Hi, just checking in. Thanks for sharing your weigh-in strategies. I'll pick Monday for my weekly weigh-in ...stark reality check. I am a metric gal - and find it easier to think in kilos. Is it okay to give kg weights? Yesterday I was 72.2kg (which is 11st, 4.7).

Back soon to find out how you're all doing.

Lizzylou Tue 24-Sep-13 18:53:53

I have just done Insanity for the first time since before summer. Bleurgh.

Dinkydoos Tue 24-Sep-13 20:32:21

Hello anote, shade, tits welcome to chief ing!
I don't do the mfp stuff anymore as I am lazy... But have basically lost around a stone and a half chief ing, mainly 5:2 ing tbh, as feast and famine suits my wine habits! Just trying to maintain now as around 22/23 bmi
Everyone's lovely on this thread, you'll soon learn that lizzy and tea are excercise machines that make you feel like the last one to be picked for the hockey team at school, and that bsssh is just a massive jaw dropping weight loss guru, that randall manages to booze her way like a proper good un and still lose ( jealous moi?) and me, buzzy, lego et al just plod away! double hasn't been around for a while, where are you???

Mrsb999 Wed 25-Sep-13 10:30:13

Hello can I join too??

Me me me! Started AGAIN Monday, have lots to lose! My DS is 6 months and I was very lucky to be lighter after having him than pre pregnancy (the hyperemesis that caused the weight loss not so lucky!) but since then I've eaten shit and now need to do something about it!

Mrsb999 Wed 25-Sep-13 10:32:45

Ok I may as well get the hard bit over now:

I'm 5ft 3 and as of Monday 23rd sept I'm 14 st 5.5 lbs

When do we all weigh in? I've set my calories as 1400 on mfp is this ok?

RandallPinkFloyd Wed 25-Sep-13 11:00:55

Hi Mrsb, welcome smile

I had the charming HG too and ended up in a similar state. I do think it does something truly bizarre to your innards which lasts a good long while. There were other reasons too but I put the majority of my weight on in the year following DS's birth not before.

I was 15 stone when I started chiefing back in January and I'm now 9.5 so don't feel daunted by the numbers, it's totally doable. (1400 sounds perfect, that's what I started with.)

Weigh-in whenever you want to, as long as it's no more than weekly just do whatever works for you. We have no roolz here, we are Chiefs, mavericks by our very nature!

Ok, that was a bit of an exaggeration but we really don't have any rules, we're just doing the best we can in our own ways.

BsshBossh Wed 25-Sep-13 11:25:57

Welcome Mrsb999. Yep, as Randall says, we have no rules; we're all losing weight (or maintaining weightloss) in a variety of ways. Just get stuck in smile

Mrsb999 Wed 25-Sep-13 11:35:49

Ok great I shall weigh in on a Monday then!

Carikube Wed 25-Sep-13 12:38:14

Welcome newbies - titsalina I've sent you a friend request via MFP. mrsb999 , shade and any other new members, I'm Carikube on MFP if you want to add me.

I am in awe of those with big buffers (oo-er) as well as those who exercise like crazy. I'm just doing WW (whilst I have 3 months free, then I'll be dropping it and just doing MFP) and also the couch25k. DH was a pain and was away last night so I couldn't do my next run this morning and will have to do it tomorrow morning instead. However we have friends staying tonight so I think wine and a late night will be in order, so whether I feel capable of getting up at 6am to go running, I have no idea.

I'm on 1200 cals on MFP but that's because it ties in better with the points that I have on WW. The first few days I felt really unwell (probably my body going in to shock at the lack of crap) but now I don't find it that hard to stick to. I'm just over half way towards my target weight so hopefully that won't take too long and I can go on to a maintenance level instead. I also have a Fitbit, so I can often be found walking round and round the kitchen in the evening if I haven't got to my 10,000 steps for the day....

Today started so well, Apple and banana for breakfast.

Then I was involved in a car accident and ate 2 brownies to help with shock.

Apart from minor whiplash no one was hurt, luckily.

I've accepted friend requests, thanks for adding me smile

My weigh ins will be Monday.

BsshBossh Wed 25-Sep-13 13:26:06

Oh tits that's terrible! Hope you get the car (and your nerves) sorted soon {{hugs}}

happylass Wed 25-Sep-13 16:07:15

Just checking in as haven't been on here in a while. Welcome to the newbies. Feel free to add me on MFP. I'm happylass14. Need all the encouragement I can get. Only 4 weeks in and the exercise has already gone out the window and the healthy eating is going rapidly downhill. Just so busy with work and then so knackered I've not got time for anything! Will make a big effort to get the exercise back on track this weekend. As long as I don't put any weight on this week I'll be happy. Well done to all the other chiefs. Still amazed by your fitness efforts and self control!

BsshBossh Wed 25-Sep-13 16:27:15

happylass do you forward plan all meals? I find that planning the week's meals at the weekend then doing all the shopping for it realy helps me keep on track rather than reaching for crap. I keep our fruit bowl stocked, for example, so I can easily grab something on the run or when I get the munchies. Keep unsalted nuts or healthy snacks in so you don't automatically reach for the junk...

I'm fine thank you, the car is fixed (thanks to my lovely BIL) nerves are settled (brownies work magically!)

does anyone know if the MFP prediction of what you'll weigh in 5 weeks time is accurate?

I will just add, we pick 7 meals on a Sunday to eat during the week although we don't set them on a certain day.

I don't purposely plan for them to be low cal I just make them as normal then adjust my day accordingly.

I'm way over for sugar again today (as always) fruit and brownies saw to that! confused

Mrsb999 Wed 25-Sep-13 17:17:55

What happens if I add people to mfp? Can we see each others progress etc?

Not eaten much today as Ds teething and taking up my time! Which means ill either be way under cals for the day or I can have a big tea!

BsshBossh Wed 25-Sep-13 18:16:26

Tits when I used MFP my daily calorie target was high (1800 cals) and MFP used to admonish me saying I would lose 0.5 lbs in 5 weeks. I think I was losing 1-3 lbs a week grin.

anotetofollowso Wed 25-Sep-13 21:11:54

Why oh why did I blow a really good day's eating this evening!!! It's almost impossible to eat carefully when I'm out with DS. Let's just say the meal at friends ended with vast amounts of tiramisu....and the meal was hotdogs - yes even for the grownups !!!What's a girl to do ?<<whines>>>

On the plus side, I did a good gym session this morning and I wasn't bad until I went out for supper. Tomorrow is another day ... Hope it's a good one for Chiefs everywhere.

happylass Wed 25-Sep-13 21:44:59

I also mostly plan 7 meals for the week but I don't really think its the meals that are causing the problem. It's that I generally get home from work around 4pm (usually starving as don't get much chance to eat whilst I'm in work) but we don't eat until 9-10pm when DP gets in. It's during this time that I snack. Find that fruit etc doesn't fill me up enough so end up reaching for the junk. Think maybe I need to factor in a healthy 'mini' meal for his time rather than picking on lots of different things. Maybe a bowl of cereal would do the trick? Some days almost half my calories come from snacks so I really need to sort this out!

Hello. I'd like to report a missing "self control." I seem to have lost the ability to fast and I seem to have a compulsion to put everything in Bath in my mouth blush

I've not had a computer for the last six days so I need to catch up on Chiefly action.

<hopes that reading the thread will inspire a less compulsive way to eat>

OMG ..... how exciting so many new Chiefs and Chiefly news. So much I want to say but so much has gone on.

Anyways. Helloooooo. I'm WillStillNeedTeaAndGin on MFP.

Happy that sounds tough ... having to wait until that late ... can you eat earlier by yourself for a few weeks just to loose the weight? could you split your meal in half? What about having carrots, celery, rice cakes, some almonds and a couple of squares of chocolate earlier? That's really hard. I think the only way I could eat that late is to perhaps shred at 6pm or something ... I find exercising and mint tea suppress my appetite.

Randall wow .... 7lb buffer? That's brilliant. I'm sure I lifted one of those in the gym yesterday wink

I think I need a new set of goals now I've done the half marathon. I seem to be up 2lbs on my lowest weight after that training. I think that once September is done I'm going to have a little weight loss target to take me into Christmas so I have a bit of a buffer too. I need to think about my non-weight loss goals too ...

BsshBossh Fri 27-Sep-13 07:55:42

Morning all. Weigh in Friday for me and no change in weight. But still at my lowest ever adult weight smile


lowest ever adult weight deserves wine

Excellent maintaining dude

buzzybuzzybeeshoes Sat 28-Sep-13 08:01:14

Hi chiefs, been missing in action. Suddenly whacked on 5lb, which I don't think was fair , and then couldn't bear to post - because that will obviously make it all better, won't it?? Had people staying, ate out and just general unchiefliness. Got a bit of a handle on it now; I'm 1lb up on my previous low (all together now, that's just a big poooo)

Welcome to all new chiefs. I'm shrewvole on MFP if anyone wants to add me. Yesterday's diet was ridic if anyone wants a look. It reads like the diary of a toddler on Christmas Day when all the adults are too pissed and knackered to exert any dietary control.

I haven't run for nearly 2 months now, although I have been keeping up swimming as far as possible - missed a couple of those recently as DH was out or I was ill, but went Thursday. It really makes such a huuuuge difference to my whole attitude towards myself and my diet. I have sworn that Today I Will Run (though it'll just be a lumber/waddle)

Tea may I also grin at pearl necklace.

randall still losing! Amazing work.

happylass I have the exact same problem with DH coming home late, which he doesn't do all the time but does a fair bit, and snacking. I also have half my cals in snacks some days. I swim on Mondays and Thursday evenings so have started eating early with the kids on those days, would it be possible for you to do that a couple of nights a week? It still leaves 3 nights a week some weeks. The other thing that sometimes helps me is to cook one meal for everyone and then DH and I help ourselves to something already made, rather than me putting the kids to bed and THEN starting to cook, which is a guaranteed 9.30pm mealtime at least.

It is bollocks though, I know. Mine also never tells me when he is coming home late and when he isn't tbf he doesn't always know himself but I don't let that stop me ranting so I can't even plan! Or I'll get a text at 7.30 "just leaving" - great but I'm now in the middle of bath time so what use is it for me to know now? oh it gives me THE RAGE I tell you angry angry angry

buzzybuzzybeeshoes Sat 28-Sep-13 08:03:42

Bssh go you, slinky chief and super maintainer! Still at lowest adult weight, brilliant grin

RandallPinkFloyd Sat 28-Sep-13 10:48:58

Blimey tits hope you're ok and your car is fixable. The MFP predictions are rubbish btw, ignore them. They either bollock you for not eating enough or tell you you'll be the size of a whale if you don't calm it down.

Bssh lowest adult weight is definitely worthy of wine well done you!

MrsB when you 'add' people on MFP you can see their food diaries and weight loss logs. You can also comment on their stuff. It's really helpful because it gives the impression of a sort of accountability iyswim. Seeing it written down for your own eyes is sobering enough but having other people see it too takes it to another level.

You are amazing Tea, you run a half marathon and still you're not happy!

The wagon pulled over the wait for you buzzy don't worry. Only 1lb up so no harm - no foul. Jump back on and we'll say no more about it. Get yourself out for that run, it'll get that poo shifting too so double the benefit grin

buzzybuzzybeeshoes Sat 28-Sep-13 16:32:39

I went Randall grin I looked like this angry when I got back. The GPS isn't working on mapmyrun on my phone, but I managed a very slow waddle in a running motion for nearly half an hour, and felt great afterwards!

Well done buzzy - I think starting again is the hardest thing and 30 minutes is a brilliant first run back. Really, really good.

Randall you are vair wise.

There are some great losses recorded on MFP this week that don't seem to be on the thread. If you're reading dudes. Well done. Brilliant work.

Feeling the need to share two NSV for me in the last two days.

I went and played a proper game of hockey, for a club team, in a club kit, with 10 other players. First time in 20 years. I managed the full game, was fit enough to play midfield and I didn't look out of place either IYSWIM. So my other Chiefing objective of playing club hockey for a season has commenced.

I can't believe that I couldn't run one single kilometre on 26th December!

In your face my lardy arse of 2012wink

Oh. And most exciting was buying my kit. Tis a size 8 gringringringrin

In your face my size 16 trackie bottoms of 2012 wink

Honestly Chief dudes. I couldn't have done either without you. I genuinely am so very grateful.

Right I need booze!

happylass Sat 28-Sep-13 18:20:30

Bssh huge congrats on the lowest ever weight. Tea congrats on all the hockey playing. Buzz I can empathise with the angry angry on not knowing what time DP is coming home. Had a massive row with mine about it this week. He's self employed so doesn't have a set finishing time and is often far later than he said he'll be but doesn't let me know until it's too late. Thursday he didn't get in until 10:45 and said he wasn't really hungry and didn't eat the food I'd made him or seem bothered that I'd waited to eat with him. Rage isn't the word!!
Anyway the snacking doesn't seem to have had too much of a negative impact as lost 6lb in the 4 weeks that I've been doing MFP which is more than I was hoping for so all good. Quick question: how do you calculate calories if you've eaten out (say a pub meal) or a recipe at home you've made from scratch? Do you just estimate? Or input all the ingredients seperately?

Brilliant loss Happy. And sorry to hear about DH's rather inconsiderate behaviour. i know, from experience, that a supportive partner/family/pals is the only way to succeed with something like this. Hopefully the grumping will mean it doesn't happen again.

A lot of pub/restaurant food is already on there. So, for example, wagamamas. If there isn't an exact match I tend to go for a prepacked alternative - the assumption being that they're more likely to use a similar amount of fat. If I'm in a fresh, fresh food pub having a salad with no dressing and fish, I'd tend to input raw ingredients. I know I tend to be under but will try to move for 30 mins to give me a bit of grace for guessing.

happylass Sun 29-Sep-13 00:55:24

Got an Indian takeaway tonight and accidentally tipped a load of vinegar over most of mine so much of it was inedible angry. Great way to save calories though!

BsshBossh Sun 29-Sep-13 08:12:33

Great loss happy. In MFP I used to look at a range of similar meals and take the average then add on a few extra hundred cals to be on the safe side.

I've not recorded anything this weekend (end of the week) I've been awful, chocolate pudding, Chinese takeaway etc. I'll still weigh on Monday and hopefully seeing the actual numbers telling me I've gained will push me into not being such a greedy wotsit. blush

BsshBossh Sun 29-Sep-13 14:45:00

Tits if you follow the Randall method that many of us here do - undereat weekdays and overeat weekends - then you should have nothing to feel guilty about. I regularly logged 3000 calorie Saturdays and 3000 calorie Sundays on MFP but it was fine cause over the course of the week it all balanced out.

I usually under eat all week anyways so I might be ok ignores the week of baking I had this week grin

buzzybuzzybeeshoes Sun 29-Sep-13 16:28:44

[Runs into thread waving box] Randall I got a yellow stickered goats' cheese canapé kit! Looking forward to that, I can't imagine it'll be a problem if I leave it a couple of days.

Tits agree, Bssh and Randall are proof the chuffing all weekend approach works if you balance it out.

Tea enjoy every moment of the hockey for a proper side, in your slinky kit!

That 5lbs seems to be back, I don't really know why hmm

buzzybuzzybeeshoes Sun 29-Sep-13 16:38:57

Well done on the loss happy smile

anotetofollowso Sun 29-Sep-13 19:33:37

Hello Chiefs. I had a good-ish weekend and am so hoping to have dropped a bit when I weigh in tomorrow. Congratulations to the losers. I'm in awe of what you've achieved and its so inspiring to read about it. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

Is it okay if I stay on the thread here on MN but don't share my diaries with you all? I'm only just starting to feel better about controlling my food intake and it's still a stretch for me to show others what I'm eating each day. I know the world isn't fascinated by what I had for breakfast, and that sharing diaries is a great way to get support but right now ... I feel I need to be in the fat-clothes closet a bit longer.

sparklesandfizz Sun 29-Sep-13 19:49:35

Hi there was wondering if you'd all mind me tagging along for the journey. Joined Mfp exactly 1 month ago and have lost 16.5lb so feeling chuffed with myself but lonely. Seems you guys are all having a good time whilst depriving yourselves - looks good and may help keep me motivated. Look forward to hearing tales of success.

BsshBossh Sun 29-Sep-13 20:46:20

Welcome sparkles! Depriving ourselves, did I hear you say? Hardly wink.

anoteto I don't even log on MFP anymore but the Chiefs don't hold it against me smile

Right Sunday is nearly over.

I need to get my act together and stop being lardy. I've meal planned this weeks dinners, it's just breakfast and lunch that I need to work on to keep the sugar down. smile

anote of course we won't hold it against you .... the first rule of Chief club is there are no rules.

sparkles that's a great first month. Well done. I'm WillStillNeedTeaAndGin. I too have Randalled this weekend and I need to pull my finger out and fast today.

Tits full-fat greek yoghurt with berries and eggs are my failsafe go tos for lunch and breakfast.

Buzzy goats cheese canapés. Yum.

Good luck with weigh-ins.

RandallPinkFloyd Mon 30-Sep-13 08:42:02

Huzzah Buzzy it's bloody lush, enjoy! (The 5lb is not real weight, it'll disappear as quickly as it appeared <sage nod>)

Don't worry about it tits, as long as you balance it out you'll be fine honestly. You can't be good all the time (well you can if you're Lizzy but that's another story) sometimes a good blow out gets it out of your system.

anote you can do things whatever way you want, as Tea said - we have no rules here! If you want to though there is an option of friending people on MFP but not letting them see your diary, it's in the settings. I'm just thinking it may help you to see what the rest of us eat, it'll probably make you feel a hell of a lot better about what you eat! Anyway the option's there if you want it, I'm certain non of us would mind one bit.

Hi sparkles, come in, make yourself at home. 16.5ln in your first month is fantastic work, well done you! I'm RandallFloyd on MFP if you want to add me.

I have to fast today and tomorrow, I've been a bad chief, even by my already terrible standards blush

Oh well, onwards and downwards chiefs!

BsshBossh Mon 30-Sep-13 09:15:46

Morning Chiefs! I'll be joining you Randall and Tea in a Monday fast. I'm going to see if I can make it sans food (only liquids) until dinner time - I used to do this but got slack post school holidays. After this weekend, I need to give my digestion a serious rest and clean-out.

No change here on the scales, at least my week of baked good hasn't made me put on any weight.

RandallPinkFloyd Mon 30-Sep-13 09:51:22

No harm - no foul, tits!

<unenthusiastic high-five for the fellow repentors>

Hello Chiefs! Can I join? First day of MFP today and feeling optimistic. I'm on 1200 calories though, so let's see how long that lasts!

I have a black tie dinner thing with work at the end of October and tried my dress on at the weekend - disaster. It will only do up if I tug the zip and then there is an attractive back-fat situation going on. If I lose half a stone in October it will probably be ok. I'd like to lose 1.5 stones before Christmas.

Looking forward to venison sausage casserole tonight - but NO BOOZE all month.

RandallPinkFloyd Mon 30-Sep-13 10:16:25

Come on in Monkey the more the merrier smile

BsshBossh Mon 30-Sep-13 10:20:58

Welcome Monkey. Your casserole sounds yum!

anotetofollowso Mon 30-Sep-13 10:27:18

Oh I am just loving the Chiefs ... thrilled to be able to loiter without having to follow any rules. Randall, thank you, I'll explore the friending without sharing options. I would love to see what you all eat, and will take a deep breath and share my tawdry diet when I'm up to it.

I'm glad to say there's a teensy, weensy drop in my weight this Monday. I weighed in at 71.4kg ie 157.4 pounds. Long way to go but still - it's so encouraging to see some movement on the scales.

ps: Tea greek yoghurt with berries and eggs??? how?

Thanks Randall and Bssh.

The casserole is an old Cook Yourself Thin one: Here - you can get the calories down if you use Fry Light and reduce the amount of port.

Does everyone meal plan? I struggle if I don't.

RandallPinkFloyd Mon 30-Sep-13 10:48:23

A loss is a loss anote, well done.

Meal plan monkey? Good lord no. I exist almost exclusively on yellow label bargains! I think a lot of the more inspirational chiefs do though.

Dinkydoos Mon 30-Sep-13 11:00:02

Hello all, ESP newbies!
Had a proper full on eating weekend so must fast today. Highlights were cake, wine, pie, wine, sausage roll, wine, cheese, wine, French bread, wine...
You get the picture... grin
Already had about 8 pukka herbal teas so far, used to hate herbal teas tbh, but those pukka ones, especially the peppermint and liquorice are fab.
Great as they are though, I feel fecking starving!

Ohh I love Liquorice tea! It's quite an odd thing but quite pleasant. I recently had to do a trial of cutting caffeine from my diet (hellish!) I got quite into herbal teas. I have hundreds of different flavours.

Carikube Mon 30-Sep-13 12:12:35

Hello all and welcome to even more newbies. I'm Carikube on MFP if anyone wants to add me.

Our desktop pc went pffft last week and I am suffering as a result - I think I'm getting too old for this modern technology (touchscreens and the like) so haven't posted for a while. Have managed to nab a laptop for today so posting in a rush before it gets taken away. DH has ordered new pc but it won't arrive til later in the week.

I have now hit the 1 stone down mark which I am pretty chuffed about - I've been doing this for 7 weeks now so have stuck with the nice and steady 2 lbs a week loss. Now only 5 lbs off my goal weight but have been inspired by this thread to possibly look at a bit of a Randall cushion grin. Think I'm only going to stick to the 1200 cals for another 3 weeks and see where I get to with those last 5 lbs and then just be careful after that and see if any more gently slips away without me noticing. It will be around then that I will hopefully finish the C25k as well if I can keep that going for a little bit longer I think most of the stone seems to have disappeared off my chest - I'm going to have to go and get measured again as my bras are now all a bit too big. Now if I could just get some of it off my waist instead so I could actually fit back in to old clothes, that would be great...

Good luck to all those starting out and please stop talking about goats cheese as I will have to go out and get some at this rate...

I've made my diaries viewable now. smile

Managed not to eat all the junk today, woohoo!

I have baby group tomorrow though.... They provide free cake.

Cari well done dude. That's great. It feels brilliant to get to such a good milestone doesn't it? And running too. Whoooooop. I'm not sure whether you want to know this but I had to channel my inner shred bitch Jillian Michaels to get my waist into any shape in the end. The joys of being an old fecker.

Buzz ... I've done the same this week despite exercising like a loon Lizzy I'm another 2lbs up. grrrrrr. But Randall's right I'm sure it doesn't count. I'm fasting twice this week to see what happens. And I'm going to run on the spot a lot, and walk everywhere, and poo every day and then I'll be back to the Lowest Adult Weight Ever. On the other hand I might just snort a donut, hoover up some wine and eat a loaf of fig and walnut bread from M&S.

Dinks next time you have a weekend like that I shall be parking my arse on your sofa because that sounds like the nicest list of things EVER.

Welcome Monkey a frock seems like the best objective ever grin

I sort of meal plan. Actually I do meal plan but not for Chiefing reasons more trying to make sure that there's enough food in the house otherwise I fear it'd go all Lord of the Flies at mine and one of the 4DSs would grab the conch and eat me and/or my DH. So I tend to plan my fasting around their meals and cook a lower calorie alternative for me and DH when I'm feeding them mince and tatties for the fourth time that month!

anote ... greek yoghurt with berries (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries) are good as a bit of a natural sugar hit in the morning to keep the sweet cravings away until lunch. Eggs for lunch or breakfast .... in many forms: on a salad, in an omelette with 4 pieces of chorizo and goats cheese, fried with just a bit of bacon. Yum.

So I fasted until 630pm. I've eaten about 400 calories, I've drunk all the mint tea in the house and most of the sparkling water. I am still fecking hungry. I need to power through until the morning. I've been a bad faster too Bssh. I want to make it. Will I make it? <sobs>

<goes off to look at Tits food>

BsshBossh Mon 30-Sep-13 19:52:53

Tea keep powering on - the fast day is nearly over and tomorrow you can eat what you want. I've been good too, thank God - just black coffee and water all day. Will break my fast in an hour when DH comes home. Think I'll have soup and fruit.

I'm another who doesn't eat until 9pm due to DH working late. But I'm used to it now so it doesn't really bother me much. If I get peckish I have fruit. The good thing about late eating is it stops me late-night snacking.

Mrsb999 Tue 01-Oct-13 10:40:02

Well not the best start for me....all was going well until last Thursday when hubby returned from a work trade show with a humongous bag of goodies and I'm afraid to say the willpower got the better of me!

Weighed in yesterday and it showed a 1 lb loss which I guess is ok but it could have been a lot better as I usually lose a lot on week one of a diet - if I stick to it!!

RandallPinkFloyd Tue 01-Oct-13 10:51:31

A loss is a loss, well done!

How about >>THIS<< for a bit of perspective on that 1lb!

Brilliant Mrsb. I think the thing is it has to be sustainable. So if you find you have willpower Monday to Thursday and none at the weekend like most of us that's how you manage it.

I actually think the one thing that all the Chiefs have in common is the loving a weekend of loveliness and getting it under control during the week.

Onwards and downwards.

RandallPinkFloyd Tue 01-Oct-13 11:26:52

Speak for yourself Tea shock

I'll have you know I am a paragon of dieting virtue and did not, repeat, did not use my 500 fast-day calories on a delicious blue cheese & caramelised onion sausage roll.

(Disclaimer: I had an orange too. No scurvy for me)

Randall I see your point. I did not have gin with my 500 calories yesterday but I too will avoid scurvy. It had cucumber in wink

Mmmmm blue cheese

RandallPinkFloyd Tue 01-Oct-13 12:11:21

I did spot that, respek dude grin

The sausage roll was amazing. It was from my favourite deli in Llangollen. A big, fat, handmade one with Shropshire blue cheese. Drooooool!

BsshBossh Tue 01-Oct-13 13:01:33

Sausage rolls, blue cheese, gin... mmmmm, thank God it's not a fast day today.

Mrsb agree with the other Chiefs that a loss is a loss, but I can understand your disappointment. Just don't let this ahem "setback" (it's so not a setback but I'm putting myself in your head) derail you.

Still plodding on here, Hungarian Beef Stew for dinner with rice. Slightly over for sugar and Protein again today (what's new?) I did have a lovely slice of Vicky sponge at baby group though. grin

BsshBossh Tue 01-Oct-13 13:02:40

Beef stew... now I haven't had that in a long while. My use the excuse that it's now October to root out my winter recipes.

It's actually a Goulash... I'm not sure there's a lot of different tbh. grin

I may go on holiday to Llangollen. That sounds lovely.

Mmmmmm. Beef stew.

To be honest, the apple I've just eaten was not enough. I would like more Mexicana cheese and a blue cheese sausage roll

RandallPinkFloyd Tue 01-Oct-13 18:54:15

Today's fast consisted of fish & chips. blush

I wish I liked stew. It's so healthy and so convenient to make but the problem is it mings so hard I just can't do it.

Now mexicana cheese in the other hand..........

<ponders the eternal question of how on earth she ever got fat>

Did you have full fat milk in your tea? <innocent face>

RandallPinkFloyd Tue 01-Oct-13 19:16:43

See? I don't even drink tea!
It's a conundrum that's what it is.

You're right. A complete mystery.


perhaps you are the next stage in the evolutionary journey of mankind?

Which might mean that I am too.

RandallPinkFloyd Tue 01-Oct-13 20:50:54

Ooh, I like that!

Dinkydoos Tue 01-Oct-13 21:05:57

Ooh, re beef stew. Honestly google jools favourite beef stew. ( you know ,, Jamie's mrs) . It's awesome. The butternut squash just melts into the sauce. It's sooooo not like one of those grey slow cooker horrors.
randall that sausage roll has me fantasising....
tea gin is v v v bargainous on calories, it's like just a bite of a biscuit innit [ grin]

Dinkydoos Tue 01-Oct-13 21:06:48

Duh. Smiley fail grin

Carikube Tue 01-Oct-13 22:18:12

Was doing really well today - even had enough WW points for the red wine I had with dinner. But then DH suggested a trip to the pub as MIL had come to stay and 11 WW points later I realise this could be a long week until she goes home (hmm)

Grey slow cooker stew?! Not in this house, I cook most nights (days) in the sc and I've never had anything grey. The stew was lovely. grin I do like Jools' favourite stew though. smile

Tomorrow is a minced beef Wellington, mash and veg.

Diets suck so hard, I have a large bag of Christmas confectionary that I could be nomming right now. sad

Dinkydoos Wed 02-Oct-13 09:27:10

tits I can't seem to get stews right in my sc, what's the secret? Really like hams and brisket etc, but when I try and do stew it's always bleak. Actually I think I use too much liquid... Will maybe retry as love the smell when you have been out all day and come in and dinners done!

BsshBossh Wed 02-Oct-13 09:30:09

There's far too much talk of yummy food on this thread. I love dieting grin.

I don't use liquid in the sc for anything really unless it's a splash of ale or wine, I just put meat, veg, sprinkle with flour and herbs add a tin of toms and a meat stock pot, couple of bay leaves and turn it onto low all day, the juices from the veg and meat top up the tomatoes to make a lovely thick sauce. smile

All going well here today, I think I feel thinner if that makes sense? Planned out my day food wise.

I've started thinking about the C word and making pickles, chutneys and spiced alcohol. smile

RandallPinkFloyd Wed 02-Oct-13 11:09:41

Phew, the fasting worked. Only 0.2lb up on last weeks surprise loss so I'm more than happy with that.

Off to scoff a bacon butty!

BsshBossh Wed 02-Oct-13 22:24:45

Ladies I'm logging on MFP again - just for a while to check I'm not overeating my TDEE on non-fast days (I'm 5:2ing). Open diary so that I'm fully accountable. I'm Bssh on there so feel free to add me smile

happylass Thu 03-Oct-13 08:33:50

Bssh I'll add you on MFP - I need all the telling off support I can get.
Randall I'm heading North tomorrow as DP is working in Deeside and I'm tagging along for the weekend as its the only chance we get to see each other Just wondering where I can go for some decent shopping? Should I check out aforementioned deli in Llangollen (or maybe not for the sake of my waistline!)? Or would Chester be better?

I have to go out for lunch today, it's my Nan's 93rd birthday, then tonight I'm at the cinema... I'm still deciding wether or not to write today off.
I did however manage to say "no thank you" when DP tried to buy me cinnamon buns at Tesco yesterday, that my friends took some willpower. grin

Despite years in the northwest I did not realise there was a Deeside in Wales! Every day is a school day! Chester is lovely Happy and Liverpool is worth a waft around. Depends what you're after. I love both cities for shopping with history thrown in.

Tits Could you go for salad or a high protein meal at Granny's birthday so you can have cake? Or ignore the cinema temptations? Or low calorie tomorrow to compensate? Or do an extra 30 mins moving about today? Oooooo so many ways to offset the cake wink

Great work Randall

See you on MFP Bssh

'twas my wedding anniversary yesterday. I have a wee hangoverhmm

bigknickersforthepicker Thu 03-Oct-13 10:16:10

Hello! Im new and fat... can I join you?

I have my final dress fitting in 8 weeks. Get married in ten.. Have just discovered cos im still a size ten in my head that im 13 st and s size 16 and I feel fucking awful.

I want to do the best I can to get a nice bit off before the wedding and hopefully it all off eventually.

Pass me a brew

Hello ..... I'm old and dimply around the arse despite a 2 stone weight loss!

Jump on board dude. We'll shuffle up.

Have you got an MFP account? I'm WillStillNeedTeaAndGin.

Sooooo do you have a plan? We seem to cover all bases for weight loss here. Some are daily counting with 1200 goal, some are weekly counting, some of us 5:2, some of us exercise like loons. All of us seem to eat more at the weekend. And most of us seem to like cake, booze and cheese.

bigknickersforthepicker Thu 03-Oct-13 10:45:50

You sound like my kind of guys!

I had a brief affair with mfp but couldn't get used to it. I just downloaded weight watchers online and im snooping around there. I think the 49 weekly points to spend on treats might be what I need right now.

My main issues revolve around distinct willpower issues but mostly work. Its really tricky. I leave at 6:30 return at 7pm and always have my toddler with me. My days are unpredictable. I take food with me but sometimes my plans get disrupted and I get stuck somewhere unable to access anything that constitutes good food. I found with mfp if this happened I couldn't budget kcals and got a'the days ruined anyway' mentality. I wander if knowing I have those points will allow me a buffer in which will save my day if I get stuck?

definitely need to resume some regular exercise. I just have no energy reserves right now but I need to do it.

Do you guys weigh at home? I have some expensive devil scales ..can we update our process here.

I might name it Mission lace up. lol

bigknickersforthepicker Thu 03-Oct-13 10:47:13

tea 2st is awesome. . how long has it taken you? do you intend to loose anymore?

I'm not sure - the bulk fell off relatively quickly. I had previously lost a bunch of weight ... (I was about 200lbs in 2010, about 148lbs in January 2013 and I'm about 129lbs now).

For me what worked was reducing calories over a couple of weeks to about 1200 and walking more. Then about four weeks in I started fasting to allow my weekly total to count IYSWIM. I started running in March ... it was more of a shuffle and I've started playing hockey again and ran a half marathon last month.

WW sounds good. I find MFP quite good for thinking about exercise. I tend to record that more than anything else in there. I think you have to choose the thing that works for you. If your life is unpredictable you might want to look at what Randall has done.

I want to shift another 2-4lbs but clearly not enough to have the willpower to avoid a bottle of prosecco yesterday! And all the signs are I will give in to cake to deal with the hangover later.

bigknickersforthepicker Thu 03-Oct-13 11:35:34

That's awesome. Im off to meal plan.. eep.

Beastofburden Thu 03-Oct-13 11:35:35

hello, can I come and play? I need to shed a stone or maybe two please while still eating chocolate and drinking alcohol.

The Plan so far is to do more exercise- I will cycle to the pool, swim for half and hour and cycle home- gives me an hour altogether.

RandallPinkFloyd Thu 03-Oct-13 12:48:11

Chester is a must. If you want fancy cheese go to the market, there's two of the best cheese stalls ever in there! Also, if you like nice little delis but don't want to go as far as Llangollen (although it's only 20 odd miles from deeside) go to Bellis's in holt. Lots of delicious things there, they stock patchwork pâtés and snowdonia cheese etc.

There's loads more but I'm one lunch break so I'll be back later!

Hello new peeps, I'll introduce myself properly later smile

BsshBossh Thu 03-Oct-13 17:41:30

Oh oh oh <jumps around like a loon> lots of new Chiefs grin. Welcome all. Feel free (old and new) to MFP friend me as I'm back on it now. I'm Bssh there. Lost 3 stones on MFP alone last year (no exercise) and a further 2 stones this year in 5:2 and exercise. I still have just under a stone to go to get to BMI 21 so still chugging along (it's going much more slowly now but I'm a patient girl).

RandallPinkFloyd Thu 03-Oct-13 18:45:35

Hello to all the lovely new Chiefs. I'm RandallFloyd on MFP if any of you want to add me, nuts lease near in mind that I really am not a good example to follow blush

I've lost 5 1/2 stone since we started back in January.
Was 200.6lb now 133.2lb (still sounds high I know but I'm 5'8")
BMI was 32.3 now 20.5

It's been a very much ad hoc technique (as the rest of the chiefs will attest) but it's worked for me! I set my MFP goal at 1200 per day but as long as I was under for the week as a total I was happy.

I'm trying to maintain now so I've reset my goal to 1600 but am still sticking to the same basic premis. It's working so far but it's far too soon to get complacent!

Beastofburden Thu 03-Oct-13 18:49:38

Wow you are impressive! Have today been told I am massively anaemic which explains why exercise is so hard for me. Hoping to get a proper routine going and lose a stone. Still lurking on diets rather than actually doing it...... Thanks for the nice welcome smile

Well today was spectacular in rubbish foodness!

Woke up to no milk and mouldy bread so grabbed a bacon roll, lunchtime, nan ordered everyone ribs and chocolate sundaes (she has dementia so we generally let her go with what she wants) then I arrived to pick the kids up from after school football training to discover a very pale DS2 with a very broken wrist. He's just finished in a&me so we grabbed a mc Donald's on the way home.

Hey oh, tomorrow's another day, I did at least have a 30 min walk and fruit foraging sesh this morning.

RandallPinkFloyd Thu 03-Oct-13 19:34:50

Blimey tits what a day! Poor DS, hope it heals quickly for him.

beast, I assure I am far from impressive! I am a terrible chief but somehow I seem to have lost despite my rubbish-ness, it's far more fluke than technique.

(I have no idea what that typo in my last post is trying to day btw. 'Nuts lease near in mind'? Absolute gobbledygook. No clue what I was trying to say confused)

Carikube Thu 03-Oct-13 19:49:39

happylass I second the idea of going to Chester. I grew up there and also got married there and it is so lovely (though by the sounds of it, I have not done enough investigation of the cheese stalls). I'll be back there with the DDs in half term as my parents still live there.

Welcome newbies, please feel free to add me on MFP...I love looking at other people's food diaries as it quite often gives me inspiration.

I went out for a 3 course lunch today that included canapés (and Pimms grin) and have absolutely no idea how to point it on WW or on MFP so at the moment I'm just ignoring it and today just looks like a very weird food day for me. What does anyone else do in this sort of situation?

I had a job interview first thing and although I've been proud that I am only 5lbs off target, and currently the lightest I've been since I got married, I have realised that I am still considerably larger than a few years ago when I first bought my one smart suit as I had to get DH to help do the zip up on the skirt. I didn't own scales when I lived on my own so have only been conscious of how much I weigh since being with DH and using his scales. I'm now thinking that maybe my target weight isn't low enough and I need to take a few more pounds off (just when I thought I was nearly at the end of the diet...). In the meantime I am impressed that anyone could resist a cinnamon bun as I think that would be the undoing of me...

BsshBossh Fri 04-Oct-13 07:16:36

Weigh-in Friday and 2.2 lbs down this week smile
So that's a grand total of 73 lbs lost since February 2012 (27 lbs of those lost since Feb 2013 starting 5:2)
12 lbs to go to hit BMI 21.

Off to indulge on a weekend of Randalling (my usual type of weekend! and my weekends always start on Fridays eating-wise).

bigknickersforthepicker Fri 04-Oct-13 08:33:00

These posts are so inspiring. Your losses are great!

Im going to weigh myself this morning. :-( backin a mminute. .

bigknickersforthepicker Fri 04-Oct-13 08:38:23

oh fgs!

So I bought expensive proper scales. Just jumped on.. said 12.8.8.. that can't be right. weigh several times to check, says the same. . move the scales. . 13.2.4 weighed twice said the same. Moved them again ..13 exactly.

how am I supposed to know!? I know its not possible im 12.8

BsshBossh Fri 04-Oct-13 09:16:36

bigknickers I always weigh in exactly the same spot: placing the scales on the same tile in the bathroom so the figure is consistent week to week then I double check that figure on the scales at the gym. Could you double check at Boots or on a friend's scales?

bigknickersforthepicker Fri 04-Oct-13 09:55:49

Could have just lost 10lbs over night then ;) I wish.

Im So busy it would be really difficult to try and find somewhere reliable at a regular time to double check which is why i bought ££ scales hmm

either way this is all a bit shit

does anyone weigh monthly? I feel like it often goes to pot as soon as i weigh, even if i've lost. Im not sure why?

BsshBossh Fri 04-Oct-13 10:21:43

bigknickers I used to weigh monthly (sometimes I'd wait even longer) all of last year and it helped take the pressure of weight loss whilst still being good and dieting correctly. I'm a weekly weigher this year - just for a change.

Beastofburden Fri 04-Oct-13 14:02:57

Nuts lease near in mind'

You were saying "but please bear in mind" that I am a very bad role model.

which I dont think is true.

happylass Fri 04-Oct-13 16:28:00

Welcome newbies. Feel free to add me on MFP - I'm happylass14. Although I'm not the best example to follow as I taking the very slow and steady approach! Having said that I've shifted another 1lb this week and hit the half stone mark yey!
Bigknickers I'm also aiming to be slinky for my wedding, but mines not for another 10 months hence why I have a rather relaxed attitude to the weight loss at the moment. I'm sure that'll change as the big day approaches!
Thanks for all the info on North Wales/Chester. Will hear to Chester for some retail therapy tomorrow I think. The place where DP is working has a very lovely looking spa so think Sunday will be spent there for some much needed R & R smile
Hope you all have a good weekend and that lots of Randalling is planned!

anotetofollowso Fri 04-Oct-13 16:46:29

So it is/was all going beautifully. I'm loving the exercising, finding it easy to limit and log my food (going over my 1500 calories but exercising to make up for it) and I dropped a whole kg (2.2 pounds, I think) overnight.

And I panicked. I think it was the sight of the scale bearing the good news that did it. And I ate vast amounts of (deeevine)almond brittle and chocolate covered salted caramelised pecans (also divine, since you ask) last night. And was a little up this morning (.2 of a kg).

I'm not so worried about the fluctuations - I know there will be lots of those. I'm worried and amazed at my reaction to my small success. I began thinking 'what if its not so easy, what if my metabolism slows down, what if I lose all the weight and then put it on again, what if I rever to my former binge-style eating..' and then consumed vast amounts of junk - presumably to allay my fears ...

Is this just me? Have any of you experienced this? It's not something I would have predicted or expected. DOES it get harder as one goes along or is that just my fearful prediction? Please, talk some sense into me.

And thank you reading all this !

Bssh that's a great loss Chief. Well done. And may your weekend involve cheese and stuff.

bigknickers I weigh daily most weeks but don't post often because I haven't lost weight in fecking months. I do the same as Bssh though. Put it in the same place. If you try again tomorrow and pick the one that is closest to that. I kinda think it doesn't matter where you start. It matters which direction. Don't get despondent Chief. I remember weighing myself in January and jumping off to check whether one of the boys was on it with me. In my head I was still a size 12 but I'd reached a size 16. I started with just one good day. Just did one day. Then did another day. And so it started. Do it one day at a time and even with the occasional wheel of cheese slip up it'll work. Do a week. See how you go and then you could perhaps set a 10-14lb target for the Big W.

Randall was actually trying to explain a major contributor to her success has been renting men's bollocks. Testosterone helps. That's the theory anyway.

whoooooop happy that's great. Well done. And great milestone.

anote ahhhhh. yes. I ate a whole loaf of fig and walnut bread a couple of weeks ago. The key I think is to look at it as a weekly total. It allows you to binge madly but still make progress. And importantly don't feel like you've lost the war. I think this is the essence of the Randall. For example, I will drink booze this evening so have collected calories throughout today and yesterday to allow me to drink more than a couple and still have a good fast day. Fasting might also help you if you like a good scoff.

On the fluctuations. Lizzy and I are the queen of fluctations. I don't know how old you are but we are <ahem> fortyish and fabulous. We find we fluctuate more than some of the youngsters on the thread. So we might have a couple of weeks around AF when we'll stick and maybe even gain but the next two weeks we'll make good progress.

Have I experienced the worry about putting it on again? Yes. i'm still here because whilst I've got to my target weight really though I do want a couple more lbs I don't trust myself. And I've still got to get through Christmas which was responsible for at least a dress size last year. Bastard Christmas.

Hi Chiefs. I joined on Monday so thought I would give you a little progress report. After religiously logging everything on MFP, keeping to 1200 calories or slightly below and not having any booze at all, I have pound. Now I know it's only been five days, but I am a bit disappointed seeing as it's my first week and I would expect to lose some water weight (which I know is only an illusion of weight loss anyway but it's such a boost to see the scales come down).
Ah well. Chicken and butternut squash curry and the first ever episode of Breaking Bad tonight. Onwards and Hope you are all getting on well, some of you are so inspiring!

BsshBossh Fri 04-Oct-13 19:54:54

anoteto I don't panic when I see a loss on Friday weigh-in but I do celebrate by eating loads more than my daily total and then that continues through the weekend. But like Tea and Randall I take the weekly view and it all balances out. I've been Randalling right from the beginning and it's worked very well for me. Well done on the loss though!

Monkey well done too! 1 lb is great and it definitely adds up as the weeks progress. Do you have much to lose?

Thanks Bssh. Three stones to lose to get back to a healthy BMI. About nine months at this rate. Still, as someone wiser than me once said, the time will pass anyway, so we might as well do something useful with it!

BsshBossh Fri 04-Oct-13 23:20:22

Very wise words indeed.

bigknickersforthepicker Sat 05-Oct-13 07:05:30

Right. Here we go. My first day. I want to take the opportunity to begin changes in other areas of my life that im not happy with too. I knew last night was pizza night at work so knew today would be the day. Im feeling (physically) awful for the pizza though. . my poor tum! Actually makes this much easier since im craving light fresh foods now.

My first bootcamp in 8 weeks tomorrow. Wish me luck!

Be the change the change. ... I will be a happy confident bride!

Im guessing im starting at 13 st. 3 .. I'd REALLY love to be 11st somthing. .even if its just 11.13 on my wedding day. Now.. thats like 1st 4lbs ish.. I've got 8 weeks till my dress fitting and 10 weeks till my big day. Its a really really tall order but I'm hoping not impossible with hard work.

need all the support I can get X

BsshBossh Sat 05-Oct-13 07:22:45

We're behind you bigknickers! Keep reporting day's activities if it helps you and we'll kick you up the bum if you flag grin.

bigknickersforthepicker Sat 05-Oct-13 08:10:32

lol! I've just had two eggs on toast with spinach. . just grabbed salmon from the freezer and will have that with salad and some sweet chilli sauce at lunch.. I think I've pork medalians this evening. . think ill grill them with lots of peppers and onions in harrissa and perhaps some wild rice if I fancy it. Will go log it all in the ww app and see how that pans out.

I've got a family members birthday this afternoon. . I will not eat any of it..! Will grab some fruit for handbag.

BsshBossh Sat 05-Oct-13 09:16:50

bigknickers - all that protein should keep you nicely filled up and knock any cravings on the head. But don't beat yourself up if you eat cake etc at the birthday - just try and be moderate and cut back tomorrow.

DoubleMum Sat 05-Oct-13 09:52:26

OK you've convinced me I'm a lardy arse on MFP and I'm back. It's a shockingly bad week to be back mind you so I might not be around much as I have some rabbit-bonding to do and might be too busy breaking up fights to surf the interweb.
I have no idea how much I've put back on - not all of it as am still in smaller trousers but they are tight! I have been mainlining peanut butter icecream which is not well-known for it's weightloss properties. On the plus side it probably contains more protein than other dairy products.
I am not going to attempt to read back so apologies, but I have so much to do already this weekend it's stupid. I shall assume you are all domestic and fitness goddesses as usual. And that Randall is still losing weight despite astonishing cider and cheese binges which would floor a concrete elephant.

RandallPinkFloyd Sat 05-Oct-13 10:00:14

shock Double how dare you besmirch my good name in such a way?! I'm shocked. Shocked I tell you. I'll have you know I didn't eat any cheese at all yesterday.

(There's a chance I may have had a little cider but that's neither here nor there)

Really good to see you back chief, we've missed you x

bigknickersforthepicker Sat 05-Oct-13 10:45:21

doublemum your posy made me chuckle!

bigknickersforthepicker Sat 05-Oct-13 10:51:52

interesting. . mfp says my food log for today (assuming I eat what i have planned. . ) is exactly 1000 calories and my exact 29pp allowance. ..

BsshBossh Sat 05-Oct-13 11:34:35

Welcome back Double smile

Lizzylou Sat 05-Oct-13 11:39:57

Can I sneak back in please?
After a fab weekend away showing my boobs to Belfast, I fell off the diet and exercise wagon all week shock
Just one bodypump session this week. Just lost my mojo a tad and life in the way.

Hello to all new chiefs and welcome back to Double.

Sounds great bigknicks. I luffs a bit of protein. And that's a really impressive first day menu. Spinach and eggs for breakfast. YUM.

<snort> Double you got it right on the nose there matey. She's also eaten all the yellow stickered items at M&S in the whole of Wales and is still managing to maintain goddess status with flicky hair and the like. It is as Randall says good to have you back. Well done on staying in the same trousers. Now WTF is bunny bonding? And have you set up a fight club over the summer?

I fasted yesterday and managed three gins. Today there is a beer in the fridge with my name on and a cake somewhere in Bath that I will fall on with my mouth open. I was meant to go and play hockey this morning at 9am but it seems that if DS4 pisses on my foot at 4am in the morning it removes my powers to get out of PJs by 1221 on a Saturday morning.

<goes off to poo and weigh-in>

Applesnotcakes Sat 05-Oct-13 12:33:05

Hello Chiefs, you are the most inspiring - and the funnest - thread on here so I'm hoping some of both elements can get me back on track. After taking 9 months to lose 2 stone - starting at 16 stone 4, I've been faffing around losing a few pounds and putting them back on since July. I blamed the holidays and marvellously extensive 50th birthday celebrations but can no longer get away with that and need to shake things up.

My plan is a Randall and Bssh style weekly approach to allow for my alcohol needs but it will require some stricter days. So I'm thinking a dipping a toe in the 5 2 world. But am a snacker. Any advice? Do I have to just go cold turkey and accept I'll feel hungry and not be scared of that or are there suitable low calorie ways to have a little something every now and them and keep within the 500 or so. I think I know the answer but don't want to hear it....

Nice to see a few other newbies on here. Hoping we can all keep each other motivated.

Lizzy I thought your norks were such an attraction in Belfast that you weren't allowed to leave as you'd affect their tourist trade grin. Lovely to have you back too.

Greetings Apples and welcome to the thread.

Fasting. It's easier than you think it'll be. I go through to dinner with hot drinks and sparkling water. And then have dinner for about 400 calories and save 100 calories for gin for a snack if I need it in the evening. You will get waves of hunger but they are temporary. They will disappear if you have a drink. It's good to remind yourself that you can have whatever you want tomorrow on a fast day. I'd recommend reading the book if you're going to have a go because it gives you the extra motivation of the health benefits and talks about fasting over time and it's role so you don't feel alone. It also talks about hunger as being a temporary thing. And they're right. I get hungry about 11am, 2pm and 4-5pm. Peppermint tea is a life saver at these points. Protein is good in your meals to fill you up. Chicken breast and fish are two favs of mine on a fast day.

Well I pooed and weighed. My fasting this week has me 2lbs down on the gain I'd made so I'm back at my target weight (which for some reason I've neglected to record on MFP ... must be my age) which is good news for me because I think my hidden AF (I'm on the minera coil) is around this week as my boobs are sore. So hopefully, if I can keep it up the next couple of weeks, I can get back to My Lowest Adult Weight. And then onto the 3lbs I want to work on so I get my BMI to 22 and into the 8 stone zone. God, I'm so fecking short!

That said Apples in the book the two authors take a different approach. The chap does spread his calorie allowance across the day. The Mimi lady does what myself and Bssh do. You have to find the way that works for you. Try both of them but make sure you have peppermint tea.

Oh. And great loss prior to coming to the thread. That's great Chief.

Applesnotcakes Sat 05-Oct-13 14:27:00

Thanks Tea - but OMG 8 stone zone in sight? That's truly impressive, whatever height!
And I think you're right. I just have to give fasting a go and see what works. Don't think I can be doing with peppermint tea though. All tea tastes pretty gross to me. Black coffee all the way.
So Tuesdays the day. Karaoke Monday night will require more than 500 calories in alcohol alone. But Tuesdays do- able.
Off for long walk in Richmond Park ths pm.
Have a good weekend all.

DoubleMum Sat 05-Oct-13 14:39:02

What is this breast-baring of which you speak? Any particular reason your norks needed to be on display Lizzy? Are you in fact Katie Price?
Tea bunny-bonding is getting my 2 (little) rabbits into a trio as I'm taking in another from rescue. His name is Paul(?!). Bunnies are very territorial so there's likely to be some fur flying before they become all loved up, if indeed they do. Best place to do it is in the bath, apparently, neutral territory and all that. Plus you can't leave them and at least I can sit on the toilet all day.
So far today I have had 4 slices of wholemeal bread so that's not off to a good start really is it. On the plus side there is no peanut butter icecream left.

DoubleMum Sat 05-Oct-13 14:43:00

Randall, sorry about your good name. Obviously you never actually allow a crumb of cheese to pass your lips, and you are in fact completely teetotal. And you help old ladies across the road all the time on your days off and you have won the Nobel Prize for Physics 6 times.
There, that should do it, reputation right back on track.

Lizzylou Sat 05-Oct-13 16:52:08

Double grin
No, Tea and the other brazen hussy Chiefs talked me into wearing a black lacy top with just a bra underneath. So I did, I am very obedient.
My Dh is called Paul grin

DoubleMum Sat 05-Oct-13 17:12:22

Yes Paul is not a very rabbitty name but he's 3 yrs old so he might be a bit confused if I start calling him Parsnip.
I'm glad your norks had slight coverage. Never good to get cold norks.

Lizzylou Sat 05-Oct-13 17:26:06

A 22yr old tried to snog me.
He will not be launching himself at old ladies again after the verbal battering I gave him. My friend said she was surprised I hadn't given myself whiplash the way I threw my head back from his slobbering assault.
I could have birthed him!

DoubleMum Sat 05-Oct-13 17:42:17

OMG imagine what he might have done if your breasts really had been bared?! Which makes you sound like Boudicca by the way.

RandallPinkFloyd Sat 05-Oct-13 17:50:52

S'alright Double about ten seconds after I posted it remembered that I actually had a pot of cottage cheese for lunch yesterday grin

I had cheese for lunch today too. Some delicious yellow-stickered M&S cheese. It was deflippinglicious. Like a really ripe Brie. God I love cheese.

Glad you and your tits had a good time in Belfast Lizzy. I wouldn't worry about this week if I were you, I'm pretty sure your idea of falling off the wagon and mine are very different. You were probably better behaved 'off the wagon' than I am when I'm on it!

I'm reckon a pissy foot definitely absolves you of any early morning exercise responsibilities tea. My morning had a similarly toilet themed beginning. On entering DS's room I discovered he had not only shat up his back, he'd also had a good rummaged around in there and smeared it all over his bed, blanket, sheet, face, baby, and Special Agent Oso.

Apples, soz mate but fasting sucks. It sucks big fat rotten eggs. It's totally worth it but you will be hungry, there's no getting around it. I find the best thing to do is to just have one meal in the evening, tiny snacks make me more hungry. I just try and keep really busy all day so I don't think about it. It's a small price to pay for the 'feast' days though smile

RandallPinkFloyd Sat 05-Oct-13 17:52:27

Snogged at by a young maaaaan shock
Get you foxy lady!

BsshBossh Sat 05-Oct-13 18:49:35

Welcome back Lizzy's boobs grin.
Hello Apples, I 5:2 too and find it really refreshing not to stress too much about my non-fasting days. I think of it as depriving myself just twice a week then eating 2000 calories daily of yummy food the rest of the week (though as mentioned upthread I take a weekly view - so undereat weekdays and overeat weekends; also 2000 cals is right for me to still lose weight but you'd need to work out your own TDEE). I've been 5:2ing for 8 months now and the hunger no longer bothers me much. Easiest way to lose weight as far as I'm concerned smile

Applesnotcakes Sat 05-Oct-13 19:54:46

Thanks Randall. I like the straight talking. I'm getting a clearer idea of what's involved. And it won't be pretty. Especially if norks have to be bared but hopefully that's optional - although I am going to Belfast in November. Worrying.

Bssh 2000 sounds quite generous. And as I'm fat I may well be allowed more. Will work it out. So I just need to do the fasts. Piece of cake. Whoops. Bad start. ....

BsshBossh Sat 05-Oct-13 20:20:50

Apples my TDEE is generous because I exercise. Use this TDEE calculator and only pay attention to the TDEE total for your non-fasting days. Join the current 5:2 thread if you feel like it - loads of newbie and oldie fasters on there and the advice and support is amazing - a really nice bunch of people. Of course, we can support you here too - we're a smaller group (just 4 of us are fasters?).

BsshBossh Sat 05-Oct-13 20:22:32

Apples I did actually have a slice of cake on one of my fast days - it was all I ate that day and it was heaven smile

Applesnotcakes Sat 05-Oct-13 20:40:20

Thanks Bssh. I'm relatively new to exercise but did some C25k before it got too dark to go before work and am now 2 weeks into shredding. So hopefully that will all help. Knees are a bit shot though.
Will check out the link and have been lurking a bit on the 5:2 thread so may well dip in there.

anotetofollowso Sat 05-Oct-13 22:06:05

Oh buggeration I just wrote a long post and lost it. Nice to catch up how you've all been doing these last few days. Thanks Tea and Bossh for the wise words and very reassuring experiences. I love hearing how you all Randall your way slim.

Nice not to be the newest newbie any more. Welcome apples and doublemum.

I'm love love loving the exercising. Am amazed that this is me. It really does become addictive, doesn't it?

bigknickersforthepicker Sun 06-Oct-13 07:23:03

accidentally fell asleep while putting small one to bed last night. . so I had no dinner! had a tiny slither of cake at party so I probably went to bed on less than 1000ckal and way undee my pp's.

up for bootcamp. .shitting it.

BsshBossh Sun 06-Oct-13 16:23:22

Has anyone seen this double scan of two women, one 250lbs, the other 120lbs. Look at the visceral fat, the joints, the enlarged liver and heart... I used to be over 200 lbs and felt fine. I had no idea! I will never let my weight creep up like that again.

bigknickersforthepicker Sun 06-Oct-13 17:23:50

:-( im so close to 200lbs. My highest was 204. am 190 now.

Shit. .today has been awful food wise. I can't get focused

RandallPinkFloyd Sun 06-Oct-13 17:54:39

Blimey, I was almost 210lb. That's really scary.

I'm guessing both woman are quite short though as 120lb would give me a BMI of 18.5 which is underweight and I'm only 5'8" so not massively tall.

RandallPinkFloyd Sun 06-Oct-13 18:02:40

I've read on a bit more and there's a more detailed pic.

They're 5'5" so the BMI's are 40.3 and 20.

Applesnotcakes Sun 06-Oct-13 18:38:38

Stick with it Bigknickers. Tomorrow is another day. And I'm 200 pounds so you've got a 10 pound start on me but I shall try my best to catch you up!

I was just shy of 200lbs. And I'm 5'5''. Ye Gods. Shocked about the heart but I'm sure my arse was larger wink

I'm over half a stone away from the second picture. I don't think I'll ever got to a BMI of 20. Infact, I know I won't. I run too far and play too much hockey too cut back on proper food further and I like beer, chocolate and cake too much to stop it entirely

Don't despair new chiefs. I know it seems like an insurmountable journey but weekends are bad days to think it's possible. Monday is a new day.

big look at the weekly total dude. How was the camp for boots?

randall soz about the shitting on a Disney character on a Sunday morning. Things like that should come with some sort of parental warning.

Lizzy gringrin love that you have been educating young men to show respect for females. I give him a week before he declares himself a feminist.wink but poor you. He sounds like a knob.

I ran today. I declare moulds and spores hayfever open for autumn .... I managed 4.2 miles and it was the hardest run I've done this year. I had to have a lie down in my bed with some real ale and Bill Bryson.

I was offered a job on Friday. I start on Tuesday. I have one day to sort out the lives of six people before it all goes a bit Pete Tong. I thought I'd have a month. Oh. My pants don't fit. i have no bras! This may be the worst couple of months ever! Gin. Tea. Exercise. On-line shopping. They will all help! <runs round like a headless chicken>

bigknickersforthepicker Sun 06-Oct-13 19:51:37


Congratulations on the job!

BsshBossh Sun 06-Oct-13 19:54:01

Tea hurrah for new job!
bigknickers weekends are for Randalling eating, Mondays are for starting over. Many of us old Chiefs were around 200 lbs but look where we are today? Keep chugging on. Of course you're gonna fail some days/weeks but the key is to start over the next time... over and over and over. Patience, consistency, the bigger picture, the longterm view.

Lizzylou Sun 06-Oct-13 20:04:53

Tea! New job is fab grin grin grin grin grin
In an ironic twist, I am handing in my notice tomorrow.
Need to get me some classroom experience pronto.

bigknickersforthepicker Sun 06-Oct-13 20:07:54

I have a 'food baby belly'

Lizzy I shall be watching your teaching journey with mucho interesto. I'm certain it's my vocation. Dead excited for you. Do you have a school lined up for teaching?

Thanks Chiefs. Has been a hard few months of finding local work rather than working in the big smoke. Phew. Just in time. I was thinking of selling one of the boys.

SylviaDaisyPouncer Sun 06-Oct-13 20:51:12

Chiefs!! I'm still here...

Internet still not fixed, apparantly it's all the fault of Wessex Water so lots of digging up the road and waiting...and waiting. My 3G signal on my phone is rubbish so times are tough. How did I ever cope pre internet days? BT have promised movement by the weekend but I'm not holding my breath.

Well done on the job Tea, you will be fab and soon have all the plates spinning at the same time. So pleased for you.

More new Chiefs! Fantastic! Once I get my internet sorted I will be able to catch up with who everyone is.

I've been doing ok, it's tough without popping on here and mfp though. However I went jeans shopping and fitted a 14 with abit of room too (12's too tight but do up able!). I ended up with a straight leg and slim more slouch/boyfriend cut needed to cope with my ass! Very bloody happy, haven't been in a 14 for years. Didn't spend much as I intend to get into those 12's soon.

Will try to get back on tomorrow....seem to get a one bar signal if I lean out the window and the wind is going in the right direction!

Onwards and downwards!!

Fuck you boyfriend jeans grin

RandallPinkFloyd Sun 06-Oct-13 22:31:54

Fuck those boyfriend jeans right in the ear grin

And mahoosive whoops for new jobs.

(My BMI is now 20.5 but I am more than sure that I have way more body fat than that picture. BMI isn't the be all and end all. I couldn't run to the end of my street never mind a half marathon!)

Argh! I'm such an idiot, I weighed on Thursday (naughty) and I was 3lb down but after a weekend of eating crapola again I'm back to what I was. My weekend binges are clearly sabotaging my in week goodness. blush

BsshBossh Mon 07-Oct-13 08:39:20

Tits don't weigh more than once a week. I always weigh at the end of a virtuous week and never after a Randall weekend. That way I never know how much I gained after the weekend and by Friday it's usually gone anyway (on average) and then some. I hide my scales under DD's cupboard in her room and unearth it every Friday morning.

OMG tits. Just don't weigh on a Monday. I weigh Thursdays or Fridays. And weigh after a poo!! What goes on the weekend, as Bssh says, can be a distant and pleasant memory.

Sylv helloooooo. Nice to hear from you. Damn internet. And great news about the sizing and style of jeans. It is hard when your support isn't easily accessible so extra points for you for keeping on going grin

Carikube Mon 07-Oct-13 09:30:43

Tits I am so glad someone else has the same problem - I was just coming on to post about this. I know I should only weigh myself once a week and a Monday probably isn't the best day, but that is the start of my WW week so it has become the norm. Anyway, I am one of those sad obsessive people that weighs myself regularly during the week so I can see if things are heading in the right direction. Thursday morning I was looking good for a 2lb loss for this week (ie I could go a bit mad at the weekend but still maintain) but only just managed to eke out a 1lb loss this am after I had been to the loo, been for a run and sweated buckets and before I'd had any water to recover from said run where I had ended up looking like a tomato through exertion. I did go slightly overboard with beer and curry on Friday evening but actually ate sensibly most of the rest of the time so I am quite traumatised that it had such a bad effect on my weight.

For those who are now maintaining, did you gradually increase your calorie allowance or go straight back up to whatever MFP gave you? I have been on 1200 cals/day for 2 months and this has been working well but having seen the impact of Friday evening on my week, I'm concerned that when I do finally get to maintenance mode and eat more than 1200 cals, that I'm just going to pile weight straight back on again. Advice/reassurance needed please!

And congratulations to those with funky new jeans and new jobs. Waiting to hear whether my interview on Thursday (first for over 7 years!) was successful...

RandallPinkFloyd Mon 07-Oct-13 09:51:03

Dear lord people, don't weigh on Mondays! I always weighed on Wednesdays, I figured half way through the week was likely to be my most true 'average' iyswim.

Maintaining-wise I've gone straight to my TDEE but stuck with my usual 'take it as a weekly average' tactic and it's working so far.

BsshBossh Mon 07-Oct-13 10:26:39

Monday weighers you also have to allow for the fact that there will be more food and water sloshing through your digestive system (even after a poo!) after an eating weekend so obviously that will be reflected on the scales - it won't be actual increase in body fat.

Carikube I hit my goal weight at the end of April and managed to maintain it successfully for a month or so (before deciding that I could aim for a lower weight). But my strategy won't help you unless you're a faster cause I wasn't logging in MFP at all then and maintained by fasting one day a week and eating whatever I wanted the rest of the week - what they call 6:1 fasting. It worked for me as I wanted to continue fasting as well as eating like a greedy pig. That'll be my strategy when I reach my new goal weight.

BsshBossh Mon 07-Oct-13 10:29:58

Randall if your BMI is in the lower region of "normal weight" yet you think your body fat is still a bit too high then short of liposuction you're gonna have to bite the exercise bullet and start doing some weight training exercise - "convert" some of that fat to muscle. You don't wanna be skinny fat.

I'm glad it's not just me then!

I think a Wed weigh in day is good, I'll stick to that.

I did eat vast amounts of cheese and baked goods at the weekend though. blush

RandallPinkFloyd Mon 07-Oct-13 10:45:49

I am pretty skinny these days tbh, gap between my thighs, collar bones, hip bones, all that jazz. I'm just a moaning old fart!

I'd love a six-pack instead of a jelly-belly but I'm just so very lazy grin

I think I've found a good fat 'before' photo actually. If I can find a decent 'after' one I may bite the bullet and post them. (If I feeling brave enough!)

BsshBossh Mon 07-Oct-13 10:51:44

Randall did you ever dream you would one day be describing yourself as skinny grin? Happy days! I still can't believe I have collarbones and no double chin.

bigknickersforthepicker Mon 07-Oct-13 10:56:39

Ah Randall. . thats amazing (and im insanely jealous. .that used to be me.. sob!)

Feeling better today. Trying to think about what I want etc.

I feel like perhaps I need to consider a dreaded class.. so I feel committed to somthing. . Im finding it too easy to 'start tomorrow' ..I dont have time to keep fannying about like this. ...

RandallPinkFloyd Mon 07-Oct-13 11:03:25

It still sounds faintly ridiculous in all honesty.

All my clothes are sizes 8 or 10 yet I still look at them and think 'no way will that fit', even things I know I wore yesterday! It's bonkers is what it is.

Carikube Mon 07-Oct-13 11:08:20

Right, once my free WW period is over (in about 4 weeks) and I'm just going on MFP alone, I will switch to a Weds weigh in so that I don't get too depressed...WW shouts at me on a Monday until I've weighed myself...

Randall I figured that a six pack was something for the young 'uns as I'm not entirely sure that a post-DC jelly belly can really be got rid of, short of tummy tuck or some such (that's what I'm telling myself, anyway...I bet someone will come along in a minute and tell me that if I do several hundred crunches a day and eat spinach, I'll be able to use my stomach as a washboard hmm)

Applesnotcakes Mon 07-Oct-13 13:26:19

its very encouraging to think that people who were my weight are now sporting gaps between thighs etc and its been achieved with occasional Randalling along with all the hard work.

Monday weighing has to be crazy - I go for Friday as my official day but am a daily weigher so I know Mondays have a lot of potential for misery

Bigknickers if a class is what it takes then a class you should do - the whole thing with losing weight/getting healthier is finding the tricks that work for you. Structure and monitoring seem to help me - mfp, mumsnetting and shredding with Gillian are my cornerstones now - they keep my head in the right place and then I stick with it. If they slip and I lose the obsession focus then it goes down hill fast.

buzzybuzzybeeshoes Mon 07-Oct-13 14:24:13

Welcome new chiefs! I'm shrewvole on MFP if anyone is doing that and wants to add me.

SDP well done on the jeans! Fuck the boyfriend jeans up the nose grin

Tea been for a lie down with Bill Bryson hmmm? hmm I'm not the moral police or anything, but are you not both married? shock <brazen hussy emoticon>

anote oooooohhhhh yes, I can totally relate to what you describe. I can best explain it, for me, through my strong self-destructive streak. It's like part of me doesn't want to be thin or to achieve my weight loss goals - I have faffed on and faffed on and only lost about 9lb since January. Randall, Tea, SDP, Dinky and LLL have lost stones and stones in that time.

I do it with exercise too, even exercise I enjoy. My internal monologue goes: "Nope, not doing that [run, swim, whatever]/But you enjoy it. You'll enjoy having done it and you'll enjoy doing it/Nope, not going/But why? You'll be back home in an hour/No, I don't have to do it, I don't want to, you can't make me do it/You'll feel so much better afterwards/NO, I AM NOT GOING."

Anyway! Hoping to be as good as possible this week. Went for my longest run yet yesterday - the gps thingy on my phone wasn't working, but I did 45 minutes and ran all but 3 minutes of that, and was buzzing all yesterday and all morning as a result. Swimming club tonight.

The only flies in the ointment are that it's DH's birthday tomorrow and the kids want to make chocolate cake (which tbf I am not keen on), I'm taking DH to the restaurant in the Shard on Weds (I keep snurking to myself that I am taking DH up the shard on his birthday, ho ho ho), I'm out boozing on Thursday and I'm off to Glasgow for a weekend of fun with two friends on Friday lunchtime, returning Sunday night. We're going to see the Proclaimers so maybe the shouting along will burn a few cals... So obviously nothing can go wrong with my diet this week wink

buzzybuzzybeeshoes Mon 07-Oct-13 14:25:33

And Bssh ! Bssh has gone all slinky yet still gained entry to the men's bit of the gym since Jan.

buzzybuzzybeeshoes Mon 07-Oct-13 14:30:13

Bigknickers if you are someone who procrastinates about exercise then a class or club does really help. It's sort of like the 5:2 diet in that you know when you'll be exercising and you can stop beating yourself up about it/nagging yourself to go out the rest of the time.

BsshBossh Mon 07-Oct-13 15:00:05

Apples occasional Randalling? In my case, ahem, it's weekly Randalling (frequently starting on Friday morning!). My refrain is: it's all about the weekly view grin.

buzzybuzzybeeshoes Mon 07-Oct-13 15:01:18

Tea I missed about your job, fab work chief!

BsshBossh Mon 07-Oct-13 15:03:18

Buzzy hope DH enjoys being Sharded smile

Carikube Mon 07-Oct-13 17:12:25

buzzy enjoy the Shard...we went thus summer for MILs birthday and it was lovely (albeit needing a small mortgage to pay the bill - couldn't believe it when I saw what looked like an NCT group meeting up in the bar for lunchtime cocktails, babies in tow...why didn't I make the most of the DCs being that young and portable to do something similar?). Anyhoo, the whole point is I had a great time there in spite of being on a diet...

Applesnotcakes Mon 07-Oct-13 17:44:22

bssh, I think occasional Randalling was more of a note to self.
am now on way to karaoke having just left a school governors meeting. challenging wardrobe decisions this morning that's for sure. but I do believe its the law to Randall at karaoke so I will def need to initiate the planned start of 5:2 tomorrow

BsshBossh Mon 07-Oct-13 19:48:01

Apples I forgot you were starting 5:2. Good luck! And remember the mantra: I can eat it tomorrow.

Lizzylou Mon 07-Oct-13 20:12:14

grin grin grin grin @ up the shard. Well jell about the Proclaimers Buzzy.

It is official, I am unemployed. To celebrate I did an Insanity workout as I had to miss bodypump as Ds2 had a school thing.

I am a bit of a layabout/procrastinator too. Though I do do loads of exercise. Just want this last stone off.

anotetofollowso Mon 07-Oct-13 23:12:14

Sigh...what is this poo of which you all speak? A distant memory in Note Land. And yes, I'm eating lots of fibre, exercising virtually every frigging day. Not drinking much water I admit but still - I shouldn't have to alert the papers and throw a party every time I actually manage a poo, surely?

But this is just idle chatter to distract myself and you from the fact that I weighed in today and GAINED. Bugger. I came in a 71kg (156.5 pounds), slightly up from last Monday. I should have listened to my elder and wiser Chiefs from the start and weighed in on Friday, when my weight was down. But Sunday was a brunch (yes, MOUNDS of blue cheese and dips) and an a delicious Indian meal for supper. From now, I'm joining the Friday weighers.

Those scanned pics are very, very sobering.

And knickers yes, yes to the self-destructive streak. I'm glad I'm not the only one.

RandallPinkFloyd Tue 08-Oct-13 07:54:09

Fear not, the gain is just backed up poop, you mark my words.

We conducted a tremendously scientific experiment a while ago and discovered that the 'average' crap weighs 1.8lb. (Some only 1lb but some over 2lb shock)

Get drinking a lot more water and chug some fybogel if things get serious, but trust me, poo is your problem.

BsshBossh Tue 08-Oct-13 08:49:18

anoteto I find lots of lentils and beans help move things along a little.

Lizzylou Tue 08-Oct-13 09:01:02

Senokot is your friend anote. And a mid/end of week weigh in.

Bssh you have been doing some amazing fasting !

Randall, Pilates is fab for toning your abs. And you don't sweat.

RandallPinkFloyd Tue 08-Oct-13 09:15:57

I know, I know. I need to get my (sadly non-existent) arse in gear. You're right.

I have watched the DVD you so kindly sent me but it scared me. blush
I'm not sure I have a 'core', I think it's just cheese.

anotetofollowso Tue 08-Oct-13 09:24:54

Chiefs, I love you all. Who else would tell me what the average poo weighs? And Randall I am delighted with the idea that my gain is just 'backed up poo' - one good session and I'll be Elle McPherson, right?

Thanks for the tips - beans, lentils and Senecot are my friend. I'm on my way to buy some.

(oh go on, now my imagination is running riot. Just how did you learned and scientific chiefs agree the weight of an 'average' poo ....I think I have to know)

RandallPinkFloyd Tue 08-Oct-13 09:35:25

A few of us may have recorded before and after weights. In the interests of science of course.

BsshBossh Tue 08-Oct-13 10:27:02

Thanks Lizzy. I need to fast to counteract my indulgent weekends. I seem to be doing sub-200 cal fasts recently. What I find interesting is how I can eat around 5000 calories across a weekend with ease and eat next to nothing on fast days also with ease. It's literally mental.

Dinkydoos Tue 08-Oct-13 11:06:42

Well hello there chiefs, and newbies!
Been having quite a good time, fasting with BIG randalling... Went to York this weekend on a girlie weekend. The main stress was how to fit in all the food experiences we wanted. I mean, how do you manage to visit a cafe for a poncey breakfast, another cafe that specialises in home made cakes, fruit toast ( fecking awesome by the way, dripping in butter) and scones, pub lunch with platters of sexy bits like humous, cheeses, olives, Italian artisan bread, French restaurants all in a day? Oh, and lashings of wine.
Well I managed it, just for you lot mind, to show you that I am willing to take one for the team randalling wise... grin
Funnily enough on the Friday morning weigh in ( yes you crazy Monday weighers, never never do that to yourselves again) I was only one pound above my lowest weight ( which is lowest since about a 100 years ago, pre DC). Can't imagine I am that weight now though!
Well done tea re job, I know it's been driving you a bit mad this job search lark, so well done! buzzy I haven't lost stones really, 20 lb maybe which I am we'll happy with. welcome back double!

SylviaDaisyPouncer Tue 08-Oct-13 11:46:03

So we are back to poo again are we? grin

A really quick one from me, just wanted to say thank you tea thanks for the super fantastic parcel! It arrived this morning and I am so happy with the gorgeous clothes. Going to have a try on later. You are one lovely Chief!

Am back into shredding, still at the stage where it's making walking and stairs uncomfortable. Just got to push through the pain. I will get to day 30 this time and conquer level 3.

Right, will try to keep up with you all but got to go now, using dh phone as his signal is mildly better than mine but he has to go to work and I must shred before picking up dd from pre school.

Have a great Tuesday!

bigknickersforthepicker Tue 08-Oct-13 12:28:12

Decided to start again with slimming world today. . I know it like thr back of my hand and think I probably shouldn't change what works eh?

Just finished leftover spaghetti bolognese for lunch. Forgot how lush that carby warm feeling is haha

Hi Chiefs! I am so pleased to say that after moaning about only losing a pound last week, I weighed in yesterday and I've actually lost 3.5lbs - wahey! That was after a Sunday lunch and a glass of wine - balanced out with a walk on Dartmoor though.

I have a new tactic for this diet, which is not to tell anyone except DH that I am dieting. I had a bit of a lightbulb moment on Sunday. It occurred to me that every time I tell another woman (men don't seem to do it for some reason) that I'm on a diet, she attempts to make me eat - 'oh go on, you'll waste away', etc. So on Sunday I ate most of my roast beef and gave some to DH and had no pudding. Just did what my slim friends do and did that hand on the stomach 'oh I'm sooo full' thing. What they mean is 'I don't want to get fat' but nobody ever challenges it. Then at PIL's 'I don't want any cake thanks, I had a massive lunch earlier and I'm still full'. Both times nobody said a thing yet I can GUARANTEE that if I'd said I was on a diet then pudding and cake would have been pressed upon me. What's that all about then?!
Anyone else noticed the same?

Bigknickers what's your wedding dress like? Any pics? smile

bigknickersforthepicker Tue 08-Oct-13 13:26:55

Its a diane harbridge Georgia :-)

bigknickersforthepicker Tue 08-Oct-13 13:27:26

argh..I get married in 9 weeks. .dress in 7.. fuck fuck !!!

Absolutely beautiful dress! And structured, so it should hold you in if you need it (which you won't!)

Lizzylou Tue 08-Oct-13 13:53:40

Oh lovely dress Big knickers! You will look amazing, am sure smile
Well done Monkey, fab loss.

Applesnotcakes Tue 08-Oct-13 14:23:15

It's the diversity of this thread I love - poo, wedding dresses and the Proclaimers - not often seen in close proximity.

Am doing first fast day today - shredded before leaving home and was ravenous when I got to work - I always have breakfast and would have normally had Belvita biscuits but I made do with water and black coffee and the hunger seemed to go. Have just had Pret chicken, edamame and ginger soup - 137 cals - delicious but very salty - so that's it until dinner.

So far so good but it is only 2.18. Need to keep busy at work bossing people around so the time goes quickly. The good news is there's no food in the office and we're on the 17th floor - so no easy popping out to indulge.

Well done on the loss Monkey - and I think people always want other people to eat cake and puddings - makes their own decision feel better. Your strategy is a good one - gets out of it without seeming rude - no one can challenge how full someone else is.

Dinkydoos Tue 08-Oct-13 15:09:37

Proper laugh out loud then at apple .. First fast day and the precise time it is - 2.18. Not that you're watching or anything hey grin
But seriously that's great start for first fast day, homeward stretch now, and remember ' you can eat it tomorrow' !

Applesnotcakes Tue 08-Oct-13 15:46:19

Oh yes, very relaxed me. Just emailed my partner to ensure dinner is ready the minute I walk through the door at 7.30 tonight - and it's now 3.45. So I'm barely giving it a thought.

anotetofollowso Tue 08-Oct-13 15:58:00

Thanks for explaining the scientific methodology Randall . I needed to know - in the interests of science of course.

Just had two red Lindor chocolate balls - BUT I stopped at two. I realise this may not seem like the cutting edge of disciplined eating to some of you but for me this is positively heroic. And I've still got a few hundred calories left over for supper. This is a very welcome shift in recent eating patterns for me. Before MFP I would happily have scoffed vastly more chocolate and then skipped dinner. Not good, not good at all.

Well done all you losers, and apples hang in there. Not many hours to go now.

I have to say I have been surprised by being taken up the Shard on a trip to London. I was very impressed many years later when Renzo Piano called his building that many years later grin

buzzy the proclaimers and Glasgae. Honestly. I too am well jel. Though I'd be happy with karaoke.

Great news about the unemployment Lizzy ... after a day at work I'm going to work out how long before I can afford my next gap year. I suspect it might be in 20 years when the fecking children finish uni. Grump.

apples .... not long to go until you get your hands on tea. Yum. It will taste delicious I promise. And tomorrow you can eat what you want.

anote I can, sadly from experience, recommend running for forcing crap through your system. I would like to recommend that you run closer to public toilets that I did.

Ahhhh. The poo weighing period of chiefing. I did a 2 lb piss. I still like to tell people about my 2lb piss if I'm given the opportunity. I have not told my new colleagues about my 2 lb piss yet. I would like to manage a week in paid employement.

Bssh WTF fast day was yesterday. I want to do that.

Sylv you are welcome Chief dude. I thought I'd best send it soon before you diet out of it shock Some of those are clothes I invested in after I started chiefing.


<sobs> big it's sooooooo lovely.

I burn 372 calories walking to work and back. This is a good thing.

bigknickersforthepicker Tue 08-Oct-13 20:48:56

I did it.. after almost 2 months hiding I faced bootcamp again. I hated it and loved it in equal measure as usual. mud stains.. grass burn...sweaty hair. even though it meant racing home and handing my little one over on thr field to her daddy who met me there. Exhausted.

Do you mind if I share my daily diary - I haven't been able to buy some pretty stationary for food diary purposes yet.

B: orange and apple

2 weetabix and milk

L: pasta and bolognese with peas

S: nectarine.1 bicky and three squares of chocolate.

D: after BC. wild rice, paprika chicken and sweetcorn.

About 5-7 syns today I think. GO ME

Applesnotcakes Tue 08-Oct-13 20:59:49

Yay Bigknickers. Well done you - boot camp is truly my idea of hell.

Well I've survived my first fast day. And have learnt feeling hungry isn't actually that terrible. And water really does help.

600 calories at the moment. May have to go for one square of chilli chocolate with my black coffee then I'm done for the day.

Feel quite excited that I might be able to do this. And felt strangely powerful during the day. Interesting stuff.

Damnthosegrannypants Tue 08-Oct-13 21:23:25

Just NC as I shared too much on another thread!


the first few times I was so angry with myself for putting myself in that position and I was all 'WTF AM I DOING HERE again!' but I a strange way. Love bootcamp. Its so hard its crazy empowering when you make it to the end and is the fastest way to see results fitness and inches. Its scary but they don't yell..its just about improving.

Im pleased ive had a good day..

Last night dp asked me where all the crisps had gone blush followed with 'what's happening? why are you doing this? I'm worried about you'

I sobbed myself to sleep. We met when I was at my biggest. . supported me through a 5st weight loss and I know he can see right through me when I say im ok. This weight gain is killing me on the inside. . its a horrible place to be..I need to get back in control and stop the self loathing. Im so glad im marrying someone who genuinely loves me whatever. xx

on to tomorrow!

BsshBossh Tue 08-Oct-13 22:14:26

Well done bigknickers and Apples!

BsshBossh Tue 08-Oct-13 22:16:25

grannypants you'll be in slinky thongs in no time, especially with a lovely DP supporting you all the way thanks

Whooooop. Boot camp. Whoooop fasting.

I like both after I've done them they both make me feel powerful, strong, full of energy and invincible.grin

I just ate chocolate. It wasn't enjoyable. Why?

I'm considering fasting today. shock

Does everyone have nothing until dinner or 2 smaller 'meals' during the day?

Oooooo. I tend to wait until the evening but I think Randall sometimes lunches. Apples had soup yesterday on her first fast day. You could always try both ways before deciding. Remember to drink water, teas etc. and remember that the waves of hunger are temporary ... I tend to get hungry at 11, 2, 4.30 and 9 .... only lasts 30 mins and I have a peppermint tea.

I am going to see how fasting works whilst working. I may have to have soup because I'm not massively busy yet in new job.

Well I'd still like to eat with the family so I'll probably wait until dinner. Green tea for the day. Huzzah! confused

And Granny please try not to be so hard on yourself. It will be ok. Perhaps it's worth doing something extra for yourself on your Chiefing journey - is there anything that you love doing? Just for yourself? Something that makes you feel good about yourself regardless of your size?

Damnthosegrannypants Wed 09-Oct-13 07:56:50

Im trying to do something with my hair and makeup every day at the minute as I just shuv it up and look tired and pale all the time and I feel constantly self conscious so trying to do little things to feel a bit more confident during the day. . I think it might be helping a little.

You know when you just feel 'large' like im just constantly aware of it?

Just had porridge. . Got some left over chicken and rice ill have with veg for lunch, unsure of T as I forgot to get anything out! Meeting a friend today. . bit worried as she's a cakeoholic!

Lizzylou Wed 09-Oct-13 09:16:19

Granny, why don't you treat yourself to a hair appointment? Or a Babyliss big hair/new straighteners whatever?
I do know what you mean, when you feel bigger you struggle to get past that just feel meh about your appearance in general. You shouldn't, you are eating healthier, you will be looking better and better.
I MUST exercise today, spent so long sorting shit out yesterday I didn't get chance.

Bootcamp scares me, is it muddy? I have friends trying to get me to do a Tough Mudder. Which is 10/11 miles of assault course in mud and you get electrocuted