Two stone by Xmas!

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Tweenangst Thu 18-Jul-13 20:39:23

I really need to lose four stone but thought would start with a realistic amount to lose in this time frame. Anyone up for joining me? I am sure it will be easier with others.

Rebelrebel Thu 18-Jul-13 21:13:56

Yes! I have put on two stone due to dodgy thyroid and poor eating habits in the last few months. Am ready to lose it again, thank you very much! I have very few clothes that fit properly. Am going to cut down on carbs and basically eat more mindfully.

drinkyourmilk Thu 18-Jul-13 21:18:55

How odd!
I've got four to loose, and I'm aiming for 2 by Xmas. Started two weeks ago and have done 3lbs. This week will be a flop though as I've come on and am drowning myself in wine and chocolate.
How are you planning on managing it?
I was going to do the 5:2 but I'm like a women possessed on no food.
Now I'm counting calories using my fitness pal ap.

redwellybluewelly Thu 18-Jul-13 21:51:55

I have two and a half stone to lose after my second pregnancy. Would like to have lost two stone by Christmas as I go back to work in January and have absolutely no money to buy new work clothes!

Most successful WOE I've been on in the past is low carb but that affected my milk supply and DC2 is only six weeks so want to simply cut the crap and have some support to do so.

We also need to cut household costs, in a big way as DH is facing redundancy early next year.

Im not sure what the best diet would be so would love suggestions? DH could also do with losing some weight but he does get genuinely hungry ans tends to snack if he doesn't feel 'full'.

EverythibgisonmyMurtaughlist Thu 18-Jul-13 22:02:05

Oh yes please! I'm heading back to the gym on Sunday, doing 6/7 45 min classes per week. It's the food thing that I struggle with so any suggestions gratefully received.

Tweenangst Fri 19-Jul-13 07:28:02

Yay, this should be easier with lots of us. I haven't got any specific diet in mind, as I find most too restrictive. I think it is going to be a case of plenty of salads/soups, fish, and chicken and much less of carbs. My sticking point is wine, which I seem to ingest at a rate of knots. I genuinely was worried about the fact that I was not losing weight and thought I had a medical condition, until I started using MFP and realised I was taking myself over the calorie limit with booze all the bloody time. So the wine has all gone, and its going to be a long dry summer!

YonilyDevotedToYou Fri 19-Jul-13 07:38:30

Hi, I don't want to join you but just came on to say you can do this as I did it last year with exactly the same time frame. This is what I did, in case it helps:
Fruit and yoghurt for breakfast, or a scrambled egg on one slice of toast with marmite at the weekends.
Soup for lunch, aiming for a hearty filling soup containing protein- I bought the fresh tubs and found the supermarket ones nicer than Covent Garden and much cheaper. Or sometimes a salad with chicken or tuna.
Normal-ish dinner, but with very small portions of carbs and lots of veg.
I snacked on low-fat yoghurts, fruit and had a little finger of Milky Way if I was craving chocolate and a packet of snack a jacks if I was craving crisps.
I tried to do some exercise every day, either swimming, running or a fitness DVD, or if I couldn't, just walked more quickly! I started at this time last year at 11 st 2 and was 9 st 4 by Christmas.
Don't know if you wanted that much detail, but hope it might be useful smile

Tweenangst Fri 19-Jul-13 07:51:36

Thanks yonily, sounds pretty much what I am aiming for smile. Have just weighed now and it's bad, pretty much heavier now than at any point in my life 14.09. But am not focusing on that, am going to focus on the fact that by Christmas I will be half way there. Need to fit at least half an hour of exercise into my day also. Not sure how will achieve this today as have a manic one. I think it may be a brisk evening walk/slow fat lady jog!

YonilyDevotedToYou Fri 19-Jul-13 07:54:05

Good luck tween, hope it goes well for you and I'm sure you will do it!

chubbymomie2012 Fri 19-Jul-13 07:57:08

Count me in. I have 4 stone to loose also. id like to loose at least 2 by christmas. I have dug out all my old diet books and magazine and am gonna make a menu for the week. GOOD LUcK. i will be watching for hints on how to incorporate exercise into a day looking after my 4 kiddies. :-)

redwellybluewelly Fri 19-Jul-13 09:29:14

tween if it helps you it'll be a long dry summer for me too as I'm breastfeeding and Co sleeping which aren't a good mix with alcohol. A proper arse because theres nothing I like better than an ice cold lager on very hot days! (Although I can also do damage to bottles of wine)

yonily thank you for that, with DC1 my body held onto galf a stone until I finished feeding but although ive les to lose this time I have more impact on my stomach after a CS.

We could share some meal plans perhaps? I have to ensure I'm getting enough calories because of feeding so exercise will be key. DC2 so far is a sleeper and only feeds every 3-4hours so I'm considering postnatal swim classes as they have a creche.

redwellybluewelly Fri 19-Jul-13 09:31:11

Damn phone.

Also on days when I have my older child walking to the furthest away park pushing both DC, on days with her at nursery attempting swimming or a run in the evening.

Anyone tried couch to 5k?

verymerryberries Fri 19-Jul-13 19:54:31

I would like to join too! 2 stone by Christmas seems like a realistic target. I just want to try and cut out the crap and I plan on recording everything on MFP and sticking to a set number of calories.
I tried to go running earlier in the week, god it is hard! But it made me realise how unfit I am and so I intend to do some form of exercise daily I may regret saying this...

ladylambkin Fri 19-Jul-13 20:00:53

Sounds like a very achievable target. I'd like to join you too. 3 years ago I lost 3 stones in 5 months following scottish slimmers. I have of course gained it all because I am greedy for wine! I have managed to lose 13 lbs since January ( well January to March) and have maintained since march. I am 13 8 today and would love to be 11 stone by Christmas....I'm 5ft 7 so that would make me a big 12/small 14.

TrixyPixie Fri 19-Jul-13 20:24:06

I'm in! Can't post properly as on phone, but wanted to mark my place. I also have 4 stone total to lose, but two stone would mean clothes that fit. grin

2children2cats Fri 19-Jul-13 22:04:58

Can I join? My baby is now 6 months and after the initial quick weight loss, I have stagnated with 2.5 stone still to lose. I am back at work in September so want to have established some healthy habits before then (not long now!) and would love to be close to target by Christmas.
I am terrible at looking for a quick fix and have every diet book known to mankind. I just can't seem to find the long term motivation that I need to stick at something. Hopefully having some online support might help!!

2boys3girls Fri 19-Jul-13 22:26:21

I have 2 stone to lose but the scales seem to have halted in my progress. My self esteem is at its lowest

Tweenangst Sat 20-Jul-13 10:08:06

Hi everyone, it's so nice to have others who are in the same boat, and we WILL be much slimmer by Christmas. I went shopping early this morning so managed to leave kids and DH in bed. Therefore a lovely, chocolate free salad heavy shop! I have treated myself to some sushi for lunch (replaced wine as weekend treat) and have a whole,trout for tea which I am just going to bake in foil with spinach, garlic, onions and lemon. I will have some peas/sweet corn and green beans also. Phew, tired just thinking about cooking that, what is everyone else having?

Can i join please? 2 stone to shift since having ds 4 months ago. Am also BFing... have a wobbly old c section tum to try & sort!

2children2cats Sat 20-Jul-13 11:39:32

I am a disaster, walked to tesco ( hour there and back) and bought a Rachel's yogurt with granola for breakfast, where is the problem I hear you ask?
We just filled up with petrol and have scoffed a sharing size bag of Thai sweet chilli crisps between 2! So cross with myself but still hungry.
I am sure I am hungrier if I eat breakfast than if I don't. We are on the way to the inlaws for a BBQ so will try and fill up on salad and chicken rather than burgers and wedges!

Tweenangst Sat 20-Jul-13 12:48:30

2children2cats, sorry but I did laugh, this is a me thing to do. Last night I drank nearly two bottles of wine as we had a party. This was about three hours after professing not to drink for the summer. Back on it today though blush

escape Sat 20-Jul-13 12:56:49

Anyone else dieting with a HUGE appetite. I HAVE to start - very sedentary lifestyle - No excuses now, but my appetite is HUGE.. sad never full and constantly thinking about food. Really getting me down.

2children2cats Sat 20-Jul-13 14:50:18

Tweenangst I'm glad it is not just me. My dh is fed up of me starting diets so I try to just start in my head instead of telling him but it doesn't work (nothing works)!
I had 2 sausages, half a steak and a piece of chicken with salad and 2 potatoes, so not perfect. So far I have only had one glass of wine, but we are about to crack open the fizz, just need to resist the deserts and the cheese board...

Tweenangst Sat 20-Jul-13 15:39:26

2children, have the wine and enjoy the sunshine, very reserved on the BBQ eating!

2children2cats Sat 20-Jul-13 18:43:17

We left the sunshine behind, it has been cloudy and breezy in the midlands!

redwellybluewelly Sat 20-Jul-13 20:35:09

DH and I replaced the batteries in our scales today and the stuation is even more dire than I thought! I'm 13.12 and I was 11.0 on my wedding day - and 11.5 before falling pregnant both times.

So. Aim is to exercise for thirty minutes every
day, whether that be walking to the park with eldest or walking in and out of town with youngest. I'm thinking of taking some days out on the train to encourage me to walk more and doing C25K LINK

Breakfast - Muesli (weighed) with skimmed milk and a yoghurt - when it gets cooler I'll eat porridge
Morning snack - a banana or low fat yoghurt
Lunch - Salad with olives and a protein such as chicken, tuna or mackerel
Dinner - as usual but careful portion control, any leftovers eaten next day not as seconds.

Also sticking to absolutely no processed sugar or squash, and key perhaps is the aim to drink four pints of water a day. Ans <sob> no alcohol!

2children2cats Sun 21-Jul-13 21:01:23

How did today go everyone? I had another BBQ and have a funeral wake to get through tomo and then I will be on the wagon so to speak!

redwellybluewelly Sun 21-Jul-13 22:34:08

I'm sorry for your loss 2children2cats

Today was ok ish. I did the food shop and had my healthy lunch, cut out the squash ans drank three pints of water. Had a little ones party to go to and a real spread had been laid on but I avoided the crisps and biscuits and had a minute piece of cake. Dinner was a roast chicken with salad and new potatoes, I weighed my portion.

Also had fruit for snacks and ate my very last french fancy. Onwards and upwards!

hellsbells99 Sun 21-Jul-13 22:59:09

Can I join too please. Need to loose at least 4 stone so losing 2 by xmas would be a start.

Tweenangst Mon 22-Jul-13 13:31:53

Bad day today, went to ikea so had to have bloody meatballs! Uurrgh feel so annoyed with myself now, salad only tonight to compensate sad weigh day for me is Friday, but lets here anyone's successes if you weigh day is before then

redwellybluewelly Mon 22-Jul-13 14:24:15

Today's going ok, exercise wise I took the toddler to the park but had to cone home after an hour because it was just too hot. Also trying to increase the amount of water I'm drinking.

Breakfast I had muesli (no sugary cereal) with a portion of 0% fat yoghurt which was very very tasty. That kept me going to lunch which was salad, leftover roast chicken from last night, a few olives and cous cous with a pint of water. I've just had a banana as well.

Dinner is a chicken stir fry with LOADS of vegetables. Might try the park again this afternoon but its crazy hot here.

Has anyone seen that supermarket programme from last week talking about how different foods can help lose weight?

2children2cats Mon 22-Jul-13 20:06:00

Thank you redwelly, it was a sad but lovely day. I didn't eat too badly and am not hungry now so hopefully a general lack of calories will negate the sausage rolls!
Your food sounds really good for the day.
My plan for tomorrow is to go to the gym in the morning (please let the baby sleep through), then have porridge with cinnamon for breakfast, chicken salad with quinoa at lunch (just discovered how I should have been pronouncing quinoa over the years, oops!) and then sweet potato and chilli for tea. I need to up my water intake and try not to eat any rocky road/tiffin/other delicious high calorie goodies... Fingers crossed my willpower won't desert me on the official first day.
Two of my closest friends were at the funeral today and they looked really good, one of them has been hitting the gym and it dawned on me that you do actually need to work hard to look good, there isn't a magic answer. Now just need to act on this newly discovered fact!

2children2cats Mon 22-Jul-13 20:08:06

I didn't watch the programme but it sounds right up my street, what channel was it on? And what do I need to eat?!
I really wish I liked eggs as they seem to be some kind of superfood when it comes to weight loss, all of my many diet books recommend eggs for breakfast.
I was 11st 8 this morning and I want to be about 9st 2.

redwellybluewelly Mon 22-Jul-13 21:52:49

It was bbc, I watched it on iplayer but can't remember the name. Will find out tomorrow. It does indeed take effort to look good - someone I met up with today has been looking fantastic for months and today happened to drop into conversation that they have taken up running which has doubled my determination to do the couch to 5k. We'll all look amazing by Christmas if we can support each other!

Tomorrow I'll have the same breakfast but with added temptation as DH has cooked a beautiful malt loaf which him and DD1 have for their breakfasts. I also made a banana cake today hoping to freeze it for DD1's snacks but DH has cut into it and it smells so good so will have to try to avoid that too!

Stir fry went down a treat but I am hungry so made some fennel tea which is meant to be great for appetite suppression. I've a big ham salad for lunch tomorrow with homemade pork kebabs for dinner in pittas with even more salad.

Dieting seems easier in the summer, I love winter food and big cooked meals.

Rugbylovingmum Tue 23-Jul-13 01:43:09

Hi all, can I join you too please. I started out with just over 4 stone to lose but have lost 10.5lb since joining Rosemary Conley a month ago. I'd love to get another 2 stone off by xmas/my 35th in Jan. I need to go to a class and get weighed in otherwise it's always a case of 'I'll start my diet tomorrow' and RC includes a bit of exercise too - it's been good but a bit of support/chat during the week would be fantastic.

I'm thinking about doing the couch to 5k too once the weather is a bit cooler. I ran a couple of half marathons many, many years ago and enjoyed it - now I can barely run to answer the phone! I have The Shred dvd sitting on my bookshelf too but haven't had the courage to put it on yet. I've been doing a Body Pump class plus my RC workout but need to add in at least 1 more session of something. I'm a bit scared what my poor body is going to look like when I lose the weight (an extra 4 stone plus a couple of pregnancies have not been good to my rubbish stretchmark-prone skin) and I'm convincing myself a bit of exercise will cure everything <fingers crossed>.

2children2cats Tue 23-Jul-13 09:51:13

Rugbylovingmum 10.5 lbs in a month is fantastic, I keep losing and gaining the same 3lbs which is so annoying!
I read that if you lose weight slowly your skin is meant to cope better ( that's what I am telling myself).
I had my porridge after the gym and am hungry again so have shared half a nakd bar with my daughter. I need to go food shopping to buy all the healthy food I am going to eat this week and have a major sort of the house it is a tip.

BitchyHen Tue 23-Jul-13 10:05:44

Hi everyone, I'd like to join too. I have at least 4 stone to lose. I lost a stone and a half due to health problems in January but it's all gone back on as I haven't been very mobile. I'm pretty much recovered now but need to get fitter and stronger. The good news is I will have access to a free gym at work from September however I need to diet. I've played the 'I'm ill - I need treats' card for too long!

redwellybluewelly Tue 23-Jul-13 21:19:40

rugbylovingmum theres a great thread in Sports and Exercise whichmI'm following all about C25k. I'm giving it four weeks to get accustomed to this diet then starting.

Ok. So breakfast and lunch fine. About 4pm I had a thin slice of husbands malt bread. Avoided all cake. Had pork kebabs but rather fell into the mayonnaise jar and have just had another thin slice of the malt bread. It has however been the day from hell (2 DC under three and older one has additional needs) I've spent most of it in tears - despite that we took a long long walk to the shop to buy salad and I didn't buy any snacks!.

And I've drunk all my water.

2children2cats Tue 23-Jul-13 21:39:51

Get u redwelly, wish I could say the same!

I had my porridge and half a nakd bar, then 3 chocolate fingers at a play date, followed by another naked bar, then a sensible lunch (quinoa, salad and salmon) followed by a kit Kat (why?), then my tea. Unfortunately dh dished up tea and served me a massive portion, instead of leaving it I ate it all and had a glass of wine to go with it.

What is more alarming is that is still a significant improvement on how I ate last week! I need to keep a food diary and try to shame myself into not eating the crap.

2children2cats Tue 23-Jul-13 21:55:18

Redwelly I've just noticed that your 2nd dc is only 6wks old so the fact that you are even out of the house is a massive achievement.
It must be doubly hard if your eldest has additional needs, I found 2 ridiculously hard and to be breast feeding and dieting too, you are superwoman!

Mum2Fergus Tue 23-Jul-13 22:12:31

Evening all, can I chum you all along?! I'm at my heaviest ever hmm made a start on healthier eating last week...and replacing Diet Coke with water...7 days in and I've lost 6lbs. Very happy with that but know the hard thing is keeping up the momentum. So, started 17 3lbs now 16 11lbs, next weigh in on Sat smile

redwellybluewelly Tue 23-Jul-13 22:19:50

2children2cats (how about 2c2c as a nickname grin )

I'm truly not superwoman, I'm struggling a great deal but keeping busy and out of the house somehow saves my sanity. Baby only wants to feed every 2-3 hours and until today spent much of the time sleeping. As for dieting - one too many pointed comments from DH!

VegPatchLurker Tue 23-Jul-13 22:20:51

I've lost 2 since last Christmas!

Have 3 to go.

redwellybluewelly Tue 23-Jul-13 22:21:07

Hi mumtofergus are you following any particular healthy eating plan?

2children2cats Tue 23-Jul-13 22:22:05

2c2c is catchy!
Mum2fergus 6lb in a week is fab, i dream of that kind of loss!
Anyway to bed I must go, ready to get up at 3, then 5, then 6....

2children2cats Wed 24-Jul-13 07:55:39

Damn it, I just weighed myself and I am 11st 9lbs.

redwellybluewelly Wed 24-Jul-13 11:18:10

2c2c I fluctuate quite a bit hence why I've set myself a weigh day and won't weigh during the week. Quite honestly I think I lose half a lb with every feed!

I've had the go ahead from DH to buy a new set of scales, ours were dropped when we moved house and haven't ever been the same since.

Anyway. Had a lovely surprise dessert drooped off by a relative - its Eton Mess - my absolute favourite dessert of all time so heaven only onow how I'll avoid that. Intending on feeding most of it to DD (without the cream) and DH bit might have to have just a biy of the fruit and meringue. Sigh.

Other than that I'm falling behind on my water intake today but breakfast has so far kept me going and lunch is a big egg and mackerel salad with a little cous cous and olives. Dinner will be jacket potatoes, grilled sausages and salad.

Whats everyone else eating?

2children2cats Wed 24-Jul-13 12:12:21

I had an apple and a 9 bar for breakfast, repeating the same lunch as yesterday (salmon, quinoa and salad), then mushroom and butternut squash risotto for tea (a smaller portion this time!). I plan to eat no chocolate and drink no wine!
I have worked out for 45 mins and now need to get on with the cleaning, yawn!

Mum2Fergus Wed 24-Jul-13 17:05:18

Not a plan as such...I've given up fizzy drinks (in fact, all drinks) for water...really cut back on carbs...and being really conscious with portion sizes (using a side plate instead of a dinner plate). Have downloaded some info for local leisure centre, going to start some regular exercise smile

Mum2Fergus Wed 24-Jul-13 17:30:59

Yoghurt for breakfast, grapes for lunch, salad for dinner shortly then an evening of trying to ignore the doughnuts calling to me from kitchen cupboard lol liquid intake been nothing but water and about 2 litres worth smile

Vickibee Wed 24-Jul-13 17:32:56

would like to join - I have about 4 stone to lose. Started 6 weeks ago and have lost 14 pounds so really pleased. I have been walking 5 miles per day and restricting cals to about 1500. such hard work I fell knackered and my legs ache. (Less cellulite though).
Had weetabis for breakfast, a banana and a warburtons SW thin filled with salad. For tea a J Potato with Chicken and veg

Mum2Fergus Wed 24-Jul-13 18:10:27

Well done on your loss so far amazing start smile

2children2cats Wed 24-Jul-13 18:20:41

Vickibee that is fab, I have lost 13lb since I started in March! I am a terrible dieter!!

redwellybluewelly Wed 24-Jul-13 21:39:04

Vickibee thats fabtastic!

Well there was a certain inevitability about the Eton Mess dessert but it was absolutely delicious and after today I figured if that was the only damage then not too bad.

Now I know I have coffee and cake to navigate tomorrow and Friday as well as a slap up lunch on Saturday. Sensible portions and plenty of water (3 litres a day is my target given its so hot and I'm breastfeeding) as well as curbing the amount of carbs will all help. Hopefully.

Didn't manage to get out of the house today but with two small DC I certainly got plenty of exercise!

Vickibee Thu 25-Jul-13 07:02:57

eating out is v difficult. we went to visit friend in Hereford last week and ate out - it is hard to know what you are eating.
Also going to Tenerife on Monday to an AI place and all that yummy food will be staring at me. Try to avoid ice cream / cake and eat grilled meats, salads and veg/fruit. best I can hope for is staying the same. WILLPOWER

Will also looked like a beached whale in my costume. good job I won't see anyone I Know!

Twooter Thu 25-Jul-13 07:16:13

Can I join? I really want to get started. I have a horrendous sweet tooth, and am really bad for picking, especially in the evenings. Just off to weigh myself now?

Twooter Thu 25-Jul-13 07:31:34

12lb6.5, worse than I thought too. Like escape, I also have a huge appetite. Am fed up with seeing the start of threads like this, deciding to join in, then falling off the rocks after 4 days only to read again months on, hearing all the success stories. I WANT TO BE A SUCCESS STORY.

2children2cats Thu 25-Jul-13 10:51:20

Twooter then you shall be! Lets do it, we will all be skinny Minnie's by Christmas and our good habits will be so engrained that we won't go crazy and put on loads of weight over 2 weeks to spend another year losing it. No, we will start the new year smug and skinny. I can't wait!!!!

redwellybluewelly Thu 25-Jul-13 15:27:43

I wont be a skinny minny if I share an entire pack of chocolate biscuits with a friend over coffee today.


But breakfast and lunch were healthy and dinner is a stew with stir fried rice and salad.

2children2cats Thu 25-Jul-13 17:27:16

We're they Mcvities? I love a chocolate digestive. I am dreading going back to work in September because of the biscuit tin!
I have been feeling really ropey today. I have eaten a bread roll and a slice (well more like a chunk) of carrot cake. I'm not sure if I will manage any tea and I certainly won't be able to exercise. If I do have tea it is turkey and vegetable pasta, I was going to have it with courgette ribbons instead of pasta though.

BitchyHen Thu 25-Jul-13 17:35:13

Exercise bike arrived this morning. Have done 10mins but had to stop cos leg was hurting. Never mind going to build up gradually. Did manage a walk to local shop 25min round trip without Feeling tired so progress is being made. Just as well as healthy eating went completely to pot yesterday.

redwellybluewelly Thu 25-Jul-13 21:59:42

Ok, so Iamages my water intake, did my exercise by walking around jiggling the baby and had a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Just the bowl of cereal before bed (weighed with skimmed milk) because I was so damn hungry and half the pack of polish dark chocolate biscuits which were this mornings mistake! They were delicious.

Ordered some new scales today off Amazon which are 15 quid (reduced from 35) which measure body fat and hydration levels as well as usual weight. Think that will be an incentive to see overall how I'm getting healthier.

2c2c hope you feel better soon

Rugbylovingmum Thu 25-Jul-13 23:58:05

Hi all,

I had my RC weigh in tonight and was completely shocked. I have lost another 5lb grin which takes me to 1st 1.5lb lost in 5 weeks grin. I am really pleased but also a bit sceptical - I don't know why, it's not like the scales were wrong and everyone else put 5lb on. I just can't believe how well it's going. I am now 13st 2lb so my next aim is to get under 13st then I'll go for the second stone off. I do have to sit down this week and plan some meals/find some recipes - I'm starting to get a bit bored.

Right, just off to read through the thread and see what I've missed.

Sayonee Fri 26-Jul-13 00:30:58

Can I join please. Really struggling to lose weight since ds3 who has just turned 2! Have lost 10kg in slightly less than a year but would ideally like to lose another three stone, but two by Xmas would b awesome. .
Ok, so I don't drink, am particular about the sweet stuff- treats in the house will remain untouched unless its sth I like ( then I'm in trouble), and am pretty controlled in what I eat. A friend of mine suggested I have water weight, as have two massage therapists but I need to lose it nonetheless. I am good with water intake and normally try to go to the gym three times a week during lunch break. My downfall is lack of planning then gorging when I realise I haven't eaten and am hungry.
Excuse the essay but I really want to be the inner me, everybody else I know pings back into shape and the slimmer me is crying to be let out.
I am currently fasting so will start around the 12th August but will mosey in until then if that's ok with you all smile

Vickibee Fri 26-Jul-13 08:33:17

Got weighed this morn and scales hae not budged, thought I had been really good so feeling demotivated.

2children2cats Fri 26-Jul-13 12:26:49

I do that all the time vickibee and nearly always have a blow out and then feel really guilty. Remember slow and steady is better with weight loss and it will show eventually.
I am a fine one to talk though as I am currently eating a ham baguette and packet of mccoys!! Cos I am still feeling a bit ropey I am craving carbs. Damn it.

Vickibee Fri 26-Jul-13 13:10:26

just had a banana with WW formage frais for my lunch, won't get in til about 6 pm tonight so I need to stay away from the tempting looking choc hob nobs in the work kitchen. Having chicken and salad for tea

redwellybluewelly Fri 26-Jul-13 13:17:51

Well in deference to my rather enthusiastic consumption of biscuits yesterday I went out for coffee today and didn't have any cake!

Just had lunch (smoked mackerel, lettuce and cous cous) about to grab an apple and get hydrated - been running around all morning.

Vickibee Fri 26-Jul-13 13:26:24

trouble is I can't just eat one, if I get the taste for it I can finish half a packet, same with chocolate or crisps. It is easier not to have any at all. Anyone else like this?

NeedSomeSun142 Fri 26-Jul-13 13:32:36

can I join please need/want to lose 2 and a half stone before Xmas.

scales at boots told me I am 12.5 and that 30 percent of my weight is fat. safe to say I could have cried haha

but it spurred me on iv been on slim fast 3 2 1 diet for a week so shakes for breakfast and dinner, and healthy tea. I have lost 6lb already!!!

iv also been taking adios max, but they are making me sweat like a bitch!!

2 miles a day walking with pram also

FattyMcFatty Fri 26-Jul-13 13:33:22

Hello, I would like to join too!

3 stone to lose, and 2 stone of that by Christmas would be lovely! Lost it all a few years ago and have been a yoyo ever since! I joined Weight Watchers on Monday and I'm joining a gym tonight though.

Got a foody weekend coming up though - a wedding, lunch out and a takeaway all planned! Any tips to get me safely through the weekend to my first weigh in on Monday? I really don't want I undo the good work I've done this week. Help!

NeedSomeSun142 Fri 26-Jul-13 13:39:29

fattymcfatty - change your name to skinnymcskinny.

iv put a picture of me at my biggest on the fridge and in my purse. it stops me in my tracks when I think about grazing ha

2children2cats Fri 26-Jul-13 13:50:46

Fattymcfatty that is going to be a challenge! Can u be the driver at the wedding or lunch so you don't have to add the alcohol calories? Or hope u don't like the food at the wedding!

I'm a nightmare when I go out for food because I always think I should be allowed to have whatever I want and that is never the healthy option sad. Is the takeaway essential or could you cook one of the fakeaway options from the hairy dieters book?

Vickibee, I love biscuits! Work is a nightmare for me as not only do we have biscuits on tap but we also get a free lunch and it is so hard to stick to salad and not have desert.

I've got a big weekend coming up with a family BBQ tomorrow and a party with friends on Sunday. I've decided that I won't drink tomorrow and on the Sunday I will try to have cider rather than wine as I drink it slower so should end up drinking less.... I will end up twatted as I won't be able to resist the peer pressure (and my parents are looking after the children)!

Chances are I will end up undoing any of the good work I have done this week and will be back to square 1.

NeedSomeSun142 Fri 26-Jul-13 13:52:54

which alcoholic drinks are the worst?

Vickibee Fri 26-Jul-13 14:15:13

best to have a spirit like vodka with a diet mixer, tonic or coke. I am T-Total so no wasted calories there.
There is so much sugar in lager and beer best to avoid

FattyMcFatty Fri 26-Jul-13 16:56:11

NeedSomeSun142 -
Hopefully I'll be able to change to skinnymcskinny at Christmas! I try the opposite tactic - I've got a skinny pic of me on the fridge, to remind me of how I can look if I don't open the fridge!

2children2cats -
Fortunately it's an evening reception only so it's only one meal I have to worry about and it's a buffet so I can fill up on the diet friendly stuff. I'm not a big drinker anyway so that shouldn't be too much of a problem.

I've checked out the menu already for lunch and I think I've found a good diet friendly option. I'm usually the same as you though and don't want to have a salad when there is steak and chips on the menu!!

The takeaway has to happen because it's my favourite place and it's closing down this weekend - can't deny myself my last opportunity, but I won't go mad with it!

Big weekends are our enemy! smile

redwellybluewelly Fri 26-Jul-13 19:08:49

DH decided to surprise me with a treat after my week with roasted KP peanuts and an ice cold budweiser.

It's going down a treat! I can only have two.

I also managed to do a swift weekend shop at waitrose and didnt buy any snacks. At all.

All this talk of takeaways however. ..

2children2cats Fri 26-Jul-13 21:23:40

I made chocolate brownies for the party at the weekend and had to try one to make sure they were nice, they are but I want another!

I have also somehow managed to eat 3 bags of mccoys during the day (I am blaming dh as he bought them) so all my not eating yesterday has been negated. I find weekends so difficult to manage.

Well done on the Waitrose shop with no snacks, that is impressive.

Vickibee Sat 27-Jul-13 12:26:38

Oh no just had two large chocolate cookies with my morn coffee and regret it

Mum2Fergus Sat 27-Jul-13 16:41:24

I'm man/child free this weekend!! Shopping this morning was snack free...lots of fruit and veg...still carb and Diet Coke free, that's 6 days now! Still get cravings but not answered to them smile weigh in tomorrow...not anticipating as big a loss as week one, but can live in hope!!

2children2cats Sat 27-Jul-13 19:27:04

Aaarrrrgggghhh my inlaws drive me mad! That is all.

Mum2Fergus Sun 28-Jul-13 10:58:04

Wk2 weigh in and am 7lbs down in total grin

2children2cats Sun 28-Jul-13 11:11:34

That is amazing mum2fergus, well done! Very jealous.

I've just done the race for life with friends and they were taking pictures- I am the fat, ugly one in all of them sad and they are going on Facebook.

BitchyHen Mon 29-Jul-13 14:55:57

Afternoon everyone. I weighed in this morning and have lost 2lbs. However there is a doughnut in the kitchen that keeps calling me. I bought a pack of 4 & have been trying to feed mine to dc but no one is hungry. How's everyone doing?

2children2cats Mon 29-Jul-13 15:06:06

Hi Bitchyhen, well done on the loss. I can't pluck up the courage to weigh myself after the weekend but I am waiting for the shopping to be delivered and it is full of healthy stuff so hopefully I can rectify the damage.

obrigada Mon 29-Jul-13 15:13:46

Hi all, haven't read through but would love to join you all, I would like to lose 2 to 2½ stone by Christmas, weighed yesterday at 12.13lb, the heaviest I have ever been. Strangely enough I have weighed between 12st 7lb and 12st 10lb for the last 10 years regardless of what I eat but now I can see it creeping up and it's time to do something about it.

oscarwilde Mon 29-Jul-13 15:38:01

Joining too. I need some moral support before I resort to putting a jar of mayonnaise on the radiator overnight. 2.5 stone of baby blubber to lose and stopped BFing on Saturday. Seem to have put on two lbs in two days which is not going in the direction I was hoping for. I even skipped pudding and almost all booze all weekend ? WTF?
2 stone by Christmas or I'm off to bootcamp in the spring. Might book it would be utter hell on earth if I went in my current condition.

Mum2Fergus Mon 29-Jul-13 16:32:56

Thanks 2C2C smile a good weekend diet wise (did help that DP and DS were away for a 'boys weekend') snacking and loads of water. Smoothie for breakfast and lunch today...have made up fruit and salad jars for lunch this week grin

Rugbylovingmum Mon 29-Jul-13 17:13:53

Hi all,

after a great (5lb) weight loss last week I should be feeling really motivated this week but I can't stop nibbling - I had kept it to fruit but today I started on the cheese. It doesn't help that I'm really tired after staying up until 2am writing a job application but I still can't understand it. It's odd, I always said that I thought I could lose a stone by myself but I'd never get any further which is why I joined Rosemary Conley. Now that I have the first stone off (I've lost 1st 1.5lb so far) it's like I'm looking for excuses to give up confused. I've been obssessing about excess skin and thinking that I'll still look awful even if I lose the 4.5 stones I'm aiming for.

I need a good hard kick up the bum please and a reminder that the health benefits and showing my girls you can be the size you want is more important than a wobbly tummy!

worley Mon 29-Jul-13 17:57:26

Hi.. Can I join in please?
Last year I lost three stone and this year have been completely off track since Xmas and put a stone back on sad really dissapointed with myself now. Brought so many clothes last year and cant get in them now!
Have half heartedly been using mfp on my phone and started a couch to 5 k 6 weeks ago.. But weight is static so really need something like this to boost me up on my way again.

I did look at the carb boot camp but really couldn't get my head round it all..

FattyMcFatty Mon 29-Jul-13 20:46:39

Well done Mum2Fergus and BitchyHen!

I weighed in today and I've lost 3.5lb in my first week. Would have liked a tiny bit more in the first week because its always the easiest week - but it's well on track for 2 stone by Christmas so I'm pretty happy smile

Mum2Fergus Mon 29-Jul-13 20:51:51

That's fab Fatty (though we need to see about that name!)...what are you doing differently?!

FattyMcFatty Mon 29-Jul-13 22:12:26

Thanks! I joined Weight Watchers, and a gym. And, I actually managed to attend both (actually attending is the part where my plan usually fails!)

obrigada Tue 30-Jul-13 12:46:25

Diet went well yesterday, went for a walk in the evening. Going to try and post on thread every day to keep myself focused. How is everyone else getting on?

redwellybluewelly Tue 30-Jul-13 13:01:08

Well all was well until Friday and then Saturday, Sunday and Monday I fell right off the wagon. Its true that once you fall there's a temptation to just keep on digging downwards! Now rhe weather has changed as well I'm finding it much more difficult to drink enough water rather than tea or coffee.

However my nice new shiny scales have turned up this morning which DH ans I ordered and I've decided to try and start the C24k (couch to 5k) running programme to try and improve my fitness. A friend has also asked if I want to start a pretty intensive aquafit class as of September which I think will be brilliant for toning - itd certainly done her the world of good and she looks fab.

Now both children are asleep and I'm researching cakes for my DC1's birthday on Sunday! Torment!

2children2cats Tue 30-Jul-13 22:16:54

Things are not going well for me, really struggling to ge in the right frame of mind. I'm similar to you redwelly in that I am normally über controlled in the week and then binge at the weekend thus negating my good work. Unfortunately this week I am struggling to be good in the week, today I have eaten a bag of kettle chips instead of lunch sad.
I'm wondering about signing up to slimming world online but can't really afford it (2 lots of nursery fees from September!) and I'm not sure if I would just lie to myself. I need to do something though as I seem unable to just eat healthily.

redwellybluewelly Tue 30-Jul-13 23:37:11

2c2c I hear you. This afternoon went veey seriously pear shaped. Ive come to the conclusion that the reason I simply cannot diet after a baby is because the thought of sugary lovely sweets and desserts is quite frankly the only thing which gets me through the day.

And the baby is the easy one out of my two hmm the three yr old is a bloody menace at the moment. I wvwn poured myself a glass of wine this evening because I was so damn wound up.

I do find planning foood for meals and never having nice things in the house helps. I went so far as to defrost a scone today in desperation and ate it despite it still being cold. Whoch was stupid as it was horrid!

<sneaks in>

I've just confronted the scales. blush

10st 13. In 5ft for goodness sake! That 13 needs to go for a start.

I'm not sure how but for now I'm going to cut the crap and eat 3 meals a day, no ice cream, muffins, chocolate bars.

Can I join you all please?

gintastic Wed 31-Jul-13 09:51:55

This all reads like I could have written it!

I'm 5'9" and currently weigh 13.2 needs to be more like 11.2, and doing it by Christmas would be fab! Am doing Weightwatchers, I was 14.2 so have lost a stone already, I got down to 12.12 but have had a couple of bad weeks and put some back on :-(

My major problem is the kids leftovers and stress eating! But am still bf my youngest which helps, although returning to work September, so ideally would like to be 12.7 or so by then... I've had 3 kids in 5 years and am fed up with feeling fat and lumpy all the time!

Need to dust off my running shoes, I think!

So yeah, I'm in...

Rugbylovingmum Wed 31-Jul-13 19:13:06

Argh, I'm off to my RC class to get weighed in. Shouldn't really be going until tomorrow night but I've had a horrible week eating-wise so I've decided to get it over and done with a day early then draw a line under this week and start fresh tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed it's not as bad as I think!

Rugbylovingmum Wed 31-Jul-13 22:05:29

Thank goodness, I've only put on half a pound. Much better than I thought it might be (although I think that the woman doing the weigh in was a bit shocked about how happy I was). Back on with it properly this week!

redwellybluewelly Wed 31-Jul-13 22:19:36

I uaed to be happ when I'd stayed rhe same many weeks when I knew full well where I'd overindulged! Well done though and I'll join you in making an effort this week.

I'm also slipping on how much water I'm drinking with it being cooler again, and the sugary cravings are hitting with a vengeance. Baby welly isn't feeding well (poor latch despite having tongue tie snipped) and I'm very very close to giving up which is making me miserable.

2children2cats Thu 01-Aug-13 08:05:53

Don't give up redwelly! Well done rugby!!

I signed up to slimming world online yesterday. Now I consider myself a reasonably intelligent person but oh my it is confusing! I also joined a gym, just need to go now...

I'm off to the dentist today, joy of joys.

2children2cats Thu 01-Aug-13 08:08:25

Meant to say that I am going to make Sunday my weigh in day to try and conquer the weekend binges. And I definitely need to drink more water ( I only drank a pint (of cider) yesterday).

123bucklemyshoe Thu 01-Aug-13 09:43:47

I'd like to join in too!

123bucklemyshoe Thu 01-Aug-13 09:44:42

I also like 2children's idea of a Sunday weigh in day - it might curb the Saturday night wine.

fitflopqueen Thu 01-Aug-13 13:04:28

I'm in too, 2 stone target for 10th dec - long haul holiday, will be hot.
currently 11.12 and 5.6 tall. very busy sedentary job.
Need to find pedometer and retrieve shred DVD from friend.
Aim to low carb. Will report weight weekly, bug me if I don't. Thanks

2children2cats Fri 02-Aug-13 05:05:12

The first day of slimming world didn't go very well - I had used 15 syns without even trying so then just stopped recording them blush
To really get myself sorted I need the baby to start sleeping a bit better, I've been up since 4.30 and will be too tired to function let alone exercise today.... Or maybe I just need to stop looking for excuses and man the fuck up!

redwellybluewelly Fri 02-Aug-13 12:08:09

2c2c I opted for a cold Wispa rather than a cup of tea or pint of water so believe me you're not the only one struggling. I'm trying to get ready for my older girls birthday party on Sunday, cake to make and trying to tidy and clean house. DH is attempting to help but has his own agenda of wanting to get the garden done and play computer games

Sunday weigh in sounds good - will keep me focused. Hopefully.

YourHandInMyHand Fri 02-Aug-13 12:19:14

Hi can I leap in and join please? smile Just seen link to this thread on another one and may help me stay on track.

I've just joined WW and currently weigh 13 stone 1, and am 5ft 6.
It's crept on through overeating and I'm starting to feel it. I want to look nice again, and a xmas night out in a little black dress sounds like a good goal to aim for!

2children2cats Fri 02-Aug-13 15:30:24

Is it sad that I am quite excited to be on a Fred that was mentioned on another Fred?
Today has gone well so far, it is 3.30 and I have not eaten any chocolate or crisps.... I have had 4 Percy pigs and am in the process of making flourless brownies. Damn my dd being wheat intolerant it means that every time she gets invited to a party I have to bake a cake so she can have birthday cake!

kiwidreamer Fri 02-Aug-13 15:43:02

I'm jumping on the wagon too, I did really well last year and got down to 75kgs but a holiday home to NZ saw me rocket up to 8okgs and the past six months has seen another three kgs on (now 83kgs / 15st 7lbs) so now I'm only half a stone off my full term pregnancy weight with DS shock shock OMFG so I'm not even waiting til Monday which is my normal blather, I need to halt the onward march fuck me if I'm going to be the same weight not pregnant as I was with my 9lb 13oz baby and that's that.

I've just printed out my weight chart for the fridge, with my favourite quote 'losing weight is hard, being fat is hard, chose your hard'

I sucked at 5:2 just lost and gained the same three lbs over and over lol, I cant justify the £20 a month for WW so for now its exercise x 4 a week and MFP for 1300 cals a day and four 750ml water bottles and a no takeaways for at least my first six weeks.

First motivation is I need to lose almost a stone for my good, expensive winter coat to fit around my arse, I hate being cold and I spent sooooooooooo much money on that coat last year I have to fit it otherwise I will be one chilly ejit.

2children2cats Sun 04-Aug-13 08:35:37

Weighed this morning, 11st 8lb which is exactly the same as I was at the beginning of the thread so all I have achieved is to put on and lose 2lbs, good work!

I really need to start actually dieting rather than faffing about, the chocolate brownie for breakfast won't have helped blush but I will be good the rest of the day (and tomorrow and the week and August....). I will fit into my wedding dress again one day.

redwellybluewelly Sun 04-Aug-13 09:24:07

2c2c I've also lost and gained the same two pounds. Grrr. Although icing DD's birthday cake yesterday didn't help - lots if testing going on. Party this afternoon and although I've done my best to stay healthy there are crisps beibg served!

I've mislaid my trainers and no time to buy a decent sports bra so my resolution to start C25k tomorrow has flown out of the window. For now all I can do is try to drink enough water.

Keep positive - we just need the right motivation ans maybe we've not quite found it yet?

2children2cats Sun 04-Aug-13 18:03:59

How did the party go redwelly?

redwellybluewelly Sun 04-Aug-13 21:03:06

Party superb. Really fab.

DH did a video of the birthday girl having presents and her cake etc and I wayched it afterwards ans I didn't actually recognise myself. I am HUGE as in so big all over.

So um. I'm recognising this weight loss won't happen on its own but I'm feeling pretty overwhelmed! Doesn't help to made the best damn cake I've ever made and its looking at me from the worktop half eaten. DH needs to lose half what I do and it really shows on his tummy - mine is all over. In fact im bigger now than I was at seven months pg!

So sports bra shopping tomorrow I think.

YourHandInMyHand Sun 04-Aug-13 21:52:34

redwellybluewelly I also seem to have put weight on all over. It's not a good look for me.

Feed the cake to everyone tomorrow.

I'm still sticking to my WW points, my weigh in day is a Thursday so I will report back then. Determined to look nice for my birthday night out end of September. I have several very nice going out dresses that I can't get into.

Kiwidreamer my winter coat wouldn't fit me either I reckon, it was getting too tight just as the weather became milder and I've put even more on since then.

Anyone else putting off buying a certain item of clothing? I need new bras but refuse to until I have lost a stone. Then I will go treat myself!

redwellybluewelly Sun 04-Aug-13 22:37:12

I have just found the dress I want to fit into by Christmas while browsing online. Its not so expensive that I couldn't buy it in a 14 (I'm at least a 16 at the moment if not more) but it'd look much much better in a 12 on a vaguely toned body!

Maybe thats my incentive.

redwellybluewelly Sun 04-Aug-13 22:39:55

ypurhandinmyhand in answer to your question yes I'm putting off buying that dress! However I'm still not incentivised merely disheartened that I will ever get rif of my tree trunk arms and quite sizeable waist.

Damn my pregnancy diet - I was extremely stessed andit was sshockingly bad so I've only really myself to blame.

YourHandInMyHand Sun 04-Aug-13 23:07:36

Don't buy it yet then, maybe a print out stuck up somewhere to remind you of your goal? smile

2children2cats Sun 04-Aug-13 23:13:56

I manage to convince myself day to day that I don't look that bad ( like reverse body dysmoprhia!) and then I see pictures of myself.... It motivates me for about a day before my desire for carbs/sweets overrules me. I really regret eating whatever I wanted during pregnancy, why didn't I learn from the first time?!

BitchyHen Mon 05-Aug-13 10:06:42

Morning! Lost 1lb this week but away with family for a few days. It's going to difficult to eat healthily when my dm will be cooking enough to feed an army.

2children2cats Wed 07-Aug-13 07:01:51

Somebody motivate me! I have yet again found it impossible to eat sensibly, let alone healthily.
Saturday and Sunday weren't too bad so it is like I have treated Monday and Tuesday as the weekend. I have eaten 2 large bags of popcorn, 4 bags of mccoys, a tube of smarties, a mini magnum and 3 meals a day blush.

YourHandInMyHand Wed 07-Aug-13 09:00:38

2children2cats were those things stuff you had in the house or while you were out and about? I've bought myself slightly healthier versions of the stuff I have in for DS. Individual packs of popcorn, ice lollies instead of ice cream, etc. Still some tempting stuff in but not as bad as what I was having. Nodding along at the reverse body dysmorphia, I've had a few photos that have shocked me too. I want some photos were I look healthy, I want more energy and clearer skin.

BitchyHen well done on the loss. I always imaging a pound of lard, very encouraging to think you have lost that from your body!

redwellybluewelly Wed 07-Aug-13 10:37:47

2c2c I'm not getting anywhere either, just the daily grind sends me to the snack cupboard - mainly driven by leftovers from the party at the weekend. I'm not even drinking half of my allotted amount. I know when I managed this before it was a bit if a self fulfilling prophecy - the less crap I ate the less I wanted it and the more I could avoid it.

I've agreed with DH that on Saturday morning I'm going into the city centre and buying myself a bra to run in. Then if baby welly's sleep pattern stays the same I'll run first thing, which might just give me the motivation to stay out of the cookie jar during the day.

Rugbylovingmum Wed 07-Aug-13 11:08:31

Hi all,

sorry some of you are struggling with snacks. I have been finding it much easier to have a set number of snack calories - I changed the Rosemary Conley diet slightly to suit me so I have 250 cal for brekkie, 350 for lunch, 500 for dinner , 50+50 for a piece of fruit in the morning and afternoon then 250 left over for snacks. I have snacks in the house that are around 100 cal so I can have a couple each day guilt free - I love special K sweet chilli rice cracker crisps (94 cal/portion), skips/quavers (<100cal), solero's (diff types are 77-104 cal), jaffa cakes (2 for 90cal) or Tunnocks's Chocolate Teacake (91 cal). I try to only have 1 snack that is over 5% fat as RC suggests but I concentrate more on keeping to my calorie allowance.

To be fair my main motivation for not snacking is going to class to get weighed - my instructor is lovely and never makes me feel bad if I don't have a loss but for me it stops that 'I'll just start again tomorrow' attitude I struggled with. It doesn't always work and last week I put on 0.5lb but I find it easier than dieting alone. I have lost 1st 1lb in 5 weeks and hopefully will have a couple more lbs off when I weigh in tomorrow.

I decided this week that I needed to do more exercise so I started the 30 day shred shock. I did day 1 yesterday and it was tough! I ached today (esp as I did bodypump on Monday) but I did the 40 min walk to DD1's nursery then took DD2 to the park and it seems to have eased my muscles out. Going to attempt day 2 when DD2 has her nap - wish me luck!

Hope we all have a good week this week.

Rugbylovingmum Wed 07-Aug-13 11:10:21

Oops, I didn't mean 5 weeks. I lost 1st 1.5lb in 6 weeks then put 0.5lb on last week so this is week 8.

2children2cats Wed 07-Aug-13 13:56:52

Thanks for the support.... yourhand they weren't things I had in the house they were things I bought in the supermarket on special offer when I didn't fancy the healthy food I had ordered in the online shop- the perils of living walking distance from town!

rugbylovingmum I bought some snacks today that are all around 100 calories from the m&s guilt free snacking range (they are still 6 syns on slimming world though).

redwelly you are so right about exercising helping you stop snacking, I need to start doing it more regularly.

I have only got 3 weeks til the start of term now so I doubt I will be 11st by then, I'm not sure what I will be able to wear to work. Yet even this isn't enough motivation to eat better and exercise, maybe I am a lost cause sad

Littleorangetree Wed 07-Aug-13 21:00:24

Hello. May I joing you please? I've put on over a stone in the last year and weight 13st 4 and I'm 5ft 6". So annoyed at myself!! I'm fed up of being chubby and wobbly, but I've treid every diet under the sun and never managed to stick to them as I have pretty awful self-control when it comes to chocolate, crisps and food in general!

I think my plan is to not deny myself anything, but to stop buying rubbish so it isn't in the house, and to eat 3 proper meals a day (watching portion size). I also need to drink more water as at the moment I'm a camel!

2children2cats - I know how you feel because I'm the same. I really need to lose the weight, but find is so hard to get motivated even though I know for a fact my health and overall wellbeing would be sooooooo much better! Aaarrrggh!

Vickibee Thu 08-Aug-13 11:47:44

just got back from Tenerife and pleased to say that I have only gained one pound despite all the delicious food on offer. Back to the diet today. Do feel hungry though as I increased food intake on holiday and my tum must have stretched or something

YourHandInMyHand Thu 08-Aug-13 15:29:10

I've done the 30 day shred before but think it would kill me ATM! I am hoping when DS goes back to school I will be slightly lighter, and feel a bit more like I can do something for myself exercise wise. I get no time to myself in the school hols.

Vickibee that's fab that you only put on 1lb!

Hi littleorangetree smile

2children2cats I am sure you are not a lost cause! You will get there.

I went to my WW meeting and I've lost 3lbs. grin Pleased with this asI'd had plenty of treats but had stuck to my points allowance too so am happy to have lost despite eating pizza hut, chinese, and chocolate!

I am away on holiday next week and really really need stick to stick to my plan and not eat everything in sight. I'm trying to deny myself things, but to stop and weigh up the best choice. eg going to the ice cream van with DS but getting a lolly, or going for a fresh salad and a pizzetta at pizza hut rather than something dripping with calories and fat.

redwellybluewelly Thu 08-Aug-13 21:01:30

Right. I really need to lose some of this weight - im actually gaining!

2c2c I'm starting afresh on Sunday. I have tomorrow afternoon to meal plan and to go shopping and to agree with Dh when I'm going to try and run next week. I had been hoping to get baby welly into going to sleep at seven but she is refusing so it'll have to be first thing in the morning instead.

Rugbylovingmum Thu 08-Aug-13 22:04:34

Weighed in at my RC class this evening and I have lost 2.5lb grin. That's 1st 3.5lb over the last 7 weeks and I am down to 13st. Really motivated to get on with it this week and get under 13st. 12 stone something sounds so much better than the 14st something I started at. For some reason even having 2st 13lb to lose sounds more manageable than the 3st I need to lose atm. Is that just weird???

This week I am going to focus on cutting out the mindless nibbling - I'm always picking at the kids leftovers. I'm also going to go for it on the exercise front. I'm doing the 30 day shred dvd (day 3 completed today after my class) and I'm doing lots of walking. My parents are having my DC for a few days so I am going to play squash with DP - we both love playing but never have a babysitter. Fingers crossed it pays off when I weigh in next week.

redwelly - stick with it, it's really tough when the littlies aren't sleeping and you don't have much time

yourhand - well done and have a fab hol!

vickibee - that's great, only putting on a pound.

littleorangetree - welcome to the thread

2c2c - you aren't a lost cause, you just have to find something that works for you. Hope you have a good week this week.

2children2cats Thu 08-Aug-13 22:39:20

Right redwelly I will join u. I have had my induction at the gym so there is no reason why I can't go now. I'm visiting my parents m

2children2cats Thu 08-Aug-13 22:46:50

Hi littleorangetree, I agree that drinking is a massive problem, somedays I don't have a drink until lunchtime. I also find that I don't really fancy water whereas I crave diet coke. I also need to cut out the alcohol but the nice weather isn't helping, I love a pimms or cool glass of wine.

vickibee well done on being so successful on holiday, that is amazing!

yourhand your holiday plan sounds very sensible, I hope you have a fab time. Are you going anywhere nice?

redwelly I will start again with you on Sunday but try not to go too crazy tomorrow and Saturday so as to limit the damage- normally if I am starting again i have a huge binge to prepre myself for being good - when/why did my eating habits get so fucked up? My mother isn't fat, although my dad is and she goes on and on at him so maybe that is why I am a bit of a secret eater!

LoganMummy Thu 08-Aug-13 22:49:24

Can I join too please? I've got two stone to loose having put lots on whilst pregnant. DD is now 10 weeks so I really need to start doing something to loose the baby weight.

I'm bf-ing so plan is just to cut out the crap and start eating more fruit and veg.

YourHandInMyHand Fri 09-Aug-13 19:02:29

2ch2cats we are off to Withernsea. grin If you're not familiar this is a very unfancy seaside town. We are doing a cheap, bucket and spade caravan holiday which at least means I can stay on track hopefully with eating sensibly.

I've come online to avoid binging on chocolate. I've had my tea - a WW meal and a big salad, and I've had a kitkat. I've no reason to keep eating but I really really want to. Going to go walk the dog in a minute too so I am away from temptation. Then pots. Then get DS ready for bed. Hopefully the craving to eat and eat will have passed by then. :-/

amigababy Sat 10-Aug-13 22:46:54

Can I join in too? I've put on a stone since last year, and want to lose it - plus the stone I was originally trying to lose at the time!! (I went in the wrong direction then)

I recently finished c25k and can wholeheartedly recommend it from an exercise point of view, I feel so much better mentally and physically from it. But, I didn't lose any weight sad I'm still running , and aiming to build up my miles and minutes gradually. I know if I lose some pounds then running will get easier - especially as it's so hilly where I live.

I'm reading the Beck diet book, which is a kind of CBT approach to dieting. It doesn't prescribe an actual diet (I've chosen the good old 1980's F Plan) but offers psychological support in the process of changing eating habits. It's really interesting, and has a lead-in period of 2 weeks, so technically I'm not yet following the diet. Except I am (sort of) I'm eating my all-bran, and had lentil curry for tea. Lots of fibre!

2 stone would be a radical difference to me but as I'm approaching my 50th (Eeeeeek!) I want to get this sorted and feel much, much fitter.

amigababy Sat 10-Aug-13 22:47:41

yourhand we had a caravan in Withernsea when I was little. Happy days grin

lifesgreatquestions Sun 11-Aug-13 22:18:05

Is there room here for one more? I have two stone to loose, two and a half to be really pleased, and I'm crap at dieting.

Rugbylovingmum Mon 12-Aug-13 08:14:11

Hi to LoganMummy, amigababy and lifesgreatquestions - good luck for losing the weight.

This is going to be an odd week. The DC are at my parents for a few days so I am going to be doing lots of decorating and tidying plus DP and I are going to play squash and maybe do a bit of joging (good). On the other hand we are going out for a nice lunch today and meeting our friends at a Tapas restaurant tomorrow night for a birthday meal and drinks (very bad).

I really want to get under 13st this week so I'm going to have to go for it with the exercise but hold back a bit with the food and drink hmm. Wish me luck.

lifesgreatquestions Mon 12-Aug-13 10:00:33

Hi Rugby, we're doing the rounds of a few threads together! Good luck, that definitely sounds like a tricky week, maybe write the number 13 on your drinking & eating hand? grin!

Vickibee Tue 13-Aug-13 11:14:26

Since I returned from hols I have found it really difficult to get back into it, in fact I have felt really hungry. I need to get my willpower back and get back on track. I reckon the food on holiday has stimulated my appetite and I have got used to eating more. My tummy is saying feed me so I have had a handful of grapes but could really eat a bacon buttie. NO

lifesgreatquestions Tue 13-Aug-13 20:59:48

Vicki, that's a tough transition. It'll pass in a few days but that's a long wait, can you wean yourself off rather than go cold turkey?

As for me I abstained from sweets today and stuck to three meals and an apple and a banana snack. Dinner wasn't the most sensible but the ingredients were good quality and the portion reasonable. I'm going to try to count the calories now really how I don't have to start restricting my diet!!

karatekimmi Wed 14-Aug-13 00:39:44

Hi all, I'm in, but am rubbish at posting on threads, so will lurk and post when I can.

I have put on and lost the same 7lbs since mini kimmi was blorn 15 months ago. I was 14st 10 (I was 15st 3 when I got pregnant so I can't even blame baby weight!!) and have been dieting and running and will weigh in tomorrow (well today technically!! Stupid non sleeping baby!!)

Anyway the reason why I posted is that I "run" with the push chair (I think it was welly ) just my normal pushchair, it slows me down slightly but it is doefinately do able. ( it's not like I'm Paula Radcliffe to start with!! ) I figure its better than not going at all.

Vickibee Wed 14-Aug-13 09:55:33

Does anyone watch secret eaters? saw for first time last nite and showed lots of helpful tips. I am a plate clearer so use a smaller plate!

Was good yesterday, nothing really bad but did have a bit extra pasta when I didn't need to. Also walked for 6 miles, going to try exercise every day

lifesgreatquestions Wed 14-Aug-13 10:08:18

I read a good tip yesterday, to see the kitchen as "closed" by a certain hour, as I eat early I think I could say 7 pm, add I then doing eat breakfast until about 8:15 I figure in giving my body a clear chance at digesting! Anyone else cine across any good advice?

2children2cats Wed 14-Aug-13 18:39:25

Hi everyone, I had lost a lb on Sunday and have been to the gym twice this week so fingers crossed for next Sunday. I like the idea of closing the kitchen, I might give that a go- not today though I'm starving!!

Rugbylovingmum Wed 14-Aug-13 19:16:25

I had my weigh in today and I have lost 1.5lb which is okay - I did a lot of exercise this week but have also had a couple of meals out and had a glass of sangria last night. I am nine weeks in and it's starting to feel like a real slog - it's great that I've lost 1st 5lb but I have almost 3st left to go and it just seems a long way to go. I'm away visiting family this week so it's going to be tough have a good weight loss. If I could drop a dress size I'd feel like I'd really made a difference but although my clothes are loose I'm not into the next size down yet sad. Ignore me, I'm just having a bit of a whinge.

I think I might have a go at planning out my meals for the next few weeks and include some new recipes to break the routine.

MatJas Wed 14-Aug-13 20:24:12

Can I join please, I am 40 just before Xmas this year and need to lose 3 stone, so 2 by Xmas would be good, I have an under active thyroid which is the main reason I have gained weight, I also suffer from anxiety and stress and when at my worst I can get through a lot of junk food, want to do this for my Heath more than anything, I really struggle to bend down now, which is ridiculous, pre kids and thyroid problem I was 9 1/2 stone and a size 10, I can't believe that I have let myself get like this, do feel really down about its, I have tried diets before once lost 2 stone with Scottish skimmers but due to the leader leaving and then diagnosis of thyroid it has all creeped back on and more, sorry for long post but I thought if I gave all info there may be someone out there with the same problems as I have x

Tinwe Wed 14-Aug-13 20:40:26

Can I join please? I've been loosely working on losing baby weight since DD2 was born 16 months ago and it has been gradually slipping off (with odd bits back on). I've made a concerted effort though since early July and have lost about 3/4 stone. I still need to lose another 3/4 stone to be back to prebaby weight and would like to lose another stone at least after that.

I've really stepped up the exercise and am enjoying C25k but my appetite has increased too and I'm "treating" myself more so my weight has plateaued a bit. This thread will keep my mind on the goal!

lifesgreatquestions Wed 14-Aug-13 20:48:41

Hi matjas and tinwe, I haven't been in exactly your shoes but I think most of us on here have for some reason or other struggled to loose what we've put on. I know about feeling down about it. It's a slow slog losing the weight Rugby but it's a massive amount. Maybe if you have yourself a visual of the amount you've lost in bags of sugar or a baby or something that might help?

whimsy Thu 15-Aug-13 08:53:04

Can I join please. Need to lose at least two stone and by Christmas would be great. I'm not joining a slimming group just going to start eating healthier, doing some exercise and cutting back on the wine shock I've purchased the 30 day shed dvd but haven't taken the wrapper off yet blush

BitchyHen Thu 15-Aug-13 09:14:58

I'm back from a few days away with family, but I can't stop eating. It's worse in the evening and I really only want fatty and sugary food. Any advice? Or ideas for healthy snacks.

Rugbylovingmum Thu 15-Aug-13 09:51:05

BitchyHen - I try to mostly snack on fruit, carrot and cucumber sticks or sugar free jelly but I also like Velvet Crunch or Special K sweet chilli 'crisps' - they are both around 80-95 calories per bag and because they are crunchy and have a strong flavour they are quite satisfying. Solero's are also pretty good - 95-104 calories depending on flavour but they are quite big so take a while to eat and feel like a real treat. Hope that helps

whimsy Thu 15-Aug-13 10:05:00

I freeze Muller light Yogurt and eat them for an alternative to ice cream. It takes me ages to chip my way through it and keeps my hands and mouth busy for a while grin

BitchyHen Thu 15-Aug-13 15:41:12

Thanks for the ideas I must get organised so I have a healthy snack to hand. Crisps are my biggest downfall, I love them so much but they seem to trigger a binge for me. My local shop has had walkers sensations on offer, but I can't just eat a few, I keep going until the bag is empty so I'm better off avoiding them for now. I have some sugar free jelly so will make some now and hopefully stave off cravings.

Tinwe Fri 16-Aug-13 11:33:31

Hen - if you like crisps you might crave salty stuff. This link has some healthy salty snacks smile

karatekimmi Sat 17-Aug-13 20:35:18

Well after weighing myself at my parents house I am 5lb lighter (yeah) although I will need to verify those results when I get back home. I have been logging my food religiously and my dad thinks I'm a nut weighing everything I eat!! But it seems to work, keeping a diary and measuring everything ( it can be quite an eye opener )

I've been to a health spa and have had a lovely relaxin day (thanks dad for baby sitting!!) ate like a pig, but will be on it like gromit tomorrow.

I have been running almost every day which has been really good, and I am hoping to keep it up for the next 2 weeks till I'm back in school.

Hope you're all doing well and have good numbers this week!

mamaus Sun 18-Aug-13 14:58:44

Can I join too please? I was on a different thread earlier in the year which really helped me stay on track before being a bridesmaid in my brother's wedding. Since then however, I have found most of the weight that I lost and seem to have no willpower to stick to anything for more than a day or two.

So, I would love to lose 2 stone by Christmas. My plan is to do what was working for me before and log what I eat on My Fitness Pal, do the 30 day shred DVD, seriously up my water intake, and check in here at least once a week to weigh in.

I would also like to be a success story! Good luck everyone.

MatJas Sun 18-Aug-13 20:57:25

Well went to the doctors in Friday and have been prescribed orlistat to help with weight loss, the idea is that u stick to a low at diet and take a tablet at each meal and it stops the bod absorbing the fat from any foods u have eaten in that meal, he said I can take a while to notice a difference in ur weigh but should be worth it will let u know how I get on. Also can I ask does everyone post their weight loss results every week or is this just a support thread x

goodgollygosh Sun 18-Aug-13 21:17:36

Hi, can I join too? Hope its not too late! I have piled on the weight after having my 4th baby November and developing neuralgia. I've always been 9st and a size 10 but I ended up 13st I've lost 17lbs in 5wks doing 3 days fasting and the other days 1200. I'm now down to 11st 11lbs and my BMI is now at 29 and I'm no longer obese. I would like 3st by Christmas but would be more than happy with 2! I'm drinking easily 3 litres of water a day (no other drinks) it helps I don't drink alcohol and I'm a vegetarian. My weigh in day is a Saturday usually. What day is weigh in on here?

Tinwe Sun 18-Aug-13 21:59:41

Matjas- heard good things about that medicine as long as you don't eat much fat... Taking a high fat diet and the meds at the same time can play havoc with your digestion I believe.

Tinwe Sun 18-Aug-13 22:00:34

Welcome Mamaus and Good

Tinwe Sun 18-Aug-13 22:04:15

Well done Karate! Was that 5lb loss over a week shock I'm doing c25k but not seeing that kind of result, partly because I'm only building up my running at the mo and partly because I'm allowing myself more treats as a result of more exercise! Still, lost about 3 lb this week (after a couple of weeks of smaller losses) so I'm pleased smile

whimsy Mon 19-Aug-13 08:24:23

I'm off to buy some scales to day, so I know what I'm working with. Managed to get a fab exercise bike on freecycle yesterday. I placed a request on Thursday, didn't hold up much hope but a local lady had one she used as a clothes horse grin It's got a digital computer on that tells me how far I've gone, calories burnt, everything it's hardly been used. I'm aiming to do 2 x 10 mins a day.

mamaus Mon 19-Aug-13 22:15:24

Thanks Tinwe and congratulations on your 3 lb loss, that is great!
Whimsy great idea asking on freecycle for an exercise bike, I may try my luck too. I have been toying with the idea of couch to 5k, but my DH goes away for work alot and I have a 2 year old and 1 year old, so wouldn't be able to get out consistently. Exercise bike could be a good solution.
I am going to use Monday as my weigh in day here, in the hope that it will keep me honest over the weekends, so here goes...
Week one:
Start weight 11 stone 11 lbs
Good luck this week everyone!

2children2cats Tue 20-Aug-13 08:37:19

Well I lost another lb when I weighed on Sunday. Feeling a bit rubbish about it now that you've all lost loads, oh well it is a step in the right direction!
I need to be really hardcore this week as I have a wedding to go to on Monday and I don't fit in any of my posh clothes and can't afford new ones.

emblosion Thu 22-Aug-13 06:29:27

Hi everyone, I'm a bit late to this, but can I join? Ds2 is 12 weeks old & I'm still 3 stone heavier. 2 stone off by Christmas would be a great start.

I've bought the 30 day shred, but its still in its wrapper. With me its crisps, carbs & cheese that I eat too much of. Plus I got used to desserts and treats while pregnant. Going to calorie count & try to exercise.

Vickibee Thu 22-Aug-13 13:36:57

Tell me about Orlistat, I asked my Gp for it and she was reluctant to prescribe dut to adverse side effects. Said it was better to do it myself. Generally I find that GPs tell you to lose weight but don't offer much in the way of support. I think I could get Orlistat if I pressured her.

randomwhistle Fri 23-Aug-13 14:30:23

Hi it's me goodgollygosh still going strong, I have my weigh in down boots first thing in the morning fingers crossed for me, I have been so controlled this week. I won't lie its been hell. It can take me up to 2hrs to eat a bowl of soup (heated several times) because my 3yr old daughter is very demanding. I have 4 children but just the one daughter (thank The Lord haha).
Will post in the morning.

Tinwe Fri 23-Aug-13 21:20:05

Good luck Random! I have 2 DD aged 1 and 2 that we're taking 8 hrs in the car on hols tom, so please wish me luck too! grin

Tinwe Fri 23-Aug-13 21:23:16

Vicki - I had a friend on Orlistat who um... How do I say it delicately? Had "greasy, messy trumps" when she ate fatty food. confused She lost some weight but she didn't think it was worth it and gave up. To be fair she couldn't have been that dedicated or wouldn't have eaten an excessively fatty diet anyway. grin

Tinwe Fri 23-Aug-13 21:27:12

Hi Emblosion - well done tackling the baby weight so soon. My DD2 is now 15 months and I've only been really trying since she was about 13 months (although a bit trickled off gradually since she was born). My trigger is definitely chocolate, I don't get the urge to gorge on it but once I have a bit I'm generally off the rails for a few days. If I can hold off any more chocolate, after three days it's out of my system and I'm back to normal again.

Tinwe Fri 23-Aug-13 21:32:29

2children2cats - how're you doing this week? Sounds like you've set yourself a tough challenge to lose quite a bit by Monday!

redwellybluewelly Fri 23-Aug-13 21:36:37

Afyer this week I need to start over.


And I've a wedding to go to very soon.

Tinwe Fri 23-Aug-13 21:37:46

Thanks Mamaus - I'm really enjoying C25k, well, as much as any newish starter loves running, but I sympathise with it being difficult finding time (I have 1 and 2 year old DDs too). The plans usually suggest you do: day on, day off, day on, day off, day on, 2 days off in that order each week but you can flex that slightly. Before C25k I did the 30 day Shred which is less than 30 mins a day but v intense but found it hard on my knees.

Tinwe Fri 23-Aug-13 21:38:54

Whimsy - what a bargain! Is your plan going well?

Littleorangetree Fri 23-Aug-13 21:44:06

Hi everyone! Sorry I haven't been on for ages - life's just got in the way recently. I've not really been managing to stick to my plan until the last 2 weeks, and I've only lost 4 lbs since the last time I posted. I'm back on the wagon now though and hopefully can stay on it! smile

Tinwe Fri 23-Aug-13 21:59:55

Well done little on your 4lb loss! smile

karatekimmi Sat 24-Aug-13 07:08:30

Well done on the weight losses. I'll weigh in tomorrow, but I haven't been out for many ribs this week which always makes a bi difference on how well I'm doing!!

I'm a teacher and have 1 week left until I start back (new job a well) so I'm trying to plan my food so I don't end up putting weight on again due to eating crap and not having we enough time to exercise. I have a treadmill but I've taken a new job to finish earlier and take work home, so once mini kimmi is in bed I can do marking and planning. I do run with him in the push chair sometimes, but he can be a pain sometimes!!

Love the tip about the kitchen being closed, I think there was an article about not eating (or drinking i think) after 7pm and the woman list about half a stone in a month without changing anything else!! I try to do that bit with LO bedtime it's either eat at 5- 5.30 or after 7.30 as in between is bedtime routine.

How is everyone doing this? I am just calorie counting on my fitness pal (karatekimmi feel free to add me) and am tryin to keep my running up.

Is the orli- thing like Alli that you used to be able to get over the counter? I've had friends who use that but you do have to eat low fat or very embarrassing accidents can occur. Surely a massive incentive not to cheat!!

karatekimmi Sat 24-Aug-13 07:09:29

Lol at going out for ribs!! I wish! I haven't been out for many runs!!

2children2cats Sat 24-Aug-13 09:07:49

Hey, I will not be meeting my ridiculous goal! But, I have been fairly good, not perfect but not terrible.

I've started using my fitness pal and have been reading a blog (hungry healthy happy) which is helping to inspire me. I've still eaten too much chocolate and drank too much wine and I won't be fitting in the dress I wanted to wear on Monday but I'm not using that as an excuse to give up this week and start again after bank holiday (which is progress!).

I reckon if I can keep it up once I'm back at work (also a teacher) then I can still lose 2st by Christmas. It helps that my mil keeps offering me clothes/jewellery that are too big for her now that 'she has lost loads of weight'.... If she has lost any weight it isn't noticeable and she never actually gives me the items so she just likes to be a bitch and I am actually thinner than her anyway... Cow!

2children2cats Sat 24-Aug-13 09:09:31

katatekimmi if I can work out how to add u I will, I'm mrsxsweet.

randomwhistle Sat 24-Aug-13 10:22:51

5lb loss for this week! Bringing my BMI down to 28. I'm so pleased. I've had an awful period so didn't eat much. But I have quite good losses every week I think the amount of water I drink helps. Half a stone to loose until I'm in the 10st region (top end haha).

randomwhistle Sat 24-Aug-13 10:53:29

Oh and please everyone add me on mfp I'm Natty85Natty

Rugbylovingmum Sun 25-Aug-13 18:51:15

Hi all,

sorry I've been awol. We've been off visiting family and didn't have internet access. I've lost 1.5lb each week for the last 2 weeks which doesn't seem much but is going in the right direction. I've lost 1st 6lb in total over 8 or 9 weeks. It's started coming off a bit more slowly now but the good news is it feels easy and something I can stick to in the long term. I've been planning my meals for the next month so I can do a big shop (I love meal planning - we eat the same 4 meals otherwise) and have found some great calorie/fat counted recipes in the healthy food guide mag. Hope they are nice!

The exercise is going to take a bit more thinking about. I was doing The Shred but got totally bored. I have signed up for a 6 week 'kardy interval' course thing at my Rosemary Conley class and I'll probably still do my body pump session but I could do with something else. I'd love to start running again but I am struggling to find the motivation to get going with the C25K. I've done a couple of half marathons in the past and I know that once I can run jog slowly for about 30min I really enjoy going out a couple of evenings a week. It's just getting there - I can barely run for 30secs. I know I'll get there but still can't seem to get started - any tips???

Off to read through the thread and catch up.

mamaus Mon 26-Aug-13 22:13:47

Hi all, just a quick check in. I am down one pound this week, which is a miracle actually considering a few slip ups I had over the weekend.
Its lots of seemingly little bad decisions that are adding up against me, if that makes sense? A biscuit here, a can of coke there etc. at least my fitness pal is helping me see the error of my ways.
This week I am going to focus on stopping the little bad decisions and finally get exercising.
So week 2, 11 stone 10, 1 lb loss.
Not great, but going the right way I suppose.
Good luck this week everyone!

karatekimmi Tue 27-Aug-13 08:03:53

It's going in the right direction so well done, and for sustained weightless they say 1-2 lb a week. It's just annoying on the biggest loser and they lose 10lb a week!!

I find it useful workin out how long / far is have to walk or in for to earn a chocolate bar or crisps! It's quite depressing to find out how much effort it take to burn it off!!

karatekimmi Sat 31-Aug-13 06:43:48

Hello ... Is anyone still there?!?

How are people getting on?

Tinwe Sat 31-Aug-13 14:16:11

I'm still here but been on holiday with no reception to post. Think I've put weight on too hmm How're you doing?

BitchyHen Sat 31-Aug-13 19:22:31

I'm still here too. I've been losing and gaining the same 2lbs for the last few weeks but I'm 3lbs down over the summer hols, which could be worse I suppose. I'm back at work on Monday so hopefully getting back into routine and limited access to food will help me lose more.

Rugbylovingmum Sat 31-Aug-13 21:32:30

Another 2lb off this week - slow but steady and I have lost 1st 8lb so I'm getting there. Clothes are very loose so I'm really looking forward to fitting into the next size down.

mamaus Sat 31-Aug-13 23:37:41

Still here too! Have done the shred everyday this week and been doing reasonably well with calories, so I am hopeful for my Monday weigh in.
Tomorrow I am shopping for a sports bra, running shoes and some new scales. I am normally pretty thrifty, so I am thinking if I make some healthy investments that will be even more incentive to keep at it.
Congratulations on the losses. smile

mydadsdaughter Sat 31-Aug-13 23:42:20

I.m belatedly in, I'm 40 in January and would love to be a size 16, smaller if possible, am a 20 at the moment ( just over 16 stone and 5ft 6 ), it's got to be possible right ?

karatekimmi Sun 01-Sep-13 08:34:13

I'm now under 14st and have had an okay week. I managed a couple of runs with the pushchair, which is a bit frustrating, but at least I am still managing to run. I'm back to school next week, and am planning to plan my food carefully.

2children2cats Mon 02-Sep-13 05:58:03

I'm here, not very successful over the summer holidays - put back on the 3lbs I had lost. Back to work today so as Bitchyhen said, hopefully a return to routine will help. I have a vat of vegetable soup waiting in the fridge to consume this week and am contemplating going to the gym seeing as I am awake.
Half a stone a month would mean 2stone by New Year's Eve so that is my new aim. It feels doable, I just actually have to diet rather than thinking it will happen by magic!

mamaus Tue 03-Sep-13 00:14:23

Weigh in time for me...
Week 3, one pound loss, so 11 stone 9.
Moving the right direction, but would like to have a bigger loss next week. Like you, 2children2cats I keep hoping it will happen by magic smile

I have been doing the shred every day, which is good, but its impulsive eating that gets me and is preventing bigger losses I think. I really just need to make sure biscuits, crisps, chocolate etc aren't available at home. Like you said karatekimmi when you realise doing the 30 day shred barely burns one lousy triangle of toblerone, it doesn't really seem worth it! (In laws brought some back from their holiday)

Very inspirational that you manage to run with your pushchair kimmi I am terrible for making excuses not to start running. My latest being, not been able to get running shoes, which is crap, I just haven't made time to go get some and actually put them on and get out the door!! I think I downloaded the couch to 5k app over a year ago and have yet to use it blush

Well done Rubylovingmum 1 stone 8 lost is amazing!! You should be very proud. Not sure if you said before, but what have you been doing? Can't wait for my clothes to feel loose, desperate for some new ones, but no way am I shopping for this size!
Hi Bitchyhen and Tinwe hopefully getting back into a routine will make things easier to stay on track. My DS is starting preschool this week, so I am looking to establish a new routine and avoid comfort eating my sorrows in his first day!

Welcome mydadsdaughter of course it's possible, we can do this.

Sorry for the novel, good luck this week everyone.

Vickibee Tue 03-Sep-13 10:54:09

Haven't posted in a while but am pleased to say I weighed myself today and have lost 19Lbs in total so I am really chuffed. However I am so overweight I still have 40 to go so it seems like a drop in the ocean. My BMI is just under 35 now.
I have tried to break it down into managable chunks so Im am not overwhelmed by having an imposs target. My clothes actually fit now instead of bursting at the seams.
Finding it tough as my diet foods seem very repetitive, any suggestions for main meals would be welcome

Vickibee Fri 06-Sep-13 12:53:43

I am going to an Italian restaurant tonight with old school friends (who are all slimBTW) can anyone suggest what a good main would be? I know not o have pizza creamy sauces of garlic butter but what does that leave. Any suggestions appreciated.? Thanks in advance

IamMummyhearmeROAR Fri 06-Sep-13 16:44:25

I would avoid pasta unfortunately and just go for a meat or fish dish if its available

karatekimmi Sat 07-Sep-13 20:31:15

Hi all,

I have had a good week and lost 2 lb despite a couple of slips(biscuits and cakes back at work :-( ) and no time for a run!!

If I was going for Italian, I would have what I fancied, but only 1 thing. No starter, or bread or dessert. Do the have nutritional info online? Or look at zizzis or pizza express menu online to get a feel for nutritional information.

Rugbylovingmum Sat 07-Sep-13 23:46:51

Vickibee - how was your meal?

karatekimmi - congrats on the 2lb weightloss

I had a terrible week last week and am surprised to have only out on 1lb. I'm reaching that dangerous stage where I am getting bored with watching what I eat and, even though I feel really proud I've lost over 1.5st, I'm still very big and have almost 3st to go. It just feels a very long way to go. Anyway I really needed a kick up the backside and a bit of a challenge so I've signed up to this 6 week interval-type exrecise thing with my Rosemary Conley class and I'm setting myself the goal of losing 11lb (which will take me under 12st for the first time since my first pregnancy) and running 30min by the end of the 6 weeks. I have downloaded the c25k podcast and I am going to do run1 tomorrow. Wish me luck!!!

mamaus Sun 08-Sep-13 00:09:21

Good luck Rugbylovingmum! I am inspired by your proactive attitude, and am going to finally do day 1 tomorrow as well, so thank you!
I keep seeing signs for a race coming up in my area in November that I want to sign up for. It is a 10k, which is probably way too ambitious, but I also need a big kick up the back side to get going and I feel like this may be just the thing. I figure, I can always walk some of it if I need to.
Good luck.

Vickibee Sun 08-Sep-13 08:14:55

I chose a chicken breast served with steamed veggies. It was very nice but seemed to be covered in a creamy sauce which I tried to remove as best I could. I avoided dessert and had a coffee instead but did give in to one eighth of a garlic bread.
It is a local independent and the menu was very calorific with few healthy options.
Find eating out difficult you never know what goes into stuff or how it is cooked

mamaus Tue 10-Sep-13 00:07:16

Monday weigh in time for me...
Lost one pound, now 11 stone 8

Still going the right direction, but would certainly like to see a bigger loss one of these weeks, or I will not be reaching the 2 stone by Christmas goal!

I have started couch to 10k and am feeling very positive about that, did week 1, run 2 tonight and think I will feel it in the morning--but I felt really proud of myself.

Vickibee reading about your careful planning and meal selecting, makes me realise what I suppose I already knew, and that is if I want to reach the goal --or get as close as possible--I need to seriously look at what I am eating, just calorie counting and exercising isn't gonna cut it for me!

106 days until Christmas (I have a countdown app on my phone to help keep me motivated!) so still lots of time to get to the goal.

Good luck this week everyone! smile

Vickibee Tue 10-Sep-13 08:11:59

what I really wanted was beef cannelloni with cheesy garlic bread followed by profiteroles and cream! That's what I used to have and why I got so large in the first place. Slim people must behave in this way all the time and deny themselves stuff that us larger ladies eat

mamaus Wed 11-Sep-13 00:29:24

Someone gave me a book about the first year of motherhood, I never finished it, but I still remember one part. The author was talking about losing baby weight, apparently she was a slim woman and regained her figure quickly. When people asked her what it was she ate to stay so slim, her answer was... Not much at all!

Sometimes it's easy to think that skinny people are lucky, comes to them naturally, high metabolism, blah blah.
At least these are all things I think I have told myself so being overweight was somehow not my fault, but more of a luck of the draw/family history type thing.
I am going to try to be more mindful, and stop making excuses. I want to be one of the skinny people! Ok maybe not even necessarily skinny, but healthy and fit. (Hopefully with the added bonus of being able to wear whatever I like, rather than just whatever is the least unflattering option. )

Vickibee Wed 11-Sep-13 07:15:43

I don't want to be skinny and know I never will. I would settle for a size 14. I would be slimish at a 14 and feel good about myself. Size 18 at the moment with a BMI of 35ish.
The weird thing is that I have a skinny friend (size 6) and she is so unhealthy, smokes and drinks diet fizzy drinks, never exercises and rarely eats fruit or veg yet cos she is slim she is perceived as gorgeous. Her cholesterol is 7.5 BTW

Tinwe Wed 11-Sep-13 07:51:34

Hello again! Sorry it's been a while since I posted and this one can only be brief as I'm off to work. I put on 6lb on my holiday but lost all but 1 pound over the following week so I'm not sure if I can count that towards my 2 stone loss target! grin

I want to encourage all the C25k starters - I'm on week 7 now and am really feeling the benefits, especially weight loss as I'm not watching what I eat so much. Each run burns off just under 600 calories (not bad for 30 mins) and raises my metabolism generally so doing this every other day is making a huge difference to my shape. When I started I was at least 3 stone overweight and had never run in my life (plus had only just started ANY exercise after nearly 3 years). I also had bad knees which running is actually helping. I'd also thought exercise is not that helpful with weight loss but I guess a lot depends what type of exercise. Lecture over, just hope it works for some of you like it is doing for me smile

Rugbylovingmum Thu 12-Sep-13 10:29:11

Tinwe - hope you had a great hol and glad you've lost most of those holiday lbs. It's really good to hear that you are enjoying the C25k - I was going to start last week but DD has been unwell plus teething (very clingy and not sleeping) so I have put it off until this week. I have my HIIT course (Rosemary Conley exercise thing) tonight but will hopefully do run1 tomorrow or Saturday.

I lost 2lb this week (but had put on a lb last week). I am aiming to lose 11lb over the 6 weeks of my HIIT course so that was a good start smile.

Rugbylovingmum Thu 12-Sep-13 10:42:26

Vickibee - I would settle for healthy size 14 too but would secretly love to be a size 12.

I have moved from my size 18's into my biggest size 16's (and some of the smaller ones if I wear very unflattering 'hold me in' pants blush) but there is such a huge variation in size. I only have 1 pair of jeans that fit, one that stay with a belt and 1 pair of trouser but I am refusing to buy any more as I'm hoping I won't be this size for too long and struggling to find clothes in the morning is really motivating me to stick to my diet. DP has promised me some clothes spending money once I reach my target, he has been putting some cash away for me bless him grin.

Vickibee Thu 12-Sep-13 11:11:11

I know it sounds large but I am tallish and have a larger frame so I really do look slimish at size 14, was looking at my wedding photos to prove it (15 yrs ago mind) I too am refraining from buying new clothes in the hope that I can buy a smaller size soon. Also have stuff in my wardrobe that is too small, keep trying it on and getting close to fitting...another 7lbs and may just fit (hoopefully)

Vickibee Thu 12-Sep-13 13:29:56

I am also fed up of shopping at the FAT shop (Evans) and would like to go into any high street store and the clothes fit

Rugbylovingmum Thu 12-Sep-13 13:32:39

Vivkibee - it doesn't sound large at all! I really didn't mean to be rude or dismissive. I honestly think that your 'ideal size' if you know what I mean depends on your height and shape. I have been a size 14 before (prob more a 14/16 if I'm honest) but I'm only 5ft 3 and when I was a size 14 I still looked quite plump/wide and I just didn't feel slim or comfortable in my clothes. Maybe I just neeed to be slightly more toned size 14 or be more of a 12/14 rather than squeezing in to a size 14! I think I need to get better at choosing clothes to suit my shape too.

Vickibee Thu 12-Sep-13 13:35:41

You weren't rude at all, sorry if it came acrosss wrong. I guess I am trying to convince myself and keep me on track

Tinwe Sun 15-Sep-13 09:23:01

How's everyone doing? I've been resting on the laurels of my increased exercise levels and indulging, so my weight has plateaued.

Rugby - how's your exercise regime going?

Tinwe Sun 15-Sep-13 09:25:50

Ps lucky you with such a generous DP!

Pps I will be back in the wagon next week at work. I think the secret is planning ahead by bringing healthy comfort food rather than nipping out at lunch for a treat confused

BikeRunSki Sun 15-Sep-13 09:31:59

You can do it ladies, really, 2 stone for Christmas is a realistic goal. I had 3 stone to lose. Joined Slimming World on 27 Sept last year, got my 2 stone award on Boxing Day. Got to target on 31 Jan. Kept it off so far. I did Slimming World and the Couch to 5K. I gave up.alcohol too, I found that I didn' t lose weight even if I "syn counted" it. Autumn super time to lose weight, lots of veg soup a.f jacket spuds!

Tinwe Sun 15-Sep-13 14:17:57

Thanks Bike for the cheering on grin

karatekimmi Mon 16-Sep-13 07:28:12

Hi all,

I've lost 1,6lb this week, but had a really crap food filled weekend, and I haven't managed to get out for a run!!

I second tinwe that running helps my weight loss so much and tones my bum and legs, which massively reduces my cellulite!!

I've had to buy an extra pair of trousers as my work stuff is hanging off me, but I fit back into some old jeans! :-) its really good seeing results but I also want to hold off shopping until I've lost some more weight!

I need to get back on the wagon today, and count all my calories!!

Well done for all the losses,

Rugbylovingmum Mon 16-Sep-13 08:51:15

Congrats Kimmi - it's great when your clothes start getting loose so you really know your shape is changing. I'm like you though - down to a couple of things that fit but refusing to buy too much more as I'm hoping I won't be this size too much longer.

Tinwe - after all that enthusiasm the exercise hasn't happened blush. First DD2 was teething and up all night so I was shattered, then I had some new tutee's start (I'm a science tutor) and I was busy planning sessions then on Friday our boiler broke down so we have no hot water (no electric shower) and the heating guy can't come until this evening. I'm still doing my one interval training class and one RC exercise class but I really need to stop making excuses and get more done.

Rugbylovingmum Wed 18-Sep-13 23:57:24

2.5lb off this week grin. 2 more lbs to go and I'll have lost 2 stone since joining Rosemary Conley on 20th June. Really must try to get some exercise in this week - I did a salsacise class today and have my HIIT course interval thing tomorrow but will try to get a run done this weekend (honest!).

Tinwe Thu 19-Sep-13 15:51:31

Wow Rugby on both the long and weekly losses! So impressed. I've only lost 10 lbs over the last 2 months and know I could've done so much better.

Well done on all the exercise too. I bet you're toning well as you're losing. Not sure you do need more exercise, sounds like you're already doing loads!!

Tinwe Thu 19-Sep-13 15:53:54

Well done Kimmi too! What's your running schedule/plan? Sorry if I'm asking you to repeat yourself smile

BitchyHen Fri 20-Sep-13 09:40:41

Well done rugby and kimmi! I have lost 1lb this week and feel really proud that despite a very stressful week at work, I haven't turned to food for comfort. I feel that by taking it slowly and not trying to starve the weight off I am changing my eating habits permanently and putting an end to the cycle of yoyo dieting I have been on most of my adult life. Well here's hoping anyway smile

Rugbylovingmum Fri 20-Sep-13 12:04:55

Well done BitchyHen - I agree that slow and steady is the way to lose it and keep it off.

Tinwe - I'm really not doing very much exercise. One RC class plus my HIIT class each week. The HIIT class is only a 6 week course so I need to find something to do once that is finished. I haven't been doing body pump while I'm doing HIIT (took a break to stop me getting bored) but now I have some tutoring work on a Monday night so won't be able to go back to my bodypump class. That's my problem really - I have the kids all day, do some tutoring in the evening (and also have my prep work to do) and now I might be teaching an evening class. I don't have much spare time which is why I thought the jogging would be good as I can fit in a jog whenever I have a spare hour but I'm just finding it tough to get started.

karatekimmi Sun 22-Sep-13 21:34:12

Well done to everyone's losses, only 13 more Saturdays until Christmas!!

Lost another 1.6lb!! I attribute most of to running, for some reason eating well just falls into place when I can get some consistency in my running!!

I am following a mi coach training plan (its am Adidas site and i have the app on my iPhone which records the runs I do a weightless plan) I should do 3 runs a week but I very rarely manage that!! I take mini Karate out on a Sunday morning for an hour or longer (about 5-6 miles) and try to do another hour long run in the week. I am (and have been for a while) contemplating doing a half marathon before Christmas, but I haven't decided yet. I don't think I train enough to do it justice yet, but soon maybe?

karatekimmi Mon 23-Sep-13 18:53:25

I'm within my calories most days but I'm horrified by how many biscuits I eat. They are always there at work, mostly 40-60 calories each but I'm putting about half a dozen or more away each day!! I need to take fruit to work!

Vickibee Tue 24-Sep-13 11:49:33

Shame on me - had a lousy weekend foodwise. Had a takeaway curry on Friday night and wish I hadn't now. Just generally ate too much and can understand why my weight is stuck - but at least I havent gained either. Help get me back on track, where has my willpower gone?

Rugbylovingmum Thu 26-Sep-13 13:56:04

Hooray - I weighed in yesterday and I have lost 2 stone since joining Rosemary Conley in June. I am so proud of myself grin. That's 1st 3.5lb since joining this thread and I am definitely hoping to get the next 10.5lb off by xmas. Really I'm hoping for another stone by xmas. Fingers crossed xx

karatekimmi Fri 27-Sep-13 20:04:02

Well done ruby that's amazing!! 10.5 lb by Christmas is definaltely doable!! You keep going girl and I'm sure you'll do a stone or more by Xmas!!

Tinwe Sun 29-Sep-13 08:01:24

Well done Ruby, you're doing great! A brilliant weight loss and a realistic target by Christmas. Imagine how much smaller your Christmas outfit will be grin Now you're in the swing of it too the next few weeks should be easier.

Tinwe Sun 29-Sep-13 08:07:01

Vicki - I empathise! I'd been going more off the rails gradually and had not lost anything for a month despite having a definite target of mid October (a wedding). I had a huge plunge on Thursday night when the cooker blew up (so got take away pizza) and then a friend came over (chocolates, cake and crisps). Woke up at 3 in the morning feeling rough and was sick for the next 13 hours. Not sure if it was just overload on my belly as I'm getting older now hmm or I'd eaten something bad but either way it's got me back on track. Don't recommend it but it worked. grin

Could you plan out a carefully calorie controlled diet for a week/few days? Literally every meal and snack, and stick to that, just til you get back in the swing? The weight loss might inspire you too! smile

Tinwe Sun 29-Sep-13 08:08:37

Kimmi - at least you know where your weakness is. Would something crunchy in bite size pieces help satisfy the biscuit urge? Like carrot or apple slices on a plate to pick at?

Tinwe Sun 29-Sep-13 08:10:54

Kimmi - well done with the running! I'm doing C25k and on week 9 but have noticed how much it helps my weight loss. I'm not often enjoying it yet but am enjoying the toning up grin

Tinwe Sun 29-Sep-13 08:13:47

Rugby - it's difficult finding exercise time when you work and have little ones too. I like C25k as even by week 9 I'm not out longer than 40 minutes and most weeks just 30 minutes.

Tinwe Sun 29-Sep-13 08:14:20

How's it gone this week Bitchy?

BitchyHen Sun 29-Sep-13 08:47:06

Not so good this week, I've had another wobble.
Work's very stressful and I've been referred to occupational health to see if they can suggest some improvements in work environment to help me, so progress is being made.
I also have been told by my neuro I need a lumbar puncture to monitor my condition but nothing gets done by the hospital without nagging and everyone I need to speak to is away or not answering their phones.
At the moment dieting is taking a lower priority and I'm comfort eating. Hopefully I'll be back on track next week.

Tinwe Sun 29-Sep-13 08:54:38

Bitchy - you do what you need to do to succeed. Any small changes or strength of willpower is great considering your difficulties at the mo.

BitchyHen Sun 29-Sep-13 17:39:15

Thanks Tinwe.

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